Medford mail tribune. (Medford, Or.) 1909-1989, February 02, 1915, SECOND EDITION, Page PAGE EIGHT, Image 8

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In ttio police court thin morning, J,
Vroninn, driver of n Jltnoy bus was
fined $5 and costs for failure to go
to tlio curb Monday nftcrnoon when n
flro nlnrm wns sounded. TIiIh Is tho
flrcst arrest and conviction upon tho
recently imiitotl city ordinance.
Miss Muriel llurrls will enter Sa
cred Heart hospital today to be oper
ated upon for appendicitis.
Bco Davo Wood anout that flro In
euranco policy. Oftlco Mnll Trlbuno
Dr. It. J. Conroy nnd bride will re
turn to Med ford Friday from their
wedding trip.
It. W, Html, editor of the Morning
Sun, lino been named by Governor
Wlthycombe, ns ono of tho state dele
gates to the International Press as
sociation convention to bo held In
8an Francisco next July.
Matinee, the Page today.
Two auto accidents occured on
Mnln street Monday night, .loo
Kcstcr of Foots crck, while crossing
near tho Nash Hotel was struck by
nn auto driven by F. "W. Shaplelgh.
and knocked down and badly bruised.
Kostor was carrying an umbrella
which prevented him from seeing the
approaching machine In time to
dodge. Ills Injuries are not serious.
Dr. K. O. Itiddell, while driving his
machine at Grape and Main skidded
Into a buggy belonging to It. II.
Powell, smashing up tho vehicle
Powell escaped without any Injury.
These arc the first two auto acci
dents In tho business district In
Placo your magazlno club sub
scriptions with Spnrtu Cigar Store.
. 2C9
niaino Klum visited with friends
nnd rolatlves In Ashland the first of
tho week.
St. Mark's Guild will glvo an old
tlmo dance Friday, February 5. Tlhk
cts 73c, spectators 25c each. 2"0
Stanton Uriffls has returned from
a business trip to New York.
Sweet cider at De Voe'a. '
Stewart Patterson, William Mor
can. Mrs1. Conner and Miss Conner
hnvo returned from Corvallls where
they took tho short horticultural
courso at tho State Agricultural Col
lege Mrs. Leach, 32 C North Bartlett, ex
pert corsotlcrc.
ThiB Is ground hog day, and the
prospects at noon were bright that
tho animal would see his shadow, as
tho clouds were clearing after the
heavy rain of Monday, and the sun
was faintly trickling through. If the
ground hog sees his shadow ho will
retreat Into his hole, and not come
out again for six weeks, according to
popular fancy. Last year tho ground
hog saw his shadow, and tho dryest
year on record was tho result.
Mutlneo, the Page today.
Ashland Is perturbed by the report
that rabies are prevalent among dogs,
and the police have been ordered to
muzzlo all canines until further not
ice. Mcdford is about tho only city
of any size In the state that Is not
nf'fllcted with a rablo scare. During
the dog days last summer, all dogs
wcro muzzled, but the agitation has
passed and boen forgotten.
St. Mark's pre-Lenton dance will
be given Friday evening, February C,
In St. Mark's hall, tlcketH 7."c, spec
tators 25c each. 270
Dr. A. W. Deanc who has been sick
tho last threo weoks with blood poi
soning In tho foot is able to be about
on crutches.
Kodak finishing and supplies at
Weston's Camora Shop. Over Isis
All mall from tho cast was delayed
this morning owing to heavy storms
and floods in tho mlddlo west nnd
Itoclty mountain states.
Kodak finishing tho best, at Wes
ton's Comoro Shop. Over IbIb Theater.
Tho regular Hrst of tho month
meetlnti of the city council will bo
held at tho city hall tills evening.
Get it at De Voo'a.
James It. Flavello of Portland Is
umong tho out of town visitors In the
city HiIh week attending to business
( you have evor attended u St.
Mark's Guild danro you will plan to
attend tho Old Time dance in St.
Mark's hall, February 5. 270
Attornoy Otis Newbury transacted
professional business in Jacksonville
Monday afternoon.
Uot your Duttor, eream, milk and
butter-milk, at De Voo'i.
lioland Vaughn or Gold 1 111 t spent
Monday In Medford attending to husl
uchr matters.
We aro headquarters for real first
quality cut hair. Marlnello Ialr
Shop, 407 Garnett-Corey building.
D. M. Lowo of Ashland who has
charge of tho Jackson county ex
hibit at tho 1915 fair, left Friday to
begin tho work of arrungement.
J, 0, (Jerking-, tne best all around
photographer In southern Oregon.
Always reliable. Negutlves made any
wkere, time or place. Studio 228
Main St. Phono S30-J,
There are n couple of Jack Dent's
In tho city, ono alleged to hnvo en
gaged In a fiacas with a Jack Hand
ley Saturday night. Tho combatant
Is not ltalph Dent employed by the
Wells Fargo express company,
Cora K. Utley, chiropodist, 407
Garnett-Corey building, phone GG7-H.
Medford defeated Ashland In the
debate at the high school Monday
night before a good sized crowd. The
question discussed was "Public Own
ership of ltnllroads." The Judges
'were Prof. Ager of Talent, Dean
Stroube of the University of Oregon,
nnd Judge F. M. Calkins of the cir
cuit court bench. Tho Medford de
baters were Karl Hubbard, Clinton
Purkeyplle, and Hugo Lundberg.
The local team will next meet Grants
Pass. This Is the first year the local
high school has shown much Interest
In oratory.
Dr. S. A. Lockwood nnd Dr. Myrtle
S. Lockwood, (physicians and sur
geons) have moved to their now suite
of offices. Itooni9 30!), 310 and 311,,l (Innr T V Jt It Illill-
...a .aw., . . -. ...,.
George M. Jones has returned to
tho soldiers home at Koseburg after
visiting with friends and relatives In
this city the last week.
Malcolm Kool of the Central Point
district, spent Monday in Medford at
tending to business matters.
Jack F. Merrill of Gold Hill was a
business visitor In the city for n few
hours Monday.
Ho careful and savo nil your votes,
only two more weeks until end of
contest. "
Horn To C. C. Hoover and wife, n
son, January 26.
M. U. Whipple, a business man of
Santa Cruz. Cnl.. but formerly of
Itoguu Itlver, Ore., hns been In the
city the past week transacting busi
ness. Hi- Is enthusiastic over the out
look of Santa Cruz. The congenial
spirit of the people makes it a very
desirable place to live. His family
arrived there the first of January and
aro now located on Locus street. The
Medford Mnll Tribune follows them
It anyone found a small package
containing n pair of blue serge pants
please notify this office. 2t3i
The weather bureau states that
through an error In computation the
rainfall for January was 1.34 inches
and not ,GG Inches ns published.
C. I). Grant connected with the
Southern Pacific company, is In Med
ford on business.
D. C. Harris, roadmaster Southern
Pacific company, spent Monday in
W. Mcsslnger, advance agent for
tho Yellow Ticket company, was In
Medford Tuesday.
Chas. L. Munson, the popular com
mercial traveler is calling upon cus
tomers this week.
Hugh Poston, champion marksman
of the coast, now with the Hercules
Powder company, Is renewing ac
quaintances in Medford.
The yeggmen who have been rob
bing right and left In the Hogue
river valley the last week, took a rest
Monday night, there being no crimes
reported to tho police this morning.
Kvery stranger showing In Medford Is
subjected to an examination by the
police, nnd if his title Is not dear Is
ordered out of town.
F.d Fry of the upper Lake creek
country Is spending a few days In the
city on business. Recently Mr. Fry
trapped a large cougar near McA!
lister Springs, receiving a '1 boun
ty from the county clerk for tho same.
Ho also turned In the hides of three
coyotes and two bobcats. George
Fry, his father, accompanied him to
tho city.
Hoger S. Dennett left this after
noon on a business trip to Portland
and Wlllametto valley points.
J. F. Urown of Ragle Point spent
Monday in Medford attending to
business matters.
James Vogell of Kuglo Point spent
Monday In Medford transacting busi
ness and visiting friends.
, , , , , I ItKltl.lN', via London, Feb. 'J.
Itepresentntlvo farmers nnd I fruit-,,,.,., ,oo , f ,
growers to U.e number of l.,0 arc. A)U,ril,an ,.,, ',,,,..,,. wmim!H(,
gathered at the public library this at- ,H .,.,, . ,,..,, .,. ,
crnoon to discuss ways and means ,,.,., ,otl,Vlt!m,0 wH. ,,,., ,.,...,
or the establishment of Irrigation In! ,.,,,, So m,ilrtnill ... ,,.,.
the valley. Ihe meetlnc Is presided m.p,tinliol,H ,, ,,,, ,., ,,..
over by Dr. J. C. Hnrt of Talent, with ........ ,, . .. . .
W. N. Sumner of the Potter.Palmerai. ni(,.. nmwWM , ,,0, ,, ,,,,:
Orchard company, as the rirst spenk-.,,0 ,.,;..,.,.,, ,
-n Wm OllllttlllO llllllM.tUOl.l llll.ll ill.. , .
cr. Mr. Sumner impressed upon the i
ntlfll.'tir.t tint llttlmvtnlir!. it Irrli.a. '
Hon to the valley, nnd that whatever
the mass meeting decided to do, to
stay by their committee. He dispelled
n number of the deceitful arguments
sent out by gossips nnd foes of the
district plan. At this Juncture a
couple left the room, but the overflow
In the ball quickly filled their posi
tions. It was explained to the meet
ing that even with a crop failure last
Willi Mr. Hoover nte Dr. W'.vek-
litl'e IJose and Hrnet Itiekuell, who
have been ltivotigiitnur conditions in
Belgium ami eastern Poland on lie
Imlf of the Rockefeller foundation
and the American lied Cross. These
two Americans are in Merlin to eon
sider the establishment of u relief or
ganization for Poland. A condition
to the imilci takinc U the pledge of
V. I Huttou ,f U. . N.i. 1.
w ho saw the mlvunties of sugar heel
culture In Minnesota ten ,vonrn iigo,
mu.v.s (hut the establishment ( lt too
lory in this valley is the forerunner
of u jiackiiii; plant, mid the develop
ment of the Mock industry to the
highest. Sugar beets' were a hiiccc
in .Minnesota, despite the iinrs ol
"Sucnr heels will wink the soil,"
said Mr. Mutton. "Fanners in this
country do not cultivate; they just
sortilcli lite ground and then Mimd
around nnd holler because they don't
Inn e big crops. For sugar beets deep
mo uenuan niul Austrian govern
1:u inputs tint tit is'iiitiwtt jiin I'm,.. 1 1... in.!
year, tho growers would have nude'....,.:.,...,,. miv -. .. .,,,..,. plowing is re.piiied. and that is what
money wu, ,rrigauon. some uciiimc . flp , S(I ,lf , .,. ,, A,.
line of action for Irrigation will be - , )mi)i,s p,,,,,,,,,, Tll N
taken before the meeting Is u.1-, .,, ., , ,u(il.vo I1JiC ,,.,,
Joitrned. nnd some warm arguments, ...:,, ..., ... ,,. !r ,..
relief meastires for Poland ns ill
present planned will have to be abandoned.
are on the bill.
The Medford High School
(Conttlnucd from Par.o I.)
which follows the St. l.awrenco river
Olec', ,,,l,,e il'"s, Que., and then turns
club, under the direction of Miss Incs """"n ' ,,0". J"n nn.i nan
Coffin, will give a program at tho fax Tl1" ,0s of tl,' ,,rl,K" wo,"l,
Page Theater tonight for the bene-,lMn' ,ml "ol Interrupt the trnuspor
tlt of the musical department of tltef ,n,,on of wnr "Hatwlalii to tho coast,
school. The numbers ghen will he i lrlsmer of Maine
very pleasing and the support of the! Vn" ' " i'l' " prisoner of
community should be forthcoming. j,ho s,at0 r Ma,,H'- To nvo'l lu,
The program Is glwn In addition to ""',0 complications, the local authorl
tho full moving picture program with! 1,,,H ",mlu no ""rtlii-r move pending
no Increase In price of admission.
advice from the federal government.
'The Canadian authorities Indicated
the laud in Ihis alley needs. needs
intensified cultivation.
"The pulp fiom the beets is (he
greatest stock Iced in the world. Me
fore a factory eauie to Minuesoia,
wheiv 1 used to live, we raised noth
ing but wheat. Aftciwanls we had
stock, grain nnd beets, and all ver.
impoitaiit, and dovetailed into 'one
auolher, seatteritu; money over the
entile coiumuiiil.N.
"I signed up laud for suijnr beets
in this alley, hut they said it was too
dry. Mabe it is. Anvhow, 1 um go
ing to plant five a.'ies for stock
(Continued from Page 1)
provision be made nyniiist libelling
Hie vessels if the venture lieinine
profitable, .Mr. Wilson point. d out
that ativ action taken now would not
now In American polls were of Ihtil
No Foieluo Protest
The president stale cinpliiiliciilly
(hat no forciitu goveniuieul hud i-inile
any rcpiesciilalioiiM on the Hiilijcel,
mid Hint theie hud been no protest,
lie Haiti, however, thai Ihciu had
been eouversallons uilh the tepre
sentalives of foielgii goveranieiils
wiiielt had given rixc to the idea that
there was something foiuial.
Sciiulor l.iifolletli' oliVrcil an
ameiiduiciit to prohibit leasing ships
for longer limn six months nnd leg
iilntiiiir rales.
Hcuntoi' I'oiuilcvlcr pioposed nu
aiuendiiicut that no helliuerent ship,
he pin chased and that no government
ships be operated to Kuropean poits
during the war.
Itepiiblleiiiis to Fight
Hepubllcan senators declared they
weie piepnred to debate the bill, If
necessary for weeks.
Vice President Marshall piepared a
protest against the vote by which his
ruling esterday was overruled.
At tonight's caucus It Is expected
a motion will bo prepared ns an
amendment to Senator Clark's motion
to recommit the bill. It would send
the bill back to the commerce com
mittee witli Instructions to report
tvlth ameiidmuuts, along lines that
will bo an absolute guurauteo of neu
trality. ('ailing of a night caucus assured
a discontinuance of piolonged ses
tdmis for another day at least.
lUinrlHio's Pintcst
Informal conference developed, It
was understood, that the seven demo,
crati will pfopono terms under which
they return to the caucus and the ad
ministration wing as follews:
... ... i... .....
rnai me mil in i. "j " i'"i
dourly an emergency project! and
full her that no Hhlp of hidlkeient
ualloiiH now In the statu h.i bought,
Heiiator Lodge Introduced a hiiIi
ntltutii bill for the construction In the
1'nltcd Stales of no.OtMi.iMXi worth
of vessels suitable for navy auxiliar
ies and foielgii commerce,
At i HI o'clock the netutln ad
journed to noun tomorrow and the
demncratH and republicans prepaied
for caucus and convention.
Get a ID-rent box now.
Turn tho rascals out the head
ache, biliousness, Indigestion, tho sick
sour Htouiach niul bad colds turn
them out tonight and keep them out
with Casraiets,
.Millions of men nnd women take a
Cascniel now and thuu and never
know the misery caused b)u buy liv
er, dogged bowels, or an upset stout
Don't put In another day of ills.
tt.'HS. Let discards cleanse jour
stomach; remove the sour, ferment
ing food; take the excess Idle from
)our liver nnd carry out all the con
stipated waste mutter nnd poison In
the bowels. Then ou will feel great,
A I'liscaret tonight straightens )ou
out by morning. They work while
you sleep. A iO-ccut box from any
drug store mourn, u clear head, sweet
stomach and clean, healthy liver nnd
hovvel action for mouths. Chlldteii
gurded as a government ownership, love msrareis necause uiey
measure ami bo framed to maku It gripe or sicken Adv.
,iney vvouiit immediately make repre- r ,.,.,, ,m, ,,, ,.Kri.HM.Si
dilations nt Wnshlngton with a view ,1V1. t0 ,. .,;,,, , ,). ,.,.,., f .)u.
. nlMA.lllM.. .. tl... ............I At.. . ' . . . '
.u .AI.U....II... uu iuu K..MIUW iii. j ,. The jiresjileut said he wa
,the dynamiting had been done on thoj(u, m ,,, ,,, K..,iisp,,cc.l on the
, Canadian sldo of the border. On the i senate ealcudar. but if it wcie it
i other hand, it wasald that Van Horn oll, . nv ,,.,Mirany,
would be defended against extradl
tlon, basing his claim for the protec-
Ofltion of the United States on his as-
Illinois, is named ns corespondent in ;selm that he had committed an act
a divorce complaint filed hcie today
ard I). Yules, former governor
s foiecnsiin-' the iiurioe of the
ndiiiinistnttiou not to buy belligerent
ships, even though coiitciiiliiix for
that right, it was regarded us ig
by IMwur.l It. Freeman, n photo
grapher of F.urekn, Cal., against M. Freeman. The complaint
alleges that Mrs. Freeman and Yule,
traveled together from K'treka to Sum
Francisco in Jul v. lill.'t.
of war and that his offense was po-,,,:.;,.,,,,, tmt ,il(. llM.s,dent declared
j",,cal that the Ivpc of ships most needed
Temporary repairs were to be made (.(l ,lt. Mlit ,. , j,. ,m,
ni onco so mm cars couiu w pusueu , lrmil) (.tenuiers built to earrv large
across one at a tjme. A plank walk rlirg..cs were most needed now, and
was laid across (he Ice for tho use r,.,,v , ,,,.,i(l ,, . did not
of passengers. Ibeliev,.' maiiv of the (lennnii shins
MHXICO CITY, Feb. '1. Colonel
Serrano, chief of (leneral Obregon's
stuff, tonight telegraphed Ceneral
Venustlano Carranza us follews:
"I havo tho honor to communicate
that a constitutionalist chief arriving
here from Topic by way of irapuato
says It Is reported In tho latter place
that General Villa died as tho result
or wounds inflicted at Agnus Callcntcs
by Col. ltodolfo Flerro. Tho report
emanated from Villa hources."
The state department at Washing
ton was advised Sunday by American
Agent Carothera nt Kl Paso that (Jen.
Villa had fcent him a telegram from
Aguas Cullentcs saying he had not
been injured.
Official reports of tho capturo of
tho city of Guadalajara were received
at General Obicgon'u headquarters
A Good Ilesolutlon.
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by smoking Governor Johnson or
Mt. Pitt cigars.
j y yJ$$t A jt i I I il k
FOH BALK Hooking orders for
Golden and Silver Campluo eggs,
also Ancoua. Phono flfiO-L, 14
Cottage Btreet, 271
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"Pull" Durham, Durham, N. C.
Mi ' lUBI
Hi '& ninnf!fff
II m lljPQMSllill
Mot pcrioni neglect a couch or cold
for the principal reason Unit they cither
don't think It serious enough to co to a
doctor, or don't kuovv what good mcdl
duo to buy at a drug store, with the
result that the couh or cold becomes
dccp.fcentcd through thU neulect and
hangi on tho whole winter -which mlc,ht
have othcrvvUe been speedily cuied, had
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centrated that two ounces (50 cents'
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the tame quantity el the old, ordinary,
ready mada klndt of doubtlul merit.
lt li prcjiared (rora strictly burmloM
iilants nnd Is so plcaiaut that chlldit
ilka to take- It and it can bo given them
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tains no chloroform, opium, morphine,
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mixtures. It l altogether dlifrtrnt (nun
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ever Is run In inlying this remedy in th
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Mcdfonl I'tinnnnry
Guaruntced hero by
Big Cut In Tires
On All Goodrich Tires
Effective Feb. 1
Buyers to Share in Profits
Lower Prices on Ford Car .J, ',
Effectlvo from August 1, 1914, to August 1, 1015, and KiiaraQ.4
gainst any roductton during that time: ' .'
Touring Car ...............f 490 ' ,1,
Itunabout M ,..- 440
Town Car .' N....M U0
F. O. D. Detroit. All cars fully equipped. i.
(In tho United States or America Only.)
Further, we will bo ablo to obtain tho maximum efficiency tn our
factory production, and tho minimum cost In our purchasing and
ales departments It wo can reach an output of 300,000 can be
tween tho above datos.
And should wo reach tbla production wn agroo to pay aa the buyer'
haro from f 40 to f GO per car (on or about August 1, 101C) to
every retail buyer who purchases a now Ford car bolween August 1
1014, and August i, xoie,
For further particulars regarding those low prices and profit-sharing
plan, seo tho noarest Ford Branch or Dealer.
Ford Motor Car Company
C. E, GATES, Agent
Sparta nulldlng Mcdfor. Oregon.