Medford mail tribune. (Medford, Or.) 1909-1989, January 16, 1915, SECOND EDITION, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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pa'6b two
Jtmlfonl I.oiIko No. llfiS It. I. O.
KlkH will liold Its soronil ilnnclitK ami
cnnl jinrty nt the now Klkt homo
Tuesday cvenlm:, Jntutnry 10, nt S:30
o'cloclc' Tho mhy will bo foV Klks
In fcood'Btn'iullttp only. IlnstolrtKB'n
five Itlcco orclicutrn will furnish
inualo' jor Uio occnMnn nnd n rhnrpo
of 75 conU will bo tntulo to ench Klk.
lloth visiting Klkfl nml resident mom
bora nro especially Invltiul.
&oo Davo Wood about thnt flro In
Burnnco policy. Office Mall Tribune
A. W. Walker of this city Is vllt
Iiir frlndn nml nttondlnK to business
matters in tho Willamette valloy.
"Tho Spoilers," a dramntlzntlon of
Ilex llcach's famous novel of tho pnmo
iiamo, will piny a return engagement
nt tho Page theater Monday and
Tuesday of next week. Upon Its first
nppenranco In this city tho film drew
packed houses, and was marked by
Medford plcturo fans as tho best film
over shown In tho city.
Place your magazine club sub
scriptions with Sparta Cigar Storo.
Mrs. 1). O. Gray of Klamath Falls
has returned to hor homo after spend
ing a few weeks visiting friends nml
relatives In this city nml Jackson
ville. A number of Mcdford hunters will
spend Sunday hunting In tho hills, tho
light snow of tho last few days In
the foothills, making It flno for track
ing. 8wcct ddor at Do Voo'b.
' Tho debating -team of tho High
reboot Is making arrangements to
hold a series of debates in tho spring
with Klamath Kails, Ashland and
Grants Pass.
If. Ityau of Watklns Is spending
n few days in tho city on business.
Tho Home economic department
of tho Greater Mcdford club will
meet at tho library uiilldlnj; Monday
afternoon at 2:30. Tho program will
bo In cbargo of Mrs. Wm. Gerlg.
E. J. Kaiser of Ashland Is In the
city visiting friends, attending tho
Commercial club banquet at the Sled
ford hotel.
Kodak finishing and supplies at
Weston's Camera Shop. Over Isls
Miss Gladyo Hollo of Yrokn, Cal.,
is visiting friends and relatives In
this city.
A heavy frost fell over tho city
nnd valloy Friday night, covering
tho ground with a matle of white, and
freezing lco In puddles.
Why walk when you can ride for
lCc to any part of the city. Ford
Taxi. Call Alco S82K.
Miss Slarlon Hull of Roseburg Is
visiting friends and relatives In this
-Tho annual meeting nnd election of
officers of tho Jackson County Dank
will bo hold today.
The finest equipment In Oregon for
printing fruit labels. Mcdford Print
ing Co. t
James Kelly ,of the' Grlflfn creek
district Is a business visitor In tho
city today.
W. I. Vawtcr, Joint representative
from Jackson and Douglas counties
to tho state legislature will return to
day to spend tho week end with his
family and attending to business mat
ters. Kodak finishing tho best, at Wes
ton's Camero Shop. Over Isl3 Thea
ter. ,
Tho Central Point band Is making
lis annual tour of northerns Califor
nia towns, and playing to good crowds
in concert.
H. 1,. Kenny of Montaguo, Cal., Is
spending a fuw days in tho city at
tending to business matters.
Winners of weekly prizes in piano
contests nre: Ada Illnkoly, nt Mann's;
Nellie Corum. at Schieffclln's; Freda
Davis, at KIdd's; Letta Rosoberry, at
SI. F. & II. Co. 255
If you want to bo a wlnnor in
jilnno contest cnll nt tho stores nnd
get n fow duo bills and sell to your
friends or relatives. Somo have boei.
Bold m you hud better get busy. 255
Among Uiobo from Ashland at the
Commercial club banquot wore W. E.
Newcombo, president, and G. W. Sea
gor, secretary of tho Aahland club,
and ChaB. F. Greer. Among those
from Tnlcnt woro Dr. W. It. Dagley,
C. M. Thomas and Wolborn Deeson.
Got it at Do Voo's.
Carl Von dor Ilollun of Kaglo Point
wpont Friday in Medford attending to
1)itslueis mutters.
Assessor W. T. Orlovo of Jackson
ville was a business visitor in tho
city Friday afternoon.
Palm rooms, now management,
light, airy rooms, reasouablo rates.
Georgia Klchor. 259
The Polish Uollef socloty with
headquarters at Now York lias Bent
circulars to this city, asking for food
and money to allevlato the suffering
of tho people of that unfortunate
Uot yur outtcr, cream, milk and
buttcr-mllk, at Do Voe'n.
H. G, Lincoln of San Francisco Is
among tliofout of town visitors in tho
city tula week,
i Tho transcribed ovldenco In tho
enso of tho California-Oregon Power
company against tho city of Sledtord
Ih now In tho hands of Federal Judge
Wolvcrlon for a decision,' which Is
expected In tho courso of n month or
six weeks at tho latest.
Try our now English smoking mix
lure, 50 cents per package. Medford
Clcarg Store. 2GS
According to letters received In
this city, Kdtson Marshall, i Medford
student nt tho University of Oregon
school of Journalism, has sold his sec
ond story to tho Munsey publications.
It is entitled "When Tho Flro Dies,"
and will nppenr at an early date.
Wo arc headquarters for real first
auallty cut hair. Marlnollo Unlr
Shop, 407 Garnctt-Coroy building.
There has not been an arrest by
tho pollco department In tho last two
days, an unusual record. f
"Tho .Medford Elk." tho official
publication of thnt order, edited by
Carl Teugwald, has been Issued for
tho month.""
J. O. Corking, tho best all around
photographer In southern Oregon.
Always reliable. Negatives mado any
where, tlmo or place. Studio 22s
Main St. Fho'no 320-J.
A gang of wandorers camped on
tho southern limits of tho city Friday,
and had a hilarious time singing nnd
howling. They camo to tho city to
complete their celebration, nnd whtlo
mnklng an effort to secure nlcohol
woro ordered out of town by tho po
lice. Architect F. C. Clark attended to
business matters In the Central Point
district this morning.
Cora E. Utley, chiropodist, 407
Garnctt-Corey building, phono C57-R.
The Josephine circuit court com
pleted its work for the present sesion
Friday and Judge Calkins has re
turned to Sledford. A special session
will T)o held on February S for the
hearing of motions, and tho transac
tion of such business as may como bc
foro It without going to Jury, but tho
next Jury session will not convene till
Judge W. S. Crowoll who has spent
tho past fortnight at Portland, re
turns to Mcdford Sunday.
Sirs. R. L. Llndlcs of Grants Pass
is spending the week in Sledford.
In order to assist In tho beet sugar
campaign tho blacksmith shops of
Sledford will bo closed all day Tues
The Kopio River Fruit & Produce
asMK-iiition has just completed ar
rangements for the linmlliiu: of the
Grassclli nrsennte of. lend for the
coming penson. This will make it
fourth consecutive reason's mo of
this material. A sample of the Gros
selli 1015 lend has been analyzed bv
Dr. Henderson, the county pathol
ogist, nnd shows l.'j.S'i per cent of nr
benic oxide nnd only 22 one-hun-liundredths
of one per cent of water
soluble nneitic oxide. This indicates
a strong lend with such nit unusually
Mnnll amount of soluble nrxenic ns to
practically remove dancer of bunting.
(Conttinucd from Paso 1.)
"The dead in the ruins compose the
greater percentile of the inhnbitnnts.
.More than 10,000 wero killed nt Avez
zuno nlone, while the remainder of
the population, about 1000 persons, is
practically all injured. Very few es
caped without wounds, because every
house eollnpxed lit once and nobody
hnd any chance io run out. Thus iIih
hecatomb is worse Hum that of Mos
sina, ns it occurred within thirty
The Duke of the Abruzzi is now
touring the ccutnil portion of Italy,
currying supplies where poiihIc and
doing all in his power to it id the vic
tims. v
(Continued from Poire 1.)
Up to the present the Italian gov
ernment has declined foreign official
assistance, but this lu not nrevented
unofficial aid of all kinds. Mr.
Thomas Nelson Page, wife of the
United .Stnlos ambassador, has con
tributed JrflOO to n fund bcinir raised
and other American women are fol
lowing suit. Mrs. Page also heads a
committee of Am-rieans who me
working for the Mifitretv. All sup
plies and money received will bo ban
died by tlie central relief (eommittco
in Home.
(Contlinued from Page 1.)
tho situation the ndvaneo of u new
rtiihsian army aguinst.wesl Prussia,
in ctmncctiou with the movement of
tho forces that hnve invaded east
Prussia is belioved in London to
threaten tho German forces in central
Orders have been iiiel bv Prose
cuting Attorney Kelly to the sheriff
office iu.xtnifting the removal of nil
lot machines now being operated in
cigar stores and saloons and eon
trolled in this city by It. S. Itadcliffe,
proprietor of a Front street bar. The
order embraces the entire county. In
the neighborhood of twenty-five slot
machines lire in operation in thi-
city. Compliance with the orders of
Prosecutor Kelly will be made the
first of next week.
The slot machines nro the "pay in
tntnsfentble checks" kind, nnd re
ceive a profitable play in this city.
The wording upon them are suppo-ed
Io grant them n technical protection
front tho law, but according to recent
decisions in several spates they arc
illegal nnl nrc placed in the same
class a the "20"' dice game nbolixhed
over a year ago by the city council.
The machines arc of several mnUes
nnd nrc owned by n California con
cern. They have been in operation
some time.
Dr. J. I.nwrenro Hill, who has had
chargo ot tho .Mcdford Associated
Charities left Saturday for a two
week's visit at Portland with Sirs.
Hill. For the past two months ho
has bcon tho bus:cst man In Sled
ford. Dr. Hill reports that 72 families
havo received assistance from the
bureau and that ."0 families are still
receiving aid. Of these only a vory,
very fow heads ot families wero de
serving of aid, which was extended In
behalf ot the children. Tho parents
wero too blame and shiftlcsHiicsn and
drink tho causo ot their poverty. In
many cases persons refused to work
when work was found, nnd such
cases wero dropped from tho list.
During his absence, the ladic3 ot
the bureau will carry on tho charity
I10I8K, Idaho, Jan. 1C Commis
sion form of government for tho state
of Idaho is proposed In a resolution
Introduced Into tho house of repre
sentatives of tho stato legislature to
day, providing for tho submission or
a constitutional amendment which
does away with tho stato senato en
tirely and makes the houso of repre
sentatives a body of 21 members,
elected from 12 districts. It is pro
posed to glvo tho now legislative
body all the powers of tho present
Jackson county's sharo of tho statu
vehicle license tax that includes
mitos. is ff''780.70 for the last year, u
cheek for this amount being received,
by County Treasurer J-'rcd Colvig this
morning from tho stato treasurer's
office, The distribution of the lax
is mado upon a proportionate basis
among tho counties of tho state.
News print paper bns been made by
the forest service laboratory from
twenty-four different woods, mid a
number comparo favorably with stan
dard spruce pulp paper.
A thousands acres for sugar beets
was nroml'-cd today by W. II. Gore
and J. T. Sullhnn, tho latter on be
half of tho llogue Itlver Canal com
pany. Tho offer was mado to show
that tho big land owners appreciate
tho value of u beet sugar factory and
nro In earnest In their efforts to do
what they can to sveuro tho location
ot ouo In the valley,
Sir. Gore Is tho owner of a thous
and aero farm went of Sledford, one
of tho finest In tho country and In
addition owns several thousand acres
of desert land, part ot which la suit
able for bivflta. with Irrigation. Tho
Canal company has several thousand
ncros, part of which. Is available,
A meeting will be hold at Grants
Pass .Monday, nnd Tuosdny will be
Sugar licet Day In .Medford, all bus
iness houses closing to work to se
cure the desired acreage.
- In tho middle of tho week, tho pro
moters of tho sugar factory are duo
and the acreage required must bo
signed up by then or, the proposition
called off.
It Is now or never for the valley.
Striking liniul-puiutvd pin :i- of
llic llogue River alley, slnmiHg n
chard mid uatitttil scenery, have been
prepared by Ujed KUor of the Kiser
Photo company;, and urn marvelous
worki, portraying impreiNtlvuly the
beauticK f Ibis Motion. They will
be on display at the Coiiuiiereuil club
exhibit building Monday. They will
be put on exhibition nt the Panama
exposition n parMif Jackson coun
ty's di-pluy.
The photos are ns true to life ns
human xkill can innku ihcm. Kvery
tin detail of fonu nnd coloring is
shown. Tho -101 orchard is one of
tho pictures. , Tho orchard, the
bouses, the broad expanse of volley,
with ltosy Aim nft.n central back
ground, make a uhiiriniiig scene. An
other N it picluVu of Tabic Hock in
late summer. The gaudy autumn
colors of the shrubbery is shown on
the trees, along with tlie look color
ing and I lie blue of the rhcK
Tho pictures me worth seeing from
mi artistic Mmidpuiut mid valuable
ns nn niUcrti-ing nsct.
T. K. Daniels of this city received
a telegram from Ituymond lleujumin,
grand exalted ruler of the Klks, no
tifying him that Jic had been named
district deputy. This is tlie second
term in succession that Ml'. Daniels
has been given this honor, which is
rare, mid is n striking tribute to his
standing in one of the grpnt'fraternU
ties. Over twenty iipplicuitts front
other towns wero reci-ived by tho
urand Iodise, tho honor heiniMiccoiil-
j cd over them to the wcll-knwd Med-
ront j;ik. j r
young males. Phono 25-J. 257
WANTKD Room and board in pri
vate fumlly by young ludy who bus
position In office. Addrces D.,
caro Slall Tribune. 250
WA.NTOD Chore man, perniunont
job. Uccommondatlona required.
Phono 373-ltli, Ashland, 201
LOST. Fountain pen on West Sluln
street Friday. Please roturit Io
Slall Tribune. '
The imtuiiil "gct-logollicr" Meeting
it d banquet of the t'onimcicial club
Was hqfd nt the .Medford hotel last
fh'ililitj'Vvitli "JtlO members in ulleud-
itnee. Irrigation and sugar beets
those two vital subjects to. the future
of Die Rogue River valley, were dis
cussed and tunv impetus was, to,
both, The direelois for llll'i were
iiauied us follews: J. A. Perry, A. ('.
Ilubbaid, .1, D. llel, A. . Kocnhuum,
(leorge Putnam, ('. ). dales, l
Isaacs Ren C. Sheldon, Ouy ('. ('oi)K
nor, S, S, tiniitli, Rert Anderson. A,
!,. Hill, II. A. I.ullu, .1. T. Sullivan
and llcrt Thierolf.
V. A. Sumner spoke upon the or
guuinUiou of au irrigation project,
and SI. 0. Ilcnuett upon the needs
and value of irrigation to this sec
tion; Count v Pathologist .M. P. Hen
derson told of the excellent fruit
prospects of lOlft, nnd V, II. (lore
brought the audience to lis teet by a
rousing speech in favor of sugar
beets and the establishment of a fac
tory in this valley. His speech in
part folIewH:
While Irrigation wan urged and ex
plained tho main Interest of tho oven-
lng was centered upon Sugar lleets
and In a nltrrltig and cuu lacing talk
YV. II. (Sore closed tho meeting with
tho appeal Hint every man present bo
gln this morning and work with thn
commltteo to bring thn Sugar licet
fuctory horo and start the distribution
ot gold dollars.
Sunthlno nnd (told Dollars
"We've capitalized our lakes, our
streams, our climate nnd our fruit,"
said Sir. (lore, "but we haven't cap
italized our sunshine. This sunshlno
gentleman, can bo converted Into
gold dollars, millions ot thorn, and all
wo have to do is secure signatures to
5000 acres.
"They say I am against Irrigation.
1 nm not. I nm for anything that will
pay mo money- And If wo can make
mora money with IrriKntlon then put
me down for. It. Hut I nm for n
Sugar licet factory first, last and all
tho tlmo. I am for it bcrauso It
mentis money, a million dollara tho
first year, moro thnn that when tint
Industry is established and It Is not
money that wo havo to pay back In
0 years or pay Interest upon, but
money from tho people all over the
worl who live augur; money (o pay
our taxes, monoy to start now Indus
tries, with, money to establish and
maintain p.iy rolls with, money to put
tho balance on the right sldo of tho
ledger at tho end of every year.
"Anil It U not only tho bsjt sugnr
Industry, Hut It ,1s thu cattle Indus
try, the cheep Industry, It Is the brick
Industry, the lumber industry, tho
cement Industry which will bo bene
fitted If wo gel this factory.
Sim I .Now
"Tho time Is short. If wo are to
get this factory wo must get It now.
It is not for you to say it Is a good
thing for tho other follow. It Is for
you to say, If It's a good thing for tho
other follow It Is n good thing foi me.
Sign up, that's what wo want, get
signatures that's what wo want. Wo
ntUBt get fiOOO acres signed up In
the next fow days. We. ought to get
7000 signed up. I can show you Hint
an aero of boots will net III)
an ncrc. 1 am a farmer and know
what 1 am milling about, Tho average
ylold of farm land, uot fruit land,
In this valley, I tell you, doesn't ex
ceed ?10!
"Now thero you have It, gentlemen.
This company will come hero If wo
will produce tho beets. That's fair
Isn't It. They will want 10 carloads
of cement, 15,000 cords of wood a
year, men, teams, motor trucks, mid
all we havo to do Is grow n crop wo
can grow and Is more profitable than
any other farm crop wo ifo grow."
F. O. Dorotmifl of Wollen district
Is registered at Hotel Clark, I.os An
geles. nl.
In othor words, if you want your
oyes to stay liy yon and proilorviryour
uenso of sight as long mi you llvo, you
must tuko good caro or tlrom. Eco
nomy is a vory good tiling In tho,
right direction, but, whon It comes to
tho eye, n poor pair of glasses will
not (alto tho place of a good pair,
It you want good glasses I can fur
nish thorn.
Ife Knows How
Suite 1-2 Ovor Oeuol'i
B, & II, Urooa Trading Stamps HI von
Though Hie coronet's- ,jntv nl the
hupiisl into Hie tn.vslei ions mIiooIiiiv
p' ('Italics Tlioumsen un. the iiotlli
fork of Andeison ciocl, Friday ul'ler
noon, teluilted a verdict that ilealh
was ciiuvd by u bullet wound fired
by un 'unknown,, I he eoitnly uulhoii
ties nrc making fuither Investigation
and in the hopes of establishing the
identity of the accidental slayer. Pre
meditation does not figiue in (lie do
iluc.tious, being allow ed that Hie
deud mint was mistaken for n deer,
The ground in the neighborhood of
Ihe tragedy was gone over bv lite
sheriffs oi'lice mid wllncswes who
testified, but no Iraee of the Intel, i
of the hunter who fired the fatal shot
was found. An inch of snow lav on
the ground and u light fall occurred
the night following the Iragedv, but
no strange foolpi litis weie found
Under these condition it would be
impossible uo Io leave miuhs behind.
Aged Father u Witness
The firsl witness eMiniiued wus X.
S. Tliomiisoii, the nged nnd grief
stricken father of the dead man, who
found the body. He testified that he
brought back Hie gun his sou enrilcd
on the fatal tup. Another gnu was
in the possession of tho Thoutnscn's.
The father has promised to bring
these guns to Proscenling Attorney
Kelly for further investigation. T!k
father told of tho incidents before
mid nftcr the shooting mid how hn
found the body of his boy. The
strongest point in his testimony wis
that he found thn gnu pointing to
wards his son.
John Thoiaasen, anolhrr son, tes
tided that he was asleep in Ihe cabin
when the accident occurtcd, and that
ho was awakened bv his father cry
ing, "Charlie is killed; Charlie is
I'licvplnlnrd I'citure-
Johu testified thai his fat her left
the cabin without a ami. The unex
plained feu I im is Hint ('buries was
killed bv a .J"i-:,.' bullet, thoiiith he
carried :il):ill shells in lu pokrl.
P.dwnrd Hall and L Tinner. nw
ittilt employs chiIv til Ihe octic of
Hie tragedy, Ic-lifinl Io finding the
body ami ile t and other delniU of
the tragedy,
New developments nut cpeed in
the ease.
WASIIINOTON, Jan. ill.- Pre-. !
dent Wilson has dcleriiiiited upm lb
iii)Miliitiueiit ns po-ltna-ter of f'altii'
Slewiiit, Tacoiitii, Wash, ,
W- i iik in a mono iiu.vMi, X
llra.rl.l. Ait f'll.l lll.s
For Reliable
Stylish Tailoring
128 East
Tllxl Alirrirf.f.i.n-A
MkM-t.'alll.ma4 Ilr.JV
I'llUI. 11.4 ! U.U wrt.lldW
I ,n. WH.-I ll Mm HiUim, V
T.l. . .ili.r. Il.r f .r v
M tvd
v m
Means Protection your crops anil stock from ilnmntto
your pastures from outside slock prcvciitliin need
less loss.
Insurance you can nuy for your properly
Its permanent Insurance nunlnst crop losses anil, rav
'a(jes of stock.
It works for your continuously, year after year.
It gives better protection than any other fence.
It (lives you pod honest value for every dollar spent.
Another' carload shipment Just received.
lilL I
134 North niversldo
Don't Tukc Chances
,s&Zz ,v'lh '"'"" n,l M
I- -m .--. -iw. Kim livn
?.'.'Vi7''.J IICII Item rmmum
jwvriic . . .
in iuu rain.
'v6 Know tral wrt
JW wrMlicf eoliiliul.
MA Vrr
v(7 V CddA&il
WAf4lriitfJ llilAII.I. .Hit
lliliiUlh. I'.tnt,,l llrlht
I Jtt tv triy ili linm
lunrtrf It I.I, t ll IhmU
u,ti(.(i nil mum,
$3.00 I'.vrrywboro
i',i.(i. Hit T'.rii
)WER CO. $mUnwsKiAJtNiuu
.V.mJ Itti trimi attut
--.-, m,i. an ... m. .J
Done by
Expert Workman
And Gtinrnntccil
212 East Main St. Phone 10
Under New Management
Regular Meals
Short Orders
at All Hours
io n. ntovr
208 East iMiiiu Street
The Only ICxHuhivo
CouniHM'i'ifil I'hot(i;nij)hra
in Southern Oregon
Negatives Made any time or
placo by appointment
Phono H7-.T
We'll do the rent
B. D. 'WESTON. Prop.
c t-'TV
A. J.'
v un
S K" . V W V VV V i
it 'u I.I I lt IIMY J,.'
..!. ().''. . 1.