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Medford Mail Tribune
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Mnr. M MIh. H..1. Fair
Tonight nml Ttiemlay,
1'orlv.flflli Yrrtr.
Itiillv Ti'iilli Vi-nr,
Federal Tribunal Denies Writ of Ha
hens Corpus In Celebrated Atlanta
CaseFrank Given Every Oppor
tunity to Be Heard anil Accorded
Fullest RtMs In Trial.
ATLANTA, (In., Apnl t(. - "I ""
vi'iy much disappointed, It'll I will
l.eo'p no the right," wild Leo M
Prank, when informed Hint liishuheitH
corpus in.riino nguliiM Min.
I'i link's iitloriieyH said Uh'v holicv
rd ry menus in Frank's hehnlf bil
lot o I Iti' coin is I nl been exhausted.
They added llmt they would probably
prepare u petition asking Ih Georgia
pMHItll I'lHIIMIlHNillll III I'lllllllllltfl
Flunk' Mrntriirr.
WAHIIINOTON, Aplll lt. Leo M.
Trunk, tin llrooklyn iiiint under
ileu Hi sentence for tho murder of
.Mary I'lmKnii, nn Atlanta factory
i:lrl, lout another utep In hi Hunt
for ll( In tho supreme court of tint
Pnltod Hlntcs today.
In n decision to which Justice
nullum nml IIukIica dissented, tlio
court dlsmlssud Frank's npponl from
tlio federal court or Ooontln, which
refused to r.i'il'no him on n writ
of habeas corpus.
Frank contended that "ultcRcd moh
violence" at lilit trial mid tlio fart
that li was absent from tlio court
room when tho Jury returned Its vcr.
dirt had removed him from tlio Juris
diction of the court of (leoritla.
Tlio majority opinion of the su
prcoin court rejected nil of those
rntitcnllnnn hnil drclnrcd i'rnnk en
joyed nil his li'Kiil Haiti In tlio Geor
gln court,
HcemltiRly no other nvcnuo of es
cape fiotu tlio death penalty In open
to Frank tliroupji tlio courts. The
Mute pnrdon officials inlRht relievo
Court ,rroU Thorough
Justice I'ltuey In the majority de
cision hinted (hut tlio ohllKatlonn
tested upon tin; supremo court to
look through (ho form mid Into tlio
very heart nnd substance of tlio mat
ter, not only of tlio n Vermont In
Frank's petition, hut In the trial pro.
reeding In tlio state courtn them
selves. Tlio petition conlnlnH n nnr
mtlvo or disorder, hostile manifes
tations nnd uproar, mild tlio Justice,
"which If It Blood nlono and wero
In ho tnken nn true, may heconrvded
lo have been Inconsistent with u fnlr
trial mid nil Impartial verdict. Hut
to consider thin an standing nlono In
to tnko n wholly nuperflclnl view;
for the narrative In coupled with
oilier statement from which It clear
ly uppeurn that tlio name allegations
of dliiorder worn submitted to the
trlnl court qf CleorRln nn a ground
ror nvnlilliiK tlio consequences of tlio
trial and Iheso nllenntloim xvoro con
sidered hy those courtn successively
ut time nnd plitrcs mid under clrciure
HtaneeH wholly apart from tlio ntinos
phero of (ho trlnl and froo from any
Miguostlon of moh domination or tlio
Allegations (imiinilless
Thn fnctn wero examined hy those
courlH upon nvldeiiro auhmlttod on
hoth nlden nnd both courtn found
Frank' allegations to ho Kroundloss,
except with respect to n fow matters
of Irregularity not harmful to tlio de
fendant, "TIiIh court holdn that hiicIi n do-
(Comiod on Vnw 2A
SAN FRANCISCO, April 10. Tlio
qualifying round in Ilio Puhnmii-Pn-cifin
exposition iiiunteur koU' eliiiiu-
pioiiHliip Ih'kiiii today on llio liukn of
tlio Sun Fiiint'ihoo uolf nnd Country
cliili, Golfer from nil purtH of tlio
country mo entered. Tlio mediil
roiiuil will ho played over tlio thirty
hIx hole routo mid hixtyifour will
qiinlil'y to eompolo for tlio title,
ChnrlcH Kviiiih, Jr., of Cliit'iipo,
wohIciii ehiimpion, is iniili'lied today
iiKiiiimt Holiorl (1. lln.vne, oliimipioii
of iioilht'rli Culifoi'iiiu, Tliiiro uro
niiiuty enlrien, tumuitf them Chuiullor
1'uiui nf Medfovil, Or,, forinoi' iinlioniil
loses Win another drive
French Claim Capture of 600 Yards
of Trcnchcs--Germaiis Deny
Kaiser's Plans for General Offens
ive In France Ahandonctl to Con
centrate on Eastern Cainpaiuu.
l.OSMHlS, April III. The ItriiWi
in my )Uh liepin iitmiliei' impoitmit
iliivo n't the (lei mini hue whieh hotiU
eoilq tovil slti'lpiiuii. Sharp liKhtin
oiiejllVifd 'yenlenhiy in lleihiiii nml
the offli'ml Kieneli lepoit of today
Mnlvk'ihnt the IIiiIinIi eiiptureil 'JIIU
yitnl of (li'iinnii liciieheh, letninini;
tht'li' ponitimi in lln laee of MiVerul
eoiinte.CMittnekM. The stnteinenl Iroui
Merlin, however, uly III Mritlh were
ejeeled Tioin minor imsiliouH they hnd
taken from the OennaiiH nml that
Mritixh nllael.M near Ypien hrokn
down with heavy losxev
The Fieni'h are iiKiiin on the offen
h'imi on the eiihtein end of the line
nml Niihktmitinl prorcx in Alxiiee is
nminiiiiecil nt PiuiH. The French
tioops nte Haul lo have pressed for
wnnl nloiij; the Feehl river. The llcr
liu repoit iimm'iIs that French on
HlniiKhtN near ComhreH nml in the
Voip'H failed.
Iiifonmitiou Iiiih reached Petro(,rnd
thnt the Austrian attempts to regain
pntilioim in northern Huiipiry, cap
lured recently hy the Hiisxinim, linvo
lieeu uhaudoiu'il,
l.'eniiaii Offenxho AluindoitcMl
Ahniideiimeiil: hy tlio (Termini crn
rrnl Muff o pliini. for n p'ncrni of
fensivo lit Friineo 1h inferred in Horn
frtm information received there, ll
in tiiiil thin ilcoisjon is indicated hy
official eoimnuuieittionx to lite Italian
cabinet as well iim hy Htnlcincnt of
(JennniiM in offielul clrelon nnd that
ho'po of penetration further Into
Ficiich territory ha heeu put nhiile.
A dihpatch from (lenevn i;ives the
iiuprcfhioii thnt the Austriaim mid
(lennaiiK have drcided to eonccntrute
their eiierio on the eiihtuni com
paicn. It in said that at n eoimcil of
war piexided oer hy Field Maihhnl
von lliiidciihui-K it was detcrmiiieit lo
traiiHl'er the Austrian heavy nitillery,
now hefore Verdun, to Poland nml to
m'ii hack to Cracow, weslern (laliein,
the lluiiimrinn cavalry now in the
western front.
ItusslniiH Claim Vlrtoiien
The hiluntiou still in to hu cleared
up. Confident nxneitioiis fiom Merlin
last week that tlio ltiisian iiihauuo in
the Carpiilliinii regions had ht'eu
halted are offset hy the claim of the
PctioKiud war office that the princi
pal chain of the mountains, eonipiis
iiiR n 7."-milo seelion of the front,
now in possexsiou of the Itussiuus
nml that 70,000 Auslrians lmo hecu
eiiptured In tlio hist few weeks. It in
Hiild in Petro);rail that the movement
toward the interior of Hungary will
he roHiinied niter tlio troops linvo heen
rested and reinforeed. The Aiislriuii
war office, however, tuaiiituiiiH that
tlio AiiHtro-Ocrmnn forces uro gain
iiij; furlhcf victories,
Count Alvnro do KoniaiioneH, for
nier premior of Spain, has made a
puhlio statement that "n solemn dec
laration" should ho mode hy Spain to
show where her sympathy lies in the
war without violating her neutrality,
lie pointed out that Spain's relations
with the triplo entente, i-onsihtin of
Great Mritaiu, France nnd Russia,
had heen mora and more friendly dur
ing leeont years.
HONOLULU, T. 1L, April 10. An
effort lo raise the subinariiio F-4 was
delayed n few hours early today to
strengthen minor defect of the
driiiiiholiler of ono of tlio scow pon
toons. In it liftiiiR tt'st nuulo last
night tliu other scow to he used in
(ho work of bringing1 the scow to thn
Hitrl'ni'ii was found to bo l perfect
Tlio result of I ho lest convinces
Hear Admiral Charles 11. T. Monro
mid the other uiivnl authorities in
charge of the oporntioiis of the fens
iblllly pf the plan to remove the ornfl
to Hhiiilow w'alur by nllerniito lifting
hy tlio Hcoiyu nml lowing wlti tiiiJ.
Austrian Protest Aualnst Massing of
Troops on Frontier Expected to Be
Sl(jnal for War Allies Anxious to
Close Door to German Shipments
Action at Dardanelles Expected.
I.O.VnON. Aniil Ifl. Whether ne.
Initiations liclween Home nnd Vienna
coiiecniiug ltalV ileiuands for ter-
ritoijul eoneessioiiH buve been broken
off renin iiw lor the mouiout an olfie
ial secret, hut it appeals lo be utii
versnllv ncreeil that the tension is
approaching the bieaklnu pdut. It is
siiggeHted heie that the Italian lor
eigu ofliee is mvailint: nu iiltiniatuni
from Vieiinu on the subject of ltnl'
miliinrv picpmations along the
frontier ns a imtext lo sever the re
miiiniii tic, bringing nu outbreak of
Wnllloi; for Italy
The nleilness with which every
inoe, iliilomntiu or otherwise, mnde
bv Italv Is now followed In Loudon,
fiudieates the high importance attach
ed here to efforts to bring Italy to
the lighting lino. One of the main ren
sons udvaneed for Ibis desire to in
clude Italy in the partnership of the
allies is that in no other wuy is it
possible to chue effectively the door
through which supplier still nre
reaching the Teutonic allies in con
siderable, amount.
A ease in point is the confiscation
by Hie Swiss- authorities, announced
in Geneva today, of n enrload of ma
chine guns of American iiinnnfaoliiro,
which was on the way to Germany
from Genon. Shipments of iron, cop
per, antimony nnd sulphate have been
reaching Oertnany with n fair degree
of regularity.
Austrian Kiultargo
It is asserted today that a sudden
embargo lias been placed at Count on
a trninlond of these supplies nnd that
Italy mid Itumania have, taken joint
action in refusing to allow foodstuffs'
for the civilian population of Aus
tria. Hungary to traveise their terri
tories. Although there has been much
fighting in both the eastern mid wes
tern fields, operations on u big scale
nrflstill awaiting improvement in the
wither on one sido nnd adequate
supplies on the other. Indications
tire, however, In both the Carpathians
jnri Pohtnd that the grentest hnttib
yet to be fought is imminent and that
thn coining clash in the (ipathiuus
will coincide with n great German
advance from the direction of Cra
cow. Activities in llio Dardanelles nro
taken to presage mi important move
ment nny day now against the Turk
ish positions on the straits,
CHICAGO. Aoril If). Sessions do-
signed to bring about a settlement of
n strike of 1(1,000 union enrpenters
wero begun hero today by tlio stute
board of itihitrutioii. Tlio hoard is
meeting ut the request of Governor
"1 view tlio striko ns n enlamitv."
Govcrrtor Duiino said after a confer
ence with members of tlio board.
"ClneaiTii and the stala of Illinois nro
ins! lrutlinr? n norioil of nrosncritv
v n p. --,--- , , .
nicely under way when n striko is
pushed In the way ol u period ot good
WASHINGTON, April 10. General
Villa, rot ren tod yesterday from Ira
puiito to Agim Culicnlcrt with four
teen troop trains, according to offic
ial dispatches today to tlio statu de
partment. Villa announced, tlio report says,
thnt ho would usseinblo his forces ut
Agua CnlK-ntes for mi nttliek upon
Obregon, at Celityn. His losses in tho
recent engagement nt Cclnyn nro es
timated ut 0000 men. Ohregou's
losses nfo unknown.
Cruet ill lliietta, cx-illctnlor of Mcxlro, mIio rntisisl I'tirle Sam to sonil
wurshlps to .Mexican Maters liy his rofttsul lo miIiiIc (he Aineriraii flag,
Is tsltliitf In ev Voik now. HuMtys Ills nip Is purely for Krvoruil
trji-ons and that he Js )uilii; an eiijoynhlc time, but from oilier sources
It Is minoriMl that Iluertn Is plaiiul iik another revolution In Mlro. In
llhe jdctnrv nlsiw lie Is seen with A liiuhnin . Ilntner, one of his rlo
friiMKlx. ltutner. with his lo-ollier, ouned the Tiuuplro Xewx Co., in
.Mexico City, hut xvns rxlleil liy the .Mitilero Kovei-nmetit. They returned
to fnxor miller lliietlo's n'Klme, ns purrlinslui; aeuls of utr supplies.
LONDON, April 10. The following
official statement was Wsiicd tonight
nt the wnr effice:
"A successful action commencing
on the eve of the 17th culminated hist
night in tlio capture and complete oc
cupation of mi important point known
ns Hill (10, which lies about tuo miles
south of Zillebeke to tlio east of
Ypres. This hill dominates the coun
try IJ the north nml northwest.
"The successful explosion of n
mine under the lull commenced the
operations, and iiiaiiv Germuns were
killed hy this and fifteen prisoners
weio captured, including mi officer.
At daybreak on the 18th the enemy
delivered n heavv eountor-nttaek
against this hill, but were repulsed
with n heavy los. They udvaneed in
close formation mid our machine gun
battery got well into them.
"Desperate efforts wero made nil
day yesterday hy the Germans to re
cover tlio hill, but they were every
where repulsed with great loss.
"In front of the captured position,
upon which wo nre now consolidated
in strength, hundreds of dead nro ly
ing. "Wslerdny two more- Gorman nero
plmics wero brought down in this
area. Since tlio Villi iust. the total
loss to the enemy is five neroplanes."
MJirntlan, Mox., April 10, Tho Villa
movement on tho west coast of Mex
ico is said to bo vapidly collapsing.
Gunymns is tho only port on tho
mainland eominiuuU'd by tho Villa
forces. It is believed tho Lower
California towns held by Villa troops
uro iinnhlo to resist mi attack.
.apotlan has been avuouated hy
tho Cnrrnnzn troops, General Dieguez,
n Cnrrnnzii commander, arrived to
day at Colima, 143 miles south of
Guadalajarn, with many wounded.
Tho homo of n Chinese nierehnnt at
Miiiunnillo was seized by Curronzn
officials. As n result of n deoreo is
sued nt Mnzutlun all Cliineso huve
disappeared from tho booths in the
markets (hero,
Ynrpii Indians nro now conducting
nn independent wnrfuro and nro giv
ing trouble to both tho Villa mid
Ciivrniixu foiVcs.
PKTHOGHAI), April 10. Austrian
attacks on the heights of tho Mczo
laborer, district of Hungary, where
the Aiistrimis for ix days have been
furiously nltemptiiig to regain posi
tions recently taken by the Ku-sinns,
appear to have deliuitely subsided.
The attacks, which exceeded in vio
lence any action on this front, reach
ed their greatest intensity on April
17, when sixteen n-uiils nre rtorted
to have been made on thnt one day.
The encounters ended in tho evening
.its a desperate bayonet change mid
sustained hmid-to-hmid encounters,
which left the Itiissjmis, nceording to
reports received hy the Hussion offic
ials, firmly ensconced on the height of
Telepoteh. After this the Austrian
attack appeared to have spent itself
and there nre no indications of a re
sumption of ni'tivity in this region.
Austrian nssaults upon the other
important height in the east De-kids,
nainelv Zeloe. were renulsed chiefly
by the fire of rillcs and lnnohiuef
gun. After three sharp couuter-nt
.tacks the Aiistrimis here, too, gn;e,
up tho nttcuityt to regain the summit.
On the northern front the swnmpy
condition of the thawing ground pro
vents operations on n large scale.
PKTHOGHAI), April 11). Petro
grad butchers refused to sell meat to
day in protest against a recent gov
ernment order warning nil retailers
that prices must not hu raised abovo
rates fixed by tho government. Cus
tomers who went to tho shops for
their usual purchases found . tlicm
empty. Tho hatchers siiid'thero was
no prospect that a .supply of meat
would bo available,
This notion led to disorders and in
somo shfip-s excited custoiiiers broke
into the incut collars, and on finding
them well stocked, insisted that they
bo served. Incipient riots, which re
sulted in tho partial wrecking of sev
eral shops, wero ended by tho polico,
who mado an investigation ns it basis
for court procedure uguiiiht tho
Shops in which no meat was found
were dosed by tho polico and will not
ho permitted to reopen until special
permission has been obtained. Dutch.
ir who concealed meat will ho fined
or imprisoned.
i in w mmm"
Secretary of Navy Slnple-Handedly
Maklnrj Government Independent of
Monopoly -Has Forced Price Down
From 80 Cents a Pound to 32
Enemies Seek His Destruction.
(Mv Gilsou Gardner.)
WASHINGTON, April II). Fil oho
respect, .InscphiiH Daniels has been
the best secretary the nnvyover hii(l,
lie has done more than nny'iiredecos.
nor toward making the government
independent of private interest In
the innlter of its ammunition mid na
val material. Within two years- the
'overnment will be making nil its
powder nt Indian Head. 1'siii'r an ap
propriation grnnlcd by lljn recent
congress-, the secretary is greallv en
larging tlie capacity of the smokeless
powder plant at Indian Head and the
capacity for the full requirements of
the navy will bo reached, it is behev
ed, within thnt period. As a result.
the price of powder has been drop
ping. Originally tho powder trust
took 80 cents a pound from the gov
ernment for its smokeless; then they
dropped to oil cents and then the gov
ernment begnn making its own pow
der for Hll cents "nil now with un
proved equipment is making it for 3'J
cents a pound.
Trust Fights Daniel
It is in doinc things like litis thnt
Secretary Daniels hits made, himself
one of the most oritioUed navy heads.
Ho hud tho temerity in his first an
nual report to exK)e the collusive
bidding of tho armor plate ring and
to recommend the construction of a
government aniior-uiuking plant. The
wnr frnst'rt influence with congress
has been strong cnnuult to prevent
legislation to carry out this proposi
tion. Kven in the late congress it
was defeated for about tho ninth
time. Hut DanielxMS dniw: whnt he
can to smash this combination mlso,
The ivmiII is that nil the tremendous
engines of publicity. are nt work to
brin;; the Daniels admini-tnition into
discredit. His enemies do not join
issue on the real grievance. Nothing
is said in their publicity about the
armor factory or the powder making
activities; of the government. On the
other hand, the criticism is directed
to the introduction of education in
tho nivy's personnel, the abolishment
of liquor nnd tho supposed disorgan
ization and neglect of discipline.
Houson for Efficiency
Thnt the navy has become less ef
ficient of late years there is no doubt.
A good reason is found in the influ
ence of tho "little navy" members of
congress who have denied proper ap
propriations and used their influence
for tho misapplication of money di
verted into political navy yards nml
AKvata construction of armament and
'-Icwi' 'iS"ided economy has cut
down mo nuinucr ot enlisted men re
quired, so that there nro not enough
to man the ships. Hut all theso rea
sons nro not the ones which inspire
tho hostilo criticism directed ngninst
Secretary Daniels. He is n much bet
ter secretary than he is painted.
WASHINGTON, April 10. General
Villa s mining decree will not ho en
forced until "ho is in rt position- to
give guarantees nnd transportation to
tho industry." Stnte department ad
vices today from Villa's headquar
ters n,t Jrnpuuto sent April lfl said
tho protest of tho United States mid
Great Britain had been laid before
Villa nnd ho had given assurances
that ho would modify tho decree to
avoid possibility of international
complications. Tho decrco provided
among other things for tho forfeit
ure of mining property upon which
development work was not carried on
or when taxes wero not paid within n
stated period.
Consul Sillimnn nt Vera Cm?, re
ported today that Alfred Tappail of
New York, threalened with execution
hy Carranza forces in Yiientan, now
is to bo tried on n ohurgo which does
not involve (ho death penalty.
NO. 03
libel mm
Opening Day Spent Securing Jury to
Try Libel Case Against Fernw
President by Political Boss of New
York Each Side ts Allowed Six
Challenges. ,
SYRACUSE, N. Y, April 10. Tho
Jury xvliieh will try Wiljinm Dunn1'
..)(bj)06,-iii)l JoMihcI jflnmst .Then
dorflJlooSfvcIt wax cmjeted Into fo
day. . . --ir -
SYnACPSK, & -Y ' April 1'rf.
Theodore Roosevelt .lind'jVilllnm
Karnes faced each 't)jff iritM 'Mil
pr.emo court here" "today when Mr.
lln rues' hii'iL for libel, demanding'
$.)0,000 dnmnges against tho former
president, was called for trial. Mr.
Knrncs nnd Colonel Hooscvclt snt nt
ndjoininp tables, hut'neither paid any
attention to tho other. The room won
crowded and outside the eoiirihouso
a great crowd kept in lino hy police
men awaited opportunity to gtc in.
Talesmen KjiamUned
Examination of talesmen in tho
special panel of 7o cnlled for the caso
began us soon ns Justice William S.
Andrews nscended tho bench nnd op
ened court. Each sido was informed
by the courtjhnt it would bo allowed
six peremptory chpllengwf' Tho
talesmen were questioned JiyWillinnt
L. Itanium, it Symouo attorney,' for
Mr. Karnes. He wanted to know
whether the "political prominence
heretofore" of either one or both tho
principals xvould affect' tltfc decision
of possiblo jiirorsC Henlo- asked
talesmen whether they believed Milf
tieiatiR might he libelled just ns other
The fact that the defamlant has
been president of tho United States
and governor of New York was nlso
dwelt upon by the attorney in'7rnminj
his inquiries. "'
When the afternoon 'session oon
ed, Oliver D. Rtirden, a Syracuse at
torney of Colonel Roosevelt' tnff,
asked tho talesmen xvhether they be
lieved a person holding public officn
might bo critices for maladministra
tion or corruption while in thnt of
fice. C'ennnn Not Prejudiced
In reply to questions, ono talesman,
n native of Germany, said that tho
fact thnt Colonel Roosevelt, "al
though having nlwnys been friendly
to Germany, hnd criticised thu viola
tion of the neutrality of Belgium,"
xvould not prejudice him against tho
defendant. Each talesman was ques
tioned closely ns to xvhether he had
any grudge against Colonel Roosevelt
because of his actions during' tho
presidential campaign of 1012.
The court upheld an objection by
Karnes' counsel to a question ns to
whether ono of tho talesmen believed
that a citizen had a right to oritieiso
a person in public office, if his mo
tive for so doing xvns to further tho
cntiso of honest gox'ernment.
As the examination proceeded, Mr.
Kanitun delved deeper into political
and legislative matters, asking; tho
talesmen to what extent they had
been interested in such affairs.
Onco Mr. Karnes, xvho had ehnngei
his sent, swung around in his chair,
and gazed nt Colonel Roosevelt for
fully two minutes, then turned hack
and wrote a memorandum on a pad of
Marshal Kplmor Yon der Qoltsc
has beon unpointed commander la
chief of the first Turkish army.
Field Marshal von der GolU rec
ently returned to Constantinople from
a. trip to Kerllu, the object of hlR
Is reported to haer been to urge th
Gorman government to send an army
to attack Serbia. In the early prt
ot the xvar he served a8 military gov
ernor of KolKlum, and In January
xvaa sent hy Germany to, CpHUail
nople q assist In dtrwtlHjt th Task
luh army which he had ,rtr.i-
ed In earlier years,
! M
- ')