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. ', Mislwetrf
ni Second Strwt
Medford Mail Tribune
I'alr ((might, probably rain
tomorrow Mat. M, Mln. 49
rmly. fourth Yitr.
'Ilv Nllilli Vwr
Submarine Torpcdoss Vessel Thai
Escapes to Port Zeppelins Active
Atistrlans Drive Russians From
Diik'owlna Heavy Fllitlnu In
Northern Poland.
LONDON, Fob. 1II.-(leiiuuny hn
td nick tint first blow Hinoo lii't war
mnr ilui'icii unit into effect. A
Krejioh mtmiinnp wan lorpedoor in lliu
Kiiglish dIhiiimuI tiv n (litmmii solium-
line. Sim wiih tilth' In rcueh pint, ul-
though liaill.v damaged, Tlii'iu uui
incicimiiig signs Hint (Icrmnuy is
hlinliiiK every el fort to make good Iiim
Thoo mo Annul in tin uddi'n ac
tivity (if Zeppelin uirhip in tint
.Noitll (.(Ml, involving (III) loin of (wo
biii'Ii vcnmcIn, together with report
Unit llioy nto cniitmiiiiii' to putinl,
iniiuitliNtaiiiliitic III" rigor of t lit
utmtlmr. Added tu Klin in the i-it or
Kiilpomr William atnl Ailimial Von
Tirpilx lo WilluiliiHilmwtii, where il i
Nniil they hope to w impetus to tln
machinery tlimimii'ij to clear tint vvnt
ura urtoiindiiig the I'tiited Kingdom
of all incifliant shipping. Tint Zep
pelin aiixhipH presumably am natch
in Tor food-tadou era It moving to
ward I'Jijsliiiii!.
Till) halting of the Dlltrh MeuilH'r
llolenit I iy a Xenpelin livriuu mwt
her give a new role to dirigible air
onifl, which ho far ilmiiiK thi war
have dotio liltlc on land or mm to ju.
I i T v their inaliilciiaiiue.
Iliikovvlim Clrtiml
Tho Anxtrian trot m aie reported
to lit) continuing their victorious ad
vance Hfrou'gh Hukowiun, tolling hack
Him c.xtreiiitt eiiNtttiii cmt of the Kus
Finn lino. A London dispatch wivh
that the Hunmiiuh have now evacuat
ed all of Huknwiiiu. Official reportH
from I'cliogrud and Vienna sponk of
eneoimteiH of gtcnt eventy in the
('nrimlhiaiih, lint apparentlv no doew
ion in near. In northern Poland the
IttiHaijum are mnkin" dc.iirale if
I'iiiIh to Hlav the advance of the (Icr
itnin anny, which drove them from
cant I'nihxia, and the fighting now in
progress is described hy the I'rtro
grad war oftien as "reaching the cli
max of stubbornness."
The Hitnatioii in the noithern ex
tnmiity of the eastern hattht line is
not no clear an it tin a few davn
nyo. Toiiitorv on hotli hides of the
cant 1'riissinu frontier has heen omi
latcd liiul a i on if hoth In Hiishii ami
In east I'niHhia haxe heen coin cried
into it xoit of pieent dav llclginin.
l'cliogrnd Mienks of the flivht of the
Itiisaiuu poinlation hefme the Her
iiiiin ndvunre, while Hmneror William,
ttulngiriug the victory of Field .Mar
hhal on Ilindcnhuig, laments the
depredations of tho itirenling Kits
.ippaiently no -rent hnttle ha
heen fought since the IdiHnintiK begun
tlnilr luliciil toward tho river Nic-
lit Wettern Amui
For sovcriil days past Ihe fighting
In the wcMein luenn of (he war would
heoin, JiuIkIiik ii"'i the repoils reaeh
iiiK London, to hao heen in favor of
tliu allien. The (lennans have heen
oniintur-ntfiioUlnj; violently, hut lliiv
nppear to have had heavy lohis. Tho
in-erwnru of llio allies, no doiihl, has
liecii tinii'd to keep the (leimans huv
duriiiK duvelopinenls In llio eat and
to prevent thir withdrawint,' of forees
for thu lelief of thu eaxtuin line, an
was dono In Deenmher.
litHhliiBH or Inst nlKltt'H wordy k1o
in tho hoiiHo wltoit UeprcHonlntlvo
l-'arr culleil ItqproKoututlvo l'nlmor
it lobbylat and Itoprosontntlvo l'nl
mor called Itoprosontntlvo Knrr n
tndpolo HtutoHiimn, (tuliHliloil toduy
when KopioHontntlvo Fnrr told ho
liouao ho lind no Intention of ro
flecthiK on tho honor or IntcKrlty of
IiIh collousuo. Mr. l'nlmor did not
want to eontlntio tho alnniHulon and
tho most blrtor perHounl iow tho
houno hnd noon In lluvproHont pophIoh
wn omlod,
Cabinet Considers Published Report
of German ncply Pretended
Friendliness by Germany Destroyed
by German War Craft Situation
Not at All Threatening
WAHIIINtJTON, I'ol). 10, Tho or
flclnl text of (lormniiy'H reply to llio
United Hlatcn' noto MitrnliiK nKalmtt
ilnmiiKi) lo Amurlriui ttlilpn In thu
naval war xonu nlionl tho llrltluli
IkIck lind not beoii rerolvcd nt tho
Htnto diiimrtment toilny. Offlcliiln
know, however, that tho reply linn
been dellvvreil to (ho American am
IniMtnilor oml now Ih on ItN way to
America. Offlt'lnlH uxplnlnoil tho
dulny hy polntliiK out Hint tho run
Imnnnilor h:ul heon iihIiik tho cnhlo
whlrli comoB from llomn nml Ke
over ii clrcultoim roido with niiinur
oiih rluyn,
When t tin cnhluet mnotinliled tor
tho URiinul I'rltlny meetliiK, tho un
official report of tho text of tho
Herman noto ptildlnhcil yentunlay, wim
illKGUHituil Informally. Tho KencrnI
luterpretntlou of tho llerlln noto
wrr Hint frlcmlllnuMi pretended to ho
hIiomii hy Ocrmnny was denlroycd by
(Senium wnr crnft.
After tho cnhlnet meetltiR It wan
itnld, It wim ronnldered that tho itlt
nation wn not nil threatening nml
that the ndmlnlittrntloii hnd no fear
that any American tthlp would lie
The niiRKoHtlou of Curuinny In Ihe
Inlcxt noto to tho United Stated montm
ho found for lilentlfyliiK nml info-
itunrdliiK American 1iIpm venturlnK
Into thu war ouo wan umlrtood to
hnwt lieen tnken up. It w Kre(l
however, Hint tho American govern
ment hnii not authority to order rIiI
to adopt ituch tnenRureR tin Inkon in and thu Scninllnavlan conn-
trlen. which lueludr the imlntltiK of
the untlonnllty of t)io itnlp lit InrRe
lettitm on encli hide.
It wnH uudortood however, that In
lunulrleN will ho iteut to marltlmo In-
Htirnuro companleH to lettrn If nny
meniiureH tiro couteinplnteil for Idon-
UjIiik neutral tdilpn.
IIOTTKItDAM, l'Vli. 1. Tim MB-
nation in khippiui: "' Itolterdain yen-
lerday m'oiiis to have heen due lo tne
weather tnther than to tlenuany's
declaialmu of it war zone. The jdup
piiiK lodny was ' ntc normal.
AKHON. ()., l'oli, IS. I'pon n
plen of utility. Harry lloomer, for
mer groiory cleik, wiih sentenced to
duy to life ImprlKonmuut for tho mur
der of MIuh Vlnno Decker, it uiUfilon
workor. Mlna Hockor was Hlalu with
it hatchet In her hrother'H Btoro.
Iloomor coufoHacd Hint ho murdered
tho i;h'l In order to rob tho plnco.
WASIIINOTOK, Fob. 10. Hopro
Keiitntlvu Unrtlioldt of Mlnnmirl imulo
hlu furowoll upeoclt In tho Iiouho today
donouncliiK tho "nowapaper war
nKitlnst Oiinnnny." Ho declurod
AinerlcaiiR of (loriunn doscoitt "nro
with till other true AmorlcniiB for
Ainorlcn, firm, luHt und itlwnyB," mid
protoBtod itKitlnBt Ainerlcnn BhlpntontB
of arum to the allies,
"In our prosont doinnnds nKnliiBt
IJiiBlnnd," ho snld. "Our only nl
tornittlvo Is oltltor to kIvo In or to
dooluro wnr. The tltront of nit out-
buruo on arms, liowovor. would quick
ly brlui; tho inUtroBB of tho sons to
toruiB without wnr,"
l'nrtnivliiir thu stoutlfnat ilovotloit
of cltkoiiB of Hormnn blood to Amor-
teun IdonlH und tho fine," ir, Unrt
lioldt derlnied;
4 It iiitfortuuutoly tho Unltod
Prcildent C. C. Moort, Panama-Paclfo
lntrntlonal Exootltlon.
WANIIIMITO.V, Feb. 111. -The
Slamlaid Oil eoiuiMiiy reported toda
lo the slate deitartment the detention
nt .Malta hy If t it inh nuthoiiiies of
Hid l(nlili hteamer Oueka, which
Miiled from Kew Vork January 'J,
laden with her caruo of American oil,
part of which was dcMiucd for Dcde
aateh, Uulpiria. Tho oil company
contends that tho oil hilled to Mill
ptria wits for the Itulnrian ptveni
meiil, hut ilritihh Mispiciou wan
amiiM'd heeauxo of tho cloe proxim
ity of Tut key.
Threc-iiiarlers of (ho oil was des
tined for (Ireek ports, nml the.Hrit
ish authorities permitted the ship to
make tlmo deliveries upon promife
to return to Malta before nroeeediu
to llul'atia. In tho meantime, it was
satd, (treat llritain would determine
whether the Unitarian caruo hhotild
ho permitted to roeeed or uo to u
pnxe court.
SKATTLi:, Win. IVh. 1)1. Davhl
('apian, alleged to ho one of the prin
cipals in the dvnaimtiii;; of the Los
AiiKeli'h Tiuu'h hiiildui); in October,
11)11), pushed lat itilit in tho KitMip
county jail at Port Orcliaid, liutid
cuffed to it detective. Hnlling Hay,
on llainlnidnc Nlaml, wheic Caplan
was urrctited in n cabin veslerday, 11
a miles from Seattle, and the
city is in plain view fiom tho bluff
ovei looking tho hay. I'oit Orchard
is much further away, out of teach of
raiUoad and tclcgrnph, with poor tel
ephone service nml infrequent steam
er landings. There t'nplau is to bo
kept until extradition pitoers from
Los Alleles tiro approved at the state
eapilal, after which ho will ho tnken
by I rain to Southern California. No
newspapermen has seen Cnpluit since
his urroht. Detective Waller Thay
er, who directed the arrest, says that
Caplan freely admitted his identity
and expressed relief at his arrest.
Portland Livestock Market
POIITLANI), Or., r'eb. 10 Live:
stock nutikct with no trading up to
noon. Hogs declined in late trading
yesterday to (1.113 top, it drop of 20
lteeeipls Caltle, f7; hs, 3:12;
sheep, 2371.
Stntoa over itRnlit should bo embroiled
In wnr, which Honvon forbid, thu
OorniuiiB of HtU country would nnnln
as lovnlly rally around Hio ntnrs nml
atrlpoB. Tlio OornutuB of tltlB coun
try uro for America against HiiKlnnd,
for America against Germany, tor
America ngaliiBt tho world, They
will never waver for ono second In
their alteglnnco to their adopted
Mr, Unrtlioldt Bald Americans of
(loriunn descent bitvo boon openly ar
oused of divided nlleiHnuco and
downright disloyalty nml Hint thoy
know Hint "this wanton Insult
omnuated from KngllBli and French
press ngonta and thoy treat It with
contempt, thoy resent that In tho
fuco of our own history, tho Ameri
can press 'should have oponod Is
coluniUB to such calumnies,"
OUliaON, FRIDAY, FKimiTAKY 19, 1915
Panama Pacific Exposition at San
Franclsc Formally Open to Public
at Noon Tomorrow Entire City,
Headed by Mayor to March On to
Grounds Displays Not All Ready
HAN FKANCJ8CO, Krli. 10. An
electric spark of, enormous size.
Jumping ncrofg tho continent will
open tho I'nnnmn Pacific Internation
al exposition nt noon tomorrow, Pa
cific coast time.
In tho white house at Washington
tho president will press a button nnd
tho uorlals of tho grout government
radio station ut Arlington will snarl
and sputter. Tho vibrations will bo
recelvoi an Infinitesimal fraction of
a second Inter by a commercial stn
Hon on tho shores of San Francisco
Hay, where thoy will bo relayed by
wtru to a receiving Instrument on the
exposition grounds.
As soon as the signal Is received,
tho wheels will begin to turn nnd
tho fountains to play; the gates will
swing open and a procession of citi
zens, with tho mayor at their head,
will march onto the grounds.
Phono Across Continent
At tho snmo time, President Chns.
C. .Moore of tho exposition company,
will Inform President Wlli-on by word
of mouth, orcr a telephone, lino al
ready set up nnd waiting, that the
wireless flash bos been received and
the exposition Is open. In return
Presldont Wilson will send his greet
ings and good wishes. Thus tho two
latest modes of long distance com
munication will bo eniploKdJo vivify
tho fair. Coronionlos of dedication
and acceptance, as brief as It (s pos-
klblo to inskMliom will follow.
After (ho -outbreak of the Euro
Kan war thcro sprang up a rumor
that tho exposition would not open.
As n mnttor of fact, tho exposition
stands today 100 per cent com-
pleto, free of debt and with A for
eign nations participating, of which
'it hnve built pavilions of thrlr own.
England, Germany, Austrln and Rus
sia, among tho belligerents aro not
officially represented, although var-
Iouh of their commercial organiza
tions have soon to it that they should
not be wholly left out of mind. Franco
Italy and Japan nro officially rcprc
sentcd, as nro il states and territor
ies under tho flag of tho United
States. Canada and Australasia,
under tho Urltlsh flag, both bavo
KMMtNltion Itself Complete!
When tho management says the
exposition Is 100 per cent complete,
It Is speaking of Its own activities.
It does not mean Hint ovory conces
sionaire lias driven tho last nail, or
that every exhibitor lias beon punc
tual to the minute. Hut tho un
avoidable dolays lncldont upon tho
disarrangement of commerce wrought
by tho war and tho tardiness of In
dividuals nro a ncgllblo frlngo on tho
outlying edges of tho general plan.
Structurally speaking, that part of
tho exposition built out of Its own
funds nml wholly under tho control
of Its own directors was finished six
months ago.
KANSAS CITY, Mo.. Fob. 19.
Tho body of Frank James, the for
mer outlaw, who died yesterday at
his homo near Kcolslor Springs,
Mo., will bo cremated In St, Louis
nnd thu, ashes kept In a local safety
deposit vault, rolntlvos announced to
day. This was ouo of bis wishes, It
was said.
Also at bis own request tltoro will
bo no religious service at tho funeral
to bo bold on his farm tomorrow.
John F, Philips, n former federal
Judge, who defended James when ho
was tried tor murdor nnd acquitted
In Gallatin, Mo., will dellyer the fun
eral address.
Several years ago at tho tunoral of
General Joo O, Selby, undor whom
Frank Jnmes Borvod In tlio confed
erate ranks nnd whoso funeral ad
dress Jttdgo Philips delivered, tho
Judge promised tho former bandit to
offlclnto nt bis funoral.
Fradtrlck J. V. Skiff, Director In Chlaf
Panama-Paeifio Exposition.
WASHINGTON, Feb. ID. (leiicml
Cnrranza's ngency here todny an
nounced receipt of tidviccs that -1300
troops were movin to join other Car-
ranzn troops in a general nttnek on
"The Ziipistas Imvc been routed in
Zoutuitliin und Tehuaean, Miburb-i of
Mexico City suffering heavy lo-ses, '
the iigcticy announced. "It is nbso
Iutely fnlcc that Mexico City has been
Kntlwny communication between
Mexico City nnd Vent Cruz has been
interrupted and there hits a No been
n break in the line to Tumpico, the
tatc department learned todny in a
message from Mexico Citv. Consul
Stillman goes todny to Vent Cruz, to
join General Cnrmuui.
Iteports from 1'iednis Negrns Indi
cate tho Villti forces in pos-e.sMon of
Monelovn arc repairing the railroad
behind them before 'marching north.
PAHIS. Fob. 19. Despair plain
ly Inspired Germany's reply to tho
V'nlted States protest agalnBt the sub
marine blockndo In tho opinion of
writers In all sections of tho French
press, who fill columns with Ironical
comment. The tono of tho document
thoy consider tuodernto enough, but
decluro tho reasoning preposterous
and It meaning plainly defiant.
LONDON, Feb. 1 ".-Official
warning has been issued nt llorlin
against over-hnsty return to their
homes of fugitives in east Prussia,
says n dispatch to Heater's Telegram
company. Although lumping accom
modations nml food supplies uro not
sufficiently guaranteed to make it
advisable for women and children
ui'tigees to go hack nt present, mu
nicipal and state officials are urging
tho return to east Prussia of lormer
residents who nre without families.
KOOSRVMiT, N. J., Fob. 10.
Living conditions nmong tho htbor-
cw ut tho plants of tho American
Agricultural Chemical company were
denounced ns "iudoM'rilmbly vile" by
Or, Max Jacoby, a local physician, ut
testimony toduy before llio stato leg
islative committee which is investi
gating the causes which led to tho
htriko ut tho plants hero last mouth
and tho shooting of strikers by dep
uty sheriffs.
DNenso was rampant, ho said, mid
malatiu und tuberculosis common,
irttd that it did not oven pxcito pity.
The chemical fumes in which tho men
worked, weakened tho throat,' lungs
and intestines so that they hccitmo
bitseeptiblo to disease, he said.
'Men nnd women dm from tuber
culosis right ulong after oxpo&ing
Three Millions Appropriation Bills,
Consolidation Acts and Many Other
Important Measures Hunq Up at
Salem Adjournment Today Seems
Out of the Question.
SALEM, Ore., Feb. 10. With tho
wheels of legislation both In sonata
and house, locked on appropriation
bills aggregating S2.93G.3U1 and
with tho workmens' compensation act
amendments, tax, consolidation and
many other Important bills bold up,
because of tho deadlock between the
two branches of the assembly, tho
outlook for adjournment tonight was
regarded as almost out of the ques
Tho deadlock centered on the fall
tiro of tho houso nnd senate to reach
a compromlso on the Scbuebcl bill
amending tho workmens' compensa
tion act. Objection Is made to tho
sonato amendment to the bill reduc
ing the Industrial accident commls
slon from tbrco to ono membors,
which would oust tho appointees of
forer Governor Oswald West.
Governor James Wlthycombe, It
was said, Is taking steps to bring
about an agreement.
Jackson Itotintbiry
A mild sensation was created In
the Oregon senate today by Senator
J. C. Smith denouncing a bill Intro
duccd by Senator Katbryn Clarke Ho
declared It was "an attempt on the
nart of Douglas county to steal a
part of Jackson county, and an In
suit to every tax payer down there."
Ho explained that by a subterfuge tho
people behind the bill were "trying
to swipe a part of Jackson's good
Miss Clarke read an explanation of
the purposes of tho bill, which pur
ports to settlo tho boundary question
between Jackson and Douglas coun
ties. Only 11 senators voted for the
measure and It went Into tho dis
card. High School Vina!
Senator T. L. Perkins' bill, pro
viding for a county high school tui
tion fund passed tho house today.
Tho bill provides that tho county
courts In which there aro no county
high schools, levy a tax on all pro
perty In such counties, exclusive of
that situated In high school districts
for tho creation of a county high
school fund. This fuud Is to bo
used In dofrnylng tho high school
tuition of boys and girls residing In
districts having no high schools. If
It Is moro convenient for them to
attend a high school In an adjoining
county, tho tuition may bo paid to
tho high school In such county.
RENO, Nev., Feb. 10. Nearly the
full membership of both houses ol
tho stnto legislature nnd several seort
Of privnto citizens of Nevada, left
Keuo todny for Sim Froneiseo to bo
present nt the opening tomorrow of
tho Panama I'acifio ExivoMtiuu to
take part in tho formal opening of tho
Nevada building on Monday. The
legislature adjourned yesterday until
others to it," said Dr. Jacoby.
Little attention, tho witness contin
ued, wns paid to siuk children, und
physicians wero seldom summoned
except when n child wns dying, und
then "moro to insuro n proper death
certificate Hum with nuy hope of say
ing tho life of a child."
Children were born, Dr. Jacoby as
set ted, amid conditions iudescribablo
for their filth and sordiduess. Largo
families lived in three or four small
rooms with sometimes three or four
beds in each room, with uo ventila
tion nor privacy.
"No tnnn could snppoit a wife nnd
family on tho wages thoy had been
getting," deelnred. tho witness. "Al
most ovory family hnd to keep board
ers in order to exist, Tho general
conditions led to much immorality."
NO. 284
Declare County Hospital Not Kept In
Sanitary Manner Censure Court
house Janitor and Recommend Re
pairsAdvise Publication of Ex
penditures on Pacific Highway.
Chnrgci that the county poor farm
is in nn unsanitary condition, with no
systematic keeping of 'accounts on
the cost of tnnintennne'e; advising '
Hint the windows of the county of
fices bo washed and recommending
tho exporting nnd publishing of the
accounts of the construction of tha
Pacific highway, nro tho, cljief feat
ures of the report of the grand jury
for the February tenn of court, wWch
closed its sessions Thursday pt tor
noon. Tt is nho held that unsanitary
conditions prevail gencrnlly about tho
courthouse. Tho county jail is hold
to be in good condition, except that
"it is kept too wnrm." Tho need of
n new courthouse is pointed out
Regnrding the courthouse, tho re
port says: "The mnttcr of light in tho
county offices might be improved by
the npplicntion of a little water nnd
energy on the windows, nnd tho np
penrnnce of the building improved by
n little discernment on tho port of llio
janitor." The grand jury was ob
serving, for the report finds that tho
plaster on the ceiling of tho second
floor nnd in the grand jury room is
liable to fall most nny time.
T),ia.. Iiiiclinnilfw a Mtfirfvnfl in (lin
i maintenance of the. poor farm.
Disregard of danger or. fire is rap
ped, tho probers finding llinfc valuable
county records nro stored n tuQ
woodshed loft, and that inflammable
matter is scattered around. Wood is
wasted in the healing of tho court
house, it is nUo charged.
The county court Is urged to cx
nert tho accounts of tho Pacific
highway, nnd publish tho expendi
tures for the benefit of taxpayers.
The same accounts were exocrted by
K. Jf. Wilson Inst fall. A verified
statement of tho expenditures wns
presented by Highway Engineer Kitt to tho itirv. with vouchers in
triplicate on file with tho county
Seven true bills were returned nnd
three not tnie.
SALEM, Or., Feb. 10. "I think
this the greatest pieco of construo
tivn legislation in Oregon history. In
my opinion tho passage of this net
nlono is well worth tho cost or tno
legislative session, becnuso it iuoiiuh
so much for the state nud its peo
ple." This wns tho comment of Governor
Withyeombe as ho Inid down tho pen
with which ho signed substitute houso
bill No. 302, by Representative J. E.
Anderson of Tho Dalles, tho prohibi
tion iimnsure. Intended to carry into
effect tho constitutional enabling net
adopted by tho peoplo undor tho tintt
ativo last 'November. Tho signing of
ilm ii. i tnnl- nine ft in tho nrescnce of
dozen persons who hud assembled
in nnticipntuin of the event.
SALEM. Or.. Feb. 10. Counties
nro authorized to co-operate in tlio
building of roads by senate bill 187,
introduced by Ilollls und vinton, ana
which nussed the houso yesterday af
ternoon. Provision is mudo Hint the
county courts of tho counties desiring
to eo-onorate shnll meet in joint ew-
sion und decide upon tho route of tha
highway to bo built, nnd tho funds to
be contributed by,
Another road bill which passed tho
houso yestcrdiiy afternoon wag sen-
nto hill 108, hy Smith of Qoos mil
Curry. It provides that county court
shall, ns often as they may dew it
neeessury, but not ofB4)r th ows
a year, divide their county iuto vmi
district far rpatl-bHiWlujc Hjrpt
" 1 Jl