Medford mail tribune. (Medford, Or.) 1909-1989, January 13, 1916, SECOND EDITION, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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SALKM, Or., Jan. 1.1. Dunns the
m ir cndiujr J)ocoiuhor II, Hll.", tlio
-titi onmiieor iued ."18I HnnitH for
the appropriation nnd Htorngo of xvn
ter. Thoo permit full lor the iiri
Ktitiun of 87,.'I2) nero of land, thu
tlexelopiiient of H0.7A0 horsepower
ami llio itoriiKo of 2&"),(J(5t) noio fuot
of wntor, nnd cover niunieiiml Httpply
for Tillamook, Oregon City, Giintou,!
Aniilx, KmIIm Citv, I'orthind, Milton.
Cine, Ilulfjxny, Knwl Side, Mltisli
Jiold, l.nkesido, Nexxpoit nntl ItccdR
iort. The totnl (wtnnnk'd coat of nil
works to bi constructed iiudur tlfce
permits ih fi,3II!l,ir'2. In addition to
tlio pcrmita for imitation, power and
niuuioipiil mtpply, n lure.e number
liuxo been Nulled lor iuiiixidiml do
miotic Miipplv , iiiannftu'tuiiiiK und nii
inrroiiH other uch to xvhioh water is
Mnlhuur eountx lend during tho
jmst xeur for llic number of ponnitH
issued, tbeie being 1(111. Josephine
I'oiiuty follow k with !", Harney coun
ts l'J, linker -II, Clrnnt -10, Crook 31,
.IneUon ;il. Wullowu IKI, Hood liner
'JB, ('mm ;, Umatilla 17. Tillamook
I'J, Wnsco II, Lake i;i, Wheeler 11
Klamath 11, Douglas 10, Union !),
C'nirv 8, .Jefferson 7, Lane 7, Mor
low II, Clatsop 'J, Lincoln 1, Shennnn
1, (lilliatn 1, while in the Willnmetto
xnllov -t) peimits hne been indued.
Of the above ponults, 117 wero is
med' during the quuiter ending Do
it nihor ;il, lOl.'i. These permits eoor
the irnjcnlion of 'JthSI'J ucro, the do
xelopmont of 0111 horsepower and
the NtoiuKe or 'J01,0'J8 aero feet of
The following permits were ixnucd
in .Jackson county dunng thu past
.Mis. M. V. .Jacobs of', Hill, for
the mention of 120 nerN, diveitini:
water from Hogue uxor ii nc1ioii iM,
township :i(J S rnnjro west; (I. r.
IlillinxH of AnIiIiiiiiI, for the (nidation
oT 100 neics, dhoilimr wilier from
the west branch Anihind peek in see
tion 121, toxvnsliip ;ti) s., muse 1 entd.
II. Silxer and .1. S. Iliulex of Ashland,
jor (loniesue supply, iluertiiig xniter
lrom spiniKK in section 7, township
.n h., umjcti 1 cast. L. D. Dollar
hide of Siskixou, for the irngtttiou of
10 acres, duelling water fioni Cmter
creek, in eotinn 121, township do S.
nuifco 12 cast. .J. Kiohtiidt.n of
Medfoul, for the iriigntmu of four
ncies. includiiHf ilomcctie supply, 1.
verting xnter n tun old Spiing creek
in section 1(1, townidiip :i:i S., range 2
cixst V. i:. Jlaitm of Medtird, lor
I he irrimiliou of ."il! ncres, dixerting
water IVoin lleiir creek, in He tion 120.
lowitslnp .n S., ninnr -I xvost.
Trod a. iliichtel, Oepitty itato
nonler of weights and moanurtw hnn
announced bin etindltlacy on the ro
putillcBii ticket for imblle wrxleo
commlMiloner Tor the U'ofein dlH
trlot. Formerly tlio title of tlito
iiffleo xxti rallroml coiuniliwlonor,
lint the taut legliilntuio ounReit It to
public nurvlco rommlMlmir.
DfllHily KtHto Senler Iluolitol in tlio
on of Joo, the ploutMir plio
tonrnphor and fire ohlof or I'oitland,
anil ii 8! )tHm old After Kraduatinx
from tlio commoii mIiooIh ho com
plHlotl hl otlueatlon In tli.t IiIkIi
wIiqoI of I'ortlnnil. Ills ptilillo caroor
ltenau as clerk of the count) lionul of
rwllof of Multiiomnh county, whou
.1 Hilda I.IuiihI It. Webitur ns county
Jui1b, nntl Prank Harncn and W. L.
LIlhlHnr iirment countj tommlMlou.
or eoiHtttMted the iHwnl of county
uottittiiMloiinrH foi the rnunl).
After pausing rlxftl civil nmxlco
examination bo w.ia nametl healer of
wbfgbta aud meaHurea for Portland In
May, 1&05. I In baa boon Idoutlfiotl
with vxelgbta and in ensure work exor
alueu, Mini la renanleit aa an authority
on thu Hiiliject. ItocoKiilzliiK his
ability State Treasurer Kw niipolnttHl
hint doptity atato aeulor whon the
walckut and meaaurd law paasd by
thw 1S13 Iwlalaturo boam oiora
Uvu, and luc thou be haa been in
Motivs oharge of th atata depart
mHt. He ia the author of the corn
Ptofcutialve weights and measure law
uaat tho last !KUIatiire, xxbloh
In attitloii to reducing the cost of the
admlslstration of bis department, put
the state or an equal haata with any
sin to In the weight and measure
world. lieause or his wide experience
with w flights and ineasuro he is re
girded aa excollentl) qualified for
public servic conimisslgiiur. b
duties of the two offices being in
luanyw.'X.vh alfko.
By A C Oowlett
Iwtsl Sat ii rd. is as luilift a ipuet
day in Kxb- 1'oint Although there
were quit a number ot stranger
haw, and aaaoutr them wtre some who
ww looking foi homas, or iatbr,
ImimI un vxhuh in make burnt , and
vlber xtvrv bcr muply u look
Freckles and His
around to cc the town, lor, if l?uglc
l'oint is a small place and hiudlx
known in the Htitocau lainlsj Htilljt
in Known inr mid near, for people
come bete and toll'ine that they haxo
seen itu account of Knle Itoint even
as far off ns in Nexv Yoil; City, in the
Mail Tribune.
And I also notice thai there is tpiite
n number of ttavelein who emtio in
on the Pacific & l'nslem railway Uml
in uutns and o out into the country.
in fact, theit) seems to bo connnid
orablo business done here, notw itlt
btnndiiiK the cry of bind times.
Sliss Alice Jtclnlyro in here xisitiiijr
her brother, .lolin V. .Mulutre, nnd
hiHt Suudav took dinner with Irs.
Hewlett. She was uoooniwiniod by
her brother, bis wife and little J. V.
He's little dnushtcr.
W. V. Clements, our postmaster,
nnd w ilc, William Von der Hellcn and
ramilj, V. L. C'hildrotb aud Mrs.
Sophia Ifobuictt, .1. l. dauksoii and
xvifc nnd Hariv Younj,' nnd wire xvero
nlso here i'or dinner on Sunday.
Sunndav we had herx'iaes tlttoo
times, conducted bv llvnnuelisl Tny
lor of Portland, aud he also had ser
vices on Snturduv exciting and had a
r.tthcr hiuall oonj;re,'ntioii, but Suu
dav moining lie had u fair iiudieiicc,
nnd in the nftcinoon he delixeicd a
lectute to men only, giving an uc-
eoiiut ni his tiaxels thtough Kmti)e
and other parts of the woild, when
he Itlul an audience of between fotty
andfitty ,aud also at uighl there weio
about the same number of people out.
Ho had announced beforehand that on
Sunday night he would wench on the
Mibjoct of "A Pra.xcr Meeting in
Hell, the Home of Hie Lost Seul: Who
Would Ho Theic ami' Who Would
Lend in Prayer." And thuto xvnn a
number who aeldnin go to church nt
all who went, but lib. Icctuie seemed
to produce but little effect, ut them
xvas no nioxe made, and he seem to
think that Knglo Point ia a hard place
to atart a lexixal. Ho iw continuing
the mooting all the week in hope of
waking up Mimeoue.
Monday morning them wua n iium
bor enme out on the P. & I). and the
V. S. uinil piled up, "all the miiuo big
aitj." Heni.x Trunt.x, who generally
takes exoribodx mid ex cr.x thing that
ia to gu up Ttuil and Perait way, lino
to Ichxo home pnt.hougeih anil a pait
of the lugungo of thohc who did go
up. He took up Mr. and Mrs. A. ('.
I'oole, one of the foieatera, wit'e and
daughter, and 1 did not lea in the
name ot the other mfceiHcr, but be
miiicIx hud a load. Mr. .and Airs. I'oole
nntl daughter had been up to Iim
linrg xiMting their iwrciiU, Iiih liilhcr
and uiotheraiiil hei mienU foi a few
wuckfc nd were on their xx'av home.
.lames Dailx ami lib. In other, M. L.
Dail.x, fanners on the Hillerest oreb
aid, ami Vera tjaiglex wcie among
the caller at the Kuniiiside .Monday
toi diiiuci ; also (.'. 0. Powei, John
Foster, Pete Met, Klxin Abbott, John
Higiubothum ami Howaid I'nx, the
last three fioni Hutte Falls ami were
on their way to .Mud ford, but letuin
cd Tuctla anil KH'iit the night with
a. .Ifichnid ThomuK ot llrowusboro
also apeut the night, und so did L P.
Power and Frank llurt. K. P. Power
has hud cburge of the carpenter mrt
ot the Hoik on the big Fish Luke
ditch ami John Foalei hits been one
of hia asKUtanlK in the wink.
Woul reaohud hole xcsteuhu
(Tuosdn.x ) that Jim, Kllen Sullex hall
died that morning at the Sidlex home,
near Lake Crack. She haa been an
imulid for ome time and leaves, be
anie hei huhbantl, .Mitdiael Sidle.x. si
cliihlren -Mary Duggnn, llnggie,
Julia, Michael Jr., and Jueph, and a
large cinde of friend who loxed and
honoiod her in liio and mourn her
departure. She ami the lamil.x haxo
been tnct momheru ot the Cuthobc
church, in winch faith she died.
Since my but iewrt, Karl Croft
ba. renewed his aubacnptimi to tho
I)ail.x Mail Tiihune.
Frauk Lewih, our coufM'tiouer, nnd
J. T. yjimuerlx, the propnclor oi the
F.irmerV hotel, returned Tuisdav
tioui lgH ck, whare they hate
been engaged in mining. The anow
wa o dtwp that thay eoneludad to
tMHue home and wait until tba anow
weltwl. Mr. Lewis hcum to think
that lhay haxo u gotal ititNMt to
mtkv avaie mM) out ol lbir claim,
lrs. Will Cnni)belt tif jredford xis
ited u fexx da.Xh the past week with
her htster, Mw. 1. 11. Poitcr.
W. IL Hittle und family spout Sun
day nt the P. J. Schuumburg home.
.Mr. Kiuniii Spraguc loft Sunday
for a few months in southern Cali
fornia, principally ot San Diego.
Mr. nnd Mrs. C. V. Boyd i etui nod
last week from Iloscburg, whore they
spent the holiday h with relatives.
Miss Alice Harper left the lost of
the week for Phoenix, xvhore she will
utax for hoxcial weeks with Mrs. Gay.
Mr. and Mrs. (1. II. Aldcu xxem
Mod fold business ximIois one day
last week.
Miss Anna McKooxvii xxas n xUitor
at the Schaumburg huiue last Wed
nosdny. C. D. Wolxerton was a Onints Pasa
visitor Saturday, attending n nioetiiig
or the Creamery association.
The watch partv and dance gixou
by .Messi. tiooigc Jneobs and Clnr
once Cook nnd Miss lleitbti Wool
xoiton was a xery enjoyable affair.
Lunch, consisting of Kundxxiohc,
picklcH and eoftco, was Nerved to thu
The Ileereixtion club hud one of
their most enjoyable meetings Tbuis
day at tlio homo of Mrs. Carlo on
Foots oiook. Mrs. Sw acker gax-c an
intci eating talk on llruril and club
members lespoiidetl to loll call with
thought! on New Year losolutions. A
vmj daintj lunch was hcixciI by thu
Misses Anna and Lucy Carle.
The next mooting is xvith Mrs. Kit
tle, Thursda, J.iii'utrv LI.
II. A.
Ticshnin and wife made a
tup to Ccntial Point Sat-
II. 1. I'eltou xvas doing business in
Mediord Tuetidny.
Thonuu Pauke.x nnd Cuitis .Miller,
who haxc each boon on the sick list
for some tune, am allowing slow mi
pioxrmout. A telegram was icccixcd li II. A
Ti chimin slating Hint the denl which
1 . "
baa been mi for some time between Hiroxv oil, because neglected colds
Mr. Vogle ami Mi. Strauss, was fm- ,,avc brought more serious sickness
ally closed. .Mr. Straima will ainxo than any other one thing, xxhilcxxcnk
Irom Iowa and take possesion nbout tnitKcatharticsnntlstirniilatIiigsyrups
Kchimux 1. 1 nre often depressing nnd dangcroiiK.
John Hail ami wife mndo a bimi- The oncost treatment for any cold
tie. trip to JuckNoiixille one tlnv Mst ' 7 1C0nc!,O0'cn loliedonxxlionothcrs
Our iis'eiil shiiwIhII ot eight iiicIich
i.w ... l,.i ... 1 Tn 1 ,
ed amount r mini, II hm.I lu lavl,.'
on win pui uie ground 111 lino con
dition fur this ) cat's crops.
Otto Tieshuin nt Antioeh was buy
ing bnx in 0111 xicuutv Tucsdiix,
I). C. Wilson returned hist week
from a few da.xs' xisit with Iricnds
in Medford.
Quickest, Surest Cough
Remedy is Home-
1U.II l'rrinrnl In n I'm Mln
ulm. thrap Lul I nrifualrd
home nopp are rflmtantly amn.vsl
IrAm (ilia m 1 r' M ....I . .1.. ...!.. ..1.1. ..1
yv 1-
...... urn .- o tin, ,u nit inner Willi it
ierir.t'nt bruin I1111I iQiigli. wliit'h lit wbol I '
ly u 11 11 rt Jlsre is a lions' niailc ' -tsr - T"V "W W T tw
lometlv that gets rjaht at the cau.c aud 1 mM I I J
will iiiiikt! ou wondt'r what bocuine of it 1 f I 1 w r
t.et2AountPbiex aotonts worthl V II I L
from anx druagi.t, ismr into a pint Isittl I
uml Mil the bottl with iilain iiraiiiilaUslIT , rnri. trt.ivix.t. t Hinr sir
aiigiir hxrilp Start taking It ot once. ,T IH 'l'It JH KIM'.SS TO HUH MK
Orttduallx Imt suiel) xtm will imtitx-tlie Decause my stocx. tu tradft is to
iihlwu thlii out and tbfii diapetir al 'h.VB Q.iune,, a, tha inWost caih
togt-tlier. tluis Hiidmit a coiiali tlmt vouiuaT6 opttonea at 1110 lowest cam
iiexHr thouglit would end it ahto looem 'prlco the best buy In this county.
t dix lioaric or tialit touuli aud beuN I y ,,.- hoon .. tnn ..,.j ,nnv.
the inflammation in a painful cough with l UaVo Deon on tD0 Krouna l00"'
itftiursHino ruumitx. wmiimrv ooiuiim
ruuiuicx. urillnurv noun
urr cuiMiueitNi s n in -' lumra or ich
Nothing iM'ttcr for bronehttU, wiutr
pougn nnu nronriiiui antiiina
This Pimmc and Suaar Si run mixture
makta a full pTntnbiigii r jo lant I
fanulv a long lina at a cot of nu si
vein iih) Mirietti ami ukin pint
ant l'jil pit pitied, lull direction
....... 1' . .11. 1 . . - . 1
wna i'im-x
Pibmc it a sMxiNl ami IiWhIv roncu
cxtraft rifb in uustaeol. and l famou
the world ovtr for iU ai, eertauity and
ipm w nrwi ntui
lor iHouM1
S4, ." '. r 'lnWty
m, nntl (lit i . n""ni
aaxthina ! A BUaraatw af abn-lui"
rtiOM.or aawav artMMUtlv rffuudl.
mmhi with thin niaiMtratlwH. JTai Pi
Co., Ft. Wayiw, lial.
Roportod by Jackson Countr Ab
tract Co., Blith and Ftr Bts.
Dstnte of Jennie Libs, will, otdei;
admitting will to probate, bond.
Pstntc of IL J. Hniloy, fiisl and
lltttil account, proof of publication
of notice to ureditors.
Lstntc of Hobeit Ashwoitb, inven
tory and appraisement.
Gtitudianship of Chester Woltors,
final order, final xiccount.
Kslnte of J. G. IVy.'ortlor, uiipoint
nient of appraisers, letturs.
Itcal INtnle Tnuisfcrs
C. A. Hamlin ot uv to A. F.
Daxis, lot ii, block 0, Posh
Add., Medfoul Jf IIUU
A. F. Davis et tit to J. T. Dn
x is, lot 5, block 0, Iloss Add.,
Medford . 10
J. T. Davis et ux to C. A. Ham
lin, lot 0, block 0, Itowt) Add.,
Mediord .. - 10(1
W. I). Iloidlemnn to W. 13. Nich
olson, land in eo 8-U7-2W. 10
P. G. T.xrndl ot ux to J. F.
Mciklc ct al, laud in sec. lo-:I0-1I3.
. $ 10
Ilobeeea llnlov et xir to W. W.
Caldwell, land in txvp HD-IK. 1
I). A. Tyrrell ct ux to W. W.
Caldwell, laud in Ashland 10
F.lfie L. Taylor to Mildiod M.
Corey, lot 0, block l, Luuih
dou's Add., Medroid 500
U. M. Coi nit ins et u lo A. I).
.Inline, lot 1, blk 8'-, Mod
Tor, - . .
.Mai tin Mai tens et u to Mrs.
Margaret Heibert, lots on
Itixcixido inc., Medfoul .. 1
Hobeit Ashwortb to Mnrgniot
II. Heibert. I'd on Itixoraido
axenue, Medfoul . 1,000
Mm tin Mai tens ct ux to Mrs.
Margaret Herbert, lot op
lliversidc axenue, Medfoid 1
When a cold grips x our system it is
convincing proof that your condition h
xvuikcneri -remember that Itisriskv
indeed toimply trust your strength to
inii,isiicjMxxcriui DirKxi-nourisnmeni
in Scott's Emulsion, xxhich feeds the
very sources of botlily strcneth tosun-
?.rcss Ahc P'esont 5oIc.J ntl generate
Strength to thwart further sickness,
Got Scott's first, not last and inkist
on the genuine always free from al
oohol and injurious drugs.
Scott & llovrnc Mnunlfllld N j S-u
Lcavo Medford dally except Sun
day for Ashland, Talent nnd Pbuonlx
at 8 a. m, 11 50 a. m., 1:10, 2:30,
3-40 nnd 5 15 p 111. Also on Sat
urday nt 11:15 p 111. Sundays lenvo
'at 10 a. 111., 4 p m and 9:30 p. in.
I Leave Ashland for Medford dally
exeept Sunday at ' a m., IX 50, 2-30,
. 3:30, 4:45 and 0 15 p. m. Sunday
loave Ashland tit 9 a. m., 1:00, 0;00
and 10 30 u,
ing out ror you lor xui jiasi iito
yaars. Nearly exeryday I bare In-
Yestlgated soino "good thlog." I have
" otroryioing wcepi xuoso
deals which I am convinced will se-
euro ma satisfied cuitomor
In a few hours time I can give you
(the beneft of this research. It Is ray
business to show you over the county
nnd introduce you to tho possibilities
B Med-
"" -,.t..k.....v- ........
frd "rot and
T " F "O "7s7C
.1. i. I JiVJX IN 11 O
iO Wot Walu Birvat
gee. You Look.
i ....'..
Wwe a good time
xijvc:: ru " ,
T.Mll.K ltO.AItll
1IOA 111) Table board ft per xvoek.
aim. v. T. Yorh, U0 uuirol Bt
l-'Olt ItKXT l'UltMHHi:i) AITS.
KOIt ItKNT Threo furnbihcd houne
kcoplnn rooms, ground floor. 220
South tlinpo. 262
fob iuJnt ruitrumimi noosw
F6?rili:NT -KimilBhXiuiTwiTuT-nlfthoil
modern romuit. Inquire 731
West 2nd atrcctr 2D0
KOIl IIUNT-Furnl.tbed rooma. 322
tjoutb Central. 233
' '
FOlt HUNT S-room niodnrti nuarl
nlMit, 1 1 1 South Central, Phono
17S-M 272
KOIt UKT Modofn six-room bouso.
Phono B37Y. 252
KOIt ItKXT Modern biingnlow r,
rooms nnd bath; garage, nlcol) fur
nished; good neighborhood. Jns.
Campbell, Phono 311-U. 2C2
FOR KKXT rurnlHhod, ntlrncllvo'
iive-room uungaioxv on jinvca at ,
strictly modcrn.'clectrlc heat, elec
tric rniiKo. Alnn Drnckliircod,
phono 337, or Hotel Holland.
KOIt ItKXT Colonel Snrgcnt'R ros
Idoncn on Oakdulo avo., tolcpbouo
oxvner at Jncknonvlllo, or Inqulro
of II. u. X)o or Hoy 11. Pcoblcs nt
Medford. 203
KOH ItKXT Flrat class C-room mod
orn bungalew: rniigo connected;
garage. Tol. 483X.
Keit'sAM: Or trndo, 13?3 ncres'of
Irrigatetl land at Orlnnd. Califor
nia. Addresa II. I., Uox 10!, Mod-
loru, urcgon. 393
FOlt HA1.K 1015 Kind touring ear
In A-l condition, fully equipped,
nil now tires llox Xo. Oft, Medford
Mall Tribune, 255
KOH SAI.K Old Truht Incubator
nnd bioodor. 300 King street. 252
KOH HAI.K Five passoiiKor nuto,
porfect condition, six good tlio;
oleotrlo llRhts; xory chonp Ad
droaa Ilox H, Mall Tribune.
KOIt BALK llnrloyj nlno bolod bar
loyatrnw. Phono 732-J2. 255
KOH 8AI.KSIammoth Ilronro tur
1(0) h for brcodlng; Iioiih ?2 00;
tomn 13 50, or different etrnlnn.
J. C. Herring, Contrnl Point, Oro
KOH 8AI.K 10-foof practically new
"Walrus" soda fountain. cont J850
Attractlvo proposition If tnkon nt
onco. Pnxaon Drug Co , Central
Point LTi3
I'OH SALK -KuiutlKo pots. 3 gallon
' Caneos". about 000 Ai'plx lt
Asbpole, 1,'uglo Point 2faJ
Present owner, on account of.
business interests elsewhere,
will sell I'or 25 per eent less
than nutual value.
Bennett Investment Co.
AVe will pa $25 00 cash toward to tho partj who will furnish us
with an notual buyer for the folloxvtug 1G0 aoro wood aud timber
100 aart, located 1 14 nilloa south of fluid UU1, attimatad I M
to 2 mllllou toot aaw timber apt! 4000 oordff hardwwd. Prlaa
$900.60. (8uw timber mostly jellow and sugar pine.)
An an lavoatmont for n wood ,ropoHIoa this can't bo beat.
108 Wrvst Main Street
I PtDj
FOU HALK rodlifrfccd t'oland China
Plga, AM ntontba old; como hco
them. i:d Judy, Orlffln Creek,
Phono H11-1I. 2S2
FOlt BAIJ-llolfer 0 inontlm old,
J td. Phono 507-112. 25C
POIt BALK Slock boRH nt n bar
gain. "Viltu M. O. Powers, Talent,
OrcKon, 2&0
KOIt HAMi Or trade, regl-itored A.
J. C. C JornoyM, ono cdxv nnd ono
bull dropped Fob. 2.1. 19 IS. John
II. llnlr, Itoguo lllvcr, Oro. 27-
KOIt 8ALK Tonui of nnilon. weight
U00 lbs. each, G year olds, $225. O.
C Dorrs.
POll SALK Hcd l'ollod cow nnd
cnlf. 510 N llnrtlott 264
rOH HALi:-A flno fresh Joruny
cow. W. V. Unrnuni, It P. D
Xo. 4, Ilox 75, Phono J03-.ll. 252
WANTKI) Mintrm.liftWKOCH
WAXTUD Automdbllo repairing to
do nt 50c per hour. Dyer's U&r
nge, .North Central Avo. 2U
WAXTKO Offlco desk nnd ohnlr.
Addreits D. I.. Dolchnuty, Medford.
Oregon. 251
WAXTKI) Mntomlti' tnsos ut homo;
ox-orythlng furnlsbod for $20 per
week. Mra. A. 1). Llttlo, 30 X.
Hlvorsldo. 203
WAXTKD To buj of owner, 5-ncrCB
noar Medford; must bo uood froo
soil; $50 down nnd $100 per year
with Interest; glvo location nnd
price. Address O. C, Mall Tribune.
WAXTnn Women lot us help you
mako money nolllug guaranteed
hosiery to wear; full or part ttmo;
big profits; exporlonco unneces
sary. Address, International Mills,
Uox 122, Xorrlstown, Pa,
TO LOAN $1000 on Improved ranch
Dolmen tlio Insurnnco Man.
roil i:uitAxni:
KOH KXCHANOK Improxod cpinr
tor, mlddlo west, for amnll ranch
city proporty or established busi
ness hero. (Irani Alltlcr, Medford,
Oregon 254
KOH KXCHANOK-80 ucrcH clonr of
inortgngo $1200, for homo nnd
garden ground Clark Iteultv Co.,
SOCJMilppH llldg
Sexxiug Mnclilnctt
BALK OH HKNT aomo usod ma
chines alfo for nnln. ('leaning nnd
rnpnlrlng C A Umiuuan, nt Med
ford Fiirnlturt) & llnrdwaru store
Hesldonro 375 So. Central. Phone
l .i..-i-srr
-i. J)
I bare thieo huiulred twenty acrcH
ot fluo timber laud In IJuiiRlnn Co.,
six million feet of xaxv timber, oIono
to I'urlflc highway, u really flno
proposition, that tho owner will cx
chaiiKo fur n good bouso In Medford
A good rosldenco nnd general stock
ot goods In a Wllluinetto valley city
to csohnuge for n gootl tlulry, grain
utid stock ranch. Value $25,000.
Somti fluo bujs In ranch and city
uroporty huro in the valley.
I loom 10, ilarkaou County Itanlc Hldg.
' 1 1 i 'Vfij ', Xi ' i F i 'A iPi'iHl (mM
Phono 70!
By Blosscr
day? vrl-Efi
i iajSrsmmlut
Auto Supplies
LAiiEp auto spuino co. w
aro "opcrattnR tho, oldest
and best equipped plant In the Pa
cific northwest. Uflo our sprints
whon others fait. Sold undor guar
antee 20 Korth Fifteenth St,
Portland, Oro.
QBO. W. OUBnrtY Attorney.. an
.Notary, Jtoom 9, Jackson County
Dank Httlldlnc, ontranco N. Cea
trnl. Medford, Ore.
Attoruoyn-nt'Lnw, Rooms 8 rnU
9, Medford National Dank bldft.
A. 11. ItllAMIlS, LAWYEIt OarnotU
Corey bide
O. M. nOUCnTS Lawyer.
Medford National Bank Building.
Oarnott-Corey WdK., ulto
Mcdforu, Oro. Phono SCO.
Collections nnd Report
collected somo nccountn 14 years
old. Wo know bow to got the
money. Tha Ilutiock Mercantile
Agency, Inc., Rooms 1, 2, 3, Has
kins' IlldR., 210 12. Main st.
1'iKlnecr mid Contractor
raGDTcumilNfTsSnEino'er and
contractor, 404 M. 1 ii II. Bldg.
Surxo)s estimates, Irrleatloa
dralnano, orchard and land lea
provomont. GarbaKO
OARI1AOB Got your premises
cleaned up for tho summer. Call
on tho city garbneo wagons for
Reed service. Phono 274-L. F.
Y. Allen.
Instruction in Muslo
401, Oarnott-Corey bldg. Pr(l AN
ton Halgbt, piano; Mrs, Flortnca
llalltday Halcht, voice. Pboaa
I'liystcians nntl Burgeons
MAINS CAKLOW Osteopathia
physicians, 410-417 Uoruett-Corey
bldB,, phono 103Q-L. RtBldnea
2C South Laurel st.
DR. W. W. HOWARD Osteopathia
physician, 303 aaruott-Corey
building. Phono 130,
DR. J. J. KMMKNB Physician nn
surgeon. Practice limited to eye,
ear, noso and throat. ICjea sclca
tlflcnlly tested nnd glasses sur
pllod. Oculist nnd Aurlnt for S P.
R. It. Co Offices M. 1. & II. Co.
bldgi, opposlto P. O. Phone 6G7.
DR. It. W, CLANCY Physician an
surgeon Phones, offlco 30, rosl
denco 724 J. Offlco hours, 10 to
12, 3 ,to 5.
cian and surgeon. Offlco Palm
block, onpodito Nash hotel. Hours
10 to 12, 1 to 4. Phono 110-J
T. O. liniNIl, M. D. Uye, Ear,
Noie and Throat. Headaches and
nervous conditions rollovod by
properly fitted glnsncs. Cross eyes
straightened Office 228 K. Main
St., phono 303. Consultation free.
Hotuoepnthlc Ploulclan, Surgeon,
228 East Mnln St., Medford. Ore
gon. Offlco phono 142. residence
Phono 732-R2. Offlco hours 1 to
4 p tn.
Public BlenoErnpticr
pher, room 29, Jackson County
llnilk llldg. Dictation tnkon any
place any tlnio by tha only Steno
type operator In Houthorn Oro. Of.
flee phone 515, Roc. 275-J.
Pi tutors and Publlxlicrs
MKDFOTtD PitlNTINa'coi. has the
boat oqulppetl printing offlco In
tiulharn Oregon; book bluttlng,
lootMa loaf ledger, billing syHtems,
cto. Portland prieoa, 27 North
Pir st. i
KARL S TUM General Insurant
office. Fire, Automobile, AooldeiVt,
liability. Piute Olaw. Contrast,
and S u ret j Uonda Bxcollent cam-
is. griuu local sarvice, . rvp,
10 iTBruett-rjarey nuig.
kaUS TttAKftirft & if oniols cb.
jOffiAe 48 North rfhrodt st. Phone
3ir. t Prices rlitht, Service guar
iiitfd. . . .