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fllEDffOKD ftlXTIJ TlttlJUNE. ftrfiDFORD, OKEOOX. FRIDAY, .lAXTARY 7, 101(5
To thu Editer:
An editorial in tin- Sun of the lith
inst. criticising; tlio Mod ford Conimur
cinl vluh and its hoard of directors
evidently was nmpiied by those who
do not know the situation fully, or
nt least forgot easily.
During 11)14 the'elul. was hehind
the sngnr licet ennipnlpi, whiolr,;im
iiiff to the latenohs of the seiisijn, was
postponed to 11)15, and renewed in
the autumn, and tho w'rl; done on
this project is known to all.
During the yenr (lie cluh probably
entertained more prominent people
than in its entiro previous history,
unions these being: Willinni Jennings
Uryan and wife; David Lamont, of
the house of J. 1 Jlorann & (i.i
Henry Kiihn, of Kului, l.oeb & Co.;
E. 0. JleConniek, vice-president of
ine boiitlieni l'neific; Charles S.
Fee, traffic miinngcr of that com
pany; J. p. O'llrien, vice-president of
the O.-W. It. & X. C.; .Mr. 0roa.
cnir, editor of the (leogrnphiciil
Magazine: the Rovernor of Vermont,
the Rovernor of Ohio, the governor of
Illinois and their parties, the Pan
American eongie of road-bnilders,
Sonic Activities
Some or tho above wiros Inkcn to
Cmlcr Lake and others went over the
Pacilio hiRhway.
Crater Lake has been exploited as
never before ns tho Med ford Rateway.
The club was nlao active in semir
ing displays for the exhibition in llm
three buildings in San i-YnncNco; "!
nshiHieu in M-cuiiiiR inu trannpoita
non tor thu exhibits to and from tho
Autos wore time nml time nuniii
tendeied the 110 of the club for tho
enterlailimout of gncMs by C. E.
Antes, A. L. Hill, J. A. Westerlund,
W. II. Gore, Geo. Putnam, A. S. Kos
enbnuni, II. L. Wnlthors, W. V. J.
Campbell, J. E. ijark.lull, C. A.
K'niRht, G. E. Treiehlor, licit Ander
mii utid many others. This not only
for entertainment, but in thu Migiir
beet campaign each owner providing
cars gratis.
The club also .lisiMeil in the en
tertainment and handliiiR of tho K".
of P. in their Crater l.iiku trip.
Information limvau
Valuable information has been
Riven to many iiupiiroix, thoso call
iiir having, been entertainod; much
literature has been sent out. letters
have been promptly and intelligently
Tho club is out of debt and owns
its own homo with its contents. It
has kept an adoipiato display of
products Tit all tunes nnd conducts
a public infoimatioii bureau.
Tho ululi ha, enlisted the support
. .. Ult-Kllll (IUIURIUIOII 111 congress
ami tlio l uited Mate forestry orv
iee 1 or leiieral an m huildiiiR the
t inter Uik hiRhway and tho Apple
Riite, lJluo Lodge, Kbiiiiath river high
way. Tho Owens Lumber Co. has been
n&sured tho co-operation of the club
in anything it can do. The box fae
tory was ahl.v put before our people
by Mr. Ilafer during 1!)M, and tho
club htmids ready to asiht any de
velopment project.
Offer. C'(M)jienitlon
The Hour mill is welcome to any
nsM,tonco the club can give it, and
the club has nlirny advocated tho
iio of home products and it is dis
playing the mill's products. The olub
helped finance the cannery and i
willing to eo-operato in any way pos
sible in clouting a market for home
Tho club has mndo several onm
lmigns for irrigation uud stands
ready to make another when called
Our niinos have been oxploited
whenever possible, and am known.
Much capital has been expended in
ineir iieelopmciit, and inoro will
come. Copper mining takes Jurgo eap
'"' "'id when iuh i- looking
WASHINGTON, Jan. 7. In order
thnt victors to Cratct Lake Park
may hae readv access to tho Uku
itself and not be compelled to ninV
the har.nidoti trip down the hteo
trail that IclMs" from tho lodge to the
shore below, Will G. Steel, supcMin
tendent of the purk, roconnueiids the
construction of a tunnel through the
rim, just above the level of tho lnko.
lly this means the' trail ean be
avoided, and those wishing to or
boat on the lako ean reach the water
without danger and without inconven
ience. Mr. Steel, in his annunl le
port, aks for an appropriation of
$1000 to make surveys, investigations
and estimates for such a tunnel.
Mr. Steel also recommends ex
tending the boundaries of the park
to include other scenic spots,
Uoumlat'y Intension .lvKel
"Since my report for lDH," lie
says, "the matter of extending the
park boundaries t-u as to include Mt.
Thieldsen, Diamond lake and Old
llailey has been considered by the
forest supervisors and myself, and
wo have agreed to report jointly in
favor of tho following limits:
'Commencing nt the western ex
tremity of the south boundary of the
Crater liake National park, thence
went approximately thrce-ipiarters of
a, iiiitu to the boundary between
Klamath and Jackson counties,
tinmen uoith nhmg nid county line
to a point on tho boundary between
Douglas and Jackson counties; thence
east to n point due north of the
present western line of the pnrk;
thence north to a point two miles
north of the sixth standard parallel,
thence east to a point on the east
boundary of the Ciupqua national
forest, thence southerly along the
said culcrn boundary of the I'mpquu
national forest lo the present north
line of the Crnter Lake National
The past reason was the biggosl in
the history of Crater I.uke park in
the number of visitors. To the oloso,
of Scptcmbor 11,171 persons visited
the pink, iiti compared with 700(1 last
New I toads C'iiuKmI
Up to nifd including the current
year congress has appropriated $12(10,
000 for road construction in Crater
Lake park, and thi money has been
expended in grading new roads from
the Klamath, Medford and Pinnacle
entrances to the rim of tho lake, and
on that portion of the rim road ex
tending 1 rout Cloudcap, on the oast
side, to tho Watchman, on the west
side, 1-1 miles in all. This, says Mr.
Steel, JH about two-thirds of the
roads it is proposed to build, but ow
ing to tho fact that the noil is ex
tremely light and is cut deeply liv
travel, it is neeossary at this time to
pave these roads, and then const runt
and pave the remaining proponed
Automobiles will now find good
roads leading to the park, not only
from Klamath and Medford, but also
from central Oregon by way of the
Pinnacle entrance, on Sand creek,
says the superintendent.
ST. PAl I.. Jan. 7. llobbers Inst
iigit obtained approximately unci ''''
million dollar in negotiable internal i
revenue stamps and several thousand
doTlnrs in cnh as a result of prob
ably tho most skillful ntid neci"fiil
lobbery in the history of the north
west. Ulowing a large safe hi the
old Etdernl hiiilitinir. the robbers tto-
JWtcd their loot with comparative
luasuro tiuil icjected a lingo quantity
of stumps that weie nnncgotiablc.
The robbery was not d'seuvored
upUl the building wns opened for bus
iness today.
It will bo two days befoie K. J.
lyneh, ruveituu collector, in whose
office tho robbery was ooinniitted,
cuu detuimlne the exact amount ob
tained bv tho criminals.
Obviously well informed, the roll
bin's effected an entrance to Mr.
hyneh's office, and with apparent
deliberation used an electric drill to
open a hole five iuiTios in diaiaetor
In the outer door of the big vault.
This! All DnOiliiiff UlMipilf-nr.s
llalr Slops Coming
I'liiukie Whitney, the cuiiciitci'-rlglitcr
a Hieii wijo mis given tlic ring
rns,t When Itllloiis, Slrl;, lleadaih),
Coiistliateil, or for Hail Uroiith
or Sour Stomach.
He ofcoorfHl! Pttu n Inohlo U
niKlit nail feel (ine. Take C'arrrtt
lo liven yauj- lvr nnd cm?i Ik
bovvl and aiop hHtarhM, bad
cnhl, bllloHlHVM. olfeimtvo brMth,
roald tongue hIIgwhcu, tour Uuw
irh and m TomM ik' ('
rareu nd tHjox the in... I mnlleii
Hv.r bmI to a i . nb hk Mm mvw
ekrHIIM4. V. ' 'Hi. TMMt
Kvryjo4 i " ' ' '"w
"l Ui4tlv for ihlMrn lo -
Lfor such propeitie, thoc of South
ern Oregon will have further atten
tion, Tho (dub has tried the public nioel
jugs and has found but a doxon or so
attended. It has been difficult to got
eight to a board of governors' meet
ing, regiudles of when held, and us-
uully the smiie members are picocut.
Credit Whom Cieillt Olio
It has not been u time for a blare
of trumpets, nor for a high-snlnncd
promileiit or hooretHiy. I.d the ex
hibits bo kept ii), tho building kept
attractive, correspondence answered
and culler given reliable intorma-
It is oflsy to find fault, but who cuu
do better. Those who think a .Moes
is needed to lead iw out of the wil
dcrnesii will bo the last to follow.
Kathor than oriticUo, wo liould
take our hats otf to our president,
uIid BHciifieod" hU oun lutenwts for
-i week to uauio for the vnllvy a
-njiar beet ffletory, mid to tho who
IiUiwim- nucrificed thwr time W. II.
(lore, II. A. Thierolf, A. I. Hill and
It there arc ihomn who Uelievo a
eliunge in method lire hsimImI, they
should come forth and not only ad
oealc und cxtin their in-ojsxtod
melhtsL but at the mum time an
nounce their lYudiiM-tfB to ae(sj.,t (heir
ham of tM wait and niftiisibilit.
Tlwrw u an old aaying that "Pretty
i that pivtly doM," ao come loith
u4 hflp out.
The vnier i n4 a mmUr of Ida
hawrd f 4iels aattiwr dta ha
laiiu anything varful aa ham
waitilijiad Uu last tearhut
UHs of work Wa haa doaa, and
eradtt ahouM ha iao to thoaa far
k kitka aVaM lha wnrk and ittMi.
il the uial ui" h Id
.v Mt M I 1 1;.
IN JANUARY SPORTS AFIELD fighter who is good enough to he
I in the running for tho lightweight
Did you ever travel at night oer championship, and ir ho ever lands
tho lonely alkali plains of Colorado the title it will bo beeuuso ho fought
bleak, bine and desolate to the ae- fur a grand cause,
eompniiimeiil of yapping coyotes and Several jours ago Frnnkio Whitney
the swish I swish! of your bicycle tires was plying his trado as onrpontur nt
through the deeii sand, until vouiv Cedar I'anids. In., his limne. Ili
,inuseles weie so "iliig tired" thnt you, wife contracted tuborcnlosja. 1iit
ould hitrdly sit ujion your wheel to vtiey decided ho would have to earn
camp nt lust at a lonely prairie more money so 4 wife could scouro
cabin, the only other occupants being proper treatment. '
a "happy family" of rattlesnakes,, He had boxed borne at a olub and
snugly ensconced between tho nuilts? shown pretty wollt,o ho decided to
'Did you over fight half-stnrved benrs, try (ho milt game. Ho Miuteended
in tlic .loop gorgis of tlio llig Smok- rapidly and just, recently guvo Ad
ies? Did you ever .shoot ducks in u'Wolgtist, former champion, such u
winter cornfield, und hear the dead hieing in five rouiuli at Atlanta, (la.,
mallards falling in a perfect shower WolgastV seconds throw up the
about yon striking the ground with j sponge.
Jhe peculiar thud! charnclqri,tii. of,, Whitney hamllrd all tho detail of
big fat duck hitting tho hoggy (torn the nlateli him-(jll$ lie neled as his
middles? Did you eer experience
the thrill of bagging the bull moose in
the wilds of far Tcmioknming Did
you ever fifdi for rainbow trout in
llennett'.s Spring in the Missouri ()
arks, tho largest spring in the world
Did you ever go conn hunting at
night, climb the tree with a hickory
club to scare out Mr. Coon only to
step on a deud limb, full to the
ground like u (nib bear rolled up, and
in a twinkling liavu the dogs strip you
as bare of clothing a a new bom
baby Theo things and many
more nre all at forth in the Janu
ary SportH Afield. If you like gen
uine humor, you'll get your moue.v's
worth out of .left" Sniallin Wife
Tamer. It's rich and then soine. ItV
'by William Perry Hiowii, and one of
tlP fiuest things he ever wroti1. In
this same isue this popular writer
kUmj begins a gripping orial Woods
Life in Dixie which will continue
throughout tho year. In fact, the
dnnimry Sport Afield i brimful of
good things.
own manager in coming to terms with
Wolgast, rented the theater where the
bout was held, then, lining his ability
a a carpenter, erected tlio ring.
The ciirpenler-fighter attracted so
much attention by the maimer in
which he conducted the whole affair
fans packed the theater and he mude
ii nice pjooo of money for use in aid
ing his wife to better health.
Whitney entered the light game at
an iirc when most fighters ure quit
ting. Ho was 'Jo when he stinted.
The reason in that until Ml. Whitney
became ill ho hud no idea of going
into the ring.
Whitnov, going toward lop form at
27, offers strong contrast to Knock
out Drown of New York, who flushed
long eunuch to whip two world's
champions and make a lot tunc, and
now, at 1, is a has-been, contented
I.OIMSVII.I.K. Ky .Ian. 7. A fire
In the heart of I.oulsvlllo'a wholomiln
liquor and tobacco district early hint
night did damage etlmnted by the
police nt from $.100,000 to half n
million dollar. It started of un
known origin In the poven-ntory bull
ding occupied by tho Ox-llrecches
I .Mnnufnctiirlng company, nnd quickly
jHprond to tho Taylor nnd Williams
liquor wnrohouso nnd tho building
.occupied by Altshler nnd cqmnaii)',
j wlioloatilo grocers.
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up, calloused feet and
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drug ntoro now and gladden your tor
tured feel?
i "?'il'.' "H" y"" 'wt glow with com
fort, tnkci down wclllng and draw
the nrriiPM and mlncrv right out of
in. una cnaie, smart nml burn, "Ti"
Initnntly toji iiln In cormi, cnlour
nun i.nnions. -iif." l uiorlou
i pick up a preliminary bout now I tired, aolihig, tore fcrt. Vt, inore bLoo
"hi 'urn. i ut'iiiuMsjit; niorc foot torture.
M Mawuctfru
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thin will demise tho hnlr of dilut,
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minutes you wilt be amazed. Your
hnlr will lie wavy, fluffy and nbund
utit and pusseM nn Incomparable
HoftnoBs, lustro ntld luxuriance.
Unslilos beautifying tho li'alr, ono
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evory partiulu of dandruff: IhvIroi
iiUd the ncnli, RtojipJiiK Itching and
fiilltiiK hnlr.
Danderlnc Is to the hair whnt
fresh iilioworn or rnlu nml minahlno
aro to vegetation. It rocs rlsht to
the rootH, Invigorates, nnd strength
euq them. Uh cxhlllnratlng, stlmu
littlng nnd llfoproduclng 'propertlos
cause the hnlr to grow long, strong
ami hcnutlful.
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directed.- Adv.
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yi-rjal. Tea Garden Syrup..
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Wnisbls to (iiiaiilaimiuo
bnttloshlpH South Curollnn. Knuaas
nnd Michigan left hero for the (iuun
tnnamo station to relieve the Kour
Harge and Kentucky.
Cause Weak Lung, MtilfoKl Ding-
gist SuuKols u llellalilo
AV have a conatliuttoaal ramedy
for hard colda and wk luuga which
wa guarantw. Such letters aa thin
prove lla affietenry:
Wlokatunk, V. J.: "I auffarod
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and vetT abort of breath. I am an
agent for tho C. It. It. of Xaw Jer
suy. I had a vory bnd oough aad
lost flftoon pounila In walght and my
i rou Lie Inlorfwrrod wltk my occupa
tion so thnt I had to atop work laat
July. I had doctoraU for aoinallnui
ylthaut lioMem. but whan I laaraad
of Vlnel through a frland I darldad
to try It, aad anon owaed to
improvo. aly rougk baa goaa. tha
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