Medford mail tribune. (Medford, Or.) 1909-1989, November 23, 1915, SECOND EDITION, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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Office Mall Tribune BulMlng, 25-27-29
North Fir utrcct; telephone 76.
The Demorrmlc Tim"!. Ths Mrdford
Mall. The Medford Trbun. The Houth
ern Oregonan, Tlie AKhland Trhuna.
One yenr. liy mul... . . .. 5.00
une month, by mall .. DO
Per month, delivered by carrier In
.Medford. Phoenix, Jacksonville
and Central Point .. .CO
Saturday only, by mall, per year. 2.00
Weekly, pr year 1 10
'flolal Paper of the City of Medford.
Official Paper of Jarkeott County,
Bntered an exoond-rlaei, matter ot
Medford. Oregon, under the act of March
3, 1878.
Sworn Circulation for 1311, S(88.
Pull leaied wire Aaioclatea Press Uls
atheo. Bubscrlbora falling to rccclro
papers promptly, phono CJrcu-
latlon Manager at 2G0-IL
Joe Mlay plcoplo who leixvo
c)i lurch in middle of ulcrmon nlliisnui
vo vvnlkeo In sleep.
Ktilil hrotliora nro ndvorllBlnK for
ti lout imlr of troiisors In Stuvoni
l'olnt, Mich.
In Saw Voi If, IViluips
"In IiIh Iiouho iiinrlKnKCtl?"
"Yo, up to tho ntito."
Home Things Scorn (.liieer, Don't Thoy
I am employed no a truck driver.
In August my off liny homo Kot nick
nml tho bow called In two homo doc.
tors. !ntt weok I Not nick and the
lions "dookod mo." How about It?
At tho (Jim's Murrlo UN ItoiKiiislhll
Ity KiiiU
Drill Hoigmint What In tho dotico
In tho imittor. .Mnlloyl Whore nro
j our ulllltH fiolim?
Mnlloy ainiro, I iluiino, nor! Thoy
loft 'oro nil right I Pawing Show.
lloiiBohold I Ills It Is host to lump
nil family Jam In the pantry. Mnr
unrot. Todnj's ItellrltiKcr
K. W. Ay or, the fnaioua advertising
nsont, ut n dinner In "nllHdolphla
told this one:
''lllgpi wng n roofor and wn nt
work on n buHdlng one day vvhon he
lot out a yull.
" 'WMint U tho iiiHltor, IHg?' uik
rid tho foroiunn.
" 'I've i tin a nail In my foot,' yolltsl
" 'Why don't you pull It out!' tint,
vcrod tho furoniau.
" 'What! In iy noon hourT yollotl
pn V $Siwll
1. J f If . S' JT 1IVS
Stella's llurgtiln Counter
When u dog ahowa hti teeth mid
ivuK hut tail you don't know whleh
end to uellevo.
.Mivnyri Keep Your Kjiv. Ojieti When
Von C'ixss tho Strtmt
Yoslerday one of our cltUeni wh
Icnouksil down by an auto nt
Bt. nuil nv. Patrolman
onmo to the rescue, ""run you give
WO r description at th matt whose
oar htruck you?" Mkl tb officer,
"fiuro." Nia las Injured aUUen, "bn
;-W9 Jnfj t tmr mL unil glovet."
r .JLVUiUJTUHi mm i-mmmt mwmm
" "-- J - -- - am mU I AMdlim
Imiorpiunn 1 frtleUr wMn up MU
ot BoldfUh a'f h pan tfiir m-
iorn;'. In onior to tve mm ejwn-
Jnglianco no fUliw ir iwm bimo
foldod overy moriilHg.
Tlit'ivV Alwi IIiijh
Harbor Will you h thing
jen our faco whon I hae fiiilsliiMl
Customer I don't know, but I
Jiope qu'J1 ni Jout lave no mc
REPLYING to tho elmrijo Hint the millionaire timber
men who now own the Portland Telegram, naturally
desiring to secure something besides monthly deficits f roiii
their newspaper investment, were responsible for the Tele
gram's campaign to secure preferential rates for Portland
lumber mill3 that would effectually throttle the lumber
industry of interior Oregon, the Telegram says:
The Whcelro have not a dollar's worth of interest In any lumber mill
In Portland. Thy hnve lumber Interests In Lane, Jackson and Tillamook
counties. If Tho Telegram wore to ho used to further their private In-
leronts It would hare fought to maintain tho rates that discriminate against
Portland In favor of the valley mills, for It Is there their private interests
He. Hut, on the contrary, Tho Telegram has fought and contended for nn
equality of rates between Portland and tho valley points, on the ground
that It wns tho fair and square thing to do, no matter who was helped or
harmed by it.
The Telegram is mistaken. The "Wheelers have no lum
ber interests in the couniics enumerated. Thoy have im
mouse timber interests, howevor, timber land bought
ohoap and held for speculation. They neither sell nor
operate, but hold for unearned increment. Even the ex
tension of the Pacific & Eastern to their Jackson countv
holdings did not result in operation. They are private
preserves for the benefit of future generations.
"While it is true that the Wheelers are not operating in
Portland, they are at MeC'ormiok, Washington, and
hence would secure the benefit of any rate reduction
secured by Portland for their lumber shipments to Cali
fornia. they do not profit by the Telegram's campaign
they certainly ought to call it off, for its efforts, if suc
cessful, will seriously depreciate their Oregon holdings.
The Telegram has a peculiarly distorted vision of the
"fair and square thing to do," when it would build up
Portland's lumber industry at the expense of the develop
ment of its own trade territory. "Willi tho advantage of
terminal and water rates, with a freight differential in
Portland's favor to the. cast, with water rates to every
point on the coast ,the Telegram would also have a differ
ential in Port lad's favor to California over the mills of the
Willamette, Umpqua and Rogue River valleys thus
closing the only territory left to themand effectually
blighting tho development of the lumber industry -outside
of Portland.
.So unfair and unreasonable are tho Telegram's conten
tions that no other newspaper in Portland supports them
and none of the commercial organizations indorse tho
paper's attitude.
Whether or not tho Telegram's owners profit by tho
paper's efforts, the Telegram has proven itself champion
of special interests as against public interests, palliator of
private greed and swineherd
II. M. !om) Produce mill Kxpcrlmcnts In I'rults, Vegetables nuil Grays-.
.e.i, Cettlnu IlrMiltn on Tract 'Mint XelgblxirM llcclm-iil l'miillnblna
(Hy Addison Ilcnuctt in the l'ortliinil
Suiiilny Oregoninu.)
Wlien it mum iinimiiiieetl ut the
Muuurncturei-H' nuil Laud Products
Show, leeently held nt tlio nniiorv,
that Jackson ouuntv liml tukuu tlio
giinul jitiro for tlio licit exhibit of
ngrieulturni product, but few know
1 1 in t tho evliihit was reully tho piod
uet of ono farm nml tho handiwork
of ono mail. Hut hiicIi (lie enso.
Kurllier, it ouitlit to be no id that tlio
exhibit attracted more tliiiu ordinary
attention from the fuel that oC re
cent jimm wo hnvo tend volumes
about tlio fruits applet, pear,
peneho of .Inckmm eounlv, lint
iuhvIiI.v little Hbout her general farm
In this nrlieh I nut loine to for-
ilt, hi ni'Hr km I on n, that .laoUon
unmitv over ltrodiu'cd hhv fruit of
any sort, Hint luni inv ntteution solely
to the matter in hand the general
agricultural product of thnt t'imunis
county. In doing this I am not go
iug to belittle the uouderfiil fniits.
Tlio o.Nhihit mentioned containod
nearly 1000 items. Can you realize
that nml that eirv gram and every
straw, every vegetable nml every
blailo of griiHM (now liny) wan grovrn
ou one farm It i pretty hind to
see how nueli s eolle. tiou could be
Isketi from one place.
Oilier DUplujs I'rom Same l'anu
Kill, iiivonc I (ell you Unit at the
time (hot exhibit wns ou display hero
there were (ho others (Himll a ytHul
gut ho red tioui the same farm, under
the ihreetion of the same niSKter
Hund, ou iliily h( otsor showc, one
at the I'mihhiu exmlntiivii at San
IVancueo snd the other at the giat
utNe smjw at S'HiUia. Ami, by the
say, the- e.vkiliit dieplaytHl here in now
Mmr rasUHed in the land show st
St. l'snl, sent there bv the Groat
Xorihvru railway ofl'ieiais.
Kow, let me go a step fuither and
say at the 1'annma exhibition the dis
play has won the grand prise over
Jk whole euuntiv, but in adtlitiou
wea tibs guld, two silver ami one
koaaw s4al for some of the inth
vi&mtl siiieles in the disjssv. Also
Ut it be wentioneU that like exhib
its froga the saie I'srtn. put together
by tli sawe nan, took the sweep
sink prises at the great C'hieag
land shuw in 1011, at the HI. lotus
espoMttoA in 11110, nt Ut Xew Or
leans espoMitioa in 1011 and has
taken first at all three of the Port
land land shews.
Xeigiiboi rint niiiuu)
X U. 1 -' I'm fernered these
' . i i . !- ii - hhv Kot ly
ihine mentioneil, but many, manv
ullii i He bun a hstfol of
uihI li.i'.'i -till hi Id- Mn Auil .ili
i i i li ' i ni . In." '
f.i.ii : 1 i - i . i. j i i
lor tlierorllaiul hog.
For instance, in tho Portland Land
mIiow the exhibit xeored 88' i poinU
tho nenrest to it being 7V )ioinln.
Tho other ranged aluiig in the (!0s
nml 70s.
Pivo years ago hint spring Mr.
Lowo went into .Inekson eonnty and
Hindu a study of tho laud und the
climate. He did not do this in a hit-nuil-mias
fashion, but lcimtroly, thor
oughly, enrefully. He wanted n locu
tion to put into operation coituin the
ories of improving eertnin ngrieul
turnl nuil horticultural productn. He
finally purchased (100 neres of sec-nud-benuh
laud about hulf-wav be
tween Ashland and Medford, near
After ho had paid his money and
got his title to tho land, the Miller
onsunlly warned Mr. Lowo that he
oould not ninko n living on it. You
vee, eertnin idenH then predominated
down there as to which was fmit land
and whiolt xvnsn't mid this wnen't,
neeordinif to the wixeaere. .lut to
jump right Ntraight to tho outcome,
that sanin COO acres of "worthless '
land produced cro sufficient to imy
tho luirelinse price ami nil fanning
oxiiole, inteicfct and taxi's nml n fair
living for tho owner ou tho third crop
lxH'ilmcnth ,ro Practical
It is a fnmrins fsnn now, mid Mr.
Lowe U aiiroly tlio Hiirbnul; of Ore
gon, Ho in a breeder of plants ami
vine, of fruits and vegetables. So
i ltui-hank; but Mr. liwe is aim a
Miulent of soils and elimatio (Hindi
lions, ami n a teacher, rather as an
illintrator, he is of as much practical
nlue to tho people of Oregon as llnr
Iwuk i to the pooplo of his btate.
Tor instance: Mr. lowe xvss told
(hut In heneli land was unfitted for
nut. Why? Tho sml was good, the
climate was ginul ami the moisture
wad sufficient. Why was it not good
fruit lnuiU "To high, too frosty,"
said his neighbors, lmt Mr. Iowe
knew a whole lot about air currents,
and he made itiagrawc of the current
over the Unas am) oi the high ipot
he planted fruit trese front apples
to figs- and on that very land the
tirst I rust this year occurred Xovcui
ber 10, which ws just suftieieat to
hkwken (lightlx the lowato xines.
You wukt not think ueenune 1
brought the fnut tree in thnt 1 am
Infttnc to fruil. Neither must vou
think thai Mr. Lowe does not like the
fruit buoineM. nor that he doe not
intend to iair r'nut. In his exhibit
are large quanlitir of froits of manx
vnrietie. Hut with him fruit i to he
an tniIi'iit mul rt th head snd
li 1 ul liia tulllIlL "LLi tlOUk.
Coin I 'iii en Siiccos
In lixtkiiiif at lux nolo 1 lu.i! m m,' n Hi i n ISili I j
I.t h
' . , ,!..... ..I
Uu v , 1 , t. 11
, "His j . 3 -v H'vzl'L I p
Notice tin eliiiini ltli which Mini'. .lla Itiplcy of tho Fashion Alt
League of America gains tho lo vfforl in the dancing frock pictured
lieit. Tlio goun is "liullt" of dellciito blue tullo iiiado owr green tulle,
anil these nro hut oci,-1ivim's for u foiindntioii of lavender silver cloth
tltli n silver lnco "drop" lit tlio bottom. Tho closo flttlnjj IkuIIco Is
Hindi) of ilclily embroider.! ii-ex hllk, caught oer tho .shoulder., with
Mi anils of Irriilescj'nt IhwIs.
product". Pirat i-. tho Oicgon Dont
corn. Thin i now n fixed tyM nml
is :i wonderful sueecss. Ij is used
lurgoly in Jneksiiii county and much
of it is being hipped to other sec
tions of the strtte.
The next is hi Kttssian bald bar
ley. This iii a wonderful grain nml
the t.xpe, is l'i.xed lrom five yeurly
cropping. Another is Connllin
wheai, a cerertl which ho thinks is an
imiirovoraeiit ovia- nil other drv land
whent. -1 CoufQixo rtn xvitll benim,
peas and other, products of garden
and field, but will montion only hi
hush bonus slrtnglos beans. These
lienr curly, ami until killed bv the
I failed lo mention thnt Mr. Lowe
makes nil of hN entries in the show
under the name of tho tract Valley
View Orchards. He is not, I beliexe,
tho nolo oHiur, but ie the absolute
On this tract are 100 acres of
penrs, 10 acre-; of upriuots, 10 acies
of eheriios and six neres ot npplos.
Aiidn from Hoi, he lias an cxpoii
mental tmet f 10 acres planted to
fmit trees of v.niou vnrielies which
lie is cxpcinieniiius on in ennjunctinn
with the Oic i.n college
cnkm(s for thi- pnrprtse of wt mixing
the diieiiKes ot trees and fniits.
Soil Needs ai-o 1'oluttil Out
"The du ! coming, is irt-nr nt
hniid, when all mehariliits will utihe
the ground between the trees for
growing eh ci nuil lumin? it into
milk and poik; the day of clean cul
tivation i i:it, Yo'.i cannot take
fruit off your laud jear after year
iudcfiuitelx viii'iiut putting something
back in the soil. Juch n couuo
IMMf failure '' Sq said Mr. Lowe.
Which brings us lo the daily 1iim
uesa, the bet inonoy-mnking buines
the laiidowiiii- of Oregon can lyigago
hi. A to Ja. i ton countv, thete are
(10.000 acres ,.!' land as good the
Valley 'iew 1 arin. 1 wonder what
soil of a eoiintx Jackson would be
if it had nu averng of one cow to
everv acre'
What are tlioy sowing 1 in Jack
son? Well, b'.'s loik at the situa
tion is given bv Ml Lewe:
Daily Cow.s lucixxislug
"Tln-re have been shipped into
Jackon iKiiniv this X'ear more ban
1A00 dnuv rows. 1 think we now
have ten in the couutv where we had
one fixe xear agit. Fixe xear ago
we had lu bet . h MO and 500 acres
of com; tin we had 6000 ai-ie.
and the xicld v ill avrrnfe full 4i.
bushels to the aru."
Thia it a leinarkahlo statenxetit
when it U nun niliered thnt the aver
age xieUI of Hie country runs about
'JA bushel. Tin year for the first
time on revor.' u went 'IS buhU.
"rive yriir-. j g we bippd into
Jackson countv icn eariosiU of hogs;
this -ear hiipe1 oiti mure than
200 cniliMiiU Wtttnn i'u la t tixe
xear lb . ili- ! ! .i' i and
i lover h.iv i. .-. .1 i .ii. i Inn.
John A. Perl
L5r Aioitiat
Phone M 17 sml I7-J3
rlmbslsscs) h'rnloe Oorojurl
fourfold We hnve sold and shipped
this scnaou 11000 hend of beef cattle
to the Sau Prancico market."
Thus went on M'. Love. Mul he
wont furthei. Lislm ''We have only
fniily got taited in tho right direc
tion, hnve just fniily got our feet ou
firm ground. .I.ickou is one of the
best suction in the world. Thuie in
room there for ten times the people
wo have, not only room, but oppor
tunitii's. "We ought lo hnvo tho pientest
dairy and meat center iii tho United
States. Climatically nnd from the
koil viewpoint, wo huvo any other
section skmiitM to n linisb. I be
lieve it, I know it, and I nm nlways
proud to walk up to a hotel regiitc
oud place mv rome on its page n
from .I110I.-.011 county, Oregon."
Don't Merely "Stop" a
Stop the Thlnjr that Cati.f It
nml I Up CoiiKb XtIU
Slop llarK
V ..
A eougli U roallv one of our bet
irienilc. It vviirns 11 that there In in
uiiiuuiiitlon or olmtructloii In a danger
nm plnco. 'therefore, when xou cct a
ImiI cough don t iirnotiil to dow xourtwlf
with a lot of ilrugii that merely ntnii"
the cough tcniporarilv lv ih-Hileiilng tlio
throat nerves. Tient the ciuise -heiil tlio
inlUuncil niPiiilirmicii. Here in a ioint.
inaile remeily tluit m't ruslit at tlieeuune
mill Ulll ihtiL 11 11 filiktr I not 1.1 jitnli mtlt.
more quickly than .ou tfr thought mw
Put 2t4 ounces of Pinet (SO cent
worth) in n pint Ikittlo and till the bottle
Ulfll lilnitl f ritilllurMl uiiuiieunriiii 'I'l.t
. " ! ss lS"iW niKl nj(l'a J II in
jriviH xim a full iiiut of the most il(isjnt
mm I'liivwvr nniKii ri'inix you ever uhm,
nt a cunt of oulv fit reiitn. N'o bother to
iri'iuirv. run iiirii'iniiiH witii rnwx.
11 IIOills llin ItllltlltiMil ItiA.i.lirrt nna m
gently ami 1 romntlv tlist xmi wniiiler
I1.11. I, .lit..., I. A l.i l.i. ...... .. .! !......
...... iv m--n ... .1.11 ,.-r-iin H lirv, IIUUTIH
or tight rough nnd stop the foruiiitlon of
iililegni lu the throat and bronchial tubea,
tliiiu ending the iHTiinlcnt Ihom coiil'Ii.
PillOV la n litltlilv nAmwitlral..! .am.
-'- - .l." ...p..-.. .win. ii. ,.i ..-.. 11(111
iMVIIIIll flf Xt.rtlllV lllllA ttinni -il. I..
imiiiiicol. iiih! s famuli the world over
for IU lienling cfTett on the membrane.
To nvfliil illappolntment. nsk vour
ilrnjielst for "iti ouneei of Pinex." nml
""ii t Hieepi nnvtiiim? cIm-. A guarBiitee
.11 lllMnlllll, A.ll lafmtlinn ni innnui. .n.ii..,-
Iv rvfuiHlisl. goon with thU prepurutiou
The Pinex Co., It. ayno, Ind.
Mcdford's l-codlng Motion l'lctutc
Osll.v M.ittnee 2 p in, Kvenlng 7 p m.
Price. MutlncoB-lOc. Kvo. 5-lO-15c
Neal of the Navy
To Parts featuriug Lillian Lor
raine and Wtltuui I oinilfUh Jr.
Msrsuerite Courtot la
Flic Agony of Fear
an tiuprvMtxe 3 art drama
Off for a Boat Ride
l'u.idultirt,ii Faii touiCil),
1 ixtiv. 1 i j 1 p . -. n ihe!
"v "t o w . - . ' 1
23. ton
WASHINGTON, Nov. 2.1. X.-vr
high records in the fore gn tnul" of
Mip United Stutes conlinac to pile up
tho jrrofttest favorable trade balance
the country baa ever known, nccord
mj; to figure made public today by
Hi" drttMirtinont of commerce.
During tho twelve rnonlhs eliding
with October, the foreign trade ex
cceild f'j.OnO.OflU.OOO. Imports wenj
1,0IH,7-18,013, and expoiH .f.l.llS.
(' 14,0DI5, ns coinpiirc'l with imports
if j1,S80,4M,5O1 ami exports of .2,-
10,847,829 during tho 6nmo twelve
nontlw iirsvioiti.
Pxports of October established 11
new high record, rising to .? 3.1 1,0:18,
"i7s, xvhicH was v?3U,001,750 more
t'u'Ji tho frmor record made in Sep
ember. October impoits vvcro $148,
."i?n.il20. jfr.rV9-
S.v. t'i'...j4t
T KS.fca. tTi 1 I " "i
gf :mJE4V'. - 1
?.Ht -.'. Xr
JJjffi&F&F' V3R
i?3?l WsSlit? J' -
The home that has a TURKEY
Thanksgiviiin will have
Every thing in Groceries. In fact, everything for the Thanksgiving
table that can he found in market
We specially rcconimcntl Medford "Rogue Spray Flour."
Warner, Wortman 6 Gore
fiivcs a bomi-monthly (lance Thursday ovening,
XovcidIht 'J.'), at .Moose Hall. Tickets, including
chicken KU)pei', $1.00 a couple. .Music hy .Miss
(Mark and I'rol'csMn' Howell.
10 cents
More- yood news u v t' pi'-tmv-loving public.
We are oNlnl'iMnq; today
"The House of a Thousand Candles"
lr your ajroval. M'his is the first suljeet of our
In test Ivookcd sor ice. known as the JUti'-j V-L-S-Ii
in other words, Vitii(naaih, I.ubin, Sdig and JJs
sanay. Thew atv nlitMfltiteiy the b8t iiietures made
aud releoated by thte four manufacturers, and cvorv-,
oue is a giiaraiiteetl attraction.
We will in the future show one of the Big A feat
ure every Tiwsdav of each week. The adiuikwinn will
be lOe'for ehildivn and 1't- tor adullM. Mhey'ro
woilh U.
When ImHi r -i im. . ;nv lu.iilc Ae will show them.
TVECfA turn rl.m diitifte In a wajr un
V.non before to inoilcrn Kln.
Simiilr tmoolli It over the ilWeainl places.
Wairh Ihe iMrvclow atl ion of lhi great
herl al h-afer. D'l.XMA, rn-Je lrom naturc'i
herbs, liat just been itlveii by icience for the
iclltl of Hie many ili.hcailrnr.l kin su'ferer
DT.NMA iop pain anJ ilibins instantly.
Tt reseuti bH'y and limbs fiom the torluret
of akin duro.'
Il is nilnre's ay. , , ,
We are the only druggist in this .town
from wlmm llT.XMA, the iireat, herbat b.lin,
tau be miukJ. Ak Ui lixlay.
lA'l'liUUltllAN AUTO CiUt CO.
Tlmo Tnblc
Leave Medford daily except Bun
day for ABhiand, Talent and Phoenix
at 8 a. m. ll.r.o n. in., 1:15, 3:30 ami
5:15 p. 111. (Saturday at 11:15 p.
m.) Sunday lonvo at !l:00 and 11:00
a. m., 1:00, 5:00 and 9:30 p. m.
Lcavo Ashland dally oxcopt Sunday
at 9:00 a. in., 12:50, 2:30. 4:30 and
G:15 p. m. (also Saturday only at
12 midnight) and Sunday at 10:00 a.
m.. 12 noon. 4:00, C and 1030 0. m.
' ,
Wf 5W .
V - :5S
or CHICKEN from . this store
much to lie Thankful for.
15 cents