Medford mail tribune. (Medford, Or.) 1909-1989, October 27, 1915, SECOND EDITION, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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Freckles and His Friends
Mrs. II. G. Enders Jr. went lo
Klamath Falls on Monday to attend
the funeral of Judge Noland, the fam
ilies being Intimate acquaintances.
I). 1), Grant of Eugene, was In
town Tuesday, on his way to Texas
and Mexico on an important business
deal. ,
Will Edwards, who has been living
on tho original Patterson fruit rnncli,
now being operated by Arthur Gra
ham nnd Paul Williams of (his clfy,
has returned to Oktahonm. His wife
and two children loft Monday, ho
following Inter with a car of stock
nnd household goods.
Tho round trip rate from Ashland
to the exposition on an excursion
from tho valley being gotten up by
Scott Davis of Medford, Is $31, which
Includes railroad fare, hotel accom
modations and sight seeing attract
ions for an eight day trip beginning
about Nov. 1 0.
A faction of n church following hero
in connection with perennial revival
services which aro over on tho flow
Instead of tho ebb, claim to have ar
rived at n period of snucllficatloti,
whereby they are enabled to speak in
"unknown tongues." A bunch of
agnostics, In order to test tho merits
A the claim, plan to attend tho ser
vices nnd find nut if tho language
used Is plain United States, or
whether in line with Scripture proph
ecy It Is in reality n polyglot Jargon.
On tho Illnlto, Tuesday morning,
two citizens, one high in city councils
and the other somewhat clovntod in
commercial circles, allowed temper to
get tho better part of discretion in a
talk over municipal improvement
matters, with the result that No. 1
ordered No. 2 out of his placo of bus
iness, tho party of the first part
Incas, tho party of the second part
to come out in tho open and receive
a pounding. In tho absence of tho
pollen, n deputy sheriff happened
along who quelled tho Incipient riot.
State Representative Irwin of Now
port, has been In Ashland for some
tlmo past, trying tho benoflts of n
chnnga of cllmato for asthmatic
troubles. Ho Is slopping at tho Hotel
Llttlb Miss Helen Loralno Strattou,
daughter nf Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Strat
tou of Portland, had tho honor of
having her picture In last Sunday's
Orcgonlnn ns tho possessor of remnrk
nblo musical tnlonl at tho ago of thrco
years. Her homo Is at 804 East Mill
street. Her mothor was formerly
Mlsn Jessie Wobd, daughter of Mrs.
Mary Wood, residing hero on Laurel
Htreet, and to pursuo tho ancestral
genealogy further It might bo added
that Tom Fuson of Medford, lu an
uncle of Miss Helen Loralnc.
A. L, Lamb, pagoda contractor on
park embellishment, is scheduled In
tho last report of tho state Industrial
commlKslon, on tho accident uldo of
tho ledger, as having lost n finger.
Mm. Pansy Chltds Is subntltuto
teacher for the tlmo being In tho first
grade, Fast school, until tho plnco
mnda vacant by tho resignation of
Miss Vlda Foley Is permanently fill
ed. Educators npd Btudents of a pre
vious generation who well remember
Howe's Grammar, published In the
east many jours ago, will bo Interest
ed to kuow that ono of tho authors of
tho textbook, Prof. Edward P. Howo,
died In Sacramento recently, ut tho
age of 7ti years.
First Co., C. A. C of this city, will
attend the dedicatory cxerlcsen of tho
Medfortl armory Wednesday evening
In a body, under command of Capt.
C. A. Malone. Mr. Mnlono will at
tend the social function given in
honor of Gov. With combo and party
incident to the dedication. On Thurs
day Capt. Mnlono, as a uicmbor of tho
Sinernor'K staff, will accompany tlu
chief executive and party to tho ex
position, whore they will take part In
tho observance of "Oregon Participa
tion Day," Oct. 30.
The title of tho high tidiool anni
versary play, to bo gwen in Novem
ber Is "A Hebo of Plymouth Town,"
puggcstlvo of Now England colonial
..nys, Eight students participuu-,
and although John Alden Is not in
tho cast "Prlsullla" Is In tho person
of Ml As Carnahan. Others aro Lelth
and Ernest Abbott, I.oulso Glllotto,
Elbert Fnrlow, Italph Hurrls, Dorothy
Hdwards and Gertrude Harbor. Miss
lllfrelda Merz. instructor In English,
Is coaching tho cast nnd directing
the play generally.
Mrs. W. W. L'shhor has been elect
ed vice president of tho Oregon con
grots of Mothers and Parent-Teach-or
associations In recent session as
hombled at'corvallls.
Monday, Nov. 1, lit designated as
Ashland dn at tho Land Products
show in Portlttnd. The evening of
tho same date Is to be devoted to a
general gathering of members of the
lllk's order
Mr. and Mn. Q. F. Hillings left
Tttewlay for a visit to the exposition.
Kittort automobile driven, motor
ing a little more leisurely on tho re
tar trip fiom the recent non-Mop
nad test from Tia Juanu, Maxloo, to
Vsseouver, II. C enuftrm the report
ttjal tit dtanco. 1S08 miles, was
6vsrtA In 117 hitwr without tho
tibppniio of 0 wheel from the Mex
letM lo Canadian boiuidnrltu. On
$ "fi
YOU 60 (N AW
acJ tii rtiich"
fsrs in rcuLCK,
ner-an1 we'll
i Ij71" sUr
tho way north they passed through
Ashland in the early morning hours.
Tho car was a Chandler, manned by
Den Kropf, mechanician, and Joo
Waddcll, moving plcturo operator,
who took along Charley Hunter, man
ager of tho Chandler Motor Car Co.
of California, Al "Waddoll, auto edi
tor of tho Los Angeles Times, nnd
Jack Griffin, common every any pas
senger. Monrad Nyby, who recently traded
his premises nt the head of Mnplo
street to Emerson Hough for Port
land property, has gone to tho Iloso
City to reside. He Is a bricklayer by
trade. Hough Is occupying his now
purchase of two acres, on which Is
an abundance of fruit, garden patch
and substantial houso.
Itev. Dr. Matt Hughes, well known
Chautauqua lecturer, and who has
appeared on tho local assembly plat
form, Ih mentioned an a candldato for
bishop of tho M. E. church at tho
forthcoming national conference nt
Saratoga, N. V. Ho Is at prosont pas
tor of a leading church In Lon An
geles. If chosen, ho will tunko tho
second selection out of ono family, his
brother, Nov. Dr. Ed Hughes, hold
ing a similar position in San Fran
cisco. Ashland families remember
tho Hughes boys ns students of Iowa
collcgo at Grlnnoll.
A coroner's Jury nt Hilt censured
tho Fruit Growers Supply Co., of that
town In a recent verdict regarding
the accidental death of Earl Vottel,
who recently lost his life In tho log
ging camp of that corporation.
Tho high school monthly will re
turn to the annual form of publica
tion. Mr. Ilollenhcuk of Prospect died
Friday mommy; nt Salem, thin state,
and was buried Sunday ut Antiooli.
Mrx. Moouey nnd I'd Ilollenbenk have
the .sincere sympathy of till their ac
(Mininlunces. Mr. Irwin took Air. nnd
Mr. Mooney to Medford J'riday night
in his ear mid Mr. Ilollenbenk nnd
family diove through.
A. C. Howlctt was looking after the
Medford Mail Tribuno subscribers in
this pait lust neck. Ho visited
Flounce Hock K"liool nnd nuide n
speech lo the children.
Then was tiite n fin burning lines:
of Red Blanket last neck. A dozen
men were ent up from Medford to
fi;ht the file, nnd it vns soon under
control. The fires hnvo not seemed
to bum ery fiercely in spito of the
drv weather.
tlnincK Peyton icturiicd Suturduy
from Sun Fmneihoo.
John Oriee made n liufineis trip
lo the valley lubt week nnd leturucd
Itoliert Diojiliy U visitfn homo
folks non.
Mr. Manning, lias been 'work
inu at Mr. lJroomfield's for bomn
time, went homo Saturday.
Mr Lewis of Flounce Itoek raueli
went to Medfotd Tuecdav.
Miss Margery KrHkine made n visit
home nt tho wiek end nnd nNo spent
ono night with Mrn. Ulunuhard.
Alfn-d (fonirui nail Hlnier Dawson
ninde n tup to Fort Klamuth last
Kail Pity ton is opending liin vaca
tion nt liome.
Mr. Jaekson of liar View, Or., re
eently viited liU will friend, Mr. nnd
Mr. Urophy, i OnV Lawn.
Mr?. VniiKhnii underwent a minor
operation nt f)e Saeied Honit hospi
tal Sunday. She is doins; nieeh now.!
Hobait Ditswoith nnd bin eousin
nnd Ouy I'obley arriod t Fiank
Ditswoith's Monday.
IUY Vaujl:tn went to the ollev
Monday. Mi- sister, Mr. Ditsworth,
atfi'ompanied Uilu t be with Iut
Tat Walker wnt to Medf-nd l.i-l
Tfcurdy, retununir Monda Whd.
in the vtiltey li iittended Mi !!
lenbenk'n funerHl dmn,
Mr. and .Mnt. SliMUn mhiI U ' n.1
drvn nn4 Mr d Mt. inn .1 i
Iam Anodic, eawe in Sniiiiil.iv n
nutomiihilo to iM nt Mi P '
it 'lltIM ltlk.l im St. .rt II
eitMls h! (r. I'ovtoH TU M Wi'ij
rxxY L0 c
pleaped with tins country and hope to
locale here.
Miss Helen Pinker, who teaches the
Rroiihv school, ninde n visit to her
home in Central Point recently.
Mr, Peterson made n bewildering
numbci of trips up nnd down the rond
last week, lie visited the wheels on
sonto of his trips.
r. MeKce luotored to Mcdford
Wes Kelso nnd family have moved
to thejr home near Derby.
Mrs. (I).iWHon nnd tlnughter nnd
Mr?. A very V children spent Sunday
fit Mr. Peyton's. Mrs. Stenrna
brought fifteen to Sunday school in
the automobile. They were mostly
mnnll children.
Misses Lillian Nye and Flossie
Tucker took dinner with Violel Hits
worth and Inter ntlendcd Sunday
Mr. Conlev took a hunch of cuttle.
down from Iniunhu Sunday and some
men took a bunch of Mr. Rowei' cat
tle up to Ited Blanket Monday.
iti.vrOcHlim ;eo ukeySIAehrotel
Miss Clarke of Talent is spending
tho week with Miss Kulh Kennedy.
Roland Hurkholz has been on tho
wick list yevernl days this week
Frank McKcc and party motoied to
Sleepy Hollow ranch Monday after
noon, j.
0. M. Kennedy returned from n
very MicccfNl'ul husiness trip to
Klamath Falln.
M"rs. W. I). Clarke was called to
Portland on account of tho serious ill
ness of her grandfather.
The business meeting of the Grange
was held nt the sehoolhoiiso Saturday
evening, after which a cry good pio
gram was rendered.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Croft's two children
have been seriously ill for two weeks.
Mrs. Austin of Central Point is Inking
cure of the etise.
Albert Forgey and Harold Gudmiin
son of tho Seventh company, Med
ford, attended the dedication of the
now nnsory nnd inilitniy hall Wed
nesday. Mrs. W. A. Thompson and Mrs.
Minnie MeKee attended the bridge
pnity given bv tho Klks of Medfoid
Roy nnd George Nichols' mother
nnd father expect to letiiin to the
valley, to i cumin during the winter.
Will Lewis and John Sixty motored
to Medford Thursday to shake hands
with their friend, Dill Thompson, tho
present mayor of Chicagiw
Dr. If. C. Smith of Newport, Tenn.,
isited (Icoryci P. Minis several day
lust week. Mr. Smith and Mr. Minis
have been friends since childhood.
Notice Is hereby given that tho un
dersigned will apply to tho city coun
cil at Its meeting to bo held Novem
ber 3, 11)15, for n llconso to soil malt,
spirituous and vinous liquors In
quantities less than n gallon nt Its
place of business nt 33 North Front
street, In tho city of Medford until
January 1, 1910.
Dated Oct. 18. 1915.
M. & E. J. ADAMS.
School District No. 74, P O. Trail,
Oregon. Warrants for nalo. Amount
One Thousand Dollars, In 50 units,
to run from one to five years, with
logal Interest.
190 Clerk.
2 cT2sc COLLAR
J L r
-f ART
'v i n i t iv f iwfy,i.i ' II 1 1 ; w&pi'j r r
-, HAVE VA' 60T I ) BOV! " VLLf
$ A WAME PICKED ,-- A 11
r rwm S0tlK 'J - "' --w ' 1 jar kxns-
Look years youngerl Try Grandma's
recipe of Sage and Sulphur
and nobody will know.
Alraoat everyone knows that Sngn Te
nnd Sulphur, properly comoundc5,
brings back Hie nnlural color nnd Itutro
to the hnlr when faded, streaked or gray;
nlno ends dandruff, Itching scnlp nnd
stops falling h&ir. Years ago the only
way to get thin mixture wan to nuiko it
nt home, whioh is rnuesy nnd trouble
Nowadays wo nimply nk nt nay driig
ntoro for "WyoUi'n Sago nnd Sulphur
Hnlr Remedy." Vou will get n largo
lioitlo for nbout 60 cents. Brerybody
um4 Uil old, famous recipe, bccnUM no
one oan ponslbly tell that you dnrkoned
your hair, nn It docs it to naturally nnd
evenly. You dnmpcn a spongo or soft
brush with it nnd draw thin through
your hair, taking ono small strand at a
tlmoi by morning tho gray hnlr dlsap
iwirs, nnd after wiotlior nppllcatlcm or
two, your hnlr liooomw beautifully dark,
thick nnd glousy and you look yen.
younger. ,
Reported by Jnckson County Ab
tract Co., Sixth and Fir BU,
Hliu J. Lewis vs. ). S. Harnett et
al., aelioii for luiinc.Vt
William Ulnch vs. Clinton Textor,
dceiec. cost lull. .
Fanners' k Fniitgiowers' Hank vn.
M. V. Rcddy, deposition.
It. L. Sahiu vs. W. K. Iluehnunn et
ul default.
State of Oregon s. Chailes Aus
tin, order of Miraigument.
State of Oregon vs. Charles Aus
tin, older on pica,
I'. II. Potter vs. Rose P.. Loar, mo
tion by defendant for judgment on
Kenneth H. Mninett vs. O. R. Chuf
fec et nl., reply.
Guardianship of Cut lis Anderson
et al., report of guardian and Dctitinu
for discharge, order,
Kstate of Frank R. Unbelts, order
appointing appraisers; bond.
Ileal ICstato Tmusfers
I'nited States lo Wjlliam 1.
Mooic, land in sec. (l-:i.i.:iW.Pnteut
Loltio Howell to Liuinj-lnu
Realty Co., land in bee. 'J-ilH-
W s) I
M. Bollinger et ux to Joseph A.
Luucop, lot -1, block 1, New
town Add., Mcdrord -100
Notice Is hereby given that the un
dersigned will apply to tho city coun
cil nt its meeting to bo held Novem
ber 3, 1015, for a llccnso to noil malt,
spirituous and vinous liquors in
qautltlen less than it gallon nt Rs
plnce of business on lot 11, block 20,
Ity of Medford until January 1, 19 1C.
Dated October 9, 1915.
22 North Front St.
Xofjer of Kliciirr Knlc t'niler Execu
tion Jn J'oi-er lusuio
Lou D Jones, Plaintiff, vs .liidrnn
G. Goble. HcHSln M. (Joblo, and F. IZ.
Merrick as Truteo, Dofondants
Ily lrtuo of an execution and order
of sale (lulv issued out of and under
tho seal of tho circuit court of tho
Stato of Oregon, In and for the Coun
ty nf Jackson, duted tho Oth dav of
Octobor, 191 ., In n cortaln foreclos
ure suit tlu rein, wherein Lou D
Jones, as plaintiff, on tho 2nd (jay of
Newest and Best in
Embodies every convenience and
comfort found In a modern hotel,
lot and cold water, steam heat and
clephone in erery room Largo
herrful lobby with open fire. Well
Liuhtcd Sample ltoom. Rates
moderate Auto-bus to all (rains.
Medford trade especially solicited
F. W. STREETS, Prop.
October, 1'JlG, rccovcrod n judgment
against tho defendant Judson G,
Goble, in tho sum of $3,(179.00 to
gether with $31.00 costs, and secured
a decreo against tho other defendants
Public notice Is hereby given that
In compliance with tho commands of
said execution and order of Bale, I
will on Tuesday, tho 16th day of No
vember, lDin, at tho hour of 10
o'clock a. m. of said day, at tho front
door of tho Court Hauso In Jackson
ville, Jncknon County, Oregon, offer
for sale and will soli at public mic
tion, nubject to redemption ns is by
law provided, nil of tho right, title,
and Interest of the defendants In and
to tho following real property to-wlt:
Commencing nt tho Southeast cor
ner of tho 1. J, Philips reservation
in tho City of Medford, whero Sixth
Street Intcrsccta with tho County
Itbnd (Iltversldo Avcnuo); thence in
a ttdrthorly direction, along tho Went
nldn of said road, ono hundred (100)
feet; thence in n westerly direction,
parallel with Sixth street, ono hun
dred (100) feet; thenco In a South
erly direction parallel with naid coun
ty rond, one hundred (100) feot to
Sixth street, thenco in nn easterly di
rection, along tho north lino of Sixth
stient; one hundred (100) feet to tho
placo of beginning, being n parcol ut
lnnd 100 feet by 100 foot in tdzo.
All of tho above land will bo Bold
at said tlmo nnd placo In tho manner
provided by law for tho nalo of real
property to satisfy tho Judgment,
costs and accruing costs of thiH nolo.
Dated this Nth day of October, 1015.
W. II. SINGLEH. Shorlff.
Hy E. V. Wilson. Deputy.
FOIt ItKNT -Modern furnliiaed
housekeeping rooms, cheap; closo
In. !2!H East Oth. 208
rem hunt nousKfl
FOR RENT Six room modern bun
galow. Phono 319-J or Inquire
Gld H. Onkdalc, 187
FOR RENT Furnished modem
house. W. II. Everhnrd, 1013 W.
Oth Btroot.
FOR RENT Modern C-room bunga
low. 12-G0. Phono 13-X. 187
FOR RENT Wall ttirulMied modern
bungalow. 42.! South Laurel.
FOR RENT FurnlBhed rooms unO
also houso keeping ruoiuu, dose lu,
30t South Central.
ran rent .mihukllanicouh
FOR LEASE Equipped placor mlno,
Gold Ray Realty Co.
FOR LEASE Rich river bottom
land. Kino for gardening, com
nnd potatoes. It., caro Mall Tri
bune. 7T" I t rll -ir-SWT '! , r I
FOR SALE Tho'HatejlSmt'lCO
acre farm on tho Rondo river, be
ing part Section 32, Townfihlp 33,
Range 1 East, house, barn, alfalfa,
fruit trees, timber and pnsturo,
fishing, hunting and health; best
offer takes it; terms. Writu Ken
noth MacRne, Medford, Oregon, un
til Oct. 30th, 187
FOR SALE 00 acres land, fine, deep
noil, deeded water right, 7 room
houso, electric lighted, modern,
4fix3G barn, fenced Page wlro, 40
acres In alfalfa, corn, sugar beets
and small gnrdon truck, 20 acres
in pears, Rartlett and D'Anoit,
small peach orchard, team horses,
cow, farm Implements and nil crop
goon with placo, For prlco and
particular!), address Rex 00, R. F.
D, No. 4, L. M. C. Central Point,
kinds of property for snlo or ex
change. Gold Rny Realty Co.
FOR HALE Farm land, fruit land,
timber land, land from 10.00 por
aero upwards on long time, Gold
Ray Realty Co.
I have ono of tho finest outlawing
stock rani hen In tho county Four
hundred acres nearly all of It in ag
ricultural laud, and halt of It irri
gated. I'lnu improvements, well out
In tho free outrange About $5000
worth of personal property noes with
It Price $11,000, and a great hu ut
that price.
Pine little plate rlosc to pavement
in Grant Pum, six acres, some al
falfa, und some fruit Would trade
clwir for Alndford properl).
Room Id, Jickyii County Iwtnk llhig.
FOR SALE 8 vinegar barrels, cheap.
Taylor & Sons, phono 204-11. 186
FOR SALE Buy :i fancy dressed
milk fed capon for your Sunday
dinner, 0 pounds up, 20c per lb.
Order nt Marnh A. Ilennett's Friday
for Saturday delivery.
)R , SALE Angora gonts. Ed
Whlio, CUmnx, Ore. 212
FOR SALE Rugn, sowing machine,
stovea, hod, kitchen cabinet, dishes,
etc. Inquire Mrs. C. P, Drown at
Golden Rule or 614 W. 1 1th.
FOR SALE Ono dresser, ono lounge,
4 rocking chairs, thrco quarter bed,
small rugs. Phono 328-11. Call
227 North Oakdalc.
FOR SALE Corn, beardless and
bearded barloy. Phono 36, Dr.
FOit SALE Polo mountain buggy,
good as new. Palmer Investment
Co., Modoc Orchard.
FOR SALE Stamp mill, mining cars
nnd track rail, pumps, hoists, air
compressor, air drills, mining mn
chlncry, tools and supplies, Iron
nnd hydraulic plpn all niees, at half
prlco. Addrcns M, card Tribuno.
., ...., Jy,,
FOR SALE- Good young Jersey cow.
Phono 468-R-l, illO
FOR SALE liny more, harness,
buggy, wagon, shot gun (Winches
ter), glrl'n bicycle, Jersey cow,
Frltscho, IIox 33-A, Route 2, Med
ford. 191
FOR SAL)' Horse, one horso farm
wagon, good ulnglo harness for
name, 140.00. 20 S. Peach at. 18ft
FOR SALE Choico registered Duroc
gclts, young hoars, nnd woanllngn.
L. II. Houston, 1 mild west of Tal
ent, Phono 3-F12. 180
FOR HALE 12 heavy work maren,
well brolto. vlnaon'tf Ilnrn, North
Riverside nvenuo. 188
FOR SALE Must nacrltlcn several
good cows for Inch of feed. Address
Rex E. Q, 8., Mali Tribune. 200
WANTRD Mlnirt4ljAWrX)U8
WANTED Furnished roem: giro
dentistry. Cull Dr. Jones, 204 E.
MaluSt. 01
WANTED Fresh cows. O. E. Rluck
Ingtou, Gold Hill, Oro. 18S
WANTED Second hand 3-4 or 1-2
inch water pipe; also to trade
wagon, buggy or horso for A-l
milk cows. Phono 14 8-X.
WANTED Largo knitting mill In
vltes corrospoudonco from women
desirous of earning inonoy, part or
full tlmo. Good pay. Experience
unnecessary. International Mills,
Inc., NorrUtown, Pa, 200
WANTiiD-AVouVaD paekoror Me
ford prcrcrred. Phono 40K-R-2.
- 187
W ANTKDA' man who wTii uno lits
brains and feet for eight hours n
day. ran secure a splendid position
with good Income with (bo Pacific
Mutual Llfp Insurance Co. Acci
dent and Health Department, 301
2 Title &. Trust Rldg . Portland,
Oregon. 189
WAMKr--fln O.tTlONB
WANTED Dressmaking Phono
479-M. 144 South Central.
. li.rrj- -; .fl
LOST--Nearly wifto fox terrier,
(nuster) Strayed from James
Owens' placo Sunday. Notify E.
D. Klwopd. Medford. 188
necausft my toc. m trade la to
have optioned at tho lowest cash
prlco tho best buy In this county.
I have boon on tne ground look
ing out for you for the past flv
years. Nearly everyday I havo In
vestigated some "good thing." I have
eliminated everything except tboso
deals which I am convinced will -".oro
me satisfied customers.
In a few hours time I can give you
tho benefit of this research. It It my
business to show you over the county
and.lntroduce you to the possibilities
and opportunities here. Bee Med
ford first tad
I (Hi Wel HftiB Kirvtt
Auto Supplies
are oporntlhg tho largest, oldest
and best equipped plant In tho Pa
cific northwest. Uso our springs
when others fall. Sold under guar
antee. 26 North Fifteenth St.,
Portland, Ore.
Attorneys-at-Law, Rooms 8 and
9, Medford National Dank bldg.
A. n. REAMES, LAWYER Garnelt
Corey bldg.
G. M. RORERTS Lawyer.
Medford National Dank Building.
-.-. 1-U.-.J. P-
Gnrnott-Coroy Dldg., ulto 310
Modfbrd, Oro. Phono 8GG.
Collections nnd ltcportn
collected some accounts 14 yenrs
old. Wo know how to got tho
money. Tho Dmfock Mercantile
Agency. Inc., Rooms I, 2, 3, Hna
klns' Dldg., 216 E. Main nt.
ICnglnccr nnd Contractor
FRED N. CUMMINGS Snglneor and
contractor, 4"4 M. F. & II. Dldg.
Surveys,, estimates, Irrigation
dralnnca, orchard and land Im
provement. cs.
GARRAGK Got your promisee
cleaned up for tho summer. Call
on tho city garbage wagons for
good Hcrvicu. Phono 274-L. !',
Y. Alien.
Instruction In Music
401, Gnrnott-Coroy bldg. Fred Al
ton Halght, pluuo; Mrs. Florence
Halliday Halght, Voice. Phoae
PlijNlclniit nnd Surgeons
MAINS CARLOW Ostcopathro
physicians, 410-417 Oarnott-Coroy
bldg., phono 1036-L. Residence
26 South Lnurel at.
DR. W. W. HOWARD Osteopathia
phynlclan, 303 Gnrnott-Coroy
building. Phono 904-M.
DR. .1. J. E.MMEN8 Physician and
Hiirnbon. Practice limited to eye,
cur, nose nnd throat. Eyes Helen
tlflcally tested and glasses sup
plied. Oculist nnd Aurlst for S. P.
R. R, Co. Offices M. F. & H Co.
bldg., opposite P. O. Phono 507.
DR. It. W. CLANCY Physician mid
nurgeon Phonos, offico 36, resi
dence 724-J. Offico hours, 10 to
12, 2 to 5.
Physicians nnd surgeons, Office
300-310-311, M. F. & II. bldfc.
Phonos, rosldcnco S14-J2, offico
cian and nurgeon. Headaches and
block, npposlto Nash hotol. Hours
10 to 12, 1 to 4. Phono 110-J.
T. (J. HEINE, M. V.- Eye, Ear.
Noso nnd Throat. Headaches and
nervous conditions relieved by
properly fitted glasses. Cross oyos
Straightened, orflco 228 E. Matn
st., phono 303. Consultation free.
Printers ami 1'iibllsbcrt
beit equipped printing offico In
Eouthorn Oregon; book binding-,
loose leaf ledKors, billing sfctoms,
etc. Portland priced. 27 North
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M T EDWARDS, Stcograpiier
and Multlgraphlng, Rooms 409-410
Garnett-Coroy building. Office
phono 709-J, rosldcnco phone
-Office 42 North Front Bt. Phone
310. Prices right. Service guaranteed.
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profitable work not overdene: few
months learning, positions guaran
teed; write for references and partic
ulars. Portland Watchmaking. Kh
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