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Medfx)rd Mail Tribune
Mv. -1ft: Mln. !M.
Ilnln tonight And tomorrow
i vl
Forty.fourtli Tor.
Unity Ninth Ynr.
NO. 250
Comparative Quiet Prevails Alonn
Doth Battle Fronts mill Confllctlnn
Reports Place Results In Doubt
Dad Weather Hinders Operations
Llllc In Possession of British.
LONDON, Jan. 1 1. orflclnl nc-
roiiulH of thu (IcIttliiK In tliu went
from 1 tor lilt ami 1'nrlH Imlny show
tluil ciiinpiiriitlvi) calm provitllM x
rnpt ul it few points. Kvuii In Up
per Alsace ii ml In Mm Argonim whoro
tlioio linvu been violent encounter
recently, acllvlty linn Mlnrkeued.
Near HolrnonH nml In tlm vicinity of
Perthes, however, hplrlted oiiKngu-
llielltA nio III proKH'KH,
Tlio (Ionium war office ntltult m
Hint tliti French hnvo captured
trenches north of HoIhhoiih, toward
tint wentern nml of tlio battlo lino,
but Mitten Hint (nrtliur oimlaiiKht
with repulMtit. Tlio Frunch nil
unuucuiiicnt snyii two more linen ol
trenches, covering fiUO yards of tlio
mint, hnvo been occupied. There In
it Nlnilhir ilUpnrlty of rttaomonts run
NccriiliiR thu pro a ret" of thu fighting
ni'itr Perthes, which has nwiiimed
Importance becauno the print nt stnko
In control of rnllrouilit or hlKh strat
egic value. Tlio French roniiniinlcit.
lion Mates Hint 200 yards of (ler
iiihii tri'iirhcK wero urizttd whllo th
(lurmnii nnthorltlim say Hint iiomIHoiih
won by their opponents worn re
(ikon. ' Itail Weather Checks
AlthniiKh further ptogrcsH U hie
lug mndi) fh tho adtniuo townnl War
saw front tho wont, according to tho
Herman announcement thu movement
In Mow on ncrotint of bad weather,
London kukkosIh tluil thu Inactivity
of thu allli'it'ln both Oio cant anil tho
went In due to tho fuel that Hit)) nr
awaiting thu entrance of now mum
hcrs Into tint ronihlnntlon against
tho Teuton nations, It Is said Hi
Itiiiiinnln with (100,000 soldiers In
virtually ready to enter tho wnr.
Farther south simultaneously with
tho ItiiMdlnn progress In llukowlua,
tin itilvitni'o on Crncow once nioru ap
pears to bo Imminent.
Herman to Hungary
Doubt lit exprenKOd In somo quart
)tH whether tho Hermans who nru re
ported to hnvo gono south supposed
ly to rihtiUt Atislrln In tho campaign
ngnluM Bcrvln, nro nctnitlly destined
for Hint service. It Is suggested
Hint their ohjurt In Hungary, which
Ih represented tin much tipitut hy thu
Itnimlan advance against Trnnsylvn
ula nml the uctlvltlen of Uitinnnln,
llopo lit expressed on nil sides
hero Hint Sir Edward drey's reply to
tho Ainurlcnn shipping unto will
provo nrroplablo to tlio United Stilton.
There Ih some illHpoititloit to regard
thu HlntlHllcM In tho roply nit nn In
dication thnt tho Ilrltlnh govern
ment tint hoot derelict In Kh duty,
In porinlltlnit lurgo quantities or
commodities required by tho belUger
oittH to reach IiohUIo tuitions.
CUIC'AllO, .Inn. II, Whent ntniu
down today with u cranh. Prlcim
hroltu r d contH n Inmliol under Ken
era I huIIIiik duo to rumorH thnt onu
of tho fortH KtiunllnK tho DardanolUm
hud hoop tluiuolUhoil hy tliu,vnrnlilim
Of HlU ItlllOH,
Governor West Commends Charter
To thu F.ditnr:
Ijiiiiiu onu sent mo it copy of Iho
(imposed Medfonl tilmrtor, which, a
oiiu who i rnlufiil to tlio city for
it mippoit in time past, Lam miieh
iutoieteil in. I tntt I will tint bu
neetiKVit of "hiitliii; in" hy uxpro
liij,' my approval of thu many excel
lent provision the new charier con
litiiiH, .
Thu now eliaitcf, in niv opinion,
'(ive Medfonl an opportunity to load
tho statu in municipal pivenunoiit, iih
it Iiiin led it in municipal improve-
iiienla niid gooit liialiwayH, It hIhmiUI
7 AM 7 PI
Polllnii Places, Sparta Dulldltuj,
Mocrc Hotel, City Hall Three
Freeholders Necessary to Swear
Rrtjlstratlon In at City Hall
Three Tickets In Field.
Till) lllltt lot' the ell.v eli'i'lioll lo
iiioriow will ho tM'ii lioin 7 o'clock
ii, h. to 7 o'clock p. in., mill Hie poll
hitf jiliiccH nml officer "f flectioiis
will ho (ih follew:
First waul -Sparta liuililiii (mil'
mum) litiljit'fi, Wt II. Iluinilirc,v, .1.
V. Khiilcy nml W. K. N'enix: clviU,
one of tht jiiiIki'h in t'ttcli wnnl itlhti
Helium dm it clerk.
Seconil until, Moore hotel I1. I'..
V,viiKimii, II, N, l.olliiinl, juilt'M, nml
('. II. Miincy, clerk.
Tliinl waul, ellv hull .lolm I..
Ileminer nml ('. V. Aitxtin, juiIkc;
W. I.. Miller, clctk.
The leniKtriitioii hoiinl, compoii'il
of V. T. York, I. II. Until font nml
Mr. T. A. Unwell, will hit at the citv
hull for nil wnnl. All iion-rcjjiMt'r-eil
voter, lo eenre election riuhl,
tun! he ntvorn in, three frctfliohlor
heiiij; reiiiireil iih NiKiiittiire.
Ticket lo Hell Voted On
The mnyornlty cnmliilnte are: ('.
I!, (lute nml V, .1, I'mcrick, liidepcn
dent; counelliniin front the litxt wnnl,
.1. I). Skinner nml J. ('. Miiiin; fee.
nml wnnl, Frank Antv nml F. I.
Sehieffelin, nml third wnnl. (I. 1..
Scliennerliorn nml Dr. llitrfjreiivc.
iiiemnlieiit. In ench of Hie eonneil
men eiimliilule ulmve, the fnt nam
cd i riinnint; npott the independent or
stitmNtill ticket. The oopoiicnls not
clitHilfied, me nil htirecftit IniMiiehK
inen of the city.
The Moriiilint tleket i: Fjr. it(ii,vor."
,h (', Hnrtios; eonneihnen, first wnnl,
i:. .1. Klein; Kccoml, (1. It. Sittcltwell,
nml tliinl, .1. A. Smith.
The weather forecast for election
day is ehimlv, prolmlite rain.
I.lttle Ontttnnl lnteivht
N'eerlefore in the political hitorv
of Meilfonl Iiiih .o little interest been
shown upon the etc of n city election,
n far n the Inisine ilislriet is eon.
eerneil. Neither eumliilale nor pro
Misei eitv charter are receivtnjr more
than iiainir nttention. No bet Imve
been made, opponents of the chtutcr
ileimimliiiK prohibitive odds.
In the icsjdcnco ilistriet niiioii!; the
i mil; nml file of the voter interest is
keen, nml indications point to a heavy
vote, itarlieiilarlv women, rain or
shine. The citv ivcottlor' office wits
kept busy answering iilmnc palls' bear
iiiji iitest!on upon the election, Sen
timent in the resilience district is
slroit; for the charter, ami against
thu standstill ticket. The last ten
(lay there has been a decided switch
injr of public approval for the char
ter, and prospect point to a sitbstnn
tint majority imnint its opponent.
The usttiil amount of pro-election
Kosip, uppcaliiiK' to rejndiee, wits
sown (lii innrniu;;.
from german fear
NF.W YOltK, Jim. II.-Tho inlttih
ititttlH of Hiliuhiiit;li "have koiiu
entity" throiinh four of a Hcniinn at
taekj aeeonlinj; to Gottfried Delitseh,
one of fifteen UritUh Httbjeots of (lor.
man bit tit who arrived hero from
Knijliiinl today. Delileh'u homo was
in Mdiuliiii'.
place Medfonl in thu front rank of
howl governed eitie. Siucoielv,
SiiK'iii, Jttn, 0, 1015,
I lMedfords Society Vaudeville Attracts Metropolitan Attention
S ! i "ST?- iiii nmwiiin i ! tmmtmmm i
ltd' I Jifcl.
, t r H. 4H - - - fSSJ
pic-1 -Crv NbBCv f (P ' llllBHKkFM
seiitcd for the benefit of the Medfonl ' SlX KM. t&&$$'; J N "' ''Vi 'liiBBWPB' y ll
Itose soeiety bus attracted o imich teJE &!'' Is wi- i2tB'5Hr5''
attention ihioiixhout the stnto that XjiH!' L -IKS' ' "' 'VC lPr;,"jk' 'J
the I'orilaud .loiinial in hist Sun- QQ H ' ifeil V J9P.K$?"' IP "'" Hlk'v
day's isiie printed this layout of tiic- Ifi tOlPl vv 'jHEjT Jtil' Hl
tore, which by courtesy i presented PLt b ' n' vC ' & BRlJ',i3flFC 1 JhHHBT
A ehanue in the method of roa
work over that of thu past year w
iuaiiK'iiratcd .Monday by the conn
court when Joe ('. Siui.h, form
county commissioner, was appoint
county road inastqr at u salary
.12."i per month, ineludtn expense
nml trniisportatioti. Duiinc the past
year tho eomniissionei have dis
tricted the county, each member of
the court titknu; it district. Under the
new order, which is u return to for
mer method, the road master will
have chartfe of all the supervisors.
All former sitpervior were reap
pointed except W. ( Chapmaii in the
Table Itoek-lteale district, who was
not a candidate, Leo Vim '
named Instead.
Fruit inspection, bv nrrnnceinont
with Ilorticulltiral Fouunissioncr Al
len, vu out down to three inspect
ors tit fll per dav, with two of them
limited to .'-' u dav ami one at .f'J.oO
for the oiitlvitti! distrtelK.
SAI.KM, Or., .Ian. 11. - Lair
Thompson of l.ukeview wa elected
president ol' tho senate anil Hen
Selling of I'ottlatid wit chosen
speaker of the house at the opmiiiif,'
of thu twenty-eighth biennial sessioit
of the OtOKoii leijisltitiiiv hero today,
llotli are republican.
Interest centered in the contest for
hpenkership between Selling and Al
len F.iiton of Nugent1, both hides lutv
ing waged a spirited eauipaitt with
in the republican party. Selling re
ceived !I7 vote to Hilton's 'J'J.
Thompson had practically no op
position in the senate, V. I). Wood of
llillshoro receiving three votes to
Portland Livestock Market
FOllTLANI), Or., Jan. tl. Cattle
-Iteeolpt 111; lower. Frime light
steer, .ii7.ft0(rT.8r ; choice, .1!7.'J.')((?
(..It); iiriiuu now, .ftl((0tl.8t); eltoiee,
ii.VH.'itlt priiiio lieifer, .fliOiMl.riO;
prime bull, iHfJM.filT; prime htag,
.f.),."i()((Ci(l', prime ealve, .f7..")0,
Hogs HoceiptK f078; steadv.
Prime light, !7((7.t."i; choice lit;lit,
!!(l.r0(if.7.'; light,' ."rO.'J.Xiril.nUj
rough, iftf.S.-irJiMUO. ,
Sheep Iteceipts 2."i8(l; strong.
Host yearling wether, .fr..)00tl(i o0 ;
hoht ewe, .fXuNViO, mixed slt'icp,
l,7fl3; nrhno lambs, ifr.WfJSOO,
t v . .v ih . hv -. m m ..vh. m m
I.AIJKDO, Tex., Jan. ll.-Tninpieo
is icported here to be still in the
hiimls of Ocncral Pablo Oonzalc, a
Farranzii suppoiter, hut i said to be
seriously thteateued. Ituilroad pas
senger repent tho leport of last
niuht that Victoria, eapilal of Tain
iiulipas wa eaitured by Villa troops
early Sunday.
Villaival's forces today destroyetl
part of the railroad leatlim:' from
Monterey to .Mutatiioro. Kefugee
nrriviub hero said it appeared that
Vtllareal wits preparing to retreat to
Matamoro from .Monterey, ami wa
destroying the nad to prevent rapid
Detail of the battle of Saltillo,
which ended yesterday in defeat of
1. "MMO Farranza troops, who were nt
tacking about 10,000 Villa troops, in
dicalu the trick of one. man was
largely responsible for the fnrranzn
ivtreat. lie was a bugler, who, by
proiirniiigeinent, desetted the Villa
forces, joining the Carrnnxa troops.
At a signal after he had joined tho
besiegers, this bugler sounded ealls
indicating that the enemy wa on all
sides ofThe Curranza troop. Other
bugleis look tip hi call, believing it
wns onlen-d front headipiarters. The
Farranza troop retreated in disoi
der, l.os of life is reported to have
been uevero.
WASIIINOTON, an. 11.- President
Wilson's renoinination of llettrv Flay
Hall of Colorado Springs, Colo., to
tho interstate commerce commission
wa ordered favorably repotted tod ty
by the senate iutorslato cmumorJO
commission. It had been held up at
tho retpiest of republican senators
who wanted to intpiiro into tho vote
on which tho commission recently ap
proved higher freight vales.
J r iiiiBHHEK IHiiiiV
B r lv. YMflflflflflflflflflflflBWBflBVki vMflflLl bVAVmB?
KEY mwm.
Some of the participants in the re
.ford and Ashland. Top Tho Yam
Caroline Andrews, Mis Dorothy Conner, Mi Done), Mis Josephine Hoot.
Uoltom-Left, Miss Caroline Andrews in a Oreel. dance; right, Walter
Sferriek and Mis F.ifert in the fox. tmt.
One of the national organizations
devoted to improving municipal atid
civic condition in American cities, of
which Woodrow Wilson is president
and numbers on its board such toon
a Lawrence P. Abbott, Winston
Churchill, Judge lien Lindsay, Will
iam Allen White and others of like
.standing', is the National Short Bal
lot organization. The following let
ter from it executive secretary
should bo of interest to Medfonl peo
ple :
"New inrk, Jan. ., lOI.i.
"Mr. Uenjaiuin C. Sheldon, Medfonl,
"Dear Mr. Shelden:
"1 hnvo gone over thu charter
which has just been prepared , for
Medfonl, and I oomratulato you upon
it. There is no question in my mind
but that tho plan of. government
which it proposes, providing for a
small board and city manager, will
before long be practically the ttnl
versitl type in this eoui-try. 'our
charter will be one of the very jiest
of its kind on he Pacific coast, and
I have no doubt its iiiflueneo will he
very effective. 1 sincerely hope f lint
it will be aodpted at the coming elec
tion. Yours very truly,
"1L S. (ULUi:itTSONT,
"Executive bcerotary,"
p -
cf nt society yandex tlio given nt Med-
n Yatna Girls, Mrs. Kdgar I Infer, Miss
WASHINGTON, Jan. 11. Senator
l.a Folletto introduced a resolution
to prohibit tho eastern railroads
from putting Into efiect tho Increased
freight rates recently authorized by
tho luter-stato commerce commis
sion. In a long preamble to tlio resolu
tion Senator l.a Folletto set forth
that no show lag was nmdo. or at
tempted by the Carriers to Bhow that
tho old rates wero tinreasonuhlo and
that tho commission In granting In
croupes, did not, In accord with tho
law. consider their unreasonableness,
but granted thorn on tho ground tho
railroads needed monoy to meet ex
traordinary conditions duo to tho Ku
ropean war.
Senator I .a Folletto asked that tho
resolution lie on-the table and await
further action.
Provision was made In the resolu
tion, however, that roads affected,
doslrlng to advance rates, may file
now tariffs with tho commission for
hcntiims at which tho burden of
proof to tdiaw that Increases aro
just and reasonablo shall be upon the
Mitrshfleld- -The .Noble estato will
erect a business building 50 by 100,
What Is Believed to De Lonn Lest
and Much Sought Original 6etd
Bcaring Channel Located 43 Feet
Under Surface East of JacksenvHIe
Pans $30 to Pan and $35 Nugget.
What i believed to be tho long-sought-for
lost channel of Jackson
ville creek hn been located, after
years of fruitiest tunneling and pms
pecting by A. 11. Enycart of Jackson
ville, n placer miner,' engaged in pro
pect work upon the Humor place, n
quarter of n mile cast of Jackson
ville, nnd adjoining the right of way
of the Uarntim railroad. Saturday
afternoon he stnick the old creek bed
nt n depth of -13 feet, and it it
thought to he the lost channel thnt
yielded forty million in gold in pio
neer day. A nugget worth .35 wan
taken from the pan Saturday, and
nccording to report the other pun
washed netted $30 each in gold. If
early expectation increase, a gold
strike can be expected.
In his development work Knyenrt
progressed upon the theory that tho
original bed, or one of the fork of
Jackson creek, wax to tho Hottth of
it present location. He also believed
that n landslide a century or bo ago
buried this channel nnd rich gold
bearing enrth. The development of
tho last week justify in a measure
this theory.
Saturday Knyenrt cut through, the
stone capping covering the channel
and folind bedrock, nnd is now pre
paring to pierce this section. Yellow
htone wa first found under the re
cent (geologically speaking) soil cov
ering. Then came, streajc .-qjbluu
gravel, similar to the pay dirt, at
Yrckn, that linn for year yielded a
golden revenue every month. For
years prospectors hnvo worked upon
the theory that the lost channel iviid
to tho west. It was this channel that
in early times made Jacksonville oue
of the world's greatest gold ramp.
The trend of tho Enycart findiugc- J
in n northeasterly direction
When interviewed this morning, Mr.
Knyenrt refused to divulge any infor
mation on hi discovery, saying that
he was not ready to jive any details.
Uefore beginning work on the prccnt
dump he sank a shaft on the north
side of the Uarntim road. This morn
ing ho was engaged in putting ju a
casing nnd has installed a gasoline
engine, Three men arc at work.
The report of the find created hut
little excitement in the county sent.
A half dozen old miners wero out this
morning surveying the ground adja
cent to the Knyenrt work. Knyenrt
hn a contract for tho mineral rights
to the land he is working.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 11. Tho
United States government, It becamo
known today, Is not altogether sat
isfied with tho note of Sir Edward
Grey, giving Grent Hrltatn's prelimi
nary reply to President Wilson's pro
test concerning tho treatment of
American commerce by tho Urltlsh
Whllo gratified that Great nrltulu
admits the Juatlco of practically all
the principles of International law
cited In tho American noto, officially
reiterated today that tho chief dif
ficulty had boon England's neglect to
ttiako her actual practice square with
tho previously accepted rules of In
ternational law,
it Is realized by officials hero that
a long diplomatic correspondence
conceding tho principles of the
Amorlciiti caso, but not actually car
rying them Into practice, wU not
meet tho complaints of American ex
porters and shippers and although
England's supplementary answer I
expected to glvo a more detailed
statement of her position, offlelaU
Plan to take up vigorously all indi
vidual cases which may wwtawhUe
arise. 4
. - - -rjt,
u J
1 '.h
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