Medford mail tribune. (Medford, Or.) 1909-1989, March 08, 1915, SECOND EDITION, Page PAGE SIX, Image 6

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mf.dkotcd isrArr; 'nrmrNW. mkokoud. oknuon. Monday, mahou s. tnia
XKW YOniv, Mnirli 8. -Call Itn.
roedc, n Ofrmati Amerienn, nnd f-ur
tlcrmntt rexervists, brought to tHai in
tho federal ennr,t hero today, t.i m
illelmcrttR e.hurjriiifr them with eon
splrinjr OKniiint tho United Stales by
obtaining false. Amerienn passports,
unexpectedly withdrew their pre unit
pleas of tint guilty, nnd thiew llicm
felvr on the uicrov of the court. All
five plcndcd guilty, lluroede, who
wns nrpusod of operating n bureau
for the issuance of fnNe. pasp.rN.
wm Nhentenoed to servo three years in
the fedeial penitentiary at Atlanta.
The others, Ar.hur Wilhehu,
a reserve lieutenant in the Herman
nrmy; Waller Mueller, August MVver
and Herinnn Wegener, were fined
$200 eaeh.
linns Adam vou Weddell, a fugitive
from juRtiee, has been apprehended in
Scotland, District Attorney Mnr!nll
annonneed and negotiations for his
e.lrndition are understood to be un
der way. lie was described bv M',
Marshall as the ehiuf ooaspira'or in
the ease.
Advnncc ale for the play "Today"
at the Page Wednesday, March 10, It
good. Reservations have been made,
for theater parties from Grants Pass,
Ashland and (Other parts of the val
loy. The auto stagen will make spc
elal theater trips to Ashland and Cen
tral Point both before and after the
play. From all Indications thero will
bo a capacity house.
LONDON', March 8. It was offi
cially annonneed in London this even
ing that the TurlcNh batteries nt
Mount Dardnnus and forts of Ilum
ili Mcdjidich Tabia mid Ilnmidie'i--Tnbia
in the Dardanelles, have been
Hilenced by 'shcllln from the nllied
fleet. Th IlritWi battUhip Quoin
Kluabeth, the nnnouneoment nlso said
was hit liy shots from the Turkish
fotts and slightly damaged.
AMSTi:iWAr. March 8. For tho
first time since Admiral Sir David
Ut-atty engaged a German squadron
In tho North Sea tho latter port of
January, heavy gun fire, according to
a dispatch from the Hook of Holland
to tho Telegraaf, was heard In tho
North Sea today.
The Daily Fashion Hint
A chsrmtnfl .jmliiwt on Pf vlvct sua
,Mtln, Tie Vrl fuli.p. Is nbtaliitMl ll'
an palla viivst jufrie Tim wit iieplum
mi4 front l at he nivct U Dim of ttif
iimw hull lurvitd ud ul tliu tack l oiu
1Ui UO ivuu i
w fcv'i I imM w' ''"' " 1 tw i jWUL, J"l JkLX? ., SiSvKiWfc Ifd0 IHEBaaaH IVfe
""flLHRv HNub ui??? " jRtt y "i ,HiMbbbbw.ia i kf :&9bLbbkV
These refugees live in this gave noni the river Anino, in the north f Pranov. At ono time this eave was
"home" to 'JU0 men, women and child i on.
Mr. and Mrs. Olson are enjoying
a visit from Mr. and Mrs. Chapman
and Fons of Long Ilcach, Cal. Mrs.
Chapman Is a sister of Mrs. Olson.
Fred Hrown and Will Lewis are
in Jacksonville as jurymen on tho
trial of Loris Martin. .
Mr. Fennell who Is still confined
In the Mcdford hospital Is Improv
InK slowly.
Mr. and Mrs. Mardon who have
been residents of tho Ilraden. have
moved back to the ranch, preparatory
to gardening and farming.
Wc are glad to say that Mrs.
Householder who Is Jn Medford for
medical ticatment Is much Improv
cd. Our popular young teacher, MIm
Katie Foley, and sister Magglo spent
Saturday and Sunday In Central Point
the guests of relatives and friends.
Kane creek business visitors to
Gold Hill, Mrs. Fennell, Mr. and Mrs.
Mardon, Mr. Mason, James Lawrenco,
Mrs. HiKlnbotham, Mrs. Foley, Mrs.
Olson and daughter, John Drawn and
Prophet Foster.
Weather prophet forecast, good
weather for sorno days.
Mrs. Ilean and children of tho Wil
low Springs spent a day recently the
guest of Mrs. Deans' parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Drown pf DlacK'nell hill.
Mrs. Geo. Haff of Gold Hill was a
recent Kane's creek visitor.
.Mr. and Miss Drown of "Garden
Row" attended church at Central
Point Sunday.
Much road Improvement Is going
on In this section. Tho road to th
Ilraden mine Is being graded and put
In first clans shape, a piece of work
which has long been needed, It being
almost Impassablu as so much heavy
team work was being dotio during
wet weather.
Undo George Iloberts camo over
from Fern valley Thursday to I'hoo-
nlx to be at tho bedside of his broth
er, Allen Roberts, who is near death's
door at his home In Phoenix.
W. K. Jacobs of North Talent was
In Jacksonville Friday.
Mrs. Kfflo Taylor, formerly of
.Medford, came In from Klamath Falls
tho first of tho week on businoss.
James Martin has sold out his
store up north and returned to Phoe
nix to rebldo again
Mr. and Mrs. Peachy have returned
bo tho valloy aftor a year's ubbonro.
Mrs. Peachy was formerly Miss Kf
flo Wise.
C. Carey and H. N, French went
to Jacksonville to pay taxes Satur
day, Mrs, James Allen has been very
low tho past week. Dr. Malmgren
has been In attendance much of the
Mrs. A. H. Fisher and Mrs. Hay
man and daughter worn ' visiting
friends In North Talent Wednesday.
About fifty young pcopln gathered
at the homo of Mr. and Mrs. A. S.
Furry Thursday for a social evening
with tho bride and gitioin, Mr. and
Mrs, Colvor Furry. Games and dune
lug filled tho hours, Delicious r-
ifreshmonts wore served at midnight.
i All had a most enjoyable time.
I Mrs. Wllpamotl of Talent came
down Thursday and brought little
jxuvla Stump, daughter of Mrs. Win.
'Stump, nee Ora Shldolor, to sea Mrs.
James Allen of North Talent.
1 (Continued from Page Ono.)
i produce results. Ono of tho minis
ters who had received a telegram
saying the diplomatic corps In Mexi
co City had decided to leave, cabled
his legation there saying that after
learplng what serious steps the
American government had taken, he
advised the corps to remain in tho
J capital and nnalt developments.
. Moo Kept Secret
Just what move Is row contom
platod Is only known to President
Wilson and a few of his advisers. The
opinion In official quarters was that
oven though force had not been
threatened In the note to Carranza,
tho American Rovvrnmont was pre
pared to meet eventualities and
would hereafter pursue, an Insistent
course to cornpol protection for for
elgnors and their interests.
Secretary Dryan would Fay only
that thero was no change in tho con
ditions from tho sorlous state of af
fairs In the last days. Askod wheth
er Carranza and Obregon were at
odds. Secretary Dryan replied that
tho state department had evidence
that Obrogou recognized Carranza as
his superior officer, but could not
say whether1 any friction had devel
oped. Scarcity of Munitions
Scarcity of war munitions In Mex
ico, It Is bellovcd hero, has affected
Villa's cnmpalgn. Tho poslblllty
that neither faction will bo ablo to
gain n contplota victory and that tho
situation may remain deadlocked In
definitely, is known to liavo In
fluenced tho administration to take
Its stnnd.
Tho Washington government re
cently has been subjected to n con
tinuous bombardment of foreign In
quiries. These, activities of tho for
eign diplomatic rpprosentatlves liavo
constituted a moral pressure that has
now practically compelled tho Amer
ican government to speak in emphatic
lunguago to Carranza,
Plight of Americans
Tho plight of Americans, however,
has been of Increasing concern,
Obregon's repudiation of Villa's cur
rency worked tho first hardship bo
causo It mado wealthy folk penni
less. The poor rioted, clamoring for
bread, and Obregon, In published an
nouncements, practically sanctioned
plunder and rioting, ovon predicting
the evacuation of his own forces If
the riots developed Into extensive
An International relief committee,
composed of rosidents of tho foreign
colony, camo forward with an offer
of 250,000 pesos to buy food and tnko
charge of the situation, but Obregon
refused freight facilities or permis
sion to unilortako tho work. The
committee recently sent a petition to
the stnto department, described as
of a most sensational charactor,
George C. Doltz. uged 00 years and
eight months, died at tho homo of
hU cou, John V Deltz, 1U5 Mantle
street. March 7, of old age. Ho was
born In S.iratof, Uussla and had boon
a resident of America since 1S75, of
Medford for one and one-half years.
Ho leaves four children, J. C. Ileltz,
of Margrave. Kans., Cathorluo Miller,
, Hlson,.Knns.; Margaret Mooro, of
INokoma, Kans., and John F. Deltz, of
Funeral will be hold Tuesday af
ternoon nt '2 o'clock at the Advcntlsts
church, burial In I. O. O. F. cemetery.
Mrs. Sadlo Konncdv. wife of Wal
ter M., resident of Medford for 12
years, pasK-d away at 3; 30 o'clock
Sunday afternoon, March 7, at her
residence, No. 0, East Jackson street,
at tho ago of -It. years.
Mrs. Kennedy was born In Carp
Lake. I.elanv county, Mich., August
II, 1S70. Desldes her husband the
deceased leaves four children, two
sons nnd two daughters, Mrs. M. C.
Wright, Lcnoro, Wesley and Vernon
Kennedy, nil of Medford, Oregon.
Ono sister, Mrs. Nellie Kapnlck of
Traverse City, Mich., and three
brothers, John Cams, of Cadillac,
Mich., and Will nnd Mllo Cams of
Sho was married to W. M, Kennedy
In 18S7 at Cadillac. Mich., leaving
there In 1887, went to Colorado, then
returned to Cadillac In the fall of
the saino year and lived there 12
years, then camo to Horubrook, Cal.,
for Mrs, Kennedys' health and from
there In 1003 to Medford, Oregon.
Mrs. Kennedy had been n sufferer
for several months from a complica
tion of diseases. Sho was a member
of Dogrce of Pocahontas, Woatonka,
Council No. 20.
Funeral services will bo hold at
Weeks ft McGowan'H chapel on Tues
day at 2 o'clock p. m., Itev. Shields
Tito Pocahontas council will have
charge of the horvlccs at tho grave,
Durlnl In I. O. (). F. cemetery,
If there Is any truth In tho old
adage that coming events cast tholr
fchadows beforo thorn, tho Andrews
Opera company will bo greeted by a
packed house tonight. Thero has
been a steady call for seats from tho
time tho salfl opened Friday morning
up to tho present llmo. Thoro Is no
question but this will bo tho event of
the soason.
The Woild'h Gix-atost Clairvoyant and
J'liVhle I'almlst
ono of the most famous renders of
life's mysteries In tho world, should
he consulted upon al nlattcrs. Sho
will astonish you. Her many years
lief oin tho public has proven her re
liability. I lor great knowledgo of
the truo science of palmistry Ih bused
on Infallible pilnclples and demon
strated f,uct. 1113, Control.
NICW YOUK, March S I lurry
Kendall Thaw, hIumt of tf (unfold
White, Kinlllnxl.v eauie Into the erlni'
Innl tiramli of the Miproiuo Court to
day to Htnud tilal for eoimidiai v to
emapo from the state hospital for tho
crlmluttt Iuhimjo at Mntteawau Kln
men charged with astdstttiK li tho
coaspliae. were placed on trial with
him. 1'lvo Juiors had heuu aceepted
at noon.
Mrs. Mary fopoly Thaw, the ehlof
defendant's mother, accompanied h
Ntra. Mcflrgo Carnenle, Thaw's sister,
appealed In court early,
SAN FKVNClSi'O, March S.-l).
Itesta, driving car No. 9. winner of
tho Grand I'rlv, won Saturday the
llOO.Ito mllo Vanderhllt cup race oor
tho t'oiirsii or tho Panama Pacific In
ternational e ualt Ion In om of tho
most thrilling contest over run In
this American automobile cI.insIo.
IIIm time was t hours, 27 minute
'and :i7 sicouiIh. Ho maintained nil
tneragoof i!7'i mlleii an hour. How
ard Wilcox, No. 2ii was second In I
hout$ 111 minutes nud .'111 hocondx;
Kddlo I'ulleii, third, I hours, II 5 min
utes, 37 seconds, and Italph Do Pat
ma, No. 22, fourth, llmo I hours,
tl!i minutes, 7 serouds.
Other cars finished as flillews:
Fifth. William Carlsen: sixth.'. It.
Xowhoiijc; seventh. Harney Oldflold;
eighth, LouN DUbrow; ninth, lliighln
Hughes; tenth, A. II. Klein; eleventh,
K. A. Hearno; twelfth, Thomas Me-
Kelvy. thirteenth; Gil Anderson, and
fourteenth, Lou Gaudy.
It as a gruelling, heart breaking
race, from stnrt to finish. Tho pace
set by the winner subjected tho ears
to a terrific strain, tv thnt long be
fore the finish less than half of those
which answered the starter's call
were loft In the running.
Mllsteiolo Giles Delirious Ctimfnit
When those sharp pains go shoot
ing through your bend, when your
skull seems as If It would split, Jiut
rub a little Ml'STKItOLH on the
temples and neck. It draws nut the
Inflammation, soothes nway the pain
gives quick relief.
MI'STKUOLi: Is n clean, white
ointment, made with oil of mustnrd.
Dctter than a mustard plaster and
does not blister!
Doctors and nurses frankly recom
mend Ml'STKIlOLK for Soro Throat.
HionchltlH, Croup, Stiff Neck, Asth
ma. Neuralgia, Congestion, Plourlsy,
Itheiimatlsm, Lumbago, Pains and
Aelnn of the Hack or Joints, Sprains,
Soro- Muscles. DriiiseH. Chilblains
Flouted Feet Colds of tho Chest (It
often prevents Pneumonia).
At your druggist's, In soc ami nuc
Jars, and a special large hospital slzo
tor $2.."0.
Do sure you get tho genulno Ml.'S-
TKItOLH. Defuse Imitations -get
what ou ask for. The Musteroie
Company, Cleveland, Ohio. Adv.
on hot house grown
rose hushes. Vo
have decided to quit
growing rose hushes
for cut flowers and
are offering pink
and white Killarnoy,
Richmond and Am
erican IJeauty roses
a IOp and Ific each.
Phone 37i,
' " " " i ' ll "i V il'ii'ii i'ii'mIm -i " " ' ' " f ' im"Lmt I
fT iii .n ------ -- - - ... .
Making the small merchant
a profitable customer
"I have a list of merchants In 500
towns that are too small to send
salesmen to. Once or twice u
week I send each of theso buyers
a Western Union Night Letter or
Day Letter quoting ft list of espe
cially attractive buys. This sales
scheme is developing one of the
most profitable markets wo enjoy.
Wo rarr the hlitlient quality of field ceedn bent adapted to thin
locality, and InWtc tour careful limpcrlton of our Mock, All kcccIh
an lotted for Kiriiilnnllou and piirll) and can bv relied upon to Klvti
We hnxo the CjIIowIiik field Heedit to offer at thin noaiten: Heard
ch llarley, Canadian l-'letd I'ean. Heed Oatx, Mlllctx, Clovcm, Tim
othy, Hpeltz. Alfalfa", and all other inlneellnneoiiH Held needs.
tit it si:i:ns oxt i cium'V aiav.wssowv
ill 7 l M.l ST.
TeiCi niaricnntlx IiIrIi Kroilo Wall Poarda how that CttlaMfJ U the itroiiR'
est uud that it ri'Ui diuipncss and
II run Ik uicit In Iioumh. (.flier. fnrloi lr Xe
I-rrTiuiiciil iiimI touix r-r llh run lc
QUKLIynml lurlrii.ti.r l-uilt Willi Cttlaln.
U" Will liaaiJ. It rim I utlllot lijr uuy
cartful wot l nun win NIowi..lli:tkii
Our Cr1ln.t roufiiif r known and
lura lnd food all over Ilia woilJ,
Fur tali by Jtatnt tvtrvuhttt,
ul naKinallt ptUtt
General Roofing Mffj. Company
H'vrlU $ l.irv.l tMimMfifimnrl I'lUtofiuj
Nw YiV Ciljr Bailta Caloia IfHIiWria
PaUW.Uk.. AlUala tlo.l.ia Derail
Sl.LaaU Clulaaill K(MC1I Ww4iatU
Sutlaatiua SaalUt Laa4a lUataarg Sfaaaf
S. Benson, Mflr, A. T. Luntlliorn, Ass't Mjjr, L. P. Byrne, Asst Mfjr.
If you wnnt n wall board that will give you
tho best service at the Iowet coit one
thnt keeps the rooms warmer in winter
and cooler in summer ask your dealer
water U-fU-r than any other Wall Hoard.
At nidi of niir tjlaf mill we uuke llic fol
lowing piwlucUl
Mala Surf teaU aUlaftM
Aiphalt Falla,
Tarrad Falu
awlaalna Fall
mad FalU
HultJlnaj fapaia
(nautallnf Hapara
Wall Boarda
rtaalle Koollnf Caanaat
Aiphalt Camant
Mala) Palnla
Outdoor Patau
flhlnla Slalna
Tar Coat la
Slop at (ho incoinparnhlo
Ifolol Bonson. rodcrn,
fii'pproof, conti'iil.
l?alps lnodorato.
Solid for froo booklnl,
. I