Medford mail tribune. (Medford, Or.) 1909-1989, April 05, 1915, SECOND EDITION, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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ARIIIjANI), April n,. -.Inmon Thorn
ton, AmIiIiiihI luHhlcnt iiiiiI oiio of tint
few loninlnlug ploneera of IIiIh hoc
Hon, grow rcmlulNcont on April 1,
whlln recalling mvoiiIh of (ho olden
luyn, anil broiiKlit to iiilml Unit It
wiih JiiHt Hlxly-fotir yearn from thnt
Into when lio iiuhIhIciI In tho flrnt
iieareh for placer gold at tint dig-
glumi on llio Hiot where tho city of
Yiokn, In Hlnhlyon county, ('eiltfor
nlu, now hIiiiiiIm, There wan no not
tlciuent there then, alumni the en
1 1 tun country being a wlldornoioi, nl
t It on it It iinotliiM' pnrty of mlncm woro
working nt Kcott'H liar noma dlntnuro
away. TIiIh wan In ISM. Tim
Thornton patty ioiiaIMciI or twenty-
t tun men, nrgaulrcd In Yamhill conn-
1 ty, Oregon, -who not Mm gold fever
ami Marled Mouth on February 1 1 of
that )ar. They uot iin far mh I)iiiim
iimlr ami worn ((impelled to turn
hack on account of deep tinow ami
' Mrcwi of weather. Tim party parked
Into tlm wllilcrnoiw with nn average
of two nnlmnht apiece. While near
tlm Hlto of where Yrolm now ntanil
' they prospected for tlm yellow metal
unit found It In payltiK MronUti,
thoiiKh no attempt wan made to
till tic )'nteinn(lcally to bedrock, they
Hmply working tin Mirfncc. An Mr.
Thornton loiiminhem It, no naum
fwnit rIvimi In thin original ramp, In
' tho con rue of three mouthn tlm water
( Mipply giving out, the party returned
' to Oregon, vnrloun moiuhcrit of the
1 exMdltlon havlui; cleaned up nhout
110(10 apiece,
Of the original party nix were In
timate compnnloiiH and had coiun to
i Olefin from l.oulMa roiiuty, Iowa, In
the nprliig of IN.'O, They were Ja
roh Wagner, Jaiuen and John Thorn
Ion, Chnrlen lloudrlckn, Humphrey
Long and a Oermnii named Henry
Van Anall. Tlm lat Alhert Unck
fellow wan ulno a member of the In
itial parly, hut ho left them nt a
point now within tlm houudarlrn of
the Mate of Neliranka, preferring to
Join nn exdltlon direct in Califor
nia ItiMcnd of coming to Oregon, All
o Iheno men have panned away with
the exception of Jamen Thornton.
Mr. Thornton wan born In Tlppc
curoe county, Indiana, "on the bank
ot (he WahuMti." May 20. IS20, con-
neqinliy lie In in lih until year. Ho
i mm in inn cnnirai went In tlm
of I fit" I, vln Central America,
-ii voyage from Nicaragua to
York being In the old original
Meatier Vniiderhllt. Coming hack
lo ( legon, hu located reflectively In
Willamette valley and Inter on
iclmonvllle and then at Talent.
nine lo Anhland about tlm year I
, and for a long period wan net
Identified with tlm woolen iiiIIIn
Tor eight yearn ho wan tlm
owuxr of what In now known nt llm
HolLirhldo toll road over tho Rln
I.I)iih, and at one tlum wan anno
rlaled with Jacob Wagner In ranch
ing operation near Talent. Stand
ing on tlm threshold of DO yearn, he
hni lived to neo tlm mineral output
of Rlnklyou county In Hin'n nroro
jear reach nn nugregato (if 17fi,-dOO.OOO.
$101,277 DRAFT
AHIII.ANI), April .'.. -J'lobably tho
fattewt diaft ever mien In thin vicin
ity waa ouo which wan handled
through local hanking chauimlH lant
.Saturday, II wan nfieclflcally for
1101,277 80, and wan drawn by
Illyth, Witter & Co., bond biokom
of Han Fiauclnco on tho Anglo and
London I'lirln National hank, nlno of
Han I'ranclneo, payable lo llm order
or (I, II, ICuhaukn, tieanurer of tlm
city of Anhland. It represented' pay
iiient for tho principal and accrued
InteroAt on 100 auxiliary water hondn
or 1 1000 each, Thin nalo, together
with tlm $75,000 placed In Dourer,
clone up tho dlnpnnnl of tlm $I7I,
000 bond I tin ue. Another big draft
In provloun banking hlntory wan ono
for eighty odd thouunud dollnrn, do
ponltod In local bankn on 1'nrlflc
Highway account,
Hnron and llarononn Urlu, accom
panied by Commander Nagano, nil
r Jnpnn, on tlm way to o.Hnttlo, rrom
Friday, on tlm way to Hcattlo, from
whonco tlmy null ror homo on April
0, Tlm Huron graduated from An
nnpolln, and hi wife wan'educnted
at Yannar rollego, lloth thene naval
offlcern dlntlngulnhed tlmmnolven In
tho Jnp-ltunno war. They hnvo been
vlnltlug the expoHltlnn In nn oflclal
AHI1LANI), April .. I.nnt Thura
day livening, nccordwlng to Invita
tion and aunnuueemont, teacliern of
I ho Wont Sldu hcIiooU entertained
AUa member of tlm nchool board and
their wive; nlno tho tenchorri of tho
Kant Rldo hcIiooI and high hcoIiIh nt
a theutro party nt tlm Vlnlng, Tlm
lioHteHKCH woro MltHon ICnglo, Crook
paiim, llrown, l'oloy, Caldwell, lIdo
grnff, Mynrri, Morehouno and Hurley,
Roata worn lOKorved for ithout 60.
Tho attraction was Annotto Kollor
iiuin an "iNopUmo'H Daughtor." a
high pi lend Horloiv of flliua which
proved morn oxpeiiHlvo than wiih an
ticipated. NovorthuleHH, In aplto of
heavy drafU upon tholr March pay
toIIh, tho hoNtu8Hua proved thoniHclvcn
good Hporta by not only redeeming
tho t heat ro pledge willingly, but by
wah of dlveinlon ot up nn nbunil
nuco of light rafrcHlimouta nt tho
Carter memorial fountain nnd other
remirtH vlnltod in huccobbIoii. Tho
particular dalo being tho first of
April uiinlvornnry, khobIh woro niuilo
tho object or Hovoral nntullzlnpr ox
Mierlencos bororo tho final "good
iilght" wns Bpokon. Tho llhrotto nt
tho playhouso took tho form or n
iiummaiy of vital MatlHtlca concern
ing tho modern "Noptuno'8 nntigh
ter'' by way of com pail Hon with tho
phyHlcal clinrniH accredited to tho
uoveral IllnnnH of mythology In trn
dltlon and ntory. Imports huvo It
that novornl film fenturoa woro elim
inated In aplto of nuauraiicoH from
tho hoHtoBH Hint no portion of tho
movlea wouhl bo consorort,
Mr and fn. Miner MrConnell,
frenldentn or Hie vicinity or lluffalo,
N, Y , nro vlnltlug their counlnn In
llm Nlmn nud Kaundern famlllen In
cident lo a lour or tho Pacific const.
Phil Uono In houm on n brier va
cation, vlnltlug nuiimrnun relatives
nnd frlendn hereaboutn. Ho In now
n teacher In tlm union high school at
Itlpon, Cal., ono or tho flourUhlng
educational limtltutlonn of Han Joa
ijuln county,
Memborn or Malln Commandery,
Knlghln Tomplar, ohnerved tho Kan-
tor aniiivernnry ny attonuiug ner-
Mren nt Ht. Mark'n Kplncnpal church,
Mrn. Jnnopli Poley In vlnltlug n nln-
ter at Corvallln, and later on will go
lo HlaMon lo nee her daughter .Min
nie who In leaching (here.
I .oca I Clkn Inntnlled offlrem Sat
urday night. Hoy llucklngham or
Medroril, pant exalted ruler or Raleni,
wan deputized to do tho Job In behalf
of Anhlnml l.odgo (No. Hit. tho offi
cial elect being oh follews:
Don Applegate, exalted ruler;
J. IC. Choalo, leading knight.
Oeorgo Wnlnon, loyal knight.
ClUford Jenklnn, lecturing knight.
Ed Thornton, nocrolnry.
I'lerro 1'rovont, trennurer.
(leorgo Owen, truntco.
The traditional luncheon wan nerv
ed on tho occanlon, nnd Incident to
llm nmoker which followed. Applo-
gato wan presented with a mammoth
cigar about n foot long, tho tobacco
for which wn grown In old Virginia.
It wan manufactured nt Key West,
nnd horo tlm trim Havana flavor.
C. A. Kllnnon went to Medford
Saturday on hunlnoBa matter. Ho
took tho Menmer rrom Anhland nnd
returned on llm Intorurhan nrk.
Al JorMan, rormorly of Jordan
llron., local elrctrlclann, in now n
ronldent of Wnynenboro, Vlrglnln,
whern ho In conducllng n moving pic
ture entnbltnlunent. Thin town in
tho old Mumping ground of tho Jor
dan boys,
A. h. Kmery, resident inembor o(
llm contrnrtliiK firm or Smith. Km
ery & Co., which In Installing tho nux.
Illnry water NyMom, nccldontly Blip
ped on n rear Btnlrway lending to
tho TldlngB office, Salurday morn
Ing, and fell with Hiich forco that
ho wnn coiiHldernbly injured. IIo
was removed to tho Hnnltarlum.
C. oJhiiBon hnH moved his bIioo
Hhop to W. A. Conner'8 wood orrico
on Fourth street.
1), A. Fitch, n leading hiiBluenn
man or I.owylllo, Now York, waa In
town lant weok, nccompanled by his
wire, on n tour or tho Paclflo const.
linvlng tnken In both oxporIHoiib nnd
nil tho othor nttrnctlona on route
While hero thoy vlaltod Mr. nnd Mra.
W. H. dowdy, old tlmo frlondfl.
llalph Hedgo roturned' Snturdny
rrom Shaatn county, vhoro ho wont
two weoka ago, InvoatlgntlnK condl
Hour In uoveral localltloa through
out that section.
A now rod In dotctlcs being Intro
duced horoabnuta Ih tho drinking or
milk, This or Itaoir la nothing un
usual, excopt tho (Iobo which la aomo
HilnB heroic. Six qunrta per ilny of
roiloved Instantly with two ounces of
tSt-hirrmnnlH Concontrntod Rxpocto.
rant, A wholo pint costs SO contR,
Monoy refunded If not Butlsfnctory by
Medford Phnrmucy, Adv,
iMtPiMBny, n$& 'Fuji itfaLpcfcliy.aJBJOi Vwiff
12 hours In tho minimum, divided
Into (tones of nn ordinary tumbler-,
fill every half hour. Itlch milk, with
Km combination or conclno and vnr-
nOSTOX. April .',. CiirtiM (Inilil.
lounnnltn, holding In solution mlnuto ' iVnnier Kovernor inul former iimlmH-
globular colla nf rat, In held lo bo ninlur lo ihiHsin, Mnckeu with iiieii-
a prime rnctor In building up tlm ,0j ht Friiln.v, huh iejioile.1 t.i-
nervoun Byntcm. Acipilrliig the milk !uy lo lie dangerously ill.
habit ought to give nn Impetus to j '
the dairy Industry. i Willi MeiUord Trade Is Medrord Made
The OrUxlieH innile ll,e(r ri'K'tlor
i Suiiiluy Inking trip .veMenlny niter-
noon through the oielmnl diMnet
Kotilli of .Medford, nnd whlU the num
ber making the trip wuh Htruiller tlmii
tiMinl, owiii" to the iiielement weather
nud Kiiftter day exereiseM, it wnn one
of itlm most lienutiful Iripn no far
tiinile by the or.'iiui.uiion. Ptiirliu
from the park, out Holly Mrcct to the
ronnly road, uxiiijx the Mnrlinll
and Mill orehnnN in full hlooui, the
eonipnny wended it wny vt nnl
south nuaiu through the vuriotiH
"mail orclmnls to the cat of the Pot
ter I'nlmcr nud Iludge orehunU wit
on Ithe county road nguin, then
(limiting the Itrutuey hill, wheie the
committco hnd coffee itwniling the
eompiiiiy, nud hiicIi eoifee Hiirely wiih
appreciated. We don't know the
hrutul, hut certainly can recommend
it, cHjieeinlly when .Mr. lloon nets iih
chef. After reaching the top of the
hill poiixiilcniltle excitement wnn
mimed" by iliMeoverinjj nme wiih cov
ered wiih neitH of JuMer eggx. Mi
llimiiiin xccmed the ehniitpinu in llii-i
line, hu) generoiixly diviiled wnuie wiih
Ihose ineinhei'M of the patty who were
unable to xpriut xn ipiickly ittnong the
hiding plnccH. The view lrom the
lull with the orclumU in full bloom
iiiiiM he eeii to he iipprecialed. One
,i(tl tinting teen the orchnnN here in
full Itlootn from mimic commanding
hill lop can hnrdly renlize what they
have iniHicil, The return trip wim
ilown tliroiigli the Cunieiiler, Mrn,
Hollo way, Irwin and oilier orelmrdH
to llm PiiciMe highwny hack to .Med
ford. The Irwin and llollowny or
clmnls being nt full hearing age nn1
large Ireei, lire a night Hiirely worth
going oul to iew. They nre nppar
oiitly one Koliil tnatm of hlossoinH. On
the return trip two of our company
waiting u little in the rear hailed n
Ford ear filled with panseiigerM nnd
-.1...1 .1... .......:.... i ....-, I . r.. .. -:.l..-
i ii if i i . .i i i lug hdwnrd
lo .Medford, hut the advance guard , ..,.?.. kX.. ...
joined IiiiiiiIr ncrow( the highway,
Ittinging the Ford to a slop nnd the
couple gracefully alighted nud finish
ed the tramp to Medford with the
balance of the parly, explaining they
only wanted to "catch up" nnd did
not .intend to ride way to .Medford
The regular meeting of tho club
will ho held nt the library Thursday
evcninir. when two hundred of the
N'KW YOKK, April .1. T.niesl ra
porlH received hero of the effect, ef:
the grout wtorm which Hwcpt the At
la ntii! count Friday nnd Saturday in
dicated that nearly a hundred liven
were loM.
The Hoynl cl Indies
Htcamnr l'rins AluttritH, with forty
nine pcn-oiis nboanl, is helioVed (o
have foundered off Cnpo IlatteraH.
N'ot n word thnt would give, hopo thai
the veiiel wu htill nfloat wa.i ro
reived today.
Fifteen of the crow of tlm Hengolnfc
;' IMwnrd liiiekcnhach perished
when the tug wiih wrecked off Fnlao
Cnpe, Vn.
Ten men were drowned when two
coal barge broke awny from the tug
Cumlierland nud were pounded to
piece off Cnpe Hcnlopen, TJel.
Thirteen men alumni the barge
Tnnipico, which broke nwny from her
low, nre believed to have been lost.
-srs"ar-r-rr- ' ' ' .' i
Kiter views of Crater Lnke will be
nhown to the club nnd it micntfl.
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