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trn Orcgonlan, The Ashland Tribune.
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and Centra) Point .. ... .60
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OMolnl Paper Ot tho City or Medford
Official Paper of Jackson County.
Entered an Bccond-clasu niatltr at
Mclfjrd, OreKUti, under tliu act or March
I, ml. .
8worn CIreulHMon rr lM. ?GK8.
PUII 'loiisod wlro AHtioi-iiilod l'rM din-)
: -
Bnbscribors falling to receive
papers promptly, pliono Ctrcu-
lotion Manager at 250R. 4
cifWA mi
Do'AVolf IfopiKT
Muylipso Un Wolf Hopper 'gleatest
MmjIiouI I.llllnn l.uusol hy'tine innL
When litm two dnyn old, J)o Wolf's
mothy.r conio In loom nuri find Do
Wolfilylng to goteo wlfci
l)e Wolf, him como ncloss regular
nftor that.
Do Wolf roclto "Clasey Atalmt.'J
Mitjbeso, J Do Wolf sing Oint Jnp
BonjTr "Mikado,"' much lopgeriio ho
como, "yellow peril." '""
V ' '
A IN71o
What golB mo going, said Tommy
In tho nlro clean faco of our hall
IljHOio poln Ib iliytfiyi old
Just tako n look at Its black, black
Isaac Now, non, how much' Is
threo dollars and six dollars?
Son Twclvo dollars, fador.
Isaac Xo, no! Nine dollars
Son Vol I. Tknow jou'd hrlnR mo
down throo dollars, fadur.
Alas for lUselwill!
(From tho Sldnoy (Australia)
'rjiqro was a dramatic conclusion
to tho biiBoball match, America vs.
Auutralla, plaed at tho agricultural
show ground on Saturday nftornoon
na an item on tho program of the po
llco and firemen's patriotic carnival.
In America's second limine a player
deflectod a fust ball analgia for tho
ilonstwt part of the crowd and' n
sornam was heard. Tho ambulance
ilien rushed to tho spot, and found
that n woman hud boon struck on the
head by the ball, but was not ser
iously Injured.
Without waiting to soo If any dam
ago had been dono, tho pla)ers pro
cured nuothor ballnd continued tho
gamo as If nothing had happened.
A few minutes later this ball was
also deflected to tho upper story of
the pavilion, striking a man on tho
Mr. Flowr, tho minister for
health, who was present, rushed out
on the ground and called out, "Stop
this silly gamol"
The players promptly oboyod his
orders, and play ceased.
Tho "guide, philosopher and
frluml" is often tlmos mainly guyed.
Chicago Herald.
Any Heplles
ThU want art appoarod in a recent
laauo of tho "New Kora," published
by the oonvlots of the federal prisen:
W'ANTUD Man JUt wooden-log
to mush ihiUIoml Apply John Now
onliauH, .. .
("oiivclS ,
TMkiW-oo. tall me how many
Joo T-o'mrTitlrtHl ad eight! '
Tsnchtr Wros' Tka huita
Iwdy hag gnly'MT Iinn,
Je MHt 1 saHflVHM ttoh Jtonu
V A Xty Oii
Mistreat (to new son-ant i- Vw
HrlKt. I muct Insist upon truthful
pess aoi olMdiinc
WrldBSi- Yl Mum tm hln e
1eU mm to HOI ti la4kM -Xm ro tmt1
whn ou'r in. whltli shall It be.
. i
THE press dispatches' inform lis' that James .7. Hill
along with Governor "Withycombe regrets Chinese
exclusion, lie wishes there were 250,000 Chinese in the
United States for says Mr. Jlill, "We need them to do our
work for they have solved the problem of living on ten or
twelve cents a day" and therefore would be ideal cheap
labor for the nation.
Vlong with Hills Chinese
wisuiiigion uuorms us mat iur. ifocKeienor.naq pam lor
LIIV UlODVIIIllUUiV'U Ul till tJ UUV I U r lit? J IV I All 11IU 1 WI'ilMll
. . - r .a m -v r . 1
ncieiicc Aituinuy ior iway ny one ri;oi. jojui u. dicvcusou
of the UnivcM'sitv of T"?ov York. fv. Ktevonsoii i one of
those gentlemen who holieves that al pnmjierity for the
country must always and ever eOme through capital that
is through those who have made their big pile and want to
make more. -.v
Mr. Stevenson unlike most of his elass is truthful and
frank. He sneaks "riuht out in meetinir." v
- ----- - ---.--.. ... .. . . -
Mr. Stevenson hard I v regards la boi'crs as living' ani
als. lie savsi '' Unskilled labor ili nierelv animated ma
chinery for rough work. Jt is utilized because abundant
and low in price; as soon as it demands an excessive wage,
it is displaced by machinery."
Again he says:: "If must be Cvnlenl to any thought
ful man that wife and "children cannot be considered in
connection with the relations of wage, earner and Wage
payer. If a mrpi's services' are not worth enough to secure
wages' which would support a family, he should not
be death annually of 700,000 children Irom starvation,
and Inn
linger, is by Mr. Stevenson said to be: "a blessing to
themselves-and the community.," ' "" ' ,,'
No the article was not printed in the year 1515 it was
published in the month of Mav, H)J5 in the land of the Dec
laration of Independence, alter half a century of almost
unbroken rue of the grand old republican party.
IT you want to know the views of capital towards labor
get the magazine and read the article. Jf the views of the
writer are correct, if the laborpr has no hope
through the capitalist system that looks upon the laborer
as a cheap machine to be discarded whenever a cheaper
can be had, thleu of course he seven hundred thousands
starvelings each each year of American children are better
dead than alive.
Hut there is another voice heard in the land. 3 1 is not
the voice of man it is the voice of millions of men the
voice of omnipotence.
T is earnestly hoped that before it is too late, Uic county
court will reconsider its selection of the route of the
Pacific highway from Central Point to Tolo, for we hon
estly' "believe a mistake has been majle, a mistake that
should be rectified.
This highway is lo be built for all time ail enduring
monument of the progressive spirit of the county. Such a
permanent highway should follow lines gf modern road
building and eliminate angles, dangerous curves and death
traps in the guise of rail crossings the more so as the rail
road company will co-operate by paying half the cost of,
sunway or overneau crossings.
The route selected contains three grade crossings, sevon
right angles, and for half a mile skirts the edge of 'the open
cjiannol of Jackson creek, necessitating a retaining wall
to prevent floods from destroying the roadway. In addi
tion it is half a mile longer than the alternative route.
Tho selected route was rejected by former State High
way Engineer If. L. Bowlby, and by Assistant Engineer
J'rank Kittredge, ability as road designers is shown
by tho Siskiyou section, which was constructed under their
The selected route was reported adversely upon by
.Engineer Jl. (I. Stoeckman, avIio Avas employed, by the
county court to make an independent survey.
The selected route is strenuously objected lo by State
Engineer Lewis and by State Highway Engineer. E. I.
Cantine and the selection made over their urgent protest.
What is perhaps more to the point, the selected route
meets tho disapproval of the vast majority of taxpayers
who foot tho bills.
romorrow the advisory 'board of the stale highway
imission, Avhose recommendations will govern the fu-
ture highway policy of Oregon, Avill visit the vallcv and
inspect tho work in progress. We suggest that the mat
ter be submitted to them as disinterested parties, and that
their decision govern the selection of the highway,
ORNWVA, July H A dispatch to
tho Tribune from Innsbruck says;
"Archduke Joseph Ferdinand is
expected today at Craoow to prosldo
over a an or council.
"If within tho no.t few days tlo
Austrlans cannot slop tho victorious
ItUBslan advance tho whole fiont will
rotroat. Since the loss of the posi
tions south ot Lublin the rovlctual
ling of tho arnilo has become Impos
sible. Large Austrian reinforcements
ha been .carried to the province of
Lublin, but tho Hussfans though
fighting against superior forces, con
tlufln advancing.
"The Austrian have boon return
ing to Ralloia si mo the tenth of July
anrf are now at AVrsany The Rus
sians defeated the AuUrltms at 7m
most bh4 surrounded and eapturod
two Hungarian battiUloaa.
"It l reported Irom LMWbarK that
aa ImperUiai eunetl of war ww hoUl
thar Jul 1 and that a a result
f It a nuwbsy ef suftrter offtaM
uro 4tsgrae4.
in in valleys at the Skroda, lf
aa ami kUr riven Jhete has l n
only, rifle firing. HflUllo Idfantry la
small tort or the night of July 1-'
ihjI, in t liv riislmi i( Hit- ll
approbation tlie news from
... - . r.-.r-.., ...v..
master General llurleson today ordor
d that tho slzo limit of packages for
parcel post shlpmont bo Increased to
aroinblnod longth and girth of Si
inches, which will permit tho mailing
of standard sized truit und berry
crates. The old limit was 72 Inchoa
length and girth and thero has boon
a widespread demand for Its Increase.
The postmaster general also au
thorized the establishment of a to
celpt system for parcel post package
similar to that employed by ox prow
"Tho new regulations" says a de
partment statement, "provide that on
Hiymant of one ent, the postwaator
at the mailing office may glvo the
ttudar of an ordinal) aarcol of fourth
class ttinll n rasoipt therefor. A pos
taga sUmn to oover the charge for
(he relll will ho affixed to th par
i el ami the nani8n1 the addroat of
tho addraawe sliall bit written In the
rKlH by th wilder."
logos or Tartak. Olohlno and Oreu
doiuk. whlrli were Biircaurull) r-
NEW YOUK, July 13 Is New
A'ork going to suffer tho moRt disas
trous strike In Its history this sum
mer, a strike Imolvlng perhaps 100,.
000 persons? '
Labor leaders hror foar that tfio
I most serious Industrial trouble In
many yearn la inevitable, nB it result
i of the abrogation by tho cloak nnd
suit manufacturers of tho world fam
ous "protocol of penro" which for
tho last flvo years has preserved per
fect amity In n trade torn during tho
preceding 2fi years by continual look
outs nnd strike of tho most violent
If the old tliiie bloody warfare bp
tween tho Ladles' Garment, AVorkera'
union and tho "Manufacturers' asso
ciation bleaks out again In the streets
of New A'ork, "Dopey Hoimy" Fein,
notorious gangster and gunman, wilt
be largely to blame, according to
labor representatives, who rhnrgo
that "Dopey llennv" Is nn employers
Arrested Inst fall, charged with
"extortion," this gangster chieftain
bogan to "peach" at once, nnd as it
result of his assertions, a number of
officers in the Garment Makers' un
ion were nrrostcd, charged with tho
murder of Herman Llobowltz, a
strikebreaker, killed In tliP'Mntthnt,
tan labor troubles of August, 1910,
When th use men come to trial, In
n week or two now, after bI suc
cessive postponements over a period
during which they nnd their attor
neys wero kept in tho dark as to tho
details of tho charges against them,
It Is oxprclcd thnl tho whole country
will sit up nnd tako notice. Kor
not only will tho revelations connect
ed with "Dopey Denny" probably bo
sensatlonnl, but tho touchy industrial
drama now approaching n cllninx will
detormlna tho fnto of what waB ex
pected to ho one of tho greatest nnd
most hopeful 'documents in all nlbor
Tho famous "protocol" whoso ab
rogation has just caused a sensation
In tho Industrial world, was suppos
edly n perpetual treaty of peace,
signed by tho employers nnd workers
in the New A'ork garment trades ns
settlement ot tho bitter 'strlko of
It provided, In ijrlef, that nil1 dis
putes between tho employers nnd tho
Workers should bo settled ly a mil
lunl board of grievances, or, that' falling-,
by n hoard' Jif1 arbitration of
which Louis I). llranilola Is chair
WASHINGTON, July 13. Sen
cleds" to chaso submarines! This Is
what the United StateH nayy depart
pient Is planninkg to adopt since
Qnrmnny has pioved tho torrlhlo offl
oienoy of the under Bea terrors.
The "sea sled" that probably will
form a valuable unit of tho American
navy In the future Is a modlfiod form
ot tho h)droplane, nnd will bo used
goloiy for defense against submn
rines and scouting. ' ,
Tho "soa sled' has a peculiar hull
taht enable It to skip over tho water
Instead of cutting through It. A 21
foot boat of this typo recently tested
by tho navy made 36 1-2 mile nn
Tho boats tnat it is now planned
to usu as guaidaiifl of tho big ilrwnd
naugltts will bo ImllU with n guar
antees! speed or sixty ono mllus.
Thay can ai ry 30 men and aro sor.
viewable In rough weather. It Is plan
ned to irold a vnasol laige enough
to osrrj a numbor pf "sea bKmIb."
This snip will ertihy. with the snips
of the first line tho big dread
naugHt. When aroutlag Wt -neseasary or
whan the periscope (if a wibmariae
is algbUKl tbft "sea sleds' cur h
OHlskb suag ever thy side. The
wemant on hits toh wnlitr taa en
glnog Urt at hlgli ywafld d tha
"sled" shoots over tho aurfaaa of
tho waves.
Taay aie Bpeet6 to ho abk to
run down a iHibmartuo that Is dlseov
ereil uwaii und neforo the latter on
subtm rge ridillt It With
mzfiXi' i m , C hi 1 1 it ft .i - lP ' - v
"Dopey llenii)" I'eln, gangiler; nt right (ubmo) lleiijiiiuiii Srlileslngcr,
picMdciit liiteriintlnnal l.ndlcV (aiini'itt Worker' union; mul (liolmv)
ti'eiienil SccretJiry-Tivnstirer.
Tho protocol wuh hailed nsn mag-
nn chnrla for tho wnrklngmnu. It
has been praised In pamphlets ot the
United States department of labor,
and has been copied to soltlo many
recent strikes, such as tho Chicago
clothing strlko ot 1012, tho Now
A'ork white goods strike nnd tho' Uns
tnn cloak strlko of 101.1, 'nnd the
Philadelphia cloak strlko of 101 i.
ImiI(K'oI Abrogated
And oen tho Now A'ork manufac
turers, in their official organ, tho
Clonk nnd Suit illoview," said In
Soptomber, 1011, "nnono who In any
capacity Is working for tho permn
nonc) ot tho protocol, is serving his
country." i "j" '
Then why did tho manufacture
abrogate the protocol
Miss Gortrudo ;Darnutn, , famous
labor leader, who 'has Just Como to
tako charge of tho employes enso
hero, after u oar of vroik with tho
industrial relations commission, ans
wers as follews:
' Thoy tako as pretext sooral pott
shop strikes which wero called with
i With tho Bubmarlnn driven off tho
shells from quick flrers placed lu thu
bow of tho slod.",
'sleds" speed back to their station
ship and are swung aboard again.
It Is oitlmntod thnt 800 of those
undine boats en be built for the cost
of a single in out cruiser
A maws meeting has boon callod by
the elty council for next Friday eve
ning, July 10, at tho N'atatorlum to
discuss tho MedyiiHUI proposition to
rabond the elty. Tho proposal la to
relioinl thw city to tho original
amount or $760,250, reimburse those
who have paid their installments, u
sum awuuntlng to $190,000, nnd
start ovar again. Tho rnto of Inter
oat under tha new plan would bo
lower than nt presont. Tho proposi
tion boa mot with the nproval ot a
Hunibei of Medford proporty owners,
and It Is urged that all taxpuer and
buatuess men attain!.
Jotxirji A. Perl
Lady Assistant
a h. initTi-UTT
I'lioufrt .M 17 unit 47 -J
Aiuliulnuie rkiruwt Oorourr
out tho consent nnd In spile of tho
bust efforts of tho union. Their real
renson is thnt they foar tho result ot
an unfavorable decision In sovorat
disputes taken to tho hoard of nrblr
(ration by the manufacturers them
selves. Tho Garment AVorkers' union, in
an opon letter to tho manufacturers
lias Just offered to submit this whole
mlsundurstntidin to an arbitration
committee under tho'chnlrmanshlp of
Major Mitchell or any othor person
of reconlzed stnndln. It Is the first
Instnnco of a strong union fully ready
to strlko actually offering nrbltrn
Ion to tho employers!"
Tho 'throat of tho garmont workers
Is that unless their union officers
now charged with murder nro given
a fair trial, the entire 00,000 ot them
will walk out, and with Samuel
GompoiB and all the American Feder
ation or Labor solidly behind them,
Uih trouble may grow until It In
volves nt least 100,000 workers, In
onslb the most desperate strikes of
recent years
T HI? P A 'C 1? Medf ordTs
lOEy rVjJ!; Leading Theater
li Cool, Comfortable, AVoll A'entllatetl
WKIAI.SiiAY and Tlll'ltSDAY
(Tho Itoyal Actress)
The Celebrated Scandal
Cleat Modem liny of Intent!!) und ksoi blng lntcrttst
V All-ritar Supporting I'ompany
Including HOWARD JOSH, stsr of A Peel Thore Was." STUAUT
fipoelul Mtlslcsil.rrograul with thlatFeatufo'
, I.Yl,l 0.
8eleUon, IVilaa ot Hoffman -.- .. .,
Lyric Suite . . ..... .,......
float Tli on Know tho Land (Mlgnoni
Haloatluu, dCtsa AValte ..
Pagfar untl B'lnalo Qvorturo Zampa
Tha Mrl King --
Ul tho Heart of a City a'hat Has No Heart .
LHMPt Girl (tfow ) -......... -.....- . . ., AVhitMey
TM Prgtl. AJy MpJiUpr AVoro (New) w ,...'J4jirs'M
Regular Prices: C-10-Kio
And i Rstored to Health by
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vpg -
. etaUb pompound.
Eupncmla, Ohio.' " Because of total
Ignorance of how to eare for myself
when verging into womanhood, and f rent
taking cold when going to school, I suf
fered from a displacement, and eaeH
month I Iwid sovcre pains and nausea
which always pioanl a lay-off from work
for two 'to four days from tho time X
was 1G years old.
"I wont to Kansas to Hvo with mysda
ter and whilo thero a doctor told mo of
thu I'inkham remedies but I did not ust
them then as my faith in patent medi
cincs was limited. After my sister died
I camo homo to Ohio to live and that
has been my homo for tho last IS years.
' ' Tho Change of Li f a came when I was
47 years old and about this tlmd I hw
my physical condition plainly described
in ono of your advertisements. Then I
began using Lydia E. Pinkham's Veg
otnblo Compound nnd I cannot tell you
or any ono the relief It gave mo in tha
first threo months. It put ma right
where I need not lay pit every month
and during the, last IS years I have not
paid out two dollars toadoctor.and havo
been blefttwiUM-'Xcellenthealth forawo
woman of my age and I can thank Lydia
"Since tho Change of Life la over I
liavo been n maternity nurse and being
wholly solf-Bupporting I cannot over
estimate the valuo of good health. I
have now earned a comfortable littla
homo just by sowing nnd nursing. I
liavo recommended tho Compound to
many with good results, as it is excel
lent to tako before and after child-bIrth."-Mis3
Evelyn Adeua Stbw
AliT, Euphcmia, Ohio.
If yon vrant special advice write ta
Lydia K. Pinkhniii Medicine (!o.(confl
dciitlnl) Ljrnn, Maws. Your letter will
bo opened, rend and answered by a
weaua and held iu strict ceaMdeaae
Tlio moot economical, cleansing ana
germicidal of all antlaop'tlca la
t i
A soluble Antkepllc PowaUr U
be dissolved in water a needed,
As a medicinal nntlsoptio for doueheg
In treating catarrh, Inflammation or
ulceration ot noso, throat, and that
caused by fomtulno ills It has'no equal.
For ten years tho Lydia E. Flnkhaa
Modlclno Co. has recommended Faxtlne
In their prlvato correspondence wiUl
womon, which proves Its superiority.
Women who liavo been cured say
it is "worth Ita weight la gold." At
druggists. COc. largo box, or by mall,
Tho Pitxton Tollot Co., Uoaton. Maw
Medford Creamery
in N. Central Avo.
beimont 5C11001
(For Boya)
21 mites south uf Sn FrtneM
W think tliw rl' la oar hajt olut
tltOUtfbtrul MirMllt wuh. Our CrlUAlvvaWf.
on rmiiitiiluuu. Imtltutiooi IUI lutmlt on
rrlln(t umI on , ttp u'
ourruluyur) lu llrnl. th Hjumluum!!
Inntlluti of TtN'tinoluffir. ond Yt wnoiii d
i.ilMloarutrmnUarmot mtt. HntiSfur
Uaulirullr lllmiriitAl csulairu, which di
not only rrrr tvt litfn o( lli uplrl I ! pr
Ihim or lh s.'houl. tut or It titnlpinrnt nnd lt
llrnllrfrhcKiioin, Nolhlnr howrTtr.coB
iull Uk tho iUc vl tltll lo tb tcuooL
. W T ltKII),udUuUr,tli)X K..Dln't.Cl-,
TltflS, Qfsanlst.
............ BohM
...... .......... Ilurod
.. ahubert
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