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Medford Mail Tribune
Fair and Warmer Sunday.
Max. 78, Mln. 50.5.
Forty-fifth Tenr.
Pnllr Tenth Yeitr.
Steamer With 227 Passciincrs, 21
Americans Aboard Attacked With
Torpedo and Shells American
Sallliifi Vessel Forced to Act as
Shield for German Submarine.
NKW YOKK, .Inly 17. Tin- Hril
ish passenger liner Ortltinii with '227
passengers aboard, '21 of whom wero
Americans, wuh attneked without
warning by n (k'rmiin Mibtnnrine nt
0:00 o'clock in the morning of July
IHb, 10 bourn out of Liverpool, on
licr way to New York. Announce
went of tbo nllnck wus mndo bv the
ship's endtnin, Thomas MoComb Tny
lor, mid passengers when tlio Ordtiim
reaehed hero today. A torpedo wh
fired nt the steamer and missed it
by ten yards. Twenty minutes later
u sulmiurino nroso tbo Btirfaee, pos
hibily a different subnrino from the
one that launched the torpedo, and
for half an hour thereafter pursued
tbo steamer firing shells which
whistled over tbo decks above the
beads of passengers standing there
with their life: belts on.
Used American Flags
Ten minutes before tbo attack n
sailing ship with two American lings
painted on her side, was seen ahead.
Captain Tnylor became' suspicious of
this craft and began maneuvering hi
ship. Then came tbo attack, the
first warning of which was tbo streak
of a torpedo which whiiled through
tho water and missed tbo Ordinal's
stern by ten yards or thereabouts.
Stewards ran bolnw and aroused
tbo passengers. With clothes hur
riedly fastened haphazard, they made
for tho upper deck. There they wore
assembled near the bridge. Life belts
wero adjusted and lifo boats swung
out. Tho crew stood ready to launch
the boats. .From n submarine off the
starboard qunttor there camo
shell which kicked up a minature
geyser in tho Orduna's wake. The
Mibmnrino had tho range.
Captain Taylor turned tho stern
of tho ship toward the assailant and,
oidoiod full speed nhead. Within
from two to fivo minutes another
shell, this time passing oxer the
beads of tho assembled passengers
was fired. As it overshot tbo mark,
its landing place was marked by a
lisiiig colium of water.
I'm. sued llaU Hour
A third shell passed overhead and
so close that it seemed to clip a life
boat. Captain Taylor oiderod the
passongors to go to a lower deck.
They obeyed and tho lifeboat wore
adjusted lower still so that tho pass
engora might step into them without
. . ...I I il .... ....i! 1 . !...(.,
delay, iiio sneiiiug conuuuen, siH-i"
fulling about the steamer at intervals
of from two to five minutes.
For about half an hour the subma
rine pursued tho liner ih the span
of water bctwoon them lengthening
each minute. Seven shots wore fired
in all. Four of them passed over
tho docks. Tho other three fell close
to tho ship. Then tho submarine,
distanced, gave up tho chase.
"1 did not havo even tho slightest
warning of tbo attack," Captain Tay
lor said.
Huron Kosonkrnntz described the
attack in dotnil.
"Wo loft Livorpool about 2::i0
o'clock on tho nftoruooii of Thurs
day, tbo 8th," ho said. "At -"
o'clock bv wv watch, tho firt mis
sile, a torM?do, was firtVj.
(Continued on pago six)
MILAN', Julv 17. Commenting
UMin the Auotnau note to the United
State., protesting against the hi
jnent of war munition to the entente
allies, tbo Corner Helta Seru pomU
out tkftt ABwrie mner n refund
to supply una and munition to the
ooiitml ompirt. but that Gertnmiy
mmI Autri ure unable to obtain
thw from that count rv l hu t
the sujKinor power t the uUu-s.
"Tfc Aini" .in maiUt i m-o t
hJI," My the mnT. "H th? if
ontweHt wr tu elM it to the alUr.
it would commit nUtion of mmi
truhtv iu f.r "f '" 't-l 4,,,
New Offensive of Htiflc Proportions'
With Rijja as Object Russian lines
Holding North of Warsaw Retreat
Before Hindenbun A u s t r I a n s
Driven Back Across Dniester.
LONDON, July 17 A now Gorman
offensive of hugo proportions, with
Rica, a urcnt Htisslnti scanort nml
neat of tho governor general of tho
Haltlc provinces, as its objective, Is
repented In tho latest official state
ments Issued at Pctrograd and IJcr-
Ua. ,
Mllitarv oxnerts hero construo tho
offensive to ho n vast envelopment
movement In which tho Germans aro
making a groat effort to destroy tho
Itusslnu army.
Doth the German and tlusslnn com
munications agree that tho German
forces nro at tho Wlndnu river nenr
Goldingon, only SO miles from Hlgn,
tho great strategic commercial me
tropolis of tho Gulf of Illga and on
tho upper Haltlc.
Sanguinary Fighting
An official statement received this
morning from Potrograd adds details
of sanguinary fighting nil along tho
now lino In efforts to hold back tho
Gorman advance which now Is holng
concentrated on Illga and on Warsaw.
whllo tho Austria-Hungarians nro
moving northward from tho Dnclstcr
Advices reaching London today say
that tho Germans left a trail of de
struction along tho Haltlc sea from
Memel to Llbau, whero tho villas,
hotels and casinos are snld to havo
been destroyed, about tho "only ex
ception being, it Is said, tho palaco
of a Polish nobleman whoso cousin
married nn American woman. Tho
palaco now Is being used as a mili
tary headquarters In which Prlneo
Henry of Prussia nnd Field Marshal
von Hlndonburg recently conferred on
tho now offonslvo townrds Itlgn.
Husslnn Lines Holding
Husslan linos nro holding woll im
mediately north of Warsaw, whoro
tho groatost forco of tho Teutonic
move- against tho Polish capital Is
being exerted, according to tho lat-
i.t ufntnmnnt from Potrogrnd. At
tacks by "Important forces" west of
tho river Arzyc havo boon repulsed
with heavy Iossoh, tho Russians clnlm,
and In sections whoro gnlnB woro
mado by tho Germans tholr further
mlvanco was nrrcstcd.
A withdrawal of the Russian forcoH
between tho Plssa nnd Orzyc rivers
to now linos nlong tho Narow In tho
fnm of General von Hlndonburg s at
tacks Is admitted In Potrograd, Con-
tluatlon of tho Gorman ndvnnco in
r.inrlnnd. also Is conceded. Increas
ing Importance Is attached by mili
tary observers to this movement in
tho Haltlc provinces.
Ausiilaiis Driven Hack
Field Marshal von Mackonscn's
nrniv that swopt through Gallcla Is
givlog signs of ronowed activity In
pursuance of tho assumed plan of
tho Teutonic forces to attack slmul
tanenously all along tho sweeping 800
,iin frnnt fioni Haltlc to Ilcssarabla.
Unofficial reports through Geneva
declaro that at tho lower oad of this
lino tho Austrian troops crossed tho
Dnolster but havo been drlvon back
to tho othor bank whero retreat Is
being turned Into a rout.
Fighting on tho Austro-Itallan
front has rosultod in fow recent
changes of positions, according to lat
est reports from Rome.
Numorous attacks by tho Austrians
on tho Italian advancod positions are
recorded, all of which aro declared to
havo beon repulsed.
COLIMHUS. f. Julv 17. The
passago ot lat night without n
coiiniderablo rmntall reullcl m im
jiroved eoniliUoiw today throughout
the Ohio flood dwtriet. While inu
tbowMiuI Horea of land rMiftiud un
der witter pruotiealK all nvers wei
cither aUttoHiirv or tnllu.g
Tha Scioto and () ior
Wgan rweding liere cutlv toil.ix
Ivaaa aUxwr tka Scuto rivet ui thu
eitv which Uecaii leakmc H.icrU
afteruHii, wr riHHrrd during th-
m. " v "I AaaMmB. l , UBfcmmV ? , i.iijk lil1
! - HKHHHHKmJI iBvmammmml swJjr jrmw,av.M s t v.
HmbSASKS W 73c ?BaBW .e'Uaw -MBBmnUiaaaaaaK, f &
A. 1MIm.ii, newly appointed Lend of the naval bureau of
o ..iNmnl io V. S. H. New York. left to right rs
ivlioli, mils mad
Secivtaty of the Navy Daniels and
HRinnKPOItT, Conn., Julv 1".
Simon Lake, inventor nnd builder of
submarines for tho U. S. govern
ment, was gratified today by tho hiiii
cchh of tho experiiiu'iits touting tho
new Mibumrino (l-II, which donioii
htraled that tho new boat can cross
the Atlnntio ocean and return- with
out stopping, having a cniiiing rud
iiirt of 0000 wiloB. If in perfectly
practicable for tho (l-:i, with itn new
engines to crosn tho ocean, do what
Bltd went to do, hud come hack with
out depcudeneo On nliv IiUbo of v-up
plies, bnid Jir. Lake. Jt in merely a
question ot the economy of fuel."
The (!-: was built by the Lake Tor
pedo Itont company of this city. Hnr
extensivo eruising radiiiH is duo to
the efficiency of a new SwUs engine
which driCH the boat both on the
'hurfneo and under water, replacing
both tho giiholino oiusiiior heietoforo
lined to drive biibinniino cralt on tho
hiirfuco and tho oleetiio motor Used
for undersea troel.
In a HorioK of IohIs consihting of
triph up and down tho loncth of Long
Iblutiil sipilid tho now boat hliowcd a
hpecd of 1 1.7 knot on tho Mirfuoo
and 10.7 knotu mtbmuud. She coht
.f l.'.O.dOO;
Tho O.JI in only 100 feet long, hut
Kcvcn new Luko submiiiinot which nro
being eoilstriietod for thuU. S. navy
will be :ir0 feet long and posses a
much greater radius of activity than
the (J-3. They- yull iw the new en
gine and Mr. Lake said loduv that
thev would be the ciual ot unv i
the (Ii nn. in uiiw.
GKNKVAt Switzerland, July 17.
Tbo Tribune prints tho following des
patch loin iU correspondent at the
front :
"Tho Austro-Hungnrian foreon
which attemptod to d'ulodgo tbo Hui
siaim fnun position along the Vis
tula nvor liHe boon repuUed with
heavy lo;. Tho Ituasiuiip attacking
in turn, occupied ft milo uf Utjo Aus
trian tionelies.
"Fresh ltuUn liHtterioa whieli
have anived have been ported on
the Serein river have Ixwun to bow
bard the jmaKO scroa Ui Dnies
ter houth of Um Zaliwyky, olilig
inr the Antriuns to recroc the river.
Their retreat i beiuc oouverUd into
a rout b. Konii ha.vouet attacks.
"Et or Il..r.driistt the AustriaHs
itreiipving the hit IihiiW of the Dine
tor have lieen dilMisl utter a fiiwve
baitd tu hand 1 niggle
"Oa tl SnH jiver lk Iuian
havo ac'fdfd ih trtiiHirnJv ar
resting the Autuan vtteiotvc"
Thomas A. Hdlwm.
WASHINGTON', July 17. Secre
tary Lansing mado public today a par
aphrasing of tho noto by Ambassador
Page on July 14th to tho Hrltlsh gov
arnmont to conserve tho rights of
American cttlzonu In cases being tried
by British prlzo courts. It hns no re
lation, ho said, to tho general noto
on contraband still In courso of prepa
ration. Tho pnrnilhrnso lssuod by tho
atato department follews:
"In view of tho differences which
aro understood to exist hotweon tho
two governments as to tho prlnclpIcB
of law applicable- In prlzo court pro
ceedings In cases Involving American
Interest, and in order to avoid any
mUundorstandlng as to tho attitude
of tho United Statos In regard to any
mi eh proceedings, tho government or
tho United States Informs tho Hrltlsh
government that Insofar bh tho Inter
ests of American citzons aro concern
oil, It will Insist upon their rlghta
undor the principles and rules of In
ternational law as hitherto establish
ed, governing neutral trade In tlnio
of war without limitation or Impair
ment by ordors In council or othor
municipal legislation by tho Hrltlsh
government and will not rccognlzo
tho validity of prlzo court proceed
ings taken undor restraints Imposed
by Hrltlsh municipal law In deroga
tion or tho rights of American citi
zens under International law."
That William Jennings Ilrynn on
his forthcomiiiK trip, will mako a
public addroBu In Medford Is among
tho powilbilltloa. A lettor received
by tho Commorclal club, accepting
Uiqlr Invitation to visit Orutor Lake,
gonvoys tho promUe. Hetnlls or datos
are not arrangod.
It Is planned to nuot Mr. Hryaii
with autov at Montaguo and take
him thonoo to Klamath Kails, whoro
tho night will he pnt. Prom thuru
ho will bo taken to tho lako oarly
next morning and from thonoo to
Medford, where 1m will nddrww tho
peoHlo In the cti park In tho oven
ing. Thlfl tOHtatlve program has been
submitted to Mr. Ilryan upon his ox
rd wish to view tho Klamath
ralla country and his limited time
not permitting a more extended visit.
Invcnlloim and development. TUN
Admiral l'letchcr, M.-h. Daniels,
N'i'iW YOHK, duly 17. Most of
tho leading typewriter and adding
maebiiio companies in tho east and
middle west, it wis staled today,
have formed a new corporation un
der the titlo of tho American Ammu
nition company, to take up contractu
J'or the manufacturo of fuscrf for
liigb explosive nnd hhrapnel shells
for tho Kuglish, French and Kuhhiiui
Tho hhell eominihsioii of tho mi
litia depaitment of the Canadian gov
ernment, neiing for tho Hiittnh war
office, is hiiid to have awarded to
tho American Ammunition company
within a week a contract for tho
nuinufactiiro of fiibcs amounting, to
.f 10,000,000.
Aii additional contract also
amounting to $1 0,000,000, it is stated,
bus been given by thu Canadian
shell commission to tho same group
of mnnufnt'turing concerns.
Tho Canadian militia department
is reported to havo civen in addition
a $70,000,000 contract for shrapnel
and high explosive shells to a finan
cial group which will uiidcrtiuko to
sub-let the business among a num
ber of industrial concerns.
KANSAS CITY, Mo., July 17.--Ihg
packing concerns and other biisi.
ucss intoiesU in tbo west bottom
here wero warned today by tbo gov
ernment w outlier bureau to prepare
for a '28-foot stage in tho KiuiHnu
liver nt Kanaitu City by Sunday
night. Uchiilonts of tbo lowlandi
cast of Kansas City also wero warned
to expect a 30-foot mark in thu Miss
ouri mer. Should tho livers go us
high as piedietvd, sciious damage is
The Kansas liver stood today at
j:i.r feet, a full of two tenths of a
foot over night. The Missouu was
at J7.o feet.
LONDON, Julv 17, .1 10 p. m.
Knurmoiis crowds ot vvomow
thronged Victoria embankment hi
da, despite a diizzliug rain, to par.
ticitato in the w omen's proeeasiou
volemg the dumaiid that the Hriti';
KoveniiHont utilize vvomsu in the work
t making Hinmuntion ami n repine-
lli; xlv ,,.
Great Demonstration Greets Historic
Relic Champ Clark Orator of the
Day, Advocates Greater Military
Preparedness to Preserve tho Lib
erty for Which the Bell Stands.
SAN FHANCISCO, Cal., July 17.
Idberty Hell, America's chief relic oC
Hie war for independence, was greeted
today bv a demonstrative crowd tluit
increased from tbo arrival of tho lioll
after midnight last night until noon
. I.,. .!..i.i i... i ..:..!. ....i:i ........1
today when within tho grounds of tho
Punnmit-l'ueifio exposition thous
ands broke into cheers as the lull,
in a mass of red rambler roses wJiH
brought befoie a pin! form in n
great open spaco whero ChAmp
Clark, (im-cmor Johnson and (ithur
speakers wero gathered.
Children gathered along Van Ness
avenue danced with delight, cheered
with delight, cheered in treble videos
and tossed sprigs of greenery, flow
ers and flags on the path of the Lib
erty bell. At tbo exposition -18 lit-1
tic school gills, representing the
states of tha union, placed wreaths
of flowers on tbo hell.
Champ Clark Orator
Champ Clark, speaker of the house
of representatives, w;is inspired by
the reception of tbo Liberty bell hero
today to discuss the need of groater
military preparedness to preserve to
citizens of the United States that
liberty of which tho bell is an historic,
ln tho course of bis remarks, ho
said :
"I differ tolo eoolo with tbo pro
ponents of 'pence nt any prico.' That
is an amazing, a demoralizing, a do
grading doctrine.
"On the other hand I am uttcily op
posed to thosa who advocato a large
standing army, and to those who ad
vocato it navy equal to tbo two big
gest navies in the world. I am not a
jingo, (lod forbid I I bopa most
profoundly thero will never bo anoth
er win' particularly another to
which wo aro a party, but knowing
that human nature has not changed
n jot or llttlo since Adam nnd Kvo
wero driven with flaming swords
from PuradNo. I nm in favor of
putting the country in such posture
that if war should for any reason,
become necessary wo may cmorgo
from it conquerors, as we have been
in all our wins.
Advocates Kvvlss System
"W'c should nlso have a well
drilled, nnd well equipped national
guard to bo used for strictly national
purposes on tho priuciplo enunciated
bv Thomas Jefferson ' a woll disci
pline militia our best rcliani v in
ponco and for the first moments of
war,' till regulars inuv relieve them.'
"It seems Hint if litllo Switzerland
ca mobilize in a fow (lavs an aiinv of
half n million well drilled men by
means of hor system of militarv edu
cation nnd disoipbno tbo cheapest
system known among men and "iif
ficicntly effective. wo could bv such
application of her system as fits our
easo, in a year or two, bo able to
mobilize nn army of two millions of
well disciplined men nt a cost which
to us would bo a mero bagatelle -which
would ho n most effective in
surance for this country and all her
citizens and their Interest."
frenchTosses at
HKIILIN July 17, by wireless to
Snyvlllo The Overseas News Agency
announced todu ythat the Gorman au
thorities have succeeded by various
means, especially by questioning tho
numerous prUonora taken, In secur
ing aceurato flguros of tho French
losses In the great Arras battle.
"Those," tho agency announcement
says, "roached tho grand total ot
71,800 In killed, wounded aad cap
tured, ilUtrlu'i'tit as follews:
"Third army corps, 15,000; ninth
army corps, G,000; tenth army corps,
10,000; seventeenth army corps.
1800; twentieth army corps, lO.fiOO;
twonty first army corps, 8000; twenty
tlilrarni) corps, 11.000; forty eighth
division, G000; fifty fifth division,
NO. 100
Court of Inquiry Probing Disaster
Exonerates Liners Officers and
Owners Act Done With Intention
of Not Only Sinking Ship But of
Destroying Lives on Board.
LONDON, July 17. "TorpcuW
Jircd by n submarine of German tui
lionnlity, caused tbo loss of the
Htenniship Lusitnniafiinil ita puscn
Igers, according to the! findings of tbo
. ... ....... !... i ... ; .'
court of inquiry ,a)moiiitd to investi
gate the disasUor.
Tbo court held that no blnlnc for
the tiagedy attached either to Cap
tain Turner, commander of the cs
sel, or tho Ciinard Line, the owner,
"After having carefully inquiicd
into the circumstances of tbo disas
ter," says tho formal report of tb"
court, "tbo court finds tho lots of
said hhip nnd lives was due to dam
age caused tbo ship by lorpedoei
fired by a submarine of Gcimnn nn-
Hone to Destroy People
"In the opinion of tbo court, the
net wns dono not morelv with tbo in
tention of sinking tbo ship, but nlso
with the intention of destroying the
lives of the people on board."
Other salient features of tho re
port aro that tho life boat and lifo
hell 'facilities wero adequate; that
tbo demeanor of tbo crow was nbovn
all blame, and that tbo conduct of
the passengers, barring n slight panic
when the- steerago passengers cnnic.
on dock, wns praiseworthy.
The court also found that the ship
was unarmed that her cargo was
general one, tho animniiilioh-iiboaid
consisting only of fiOOO cases of
cnilridgcs, from which thorn was no
A small gathering composed nlmo
entirely of survivors of the Lusitar
and their relatives, listened to tho
reading of tbo findings by Huron Me--soy.
Americans Hlsnpimlnted
Tho icsirt was a distinct disap
pointment to tbo Amoricnn survive-,
who expressed indignant surprise t
tbo portion which exonerated Captain
Turner and the Cunnrd Lino from e'l
blame and commended the discipline
of tho crow.
Several attorneys representing
Amoricnn clients listened close! v -i
the rending of tho judgment wlib't
mnv have a groat effect on action
brought against the stciuiibhip com
pany. Among tho spectators were Wnl-"
Webb-Wlire, representing tbo Vain
hilt family; Major l- Warren IV''
and Mrs. l'cail of Now Yolk and '
11. Jenkins of Chicago, survivers: i"'l
William Criehton of Nuw York, who o
vviTe was lost,
Hcfore tbo reading began, MiiO'i'
Pearl expressed tbo opinion that l''
decision would sharply condemn ll"
officers of the ship and of the Cunntd
Lino for negligence.
No Neglect Shown
"No doubt there were uihdiups. in
handling the ropes of Urn .boats,"
said Lord Mersey, "but in my opinion
thcro was no incompetence or ne
glect." Huron Mersey found that Captc i
Turner was fully advised bv ll.
Hritisliadmiialty as to tl be-1
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WASHINGTON, Julv 17- Dr. J. A.
Holmes, late director of the biuoin
of mines, was buried hero today. AU
over the country the mining industry,
by suspending operations and clo- -ing
nulls, joined in a final tribute to
the lather of the miiie bafctv inuvu
mont. Societal ies Daniels, Luuo and Wil
son, Surgeon General William .
Georges of tho urmv, It. S. Wood
ward, president of tbo Carncgiu In
stitute. Samuel L. Itogurs, director of
tho census, Clius. M. Galloway, civil
service commissioner, una 1'eter M.
Wilson, chief clcik of tho senate,
noted as honorary pall hear. T'n
chiefs of the divisions of the buie.iu
of mines who worked under 1L.
Holme, were the flvtive pall tourer,