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Medford Mail Tribune
Light Frost Tonliilir. FnIrT
Mine, ft I; .Mln. 42j I'rec, ,W.
Knrly flflli Yt-nr
Dully Tnilli Yiur.
NO. 14
Styial Finns Hoisted, Whlstlrs Arc
Blown mul Steam Up Pulls Away
From Pier Collector of Port Dc
rlarcs Internment of Raider Not
Tlioiifiht Of.
NEWPORT NHW1S. Viu, April 7. -Sim
illy heroic :i o'clock Hit l'H"l
Imixli'il a line nl' sliimil .Hugs mid
blew her whistle. One nhrlll Musi win
sounded. Smoke whn MiiiiltiK fi'tin
llllHl III lil'l' fUUHI'l.
Tin' lltol' ewtel linn limit wn ii
cln-clv gunnled - ever today, ImiI
inniiliiiH1 elrelM liml hclli'ved il ittp
lill ilniwintt I" it eloo.
Twcnly-flvo uierelmni "hip fl.viiui
Ihe flag of tin1 hllii'M weie being ln'lil
lll lll'lt', lfUH' I'lCUrtlllCI IH-llllilHl
ii'ciH(ii'iil in tho rniilt'iV cno.
Mytery WIN Arlloti
At :i.VI p. m. ! Pi in Mild Pried
liili -till hum nl lii'i- whin! mul llii'ii'
w mi npjMtiftit explanation fur tin'
iti'liulv nil board.
'I'lin oitiicr, however, pulled away
finiii her pier a few feet unit her
Iiiiiiii'Ii, which had been lowered since
her I'litry iulo poll, win hoisted to
Ilic deck. Smoke from her funnel
giow heavier.
"Wo niD not i'Vi'ii thinking uliout
inlet imicul or llif Prior. Kilel Fiid
I Irh imif," iIwJhu'iI Collector of
Cii-lniiiH llniiilltnii loiln., after In1
liml united oMpcctuiitlv thtouglioitt
llii iiinlit fur tlic German criii-rr to
leave thi port. A tin' customs '!
Iix'ior spoke he wax preparing to
imoin viit tin ship on onlcr from
Washington, although lie liml hade
fiewel lo Cotiunnndcr Thicriehrn
ami member of hi Muff Insl night.
.Men limit Ship Ilitil I'p
TliU declaration wn tin fin-1 mi
Ihorilntivo niliiiii'fion conceitiing I ho
mysterious iiosjiillulioo iclutiug to
tlin nhip in ninny dnv. liileiiiuiciil,
llin collector muiiI, uonlil ln a simple
proceeding when tln occasion nrio.
Ono inilli'ntion I lot I llic Kit el liml
not lii'i'n interned early todav wn
Hint tlu I'oiitlmiiitioti if tlif limi on
dnpaitiiio of merchant ships f t Jin
Ciioloiii" officials hot i' and nl Nor
Toll; were appealed liy lrilih ship
I'aplmiiH fur permission lo leave.
Tltev. were lold (hoy foiiltl not leave
pint until fnrtlit'r notit't'.
HKRLIN, Apnl 7. Tin' Mcriin
newspaper IoiIiin publish suminuiics
of tint AiiU'rii'iin nolo to Uicnt lint
nin on the oulcr in council. With the
t'M'i'plioii of tin' Krone. ZcitiuiKi Ihoy
iiinlit no coiniiH'iit. This paper, hov
"If tliis Miininnr,v i t'orii'et, tho
unto iuciiiih tlie far-ri'at'hinu' iclicnl
of Aim ii'n, iiiiiHiinich an it peniiiU
(heat lliitain lo eiury out iln Milock
nile' iiiciiKiiicK aKiiiuxt Aini'iican xhips
oven when Ihev eiury kooiIh which
am not coiilrahnuil, hnt count fioin
or (,o to poilH of ho-t ill IiiihIh. In
this Anieiicn nm lenders llio priu
I'iple that every hlocKndo niiiHt he cf.
I LONDON', April 7. MrR. Kmino.
lino I'lirUhiirnt aunoiinccil today Hint
tho Woiiioii'h Hoclnl Political Union
amitl tho otlior HiiffrnKo oiKnnlzutloiiH
In (I rout Ilrltnln anil Franco liml tin-
oliluil not to partlulpato In tho forth-
'coining womon'H conioronco at tho
MIiikuo to coiiHldor tliu (iiosttoii ot
I Tho lliitlBh nillltuut Jondor Biihl:
"Tills laovoiainit Ih well nionnlnir,
'lint nilHtnUvn, TIioko rnanliiR thta
t'onfoi'unro Imvo no polltlnil Ia
fluonro. I'ro-OorinanH nro vnrkliiK
linrd hi tlilrt direction horo nml In
moiitral rquntrJoH ami much flornuin
inonoy Iiiih lieon eliculutoil In Amor"
!cn, hut thta In not tho tlmo to talk
Allies Renew Assault Upon German
Lines, Which Lntttr Claim Arc Rc
liulscd Russians Win One Pass In
Carpathians Out Arc Repulsed at
Another liy Counter Offensive. i
I.ON'IHIN', Apnl 7. A fiirnni . a (
Nimll on Hie Oeiiiimi poi ions he ;
lui'i'ii Hie .Mi'iinn mid tin' Motcllc isl
heiui; iiiihIc h the Ficnch in con! mo '
alion of Iheir new offen-ne uiost
incnl. The oflit'lal couiiiiuiilinlioii
from Iteilin mcutioiiH nllmd. nllir ol
lacl, ami "iiy Iliexe nnliiiii-'lil wire.
lepuUi'tl with "etraoidiminl In aw
loam's" for Ihe I'icneh. On muiic of
IhoKo liallli'fieltU, it is Mini, the
lirouml is coH'it'tl willi Imilitx of the
I'Vi'liell. The oflieial -lillincill Itoitll
I'nrin uiu'H few ili'lnll.i o t ! fiht!
.... . . . i .1... i'
IIIK, ailimiIKU II IN Cllllllicii nun linuiii
wa aaiiicd in nuit' io-tiinci .
Tin Iteilin utateinent mis the Oir-
iiiuii" ahundoned Ihe xillnft' of Drei,.
(Intchlcn, which thev had capture 1
fioin the HelKimiM. on necount of the
Hie ftoia heay artillery to which tt
wiih Kiihjoeted.
.Ioiik lviilrm l'ront
No further official infoi unit ion
was civcii out coufciiiiiig the catu
pain In tin' wiM, except n inference
in tlie Iterliu xtalcmcut of the fight
ing alonif the caxt I'ruo-iaii holder
It is Mtid Hull Hid l'niH-iniw ucio if
puUt'tl in hatilcs southwiM of .fetmd
and mar AiikumIowo, one ltiiH-mii
hattaliou liciui; anuihilHtcd.
Attciilion is coueeulnitcd on the
Carpathian piiHvx, where the llus
iiiiH are hrinyinir up heavy reinforce
UU'iits to pii-h their at Inch, the Mir-ce-ts
of which is expected only
through wciuht of umuhers, On the
other hand, the Amtiuin and Herman
coaunauders nUo aie mnhinir Nlrenu
ouk cffoils to HtreiiKtlien their forces.
I'MlU I 'if". CllptlllVll
1'eliojjrail icports that the section
near the I'kmiI; 1 ', of which Vi
enna mhniU ictiiTinciil, twIemU for
n ilittlance of M'M'uleen mill's. To
irfel, Vienna claims a counter-of-fciikixc
tunwutfiit near Luplmw I'a-n,
wliete the AiiNlriaiiH report Ihe tnliin
of several Kuxiau po-itious with the
capture of 7111)0 piionncr.
A eouervatie iulcipiclatiou of
hoth the l!uinu mul the Austrian ie
piiils lemlx to the helief that the llus
xian oIIViimvc at Luplmw has heeu
checked while thev have forced their
wav through the ISoMok pas, cap
lining two mIIukch on the southern
side of Ihe rane.
WASHINGTON, Apiil 7. The in
terstalo eoimucice commission today
announced J lui 1 it would investigate
tho ownership and operation of the
Pacific Mlcamslti) Oieat Northern liy
theUront Noithern Pacific Slentmhip
eonipany, to discover whether ihe
ptovision of the Panama canal net
prohibiting ownership of steam Hues
by lallroads is being violated,
A hearing will hu held at a date to
he announced later,
LONDON, April 7. Anothor nt
tompt to forco tho DardanollOR ap
parently Is under way. An official
announcement from Constantinople
stato a cruiser nml a torpodo boat
wore struck by shells during a hom
Imtdiucut of tho outer forts on Mon
day. Tho hombardmont, It Is said,
was without results, and no serious
attack was attempted yesterday,
Tho Turkish war offlco also ro
pnrtH a resumption of hostilities In
tho Caaueaslau campaign. It an
nounces that a HubsIuu foteo advanc
ed on tho Tilths near tho fiontler, but
was driven linok lo KuBshin tonl
tory and that tho TihUh uftor eigh
teen boms of hard fighting occupied
sovoral ItusHlnn towns,
Tho Home correspondent of n
Paris itovvspapui' telegraphs today
4 ii
I mpciiir Ulllhim (lo Hie Icflf) sIIiik up n Itos-Lin prisoner who liml Ik'cii bioolit iK'forc him. The
knUrr N went Iiik an lulnloi-'i Jersey cap timler his lielmct. He Is alway s miirli iiiicrtMiil in ihe eommoii
sold lets of llio enemy.
The In !" t ejrtf e'er Iaed liv a
lieu ill southern Oregon nml perhaps
the I a rut t cut Inn! in Oretmu, is on
exhihitiou in Ihe (.'oiamercial chili e-
hi1.ii i-.iiiiii. It i Hi.. si.. or ! i,i,'
ttiniMi vat. uieamires 10 i inches!
mound thr largest way hv 7 incln .
Ihe other way, mul weighs
ounce. It was lanl Apnl hv an
Orpiugtoit lieu helongiug lo Mr-. ('.
A. Laird of 102 1 Ninth r'rout stieet.
This Otpiuglou hen Inoke another
record Wednesday when she hud
tluee e;s in one day, one of them
hard-shelled ami two soft -shelled.
The tin oo aie ahout the fanio weight
as the record egg laid Momln v, which
Is c ideally three eggs in one.
There is iiolhiug uuusuul in ap
pearance ahout this phenouieuul tgg
la.xiug hen, hut in hiMiig the higgost
egg ami in laving throe e ggs in one
i!n she hn- htokeu all iecoid.
SALEM, Or., April 7. Foilv-five
insane patients, forty-four from Ihe
state iisylinu here nml one fioin llio '
I'.astern Oiegon asylum, weie depot t-
.1.1 luiliiv. Iviir.imi i.i Hut .Inst liml ion
of fifteen of them, Mo.sieo four and
the remainder me being transput ted
to stales of which they nre tesideuts.
Physicians ami attendants from Ihe
Iwti as.vluuis depatted on special cars
with Ihe patient, An Oregon law re.
tpiites the depoitatioii of insane pa
tients not residents of the stale.
that Italy and Serbia nro at tho point
of concluding nn agreement under
which Italy will not object to Sor-j0t for sixty years. Thirty eight
bin's uctiulsltlon of territory on tho tsaloona woro votod out thoro.
Adrlatlo, ptovldotl It Is not fortified. ia Wisconsin cities, towns and il
If this agtomont Is concluded ns la lages which voted on tho liquor qucs
oxpected, tho eonesiiomlent says, im yesterday showed n gain for tho
Itnly's participation In tho war may dry forces In tho luunbor of towns
bo considered Immlnont. gained, but tho larger cities voting
Hulgniift's reply to Sorbin's pro- on tha Issuo, Mndlson, Suporlor, Ash
test growing out ot tho Valamlovo In- land anil llololt remained in tho wot
cldont (tho attack by llulgarlnn lr- column( M
regulars upon Sorblnn frontlor I .n'miTM
iruardfl). tlin Honin Trllionn unva. tlm .
" ' ,-... -- - ........... -,.y ,.f ...w
clash must havo dlsploased tho trlplo
ontento powors while reviving tho
hopes of tho contrnl empires, and
Turkoy, Tho nowspnpor thinks UuU ,,!,. nrrjVl.rt ,w today to conclude
garla la negotiating with tho allies, muij;einens with Hulgnrian vail
whllo nt tho samo tlmo maintaining nlB t',. ,, establishment of direct
Intlmato relations with Austria nml 'coiniuunieution between Russia nml
lJo'""y- I Stilouiki, Cheeeo,
mm MA
CIIK'AUO, April 7. -t'ompleto re
turtiH from jcstenln) municipal
election show thnt William Halo
Tliompoon, republican. wn olocteill"" "" ' ,,,l "'i!,l " '"""Kn,
mayor hy a plurality of. 13S.S91, tho
lnrKiMt plurality over kIvcij a can-
dldnto for that office In Chicago,
Ills majority over nil was 111,47..
Out of a total regitttrntion of 7C9,
017 thero were cant for mnyor CC9,
Mll otcH illvhleil as follews:
Wllllnm Halo Thompson (republi
can) 390,(iS.1; Kobort M. Rweltzer
(ilomocral) :51,791'; Seymour Sted
inun .itoclalUt) 23.S2C; John J. Hill
(prohibitionist) 3,590.
Slxty-ono percent of tho women's
voto was cant for Thompson, accord
ing to an oHtlmnto by election offi
cials. It was tho first tlmo thnt
women voted for mnor In Chicago.
The total woman voto for Thompson
was l-U.r.G-l; for Sweltier, S9.718.
For tho first tlmo in tho history
of Chicago, n negro, Oscar Do Priest
was elected to servo In tho city coun
cil. Michael (lllnky Dink) Kenna.
who has served as alderman from
tho first ward for twenty years, was
re-elected by a plurality of 4000.
Tho next city council will bo mado
up of thirty threo democrats, thlrty
ono republicans, two progressives,
three Independents nml ono soclall-
inn I ll II 111 I llil l
uu UUU1 1 1 IUW II 1
CHICAOO, April 7. A total ot B5
Vint of 101! counties in Illinois nro
entirely dry today. Thrco now coun
ties, Marlon, Franklin ami Jasper
liavo been added to tho dry column
!u yesterday's local option olcctlon.
About 100 saloons woro voted out
of business, out of 330 lnvolvod In
jif. townships. Tho chief dry vlc-
tory was In Contralln, which has boon
SOFIA, llulgiuiu, April 7, via Lou-
.don. H:1.1 n. m. Two Russian dele-
POItTLANI), Or., Apnl 7.-WiIhui
T. Muuie, it lawyer )iroimuvutlv known
was sum in me nnck in His oiitce
here today hy F. A. t'onsentino, a
Inn Iter. The bullet entered tho hack
between the shoulder blade- ami his
condition is critical. It i believed
that the bullet was intended for A. ('.
Smith, another lawyer, occupying of
fices with Mr. Hume
According to the information ah
turned by the police, Con-entino pre
viously had had an argument with
Smith and was ejected. He returned
soon after and filed three bullets
from the doorway at Hume, who sat
with his hack toward his assailant.
Hume gained fame as a character
in the "Spoilers" novel, dealing with
the gold ra-h dnvs in Alaska, where
he played a prominent part.
LONDON, April 7. -A London syn
dicate has offered n purse of 4000
pounds bteihng (.fJO.OIIO) torn fight
between .less Wilhud, who won tho
heavyweight championship from Jack
Johnson at Havana hist Monday, and
Frank Moran of Pittsburg. Willnrd
will bo offered 200 pounds sterling
($1000) for his traveling expenses.
Mornn was defeated hv Johnson on
points in Paris on June '27 of Inst
year and on March 'JO of this year he
knocked out liomhatdier Wells at
London in ten rounds.
WASHINGTON, April 7.-A bat
tle with 10,000 hoops engaged, which
limy ho u deciding notion in tho war
between tlie Cnrrnn.u nml Villa fac
tions in Mexico, is in progress or im
pending near Irapuato, in the state of
Stato department dispatches today,
dated April 5, hut delayed in trans
mission, sent by Special Agent Car
others with General Villa, said the
fight would take place soon. That
was construed to mean that Villa had
nsscinbled n force strong enough to
meet General Obtegon's army and was
moving south from T''ir'on along tho
National railway.
Ohiegou was last repoited at
Queretnio, and was said to Imvo sent
a column against Sun Luis l'otnsi,
while ho protected its march with a
second column mid n third division
of his unny under General Hill mov
Finest Navy In Italy's History Leaves
Mediterranean Ports to Concen
Irate Near Adriatic Italy Conclud-
In j Agreement Conscntlnn to Ser
bia's Securing Outlet on Adriatic
April 7. The warships of Ihe Italian
fleet departed suddenly on Monday
from the Mediterranean naval Mu
ttons at Spezia, Oaetn ami Maddnleml
island. Thev concentrated at Aug
usta, Stetlv ami nt Taranto. They
are thus within it few hours of the
The departure of these war-hips
1 caused u profound impre-'-iorr, par
ticularly nt fenczia, where until Inst
Sttnilnv the harbor was crowded with
Jdreaduaughts, crui-ers and torpedo
iboat destroyers, while the town was
filled with officers and sailors.
Finest of Fleet
Italy has now the fine-f fleet in
her Ins'ory. It is headed hv several
new dreadnoughts, of which the most
formidable is the Conte di favour,
which corresponds in the Italian navy
to Knghtmr.s Queen hhznhcth.
The future movements of the fleet
nre veiled with absolute secrecy. It
is nsserted that ony the king nml
one or two of the highest government
officials nre nemminted with the
plans decided upon.
PARIS, April 7. Italy nml Serbia
nre about to conclude an agreement,
telegraphs the correspondent of Ex
celsior nt Rome, on the following
Italy nml Serbia
"Italy will not oppose Serbia's oc
cupation of territory giving her an
outlet to the Adriatic on condition
thnt this territory be not fortified
The question of Triee and Isria hah
not been discussed, the allies having
recognized the Italian character of
these localities. The present t-it of
T. Ttttnni, tho Italian ambassador in
Paris, to Rome U in connection with
thee negotiations.
"If this Ilnlo-Serbian agreement is
signed this week, n is expected," the
correspondent of F.xceUior says, "the
entry of Italy into the European con
flict may be considered imminent."
INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., April 7.
Tho home here of Thomas It. Mar
fthnll, vico president ot tho United
States, has been onterod by burglars,
it became known today. Vico Presi
dent and Mrs, Marshall are visiting
Velatlves of Mrs. Marshall In Scotts
dale, Arli., whoro tboy went after
Mr. Marshall bad represented Presi
dent Wilson at tho formal dedica
tion ot tho Panama Pacific Exposi
tion at San Francisco.
It had not been lonrnod today
(whether anything ot valuo had boon
taken. Tho robbery was discovered
'by Mr. Marshall's neighbors, who
found a window had ben broken
ed toward Moreliu, capital of Mich
oacan. Obregon is understood by of
fieiula heto to have 'JO.OOO men, and
it is said Villa has gathered an equal
Irapuato is tho junction of the
Mexican Central and tho National
railway toward which Obregon'&
forces nro ndvaneing.
Tho stato department issued this
summary of tho situatien:
"Tho department is informed that
General Villa hns announced that if
ho is successful in defenting tho
forces of General Obregon south of
Irapuato ho will immediately open tho
lines of communication to Mexico
City. Tho department's advices in
dicate that should tho forces of Gen
eral Cnrranzii ho defeated in this ex
pected engagement his impoitnut
stronghold will ho Vera Cruz, Tam
pieo nml Matumoros,"
New Head of Public Schools for
Three Years Assistant to Meek ef
Boise, Who Recommends Him High
lyIs Graduate of Indiana and at
Present Superintendent at Nam-.
V. Mcldo Hlllls of Nampn, Idaho,
was yesterday unanimously chosen by
the school board as superintendent ot
the schools of Medford for the ap-'
proachlnjr jcar.
Mr. Hlllls Is a graduate of Indiana
Stato University and Normal school,
thirty eight years of age, nml a man
whoso life has ben dovoted to educa
tion and whoso life alms center In
that profession.
Itcrnmmcmlcd by Mwlc
It is generally recognized tho
schools of noise, Idaho, enjoy nation
al dlitlnctlon anion;? four certn-n
schools as of first rank In the coun
try. Charles Meek, formerly of In
diana, six years ago took up tho Dolsa
schools with the above named results.
His assistant In tho work at Boise the
first three years was nono other than
tho superintendent-elect ot tho Med
ford city schools. Tho past thrco
years Mr. Hlllls has been duplicat
ing tho Dolso system at iNam.? ns
far as opportunity and conditions
would permit under a fire year-contract.
If tho Xnnipa trustees will tt
lease Mr. Hlllls to this larger field
(and it Is believed they will) the
Medford will become his home and
Medford schools his field. Mr. Hlllls
was put forward by Mr. Meek when
applied to como himself and take
charge of the Medford schools an
offer ho could not accept for financial
Other Teachers Klectetl
Mr. Hlllls spent Sunday and Mon
day In Medford and will return to
our city in tho early summer and nt
onco begin preparations for the pend
ing school year. Other teachers
elected wore:
Superintendent ot schools, V. Mel
do mills.
High school principal, C. R. Dow
man. Principal Washington school, P.
H. Dally.
Principal Lincoln school, A. J.
Principal Jackson school, J. TV.
Principal Roosevelt school, Mrs. I.
T. Gnllagar.
High school teachers: Florence M.
Carpenter, L. M. Grossly, Lucllo Mar
shall. Ruth Merrick. C. Harlow Pratt
Q. F. Moore, Ina Aklns, Lucllo Davis,
Otto Klum.
Special teachers; E. Ed Hull, Ma
bel Mears, Graco Mitchell, Ella
Grade teachers: Emily DeVoro,
Maud Phllbrook, Sara Van Meter,
Ora Cox, Mabot I. Myers, Myrtle I.
Ctayvillo, Elizabeth Ferguson, Viola.
Phelstor, Anna Purucker, Amy H&r
dlng, Kato Stlne, Fannie Hasklns,
Kathryn Dunham, Mao Mordoff,
Anna S. Hansen, Hess Kentner, Julia
Fielder, Dlancho Neff Canode, Mrs.
Jane Cs'eevel Guernsey, Anna M. Jof
froy, Josephine Riley, Graco Poarce,
Carrlo Jacks. Theono Carkltt, Genu
vlovo Wort man, Agues Robinson,
Jennie Mae Snedlcor, Inez Coffin.
raifir; jiim;
VIENNA, April 7. Tho official
correspondence bureau has circulated
tho follewing:
"The increased violeneo fo he oh
served in tho fighting; in the Carpath
ians is coincident with the advent of
fiuo weather. From both slojies of
tho Oudnwn vnlloy to ft pint nearthe
Uzsok Pass tremendous lighting
going on. Against tha local Biieuesmt
achieved by us must ho reeliii4 tk
local successes of the wiemy, ami th
former must ho us little ovrtfti!Ht
ed ns the latter.
"Tho AiiKtro-GerinfiH sHftftlmw &h
tho heights'lo the eat of' (he IjW
ozn valley have not webbed so kwiv-
uy in t no fW-nle, m to juwUTy wy t.
H!uikhoii ot. u xmeiiH
5 -
rj . .