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Medford Mail Tribune
Snow Tonight unci Saturday.
.Max. lit), Mliu M.O, I'r. .02
urty-flfth Tear.
vlly Tenth Ymr.
mm will
Mexican Lender Wires Bandits Are
Bcin" Pursued for Punishment
Cabinet Decides to Maintain Pres
ent Policy for Tlmo Being Ask
Americans to Go to Garrisons.
WASHINGTON, Jnn. ll.-Gcncrnl
Carrnnzn totlny telegraphed his nm
bussador us follows from his head
quarters nt Qucrctnre:
"The murderous ntinck on tho pas-
setiar train near Cliiluinlniu was
Hindu by tho only remaining band of
outlaws. Tltis band is being pursued
bv my troops, with ft view to insuro
Hh capture, whereupon punishment,
which tho crime deserves, will bo ap
plied to every guilty participant.
Gnrnttizn Acts
"Troops of the constitutional gov
ernment have been ordered to estab
lish patrols from end to oud of tho
railroad lino in order to prepare
against similar outrages."
Clonornl Cnrranzn's dispatch was
tho firt direct assurance that ho will
comply with tho urgent representa
tions of tho United States govern
ment. Upon tho success of tho steps
ho takes the ne.t move in tho Mexi
can situation seems to depend.
Alter C'hu'inuan Stone of tho senntc
foreign relations committee had dis
Ntsscd tho situation with tho presi
dent, he returned to the scnuto cham
ber and ngaiu expressed the view that
the United States should not move to
ward armed intervention "until tho
Curruuxn government had domon-
ht rated whether it was capable of
controlling tho country.
Cublnct Stands 1'nt
At today's cabinet meeting it was
decided that flio present policy would
be maintained and that General Car
ruiiin would ho depended on to pun
ish the Villa bandits who hilled Amor
ie n citizens.
"It would bo monstrous for tho
United States to go to war in Mex
ico nt such a time as this," doelnrcd
Senator Stone after his return to the
"I was the original war man in tlio
sennto when thero wag no organized
movement rccognixed by this country.
Jlut now jvo have re'eogniat'd a gov
ernment mid it would be absurd to in without giving that govern
ment a elinueo to suppress mid pun
ish tho bandit bauds that have mur
dered Anioricau citizens.
Keep Out of War Zone
"Wo know those bandits aro seek
ing blood of American for rovengo.
think that Americans who vontmo
into such places and Americans who
enture forth on belligerent fcliiw
into wm' xonck are committing a
crime ngniiist the government whoo
protection they seek. Of course, wo
must try to protect them. We havo
a technical legal right to go into such
dangerous places, but they should not
do it, if possible to avoid it, and thus
ONtluurass the United Stutes.
"I am convinced that it will not be
newssary to go into Mexico, but tin
is nn ulstiird time to talk of war."
General Cnrnuixa'a ambassador
here today suggested to his govern
ment that all Americans iu dangerous
districts be compelled to 30 into gar
risoned places, where Curranza troop
can protect thorn,
TUO JAXIKRO, Jan. H The pros
iitunt has signed a decree 'reducing
the Import duty of a number of North
American products. The new duties,
which aro in offset as from January
1 of the present yoar. show the fol
lowing reductions from the tariffs
now In ferce:
Thirty percent or flour; twenty
per cent on condensed milk; articles
of rubber laeltt'lsd in article 1033 of
the tariff la v , Mocks and watches,
inks (article lU at the tariff law)
except inks for .writing, varnishes,
typewriters, Iceboxes, pianos, scales,
windmills, eeutent, corsets, dried
fruits and school furulture.
California Senator Thinks Peaceful
Outcome Impossible and Says Arm
ed Intervention Is Necessary
Says Congress Must Share Respon
sibility With President.
WASHINGTON, Jan. II. Senator
Works, republican, introduced a rcso
lution in tho United States sennte to
day proposing armed intervention and
declared that congress should flhnro
with tho president tho responsibility
for whntevor is done.
"Up to this time," said Senator
Works, addressing tho fenato, "con
gress has permitted all responsibility
for conditions in Mexico to rest with
tho president. It is too gravo n re
sponsibility. We have all sympa
thized with the president in the hopo
that conditions would Tight them
selves without intervention. I very
much doubt now that such a peaceful
outcome is possible.
"Congress alone has tho right to
dcelaro war, and that is what inter
vention means. Congress should
courageously shouldor tho responsi
bility. There is no reason for divid
ing tho responsibility with other na
tions or iniposo it Uon tho presi
dent. I ask that tho resolution be
referred to the foreign relations
committee with tho hope that it would
tako prompt action."
Tho resolution wits so referred.
Scnntor Lodge submitted the same
resolution ho offered April 21, 1011,
as n substitute for tho resolution tho
senate then adopted, authorizing tho
president to use armed forces in Mex
ico to forco its demands upon Gen
eral Iluorta and asked that it bo re
printed iu tho record.
"That resolution," snid Senator
Lodge, "expressed tho republican nt
titudo regarding the wur against Illi
cit a. That war- has reached a suc
cessful termination iunsmiich ns Ilu
orta liut jiiht died in jail."
PORTLAND, Or., Jan. II. Snow
fall iu Portland during tho first four
teen days of January amounted to
17.0 inches, according to statistics of
tho weather bureau today. This is tho
heaviest since 18S0, when 35.U inches
fell within a poriod of twenty-four
days. Tho winters iu Portland pass
usually without snow being seen on
,tho ground.
Flumes continued today, and thero
was no indication of clearing skies iu
,uny part of Oregon. Temperatures,
however, showed signs of moderat
ing. The minimum hero today was
10 degrees above zero.
SALEM. Or., Jan. 1 J.-On the the
ory that they are not inherently
criminal, prisoner hereafter will un
dergo a rigid physical examination on
being committed to tho Oregon peni
tentiary, according to an announce
ment of the penitentiary authorities
lure today.
Following the latest methods of
loading criminologists, examinations
will be raudo with the Idea of finding
the source of criminal instincts in
physical ailments. When prisoners
are found to have physical detects,
they will he treated with the idea of
bringing about their moral reforma
GHKAT FALLS. Mont.. Jun. II.
George Meyers shot and killed his
wife here today becauo, e.yewit
uesses say, Mrs. Meyers refused to
give her husband a eup of eoffee.
Meyers is in jail suffering from in
juries received from wrous who
witnessed the shooting.
Austrlans Capture Capital City
Armistice Between Belligerents
Precedes Separate Peace for Tiny
Kingdom Teutonic Allies Fail to
Attack Salonlkl Italy Censured.
VIENNA, Jan. 14. The capture of
Ccttinjc, capital of Montenegro, wns
announced by tho war offico today.
Tho official announcement atntcs:
"Tho rntiitnl of Montcnecro is in
our hands. Our trooiw pursuing the
beaten enemy yesterday afternoon
entered Ccttinjc. Tho residence of
tho Moiitpneorin kinir nnd thn town
aro undamaged. The population is
Armistice Negotiated
LONDON, Jon. II. A wireless
dispatch from Home reiterating tho
report of an nmiistica between Aus
tria and Montenegro slates that it
was Austria which proposed cessation
of hostilities with tho purpose of ne
gotiating a separate peace.
LONDON, Jan. II. It is author
itatively announced today that the
reported offensive of the Teutonic al
lies did not occur. The rumors Hint
tho attack had begun ngninst the
forces of tho allies, apparently orig
inated in the activity of tho French in
blowing up tlio bridges connecting
Saloniki with the road over which the
attackers would normally travel.
Dridgcs were destroyed by tho
French not only at Dcmir Hissur, on
tho Struma, near Series, but also at
Kilindir, south of Doiran. All the
bridges destroyed were in Greek ter
ritory. Hostilities Suspended
Tho rumors Hint Austrin and Mon
tenegro havo suspended hostilities
for tho purposa of discussing ar
rangements whereby furthor wnrfnro
on Montenegrin soil should bo stop
ped, mny bo based simply on tho fact
that the Austrian advance in Monte
negro has become so slow that sus
picion of n suspension of hostilities
is naturally sought. Military cir
cles, howovcr, arc of tho opinion Hint
Montonegro is now in such a position
thut gome form of nrrangemont with
her adversary has becoino impera
Speculation is rifo as to tho atti
tudo which Italy has adopted with
regard to the invasion of Montene
gro by tho Austrinns, which consti
tutes n grave monnco to Italian in
terests. The fact that Italy's sapor
ior fleet did not prevent an Austrian
squadron from assisting in tho re
duction 01 Mount Lovcen, which
dominated the harbor of Cattaro. is
being commented upon, though ex
perts iKimil that thero is not u (suf
ficient basis of information from
which to draw deductions.
PORTLAND, Jan, H. Itoports
rocoived horo today from dlfferont
parts of Oregon and from tho Yakt
ma valley in Washington toll of tho
doath of hundreds of sheep as a re
sult of tho cold and snow. At points
east of tho Cascade mountains, It has
boon Impossible to movo tho flocks,
and a heavy death toll is fonrod un
loss tho woathor immudlatoly modor
atos. Cattle throughout tho stock bolt
of Kastorn Oregon also aro suffering
for want of food and shelter, accord
ing to word from Uond, whoro the
snow is from one to throe feet doop
on tho level.
American at Madera, Mux., are re
ported wife in official dispatches to
day to tho stute department, which
sneeificallv denv the reiHirt of the
murder of ten Americans and two
Uufciieb women. The colony thero
wis attacked by bandit, who wero
If it tunis out the knfocr ronlly
U limy Ih? nocesMiry to removo IiLh
be lono It uouhl Ik necoHNiry to Iumjh tnNs connect Iiik food ami hrcath
ln tm.isngeH. its Mionn by figures
IJALTLMOUH, Md . Jnn. 1 I -What
is cancer of tho throat? What eaus
08 it? Can cancer be Curod?
On tho unswor to those questions
may depond tlio outcome of the Hu
ronoan war.
Tho ltnlsor is suffering from can
cor of tho throat, according to dls
patchoi, which say only a dosporate
oporatlon can save his llfo, and that
with the loss of the powor of speech.
Dr. Howard A. Kelly of John Hop
kins university horo has Just ans
wered thoso throe questions. Dr.
Kelly's oxporlmonts with radium as
a cancer cure aro well known; ho is
ono of tho groatoet surgeons of our
tlmo nnd a specialist on cancer. Horo
aro his answers:
How Cancer Starts
"Cnncor of the throat or rather
cancers of the mouth nnd throat
maybe elthor mild and incipient, or
ndvnncod and utterly hnpoloss," ho
said. "They all begin In a small
spot somewhere about the tongue,
tho gums, tha larnjx or tho vocal
cords at the base of the touguo.
"All forms of cancer consist in
a riotous overgrowth of tho normal
cells In any part of tho body where
tho cancer grows. When a large mass
of cancerous tissue Is formed, tho
cancer colls In the central portion,
falling to get nourishment, break
down and discharge and so form
thn oxtenilvo ulcers often seen as
sociated with cancer. In this way,
too, poisons are formed which are
absorbed by the body at larie.
Killed by I'oUons
"Death in the case of cancer of tho
throat conies from elthor the absorp
tion of these poisons In such largo
quantities that the patient simply
dloof extreme weakness and exhu'iH.
tlon, or It Is brought about by me
chanical means by the pressure of the
cancer masses Interfering with swal
lowing and with breathing".
"Tho ultimate causa of eaneor,"
deelaroe Dr. Kelly, "the reason why
theio cells tako on this riotous de
velopment, has not yet boen found
out. We only know this, that any
chronic Irritation about the mouth
or throat Is liable In tho end to re
sult in oaneer. In this way smoking
the irritation of a hot pipe stem
on a particular part of the Up will
produee it; the Irritation of nicotine
will produee it in any part of the
mouth or throat.
"Caneer is not contagious from one
individual to another! Cancer Is also
not directly inheritable, although the
uredlatHMritJoH may be Inherited. In
(Continued on page six)
U Miffoilni; fnm rancor of tlio throat,
Inrnyv to nio his life. If thN Miouhl
one nutl tuo In ItluMmtlou.
LONDON, Jan. 1 1. Copies of cor
respondence soiled from Cnptnlu
Frnnz Von Pnpen, recalled Gorman
mllltnry attache nt Washington, when
ho reached Falmouth on his wny to
Germany have been turnod over to
the American embassy for transmis
sion to tho stato department. Thoy
show that Captain Von Papon mado
frequent paymauts to porsous ehnrg
oil witli the responsibility to blow up
munition works nnd bridges In tho
United States.
Ono entry shows that Captain
Von Papon gave J700 to "Werner
Horn, who waa arrostod In connection
with tho blowing up of n Canadian
Pacific railroad bridge at St. Croix,
Maine. The day bofore this check
was Issued, the Herman embassy paid
$2000 into Captain Von Papon's ac
count. Another cheek stub shows that
about two weeks before the ox plot! ton
In Soaltle on Mny 30, 1916, Captain
Von Papen sent SG00 to tho Gorman
consul nt Seattle. In February of
1915 he sent $1300 to the Gorman
consulate in that oity.
Bevoral large payments were mndo
to Captain Von Papon by Count Von
Hernstorff, German ambassador at
Washington. Most of these wero for
salaries or similar usea. Numbers of
entries show payments mado by the
ambassador to the military attarhe
for "war intelligence office." Ono
of the pn. menls on this account made
in October of 1911 was for $2J00.
EI, TAKO, Tej., Jan. 1 1 Guarded"
by former military and i-itil ol tutor
of the l'oiuur Iluorta goxcimuciit of
Mexieo, the body of General Viotor
iano Hiiei'tu, who died last night of
sclerosis of the liver, laid today lu
unofficial state at tho Iluerta home.
Hundreds of exiles of his party, some
who oarae from long distances iu the
hope of bidding him farewell beforo
his death, viewed the body.
A guard of local lwliee was sta
tioned about the front of the resi
deuee. It was planned to remove the
body to a receiving vault late this
afternoon. According to the family,
when tranquility in llexieo is restored
they will tako the body to Mexico
Pity and there a erviee will be per
formed and the body interred.
Mercury Slowly Rising In Southwest
Chicago Still Shivering In Below
Zero Weather Seventeen Delow In
Twin Cities Colder Weather In
Northwest Walla Walla Suffers.
KANSAS CITY, Mo., Jan. 11.
I'assinp; of tho high pressure area to
tho upper Mississippi valley nnd tho
Grent Lakes region today is bringing
relief to tho southwest from the cold
wave. Tho mercury nwo from 4 to
0 degrees in Missouri over night, 11
little more iu Kansas nnd Oklahoma,
whilo hi northern nnd western Tcxnrt
tho readings reported to tho local
weather bureau generally were 10 de
grees higher than yesterday.
CHICAGO, Jun. M. Tho cold
weather which bus pruvnilcd in tho
middlo west for tho last thirty-six
hours continued today, but the
weather bureau predicted higher
temperatures before night.
In this district nt 7 n. in. tdrcct
tbcrmomcterH iu tho downtown din
triot registered 4 degrees bolow zero.
Itnilroad traffic wost of Chicago
is still far from normal.
Ilrcak in Cold W'nvo
ST. PAUL, Minn., Jan. M. Grnd
ually rising temperatures throughout
the central stales today brought ro
lief from tho intense cold of tho last
two days and enabled railroads to
resumo normal service.
Iu tho Twin Cities tho temperntiiro
was 17 degrees below early today, as
compared with HI below twenty-four
hours previous.
SKATTLK, Wash., Jan. 11. Tho
temperntiiro fell to J2 in Scnltlo last
night and to 21 in Tueoniu. No snow
has fallen in Seattle in two dayH. Iu
nritish Columbia tho tempornttiro hns
1 alien, mid iinusunl cold is reported.
Snow is expected tonight nnd Sutur
day in tho l'uget Sound country, with
fresh northorly winds. Low tempor
nturo of 'JO is forecasted for Seat
tle tonight.
losOnfortod coyotos In tho mountain
district) of northorn California, trav
eling In packs, havo attacked towns,
driving the rosldonts Into trees, havo
attnokod moving railroad trains,
sheep herduis, farmors doing chores
and children on U10 way to school,
and glvon scientists their first chanco
to study tho action of crazed coyotos,
according to 11 report recelvod by Dr.
George C. Kbrlght, presldont of the
California board of health and made
public today,
)n many of tho small mountain
towns of Modoc and Lasson to unties,
Dr. Kbrlght says, tho entire commu
nity has been drlvon to shelter -when
packs of mad coyotes ran out from
the wlldornoss to attack any Uvlug
thing that crossed tholr path.
Tho schools, says Dr. Kbrlght, aro
closed Iu some of tho remote sec
tlons of tho counties bordering No-
wulu and Oregon,
SAX FKAXl'lSfO, Jan. 11. In-
voetigution of rates, service mid la
bor conditions of the Pullman com
pany in Culifonua vo dropped to
day by tho railroad commission of
California utter intermittent hoa nags
since April 'Jfi, 1011. The compayi
it was Buhl, complied in part with the
commission's views by increasing
porters wages.
Practically all objeetoui to the
oumtMiiy's methods, atlvanaed by the
ouuimUaiioii ut several heaHtig, war
held to spring from lbs lipping tya
NO. 252
Army Patrols Withdrawn After Sup
pressing Anti-Mexican Demonstra
tion, Duo io Resentment Over Mas
sacreMass Meeting of Protest
EL TASO, Te.r., Jan. 14. United
Stales army patrols wero withdrawn
from tho busincsa district today.
Tranquility prevailed wliero last night
riotous scenes wero enacted, attrib
uted to resentment against tho killing
of Americans nt Santa Ysnbcl, Chi
huahun. When tho disorders passed
beyond control of tho local police
army patrols wero eciit to assist tho
local officers in quelling tho disturb
ances. A call wns circulated today for n
mass meeting to protest against the
massacre of Santa Ysnbcl.
Mayor Thomas Lea, howovcr, slop
ped the circulation of tho call and
forbndo tho meeting until Americans
now in Mexico could bo brought to
tho border.
IVrolgners Flcoiiur
A long special train loft Chihuahua
City this morning for Juarez, bearing,
it was said, nil foreigners to tho bor
der that could bo persuaded to lcavo
tho district, lhey included all em
ployes of tho American Smelting &
Kofming company. A special tram
left Juarez early today for Purrul,
western Chihuahua, to. bring out
about 200 foreigners in the camps
there. Thero has been no telegraphic
communication with l'nrral sinco
January 10.
Amoricun Consul Edwards in Jua
reb received orders from Sccrotnry of
Stu,to Lansing to notify Amoricnu
consuls and consular agents in Mex
ico, including thoso nt Torroon and
Chihuahua, to urge their nationals to
lenvo northern Mexico and to com
miinionto this order to tho foreign
consuls in this city.
Villa. Threaten AnioHmiw
Goncml 1'ranoisoo Villa, whilo nt
Kubio last wook, declared that ho
would kill any Amorionn traveling
west of Chihunhuu City, according to
roliablol information secured today.
At tho tlmo Villu wns supplying him
self with moiit. It was at Kubio that
1'etor Koaue, an Englishman, was
Secretary of Statu Lansing hns or
dered through consular notice the
withdrawal of nil Americana in Chi
Iiuiihiiu and Uiirango to well-garrisoned
centers nlong the main lino of
railways from which points thoy enn
more readily reach the border should
danger threaten them.
LONDON', Jan. 11 Tho Geriuun
emperor, according to a Constanti
nople dispatch forwarded by Itou
ter's Amsterdam correspondent, has
sent a sword to the Sultan of Turkey,
together with a congratulatory mas
sage tu recognition of the sucqomoh
of the Turkish oampulgn on tho Gul
lipoll peninsula.
In his telegram, Hmperor William
anid he learned with groat satisfac
tion thut the enemy's army had been
forced completely to ovaauato Gul
llpoll. Ho congratulated tho sultan
upon a groat victory which had
brought to an ond tho sovero attnoka
of "impudent enomies."
As recognition of his admiration,
the emperor announced that ho had
sent a sword to tho sultan In order
to Immortalize the commemoration
of a grout victory, "a sword which
during a war undertaken for dofenso
and right shall be polntod at tho
heads of the onomy."
In concluding his maaeago, tho Qiu
peror axe r eased the oonvletlon that
Cod's' help would iu the oud cocuro
The snowfall since noon today
measured about nlue-tenths of an