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207s Smwhi Strait
Medford Mail Tribune
Mnv. nilj Mln. 12 Prerlp.
01. I'nlr Sunday t Cooler
r i
Tiuly flflli Vnir
liili v Ti'iiiii Vinr,
i -
Butyl Inn Irrriinlars, Wcarlnii Mlll
tmy Uniforms, Attack In Larue.
Numbers Srrli Outposts at Valan
tlovo, Which Arc Forced to Give
Ground Losses of (loth Serious.
PARIS, iil :i. -lluciiliiifN be.
tweou Scihiuu lump mill Bulgarian
lingular hiixe broken out tilling tthu
bonier. An official Mnlonionl i-wiu'd
nt N'ioli, Koihlu, ni fin winded to the
llnvju njtt'iii'.v, wi.V Hint t lift lltdgiir-
inu ivtn hwltiu'il tli' Serbian fron
tier giuml occupied Hi'ibliiii lei
lilniy. Tin mIuIoiuciiI follow!
"Lust night L lltlllllt 'J n. in. Bul
garian iiii'uiiliiif! xvoiuing inillliiiy
iiniruiiiiK ntlm-hcd in lnrsc number
our nulpiml nt Viiluudoxn. Our linn
tier kiiiiiiU, overwhelmed liy superior
number, woio forced to kim gmund
mill ivt rented in tin illicothui of the
railway ntutimi nl Stniiuitru.
I,oos Iti'iMiitotl Serlnim
"At " a. in. till' IliilKtiriiiiix occupied
nil the huljghl mi tlio loft hunk of tin
Vmiliir. Tho lno on Imlli sldw
Wl'll1 RcrilMI.
"Wounded Mildicr Mate tlml tin
BulKUiimi bands iiiiineuxond mill
fought under tin direojion of lliilgui
inn officer. Tin number of troops
onmisct'd wulijhjhlry more tlinii U
legiuiont. 'fj'1
"Neluhbniing frontlrr pots inline
ilmloly i'iit reiuforooiuonlii. The io
suit ' the buttle i Mill unknown and
tin detail nn lucking."
.tlurl Confirmed
All nffioinl dinpntrh from Ohov
jiIioIih, Serbia, to HnlouiU, fm warded
to Hit) HaviiH ugciicy, confirms the
statement tliul the llillguiiuu hands
imomoi'iI tho Serbian border. They ntr
snld to Inivo ciipturrd from tlin Sor
ltinii fnrri'H two cannon, with which
llicv lidinliaiilril tho uillwnv Million
nt Stiiiiiiilxn. Railway and telegraph
finiiiauiiii'alinn wen nit.
After honxv fighting, this ino-Wigo
nny, tho IIiiIkiiHiiiih woio repulsed
ninl I li'd, cloudy purMioit hy St'ililan
Cnpliiicil Ton Guns
An nflleinl telegram fiont Nhdi to
tlif Soihiuit legation Iikiu cays the
HiilKiiiian invailnrx imptuu'it It'll Sit
Innii kiiiih. Tliny an' Miiit to hi' fiKht
in hihIit nitnlar nfficcrH, mnl' it i
pt't'lfd that in icnlily Ihoy nii rt'j;ii
In r lliiljiniiin troopx.
Si'ihiiiii it'iiifon'rianiti iiip nrnvini;
on tho Kfono of hat lie. Tho filit inii
I'lintinnoM, tho Huililan IokiiIiou is in
ftiniit'il, mnl thom huvo boon ooiihIiI
t'liililo hmNOM on holh sidt'f.
LONDON', Apiil Il.Tho Control
Xohn hii,va that in the filitin' ulonc
tho llnlK'aiian I'ioiiIiit tho caHiialtit'n
wi'io iiiHiKinriomil. Tho iniih'iH i It'll
to llnlKiiimii toniloi'v nltor IioIhk put
to unit.
1.0R ANOKLKS, Apiil .1. Kiilimp
c.l hy Major Antonio Towir, Villa
cninuianilor ut I. a l'lix. Lower Call-
J'oiiiia, AHhh .losofinii Canalii'a, Iho
daiiuhtcr of a wcnlthv Mexican land
owner, is hold u prisoner nhoard the
littlo Mexican hteauier hnutintio,
which Ih hound up Iho coast, nccnuL
iu to Jacinto Caualiza, the yonnn
woiiuiii'k father, who arrived hero to
day. Jlr. Caualiza asked officers up
mnl down tho coast to keep watch for
tho vessel mnl the k'hL
Atiss Canallza is 'J. yoaiH old. Sho
was educated nt Vassar cidlco and
is wild to ha Hie fiaucct) of a yonn
AmcriiJiiu. Kho recently refiuued to
tho ranch noiir Lu l'az. TovarV nt
toiillaiiH woio rejected, wild, tho
i'nlhor, mnl a few dnyn nno ho ap.
jicnrcil ut the raneh with nohllors,
hhot two of tho ranch rclniuorx, mid
liindinn: Iho pirl, look her ahourd the
SanthiKo, which sU'iinied out of La
l'az hound iioith.
Gale Pauliiil Alonii Sealioartl Frc:n
Florida to New Eiifjlantt BIlHsril
r?a(lii In Middle States Worst
Storm of Yrar Cnsttr Finery
Is Spoilrd,
NI'.W VOIMC, Apnllt noilhoast
Ciilo BH'opI Hit' Atliinlio xi'tilionni frtnn
Hoiiila to N'i w rTiijjhmil. Kow'N'oik
Oily wan xImjI'mI Iiv 'iioiv mnl ii !IH
tnilo pah'. OIT SiiiiiIv llool. tin- wind
vn lihmiiiu' fi ini'i'H mi hour. At
llflnunro hri'Jiliwnli'i' il vrl'icih
n-iM'lii'd (III inili'i.
l'lllLADKLI'IIIA, Ainll SI.- The
Miunv tlonii wtiti'li k nn'W iho Miilillo
Athiiillo "latex ontlv toilav licoatno
nlinotl n hliryjinl tho uniM htiirm
nf the ylntor In this Mcoliiui. At '.'
1 1. in. tilio iiov uiii mmo than h
inoliox di'rp. Win oiiiaiiiiniiontiini
with point miiilh mnl with nil Now
Ji'pM'V onhoro nitiirtH win hit or
rnptcil. Hull Tniflp Tlixl Vp.
Stonin niilroml Iniffio hiih tdnwi'il
up. Strootonr wcrvioo wim intorrnpt
nl, rmiciiijjn partial innil.U of Inis
With iho rnmini; of tho nlonn. the
Kntor plans of ino-t proplc went to
pioooo. Slt'ain mnl oii'otrii traniH. in-
I fail of hciiiir fulfil with holidnv
omwiln honnil fur tho nonshoro pointH
to ppnil llnlcr, loft horn with oom
panilurly fovi' pn"oiij;orM.
WASIIINOTON. April X- Kiwlrr
flnorv in Iho piiHtorn imrt of tho
oonntrv i tliioiitonotl with ilinitor liv
Ntiow, wind, tain mnl ooltl. A ryolonio
"tonn today swept north alone tho
Allanlio con I. Irnm Moniln to
Mm'iio Iho wcnlhrr forroitflor hnro
proiliotoil miow mnl Bnlii. Ilowrvor.
n tentative prriHolioti was mailo that
tho iinw mnl rtiin milit ho follow-on
liv "eloarint:" wonthor Snndnv nftcr
nonti. I'mvIiijs Toiniwrntiiros
Storm warnings woio iliiplnvoil
iiI'Mitr tho Atlantio oonxt from Wil
iniHitlon, N'. ('., to llahtpoit, Mo. Tom
peiaturet down to fieeiiik' worn pio
iliotoil in tho ontiro oonntrv ent of
tho MiMMirtnippi, In tho nortlnvost
Into mid tho wc-t iilalonu region,
Iho foiooipter Miid. Kiintor wonrin;:
apparel niiKlit ho ilinplayetl.
WASHINGTON, Apiil n. 1'rosi.
ilonl Wilson tilnyoil j;olf today in n
NiinwMnnn. Tho ptosldont wont four
teen hoh's with n piest and then wan
fnreed to Htnp heeiuiso of tho miow.
fall, whieli hoeamo so lionvy.
CIIICAOO, April .1. MrR. KlUn
lioth McManUH, Hlsler of John H. Mc
M huh, tho Amorlcnn liiiHlat'fls man
slain hy Znpntu noillera In Mexico n
few weoltH hko. totlny nitilressmt a
letter to Socrotnry llrynn protostlnB
(lint the Indemnity accepted from
Deuornl Cnrraiuu was too smnll, la
tho lutter Mm, MeMaaiiH nnys:
"I wrlto to protost nRnliiBt tho jml
Iry Iniloninlty Bccureil to tho widow
of my hrothor, John 1). McMiuiiib.
You, na representative ot our United
States, Bhoulil hnvo not an Iniloninlty
tt nt leant S100.000 to securo Ida
family and tench tho MoxIcnnB res
pect for Amerlcnnu nnd their Intor-
LONDON, April 3. "Travolom
from l'lilllpolla nrrlvluK In nodonK
hntch,'' Bnys tlin Times Sofia corre
spondent, "roport puhllo feelluK In
ConBtantlnoplo na Bienlly depressed.
It Is Ronoially fonrod that n Kreat
catnBtropho Is lmpondlUR. Munltlona
nro runnliiK short nnd tho hopo of.
ohtnlnlnR fioah Biippllos from fler
iiumy throiiKU Rumania nnd llul-
irnrln lmn liium nlinmlnimtt. TllO 0X0-
dua from tho enpltnl and tho removal
of tho Beat of govornor to Asia-Minor
bcoiub virtually decided upon,"
Dreadnaught Florida
MI'.IM.IN. mii London, Apnl 'X -1'iM!
Ainonemi iwiiiv ol'fieon. who
Iiiim- lift'ii ntliiehfil lo tho flennitn
militnrj' funics in the capacity of l.
serxorH wore ordorod hy onhlo tothiy
to lotiirii to tho Tinted States nt
oneo. Tho order eiimo ns a Mirprie
ill. they oxpeoteil to remain in Knropc
until the end of tho war.
I.ieiili'iinnt'Colonj'l .lo'-oph K. ICtihn
of tho engineer-, who iiImi Iiiia heen
noting as mi ohservor. was not in
olndoil in tho older, iih he has hocn
designated as mihtiirv altaehe nt tho
emlmsxy at llerlin to Miceeod Major
(leorKO T. I.niiKhoriio, looalled.
Tho United Stadw oflieers miioc
their airiviil in flennnny on Deoem
her 'JO have hpent two weeks or. the
wpttiTn float nnd ouo wool; in the
oiiht. TIiobo nffeeteil ate Major riar
eneo ('. Williams of iho nrdiinnoc do
piutment; Major Dwiht K. Aiiltman
of tho field mtillory, Captain Samuel
I). I'oekenhnoh of the enxnlry, Cap
tain WiUou It. limit of tho infantry
mid Captain Samuel (1. Shuttle of the
coast artillery.
WASIIINOTON, April Il.-Seoro
Jury Harrison said todav ho had or
dered tho toliirii of tho United Stntos
army nrticcig oliMirvin niiliturv op
enitions of tho Oernian nnny hooaiiRo
their inihsitm was oomploloil. lie said
that no other officers would ho de
tailed with the Oeinian army.
Pntls nre heinpr assigned nnd work
is prove.sMiij; ut n inpid rate in the
operetta, "A Xaulieul Knot, or the
Hello of HaraMnpoole," to ho pio
duced hy tho Jledfonl liih m'IiooI
chorus under the diicetion of Min
Iih'15 Coffin, in the near future, This
operetta hy William Whys Ilethert mnl
Maud Kluahcth Inch is one of their
most popular uumhers, ulioundinj,' as
it docs iu inusio of except ioual heauly
and piipiancy and dialogue, which for
cleverness and humor could not ho
surpassed, The supervisor feels that
one of the most plensinjy merits of ifs
production will he tho chorus work,
eonsistiufj iih it will of work in one,
ttwo, threo ami oeasionally four parts
in hoth mule ami female voices. The
production is interspersed with solos,
duets, tiios, etc Thirly-fivo pills
and twenty hoya have enrolled for
this work. Tho title role will he huiik
hy Missj Mario Kifeit. You can't af
ford to inisi it,
neputy Jjlstrlct (tamo Wardon Sam
Sundry ot ItoRtio Hlvor Bpont Friday
afternoon In Medford nttondliiK to of
ficial bUBlilCSS,
omaaoN, sa'itmmy,
, : lasc -
England Stops All Messro'-s Sent Rc-
latlrifj to Vrade Id fthlch a Resi
dent in an Enemy Country Is One
of the Parties Means Cessation of
Commercial Messages.
WASIIINOTON. April O.-Secre,-tnry
Hrynn hud heforo him today
(Ireat llritaia'u foinml uniiouneemeiit
of her new unhlu cenoihip policy. A
memorandum on the subject hail heva
tniiisuiitted to the statu department
through AmhasMidor 1'aue ut Lou
In it Oreat Hrituiii serves notice of
its intention to stop all mo.-.snj,'es sent
oxer cubic uudcr British control re
latiiiK to trade in contraband or 11011
contrabaud, "to xvhieh a resident iu
an enemy country is ouo of the par
ties.'' la this connection, tho communica
tion points out that ''it is elear that
iu view of the preat impottnnco of re
stricting the enemies' supplies and
withholding facilities from them
from carrying on their trade, his
majesty's, government cannot bo ex
pceted to al'foid the use of lliitish
caliles to enable neutral nnd enemy
count ries to make arrangements with
each other for the conduct of that
Officials here coustruo tho action
to menu that iu necoidanen with the
allies' blockade program Great Hrit
niu will not permit the sending of
messages from tho United States to
Italy or nny other neutral country if
thoy refer iu any xvav to a transac
tion in xvhieh a resident of flennnny,
Austria or Turkey is interested.
Koger S. llcnnett xvill let tho con
tract mid begin xvork at once on tho
construction of n now $10,000 apart
ment house on his property at tho
coiner of Main and Quince stteots,
and adjoining "The lloihen," owned
hy Mr. lteuuett. The final details in
the matter xveio completed Friday.
Thu new structure will ho two stor
ies lduh, 50 by 100 feet, mid modern
throughout, and is being built to tic
commodate tho ineteaso iu demand
for npattnients,
"1 nut making this investment,"
said Mr, lleuuett this morning, ''bc
causo I felt it is better to pay tnxes
and assessment! on improved prop
el l,y than vacant lots coxercd with:
aimul :s, ioin
Weathering a Storm
! nnr mm Tnmu
, rnc i u nfl
Riot in Canal Zcnc Results in Death
of Coast Artilleryman and Wound-
inn of Two Others One Panaman
Gets Black Eye Police Fire lnto!'f'loi.1,f '; '"-- outside. n,..l
Train of Unarmed Men.
WASHINGTON, April X llrign
dier General KdwanN, coinmnnding
the troops in the Panama canal r.onc,
reported loda xtluit during the fight
iu Colon yesterday between American
soldier- mid Panama policemen, in
xvhieh Corporal Lunation of tho coast
artillery xvas killed and three soldiers
wounded, tho Panama police fitetl
into a train of unarmed soldiers nnd
Chilians nnd pelted the train with
stones and rocks.
Iu his report General Kdvvnrds
"Cnue of the tiot wns similar to
that of recent trouble iu Panama;
excited police clubbing soldiers, pro
test front other soldiers, pistols
drawn by police, shoot ing commenc
ed, C oat artillery provost patrol
was attempting t sotop shooting by
policemen when Langdon was killed
hy a police lieutenant. Three men of
a patrol slatted to lcturit tire on the
police xx lien officers stopped the fir
ing, preventing casualties. This xvas
tho only firing dono by Americans.
"Langdon xvas shot through the
heatt. The xvounded are: James Do
LntigheVy, 11. C. Klimp, Charles II.
Ono of the purposes of Major Gon
eral Wood's vi-it to the zone xvhero
ho is due today, xvas to look into the
recommendation that tho United
Slates police Colon nnd Panama.
PARIS, April X- Information has
heen received hero (hat oftieials of
the )elgium public wotks department
xvho agreed to continue their duties
with thu understanding that they
would not be asked to aid in the con
struction of military woiks, resigned
iu a body when ordered by the Ger
man militarv ailministratiou to di
rect the repair nnd construction of
roads designed for strategic pur
poses. Tho valunble crehaeologieal nnd
historical collect inn belonging to M.
llujbrigts of Tongres, Helgium, is re
ported to have been ruined xvlion his
liouso xvas dest roved, Tho collection
vns valued by Gorman experts bo-
foro tho beginning of the xvar nt more
Minn USO.OOO marks ($87,500).
WASHINGTON, April H. Whirling
gale nnd snow storm xvhieh enveloped
the Virginia Cupcs Inst night nnd to
dny, did not tempt tho German auxil
iary enii-er I'rinz Kitel Friedrieh to
make a dash for the sea tliroimb the
in i ii i'iui'k tots iiiicrmiiiu mi iiiiii'iiii
government dispatch from Hampton
Roads said tho German raider still
xx-n moored to her wharf.
The storm xxliieh drexr tho curtain
of secrecy oxer tho Prinz Kitel for a
few hours by destroying nil menus of
communication with the Hampton
ltoads di-trict, snve xvireless, started
a crop of rumors saying the German
cruiser had dashed behind the cur
tain of snnwfhikcs nnd past the
xvatchdogs nt the entrance to Chesn
pcake bay.
Tho goxcmmental ngeneics got in
touch with Xexvpnrt Xcxvs, Vn., and
established that the Prinz Kitel hnd
attempted no nexv daring exploit.
ROMK, via Talis, April X Dis
patches received hero from Cettinje,
the capital of Montenegro, indicate
that Austrin-Huugnry is endeavoring
to cut off Montenegro from nil com
munication with tho outside world
nnd thus sturvo her.
Tho dual monarchy is. described na
surrounding this small state with
overwhelming forces of Cronts on tho
mountains, iu addition to a garrison
of -10,000 men nt Cnttaro, xvhieh pre
vents nnny communication xvtih Hcr
zegovinn and tho Adriatic.
Against about 100,000 Anstrians,
Montenegro enn opposo only lft.OOQ
men with limited nrtillery. Something
liko 70,000 peoplo from villages in
Bosnia burned by Austrian troops
have taken refugo in Montcucgto.
LOS ANOKLKS, April 3, lingo
breakers which tore out sections of
piers ut various ocean shore resorts
last night mid damaged numcroiw
cottages on the Strand, el aimed a life
early today. William II. Reeder, a
painter, xvho started out front Santa
Monica iu a small tnotorhont on n
fishing trip with John II. Mucr, xvas
NO. 11
Russia Expresses Sympathy With
Italian Desires Russians Win Ser
ies of Austrian Lines In Carpath
ians Stagnation Prevails in West
Austria Claiams Advantage.
LONDON, April H.-Thc attitude of
Russia concerning Jtnly's territorial
aspirnlioni is defined in n semi-official
announcement from Petroxrnd,
xvhclt nssiuiics special fdgnifienneo
because of Italy's warlike prepara
tions nnd the efforts tn.'ndjnst1' tho
boundary question with Austria, Rus
sia in effect expresses Mympahy with
Italy's desire to obtain the territory
oliout the head nf the Adriatic, inhab
ited chiefly hy police of Italian h'tock,
xvhieh xvouhl include the proV!8vs of
Trent nnd Trieste. Itus,ja xvouhl not
oppose still further expansion, but
xx-nrns Italy not to pros her clnitnH to
a point which might bring on nnother
conflict Inter. At tho sumo time, it
is said that the imperialiste nttttudn
tnxx-nrd tho Adriatic nttribufeil to
Russia is absurd.
At tho Hritih embassy nt Rome
was denied a report that Lord Rone
bcrry or nny other person is going to
Rome on a special mission for Great
In the Carpathglam ;
Tho fluctuating stntgglo m tho
Carpathians Rcema to he neantur its
decision, nccording to dispatches
reaching London. liv rucccshixo
rti.hoi nmid ice nnd phow, Ruasinn
troops arc said to hnx'o carried a ser
ies of Austrian lines, nnd in the viexv
of British observers, they hid fair
soon to break through in force le
txreen the Lupkoxv and U'olcpasses.
Vienna reports nsscrt Hint the re
cent fighting in Bukowina has been
more important than the official com
munications hnvo shown. It is said
that the Russians xvho pent in rein
forcements iu tho hopo of gnining a
decisive victory in Hukoxvina hax-o
been defeated and forced to retrent.
Stagnation In Wct
In the xxest conditions bordering
on stagnation prevail. The allies are
keeping the Germnns in Iho dark as
to when nnd xvherc the big thrust xvill
As tho xveeks pass, tho operations
in tho Dardanelles appear likely to bo
nioro nnd more protracted, oven tho
London pnpers nre today inclined to
admit that the Turkish posJiionr per
haps have not yet been seriously
NEW YORK, April 3.-Fricnds of
Major Ambroso llierce, author, jour
nalist nnd soldier, xvho feared that ho
had been killed in Mexico last De
cember, xvcro surprised nnd relieved
today to learn that his daughter id
Bloomiugton, III., hud received a let
ter from him revealing that ho U serv
ing with tho allies in France. It xvhb
said that Ilierco xvas a member of the
British army staff.
On the supposition that lis was
dead, at tides concerning his conlin
tinncu disappeared nnd his unusunl
literary nnd military career hud boon
published here.
BI.OOMINOTON, 111., April 3.-
Mrs. Helen Cowdcn, dnughtor of Ma
jor Ambroso Bierce, author and jour
nalist, declined today to give out a t
letter received from her futhor yw
terday, xvhieh it is understood de
tails his movements since he disap
peared in Mexico last December. She
enid, however, thnt her father Jb at
tached to Kitchener's army iu FrH0.
PARIS, April 3. A fcemb Wh
had failed to cxplodtt xv fo;!;t4 hi'
tho garden of the Orek lewtlia ftt
Sofia, Bulgaria, doe t iitti mlttfe.
tprn private effinu, BewmHmr U
llnvna diimtel fr"Hr-AlJww.