Medford mail tribune. (Medford, Or.) 1909-1989, November 15, 1915, SECOND EDITION, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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4- -.-----.--. .
1), A. Jnnsen lins roiio to visit tlio
bit? fair ot San Francisco, and will
alio visit some of tlio lnrgo cement
brick fnctorlos there.
Auto for hire. Phono 304. 208
13, CoiiBpr liun roturncd from nu
extended visit at San Kranclsco.
Good dry wood $1.G0 per tier on
ground. It. P. Montgomery, CIO S.
Itlvorsldo. 221
Mr. and Mrs, Geo, Darker enter
tained a fovv of their frlonds at cards
Tuesday evening. I
J. O. Clerking, tno beat all around
photographer In nouthorn Oregon.
Always rollablo. Negatives mado any
where tlmo or placo. Studio 228
Main 8t. Phono 320-.T.
D. P. "Wilson, who received sorloitH
Injuries wlillo visiting his sou ltny,
Is In n critical condition. l(o has
been moved to tlio homo of his sou,
H. h. Wilson, of this city, with whom
ho has mado his homo slnro coming
to Mcdford soma ton years ago.
Auto for hlro. Phone 301. 208
.1. A. Westorlund, ownor of Hotel
Holland, Mcdford, Is registered nt
Motel llciiBou, Portland.
Postage stamps nt Voo's.
Tlio Pacific International Livestock
exposition will bo held In Portland
nt (he Union Htoeltjards from De
comber fijlo 11, It Is said on good
authority tluit' IIioho expositions nt
Portland oro tjjn finest hold any
whore In tlio norUi'vvest. In fact, they
aro seldom excelled nnywhoro In tlio
country. Ah many orchardlstu aro
going Into tlio stock busluoss In u
small way, as a sldo-)lno, they ought
to bo well represented nt tho Portland
nxijosltton next mouth.
Hniolio it King Hpltz cigar, Cc.
Thny nro homo-mndo.
.1. H. Ilobhlus, a prominent fruit
distributor of the northwest, recently
returned from Chicago, won tho np
plo crop of the country this year In
about R0 per cent short
Weston Camera Shop fur first class
Kodak finishing nnd Kodak atippllca.
V iy.ll'Pvri ui si-nniis unuiiiKO uy wio
strawberry weevil In this valley bus
boon recorded, but that pest Ih piov-
1 in very destructive to strawberries
In eritnln pnrts of Hnatorn Washing-
" lot.
' Plant bulbs now nnd get hotter
blooniH. Wo bavo n slock of tho best
Imported JiitHiHj Mid Invito you to In
spect same. Our prlreu aio rliiht.
ll.wirlntlm (all colors) 10c eacli, .1 for
2Go; Tulips, straight colors and mixed
4 fie In do, lots; Narcissus, 3c to He
, each; Crocus, 20o doz ; Cyclamen, 2Gc
,encli; Hacred China Miles, 10c each;
,!iA,r. ."& J3stor Miles, 0e eacht
(Madlollas. fiOc doz. Monarch Bocd
V' c'- 317 K. Main Street. 201
Tho apple tounago of the four
nottliwoatern Mutes will bo about
7000 cars this oar. Last year tho
shipments wore between 12,000 and
13,000 cats. Increased ago of bear
ing treos Is said to bo one of tho
prime causes of the shorliiKO. Orrh-
aid pests, frost and droutli did tho
out. Ovor-producllou should not bo
foarod at this rate of Inrrouso and
ot tho over-piodiictlou bugaboo Is
accorded much prominence in certain
newspapers of tho northwest The
normal rnto of Inerwtso Is about 2S
percent. Tho euuuli) can stand that
rale for many year let.
lusiiro jour auto In tlm Alliance
nflnlnij thoft, flro. C. Y. Tongwald
A fvf yrniW ago the Villon Meal
company ijf Portland Imported 00 per
cent of lh lions It MlaUKbturml. I.hhI
your 00 poirem of tho lion (t slnugli
tuintl woio produced In l lie nurth.
Hut, The fact Is that II ahqtlldn'l
'bo permitted to Import u box
liny Mcdford mado candy at tho
IS U. Ooro of (ho firm of Warner.
Wort man (ioio, this elty, took an
(ilhor ear of hg lo Pordand Satur-
day night.
Ilollod nam and uaooii nt DnVoo's
Point) Johnson, of ('rwvont City,
Is In .Med fold mid vU-lnlt) In tho In
(urost of the desired appropriation
for IwproWHiont uf the harbor nt
that Min(. The people of I'rescoiit
City bave unt ynl quite awakened
flulu their tires m of belter dus. says
Miio)uoy aUkouab Dtey.gaw show
$ljig of rwllslHg (hoy 'have
niuoli to la to help that unijMt along
Tli world at torn hasn't mui h Inter
oat In dream.
Hot Tantsls at tho SjlmiU,
KlMr s(iU sm4 bMt4 ruluiiMl pic
tures of CisUr like will tlitsx your
mtoXM irl0 i' Xm V rp
far mo mslltiMi tree. MMlfrd ItoAk
mmmimm " frmmt, mn
mi Sm irMtiiitt orto- to Out
line ( )Ml(or4 PrtttlMl C.
MsissIm suiMcrlptlMM Mat thru
us gel Iht ver bt Mrflw. W t
nil iorrMii4M tmr subw;rilM4r
fur i lisngr. i ad4rt. el'. Md
lord HimiU -nor,
fo Hare vi.d Mnl tfesi Ilr In
sursneo poll" OfUtf Ull Trittugo
Y. T. ltMkttta v. '?? Utwtr Cen
tral Point MMloa ha fc j(Jford V-
Itor latunU)
1'roiti roata c8ut at i Voe'i
D. McCall has raised the scoro to
238 at tho Dox Halt nllcjs and was
presented with a box of cigars by the
management. Miss l.llllam Thoui
mado tho highest sroro by tho Indies
and was presented with a fine box
of chocolates.
Chocolate crenms, caramels, chips,
poanuts, etc., only 30c a lb, at Do
Dcss Dryan's first nppcaranco was
well received nt tho Page jesterday.
Miss Dryan has a very pleasing volco
as well an chnrmlng personality. Slio
will npepnr ngaln tonight.
AUto tops, llglui-, curtains, such
Ions, covers, and hoods, at Tent Fac
tory, 10G N. Front. 203
How to kill and dross n turkey or
gnose: Unng up by both foot on polo
or Htout line: bleed back of tho ear
or In mouth; dry pick while warm.
For Watch ,worx mat satisfies,
Johnson tlm Jowclor. 220
8. 0. Grorgo and fnmlly left Mon
day for Freso, Cal., whore they will
nuil(o tlielr future home.
When better insurance Is sold
Holmes Tho Insuranco Man will soil
Mr. ad Mrs. Win. P. Mcnloy left
Monday for I.os Angeles, where they
will henceforth rosldc.
Dutto Falls Wood Yard, Phono 4 8
or 223; wood nil kinds. 203
J. II, Minor and family have ar
rived from Kphrlnm, Utah, Mr, Miner
having recently purchased a ranch
In tho Willow Hprlngs district, and
will take chargo an soon as tho fam
ily household goods arrive. Mr. Minor
In from tho sugar beet country and
says they moan prosporlty to any
country Hint will produco them nnd
that tho Itoguo river valley should
get tho factory, by all menus.
Drs. A. II. nnd Loulso Hedges, chi
ropractic physicians, Stewart build
ing, 23G Fnst Main St.
Among tlio prominent Ashland
fnns present nt tho football gnmo on
tho Modfnrd gridiron Saturday after
noon wero 13. .1, Knlser, postmaster,
and (1 G. ICuhanks, cashier of tho
Ashland Htaln bank.
110 ncres Dutto Cieek bottom, nil
under Irrigation nt a cost of ten cents
an Inch. Will grow nil grains, al
falfa, clover, onions, celery, nugnr
boets: one fourth mllo to depot. This
Is a proposition that will Interest you
If jou want something good nt almost
tho cost of water. From tho owner
to you. Dox 111, Knglo Point.
W, W. Ilssber, of Ashland, certain
ly did herola sorvlco In holding tho
Medford boys to n tie game Saturday,
William Waldorf V. Is ouo of tho
enthusiastic Mthla City fans on every
occasion and enJos It.
Try on j of those big Ico cold 6 cent
mllkshnkes at Do Voo's.
Otto Jacobs, of ltosslu, Wash., Is
In tho city oiiJIiiihIiichh.
Mrs. Loach, Abdo-Support nnd
llnrcley surgical corset, at 32C N.
It It Kihiiltz, of Sehrlng, Ohio, Is
visiting In tho clly and valley for u
brief period, Inspecting local condi
tions. Try n King Spltx clgnr nnd on
coiirngo homo Industry,
II. C. and i: C Stockwell. of I.os
Augelos. Calif., aio Medfoid visitors
on buslnesH and a tour of Inspection.
Home mado taffy at Do Voo's
Claude l.atighllu, of Hilt, Calif, is
In tho clt.
Iloutitlful line of engraved and Il
luminated poionnl Xiiiiik Cards, with
envelopes to mutch. Hco tho lino at
tho Medford Printing Co.
Tho following somewhat historic
minion of n pnity of elderly ladles
from Ctlgnr), Canada, aro reglsteied
at tho Commoiolal club: Mis. Wil
liam Toll Aslib), .Mrs. Alexander
Hamilton Jackson and Mis. Gooiko
Washington Marsh They had been
vnjoliiK a visit at tho Panama expo
sition nt Sail KrniuiiK'0 and tnirled
1)1 Medford, on their return, to ob.
tain it hiid'H oe tew of our utile)
from a rout ml location. The ex
pressed their delight at the gieat
bcuut of the valley and Its iiihiin
evidences of substantial udvuiuo
moot. Do Von bii)s boor bottles.
Mrs. J. W. Kerr, of l'ariiiiitoii,
Montana, Is a visitor In tint valley
Dutteriiut at Do Voo's.
Tliiidotu T Tur). uf Spukatyo, U a
busiiioM visitor In tho vulo this
w wok
A 11 Sato ndu wife, uf Astoria
thU state, are visitors Ih J!,ad(oi'd and
virtully i his week.
lie Vos delivers the Qmgnulati to
you ever) dn fur 76c u mouth.
Miss Msrie Osborne, the throe er
old daughter of Leon T Osborne.
who w MsIHuk in Medfartl for
lime ifci wlntor. Is u a chlW actor
with the Pathv rowpan Ih log
Hesch. CsllforuW 8h Is hlMg fea
tured as Hie vuuei slsr of fllm
4oui. Mrs riorooj Siioorer. rocoaily
froM I ho OMl. Ju OIMMM4 4rM Mh
lag potior ot t34 North Cootrsl
fh Hooibern Poilfle hM granted
a faro and a third late to Kugoae (or
the U VA I' Orogwa fooilmll
game In ttig'l rilt aexi Naiurda aad.
as a rosiill waa of the O A ('
ga4uoie ao Ih this valtei ili at-ii-od
thai roslott
Aiimm K D BHggs ml Ashhtlld,
sii1ins to local bnslMOM to Mo4
f ' I u
Tho wlnsomo little rtar of tho Fa
moils Plajers Film rompnn), Mar
gucrlto Clark, who within a pbenom
enall) short time has sprung Into
lutornutlonnl fiiino as a film favorite,
Is a revelation In her latest screen
Tho Southern Pacific examination
car of division officials was hero
this morning, examining tho local
cmplo)cs a n to sight and hearing
This Is dono tvvlco n vcar and Is In
dli eel Hue wllh tho safely first plan
of the Southern Pacific.
The Washington suhool was to
opeuod this morning, (ho easos of
si'iirletliia reported last vveok being
mild nnd easily overcome.
O. C. Purkeyplle has returned from
Itockawny beach unit will tnkn chargo
of tho work in tho locnl S. P. office
ns operator, during tho absence of 1C.
F. Gliouuloy.
The football gnmo on tho local
gildlron on Saturday afternoon be
tween tho Mcdford nnd tho Ashland
teams was nit unusually evenly
fought contest from start to finish,
neither sldo being able to scoro. Tho
tie game portends n snvago contest
nt the next meeting of thoso war
riors. A degree of piignailousness
manifested Itself In ono or two In
stances, but wits quickly "grappled"
and suppressed. Two porforiuors,
ouo on each team, were put off of
tho grounds for their Untimely com
hativeuoss. Otherwise the game was
ono of the most clonal) -cut contCKtn
ever held between valley teams.
A big uogro litis been torrorllng
some tiit tho rural school district In
this vicinity by appearing during
the time of Intermission and lectur
ing to tho pupils on cannibalism.
Ills coudiul Indicated Hint ho Is do
meuted. Prosooiitlng Attorney 12. K.
Kelly, on learning of his hohnvlor,
hnd him nnested and tnkon to the
pnaUlo nt Jacksonville, Coustiiblo
Hammond effecting the tapturo ves
icals). He was (barged with vh
grauc) and will prohnhl) be given
rlght-of-wnv on a speed sehediile out
of tho count)
Tho ovor seusltlvo mother of w dis
obedient pupil In tho Central Point
school took her boy nut of tho Insti
tution last week because he was com
manded b th oteaeber to carry In
umtidod by the teacher to cany In
foi fighting, tho Utter sport being
In violation of the ruled and regu
lations of the district The mother
was unwittingly the center of con
siderable excitement over tho matter,
until Prosecuting Attorney Kell)
was Interested In the ease. He sent
tho lad baolv to school this morning,
with the objuration to tako life
medlclno and obey the rules of tho
school horoaftei.
A perambulating (.ntertulmr, with
a comet, a callope sua pipe ornsuj
combination, a bass dm in anil n 'Ihk
olette, with otliet " musks!' iurtru.
ments, attracted some attention ou
the streets thl morning by working
all of the tioUes of the combination
himself at one and the same time He
Is a complete, If not a vei till
clout, orthopia and works ovcttitne
to eai n a few nickel
Civil War Veteran
TVIN How to Itelnnl the lulii initios
or Obi ge
"I am 7? eui of age. a ml for .V
.veais have worked on the P. C. .x.
St I. It It. AUo a Civil Whi voter
au 1 suf feted from a gen oral ner
vous breakduwu and I would have
Much woak, ctlsi) spells I would have
to go to bed for u dn at a time. When
vUltiHR frianda In Bradford. Ohio, an
old doctor rccommeuded that I try
Viuol That very Uav I huuht a hut
tie and wallowed to take It refiilart).
It has done mo a world of good, built
me up au I fall strouuer in every wa,
and have gone hack to wurk again,
aad 1 wast to rtxomiuond Vlnol U
a ay old lonirade or aged porsM who
aeoda strength foi ti ta a grand mod-
gtH0." W II Homers, tilouuonrlllo.
70 reason Vlnol Is ao boooiloial
M iteopff U hocause It ooglatM
Um ver rlowenu needed lo rente
doollnliit sireagili wlih roaowod rig
or, vu in uiedblttal olmota f
froaJi cod liver ull. iietnoaolo of Irog,
ooof p04oo and a wUd toak !
1a aafc ever aged ptrostt to gte4
lord lo " Vlnol an our of for to ro
lra Ihotr wooet ir li lotto lo rrooto
treasth Foi st Mettr4 I'h.M .
mil l
. . . . . . J,...- . m ;
i$ tOBBIB?&J-5. .TjlkAH3rMlHPIPHIB
nppearnuce In the five pnrt produc
tion of Frances Hodgson Uurnctl's
picturesque romance of old Spain,
The Prott Sister of Joso," that will
be shown at thcrStnr theatre Monday
only, matinee and evening.
Miss Mabel llurk loft for tho south
on No. 13 this morning.
With tho in In Dag out, a brisk
wind bog nn to hustle tho sore and
yellow lent that found lodgment In
tho park nnd along tho shade-tree
rows In tho residential section nt
noon, tluiH reminding tho street
cleaning department of tho city tjiat
autumn brings Its quoin of misfor
tune, along with Its tints nnd hues
of beauty.
W. II. I.ydlard Is on loutu homo
with his stolen Ford and will arrive
In time to ho prone nt nt the Initial
piocccdliig-Movvard tho trial of tho
self confessed thieves.
Tho lociiuodgo of Odd Fellows will
meet In regular session tonight, tin
Interesting feature of tho meeting be
ing the nomliiijllun of offlccia for tho
ensuing term. Tho third degree will
also bo conferred at thin meeting,
which will ho further enlivened by
the ptcsoncc of a delegation of mem
bers f i oni the K.iglo Point lodge, re
turning tho compliment of a visit of
a number uf membera and their wives
from this cltj .last Thursday evening,
at which the latter wero royally en
tertained. Jack Morgan nnd Mr, Kennedy,
with Foster & Klelscr, sign pnlnteis
of Poitlnud, me In Mcdfqrd for n
week or so on business for tlielr
Itoguo llivri Kucnmpmont No. 30,
I. O. O. P., will bo hold Wcdnosday
night, nt whjili nominations for offi
cers to servo during tho ensuing year
will bo Hindu. Tho degroo captain,
who wlH have a rehearsal of team
work at that tlmo, desires tho nt
tendanco of all tho niombers In the
work of amplified offlcleuc).
Geo. Tohsorlh, contractor mid
builder, who Is doing a deal of work
in his line fu Sams valle, was a
visitor anion; irlond? nnd relatives
In this city over s'uudnv. Among tho
structures now under wn in Sams
vallc, under Mr. Tehsorth's super-
vision, Is a lnrgo barn for ouo of the
extensive fiirmeiH of tlmt district
Many Kinds of Rheumatism
One Sure Mode of Treatment
Authorities Say Don't Use Liniments. Treat
It Through the Blood. You Can't Rub It Out!
Whether your trouble is Sciatica,
Lumbago or tho dreaded Articular
lUieuniatism, tho ntiswer is the suuie.
You mint treat it through the blood
That Is the only way to rid tho eys
tern of uric acid, purify tho blood ami
revitalise the nerves. If tlio blood is
treed from Impurities, llheiiin.itlsm
must go. This lu short Is the exact
knowledge gained by the resenrcli lab
nrataries of, tho S. S. S. Co., iu Atlan
ta. There tohts have been made for
fifty years. They know what Ilheu
mutism Is Tlier know that S. S. S..
Ilia remarkable blood tonic, rklch
On Your Pocketbook
I li.tvt' hituuht stiiut' (iiuul, l)r L-'ir WoikJcMU front
First growth timber. It's All jj'ot to bo s:nul TujS-
iin-h l'Utlt, hoetUM it is two-i'oot wood.
hi orilei' to iivmv tins wood rapidly I am toin to
wll i, JUoi). Qrinai'ilv it would m11 tor 2.2.") wv
tier. I run uoinij ti sill it l'tr
$2 per Tier
llt'lni rtnl in tinr winiiUhi'd. KiMiioinhtM', vou nn
Jm tii wim.-I iuil tn I 'J
liw it atd w.i' mpuh'V,
Siitinfactlon Guraiuitotd
Rixth uid Kii st. IMIONK -12
Fred IJurgor, of Phoenix, was n
business visitor in this city this merit
ing. nrlng thoso old magazines nnd pe
riodicals to tho Mall Tribute for
Itud) Scholtz, cnpliiln and stnr
player on tjio Santa Clara team,
played a btilllnnt game Saturday
when Santn Clara and Stanford met
lu their annual championship contest
at San Francisco, which Stanford
won. Itud) wob lcplaced In tho sec
ond hair of tho game, after having
his ankle b.idl wrenched. Ho nlno
Js one of tho mainstays on tho Santa
Clnra baseball team.
At a uuRiiiess mpotlng jesterday
afternoon, the Lutheran congrcgntlon
called llev. F C. Vlcik'e, of San Jose.
Cal, as Its pastor. Ho Is loportcd
to be nn able man, and will conduct
the services In both tho English and
German languages.
Ilppresontattvo Godcn of the Ford
factory who lins been In this city sev
eral days hobnobbing with C. TJ.
Gates, the jnan who put Ford In
Medford finds tills u peculiarly In
teresting business metropolis nnd
inn) continue to prolong his visit.
Frank Clarke, of Delia City, North
Dakota Is In tho city for tho wlntor
and hns already enjoyed tho happi
ness of slinking hands with a number
of farmer Dnkotan neighbors.
L. cloment, of Puynllup, Washing
ton, is in tho valley metropolis on
business. i
D. L. Yet man, of D.tvonporj, Wash
ington, In devoting a week or so to
Investigating conditions In tho Itoguo
river valley and tuny concludo. to re
main for tho white.
Mrs. Doublcdny, n business woman
of Dutto Falls, Is in the city today.
Goorgc Alfred Gnlbralth and Grace
H. Hanscom wore united In marriage
by Itov. W. P. ShlcldB, pastor of tho
Presbjlorlan church, at tho Presby
terian manse, 12 M., Monday, Nov.
1 nth. Thoso young people nro from
Talent, this county, and expect to
make their homo there. Thoy nro
highly esteemed In tho community
whero I hoy live, and begin life with
tho brightest hopes for success nnd
happiness. Their many ft lends ex
tend to them congratulations, nnd
best wishes for their united life.
roWI.KY At Spokane, November
M, M. JL Cum lev, njicil 7b', one ol tile
pioneers of the Spokane e iiintrv, Ion j
prominent in liu-incs, tiiil liunueinl
circle, founder of lln Timlei Na
tional hunk n m! ninny otliei euter-
pUiex. lie leaves two ilttughteiH, .Aire.
.1. F. Iledilv ol Mctllnr.l and Min. .In..
Smvtlie of Spol niie, both oi whom
were with liim hi Ins Imiil illness, lie
was well known in Medfonl, whole he
has oeensinuiillv visited. Iliyli mass
vvll he held .it the Catholic chinch nt
S o'clock Tuo-tlnv morning ii'id the
Altar -oeielv U leqiieMotl to attend.
A N Dili: W At his homo at Lu
Porte, Indiana, Saturday, Nov, 13, W.
L. Andrew, who Is well known in
j Medfoid, a brotlier-Ai-law of T. V..
I Hillings of Medford. Mrs. Andrews
they originated, will relievo you of
Itheiimatism. Tnko S. S. S. today
The eonipleto recovery of thousands
of sufferers by the uso of S. S. S. Is
positive proof that you can be re
lieved. S. S. S. Is n Wood tonic'
a purlfler that restores the blood,
revitalizes It, cleanses It, makes It
pure ns It was before It became
poisoned with Impurities. S. S. S.
gives It strength to drive' out these
Impurities the uric add an organic
poison and with it the Itheiimatism.
Get S. S. S. at your druggist's. If
you need special advice, write to S. S.
S. Co., Atlanta, Ga.
iii'h UnlliK.
You can nil
Is the moilier of tho Into Dr. H. D.
Morrison of Medford. ' r ' '
LIT7Li: Charles Henry Llltlo,
o,gcd CC ieais, an orcliardlst, died nt
his hofno In tho Orchard Home dis
trict Monday morning Nov. If. of
heart fnlluic Ho was a native of
Uncle Sam
.knows a
p'ood ihin
Perfeclion Oil Heaier
Tents in the Model Camp, U. S.f
Marine Corps, P. P. I. E., San Fran
cisco, 1915. are equipped with Per
fection' Oil Heaters. Smokeless
and odorless. Dealers everywhere.
For ial reivth me Pt'arl Oil
Standard Oi! Company
Z ggggB gggggT gga
For Wedding and Thanksgiving Gifts
Thi' caroful t;irt seeker will find 1 teddy's depart
ment of Table Silver rieh in wedding a.nd Thank.sgiv
injgil't .suggestions that sire new and distinctive.
In addition to the usual silus pieces, wcvjre now
showing many especially interesting new ideas for
afternoon teas splendid wedding gifts, -including
sandwich trays and tongs, cracker trays, sliced lemon
dishes and fork, enstallied fruit dishes, teapots and
stands, tea balls, domino sugar trays and tongs, con
fection st a lids and nianv other exclusive new designs
shown only by
The Jeweler
The Bie Game o! the Year
Saturday, Nov. 20
U. of 0.
The football Mine ibn. ear between I of O and O A O.
will bo bitteil) contested. Otogon won from tho strong u. of
S Cul. tonm 84 to il while the OreRon 'Annies defoatud tho Mich
igan AKRlo !1 to 0 These two loams isnl; with the host in tho
United states Tlv wtauiup of this ksiiis at KiiKono on Nov.
30th" by either touni more than a championship It will bo worth
)our while to soe It. Trick plays, foi ward passes, will koep the
hpnetators teuse Horn the start of the game to the final blow of
tho whistle.
Low Round Trip Fares
will be on mIo at all tfouintm Hit If stations norlb of AaUlnud
Nov !!. Itwtunung limit of .Nov. 22, Hi:,.
Furlhr Informatloii ... to tlikeu. ttr . from loel f;eHU.
Jean M Scott t.rnnal Htfngr gut. Portland. Oregon.
Dixon, Illinois, nnd Has broil n resi
dent of .JacUqu louiity for.sjx.ywirs.
Ho was n titicUcIn1id leaves two
brothers nncLu sister, .losoph V. Llt
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