Medford mail tribune. (Medford, Or.) 1909-1989, January 24, 1916, SECOND EDITION, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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Mrs. Shi ah J. Hnrfccr died in tbU
city lat Friday it the hum of her
eon, W. M. Barber, rf the Record
office, aged nearly 85 years. Shi)
ww k native of Cheater county,
Pennsylvania., Utough wont of her Ilfu
had been yummi in Ohio. I lor hfte
band died nearly twenty ywa ago.
8ne wu the Mother of three dsiWWfl,
the only survivor being the ton J
SHtng hem. Over a year nfa aft
cmao to Ashland to pass her deflfit
ins; days with her son' family. She
was a woman of rare virtues, anil al
though afflicted with many of tho in
finnitkw of ago, possessed a bright
and cheerful disposition in the face
of shadow an well an sunnhuto. Pw
nuvnl sorviom wore hold nt thti family
residence, 1511 Granite streot, Satur
day afternoon, oonditeted by Hov. W.
I. Douglass of tho Methodist church,
of which t'otninunion alio hnd bean an
efficient mill exemplary member since
lior girlhood day. I for remains were
taken to tho old family homo nt Cam
bridge, 0., for interment, lonving Sat
urday evening, accompanied by Mr.
Douglass, who linn boon called oust to
visit his aged mother living; in De
troit, Mich.
Tho Wednesday Afternoon club will
hold n cafeteria supper in tho Grand
Army building on Cliittitnuqtm
gt omuls, ThurncTny, .lununry '27, from
o p. in. until all have been waited
The picturesque mountain section
of the Pacific highway south of Ash
land is to receive eastern publicity
through tho forwarding- by tho Ore
gon highway department of elaborate
sconio views to Andrew Vogt, a mom
bor of thu New York stock exchange,
who toured this locality lust summer
and who has given nnMirnncoH that
easterners through the medium of
thoHo pictures shall bo mndo ac
epminted with the scenic beauties of
southorn Oregon in particular.
The Culifornin-Oregon Power Co.
has elected. Jos. D. Grant, president,
and Jesse Churchill and Alex. Kos
borough, vice-presidcntH, who arc
also members of the directorate. The
corporation now furnishes twenty
four communities in southern Oregon
and northern California with light
and power.
An alarm of fire was turned in
during Saturday night's gale from the
lloskin residence on Granite street.
The house was a shuck moved to its
new location from lots purchased in
order to enlarge tho park area. Tho
loss wa wol) nigh total, the fire de
partment savin only the frame, a
mere aholl.
Saturday scorns to bo fraught with
poril on the Pacific! highway, especi
ally that portion of the Kind in the
vicinity of the HillingK-Farnham-.Taokson-Eaglo
Mill hill. I.ast Satur
day night Kale Shopherd enme to
grief near the bridge over tho creek
on western city limits. His Chalmers
ear wan badly wrecked, necessitating
it being brought in on a stretcher,
inasmuch as it whs minus a low
wheels and sustained the cHmiMnnl
fracture of an axle. A couple of
women passenger, wero badly shaken
up, but nobody was seriously injured.
Some day thero will be something do
ing on this highway, which is proving
to lie a hard roniDto travel for snood-
James Leslie Corbet t was found
dead lit his residence on Alta avenue,
Saturday morning. Ho was a wid
ower and lived alone. He win, a na
tive of England and had been u resi
dent of this vicinity for over twenty
years. Ily oceuMition he had beeu a
surveyor and mining engineer, having
usen employed m this capacity in
21tttana and other mining centers be
fore coining to southern Oregon. He
was iwarfailO years of ago, and was
a brother ot Mrs. C. Cuuniugham of
this city. Tho deceased was a,,,,,
iliar figure here. He was jMieied
of a ahd iMwaonality and Svas H
man fr mom than ordinary altuin
meats along literary and mechanical
lines. I lis reuiaius will be sent to
his former bona ia Missouri for burial.
T!(J Personal LHiorly league, an-
HoiiMctiag awful developments follow
ig in the.wuko of eu wiforcemQt of
i tho Sunday dotting law, hold a meet
ing in the Lyric theater on Sunday
afternoon, when a buneh of atteud
aaU listoned to a protest as voiced
t by Ti(J)'or G. Hunch with musical ac-
, Y. If. Hitchie, traveller taes(ngei
4 SXent of the Northern Pacific, was hii
Ashland visitor reeontly, and inoro-
imay with Arant Kramer risititf ev.
ery ioetion of park territory in ordor
to got an idoa of the hcope of the
springs development work from start
to finish. W. H. Jenkins, R. P, ,8h.
uer agent, G)o made the round
T. If. Thompson, former mprietfe,
ot the Ashland Nursery, mow a ri-
ont of .Aluntaguc, wa here lnxt Sat-
William Farnum
Freckles and His
-...: -:.: Wr-II', ' ''MU ,4:1' NAU6rfTyQcJy, JUST f M ' i(M
;::..,;., .' - WSgggm f? ' 'S, "' HNK HOW BADLY CP f
' " ' ' ' ' ' - ' ' - - ' I ii i n ii. - il
nrday looking tip a bargain in the
way of trading acreage in northern
California for Ashland town prop
erty. Ponding future developments, tho
Cnlifomin-Oregon Power Co. will ro-
tain its office liere in settling all bus
iness matters preliminary to vacat
ing tho local field. The city hall is
now headquarters for settling all
electric light and power rates, either
flat or meter. Tho "grievance ciom-
mil tec" is also on deck there to pass,
upon tho merits of any grouch.
Telegrams from Oakland, Cat., on
Sunday announce the sudden donth
of Mrs. Horace Hndger in thnt city
the day previous, when tho family had
beeu residing for some time. punt.
Mrs. Hndger wna formorly Misa
Frances Tavernor, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. George Tnvorner, and Hor
ace is tho eon of Mr. mid Mrs. 11. E.
Hndger, both families residing here.
Basketball nt the gyuiu on Satur
day night between high school teams
resulted in tho defeat of Kugcno by
Ashland, tho score being '21 to 18 in
favor of homo players. The prelim
inary was between Ashland' second
team and Phoenix, in which instance
"Phoenix rose from its nshos" and
put it over the locals by a scoro of
13 to 2.
The secretnry of tho Commercial
club has moved his office from the
publicity deportment headquarters to
tho club's reading room, where it
was formerly located.
The private car "Pacific," ooenpiod
by Chief Engineer Hood nud party
of S. P. officials, was in this terri
tory last weok inspecting roadbed
and other features of tho system be
tween Portland and San Francisco.
Ilov. H. J. Van Fossen, district su
perintendent, occupied the pulpit of
the Methodist church on Sunday, ow
ing to nbHcuco of Pastor Douglass,
who will be absent in the east for
several weeks. At the Presbyterian
church Itev. J. II. Doron preuehed,
exchanging pul)its with Pastor Car
nahan, who went to Central Point.
The next basketball game will be
on Thursday, Janimry Ii", at tho
anhory between local teams, the oon
tetnut being the high auhool and
Coast Artillery squads,
Frank Lesher was found dead in
his cabin near Hilt Inst Thursday, lie
was (15 yours old and formerly resid
ed in southorn Oregon. A coroner's
jury rendered a verdict of death from
natural ouuees.
Mr. and Mrs. II. G. (Hlmore return
ed the last of the week from an ex
tended visit with relatives in the vi
cinity of Los Angeles, glad to he at
home again amid the peaceful and
undisticJMd conditions existing here
,as eompared with the period of storm
and streas Hrevailing in southern Cal
ifornia. Mra. Jane Mefuin, aged 81, died
last Friday at the home of her
daughtor, Mrs. II. II. Gearb.(&, re
siding on Walker avenue. Her r
mns were taken to the old family
homo at Fremont, in central lowu, for
Contractor Smith of the mineral
springs project, returned to Sau
Franouwo last Friday, after a visit
insjHttting the successful installation
of the physical feature of the big
undertaking here.
0. f, Corrignji of Hornbrook,
Southorn Pacific roaduia.ter in
mountain territory, wok here lust
week on olfiuiul burner..
Mr. S. E. Diiruiington -pen' Thurs
day afternoon in Medford.
ij. H. Heekmun is in Portland at
presont on busmen.
Mr. and Mm. Oscar Dun ford were
7 heroes aunounre that t have
.filed my declaration of Intention to
become a candidate for the repub
lican nomination for the office ot
District Attorns? for Jackson eounty,
Orogon, subject to the decision of tfce
republican partr. at the arlmsry ele
tton to be Aid JUv 19, Jl ,
T. M. RttitKrrliJ.
called to Ashland this week by tho
death of Mrs. Sanderson.
Mrs. Prod Kick has roturnod from
n week's visit with rolutivos living
in Grunta Pass.
Tho frionda of Miss Mary Hngshnw
gave hoc n plonannl suriirimo Inst Sat
urday evening, the ooentdon being lior
Miss Hornicc Kctor, who hnd the
misfortune to break bur leg while
coasting lnht week, is recovering rnp-
V. II. Johnson, president of the
(Hank of Jacksonville, is confined to
his room with In grippa.
Miss Marion Howen is teaching tho
Anderson oreek school, near Tajent.
Among the Jacksonville people who
attended the "Bird of Paradise" en
Wednesday evening were: Dr. and
Mrs. Golden, J Irs. C. L. Hanson, Mrs.
F. C. Smith, Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. How
on, Mary Uagshnw, Alice Hoof, Miss
Hurst, Miss Jono, Louise Knscle,
Flora Thompson, Minnie Talloy, Mrs.
A. L. Gall, Cliff Dtinningtoii, Curloy
Wilson, Alfred Norris and Julian Ab
bott. Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Gall visited
relatives at Ashland this week.
The Fortnightly club enjoyed n
dancing party at the home of Dr.
and Mrs. II. E. Golden Friday night,
followed by a turkey supjor. The
members present were: Mr. and Mrs.
C. J. Xunnn, Mr. nud Mrs. F. J. Fisk,
Mr. nnd Mr. Hlainu Klum, Mr. and
Mrs. Harry Lay, Mr. and Mrs.H. M.
Collins, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Ulrioh
and Dr. and Mrs. It. E. Golden.
Mr. and Mrs, Blaine Klum and Miss
Lao! Klum. of. Mcdford spent Sunday
nt tho homo of Mrn. Harry Luy.
W. II, Hoslwick of Ashlnnd tarried I
in town a few hours Thursday.
Erie Anderson was down from tho
Blue Ledge country thia week and re
IHiits a heavy snow fall in thut sec
Jacksonville was well lvtiraseated
at the "studio tea" held at the Hotel
Holland Friday, when the paintings
oi jiiss uoriaiHi kchiihsoii were ex
hibited. Mrs. G. A. Gardner caitertained it
few ladies at her homu Wednesday
Mrs. Jusucr Hannah was shopping
In Central Point Thursday.
Bird Johnston Is suffering from a
relapse of the grippe. Dr. Holt it at
tending him.
Perry Foster waatha guest of Peter
Beta Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Miller of Con
tra I ;lolnt were the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. T. Italnter a few days.
.Mra. Mao Daw went to 'Medford
Thursday to vlatt her mot iter, who
baa received Internal injuries from a
(leorge Fr wss In Ragle Point Fri
nay Whitley w.s called to Persist
by trio illness of his father.
line new bungalow, very sightD
In Capital Hill, an sera of good
ground, water piped all orer It, and
to house, which la new and not quite
finished. To make a quick turn the
owner will II for I1I&0.08.
IIrvq a fine irrigated Idaho ranch
ot rich soil, large house, and all
farming features attractive. 310
aeroa fj f 11,000. Will take a S5Q00
house tiers In the deal, balance easy
Boom 10. Jackson County flank llldg
Bennett Investment Co,
Peter Zetz had tha mlffortuno to
loeo hia smoke-house and wlntor'a
meat by tiro Thursday.
Dr. Klrohgcfwner was called to at
tond Mr. Fisher Friday. Mr. I'lihor
Is qulto ill with pneumonia and In
past SO years of age.
Those, who wero elok with tho
grippe, aro either well or on tholr
road to rocovory.
Mr. and Mra. One Hollows woro
tho guests of tho Wilfred and the Wil
bur Jack families tho last ot tho
John Foster spent several days at
his father's, Perry Foster.
Reportod by Jackiou County At
trsct Co . Blxth snd Fir St
Charles A. Crlpps vs. Jennetto
Crlpnn, affidavit of sorvlco of .sum
mons and complaint by mall.
N. N". Davis vs. John II. CJrovos. et
nl, action for money.
Molllo T. Black vs. Unknown Heirs
ot Irvln Smith, deceased, dofnult nnd
William Ulrioh vs. W. It. Coleman
and Mattlo Colomnn, reloaio of Judg
ment. Ileal Hstalu Tmnsfcra
Cod el I a S. Lawrence to II. D.
Manning Power of Att'y.
William Iff. Moore to (loo. F.
Hall, pt. 38-32-1 IS $1000.00
Charley S. Jobpson to .losetih
II. Wuro, lot 6 Matthows add.
Ashland 10.00
Mattlo Coloman et vlr to O.
C. Stanwood. pt. 10-as-lW 10.00
HOGS-Alive, Ji(5)(le.
STEERS Alive, hWi'
COWS Alive, We.
VEAIi Dressed, 8llo.
. I.lvo Poultry
HENS Light, lie; heavy, 13e; old
rcmstora. (Ic; stags, lOe; spring, lile.
DUCKS Fat, be.
OEISSI'i-I'at, 8e.
TUItKEYH 1317o, aeeordlug to
BELGIAN HARES, n to (to.
Hay nnd Ornln
(Buviug Prices.)
WHEAT- av bushel.
OATS 125 ton.
HAY -Alfalfa, $13 ton ft ruin, fi-'l.
BARLEY-WaoJe, 26.
I'rlrwi I'nia f nnarcrs
BUTTEK-Dairy, 2 lbs. 'I5e.
OKIONH-P'as lHrfij, .
. IIONKY-1'.V iwr lb.
CIDER 25c.
PORK 8(n BVio.
BEEF 96 lie.
BACON Illume..
One ye. more experience, wider
aeciualntance, Uetter equipment. In
creasod working force, more efficient
organisation and faith la the Hoguo
river valley multiplied finds us pre
pared for the tjiutiaeoe of a new yoar,
determined to make it the best r3.
"So "watchful walt(T)R" -t for us,
ever' day for the imst five years has
found us on the job aad every month
we have added to our (fit of satis
fied easterners.
This year we are going to try to
shew every si ranger that eoates to
Medford the Itosjue Hirer Valley eve
If we have to exeeed the speed Unit
We do not latteve sayc(P can take
a two hours rid with ua through
the Orchard- aad Alfalfa Fields of
Jackson county aad ever be really
sober again. You ar invited.
Ust your property for sale with
t'2 Went Miin St Phone 7'
HAM 1 Co.
lUrrTER Wholesale, nOe.
FOB itKNTnousica
FO It "infiNT Cltoap, n Tcoly "f u "riiisjli
od 3-roomod bungalow, with bath
and sleeping porch. Knqulro
117 Jay St., opposite Oakdale
Urocory. 2('.S
FOB HUNT R-room modern house,
1 M nores bottom land, good chick
on and garden proposition. 111.60
a month. Bennett Invest. Co.
FOR HUNT Colonel Sargont'a ri
ldonco on Oakdale ave., tolophone
owner at Jacksonville, or Inquire
of 11. n. Nye or Hoy II. Pcoblos nt
Medford. S79
FOB H1CNT First class C-room mod
orn bungalow; range eonncoted;
garage Tol. 8SX.
" ' ''
FOB SALE Three good cows, 1 sur
rey, 1 heifer 0-iuonths old. Mrs.
D. M. McNassor, Central Point,
Oregon, Phone 113x1. SGI
FOB SALIC A-l mlleh oow, Jersey
and Durham mixed. It. L. March,
S miles northeast from Central
Point. 260
FOB SAL10 Or trade, reglsterod A.
J. O. C. Jerseys, one oow and one
bull dropped Fob. O.liUS. John
B. Hnlr, Hoguo Hlver, Ore. 271
FOB SALS Toam ot mulos. weight
000 lbs. oaoh, C yonr olds, $S2S, O.
O. Hoggs.
FOB SALE Furniture for & room
cottage. 120 S. Uurel. 21
FOB SALE lCxcoptlonally flue ton
od player-piano; small oash pay
ment; balance monthly. Owner,
Box 101. 263
FOIt SALIC 25 White Leghorn hens.
76c each. Marshall Bros., Ceatral
Point Boad. 20
FOB ALR Very cheap, rt-iwsseu-ger
touring oar In perfect condi
tion; owner leaving state. Bee car
at Pacific Highway Oarage.
FOIt XALI9 Seed barley, cheap feed;
haled barley straw. Call 732-J2.
FOR 8ALU A 510-cgg slse Jubilee
Incubator In gooc order, 130; one
good single harness, J 10; one Fair
banks counter scale, $1. It. O. An
derson, Oohl Hill, Ore. ' 281
FOB SALE 1811 S-nassenger Ov
erland. Model 7T, electrle lights
and starter, or will trade for small
oar. Cass Trading Station, 114
South Bartlett. 260
FOB SALK Thoroughbred Rhode
Island Red corks at KU elty reser
voir. Phone 370. W. J. Peterson;
ahw eggs for batching. 210
FOR SALE Smudge pots, 8 gallon
"Caneos"; about 000. Apply Roy
Ashtmle. Ifiaglc Point. t3
TlOlt CAItl)
i.wenirmtA.v auto oak co.
Iiavo Medford dully oxeept Sun
day tor Ashland, Talent and Phoenix
at 8 a. m., 11:80 a. nt., 1:15, 2:20,
3:15 ond C: 15 p. in. Also on Sat-
urrtBy at 11:16 p. nt. Sundays leaven)
at 10 a. in., 1 p. m. and 9:30 p. w.
Leave Ashland for Medford J
exeopt Suiulsy at 9 a. m., 11:60, 2:30,
3:39, 1:15 and 8:16 p. hi. Sunday
leave Ashland at it a. to., 1:00, S:00
sad 10:20 p. in.
Q;.ii-.M - :. i""
We will, pay $26.00 cash reward to the party who will furnish na
with an antnal buyer tor the folio wQ); 100 acre wood and Umber
HI sfs, located j miles south et Oold Htll, InuUd 1H
t I Uti feet mv Um'(p and i0 cords hatslwoe4. Prtee
fMO.oft. 9km limber matity ytMow nd susar pine.)'
Ag w atftstOMtt Mr vot4 proosittog taJs esji't H Iwt.
102 West Main Street
F O 11 inn n"t 3-rooin "furntslicd
apartment, 141 8. Control, Phono
170-M. 'J72
WAiNTUt) limumirtWKOnH
WANTED Dressmaking nt homo or
by day. Ill 8. Control, Phono
WANTED Knitting mill wants wom
en, full time; salary 115 weekly,
distributing guaranteed hosiery, or
25 cents an hour spare time; por
mnnout work; oxperlonco unnec
essary. Address Managor interim,
tlonnl AJIHs, Norrlstowu, Pa.
WANTED TtTioaso oithor"cultlvatoii
or raw land; will oaro for small
orchard young trees; give location.
AdilroM Box 10, Mall Tribune 201
WANTED Six gentlemen roemors:
close In; $1.50 week. 201 North
Ivy. 2C1
WANTED 50 goats, part trodo, part
cash, nox K, .Mall Tribune.
TO TRADE 5.'.7 acres In tho fa
mous Shields River Valley. Mon
tana; an Ideal combination grain
and stork ranch; 100 acres now
under cultivation, which Is as level
as a floor; 100 acres of tho balance
can bo cultivated; an A-l water
right for Irrigatien: this section
has the distinction of having rals
od the world's prise wheat; a good
' G-room house with spring house at
tached through which flows a con
stant stream of spring water: a
burn for 12 head of stook, two
largo granaries, and other build
ings; the land Is all adapted to
raising alfalfa; three miles from
Clyde Park where them aro good
schools and churches; thero Is no
finer piece of land nut of doors;
price $75 per acre; this is cash
price i will take !h trade Medford
property or ranch near for cash
valuation up to Sxnufl; long easy
terms on to lance. Owner, F. W.
dates, Livingston, Montana. 288
FOR 18XCIIANOIS Clear income
property for equities or property
wi'o redemption right; acreage
preferred: any amount. Box C L,
Mall Tribune. 200
TO LOAN J1000 on licyroveuTranoli
Holmes the lusuranoe Man.'
IOST Strayed or stolen, from Jack
son creek range, one black fllley,
two years old and one blaek year
ling horse colt; both branded I, R.
on left shoulder; liberal reward for
Information leading to their re
covery. Address W. It. Ourrott.
Hueh, Oregon. 288
cffRlsTI ANlTVHiy "r1
F. Dole, and other Unitarian liter
ature sent free to Incpilrers. Ad
dress Mlsa Haiel Burton. Centtol
Point, Oregon, R. F, D. No. 1. 27'c!
HPHIMCSS mitooroiiT
Sewing Machines
SALE Oil RENT Some used inn
ohluea also for sale. Gleaning and
repairing. C. A. Chapman, at Med.
ford Furniture A Hardware store.
HesldeQie 3$5 So. Control. PIiom
390. "
Public rftinngro Oer
pher, room 29, Jackson CQuntj
Ilank Uldg. Dictation taken any
place any time by the u(jy Steuo
type operator In 0uthern Oro. Of
fice phone 515. Rec. 276-J.
Phone MB
By Blosse r
T- I'a.'-'.'v.hUfcJHl
'' :: :' i.!;i! ' : .if:
ill. : A ::.:::.WA!im
.N?' 'Tffiv.
Auto Btipptlca
are operating tho largest, oldest
and bott equipped plant In the Pa
cific northwest. Uso our springs
when othors fall. Sold under guar
antee 20 North Fifteenth HL,
Portlnnd, Ore.
GEO. W. CHERRY Attornoy.. and
Notary, Room 9, Jackson County
Hank Building, ontranco N. Cen
tral, Medford, Ore.
AttornoyR-at-Law. Rooms 8 rod
9, Medford National Bank bldg.
A. K. REAME8, LAWYER Garnott
Coroy bldg.
G. M. ROBERTS Lawyor.
Medford National Bank nulldlng,
Gnrnott'Coroy Bid p., utto 310
Medford, Oro. Phono 850.
Collections nnd Reports
collooted somo accounts 14 years
old. Wo know how to got the
money. Tho Buttock Morcantlle
Agency, Inc.. Booms 1, 2, 3, Has
kins' Bldg., 21G E. Main st.
Engineer and Contractor
FRED NCUMMiNds-Snglncor nnd
contractor, 404 M. F. St H. Bldg,
Surveys,, estimates, Irrigation
drnlnago, orchard and land im
provement. IiiNiirnncc.
EARL S. TUMY General Insurance
office, Flro, Automobllo, Accident,
Liability, Plate Glass, Contract,
and Surety Bonds. Excellent com.
panles, good local sorvlco. No.
210 Oarnott-Cdroy Bldg.
Instruction In Music
401, Gnrnott-Coroy bldg. Fred Al
tcoi Halght, piano; Mrs. Florence
Hnlllday Halght, voice Phone
GARBAGE Oct your promlsei
cleaned up for tho summer. Call
on tho city garbogo wagons tor
Kood sorvlco Phone 274-L. F
Y. Allon.
Physicians and Burgeons
DR?" 1? "a?J"cAULO V, DIt.W"EVA
MAIN'S CARLOW Osteopathic
phjololans, 41C-417 Garnott-Corey
bldg., phono 1030-L. Resldoncs
2C South Laurel st.
DR. W. W. HOWARD Osteopathia
physician, 303 Garnott-Coroy
building. Phono 130.
DR. J. J. E.MMBNS Physician and
surgeon. 'Practlco limited to eyo,
ear, nr0e and throat. Eyes scien
tifically tested and glasses sup
plied. Oculist and Aurlst tor 8. P
R. It. Co. Offices M. F. & H. Co
bldg., opposlto P. O. Phono 5G7
DR. R. W. CLANCY POyslclan ant
surgeon Phones, offico 36, resi
dence 724 -J. Office hours, 10 to
Li, i IO D. O
o olnn and surgeon. Offico Palm
blocb opposite Nash hotol. Hours
10 to 12. JOto 4. Phono 1W-J.
T. O. HEINE. M. D. Eyo, Ear,
Nose aud Throi Headaches and
nervous conditions rsllovod by
properly fitted glasses. Cross oyes,
straightened. Office 228 E. Main
st., phone 303. Consultation freo.
OOtlDON M At ' C RAtfii BnTTl'd"
Ilomneoathlc Physician. Surgeon,
228 East Main St., Medford, Oi
gon. Oftlee phone 142. rosldonca
phone 732-R9. Oftlee hours 1 to
4 p. m.
DRTarwTsTPHKNtOiN Physician
nnd Optician. Calls unsweied.
Eyes tested; Glasses fitted that
will correct any detect ot vision;
8 rices reasonable. Phone SG3-X,
ffice at residence for tho present,
Medford. Oregon, J id S. lIoB
' Pi'Iutem and l'libllsticr;
best equipped printing offico In
southern Orogon; book binding,
loose leaf ledgers, billing systems,
etc. Portland prlsas, 27 North
Office 43North Front st. Phons
316. Prices right. 8ervlco guar-autsed.