Medford mail tribune. (Medford, Or.) 1909-1989, January 14, 1916, SECOND EDITION, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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REFORMS NEEDED ' , ----- no peace ACTION !&AY lj PF(Wttl
W" jk ' iBBER MEM ' HOMK,Jhi. 1-1. "Thelio1vf.pllHl IM i JJL WVxSw S HH''' X
jB jflf- "' raHvflr flH9 no,'"l,lf ul 1 todny either ilirectlv i Hfe VHf XiSlr iV s fj" Mm
i" hJrTjSrt LuflV H jHUE imlircetly to Hulieit from cither, HflkVl () -m&lfev KlillX V" W jUBP-
T Yl "fc 'I afflflBBWi IbiMMJfflf T fi'lMr "M JHH "l,I of "0,,teorcnts nn' invitation Uji' VV y5iw nUKBm S J-S
" iBy 'yWWhPi JHnf ' WnTjl.'r. dfc IB 'tiflHl ptvu conference," anys tlio Cntholie HB AyT JwMMPr fcV foNt
HkNBoJBb an&itff'? ' fi'-wcffJiHHWB I1'"""! l'rier il'I title, in an arlielo jRciirA!!!Rlf JWEWk "SoMJlK. VSMTS
BiHlHBnHBHB 5jk3Wfc"wliB JmBBB" S ' ' ,u'ntl.v fliril bv the vnticitn. w AN jltf ,J 7CJHBPBftflE7lIlw ,S.
rJ3BBKEKESMm jXuZ Hoir holding Itet?Stim5 ?
-9w.taJMWwii h tars of tieiico outside of nny ejtrnn- I A' I T h tf, uJ ((
WASHINGTON. Jan. 14 Declar
ing thnt the treaties between the
United States and Indian tribes tire
Ill-adapted to present needs, the. fed
eral board of Iiullnh. commissioners
In their annual report made imbllc to
ity, annoupeca that tho board would
eontlnno systematic InvostlRntlons of
conditions on reservations where per
petual benefit treaties nro In effect
with tho view of recommending now
ntii cements for commuting nnnultles
and making other treaty changes.
Aiiiouk tho reservation and tribes
tiffected nro Kort Sill and Coour d'
Aleut. Idaho; Crow, Northern Chey
enne, Montana; Pawnees, Quapawa
and Choctaw, Oklahoma; and tho
'-Sioux tribes.
The board asserts that many weak
nesses exist In tho administration of
Indian affairs, most of which, it Is
jmlnlcd out are due to defects In the
policy of dealing with Indian prop
ortv. In rerommonillng thatx congress
make dcflnlto provisions for old and
dcHtltuto Indians, tho board says:
"The present ration system is se
riously defective and mnny cases of
hunger and destitution found huvo
been among lndlnns owning valuable
al'.otmenls of land and timber"
WASHINGTON, 11. P., Jan. 11.
The fnrnier who wihct to sell litis
product by parcel post, ami tho
Innt-fwilV who wishes to use this
method of securing countiy produce
for her table, will find mnny useful
pitintr. in Fnnner' Hullelin 703,
"Su?K''stions for I'lireel l'o-t 3Iur
lictiiif;." This bulletin, in addition to
e.plninin;r tho posatl rates nnd mens
urcinent limits for pitreol post mat
ter. dihciiXhi'K in homo detail the
types of containers which nro most
xueeetrtful and the methods of prntU
iiijt and packiii); )irnlure, so (hat it
uill reach the eonsumer in wood con
dition, mill ho nttrnetivo in qnulity
nnd appearance. In tnmtiiif; stand
nrds lor parcel post Hhipnientt, the
bulletin tolls how to select, hand I o
itml pack poultry, nnd how to gnitlo
and pack the various fruit nnd vi'e
tnblcs Mhirli the lurniKO fanner is
hkcly ti market tlnouli the postof-liif.
ITnrrv Sheldon has made n nstl Im pciformnncc is thoroughly enjoy-
entcrlniiiiii(j drama of this three reel
photoplay. The pnrt fits Henry N
Walthall like n gloe, consequently
iiinc. i I7HIKIH miiDiKiKe, tuo new
iKsbannv lending Intly, has n pleasing
pcrsonnlit mid is also an excellent
ItOMi:, Jan. ll. There !k a Ren
oral belief In Vatican circles that the
popo will deliver another Important
allocution about war in the consistory
at the end of February.
It Ib considered certain that tho
pontiff will cull the consistory either
for tho end of February or shortly
afterward to Impose red hats upon
newly created cardinals, Scapanelll
and Fiuhwlth, papal nuncios nt Vlcn
na and Munich, who would thus lenvo
their posts, belni; replaced accord
liiK to present reports nt Vienna by
Monstaiior Locatelll, now Internuncio
nt Ilitenos Aires nnd nt Munich by
MonslKiior Aversn now Internounclo
for Ilrnzll.
HOMK, .Inn. II.-"The holy see did
' nothing nit to todny either tlircctlv
,(jr indirectly to solicit from either.
t 'ip oi iR'nicri'ius nny uiviiuiiuii
to cnrtieipntt! in or pn'sldo nt n
pc. it eonfeivnce," cnys tho Cntholie
tfiui, forriere tl'Ititle, in an article
dently inspired bv the vntican.
Hoth groups of belligerent, the )ia
per .itltls, thus fur to ho com
jdctely victorious, tlietnting vuiitli
tar of H'iico outside of any ejtrun
eoiit interference. Tlio nun cf the
pope is to cmploly nil uib!o moniiHJ
to render tho ooiifInRfl(tion 'n pain
ful to humanity. If th. Dope were
iircsent nt n tenco conxrss hit nd-
. . . ., . ... .i '
nefion to inc iroiuy wtum oir.d inc
oiucicnec of nil Cnt'iolic subjects of
tho contra etinp untions, niHhit'g it
moro tliftieult for any country to
break the ngreement.
The poe, it nsserts, does not count
upon the European contlict for tho
solution of the ltouinn question,
which, ns Cardinal Oas)arri snid, will
not he settled by force of nnns.
PAHIS, Jan. 1 1 As reprisals for f
Ii(lK, .Inn. II.-The eathedrnl nt
Sorn was destroyed by firo todny
while hcrviees wore in projfrotts
thioiiBhout Italy, coinmenioratiiiff tho
iMrthn,imkc ut Avexxnno nnd Sorn u
ycur no.
The lire destroyed tho htatuo of
Swiut Ife-titiiH, Horn's piotm'tinif
siiiul. which whk Mli)ii-t thu only ob
ject in llic church of Sottt which om
ciiM'd uninjured in thu earthquake of
Tliio otnttio wn removed to the,
efltlicdnt! nnd n Kieat ceremony was
held there today, iu memory of thoe
tiho lit their livo in the oarthqiinke,
DitriiiK the kcrvicet a eimdlo fell nnd
t t'iie to the nltnr clolli nnd the
Mhtilt) l)uildin(r wn consumed.
The stiHititinnii country has been
ai'oiiM'd by the fire and tho bMi of
the wtittuo, which they regarded as mi
oinci ot wur time.
NHW YORK, Jan. II. As show
ing tho heavy shipments of food sup
plies now being mndo from this port
to Russia, It was stated today that
n special train of twonty-flvo enrs
loaded with huttor, wns rushed hero
from Chlcugo within forty eight
hours In order to ho shlppod on board
the steamer Cznrltzn, another vessel
leaving yeaterday for ltiusla. Tho
amount or this shlpmont Is under
stood to have exceeded all records for
a single consignment. This Is believ
ed to be tho first American. made but
ter over shipped to Ituasla.
Dealers say thnt America has hut
tor to spare and that they are eager
to extend heir exports as the holding
of storage butter In refrlgernor plants
throughout the country are litrger
than last year.
Governor James Withyrombo has
ncccptod the invitation to attend the
republican Lincoln nay uanquet at
the Hotol Modforrt una memners of
tho committee declare they will have
the greatest republican love feast In
the history of Jackson county pol
itics. In addition to the governor,
F. n. lluchtel, deputy sealer of
weights and measures, candidate for
railroad commissioner wiil attend as
will Tom Kay, stato treasurer, and
probably Harvey Wells. Insurance
commissioner. Great Interest Is be
ing shown in the approaching cele
bration and everv indication points to
a record breaking attendance on Sat
urdav, February 12
SKAT-TLB, Wash., Jan. 1!. Tho
KiiHMiiu volunteer fleet which baa
been operating two stoamers between
I'ttget Sound port and Vladivostok
Mill put two, nnd perbups throe, more
lane vessels on this run to handlo
4ilimieiits of war munitions until
navigation to Arohnngel reopons in
tho spring. Tliis announcement was
Hindu today by Vladimir de Golokh
vtfsioff, transportation agent of the
I'iimuui government, who has been
here two weeks investigating shipping
etMhliliiws. During tha next three
HMiiitk laryo shipment of war sup
jjiw Mill be brought overland to Se
at tit), Taeoma and Vancouver for
triini.-hikei)t to Vladivostok. Col-ont-l
Oulokhvastot't' said thnt it might
I- nrtf.urv l chiii tr
-lni- t' ,-ii 'l in ( lit the i 1 1 II ; - t't
tin- ln--iuu kulintiir lint Uvtu U-
Swamp-Root Saves
Kidney Sufferers
Vou ljalnrally feel i.eciire then you
know that Vr. Kilmer's Svtamp-ltoot,
the great kidney, liver and bladder
remedy, Is nbiolutoly pure and con
MaaiMMiW 00 hy t producing
Tho same standard of purity,
strength and o.xcollonco, proscribed
by Dr. Kilmer many years ago, Is
maintained In ovory bottle of Swamp
Swamp-Hoot Is scientifically com
pounded from vegetable horns. It Is
not a sUmulant and la taken In tea
spoonful doses. It Is not recommend
od for everything. According to veri
fied testimony It is naturo's great
holpor In relieving and overcoming
kidney, liver and bladder troubles.
If you suffer, don't delay another
day. Go to your neareat druggist
now and get a bottle. All drug stores
sell It In two slses fifty cents ami
one dollar.
However, It you wish first to try
this great preparation send ten (tuts
to Pr Kilmer Ac t'o , Hin,;i.tiii,.tn.
N - , for a k.uii ie ioitir Mn n
wriMn-' 'iP i iti I t if nti"U ' - Mr 1
foi 1 Oj , ) i Mal ir. .r.r
tho Internment of tho French sub-1
Jeets In Turkey, the Fionch author-.
Hies today itriested Saltl Hey, ot tho
Turkish embassy and tho lust tunc-!
tlonnry of tho embassy remaining on
duty here. His wife and daughter'
also will be placed iu confinement.
Salll Hey figured prominently In
a double tragedy that occurred Jan
uary II, 1011, at the Paris residence
of his father In law, Gonornt Medmcd
Cherlf Pasha, one of tho chiefs of
the radical Turkish party. A strnngo
Turk who called to seo that Ottoman
politician shot and killed a valot who
refused him admittance. The assas
sin wns Immediately killed by Salll
Hey, who was In tho house.
Ye Mail Mil
(From tho Illllsboro, Mich., Hccord.)
Col. Whlskerottos McMullln, tho
vcrsatllo editor of the J. I)., Insists
that we aro opposed to bath tubs In
the county Jail. Wo Insist that wo
never said wo objected to tliom,
moroly that soino of our farmer
LONDON", Jim. II. Neuter' Pet
rogrnd corrcfondent unys that Km
peror Nicholas in tin ini)crinl order
to the HiiHsinu nrmy nnd navy on tho
ocettMon of tlio KiiHhinu new year's
duy prutduimcd thnt there enti be no
iieaee without victory. Tho order
"On the tliieshhobl of the ycur
101(1 I send to you my greetings, my
bravo wnrriors. Iu henrt nnd
thought I nm with you whilu you bat
tle iu the trenches, imploring thu aid
of the mokt high on your work, your
vnlor nnd your uoumge. Hemeinber
1 1 1 i k : Our beloved Kttssm cannot be
insured of her indejicntlence nnd her
rights; ennnol enjoy the fruits of her
Inborn or dovelop her resources mi
frleinls objected to white ennmoled
hnth tubs for horso hlevtw, while ileus n tlccihivc victorj- is gained o or
they had to wash In tho creek.
? if iVl ti
Preparedness against sickness is the "&y Wl
1 seal ! 11 A 1 1 1 '
oig, important nung to ngnting soiaiers. j sick soiaier
cannot work with vigor any more than you can work
with energy when you are weak, tired, almost sick.
One efficient warring government is giving each soldier
a vial of cod liver oil every day because far-reaching experi
ments show how wonderfully it increases the calories of
human energy and gives them strength to prevent winter
sickness. Is this not convincing proof that you need it
at this season to enliven your blood to prevent sickness?
Cod liver oil is scarce and high-priced this season and
many inferior grades may be offered. But remember that
which guarantees pure cod liver oil free from alcohol and drugs.
If you are subject to colds, throat or lung troubles; if you
are easily tired, run-down or have thin blood, you should,
take Scott's Emulsion at once. If your children are back
ward in growth, frail or anaemic, nothing will do them so
much good as Scott '3 Emulsion, and for girls and women
;n home or business it is nature's great strength-builder.
Scott's is not a "secret" medicine. It is a rich blood
food and a pure tonic; it contains nothing harmful and is
pleasant to take. It is prescribed by physicians and liberally
used in hospitals and private schools.
1 . . 1 1
une bottle may prevent a sickness.
At any drug store Start it to-day.
Imitations are sometimes offered but
this Trade -Mark has stood for supreme
quality for the past forty years.
the enemy. '
- . i
s I
Scott & Downo, Uloomflcld, N. J.
$150 Reward
We wish to gather statistics on the service rendered
by Goodrich Black Tread Tires.
We want to be in a position to show by bona fide
figures how far these tires will run.
Everybody Smiles
When they see the
bargains at
M. M. Dept. Store
MlTP ) . V i l r. ; r. OH Wl fl. I
I I 'fit ,'c
We want to show that the famous Silvertown
rubber is the bes't tread for any tire.
We expect to pay car owners $150 for helping us
collect these statistics.
To the car owner showing the greatest mileage on
any Goodrich Black Tread Tire be fore. January 1, 1917,
we will give . . . 5 .
To the second
To the third . .' .
To the fourth
To each of the next ten
$50 Cash
$25 Gash
$15 Cash
w v . $ 1 0 Cash
$5 in Trade
r. ,
Tires are sure to advance soon.
Better buy now.