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    Medford Mail Tribune
Fair Tonight mid Saturday.
Mv. 81, Mtn. 01, Hum. 45.
Forty-fifth Year.
Dnllv Tenth Year.
Convicted Police Official Meets Dentil
Calmly and Bravely Dies to Pro
tect Friends in Final Statement
I Again Declares Innocence Praises
Wife Three Shocks Needed.
Y., -Tilly 30, Onirics Hocker was
juit -to death In tlio olcclrlc chair
hero thiH morning for lliu killing of
Huriuaii Iloscnthnl, tho New York
gnniblcr. The former Now York po
llro lloulonuut retained Ills compos
ure nml protested hi Innoconco to
I lie Jail. IIo went to li In death with
a photograph of Ills wife pinned to
his shirt over IiIh heart. Throo
nhocks wore given hoforo tlio prison
physlclnnifvpronouncod Hockor doad
nt r.:::rn o'clock.
Hocker led tho way to lila own
oxecutlon. Tlio condemned man Bat
nt all nlKht on tlio odgo of Ills cot,
calmly talking to lloputy Warden
Charles II, Johnson.
"I liavo Kflt to fare It," paid Herit
or, "noil I am going to moot It quietly
)y and without trouhlo to any one."
.Mods Heath Calmly
Tho deputy warden loft Becker
nbout an hour heforo tho time, set for
tho execution and when tho priests,
Father W. K. Cashln, tho prison
prlost, nnd rnthor Curry of Now
York, rnmn to administer tho last
rites they found tho man who Insti
gated Ilormau ItoRonthnl'H murder
with his faco resting on his hand
gazing at tho prison floor. Tho
priests romalncd with him to tho
It was shor(Iy after fi o'clock when
tho first witnesses for tho execution
began to assomhla outside the prison
walls. Qulotly their nnmos woro
chockod hy Doputy Warden Johnson,
who directed them to take their
placos at a gateway that led directly
to tho oxcciitlon chamber. Then the
wltnossos woro led to tho placo of
o.ecut!on In a death houso which had
boon built adjoining tho old execu
tion chambor, whoro tho four gunmon
woro jiut to death over a year ago
for killing Uosenthal. When tho
witnesses woro seated, Deputy War
don Johnson nodded to tho principal
koopor, Frod Dorner, and thoy loft
tho room through a small wooden
door that led to tho death colls bo
jond whoro nockor was praying with
his spiritual advisors.
Hollies Ills Guilt
Hcckor roso to his feet when ho
saw Johnson and took a crucifix
from tho hand of the prison prlost.
To Tathor Curry Hcckor gave his
last message as ho took his placo at
tho head of tho -file of men that
marched to tho room of death. Heck
or'H inopsngo was:
I ant not guilty hy deod, or con
spiracy, or in any other way of tho
death of Rosenthal. I am sacrificed
to my frionds. Hoar this messago to
tho world and my friends. Amen!"
Tho ono tlmo pollco officer hesi
tated as ho ontorod tho execution
room. It soomod to tho witnesses
as If ho was startled that tho doa,th
ohalr was so noor at hand. Ho look
ed quickly nt the doublo row of wjt
nosses. glanced at tho floor, swept
with his eyes tho whltonod walls of
tho room, and thon, as if coming
to hlnibolf, walked briskly over tho
runner mat and seated ltlmsolf in
n. electric chair, Hohlnd Uecko'r
(Continued on pago six)
HKItLIN, .lulv :10, bv wireh
Seville. A despatch lrom Muli
UAit to tb Ovorsoas News agency
tavi tkat the WiirtUwburr diet
closed yetnlny after IW
UwAft wlaVfc mi vo(nI fr b nil
tk MMiMliot rxtriit thivt nu-uitwr-of
ii fw ftim.
TW i.oialils drelond "in-
tnr and pohtiful diftVreni mn-t
di-ttlM'.i i -ii Urns n tb' t.itlni.'i l
it- tin. ..ii i. nl li ni-rlu liiiin-'lv -i
wnur i ! - Hid 1' 'ibt -
!! tai m tim nmntni Bttmil
to th lnJ" world lW iiiMWnnihl'
lMOt ill t lilt' III llll. Ill i.l HI '"
ilalJui li.U .'I' Uillll.. "
News of Evacuation of Warsaw
Hourly Expected Problem Is to
Move Russian Armies Intact Ger
mans Plan for Triumphant. Entry
Willi Emperor at Head of Army.
LONDON', July 30. Wursiw, Ilio
third city "I" ltusiin and tin g""' l"r
whieli the (lormnii armies in tin east
have Won striving nt since Oelobcr,
is nt last in tho Ihroos of uhnndon
nient. (lemuins in overwhelming numbers
mo tit Hie gates or the l'oli-di cupi
Inl nnd despatches Imlli from the citv
itself and from I VI warn d u llml
further resistance would lie unwise.
Loss is Discounted
Discounted not only through
France and (iront Hrituiii. hut in Hub
sia iUelf, tlio full of tho eitv is ex
pected hourly, mid IW problem now
's to move the lltiisinn nnnies in
tnct threatened us they nro from tlio
muth by tho Austro-Oemiaim, ami
more Koriniiwlv from llie north, whore
tlio Oeriiinn forces are mining nt tin
railway from Warsaw to lVtrogrud.
This TIi lor nieniieo. tlio ltritish press
admits, in imininent and tlic hope in
tlitc allied countries now is not tor
Hm snfotv of Warsaw, but for tho
continued cohesion ot ilio Hussion
Tho Warsaw iiosfoffioo already
has licen shifted to somo point to
tho eastward, tlio populace has licen
warned to remain ciilm and presum
ably for ilnys Russian troops have
been stripping tho city of everything
of military value. "
Triumphant Kutry
flormnn aviators nro hovering
over tlio city, and noeoiding to Ger
man advices, plans have ben com
pleted for thus triumphant cntranea
of tlio Gonna,!! Emperor, ucuonipnnicd
by bis consort.
With Warsaw ruptured, whether or
jot it proves n compiest of lusting
strategic advantage, n gront wave of
enthusiasm will sweep oVor Germany
nnd Autrin-IIungnry, and it is pic
dieted hero that tho armies of the cen
tral power will then seek to force u
noiiod of trench warfare hi tho
east, meanwhile tlirowinir n grout
woe-lit of men and nuns to tlio west,
witli tiie idea of resuming tlio bnt-
lering towards Calais and perhaps
toward Paris."
('km tlio Vistula
Tho Gennnu official statement in-
day flaiins tliat tlio troops of the
army of General Woyrch oarly in
tlio mornniL' of Julv 28 toned a
crossing of tho Vistula nt several
points to the noilli of the confluence
of tho l'ilicn and Kozicnco ( 5 miles
iiorthwonl of Snndoinior..) Fight
ing on tlio nst bank is proceeding.
'This inniiiinir tho Uiihinns en-
cuated tlieir positions along the en
tire line nnd now are onlv re m. ting
to the noilli of Grubi'iliow."
NKW YOUK, July 30. Officials of
tho International Paper company
announced today that John I.I nil r a
Kiin, Industrial suiiorjiitcntlont of tho
company, has noROtlated a now work
Iiir ngreoniont with tho papor mak
ers and ptiln makors which ombraco
05 per cont of tho C500 employes in
tho 31 mills operato dby that con
cern. Tho now agreement super
Hodos an old ono whleh provided for
arbitration of all d Input oa hetweon
the company and its omployos.
Officials of tho International At
oolatlon of Machinists said tho new
grooiHont would havo no offeat on
their demands for an 8-hour day.
Seven thousand omployeB in tha
Mills of the Alexander Smith and
Sens Carpet company of Yonkem
or ntlflMl tedtr of a ton por Mnt
tnerease In ii.
WA8HIX0TOK. July l4sr
1 M4IUIor U4y rrtMt to th
4IMirinut of tabor that the eaNtro-vt-r-v
lxtr-R the Iniermtilonal I'a-j.-r
iomj-aiJ and vupio)e had lcn
in njllBH-r rr"i r ill iiiiiiiiim "" TTrnTTrrir
Tmm 1 1 l i ,"' --r ---"- "'!?, v' M" iVMrSi SjJ
fl nl hilt TnlTrMMMMMMMroir m ummmi n i TWImwi ' 1
H BMK!3k-!r!MifflRHflBK8MlSHSHH l
i S4-;1m- . ' -. .-i.'T ;.,.. uLZ
Tho photogi-aph of Charles Docker anil Mr. Decker was token shoitly after Decker had Won w
t4MiceI to doatli. 'Ilio Insol, .hoto is of Decker In III uniform as lieutenant of pollco of Now York. In Ills
dying statement Decker ilccbuvtl hi h Innocence mill Mild that "I am pMiud to liai been the husband or tlio
purest, nobles! woman that over Ihod Helen DecKer."
Federal Officials Likely to Be ln
cluilctl Whitewasli By Govern
ment . Feared List
of Dead and
Mlsslno Totals 1071 Mayor
Threatens to "Start Somcthir-2."
CIUOAOO, .lulv HO.- IndiilinenlK
iiKiiiiibt pcraoiiK iliioetly or ndiroet
ly eonneoled with tlio enusos of Ilio
KiiHtlniul disiibter, even fed.-rnl offi
cials, iloepito fpiestioiiM of Jm Isxlii
tion, may be i-otuined lie In re niht
by tlio Cook coiiutv grnnd jury,
State'.sttoriu'.y lloyno intiuiuted to.
day, Meanuliilo Rosnip about po
hililo Koverinneiit "white, wiihIi" of fed
eral iuspeotion service officials in
tho invoetiBntion bv Secretary of
f'omiuenio Hodfield ohiim-iI Coroner
lloffmnn-to leipiost diver nnd in
spectors jo keep cheek on the kov
crnmont divers repotted eomiiiK from
WuNhiiiKtou to inestiiiti for tlio
secretary', f
Mai-sclinll Seles Vos.sel
Tho fedoral Knind iury empaneled;
by .Judge Landw today beifttn itn e.
nininntion and, under onlers from a
Unitod BlfllON dihtriet juilpu,
United State inniml m-ied the voi
sol. Jfnynr Thompson WMioiinwn' 1m1i,v
that lio would rovoVo lliu liewiHW of
any undortukor who nven'lwrkK'U tlto
families of Hnstlaml vii'tiiiiH in fun
eral c.xpunftg. '
So vein I such eompbiinls linve boon
received by the mayor and investiga
tion is being made. The relief fund
for tho Kobtlmul sunioiu today
jinssed tlio -i-JOO.000 mark. Identi
fied dead are 8M; unidentified, K,
list of missing, .'Jtl; total, 1071.
Major Thompson's Threat
Jfayor Tliompfuui, who i eliMsely
watching tho iuiiiiiry into the Kat
lanil'diMistor boinir eiuulu.-lcd by
Soerotarv Itedfield said teday:
"I don't wui.t to orilieise now, but
if tho rcsHlts nt the t'inUii show tbiit
tho iuveMliKHtlou bus been a lane I
will xtnrt omotuiiiir. Tbev will hio
a good ileal of trouble provinir to ww
tliHt oMflytliinif on thin lnp was
o. k. Nnd that she jiutt turned owr or,
her own uocowiit. Yo can't tell hm
that she was uoi known to be a dan-
Serouk mjmimI and that a vreut manyJ
sea-guiutf leen ""' government offi
i-mU are k-aniintr for the firl lime
now that ah: iin'l u atuble and safe
A iiUh t -ii.iii the I'liii'itro Hter
lit Clark fttmt Hub un Knxtlund
memorial bruli'- vm uppiotod by
the eit t l.i
I settled b an siocuu-ut uud that Ik
loek-out ef patters mskvm la llrtdse-1
Hrt ('una, had tw a smlcably ad-'
jutted. 1
Ni V YdltlC, July : Kelnniinir
from her lal to the death house
at Sins Sitif? prison v. hero she lut.l
taken her farewell of her Iiusbniul,
rs' '"u"'''" Ib'eker nrmril at (he
necKcr nouio in I lie iiroux ai .-:ioa:.
m. today. She mis aocompauied li.
ono of Kuoker's biolbors, who Jinh'
curried hor into the hoiibo.
Mi-s. Docker, aeeordiiii; lo her
brother, .lohn Lynch, whs iM'iirinjr up
well today after the slniin.
An undertaker un doaiwtchcd to
day to OOssininjr to ksI the LhhI.v of
Chnrlos lleoker. The funeral, it vn
uiiiiouuced, will (ai.e place .Momluy.
A solemn liitih reipiiem muss will be
Hiiid nt tlio Church ot SI. Niehohn of
Tolentinn bv ltov, Nicholas .1. Mur
ray. Intoi iiieul will ho nt NYoodlawu
A Htutomenl ci-ilited to Mr
Iicckor was aiven out heio shortly af
ter her husband's death.
"I shall never rest," glut was minted
us Ptiyiiiir, "until 1 huvo c.xHed the
methods which were used to convict
my husband. Wlielhor ho wiih iriil
ty or innocent, thero wni no iulf
fienlion for tho means omplo.eil to
convict him.
"I would rnthor bmo all tho other
uieuibors of my family, us ilear
(hoy am (o mo, than loio Charlie. No
ono can tako his iduce. In all of lbs
leu years of our married life I never
had occasion om-e to legrol that 1
was his wife.
"Chariio huh in iiiibjoI. lie made
no piolenso of biiii; one. lie war
just ail ordinary human being, and
iei Imps that is win I loved him so,"
Dr. '. O. Slilhmiu of Aubum, who
assisteil in the autopsy, snid that
Hooker showed un mil resinta-ico to
tho eleetrio fluid, -lioHiinr hiui to be
an iinusiiallv imiwciIh man.
:; :.:. .:..;.
Julr H, ll:
1 lorman Itosonthal, gambler, shot within a fow
hours of tlmo he was to have told Brand Jury
of alleiced connection uotwoen l.loutuuaut Ilockor
and KSiiibliiiK syndicate
"ald Jack" llosi tells district nttorno.v of
ulleged murder conspiracy and names of thoio
"OrtilKle" Webber and Sam Paul arroalel
Harry Vsllowa, seagater. suriajiilgrs to Hillee.
' Dao frank" or Prank Clroflsi, 'arrested,
I.ieuiensut lleoker arreetod.
(Ijrp the Blood" and "Lefty Una" arrested.
Ueeksr fonad guilty of murder la first dogreo.
liecker seat to Blua aiiig.
Mm. Boeker resumes bur former ofeupallpH, school
Heeker graatetl new trial by court of appeals.
Knr auniiwn. ' Hyp the HUhhI." "Daso frank"
Whiter Lewis," sad "Leftle Iuu" olettroeute!
at dr wmr.
kVeaker foaad guilty a weead line, geateneed
tedle July. 1 J. ii&. r
Ucvsraor Wbltaisa grsats Meeker 1 1 -day reprieve
Mrs. Heeker beg I as desperate two weeks' effort
to asve her husband's life,
ileckii . I ((ioi uied at til iik Ming.
JHlf II,
: 9L 11
-: Qt 14
: mtpt r:
ire, ft tK
i- April 11
t Mf tl
JttM 4. II3
A" Jul ZS
Count Okutna as Premier and Other
Members Quit as Result of Bribery
Charges Made Against Members as
Result of Recent Election Action
Unpopular Because of War.
TOKIO, Inly .10.- Tlio .Inpnnose
cabinet, lieuiled by Count Okiiiuu as
premier, Iuih tendered its resignation
to Kmperor Yoshihilo. Tho action
followed tho resignation yesterday ot
Viscount ICuiKtnke Guru, minister of
tho interior, following an investiga
tion by tho ministry of iustieo into
bribery charges roMilling from (ho
pailiamentary elections lut March.
Viscount Guru's resignation wiih
Minetioni'il by tho emperor nftor a
report on the situutl6n had been
mado lo him bv Count Okiimn.
Several iiuiiiiliers nnd former mem
bors of tho imporial diet aie involved
in tho bribery investigation. K.
Ilayashida, who had been chief sec
retary of (ho lower houso for 120
yours, was nrroMod Wodiiofedny in
eonneetion with tlio charge against
Viscount Oiiiii, who was ullegcd (o
huo received u Kilt of .foOOO from n
onudidnto foe momboi-hhip in the
l'reuiicr Okum'a, belioving liu
mIiouM hold himself roapoiisihlc for
tlio neU of (he members of hia cabi
net, was (be first to tender his re-sifc-nnlinu.
The other ministers ini
mudiatolv dooiiled to follow the ox
ample of llioir ohiof.
After roeeiung Count Okiima, (be
emiH-ror Minuiioiicil the elder htutm
men for u conference. A cabinet
(limine at (his time is unpopular
with tlio publio hoeuusn of tho war.
Commoner Charmed With Lake De
clares It Great Attraction Volun
teers to Use Influence With Con
gress In Securing Money for Tun
nel and Highway Work.
"Crater Lake's gicatest need is a
tunnel throuub tlio rim-rock of the
lake, about fit) feci above water lino,
so thai visitors! nuiv reach the wator'i
edge without tlio fearful climb now
neccBsnry," said Win. J. Hryiin upon
bin return from the lake Thursi'iiy.
"I was- much impressed with th.
beauty of the lake which inn v be
fairly called tho world's most boun
tiful hike, althoiiKh cloudy wcnlhcr
prevcutei! our seeing it nt its best.
In it Oregon Iuih nil unrivullcd at
traction. I have seen ucuilv all the
wonders of nil the countries, but in
nil of them thero is nothing to com
pute with Crater Lake.
Tunnel Adiooatcil
".Mr. Sled has plans for n tunnel,
iih tho precipitous sides, tho heavy
Niinwfull ami tho character of tlio
rock make nn clovnlor u difficult
and unsafe problem. 1 heartily en
dorse his plan and when the time
conies, will gladly go before Ilio oon
gressiounl eommitteos nnd tell them
of Ci atcr Lake's needs. Having
been there, I can talk intelligently,
nnd you can depend upon mo to use
whatever in finance I huvo to help
('inter Lake, it tunnels, its roads nnd
"I havo tliorouuhly enjoyed this
tiin mid wish (o express mv tmnro-
eialioii for tlio eouilosv shown Afrs.
Hrycui nnd myself by the Cnmmdrflifil
club. Greater Medford club and oili-
xeiiH mid want tho good people of
Mciltord to leel free to cull upon me
when I can bo of service."
llutlt Mr. mid Mrs, Hrynn woro de
lighted witli what they saw on the
trip nml ospccially enamoured of tho
giiiut forest tees nnd tin Koiiio river
cnsoudoMV, pronoiiueing tho lloguo tho
most beautiful stream lliev hud over
seep. 'J'lie good ronds deliKhtcd them
esiiceiully tho paved I'ueifio highway.
Ihiiimoixsl of Dokiio
"Moth Mr. and Mrs. llrynu nro the
most clmrmiiig companions,', said
Jliilgo Ton Yclle, who accoinpaiiicd
them. "Tlieir good nature itiulor try
ing eireumstaiiecs, is never failing,
llolli havo mi oiiiIIosh variety of stor
ies mid 1 never met more interest
ing mid agreeable people."
Tho Dry a ns woro mot by A. S.
Itivsonbauiu at Shasta Springs, who
woloomcd them on hehulf of tho dub.
At Agor they woro met by V. Y. r.
Campbell, IL O. Wnlthcrs, Y. II.
Canon, Judge Ton Velio nnd 0. Put
nam, as n (raveling eomlnltteo for tho
club nnd taken in uuloinnhilcs fur
uisheil by Messrs Cnmphell mid Yul-
tliers to Klamath r tills, (heiico to
Crater Lake. At Klamath Hot
Kpriuirs, tlio imilv wiih waylaid by
summer o.cursiouists who after u
waving of flags ami firing of sa
lutes, presented the Hrvmis with
grape juice. At Klamnth Kails mi
informal reception was tendered tho
HrymiH nt (ho White Pelican hotel.
At ('rater Lake
Tho only disappointment of the tiip
was mot at Crater Lake, where no
(Uontltiuod on Last l'ngo.)
OTTAWA, Jtih .i"). A new pobc.v
respecting recruits, it wns uiiuouucod
today, has been adopted by tho Ca
nadian militia authorities. Hereaf
ter men with Hior teeth mid other
minor physical defects will net be re
jected, but will bo aeeeptod and sent
to dental iumI surgical depots for
treutmeut, after whieb tJiey will be
trained and seat to Europe. Two
laeties have been tukan off the tut
hluudard and men boluw site in chest
measurement will be taken it the sur
geons sre of the oU)iioii tltat trutu
iuK wilt give them the proper chest
It is estimated that 15.000 awn
Mini lliaii have been enrolled would
ban1 i.uiiu I flu t'uiiiulii if thee leg
tilatu,n had bc-ii m toro a jeur ago-
NO. Ill
10,000 APPLAUD
Commoner Addresses Record Crowd
on Causeless War Denounces
Warfare and Jingoism and Pleads
For World Wide Peace Says
American Must Remain Neutral.
l'leading for world penco and for
machinery for tho perpetuation of
peace instead of wnr, vehemently nr
rnigiiinjr (ho jingo press and tho
"buckot-of-blood" "hair-trigger pa
triots" who are attempting to plungo
tho United StntPH into wnr, William
Jennings Hrynn, (lirieo presidcntinl
nominee nnd recently secretary ot
sluto, Tliiirsdny evening addressed
(ho Inrgcst audience ever nssembled
in Jackson county from (be band
hIiiiiiI at (ho city park. Tho crowd
was estimated at 10,000. A thous
and nulomolfilo.s by ueliinl count,
were assembled in tho adiaccnt
streets. A concert bv tho Mcdfotd
band proceeded tho address.
Hospitality 1'ralseil
11 wns tho Commoner': first speech
in Jrcdfonl ho opened with a tribute
of appreciation of tho courtesy of
tho Medford Commercial club in en
abling him to sco Crater Lnko mid
Medford, and for tho hospitality
shown him. IIo was introduced by
President Chiles of Ilio Commercial
club and members of tho reception
('ommitco accompanied on tho stand.
l-'or nn hour and n half Bryan
held tho interest of tho great crowd.
IIo did not employ many gestures
and ho wns some what tired from hia
strenuous trip. Yet bo could bo
plainly heard n block nway. His
manner of addre'f3' was serious nnd
dignified nnd spoko with intenso
enrnostness ns though expressing5
burning convictions. Ho attempted
no flights of oratory ami rarely per
mitted humor (o slip in. Every sec
ond of his timo wns employed hurl
ing indictments against wnr nnd
America's participation in tho Euro
pean war, concluding vehemently:
"If thero remains but ono man to
raise his voico against this needless
earnngo, I prnv God bo will givo
mo strength to fight It to tho Inst."
Hrynn snid he hnd chosen "Tho
Ciuisoloss War" as tho subject of bis
Greatest of Wars
"Tho European war is Ilio great
est (ho world has ever seen," said
the speaker. "Over 21,000,000 sold
iers nro engaged. Think of it I Twenty-one
million human beings who
mako it their daily duty to kill their
fellow men. We havo less (linn 151,
000,000 voters in tlio United States.
Estimutos nro (lint in tho great wnr
2,000,000 already havo been billed
nnd 5,000,000 wounded. This is tlio
awful toll of a war that Iuih not lasted
u year."
Tho Nebraska!! iminted out that
the war is not u meo wnr, nor a reli
gious war, nor a family war. IIo
"I boliovo that (ho ontiso of tho
Europium wnr is tho belief still en
tertained by fioinu, that might makes
"1 want my country to register its
protest against this fatso doctrine,"
lio added, nnd tlio nudicuco cheered.
"Some think that (his war can con
tiuuu until ono sido annihilates, tho
othor. Vain hope. You cannot an
nihilate groat nations liko those that
nro involved, nnd this butchery will
become so Mikcning long before an
nihilation i- M'cured that tho war
(( ontiiiiied on Pngo 0.)
II All
WASHINGTON'. July 30. Two
AmorloanH of tho landing forco from
tho cruiser Washington woro killed
at Port au l'rlnoo, according to a
moseage from Admiral Camorton ro
aelvad today.
Tho men, mombcra of a patrol,
woro shot from ambush by snlpera
lust night, Admiral Caporton report
ed. Tho marines returned tho fire
and no further disturbances occur
red during tho night. The names e
tho klllod woro withheld at tho navy