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Medford Mail Tribune
Mux. HIM .Mln. fl, Tiilr
tonight mid Wcdncsdny.
ii o
Korty-foiirlh Yr.
DnllrNliith Viinr.
NO. 200
Intense Nature of Fllillii Revealed
liy Reports Tlrcncli Captured,
Lost, Recaptured, Abandoned, Af
ter Dclnu Levelled by Fire Ger
mans Also Upon Offensive
LONDON', Dec. iL Today's nfli
I'inl slali'inriilH iocnl Ihu intense
nut urn of tlai fighting now in pro
gloss Imlli east mill west, lint imli
rnlo llinll, with t tin possible oxeep
linn of Knsl Prussia, there bus been
mi significant change in tint iilign
incut of lint opposing forces,
Till) (Icrillllll HtllteUlt'lltH tl-ll 111' it
light fur possession of trench in
r'nincc which was wiui liv tlin French,
iccuptturcd I iv tlin Germans, iiml fin
ally abandoned. So fierce wiih tin
struggle llint tlin trcncli wiih almost
levelled liy urlillery fire, No lin
I 1 1 1 it ii t niuM'ini'iitH nrc reported in
II lie German communication.
Hi. Hi Hide Attacking
Tin' French statement, while saying
I hut small gains have lii'i'ii made hero
ntiil thoree, mentions Gorman attacks
nl hii ninny points Hint it npjm r
cut lliii ulliiM Iiumi nut been jnrniit-ti-il
solely to tukii tint offensive into
(lnt r own hands. Suelj ground iim
they liuo won recently in nut to In
lii'ltl without liiinl fighting.
'ttt l( miiim KtiMiti Trout
Cliritiiiu i'M finds littlit change in
tin' uiidcixiouml arfiint now being
conducted in tin western tlu'iitcr of
tin' wnr, .where (Iviirriil .It iff if, tint
I'liiiiiMiinilnr in chief of tin French
iinuioH, htill appears to lie cautiously
feeling for mi opening in tin si long
ly entrenched Gctmuu line across
France iiml llclgium.
In tin' cast n supreme German ef
fort continues to In) made before
Warsaw, tlio I'npilul of Ittissiuu Pol
iiml, where the force of (he (Icriiiini
center mnl of the Uii'-shins seeking
to elii'ek them, swnv hack mnl forth
along the bank of the river, burring
the way to the I'iiIjhIi enpilal.
Tlie KiiHtiiitiH claim micconsom in
Hie lute-it cnonunlers, hat (luring the
In t ten days the Genitalis have ad
vanced appreeiahly ami it is said
they now are bringing no their !-
eentinieter gun preparatory to siege
IttivOnus on Offenihi'
In (ialieia tint Austrn-Gcrmnn
foreet, seem to liuc nimle no fmther
prugieH mnl in (he north the Kus.
sinus are reporleil to have pushed the
invmlurti fatther haek into east I'm,
The Gciuiuu taclicH in the mareh
Inward Warsaw, military observers in
London point out, arc beginning In
have snipe of the chnraeteriHtirH of
I he rush toward Oulnis and Dunkirk
which tho allies slcinincd, tlioiiiimlH
being sacrificed and nlhorn being
Inn led forward in fill tho gaps with
tint Hiiimt prodigality that wiih hhown
h tho Germans in Flanders.
Military uxporlH here are tumble to
ngreo on thu number of tho Austro-
German troops in the east, estimates
uirying from 1,000,(100 to 1,500,000,
lint il is pointed nut that Hussiu, un
less exaggerating her resources,
should ho eaHily ahlo to top this fij;
nre, now that hor cnnfiontralion of
fnrcori in Hearing oiiniplolion.
ChilstiimH Olfls
All thu ariaicH nre pliiniiinir to
Hpeml (JhrisliniiH an hest they may.
Hnxi'H and reetiiiKS from homo havu
heen, or aro hcinj,') diHtrihntod in tho
tiencluiH, at tho liosiiitals and in tho
caniiiH, lutndredfl of tlioiiHaiuln of
)oKtoard to tho RoldioiH and nailorn
from King OoorRW and Qnocn Mary
IieiiiK onu featuro of tho HritMi (,'it'lH.
Tho AiiHlriaiiH' nttotnptH to onihh
Snrvia, wliloh Home predioted would
Im ahandoni'd in view of tho reeent
turn of event liy which tho Sorvimm
reoi'oiipicd llelRiado, aro soon to ho
" renewed in tho form of a ''final
hlow," according to ditmutohon from
Hilda Text.
In conrornimu'o with ostiili
lished ohhIoiii, thorn will ho no
isKiio of tho Mail Trihuiio upon
ChiisluiiiH day,
MttHH tt
I'AHIN,, Dec. 'J I, 'J:,'il p. in. The
I'leiich iiflicinl Htnli'iiient ;iven out
Huh al'lermton icpoiln a hcHch of
I'Veaeh hiicccHHCM of apparently
minor impoitnnco from the m'r on
lint iioi Hi to the frontier of Alhitcc
on the hiiiiIIi. The liteatiniiK where
French t loops have (mined the ad
vnntiiKO me (jiven aH nlom; the I ah;
In tho ri'Kiou of thu AIhiih; In f.'hiim.
pacne, near I'erthex; in (ho Ar
Koune; in the forenl of Apremoul,
and near St. Die.
l'o prevented finhtin near ArraH
ami Veriliin, ami there Iiiik heen ar
litllury activity HimtheiiHt of AiiiIciih,
near Villa Ntir Tonrhu ami in' the
forest of Apremont.
"JtiiKKiu On the llznrn rier, Ihe
OonaaiiN have mniutaiiied theaixelvew
in two poKJtioiiK. On the cuntraiy,
at a point not Hi of Sochncxi'W they
went driven hack to tint liver, which
flowH to the Mintlnvest uf thm town.
Their efforlH to dchoiich from Moli
inow rexullcd in failure. At the
prcMcnt time the (lenaaiiH are i""ny
ini; to croHH the river Itawlai to tho
HonlheiiNt of Sklerniewice.
"To the Hotith of Itiiwn the (!er
mniiH are rcHitnit,' htuhhornly a pro
lioiiiK'i'd ItiiHHian offeiihivu move
incut, hiinc delivered along the
uorlliern hank of the river Filifa."
LONDON, Dee. -J I. 1 ;:,1) p. m. A l''",'- l'" "'"" -
i. n I...... .1 i .. i i.icurinln ikjIiiIh on tho iron!, ycl
liwrmin lu I'l'Mli IU illi''J f tf.-iiPir
over Diimt tliiK moimng ami then
disappeared, accordiai; to a htate
ment made this aftenmon by tho of
ficial prenti bureau.
The text of the htatement .folio wh:
"An aeroplane. of Hie enemy ilrop
Md a homh while pushing over Do
er this morning. The missile fell in
a garden ami exploded, hut no dam
iico.wiik done. The aeroplane wax
seen for a few seconds only. It left
immediately, passing oat over tho
sea. A Mnl mi mrerait Meat up, mil
did not see Hie enemy again. Tho
weather wiih cloudy and foggy."
This (Icrmnu raid from the air on I
the itilv of Dover is the tiit uewi. of
an authentic character of any hostile
aireraft visitiui; (ireat llritaiu. The
murium' iimiiiv cuiimi imiiii iiii- uui-i
!.!.... I. ..I r !... .1:-.... "
IUMI oi Ileal llllll nun ll.MIl uiu. ii
wax not sihteil from Dover until it
Hiiildciily emerged from the clomlri.
Appaicutly Dover ensile was the
objective of the raid, for the homh
thrown from the aeroplane fell in the
garden in the rear of St. .lames' rec
tory, which in located in front of the
castle. The window's in Ihe rectory
and some in tlio houses immediately
Niirroumliug tho rectory wero Inn
ken. Fog inndo easy tho escape of tho
hostile airship. Immediately ho had
dropped hi homh tho pilot started
straight across thu channel. Two
Uritish aeroplane); went up in an en
deavor to catch thu raider, hut tho
hostile ship had too much of a start
and could not ho overtaken.
Portland Livestock Market
1'OKTIiAND, Or., Ik-o. a I, Cattlo
WeoeiptK li7; Kleady.
Hogs Itcui'iptH IIM; lower. I'rimo
light, .ii7.'Jr)Ci)7.:i.r); medium, .f7.0.)((i)
7.15; snioolh heavy, !rU70(iMUOJ
rough heavy, .ftl.:iri(iiMl.fil).
Sheep KfciMjj h15 I ; unchanged.
LONDON, Dee. 2 L Although ao
eountrt vary as to Hut present status
of military affairs in Poland, it is
evident that tho scenu of heaviest
fighling has shifted southward from
Soehaezew, tho town on tho llzura
rlvor, thirty miles from Warsaw, to
ward whioh thu (lermans for several
days directed their principal efforts.
Austro-flerman forces operating
from tho Urneow base aro attempt
ing to push northward into Poland,
hi this effort, however, they aro
meeting with determined resistance
from tho HiissliiuH,
A HOini-offit'ial statement from
Petrograd nays that Kussian sue
cesses in (Ialieia eoutiuuo and Hint in
Ihu Carpathians (ho A'jMrilUltf liuve
Unofficial Traces Proliahlc, With Lit
tle Flflbtlr Presents for Men
Sent Forward Mldnlojit Open-AIr
Masses to Be Celebrated at Many
Places Prisoners Remembered.
PAUIH, Dee. t. Holdlom la thu
tieni'licM will niiilio the hunt of
ChriMtmiiH day, with tilt lu or no
flr.htliiK. King Alhert or IIuImIuiii
lian neat a box or - eluarn to cucli
or llm IlelKliia noldlern. All thu
IicihiiiiIn Inivo nrrntiKi'd roncertii,
recltiitlomi it nil Ktereoptlcun hIiowh for
convnleHcInK nolillern.
Tlio American hoMpltnl n bright
with Holly nnd mlKtlutoe, Mndanic
l'olucnrc, wire or tho preiddont or
France, Iiiih neat 2000 imclfnccn or
loyH, candy ami clothliiK to nooo Al-
nuv.u I.orrnlne clillureu who llvo In
tlio territories rccomiiierod by
The French Kovornmunt In deliver-
Iiik Kreiit iiinntlte or pnckiiKOH,
from Cermany to prIiiont'rH or wnr.
For t Ijj inoiit part they are nneful
thliiKR, lllio blnnketH, umlorwenr nnd
woolen MOckM. Similar dellvorlcfi, It
Ih nmlemtnod will bo inndo by the
I f ltrtiifi ti rtlitlifkilf Iim lk l.ritilt
W lutlMWIIIlin J iviikM
Utile I'IkIiIIiik rrolmblo
While tho men actually In
trenchuM will hnvu to maintain
Knmo Htralnctl nlortneitH that
obitorve every day nnd whllo
from 1500 to 1!000 ynnU bark or tho
Infantry rirlng lino arrangementa
have been iinida for plenty or jollity,
which will Include n chicken dinner
nnd chAmpngno to drink with It. New
Venr'ii Day la n Rrenter holiday In
Franco than in Christians and If tho
military situation pormltH It, (lenerni
Joffro, the French commandor-in-chief,
will glvo ordom Hint tho sold
iers sorvliiK In tho trenches tomorrow
will not have to Im thcro on thu flritt
day or tho now year.
t'liorrlrlnl Truces
Whoru tho French and German
trcuchcH nru closu toKothor, thcro
..may Do brief unofficial truces by
common agreement for short periods
or time. Theiio uudcnituiullngs
havo not been unknown on other
,i....fl mill
they may bo moro fre
quent on ChrUtmaH day.
It U likely that at midnight open
air niassefl will bo celebrated at many
plnccH bnck or tho lines upon rough
In Paris tho gny midnight uupper
party will not bo eeu; Instead tho
peoplo will ho In church nt mldulKht
amen. Thu churches never before
have been mo full within tho memory
or tho city. Nowndiia at every aerv
Ico, early or late, tho sacred edifices
aro crowded.
LONDON, Dee. 'Jl, 2:'J25 p. in.-
Lloyd's is eharging thirty guineas per
cent to insure against war between
Italy and Germany, Austria nud
Turkey, within ono month, and fifty
guineas per cent that war between
those countries will not ho declared
within six months. Five guineas per
cent is asked to insure against war
breaking out between Great lintiuu
nnd Norway within twelve months.
heen thrown haek. Another sortiu
by tho garrison at Pm'mysl, whioh
has long heen under attauk by tho
ltussiaas, is said to havo resulted
disastrously for tho Austrians.
Tlio fighting in Poland fins heeouio
most severe and at points along the
lino west of Warsaw Hto issue is ho
ing fought out with bayonets. Tho
Herlin war office states that the
Ittissian advance in east Prussia has
heen cheeked and that tho Hussiaus
at Mluwa, in Poland, near tho Prus
sian border, havo heen defeated.
A French cruiser in tho Straits of
Otranto, near tlio southern end of
Italy, was torpedoed by an Austrian
submarine It is slated that tho
damage wu" slight and that no men
wero iuJuiTili
General Von Hlndcnliurn Considers
Takliin of Polish City of Supreme
Importance Russians Offered
Deadly Resistance Unnerved by
Steady Advance of Germans.
LODZ, Kussian Poland, Monday,
Dec, IM, by automobile courier to Po
sen, I'nissia, Dec. .''.'!, via London,
Dec. 21, II a. in.-t-The ciiptuie of
Loilx, according to a declaration
made today by Oeniial Von 1 linden
hurt:, the Herman foimunnder, to u
emrespoiident of the Associated
Press, was the tiiniim; point of Hie
campaign in Polanll. The Kussian
lines in northern Poland rested on
this city, for the pit.iiiii of whieli
there occurred tho iiut hitter stnig
gle of Hie entire wnr on this front.
After the ltus-inn, fullowiiic a most
oh-iiimle rcsistnni'i' on their part,
were forced to evacuate the town, a
general Kiismiiu retirement in thu di
lection of Warsaw became necessary.
I'nder the guidance of Major Von
llolli'hcu, a cousin of the late Huron
Von llollebcu, who was at one time
Herman ambassador to thu United
States, ihe Associated Pre-.s corre
spondent today visited wmie of the
battlefield- in tho vicinity of Lodz.
am gained an idea of the nature of
the operations which led to the cap
ture of the city.
I.Ike Pitchfork Tines
Aeeoiding to the general alignment
of the Aii-tro-ffcruinu force-, they
might have been expected to advance
from the west. As n matter of fact,
the attack was made largely from the
north ami northwesj. They drove
their columns iitto-flib Hussions in
the form of a huge pitchfork, with
another large force between tines of
the fork.
It looked for a time us if the Kus--inns
would lie forced to retreat
if retreat were at all pos-ihlc in the
face of tho gigantio enveloping
movement hy the Germans in the
direction of their Warsaw hnse.
The intention was to drive thu Kus.
sinus into tho anas of large Austro
German forces mnssed to cut off
their retreat, hut the timely arrival
of Kussian reserves from Warsaw
resulted in the breaking of tho eas
ternmost tino of tho fork, relieving
the situation for the Kussiuus.
Scone of Cutting Off
In one of tlio operations around
Lod occurred tho celebrated "cut
ting off" of two German corps,
which, nftcr being entirely surround
ed hy tho rapid advnneo of tho War
saw reserves, turned ami cut their
way out nud brought with them 12,
000 of their would-ho captors. Tho
scene of this exploit, which n mem
ber of ttho general staff, character
ir.ed as one of tho most brilliant of
tho wnr, was Stryko, ten inilob to tho
northeast of Lodx.
About thu same distance west of
Lodr. is located tho little churchyard
of lleschici, where tho Russians, in
ono of tho finnl phases of tho strug
gle for Lodz, showed that in spito of
their defeats and discouragements,
they knew how to fight and die. This
churchyard lies on a small eminenco
which formed a salient into tlio Ger
man lines.
IK'adly llcslstanrc
Tho (lermans wero nble to mnko
an attack from thrco sldos with in
fantry and artillery. -All tho Russian
(Coutlnuod on page two.)
KVKKKTT, Wn., Dee. 21.- In an
automohilo wreck n few miles from
Kverett early this morning Miss Kou
yon, a young woman residing in Kv
erett, was killed, and her sister
slightly injured. Thomas Precious of
Gold Har was seriously injured, his
left leg being broken. Floyd Trem
ble, also of F.verctt, tho chauffeur,
was cut and bruised. Tlio ear ap
parently went over u high embank
ment on a curve whilo moving at high
speed, Tho wreck was discovered liy
another autontohilist and relief
brought to tho injured about an
hour after I liv Occident,
Noted Philosopher, Artist, Geologist
and Botanist Passes Away With
Pneumonia Discovered Great Gla
cier in Alaska Classified Flora of
Western Coast.
LOS ANOF.LF.S. Oil., Dec. 2L
John Mitir, the iuruous naturalist uf
California, died at a hospital liere to
day from pneumonia. jo wnx 70
years of age. He was brought here
from .Martinez, Cat., ariiving at mid
night, and died at 1U o'clock this
Mr. Muir was vi-iang his daughter
Mrs. Helen Muir Frnnk at Daggett,
a town in the desert of San Ilernar
diuo county, lie was stricken with
peuumoiiia last week. Doctors from
Los Angeles were called into con-ult-ution
Tuesday, ami it was determined
tto bring him to this city for treat
ment. Wlien he arrived lust night
Mr. Muir was in a critical condition.
From midnight, when he reached the
ho-pitnl, until the end. the doctors
worked with restoratives and stimu
lants in an effort to keep him alive
but he sank rapidly, death coming at
10 o'clock.
His daughter was with him when
he died.
lohn Muir. like .John Iliirrough,
with whom hi- mime often has been
linked, belonged to that tradition of
Uritish naturalists whose work was
so fu-ed with the writer's H'r-onal-ily
and so penetrated hy individual
feeling that their output was as much
literature as science.
I'hllospher and ArtUt
Philosopher and artist, as well as
observer, he took iferealivo delight
in hi- work, which no mere classifi
cation of details could have brought.
Horn in Dunbar, Scotland, in 183S,
Muir came to this country at the ago
of 11 and after graduating from the
University of Wisconsin with the
class of 18(51, plunged immediately
into his life work of geologist, ex
plorer nud naturalist.
Muir's description of thu Vo-cinitc
valley first brought it into national
fame, and hi visit there left him with
n love of the west which remained
through all his travels nnd led him to
make his homo at Martinez in his la
ter years.
He ohoso n site in tho Contra
Costa valley, sheltered on ono side liv
a wooded hill and surrounded on
three others by vineyards, orchards
and streams', confronted by the tow
ering outline of Mount Diablo. Wilt
in, the furnishings were in massive
simplicity. Wtihout wero pines,
palms, cacti and exotic vegetation,
for botany, too, was one of John
Muir's delights.
Deep Iove of Nature
"Hut this isn't my home," ho once
said. "My homo is in tho mountains
and the wilds. I am here merely for
the rest my body demands. 1 am
getting old and what oneo was exer
cise is now fatiguing exertion."
With this deep love of naturo part
of his very being, il was fitting Hint
John Muir should bo almost as well
known for his labors in behalf of for
est preservation and tho establish
ment of national reserves and parks
as by his writings.
To tho great glacior ho discovered
in Alaska in 1881, his name was
(Continued on paxs Z.I
PAKIS, Dec. 21, 12:20 p. in.
General Joffro, tho Fronch commander-in-chief,
said to Colonols Igna
Hoff and Yarde-Huller, tho TUisslau
and Uritish nillitnry attaches at tho
lold hcadquartors of the French a.rmy
th'reo or four days age: "Como with
mo nnd you will seo something novor
seon beforo in war."
Tho military attaches accompanied
tho general to a placo near tho lines
not rar from Arras. There, six hund
red pieces or heavy artlllory woro
placed In a position so as to bear upon
a comparatively short plexus of Gor
man ontrenchmonts. Tho rangos al
ready had heen found,
I'pou a word from General Joftro,
repeated by his aides tflloplinnlrnlly,
WASHINGTON, Dec. 2 I Provl
Hlonnl Preiddont (jutlnrrez and Gen
eral Villa had a long conferenco last
night in Mexico City, according lo ad
vices' today from male department
ngonU there. An no mention was
mndo or any street fighting or fric
tion between tho follower of the
two lenders, Htato department offi
cials regarded their despatches as
evidence agalnet reports that Gut
ierrez had been made a prisoner and
that his forces had been engaged with
Villa troops.
Tho dispatch, dated late last
night, referred In optimistic terms to
the progress being mndo In rehabil
itating tlio central government.
Apparently confirming tho state
department vlow, the minister of for
eign affairs in Gutierrez's cabinet,
telegraphed tho Washington repre
sentatives of Gutcrrez today that
there was absolutely nothing new In
the situation In Mcylco City.
General Carranra hns no inten
tion of leaving .Mexico, according to
a telegram dated yesterday, received
at tlio Carranra agency hero from
Aplznco, a small town northeast of
CHICAGO. Dec. 21. A huge gam
bling "trust" which makes n profit
of $1,000,000 a year and which pays
S 15,000 protection money every week
to members or tho Chicago police de
partment exists In Chicago, it was
charged today before the Merrlam
crime commission. .Monte Tonnes,
known for years as the gambling king
of tho city, was declared to bo tho
head of tho ring py Edwin W. Altz,
nn Investigator who testified regard
ing gambling conditions In tho city.
Ho testified that policemen rc-
celvo $50 for each handbook operat
ed, and that 300 of these nro scat
tered throuhout tho city. Somo of
tho books aro "square," he said, and
others "crooked." Ho said only
books controlled by Tenncs wero al
lowed by the police.
Altz 8a Id that his investigators
had headquarters in a vacant West
Side store and that telephone lines
were tapped to get information.
JCKW YOHK, Dec. '21. Santa
Clans, disguised us a fur-elad pas-
senger in u motor runabout, whizzed
down tit In iivenuo today, slowing up
at every crossing to hand over $."
gold pieces to traffic policemen.
There was a chauffeur to run thu
ear for Santa, so that ho had both
hands free to fish tho gold pieces out
of a white canvas bag that appeared
to hold about two quarters. Not only
on the avenue, but up and down side
streets tho oar ran to. visit police
men that Santa appeared to have
particularly in mind.
Tho runabout bore a number which
is licensed in tlio uamu of Hubert
tho bk hundred pieces opened a sus
tained tiro upon tho German works
and tho spaces Just behind them.
After a quarter ot an hour tho
French Infantry charged. Not a hos
tile shot met them. Not a bayonet
gleamed over tho edge or tho woi;s.
Tho trenches actually woro torn to
pieces as though by gigantic plough
shares. Dead and wounded men, half bur
led, littered tho lino where former
ly had been tho trenches. Tho fow
allvo woro atrugsllag to froo them
selves from heaps ot enrth. Those
who had tried to run woro caught
by tho horrlblo spray of bursting
shells In tho rear ot tho Gorman
trenches. Probably not a mau do
endlng that part of tho lino escaped,
Decision One of Shortest on Record
Interference With Static Law
Refused Injunctions Prayed For
Denied Priest Amonrj Those Wlw
Sof-slit to Stay Prohibition
LOS AXOBLKR, Ciil., Doc. 21.
The Arizona prohibition Inw will go
into effect Jnnunry 1. Tho xpeoiat
United Stales tribunal from which injunctions-
wero sought to prevent iln
enforcement, refused lo issue such
injunctions in a brief decision ren
dered today. Appeal to tho United
States supreme court will be taken
alt once, it was announced.
Short Derision Itcndcrctl ,.
The decision contained less than a
dozen sentences. It read:
"Wo have listened to the ablo ar
guments in this ease with euro ami
attention and would like to review
nml discuss them fully, but lime will
not permit. In cases like this, where
a court is asked to interfere with u
state law, the evidence should bo par
ticularly clear and convincing. This
wns not tho ease in tho present in
stance, nnd tho injunctions prayed
for thcrcforo arc in each and every
case denied."
Pour Injunctions Sought
There were four applications for
injunctions. One was filed by Itov.
M. Connolly, who nsscrled that tho
prohibition law infringed upon con
stitutional religious rights, in that it
would prohibit tho importation of
wino for sacramental Tim
other thrco petitions were filed by
druggists and liquor dealers, who
held that the law. was confiscatory,
and violated tho foiirlecnUr amend
ment of the constitution of Iho United,,
In defense of the law, representa
tives of tho state's ntlnruoy general
contended that no court could rule
that tho statute adopted in tho. fonu
of a constitutional amendment tit tho.
election November 3 would intcrfero
with the uso of wino iu established
religious ceremonials.
Immediately nftct tho decision,
attornoya for Itov. Thomas M. Con
nolly, a Catholic priest of Tucson,
and for other petitioners, inada a
motion to stay tho oxoctition of tho
law, pending tho outcome of 1!k ap
peal to tho United States supremo
court, but this motion was donlod,
thus clearing tho way for tho law
to beebmo cffectlvo on tho duto tot,
January 1.
Tlio doclslon wns ono of tho short
est written documents over handed
down by a Judicial tribunal hero.
ROMK, Dec. 11. Itonorta having
been circulated that Count KorgtuH
Witto, tho Husslan statesman, was
leading a pacific party at tho Kussian
court, tho count has tolographed to
this city denying tho statements. Iu
his telegram ho says:
"At tho beginning I deplored thu
wnr, thinking it was not inovltablo
or indispensable, but since tho war
Is In prugross any discussion regard
ing it would bo futile.
"Now that tho was baa nsauined In
Russia a popular character, It' can
only end with a declslvo victory for
WASHINGTON', Dee. 24. A white,
Christmas from New England to (ho
Great Lakes is indicated in wcuthur
bureau reports for tomorrow which
say unsettled -wenthorv and probably
snow will provail through that region.
Klsowhoro gcnornlly colder weather
will mark Christmas Day with unus
ual low temperatures along the norllu
eern border from Now. Knglaud t
North Dakota. :
Tho South Atlantic, and Gulf. hUtw
may expect a rainy CkrUtHiHs, hm,
report adds, t