Medford mail tribune. (Medford, Or.) 1909-1989, April 05, 1915, SECOND EDITION, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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mnvcmx) mattj trtbune.
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' ' - - - - - " - v- -J -.
Offleo Mall Trlbun-i ltulliUnR, 25-3T-2J
North Fir ircou tclrphoiia .
Ti "Democratic Tlmo. The Mulford
Mull. ThJ Medfonl Tribune, Tha South
f rn OrcRonltui. Ttm Anhlnnd Tribune.
On yrr, by m(iil..-....- IS.OO
Una monlli, by mnll.... .. . .so
Vtr month, tidlvurcij by carrier in
Mnlfonl, Phoenix, Jacksonville
nnd Control Point ..- .0
turrtajr only, by mull, pep ytnr t.oo
r'eckly, pnr ynar.. 1.80
Offldnl Pnpr of tho City of Mcdford
Orflcln.1 Paper of Jackson County.
Bntcrcd nn iitcond-olnai- matter at
Mt-ilford, Orccon. under tho net of March
Bworn Circulation for 1914. 1C88.
Ftill leased wlr Associated Prcw dla
patohea. BS
Bubacrlbors falling to receive
O papers promptly, phono Ctrcu-
latlou Manager at 25011.
"Since tn' niovln' picture people
announced a year ago thoy didn't
want scenarios with murders and
crimo In them, there's been a big
change Irt th" films. Tho titles arc
Supply Cut Off
"Wearj Walker No. mum, I ain't
dirty from choice. I'm bound by
honor. Yer sop I once wrote a tes
Ulmonlal for a soapmaker and prom
ised to uso no other.
Madam Well, why don't you use
Weary Walker Because, mum,
tho firm failed about five yca,rs ago.
Boston Transcript.
Just a Sample
A little girl who had a lire ban
tam presented to her was disap
pointed at the smallnesa of tho first
egg laid by tho bird. Her ideal egg
hvas that of tho ostrich, a specimen
of which was on a table in the draw
ing room. One day tho ostrich egg
was missing from its accustpmed
placo. It was subsequently found
near the spot where tho bantam nest
ed, and on it was stuck a piece of
paper with tho werds:
"Something llko this please. Keep
on trying."
Irato Country Gentlemen (white
with anger at being disturbed)
You book canvassers make me so
angry with younr confounded nervd
and Impudence that I cannot find
words to express ray indignation.
Canvasser (Jumping with .enthu
siasm) Then, sir, I am a great
help to you. I havo here the very
thing you need a dictionary ' of
the English language, containing
all tho words and slang phraBes
known, nnd only 0 shillings. Take
it, nnd you will never bo at a loos to
express, yourself ngan. Tlt-B"8-
i:ml Man Jocosity
"Sambo, if an aviator, born fn
Oreccu nnd hatluu a Gerinnn father
nnd n Welsh mother wero to fall
out of his machine at height of 1000
feet, what nationality w'otild ho bo
when ho landed?"
"Ah donn know, Mr. Intercolu-
"llO'd como down a Rushln',
Sambo." Philadelphia Ledger.
No Coiniuii'lson
Faro-r-Bu my good man, H's
Imrtfly, a mile an the crow (lies!
Driver That nint" nothing tor
go byj This 'ero'a a vab, riot a
ulryplang! ,
Plain KiioukIi
"Whero ignoranco Is bliss
TU folly to be wise;"
(Reflecting upon this,
Wo understand some guys.
Peoria Journal.
I.QXDQN, April 5. A Central
Nows riippiltfli frijun Home snys that
earth HlioekH wn rcf-irftemj this
inoniin at tjiu Home obfeervntory,
vlteri it is Hiouj-ht that the center of
the dmtn'rbiuti'O is in the neighborhood
of Avexwmo, thy dt.rii,t munt uffeet
wl by tli' tlfc-jitfrmiH eiirthqimku of 11
few mffi iijrd. Kows from Avcxruuo
U tonkin.
toy f lj
wwwmmm f iiM
JOHN W'.HtlLLMAN, the I'ii-st wUito mini to diwovor
Crater Lnko, passed nwy reeently at his homo near
Baton Kongo. 1j., in his 8M year. Tho Haton Kongo Times
of Almvh 2(5, 19lf, eontains tho following ebituary:
Mr. John Wesley lllllmnn died at his homo, near Hope Villa, last
Friday morning, March in, after nn illness of several wcoks. lie was
given n Masonic burin! at Unrlosop cemetery. Mr. Utllman was 82 years,
11 months nnd tJ days of age and has lived a life of ndvonturo exper
ienced by very few. lie was tn tho famous p.ohl rush of M0, when gold
was discovered In California, nnd helped develop that country as well as
many other portions of the then unknown Wc9t. Necessarily, in adven
turing In unexplored territory ho was In many Indian fights of which ho
boro several scars. In 1S52 ho nnd n party of others were Iho first whlto
men to look upon the beautiful waters of Crater Lake, In Oregon, tho deep
est and most beautiful lake In America. After many yoars of adventure In
the West he crossed tho Isthmus of Panama and came to Now Orleans,
whero ho mnrrloi and later came hero to live. Mr. Hlllman is survived'
by a wtfo nnd two children, Mr. Waldo Hlllman of Now Orleans, nnd Mrs.
X. K. Knox of Baton Hougo nnd several grand children.
Juno 12, 1853, John V. llilltnan and a party of pros
pectors, while searching for the "Lost Cabin" mine, dis
covered Crater Lake. There wore eleven in the party.
The Hillman party was following tho trail of a secret expe
dition from California, hoping to share in the fabulous
wealth the former located. Tn the party were Henry Klip
pel, J. L. Louden, Pat McManus and a Mr. Little. Mr.
Ilillman fifty years later thus described his discevery:
Whllo riding up a long sloping mountain, we suddenly came In sight
of water and were very much surprised, as wo dtd not expect to see any
lakes, and did not know but what we had come (n sight of and closo to
Klamath Lake, and not until my mute stopped within a few, feet of the
rim of Crater Lake, did 1 look Mown, and it I had been riding a blind
mulo I firmly belicvo I would have rtdden over the edge to death and
We came to the lake a very lltlu to tho right of a small sloping butte or
mountain, situated In tho lake, with a top somewhat flattened. Kvcry
man of tho party gazed with wonder at the sight before him, and each in
his own peculiar way, gave expression to the thoughts within him; but
we had no time to lose, and after rolling some boulders down tho side
of the lake, wo rode to the left, as near the rim as possible, pas,t tho
butte, looking to see an outlet for tho lake, hut could find none, and re
turned to camp.
There were many names suggested, and on a vote Peep l)uc Lake was
chosen. Writing our names on a (taper torn from a memorandum book,
wo stuck tho paper In a stick, proppcr up In tho ground, and reluctantly
turned our backs upon the future Crater Lake of Oregon.
The finding of Crater Lake was an accident, as we wore not looking
for lakes, but tho fact of my being first upon Its banks was due to the
fact that I was riding the best saddlo mule In southern Oregon, the prop
erty of Jimmy Dobson, a miner nnd packer, with headquarters In Jackson
ville, who had iurnlthcd mo tho mulo In consideration of n claim to bo
taken In his name, should wo be successful.
Stranger to mo than our discovery wns the fact that after our return,
I could get no acknowledgement from any Indian, buck or squaw, old or
young, that any such lake existed; each and everyono denied any knowl
edge of It, or Ignored tho subject completely.
Though the lake was first named "Deep Blue Lake," it
was subsequently known as "Mysterious Lake," "Lake
Mystery," Iloleiu the Ground," and finally, August i,
18G9, 11 party from Jacksonville named it Crater Lake.
Though Mr. Hillman discovered the lake, it began and
ended his connection with it, and its preservation as a
national park is due entirely to the lifelong devotion of
"Will G. Steel.
The effort to secure a national park to include Crater
Lake, was launched August 16, 1885, by Mr. Steel, and the
following January President Cleveland issued a proclama-.
tion withdrawing from entry ten townships, January 18,
1886, Senator Dolph introduced in the senate a bill to
create Crater Lake national park, but met with such oppo
sition that he favored deeding the property in trust to Ore
gon for a park, which Mr. Steel opposed.
In the following years Congressman Thomas II". Tongue
worked energetically for the park, and in 1901-2 Mr. Steel,
who had for sixteen years hammered away at the project;
launched a vigorous statewide campaign, fairly flooded
congress with literature, becane a familiar figure before
congressional committees, and on May 22, 1902, the bill
passed flud was signed by the president seventeen years
after the movement was inaugurated.
Superstitions kept tie Indians from looking upon the
lake, and it was wot until 1886 that an' of the modern abor
igines saw the Jake, which wns surveyed by the United
States geological 'survey under Captain. Clyrpnce Et Dut
ton and Captain George AV. Davis, who were assisted by
Mr. Steel, who made the soundings in the lake. Later- J. S.
Diller completed the study of the lake's geology.
In 1888 Mr. Steel carried in a lard bucket the first fish
fry, steolheads taken from tle Rogue at the Gordon ranch.,
to Grater Lake. Thirty-seven were alive when the lake
was roached, and from those came iQ tvout now s.o abundant.
To tho efforts of Mr. Steel,
tord Commercial chili, the city council and county court,
and, the loyal assistance ot Senators Bqurnq and Chamber
lain, is due the road development bv tlie lUitiopal govern-
inent at a cost of three-quarters of a million dollars, now in
progress, the construction of a scenic boulevard around the
rim that will bo tlie most picturesque road in tho world.
Seven thousand tourists
In the vears to come seven
"UilUy visit tiil-s most unique
discovered, ny cnanco sixtv-seven
pcotar to whom tho glint of
glimpse of the mystic blue of
HF,HLiN", April .'. Tlie war offiee
announcement concerning yesterday s
events nt tho front, given out here
today, nays:
"The Jk'Jginns attempted to coq
oeiitruln roinforceDienth. in (lie rtiree-.
tion of preigrnt'lifttcn, which, with tlio
oxccplion of porno Iiouhch on t lit
northern fa'uk', hux been in our hand
co-operating with the Med-
visited Crater Lake hist year.
times seven thousand wilran
of nature's wonder spots,
years ago iy a pros
gold meiiiit nioro than a
the world's most remarkable
niiino April .'I. The Jk'lfjinn troops
were repulsed by our nrtillery i'irc."
"French utiemptH to iwlviuic.o in thu
Argoune forexlH wero prevented by
nWillcry fire. A Htrong nttnnk by
(the enemy against our position on
tho heights west of HoiiroiiilleH, south
of Yardmen, broke, down i hliort iIIht
tqneo in front of (ho uenqqn tonHii
cations. French infantry chqrgca
wohI of Pont-n-Moiisxoii wero biio
cessful, whilo tho Germans gninvfl
home ground in tio foryst of l.o Petri!
by blowing qp sovernt iqiuen.
"A Riirthinn ntnek on Mnriunpol
(nprthctirtt of Kiiwulki) wiih repulsed
with heavy 1osh.h J'or the, enemy,
Ollierwino thoro were no a veil In of ini-
poitqncu pn t!'o whole cnjJi front."
Two casus of Juvnntyn delinquency
ono Involving wholesale potty
thieving, nnd tho olhpr drunkenness
wore boforo tho probation nnd no
tice authorities today. Thoso nccuscd
or stoallug worn Harold Thompson,
Itoy Wendt nnd Clnrenco Jones. They
were sentenced to tho reform school
nnd plucud on parole to their pnroutu
by Judge Tou Voile. Those ncused
of drunkenness were Petor Coruin
and Howard Thomas. Police Judgo
Oay sentenced them to 30 dnys In
Jnll, unless they divulged tho names
of tho party or parties who furnished
them with Inquor.
Klectrlc colls, batteries, nulo
lamps and equipment, valued nt $200
wero stolen by tho Thompson, Wendt
nnd Jones boys, according to their
own admissions, covering an extend
ed period. They were arrested Sun
day nfternoon, the first clue being
given by a youth to whopi they tried
to trade n lamp for n tennis racket.
Tho lamp wac stolon from a Ford
car, standing in tho C. K. dates store,
and was a during piece of work.
The boys all attend school, being
well advanced In their studies, and
employed no subterfuges In telling
their stories. They admitted the
charges agatnst them, saying they dtd
not realize the enormity of the offen
ses. A soap box full of their loot
was offered as evidence.
In tho drunkenness chnrges against
young Corum nnd Thomas, both
under ago, tho heavy sentence was
Imposed as a means of forcing them
to reveal whero they prqeured the
Intoxicants. No amount of cross ex
amination, so far. has forced tttli
Information. If It l obtained, Infor
mation will be (lied against tho guilty
party, on n chargo of selling liquor
to a minor. It Is believed that the In
toxicant was furnished by nn nldor
boy. able to buy whiskey over locnl
WASIIIOTpN, April A. Tlie su
preme court today held that oil lenses
in general iiko coBtuininu 'Vurrvmler
clnu-es" were enforcible by injunc
tion in federal courts
amsMOtinron iubiicatiov xx
In tli circuit court of ilia Mule f
On-upn for Jackson County.
JackKon County. On'gon. Plaintiff, vs.
Perry l'ontur. K, tfnani"n. Mrn. II. Walk
or. H. J. AilMIn, It. !eur!MV. .Mm. U
P. Huxliilcll. T U llray, i:. ti. llrlKKts
J. C Olvet. K. (' Drwry. ItrlM-cca KkkU
slon. LaiUlln Kurnur, I.uclmla (lunlunl
Hut,, Mrx. Mlnnto Ouno. A ItunlliiRN.
Pcnr ItnotM. J. I., Mntmn. K A Mull).
rwi, Mr. Ilomi'tla MunJifM. Clmrlotl
Prllon, J T Kuwyer, V. It. HrhoilJ.
Harry flllvcir. "W IX Van Vaclnr. Jainv
WalWiT. J. I.. Hrown. Mxxlc loodlm. O.
Y! Klncaw. .lumen OVminrl. Jlm P'l
lltic. Alary 3t P Hntciilor. ('.
11. ClosmiT. Tntl IMiuill. OMru- I.-wIh.
Win. Ni-lBon. I., rt HfoiliT. J. M. Itcti.
A & K. Hlraul'- Wrl. t-Mlirn
Cly company. J D. wtmut i:t . at. i
Whitney, W. I). C.r-y, J li Orelve. W
I.. Jonv, K. P. Wanl. II, Wfbiitcr, J. J
Kerr, aiiimourl Vullny company. H. V.
Itoliili-ll, II II Hhlpp. Oliver Wlnliey.
Uauman & Kclimliltx. I I' K Oro
lioiu. tX U. WoUcrlon. Crumrr HrollierH.
Hllnn Klt-mlmr. J. U PiinUn. Ucvnu
atlnlfiK company, II. U SljekM. I"
Denldon, II A llolmrN. J O. .McCullli..
ter. It J. Hclincliler. K. a. CVnler. U
Cotvr Kt.. Jo-I Marlley. John Illler
A Kylo. I., ti Maucli. X.oulH H. Carroll.
MrH. Hradley. J II, I)ii(tKn. H. P. Hani
nr. II. O. Krtfrsnn. II. IVllnt. W. I..
ThompHon. J J Porter, II. llanfMil,
KmonilOt Kliur. Victor Kocli. . V Wnl.
Orpn. I:. t. Hmllli. It. II. Duffy. M.H.
(Irlin. W. P. A J. .Moore T:iree I'lnn
Tlmlier Co.. KntiirnrlNo .Mlnlnic Co. Thou,
llapwoo1. i:. M. Hmllli. II AlUIn, A.
P.- Artmitronir. aiurrutt KhI . Patrick
aicMalion. Oinv Consolliliiled Mlnm .,
5lr J. K. ?. P. II Tlitminioii.
Trail Lumber CM.. Jaiiluw Yoihik. Ioiulii
Aclttiiin. II. N. Uutler. K W. I'unU-r,
ll..iirt ntiirk. fnrrli. ' Itumoil. CI cl. I..
IXivIh. lit W I my. Win. KoMi-r, llenter
nulluuuy. II. . unrneit. n, n. irn.
Ufn Huymonil Km.. J. M. Ilnwlwoed,
John Klllhom. AY Kf;er. J V. Law
ton. A. C- Lawrence. IruWi Lulh. I
w r l.iU Miirtln. M. H Meuil'
owh. Nettle Jlurtln .Mc.Uonouuh.
A. II. Yjmilr. irilwflr' IMiltrf-y, c. ai
PljelHti'r. Jiarllm I'nweu, Ainrv it re,
i i.-, iv. Muii..! Kasor. CI . HcMclm-
rrierhorn. IKhhIo rlhvutiard. C A. Kinltli,
John C. Hteplienmin. John T, 'talent.
Ifnrv.-v Vlnretil UVikM Alfred ttnil
I-Mltli Orr, J. J, aiurpliv. K. fl. HlnimonM,
n w viAl.nU K- u: uvirli. N. D. Ilro-
pl'iy. T. n. Iloherm. 8. C. Cook. Jlrlul
Clorifon. Oruco ilurlln, aiurl.- ff. 't'lrlcli.
IH-u rnieldpn. lien iiqymoiiu . i'f- .-
N. T. Miller. It It. Uiinn. John Poo lo
naino unknown. K II. Pewpree. ilfenil-
Tci th ahoyo pain.ei dv'nimtH, ami
tacii iu yo(j. ,
In l tin Nn mi. nt the Hfaln of OrolTOIl
V.m urn li,.r..l,v nAlirleil Hint .JllcUHlJll
County. Oregon. tlii holder or tj 'r
(IflcaleH of PellnfiuencJ' hereinafter net
out and numbered, and IhiiimI ih Jiernln
ttftcr Hot forth bv th" '; colK-ctor of
tbi nalil county of JuckHvii. male of tire
Kon. for thu ninnunt hereinafter dejlic
mttcd. th samo bolntf Iho auioptjt t u-u
duo and ditllnuiiiiiit roc taxes for ,thu
liar 1908, loKi-llier with jM-nalty. Inter
et. and contH thereon upon the real
property iiKHi-nHHl to you. and ench or
you, of which you urn tho owne iim
appearw of leconl, tlm 'ild Pioperty lie.
Ink Hltuatiil In nald county nnd nlute,
and the imimi of the pi-iMun to whom
fiuueuucil. Him ib.uerltltloil Of Hlllfl ITO-
uc-rty and Ihn amount due thereon helm;
Hi no woriiH nun rixurn u iiniunni
u.ii. fuuii.i Aiifiiui i tell:
No. 1726, Perry ToMicr. umith V4 of
HW , NI3 HW' leH -to. ucren "'. eo
tion 3. twp. a:., It r W, acrc-H ISO, taxen
I1S.60, penally 11.50. Intem-nt . II0.2S
contH r.Oc. tolal tav, penllty, Intercut and
com 2i,:i i.
Nn T2H. H Hu'imuiin. HK NW'i. MM'
II, t)vp, 35. It. i W.. aciv0, taxeH
11.28. penufly t3e. Inl'.'teHt Uv. C'ih(
nuo. toiui lux, penalty, inuri-ni mm ivi
- 71
No! 1729. Mm II. Walker. BW HVtf.
NW.14 of NWM. xec 22. twp. as. 11. 2
John A. $rl
Lady Assistant
28 H. IIAItTrjTT
Phonos M. 17 nd 47-J3
Aiabulnnco Hervlco Coroner
V ai'ies so. IXM t!l ?B. penally !t7e, ln
lert'Ht 12 10, okhIn noc total lav, peualty,
Inteurt ami cohi It.n.i .....
Nn. If an, S J Aimtlll, Im'K. N. (13 dec
if, tntn, W. tH feet fioin pi l)n. feel
N mul it I. a feet W o' NV ear. I). L. C
is. twi. an. it. t ti, n den. sj niln. w.
tai J reel N on don. I Iijui " feel
etc.. tnxvH lll.HI. iteiiUHv IS l. Inteient
lis i, eoxta .Sop. (nint lav, penally, ln
tei'eAl and oont U.I SO. . , .,4, , , .
Nu. ml. c. ii. UeitrdHtex. .NU ii a,
tdk. , AnhtHiui. laxiM t', penallv
tf as. InteivM till 21). imikIn AOo, mini U.
penally. Iuleient nml eiiot $17.81.
No, 17.12. .MrH. I.. 0 lliiMluiell. Hello
view Add. V4 Ni:c HV, S-l nee II.
twp. 39. It t M aerjH 8, taxei 12 iS,
penally 27, ItiteieM ll.Sl. cohIh Me. intnl
tax, peimlty. IntereNl nnd eust I.1.S3.
N'o t73l. T. t. limy, tt'H HI-3 HIJU ajid
I acre adj. m.'o. 14, twp. an. II I II.
aeren 21, tnxen ll.TU. penalty st.KI, In
tereHt IS.i'O, c.ihIs .loo, lolal lax, penally,
luteieMt and 0l SS3.SH.
No. 173ft. 15. I) Hrln. beK. tn tn elm
K and .1 elm. N of SV oor. of NWU "f
NW'i or II rt flit elm N. IB deK H niln.
W 11.32 elm H, l deK. 1 lulu V 10 7S
elm. ooutaliiliiK uei-en , nee, ft. twp. at',
II. I i:. taxi'M 125 in. penalty !."!. la
te rent lfl.2.1, rimlH fine, tolal tax. peu
nllv Inleit-Ht and 'hkI IH.GIi.
No 110. J. C. Pixel. AHhlnnit. Niiltey
St 12 acre lmijhl of I. W Unnh,, luxen
tin 33, iHinally f 4.A3. Intereit ti,n.
rontii r.Pe, total lux, peuall), InteteNt and
viml TU. 17.
No. 1711, II C Prwiv, heir, on li line
HW't Bee. tl. H elm. W of eor. bet, nee
II and 2 N. ft.24 elm. W. U..V1 elm. to
NW eor. llelleUew rehuol hoime. m-e II.
twp, S'.. ii. i i:, m-ret a. luxe t2 to.
Iienalty 3l0. Interenl tl JJ. rimlM fttfe,
lotnl lax, penalty, InlvivM and eusl
No. 1742. Het'erqa Kiinlehlon. Anhlaud
It. It. Add. lulM 21. 22. Iilk J, luxe
$2t.a. penalty, lnteiel,
eoiln ftilo. total lax, peimlty. Intt-ient
unit eotin Jii.ii7
No. I7lfi. Luddle rnrmrr, hen. &
elm. N of eor. Coin, to Men. 10 and XU
def. VI mill II 4 HI cits. N Hi.fiJ elm, tn
eenler cnunty v'l llienee K. elm. W
4 liii vim. K It US rim. nee. II. twp. St.
It. 1 S , tuxen $-1 20, peiuilly 32c, In
tereKt 12.01, co.itn SOe, lolal lax, penally.
Interval and eost lil.Oil
No. 1710. I.uelmln llaliilint 111 . Mi
of 8M, nee IS, twp. J7 It t W.. ncrrn
SO, InxeN 10(3, penalty U So, luteiexl
fil.0!, eontn SOo, loliil tux, penalty, III'
tcrext and cott 117.07.
No. 1747, Mm. .Minnie (lano. Home
ntend Anno. lot. lot 10. nchool dlatrtct
No. $, Inxe" IS US, penally too, InleieMt
13.21. voiU Sue, total tax, penally. In
tel eil mid cunt (ti -js
No 1752. A. llardhiK. iW 63-3.11, nee.
X. twp. 3!l'J. It 1 1". . luxen 120.32 pen
ally $2.03. Interna $13 00. t-onlH 600.
tolnl tax, penalty, luleivnt and ront
$35 S3,
No. 1763, llooln, llotuenlead An
no. land on II Calif HI.. Anhluud. den.
12-3111, nchool dlnlrlel No .'. laxen $0.30.
Iienultv 63e. Illlerent 14.07. eontn &0c
total tax, penalty, Interent nml runt
$11 60.
No. 1754. J. I., aialmn. Nil of NW.
neo. 17. twp 311. It I II. BCren 10. laxen
$6.19. penally &2e. Inlerent 13 32, eontn
Sue. total luxen, penally, Inlerent and
eont $ 53.
No. 1766. K. A Miithewn. Anhlnnd,
ainthewn Add, lotn is. Il, laxen $3X1,
H-iiulty 34c Interenl $S 47, eonin toe
lolal tax, penalty, Inlerent and cont
$7. in.
No. 1756. .Mr. Itnmetla aiunkern, 2 HI
ucren out of den. 16.612, laxen $,i0.OI,
penalty $ Inlerent $32 00, eontn 60o,
total lax, penally, Inlerent uml conl
No. ITSV Charlotte Pelton. Anhlnnd,
loin 7 nnd S. blk. 19. taxen 117,0. tx'ii
ally. $1.27. inlerent $S 12. eonln SOe, mint
tax. ix-ikiIIv. Inlerent and cont $22.69
No. 1701 J T t'awyrr. It. II Add
loin 3. I. Idk. S luxen $17. 1. m-imlty
$1.77, Inlerent $11 37. eontn SOe, lolal lax.
penally. Inlerent and CO I $31.12
Nn. 17S2, . It Hcheild. Anhlnnd Add
lot 3. blk. P.. laxen $3.1(1, penalty 3e.
Inlerent $2.13. eontn SOe, total lax, conln,
peimlty unit Interenl $7 12,
No I7C3. Ilorry Silver. HH of NWU,
nee. n, twp 3'. It t W. n.nd HK of Nim.
nee. 7, IWp. 39, It. I W.. UiTen 120, tnxen
$7$. Hnally 7c. Interenl $191, ronln
60e, total lax, penally, Interenl nml ront
No. 1770. W. II, Van Vactnr. Anliland
It. II. Add. lot 2. blk. It., laxen $19.42.
penally I LSI. Interenl $11 7K, eontn SOe.
lolal tux, penalty, Interenl ami cont
No 1771, Jnmen Wnlkrr. two hnunen
nml land ndj CoMrl land nn north nnd
two Reed on eanl. taxen $32 0l, penalty
$S,20. Inlerent $33 32, eontn SOe, total tax,
penally, Inlerent and ront IVl.10.,
No. 1774, J. L. Ilrown. Nil of 8i:l
nml Hi: nf NP.U. mc 21. twp. 31. II. 3
n, ncren 00. tuxen $11 XI, pennlly II.1S.
Inlerent $7.67, ronln 60c, lotul lux, pen
ally. Inlerent and (ml 121.011
No. 1777, Llxxle Onodlow, NH or NWU
nod NW nf Nil',, nee 20. twp. 33. It. 2
II. acren 120. tnxen $27 30. pt-nally $2.71,
Interenl $17 61, eontn SOe. lolal tax, pen
nltv. Inlerent nnd ront $411.11.
No. 177S. tl. W. Kllienw. UK of NB'i.
mr. 30. iwp, 33. It. 2 K.. ucren 40, tnxen
19 12, penalty 91c. Inlerent 15 83. conln
60c. total tax, penally, Inlerent and coil
Nun. 17X1, Jnmen nTounel, NU of HU,
nrc. 2S, iwp. 32, A. 3 II, acren 10, tuxi n
$32 01, peimltv $3.20. Interenl $
cojiU 60c. lolal lax, penally, Inlerent nml
conl $67,211.
No. 1712, Jumen P.'IIIiik. HUI of HW't.
nee. 34, Iwp. .14. It. 3 K, acren 40. tnxen
ll'J.Si. penalty $1 07. lutvr.'Xl $6.(3, conln
SOe. total tux, penally, ronln and Inler
ent $19.07.
No. 17S. alary Vlckern. K'4 of NK'i.
nrc 21. twp. 36. It. I K , ucren SO, tnxen
$7 92, peimlty 7r. Inlerent $5.0!, conln
SOe, tolul tux, penalty, Inlerent uml ront
$ 14 "7
No, 'l77. at V llalchlor NI4 of NK'i.
ner. IB, twp. 38. It. 3 K, acren 80, tnxen
11.20, penally H2c. Inlerent $6 21, conln
Soe, lotul lax, penult)', Inlerent uml cont
No, I7S9. C It, Plonner. W of KK'5,
K',4 gf HIV'i, nee 2. Iwp. 3. It. I K
Ucren lo. tuxen $10 21, penally $1.02, lo
ir rest $6 ii conln 30e, lotul lux, pennlly,
Inlerent uml eont $1.3I.
No I79U. Cred IMnall. 8W of HW"t.
nee 33, twp. 39. It. 4 U. ucren 40. loin
Paramount Picture
Henry W. Savage
MacklynAr buckle
In (icorco AiIo'h Comedy Drama
Trluinph In Two PartB
The County
Willis P, Sweatnpm
Mutlnco 2:1C
Evculnj5 7:00
3. 4 nee 1. twp. 10, It I B, ni-iea 03
laxen $lit,27, penally $l,2, luleieiil,
$10 11, eitnia nOe. lolal lax, pamilly, la
lei ent ami etmt $3S.X0, ,
No I7ti2. tlnoiue l.ewln, NW of W,
HW of Nlltl, Hl-for NW'U. Hee'S. IWP
10, it 3 i:, aeren IVO, laxen $12 02, peiV
ally $1 3, Inlet enl $.2H. eonln Mie. lotnl
lux, penalty, lulelinl ami eontn $22 07
Ni. t7nil. Vm Nelnon. Mi of N'li
HH f NWin neo. 3, ivp. an. It. HI!.
aeex 10 o, taxen 1 1 o.UI. petmllv $1.02, In
letenl it 6,1, eonln ftoe, lolal lax, penally
Interenl and eonl IIH 31.
No. IJ9S, ,, u liemler, Nl:U ne. IS
tWP. -IS, II. 4 I!, nrii'H IHO, InXeft $10.34
!iemity $1.03, Inleiiml $il.R6, eontM 60e,
oiai tax, penalty, luteirnl uml coh!
No ITllll, .1, M. Itetih, Nl'.'l. wee 2S
twp .1s, II. 3 II, neien llln. tnxen $ $ rt HS.
penally $l.l. Inteient $10 IS, eonln 60e
tolal lax, penally, Inteient uml eonl
I2l 00.
No. ISM, A A II. Hlututi, one. third In
terenl In llln :i, I, 6, it, it. in. Talent,
laxen. ille. penally lie, tuleteAl 3Se. eonln
50e tolul lax penally Inlereal and eonl
No. isni. J H Wurl. HH of Nl-!i,
V of Hli'i. nee. rt. twp. II, It. 2 K.
iieren llln. laxen $I0 2I. penally $1.02. In
teient $0 65, eonln Sne. lolal tint, penally,
Interenl and eonl $IS3I
No 1X05 Wenleiu Clay Co., Nil of
Nl!, nee. 3d. iwp US. It. 2 II. amen 40,
laxen 11.64 penally IRe. Inlerent OHe,
eonln 50e, tolul lax, pemilO, Inlerenl uml
C"ni'xiki. J P. Whiter Iml . undivided
onn-hair Inteient In Nl-iU. neiv 10. iwp.
3t, 11 2 K. aeien SO, taxen 15.(5, pnualty
6le, tnletehl I) IS. eontn SOe. total tax,
penulp. InleteM nnd eonl $0 7
No. Phil, 1. I Whitney, iimllvbled H
Inleunt In NK, nre. 10. twp. 3H, It. 2
l. neien 40. laxen $250. penally 25e. In
terenl $1 til rttnln 600, lolal tux. penalty,
lilteii-fl and eonl $191 . ...
No 1 N I o. W IV Cuiev. P. L. C. 41.
den. 50-100 ner I.V Iwp IS. II W .
aeren 47. laxen Ml. 02. Penalty $0.10.
Inteient $30 13, eonln SOe. tolul tux, pep.
ultv. Illicit t nml eont $107 71.
No I S IB, t II llrleve. Ceulral Polnl.
Ull blk 3tt t'oliHltillt Add Iilk 3, tnxen
$1.19, penally 4xe. Illleient $3.07. eonln
50,. lolal lax. penally, Inlerent ami eont
No". 1817. W U .lonen, Cenlial Polnl.
Coimlitnt Add blk t. laxen $3 Ifl penally
32e, Inlerent $2 09. eonln SOe. lolal tax,
iH'linlty, Inteii-nt nnd eont $0.10
No. 1X23, U P v. loin B. T. S. Iilk
4. Ceimat Polnl. tnxtm $1221. penally
$1 13. Inlerent $7.13, eonln SOe tolal lax,
prunlt. Inlerexl. ejnt 18I.7H.
No. I?l. 'II. Webnler. den C1-S7. nee
. iwp, ;. It 2 W.. aeren 40, luxen
$19 4X. penalty $1 tf. Ipletenl $12 IK'
eontn 60e. total tax. penalty, Interenl ami
ront $35.01
No1 1S33. J. J. Kerr NWU nee. I. Iwp
35. It I W, afren l0. taxrn eil. pen
nlty iKe Interenl $1 23. eonln 60e lotnl
tax, penalty Inlerent and cont $12 01
No 1X3V Minnourl Vnlb-x ri.. Kanle
Point, lol t. Idk 6, tuxen $I.0S. peiiHHv.
17c, Inlerent $1 07. eonl f.n., tolul tax,
penallv Inlerent unit eont $3 12
No. 1X37 8 K llobnell. Knule Polnl.
Daley and Cillery Add lot 2 blk. 4. luxen
43r lienalty le Intlrml 27r eonln 0e
TT Theatre
Alfred Owen
Vemntllo vorijllBt (Operatic Comedy)
lr. Owen coinei froirf "l-'rlnfo" l-'luli-er
nnd Iivy Circuit.
Eric the Red's Wooing
A thrilling two part Domino. A ntory
or Ancient Nomo' Lit?.
The Desperado
Two I'nrt llronclio I Vat tiro
Phil's Vacation
lloynl Comedy
Lover's Postoffice
Keystone Comedy
Willi I lie imiutl iilitiiro iiri'Ki'H'l1 3 ami
111 Ci'lltn
IL I MVJL Leading Theater
Beginning nt 2 P. M. and Runnlnn Continuously Until 12,-30 tyitlnlulit
The World's Greatest Photo Spectacle
In Twelve Parts
S The mystic splendor of Egypt.
E The Grandeur of the Alps.
E The opulence of Africa.
S Fleet of Shins dostroyetl at sea.
E The terrific hattle In which 7000 participate.
E The hei-pic il(jnty of Rome.
S Ttio'pompous munificence
E of Ancient Carthago.
E The volcanic eruption. ' -
As this picture will he shown continuously, patrons may enter at any
tiine. Pposltjtycly no tickets sold after 0:30 p. in.
REMEMBER This wonderful niovlnij picture cad only he seen
Wednesday and Thursday
, ." Ahrl 7th
A.PMI88IQN While more than, our renjdar price is less than tills
picture lias hepn. shown for In many of the larger oitles.
l.ower Floor, 25c; Balcony, 15c; Children, lOo.
tnlnl ta.x, jiciuilly Inli'icHl and cost
Ni', IS3S. II. II Hlill-P. HH "'1
nee 2S, twp .ill. I, I U. lyrea HO. Ijixr;$. Penallv -lie, .IHlmi-nl $301, tmlij
ftoe lolal lax, pemill), Inleien,! ami etmt
,7No 1110. Oliver Wlnbev. N iif NM.
Hll of Ntl'll, Nil of HW't. ace. , '""''
34, II. I K aeien H10. luxen $10 04, pen
ally $111(1, llllt-ienl $10,111, iiunlH 500,
lolal in), penallv, Inteient ami roil
"No. IS12, llatiimiii .and Helitnhll, Vi
nf NWM. Nf. of NVi. W t N!xi.
nui. 2, IMp. 32. It 4 I. neTeN 100, luxen
$2000, penallv $20. Illleient , $IS 04.
eonln ililii. lolal laxeH, penally. Inlneit
and eonl $52,nil. ..... ..... .
Nu, tM in, K. 1' .1 K Mrnhatn, HV nf
NWMl. Mil'. 30 tvp 32, It 3 U. imivM
10, laxen $5;i, penally ROc, liiloienl
13,7V. eonln 50e, tolul tit x. pl-unlty, In
letenl apd eonl $10 HI.
Nu ix'in. . II. Wolvrilon, l)U of HUtJ
nee, 3. twp. ill. It I It, aeien Ho. taeM
$32 81. penallv $3 21. Ihleienl $11.71.
conln ni)u, tolul lax. penally, lulurenl nml
" Nn, ISNI.' riiinier lltolliel", Onnl Hill,
lot ii. blk 3, luxi-a $1.01'. penally, lie.
Inletenl line, eonln fiili'. tolnl lax, ( -Tl -allv.
Inleivnl and eonl lt
No ixt.u Hllim rieiiiliiif beir 31 feet
W and 3in fret north of HH eor llnv.
lol 3. N 300 feel V, till) feet eonlalulhw
3 linen; uIho bet(. 200 feel N ami 20
feel V nf HU cor lol 2. V 400 fie.1 N.
120 reel nee. 23. twp 3rt. It 3 v. acllta
three uml nne-lhlnl. tuxen $s.H9. penally
V0e, Inteient $6 7.1. conln SOU. total hX,
peiiullx, Inlerent ami eonl $10 tl.
Nn IM1I, J I, Pniilln. Uo. lot 2a, ne.
tH. Iwp. 30. II 3 . laxen (7i penally
f.e. Inieienl tide, eontn Sue total litx,
penally. Inteient nnd eont 1 1 33.
No iSA3, Itevt-mie .MlnlllK cnmMUV,
HI? of Nl'.ti, HK or Hlllj neii II, iwp. .17.
It 3 W. amen So, .(uxen ItfOI. penally
noe. Inli'reni II Ml, eonln AOe. lolal lax,
Peiialh, Inleirnt uml ront III. 00.
No 1411. II I,. 8lleli-l, III Helen dm.
47-137, aeren in. nehoot illntilel No 17,
laxrti $70 iietinll) 57e. Inlerenl $ll.
rontii Sne, lotnl luxen penult), Inteient
und eont lln
No. ISflR. II I) Penlnon lll of NK'I.
I'U of HI'.",. -.. II. Iwp. 36, II. 2 It,
lltxen tHJH, penally $163, Inlnont
$0 S3, eonln 60e tnlnl Inx, penally, 111
letenl ami eont $27 12.
No. 1N07. II A tlolmen. H4 of NltU,
Hl of NWt.. M-e 12, twp ail. It. 3 11,
aeien 100, taxen $23 On, penult v $3 37. In-tei-enl
IK. iS. eonlo 6 He, tolul tlU. pull
nil V, Inlerenl uml t-ont $11 ;n.
Nn IS4II. J H MeCulllnler. NW "f
NH'i i-ee 4. Iwp 37. P J 1. neien 0,
(Conl lulled oil 1'iiKp (.
Mctlfonl's Lending Theater
Afternoon nnd l-'vi'iiltiy.
Tltreo Act l.iildn Drumii
The Hermit of
Bird Island
Tlie romance of a fltilpwroi'liuil Pair
When Dumbleigli
Saw the Joke
Sidney Drew an liuittilol-i f
His Own Hero I
Mud and Matrimoriy
Mr. Jarr Brings Home
a Turkey
Wurlitzer Orchestra
and- 8th
. n,
pmykiwtftHmn' ' t "
- UJl--14
9 in I I I I I ItiiH H'Ifl'f'W