Medford mail tribune. (Medford, Or.) 1909-1989, January 06, 1915, SECOND EDITION, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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    " f "TT?!
IJorl R. Oroor, editor of the. Ash-!
land Tidings, In spending tlio dny In
Mcdfonl attending to business mat
Bill Hrown linn returned rrom n
week upcnt In Josephine county nt-
tondlni; to mining business.
11. G. Worthlngton, who had his
fnco anil hntr badly burned In nn ex
plosion In tlto Mcdfonl Sheet nntl
Iron chop lnat Saturday nftcrnoon,
la ablo to bo on tho street again.
Got your butter, cream, milk and
buttor-mllk, nt Do Voo.
A wild looking cltlxen wis brought
to tho pollco station thla noon by
Arthur AVolls, who found him begging
for food In tho west part of town,
frightening mnny housewives. He
wore a mud bespattered overeat and
was unshared and unshod. Tho gen
tleman gavo the namo of Johns. Tho
polico gave him a meal and orders
to get out of town.
Seo Davo Wood about that flro in
surance policy. Office Mall Tribune
The basketball teams of tho high
&chool, bo)B and girl.", are making ar.
rangoments for a trip through north
em California, and a set of rules has
been compiled on conduct during tho
trip, which each must sign before
permission Is given. Tho rules pro
hibit "dates" and late hours. Coach
Mooro will have chargo of tho boys,
and a chaperono will bo appointed
for tlto girls.
Tho Star theater tonight will offer
a local tnlcn vaudeville bill as an ex
tra to n largo picture bill. Cousin
Mlttclburgcr and Miss lono Flynn,
Earl Honncr and Jack Barry will ap
pear. Placo your magazlno club sub
scriptions with Sparta Cigar Store.
Wilfred Scott of Yroka, Cal., is
among, tho out of town visitors in the
city this week.
Herbert Alford has returned to his
studies at tho University of Califor
nia after spending the holidays In this
Tho regular monthly meeting of tho
county court was hold nt Jacksonville
this morning, and a batch of bills al
lowed. Frank II. Madden was sworn
In aB county commissioner, and as
sumed tho duties of his office
Sweet cider at De Voo's.
John M. Itoot who has been attend
ing to butlness matters in San Fran
cisco tho last month is expected to
return to Mcdford this week.
Justico of tho Pence Glenn O. Tay
lor Is visiting friends and relatives at
Lodl, Cat., and is expected to return
this week.
Kodak finishing and supplies at
Weston's Camera Shop. Over Isis
Samuel Thompson of Glcndalc, is
spending a few days in tho city at
tending to business matters.
The Medford school district has
Issued a call for bids for the supply
of wood for tho next term of school,
tho samo to bo opened at tho regular
meeting January 16th.
Wh walk when you can rido for
ICo to any part of tho city. Ford
Taxi. Call Alco 88211.
Tho city council nt its regular meet
ing Tuesday night issued liquor
licenses for six months to tho Nash,
Holland and O. M. Selsby.
Mrs. Alan Dracklnreed was oper
ated upon at Sacred Heart hospital
Tuesday night for appendicitis. Her
condition is reported as highly fav
orable this morning.
Louis Ulrich of Jacksonville spent
a few hours in tho city Monday on
Born To Mr. and Mrs. Horn Mc
Coy, Tuesday, January Gtb, a daugh
ter. Attorney Porter J. Noff has return
ed from a business trip to Ran Fran
cisco and othor California points.
H. H. Klrby loft Tuesday night on
n business trip to Portland, and will
return tho end of tho week.
TJio Juvcnilo authorities nro con
templating action against n number
of boys and girls, who nro in tho hab
It of violating, tho curfew law, by
aluying out lato of nights.
Tho finost equipment In Oregon for
printing fruit labels. Mcdford Print
ing Co.
Attorney Newton V. Ilordon un
derwent on operation for appendicitis
Tuosday nftornoon, and Is resting
Tho Nntlonul Ouard will hold Its
regular moetlng at tho Natatorlum
this evening, wJion tho list of non
commliislonod office will bo an
nounced. Tho company In planning
on tho formation of n baskot ball,
football, and baseball teams, and will
bo contenders In nil athletic ovonts
in this Hoctlon.
' Kodnk finishing tlto best, at Wes
ton's Camero Shop. Over Isls Thoa
ter, County Superintendent of Schools,
J, Poroy Wells, spent Tuesday in
Medford otlondlng to business mat
ters. Giwtav Poppas has returned from
a, buHlnM trip through tho northern
part ef tho elate.
Tho ra'im of tho last week, along
with the melting snows In tho moun
tains, has bi-cn a source of joy to pla
cer minors who. are sluicing their pro
perties. Got It nt Do Voo's.
The Grants Pass high school
basket ball team will play tho local
high school In this city Friday night.
A girl's game will likely bo arranged
with clthor tho Ashland or Phocnk
Palm rooms, new management,
light, airy rooms, reasonable rates.
Georgia Etcher. 269
James Whitney of Corvallls Is a
business visitor In tho ctty this week.
Try a quart of our guaranteed
puro sanitary milk. Phono 5S2-W.
Tho bull tractor will demonstrate
plowing nlfalfn stubble at Minear
ranch on King's Highway, tomorrow
nftornoon, 4 mllo south of town.
Tho first 100 adults at box offlco
wlndor Page Theater, Wednesday
and Thursday evenings, will bo given
a free ticket.
J. O. Gcrking, tho best all around
photographer In southern Oregon.
Always reliable. Negatives mado any.
where, tlmo or place. Studio 22S
Main St. Phono 320-J.
Tho first 100 adults at box offlco
window Page Theater, Wednesday
and Thursday evenings, will be given
a free ticket.
The first 100 adults at box offlco
window Page Theater, Wednesday
and Thursday evenings, will bo given
a freo ticket.
Miss Sadlo Van Dyke is seriously
ill with heart disrate complicated by
other troubles. Sho has been 111 for
the past two weeks. Miss Van Dyko
Is the dnnghtor of the late J. G. Van
Dyke and the family are pioneers In
the valley.
Portland papers contain tho an
nouncement that Judgo W. S. Crowell
of Medford. who is spending the week
thcro, has given $15 to tho Uolglnn
rcllof fund.
Ilogue Hivor has forwarded $50
worth of foodstuffs for Belgian relief.
Tho relief fund for tho state, In cash
and merchandise now exceeds $30,-
Deglnning tonight, tho Mcdford
Christian Assembly -will hold regu
larly a public meeting each Wednes
day evening, as well as on Sunday af
ternoons, In St. Mark's hall, 21S west
Main street. Meeting hour, 5:30
o'clock. The meetings of tho Assem
bly have been growing In Interest
and power for several weeks. Some
have been converted and some bap
tlxcd. A most cordial Invitation to
come and see and hear, is extended to
all in tbo closing hours of this dis
pensation. Mr. Dodge, who conducted
evangelistic meetings In St. Mark's
hall in November, is acting pastor of
tho Assembly.
A rousing charter meeting was held
at tho regular meeting and banquet
of tho Men's club of the Presbyterian
churcli last night. Over 200 wero in
attendance, and a thorough discussion
of the charter given. Much favor
able interest In tho new charter was
WASHINGTON, Jan. 6. Allega
tions that more than a million dol
lars was spent on behalf of Senator
Penrose in his recent successful cam
paign for ro-clcctlon wero mado be
fore the senato elections committee
today by Itopruscntatlvcs Palmer and
Ruploy of Pennsylvania.
Tho committee resumed considera
tion of tho Norria resolution to direct
an inquiry into senatorial campaign
oxponditures in Pennsylvania nnd Illi
nois. On request of Senator Oliver
tho commltteo deferred action until
Mr. Penroso could bo asked if ho
wishes to appear.
"Wo charge that both Pennsylvania
and federal laws wero violated in tbo
expenditure of vast sums in behalf of
Senator Penrose," said Representative
Huploy, "and that proper returnB of
the expenditures never havo been
Tlio proposition of tho lloguo Itlver
Public Service corporation to furnish
electricity to tho city at wholesalo
rates to be rotalled to users, was re
ferred for further Investigation at tho
regular meeting of tho council last
night, Inspector Hinman was or
dered to Investigate and report on tho
matter, and the council will likely go
to Ashland to study the operation of
the municipal plant In that city and
gather data thereon.
(Contllnucd from Page 1.)
ii ii i , -i. ii i i
$011 lfl.f7. Placing of this depnitinont
in the Imuds of the eit , engineer anil
eliminating the .street commissioner
,,n "' ,l wvi"? in hl" department,
but tile figures have not been I'm ii
Miod me and will have to bo luul from
the report of the city engineer.
Street Lighting
Thw is n subject that will requite
much at lout ion from tlio incoming
city council, ns the bills- now run
about $775 per month mut this seems
to me to be far in excess of what the
city should be required to pay. The
matter of the old contract nnd fran
chise with the electric company is
now in the United States court ior
decision, and when decided muv .shed
some light for their guidance, but
tutroly some cheaper way of street
lighting must he found or the city will
go bankrupt, nnd this the council well
knew nnd nro anxious to nrrangc,
hut as to how is n matter for grate
consideration. The proposition mnde
by the competing electric compnny to
fnruish current to he distributed by
tho city to the too pie and for use in
lighting the streets may prove u so
lution of this mutter; hut great cure
should he used in entering into any
further contracts with cleetriu com
panies, ns our experience in the mat
ter has been neither pleasant nor
Street Hallways
The completion nnd operation of
nearly two miles of elcctrio street
railway in the city has passed with
little comment in tho city, nnd tho ex
tension of the system to the western
portion of tho city is now nwniting
the permission of the railroad com
mission permitting the street railwnv
to cross thu Southern I'ncific tracks
on Main street, when it is hoped the
svstcm muv he extended in such u
manner us to reach well westward on
Maui street, and likely on other
Police Korco
Tho police force has been reduced
to one mnn in daytime and two nt
night to further extend the iden of
economy. This idea carried ti little
further would get us hack to the time
when John S. Miller was city marshal
and William Churclunnn was night
watchman, nnd would likely suit some
of our great olitical economists of
street fame; hut why have police- nt
all unless sufficient to police the city
ns it should he January 'J, 101.1,
uftcr tho fire ulnnn, I saw three
flagrant violations of tho speed reg
ulations on Main street, near the
bridge, nnd not a police officer in
tight, as it was tho duty of the mnn
on duty to he near tho fire, nnd hp
could not ho nt Hear creek and the
firo too.
Flro Department
There hnvc heen a number of
changes in the fire department during
tho year, hut, ns n whole, tho effic
iency of tho forco is -nod. The tuir
chuso of an old automobile that has
been made over hv the men at the de
partment into first-clnss fire-fighting
machine, wns, m niv opinion, n
wise thing to do, ns it incicasos the
efficiency of the department nnd
Hikes possible- a Inrvu saving in "as
olino nnd tires, by lcs use of tin
large machine.
Ikilnquent AKscsiinents
Under prevailing rotulilions, some
of our people have been unable to puj
nil their assessments nnd interest us
they enmu duu; hut, considciing the
times mid the lack of employment by
some of our people, the city can hard
ly complain, nt least in the case ot
)cople nnnblo to pay; hut for those
who are able to pny and will not, the
feeling of the city council is not of
the best, n tho council are supposed
to enforce the laws nnd obligations
due the city, and when they nre in
formed that "they must go to h1"
when trying to carry out their oath
of office, it is hard for n member of
the council to turn the other cheek.
Notwithstanding tho scarcity of
money, I urn informed by the city
treasurer that wo havo redeemed im
provement bonds of tho city in tho
sum o 01,001) tho present year.
Public .Market
The city seems to Jmvo reason to
bo satisfied with the publio innrkcl,
ns it has brought producer and con
sumer together to an extent that Is
surprising, and has enabled thu sur
rounding farmers mid producers to
sell a lot of produce for tho monoy,
much of which bus been spent with
our merchants, and has thus been a
benefit to nil concerned.
Public Library
The public library has tun on about
the same lines as for tlio previous
year, and while it bus been forced to
ecnnouiizo in some ways that Jmvo
been aghinst its progression in n
manner desirable, it hns kept tip n
standard of excellence that wu should
be proud ol
Kconnmy In Administration
Tile city council for tho your ID 1 1
has reason to ho proud of reduction
in expenses of uilmiiiMruliun along u
number of Hues, but whether n ponn
splitting method of doing business is
n good thing for the city is u quos.
Hon. Mcdford has hcretol'tno been
considered n "live town'' by people
generally, nnd now the question is
frequently asked, "What has tho oit
government done to kill the town?"
While this is hardly the one, Vet the
fact that u complete- shut-down in
improvements by tho oily has doubt
less had something to do in tho mut
ter, and I believe that n return to pro
gressive methods by the city council
would bo u good thing .for the city.
Ponds ltcdccturtt
During the year l'.MJl the people
paid in sufficient assessments uud in
terest to allow the treasurer to re
deem $ti7,f00 street improvement and
water main bonds, nnd for the year
1!M the tliuount of these bonds re
deemed from the payment 'of nssos
ments mid interest the sum of $01,
000, n fnlliuir off of sueh redemp
tions for the present venr of sfftoOO.
During 1UM the oil- has redeemed
outstanding warrants in the sum of
$lU,:t4i..i(l. and has issued such war
rants to the extent ir 11(11.10. re
ducing the amount of this floating
debt diirmir tho year in this manner
$tr,8S:.t(l. There has been paid in
interest on the several impioVcmont
bond issues tlnd other bonds of tin;
citv n sum of $70,700.71.
Detailed reports of the several de
partments will furnish the details of
nil such payments, it not being pos-
soldo to include them in. this ivxrt.
I would recommend to your honor
nblc body that the portion of the
sinking fund not now placed nt inter
est be so placed, there being soveral
thousand dollars of this fund lying
From the survey mnde by Profes
sor Don Sowers of the Oregon uni
versity, it nppenrs that an entirely
different tin of hooks should he
provided for keeping the records of
the city, uud this mutter should re
ceive your attention.
From the fact that a decree of the
circuit court of Jackson county, Ore
gon, wns obtained some two years or
more since, in which it was decreed
that n moitgage on pnqiort.v. vwis su
perior to (he lien or tho . vit.V for
street- improvement, notwithstanding
the law says the lien of tho city is su
perior, it "wmild 1i " well to keep
projier w:nt'h on till .ueh suits where
the interest of tho pity may he nl
tacked.' That proper iittcnlion hn paid to
the overflow from the city reservoir
in winter months, ns the city has been
threatened with a damage suit on this
account recently.
During heavy rainstorms there is
more or less damage to propeity on
account of flood waters, and some
provision should he made to care for
this water, ns tho present storm sew
ers are not sufficient for the pur
pose. ProioMsl New Clutter
Should the proposed new charier he
adopted by the people, it will sim
plify a grent many matters in the city
government, nnd will pluee the re
sensibility where it can be ascertain
ed who is to hlninn for mistakes. I
will also place Mcdford with other
progressive cities throughout tho
country who have abandoned (he old
worn-out systems nud adopted n
modern system of "overnment.
In conclusion I wish to thank tho
officials of the city and the council
for their courtesy during thn time I
have held tho office of mayor. To
those of the council who hold over I
offer my sympathy, us well as to my
successor in office nnd now members
of the council. Do not think you will
receive nnv rewnrd for duty well
done, either in remuneration or np
prcciation, for wo htivo the knocker
with his little hummer always with us,
and he will find you out.
Medford is a good old town. Not
dead yet, but hndly jolted hv some
of our peshimistio friends, us
hope that 1015 will seo us again pull
ing together for the interests of tho
city, mid that wo nuiyget things go
ing ngnin in the goo'd old way, While
wo do not need ti boom, wo do need
men of business qualifications on tho
city council, who 'will give in a pro
ercssivo administration and work for
the best interest of the city.
Respcctfull" submitted,
Mcdford, Or., January fi, JOlo.
LONDON, Jan. C, 12:2C a. m. A
wlrolcss dispatch recolvod horo from
Uerlln gives a report received In tho
Gorman capital from Athens thut tho
ardunellos fortresses havo commence
ed a bombardment of the blockading
Anglo-Kronen fleets and that ono
torpedo boat hag beon slightly dam
aged, Portland Livestock Market
P0RTLANI)0r., Jan. 0. Cattle
Receipts f0; steady.
Hogs Receipts 1081; unchanged.
Sheer Receipts, 27$ steady,
Mra. Kan n lo McNully, convicted at
tho hint term ot (ho circuit court ot
forging the Inline of Mrs. Snrnh K.
Colllnu to n certificate of deposit for
JIlSO on tho JackMon County ttank has
been granted n conditional pnrdoh by
Governor Oswald West, tho same now
being In tho hands of Circuit Judgo
CalMiiR. Mrs. McNulty's release will
eomo when preliminary arrangements
liuvo been completed.
It Is the desire or Mrs. McNulty lo
it turn to ltolre, Idaho, but sho Is
without funds, Thu county court
has been asked to provide transpor
tation to this point, nnd has tho mat
ter under consideration.
Mis, McNulty was arrested at llohui
last summer through the efforts of
tbo Plnl-erton detective agency. Sho
war brought from Poise by Sheriff
dlimlur, waiving extradition. I'rom
tbo start tho sheriff's offlco has main
tained that Mrs, McNulty was Inno
cent. Mrs. McNulty offered nn alibi that
ut tbo lime she won alleged to havo
secured the money, sho will III In
bed. It failed to clear her howator,
either at the preliminary hearing or
tbo trial. The $:iS0 represented the
savings nnd sole support of Mrs, Col
lins. Tho enso attracted considerable at
tention at tho time, as Mrs, McNulty
hns relatives living near Knglo Polut.
Tho council at ItH meeting Tuesday
night took stops towards curbing
"buttinskis" nt fires, who shout or
ders to tho city firemen, nnd to stop
the crowds from collecting in tho mid
dle of Main and Front nvcnuo when
thu flro trucks nro making n run to
tho fires. City Attorney II. It. Mc
Cabo wns instructed lo draw up a
city ordlnnnro cmcrlng thesu points..
The contemplated action s the re
sult of conditions growing out of the
recont gutting of the Medford Kgg &
Poultry company storehouse- on tho H.
P. tracks, when about half tho crowd
that gathered esMayed Chief I.awtnu'n
Job, and shouted nrdera until they
were squelched by the pollco and tho
fire bend.
Complaint wan made by Chief Kitt
son that H. P. flagmen wero not tend
ing to buslnens nt (hit Main nvcnuo
crossing, being only on tho Job for
pnsspnger trnlns. nnd not guarding
when freight trains were switching,
etc. Tho matter will bo referred to
tbo local 8. P. official!! for adjust
(Conttinuod from Page 1.)
rule of Austria and unite with Rus
sia. Itumunlit Jtcnily
Rumania hns not yet abandoned her
neutrality but a warning has goilo
out to her reservists to hold them
selvflH In readiness for sorvlco nud
developments which soon mny bo ex.
pected, Tlio advance guard of Rus
sians along tho Rumanian frontier
has been selected of men who spealt
the Rumanlnn language nud havo
Rumanian s)mpathlcs. According (o
advices retching London these sold
iers evorywhoro aro being received
with friendliness,
A dlspntch from Paris states that
developments "of tho' highest I'm
portunco," aro Imminent in Kiimnulu.
A dozen Kronen nnd Ilrltlsh nowspap.
er correspondents left Pnrls today for
Ruinnnlu by way of Ilulgaria.
A ff'ood KoNolutlon,
To Iiolp build up Medford payrolls
by smoking Governor Johnson or
Mt. Pitt clgnrs.
WANTHD Ily married mnn with If.
year's nxporleiico, position on tanch
or orchard. Ilox A., caro Mall
Tribune 240
FOR SAM3 112 acres, all cleared,
cIoho in, ?5000 quick sale. Clark
Realty Co,
FOR SAMS flood blcycio chcun, call
HI Houth Central. 218
FOR HAMS Wo havo tho names or
parties who havo hlgh-grado rock
orols and pullets for sale. Now Is
tho tlmo to Improve your flocks.
"Wo need tho broilers later. Mod
ford Poultry & Krb Co. 248
8TKAYBU Ilrown horso, weight
000 lbs., clipped forelock, star on
forehead. One whlto hind foot.
West Bldo Unrn. 247
FOIt BXCHANaiS 100 ncros corn
land producing 80 and DO bushols
pur aero, eastern Iowa, for im
proved land horo or good equity,
R. II, McCurdy.
NIJW YOltIC, Jan II Thirteen en
listed men of tho I'ultod Htutox uav
Who won Hpcclal mention for tllh
lliiKutHlicd conduit at Iho occupation
of Vera ('run wero pieiionted with
uidnlti of honor by Hocretai) Daniels
today on the deck of tho battlo ship
Florida ut tho lliooklyn navy jnnl.
Hear Admit al Fletcher, now coin-mnnder-lu-chtof
of the Atlantic fleet,
who commanded tbo Ammlcau naval
forces at Vein Crux, and othor high
officers of tho navy participated In
the formal ceremony,
Secretary Daitlols also read n long
list carrying uumes of officers bonded
by Hear Admiral I'totchor mid blue
jackets nnd marines who luul re
ceived spoclal mention for heiolsm
and brnxery at Vera t'rnx.
Iloforo profontlng the iuciIiiIh, Sec
rotary Daniels referred to tho battlo
of Vera Crux and declared that tho
outstanding naval event or (ho last
year was the courage, sacrifice and
solf-resetraliit displumed by tho offi
cers and men of the nuvj and marine
corps nt that time.
LONDON, Jan R, 1 1 05 p. in - Two
of llirco Turkish columns which last
week invnded tho Huisiau Caucasus
havo met with dlxaster and tho troops
not killed or captured nro In disorder
ly retrent pursued by thn Russian.
Tho column which took Ardnhan two
dnys ago has boon driven out of town,
according to tho Potrograd official
dispatches and is almost surrounded
by tho Russians who hold tho main
Another column which crossed thn
frontier near Harl Kam)sh, on tlio
road to Kars, has suffered an even
worse defeat, ono of thn two army
cort which composed it belus: cap
tured In Its entirety,
Tho ItitsslniiH iilno report another
victory over thn Austrian, In the
t'xok i'ass of tho Carpathians. Km
peror Krnnrta Joreph's army In this
roclon i declared to lx? In full retreat
In n moiinlnlii pass deep In snow,
white a violent mimvstoriii tagns ami
the IttiKsInu cmalry Is attaching on
the flank nnd rear.
LONDON. Jnn , :t.05 n. lit - Tho i
London morning iiewspniier rorros-
pondeuts in tho eimlern wnr theatre
lay ompliHsU on tbo ndvauro of tho
Russians In llukowliin, A nutria's ens-'
tern province, where, It Is said, only
thn most feeble roslstntfto was en
countered, llul.owlna In tho border
land of Rumania and the correspon
ilcntn speak
of the excellent feeling I
...I.I..1. !.... .. .......... 1 1.. 1... .1..
which thoy say prevails between tlio
Russian outposts and tho Rumanian j
frontier guards Itussla having astute. ,
ly assigned soldiers of tbo Rumanian !
. . .
rnco to patrol illlty, ,
According to the correspondents,
tho feeling In favor of Rumania en
tering thu war has been augmented In
all sections of tho country by tbo oc
cuiintlon hv tho Itimduns of Suczawn
and Kliupolung, which are full j
of historic
.......... nu iu uiu mi-
Tho School of
Modern Methods.
famtMaa (?&&
Collcgo IlulltViig. 31
Ilusliioss, Hhortband, Pcnmuiishlp ami
L'liKtlsh Courses, Hund for Collcgo
Journal, Telephone 1 !,
Owing to tlio lower pdea ot lumber ami
ment ol kreixng cur men employed timing the winter monlhi,
we mlte the lolluwi'nQ itnuikaLlo reduction in tlooru
No.l,$1.30S-PnoIDoor No.2,?l.lOG.pnnelDoor
Reduced tfc 1 1 ( (for Painting) f t -to
pl.XU Reduced to ZfVC
Quality Jut as Good as Ever
Our cuflometi ie ilwsyi utiifiol. Wo own ml ojula tlio
Iu3ei direta-lo-coniuiner Sadi, Dour and Mill Woik (acloiy in
Noithwcit, You will find lirie (lie Liiirft values in interior him.
Wo sell anyone; iliip anywhere, Adt for Catalog-No. 3
WANIIINUTON, dim. 0. DolulU
of Iho Imtllo of iVhla, wiipplomoiit
ing nous dispatches of lust uiuhl
fiom Writ I'nu, woio given today in
dispalolios doled, Jununry C lo Hie
Ciiiimira iikciiov hoio,
"(lunoriil ObiCK'm I in omnpli'lo
coiilrnl or Iho oily and it oiiviton,"
Iho disputed" Hiiid. "Forlv liotd
pieces woio used in the shelling nnd
the withering lire soon hud tho de
fender uhaiidoiiiug their position.
The cuvalry plunged the defender,
oorraliiig I hem in tbo center f the
city, The entire uurrixoii was mado
"Six well-directed shell almost
tlc"lin.vcd tbo pinliodml or (luuib'lupo,
ono of tlio inol bountiful ill nil .Mex
ico. The toactioiiiiiio were oiinrlor
cl in tho otlilioe under a Rod ('to
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lions, nuns nnd provision.
IIAKHIt. Oic, Jan. fi. Circuit
Judgo Anderson today ordered v
hunted Iho body of James IC. Waited,
wmiHIiv Oregon tntirhcr found dead
111 MllKiKe Ok It, totter 27. Itollt
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i 'lie-. I Wo poison Tin' fn t Hist tbo
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found are soiuc of tlu rtnua
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Mako iho Dcst ot Home
Money pmit fur tbo ohl-style, rondv
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only 2 to 2'j m'.iiuim M very largely ivpil,
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pniiiipntly of NUg-ir anil water. Yet ou
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mt'dlritiv. Stop wiling thu money You
cm iti.ika a better cough mcillclna nt
home nt onc-ntth tho cote lrvly go to
the drug store named below mid aitti lor 2
oilmen (.MA: worth) ofKhliiiTinnnu'sCou
tent rnte l Rxpcii-irnnt. Mix the with
ono pint ot granulated mignr and one
half pint of boiling water, whkh mskei
n (nil pint ( IU on net) , Tluniiow, slmiilr, remedy U gumaiiticil to relieve
tlio worst conp.n orenxt. Alto cm client
lllMICliCIWI lillll M lltlllltK WIIMKJI. WIIW
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totighmedk-lnotoprnlmblvtut the whole
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lt 'I' 1''?'" ?"Wo "l " loltlvly
conLilnttiocliloriifoim, opium, morpbluo
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tutoi. Keep It on Imnd In cam) of cniur-
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authorized to return tho money Incviry
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