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Medford Mail Tribune
Full Max, 18 Mln, ,13.
rnrtyfourlh Yr.
Dally Nlnlli Yrar,
Russia Claims Successes nml Forcing
... -of
German Rlnht Germany's Na
val Base nt Zcchrurjrjc Destroyed
hy Shells From Allies' Warships
German Advance In Bclfiium.
PKTROflRAl), Nov. 25. via Lon
don. 1 ; 45 i, in. Thn ItiiNnlim dofonnn
against llm (lermnn loft U holding
fiiht, according to trustworthy Infor
mation reaching retrogrurf today,
rtirlhormoiu the Ituanlnun nro as
suming the offensive In tlio Gorman
Tlu Gorman advance from WIclun,
ninth of tho Wartn, Iin been checked
lifter SOVoro fighting.
Tho flcrmnuA nro stild to ho receiv
ing heavy reinforcements between the
Vistula and tho Wnrta,
N'nvnl Huso Destroyed
LONDON, Nov. 2C Tho destruc
lion of Germany's rudimentary naval
h;ih at Zeelirugr.o hy shell flro from
lit lllfih and French warships, together
with Germany' rcrlut preparations
for her remitted nttcmptn to crush
n wiiy 'through tho allied lino to tho
French rouhl, woro tho most slgnlfl-
cant features In today' now, from
tho western nrenn of tho war.
In tho oust Ilio situation n regards
tho ItiiHNlnn and firman armies In
Poland remains n llttlo obscuro. Tho
Germans, on tho other hnnd, aro not
denying that Ho advunco of General
von Hlndt'iihurK hrni been checked,
whllo tin Russian war offlco, al
though not issuing nn oxtoiidcd state
ment, claim a doclvu victory. -riidcr-H"eu1mlil
Not 1-Vnrvd
With tho smashing of thu auburn
rlni'H which tho Germans had been
i.o laboriously nwoiuhllnit nt Zco
brugge, tho allied fleet bus not moved
from Hint point on the roaiil. It In
now felt thoro Ih lltllo danger of an
tindcr-scu raid and an additional news
dispatches aro received from the oilier
side of tho clmnni'l, It Im apparent
that thu damage Inflicted hy tho flr
nf ilio warship nt Zcehruggo wiih far
mine effective than wan nt first imp-
Home roporln received In London
not foi th Ihut tho Gorman already
l.nvo Marled anolhor attack upon the
allied front In Flanders which will ho
more Intense ami formldahlo than
any hitherto tindortnken. It Ih ap
parent that tlm (lermniiK havo rare;
fully boon uroparlnn for this move
for Home dayi pait.
Russia Claim Victory
Whllo tlm (Iqrninn military authorl
(log HtnlPd previously that advance
towdard Warsaw had boon chcckml by
tho arrival of Ituaalnn relnforcementH
thero wnH no Indication In today'H
ntutnmnt Hint nny doclnlvo rogults
had been attained by rlllior of tho
oppoHim; forces.
Tho official Btatomont apaka con
fidently of tho Oerman oporntlona In
tho oant, aaylui; that a counter offen
lvo llUKHlan movomont botweon tho
Vlntuln and Wartu rlvera. the aceno
of tho main action, had failed. To
tho north, In Kaat ITuhmIu, It Ih said,
all UuHHlan attacka woro ropnUod
whllo almllar rosulta are reported to
have ttonded Iho offorta of tho enemy
to tho aouth in tlm movement hki"
Cracow and tho SllMlnn frontier of
Kervlana WJn Victory
According to advices from Nlalt,
tlm Auntrlana liuvo met with a defeat
In their Invanlon of Bervla, Auatrlan
forcea In t)m northwoatorn part of
tho country nro reported to hnyo
been ropuleod with heavy lassos.
I'ortUKal'a decision to nend military
forcea to tho aid of tho allies when,
In tho opinion of tho oxocutlvo, auch
action Is necessary, haH been rocelvod
with enllnlNlnsm throuuliout
Clllf'AtlO.Kov W. The minimum
price TChtrh'lli'M n pniclicplly nil
idncU Irnili'il hi on Ih" Chiciigo Monk
oxcliiingo wiih reunited Imliiy. IM
niiiK iwU Kil'hiy Iiii'Iiiik ' '"'
without (Mice, icrflilcliuii exci'p! I'll
SIII'll heClllllJl'K ih die iil lll''l '"'
llm New Yojk iwIiuhkh "''! 'mu
COH'MIUA, K. C, Nov. an.
flnvornor Coin HIciiho of Houlli
Carolina nnnounecd today that
lu would give Mvi-nly-fivi state
I'OllviclH pillules or patdnns II h
Thnnksgiviiig day presents. Rec
ords in tin' secretary of slate's
office hIiimv Governor Wonse lint
commuted tho sentences, par
doned or pniulcd more tluiii
MOO prisoners in Ilio past four
WASHINGTON, Nov. 'J.l.-Tlie
rutted Ktulefi is inquiring of Turkey
about (ho reported nelion of tho porle
in refiiHiu trnnNinissioii to rode li
patcheH lu'tween neutral diplomat! in
ConHnntiuoite ami llieir home of
ficeii. Kurh an notion would prevent
AmbnfcMiilor Mnrcenthmt front com
inunieatiii with Washington in tlio
hlnte depaitmeut code.
Nowh of Turkey'H reported action
cornea through tho enble eoinpaiiicH,
ami no far there Ikih been no official
notice nerved upon th Htnte depart
inrnl hv nny nuthnrized ngrntH of Hie
Turkinti uovemment. The 1'nited
Ktates will itinist upon tin right of
free eommiinicntioii with its diplo-
iiiutio repieseulativeH oh Ion;,' nn tel-
egmphio nml enble lines are oM'ii to
geiiemt line or iu fuel workable. There
is always the implied underntnndine;
tluit hitch messages i-ltiil t be Ktiietly
tteutrul ami not be the menus of con
veying any information of military
Nothing tins been heard today from
Ambassador .Morgcnlhnu in response
to a rciiioHl for a detuiled account of
Hie eireuniHtauces attending the fir
ing upon the cruiser Tennessee's
launch by Turkish foils at Smyrna
on November 1", nml it is supposed
that he haw been delayed by difficulty
iu eommuiiieation with Consul (leu-
ernl Morton at Smvriiu.
I 'AIMS, Nov. r, l;lll p. m. A
Servian victory in the fighting with
tlm Austrian invaders is reported in
n dispatch today to Ihe Ilavas ngeney
from Nisli. It is said that (he Aus
trian columns, which on the night of
November 22 crossed Iho Kolubnni
river in northwestern Scrvin, were
put to rout by tlio Serviuns, with
large losses.
The battle continues, it is said, on
n line from I.asarevnU to Mionitzn,
where the attacks of tho Servians
caused the AustriaiiH to fall hack.
, Tho Austrinus are said to havo lost
r00 prisoners and three innehino guns.
NEW YOKK, Nov. 2.'. flreat
prosperity for a time awaits the
United States, in tlio opinion of Sir
fleorgo l'nish, advisor to tho Hritish
treasury, who milled today for I.iv
errrool. Sit fleorgo had been in this
country for Huvornl weeks at Iho in
vitation of President Wilson, conferr
ing with bankers nml treasury offio
ials to clarify the financial problems
that have arisen between tho United
Stales and (licat Hriluiu since the
beginning of Iho European war.
"During Iho war Iho United Slates
will havo great prosperity," Sir
fleorgo nsscilcil, ''Your misfortune
rill come IuUt, No misfoiliuio that
falls upon a great number of people
can benefit nny olher people fur nny
great Icuglh of lime, The woild is
now conmiiiiliig )l seed coin, mill t Id
inciiiiH iiohiii(( hut Iosm, The siiflci'
)HH Hill lust it dci'iide, piinnlbl) il gci
"AfltT lb wur KhIuhJ wit Lm
Serious Disorders ncnorted When
Troops Leave for Battle Shootina
Rencrtcd. But Casualties Few
Pawn Shops and Gun Stores Rob
bedMob Parades Capital.
MIJXICO CITY, Nov. 2R. ricrloiin
disorders occurred In tlm capital last
night, when u mob gathered In front
of tho national palace,
Lnlor they marched to store where
arms and nmmiinrtlnn were kept but
tered down tlm doom and sacked the
p'nres of their contents,
Vhero wns shooting but thus far,
uncording to reports, the casualties
aro 'ew,
Tl u l ollce were powerlesa as the
fow t coining to guard tho city were
stripped of their arm by the mob.
Later In the evening tho mob,
which had bcn constantly growing,
broke up Into smaller bodies and tlm
looting of pawn shops and other es
tablishments In various sections of
tlm city was begun.
Trolley Truffle SiiNpendod
Tho trouble begnn at i o'clock In
the owning and at n Into hour still
continued. All the street traffic was
stopped except tho red cross service
which was taking care of dead and
wounded brought In fro the fight
ing around Tacubaya.
At 8 o'clock bodies of civilians and
forer federal soldiers wcro formed.
They paraded tho prlnlcpal street
and marched to police headquarters
nnd the nmllan legation where they
wuro armed.
Iteports of unrestrained rioting In
tho MOxleau capital Indicate that all
of the organized constitutionalist
fortes havo left the city, either to
meet tho forces of Villa, com
ing from llm north, or those of (Jen
oral Zapatn, which have been theat
vnlng the capital from tho south.
Zutatn In roAscWIn
Tho mention of fighting nt Tacu
baya, flvo miles southwest of Mexico
City, wottld mako It appear that tho
Zapata forces are virtually at tho
doors of tho capital.
(enoral lllanro nnd a force of sev
eral thousand men composed tho last
orgnuUed force thnt Into reports said
loiiinliio.l In Mexico City, nil other
armed forcea having left last week.
With them went all tho national, fed
eral and district and city officials. It
seems likely, Judging from tho re
portH of thu rioting, that fleneral
Ulnnco left with his troops to take
part In tho flghtlug lthcr to tho
north or tho south.
Lntcr word ennio thnt tlm telegraph
liml been interrupted south of Juorer.,
thereby outline; off communication
between Washington and American
Consutnr Agents Canovn nt Aguas
Cnlienles nnd George 0. Carothers,
who is with fleneral Villa.
Flro at C o'clock this morning de
stroyed tho home of Charles Uobblns
nt "ir. 'Attlilunii avenue, entailing a
losa of $1200, covered by $700 Insur
ance. $400 on tho house, and $300
on tho contents. Tho origin of the
flro Is unknown, but supposedly start
d form a defective fluo. Tho build
Ing and contents wero a total loss.
nblo to reduce her expenses for do
fenso and will snvo iu a few years
moro than the war will hnvo cost tm.
No peace can ho nuulo until there is
assurnnco thnt mililurism is crushed
forever. Prior to the war our ex
penses for defense were $ 100,000,000
a year; after its close they will ho cut
Sir fleorgo expressed tho npinini
Hint no troublo would result fiom the
reopening; next Saturday of the New
York block exchange for ivsriced
trailing In bonds, lie though (hut Hie
Loudon exchange would reopen soon,
Hy Hie fitst of the venr, he said, con
fiilciii'ii vwiiild he gcncNilly icsloicd
nml llm business of llm Ktnck cx
chniiucM would he coiidilclcd without
any great liquidation ami Ju u icg.
iilnr iiiiiniicr.
Henry II DavnUnuof .1 P. Mnigiin
k Co. sillied wllh Hir (Icoign In ills
cHiK with KTiglMi Miiiuirlcl ami
llcasHiv offlcliiU Hie waller lasiu
Ml by Mir Umw U ihW vumjli,
HALK.r, Or., Nov. '.-. The
state board of, horticulture this
morning vofril to reniovo A. II.
('ui'Kon. horticultural commis
sioner for tlieJionthern Oregon
district, for "good of the ser-
vice," nnd Ins successor will be
decided upon nt a future meet
ing of the board; following- thor
ough investigation of the con
dition and need of the district.
-f -f 4-
LEMIJHUO, flallcla, Nov. 2.', via
London, 4;11 p. in. -The sound of
firing which woa, said to be the result
of n clash between) the Hermans and
Austrlans composing the garrison of
I'rzemysl was reported by refugees ar
riving here today from tho vicinity
of the Austrlans fortress. The sound
came from fortifications on tho In
terior line and was audible two miles.
It was further reported that tho
Germans had hanged the commandant
of the fortress because he proposed
to surrender tno citadel. The Aus
trlans arc ram" lo have opposed the
measures put Into effect by tlio fScr
man which-rcsultsl'ln A bailie. In
the streets.
Wounded AuBtrlans returning from
the Carpathians and from tho south
of Lembvrg report that tho Austrlans
nro retreating In utter defeat. Their
losses nro said to havo been heavy and
to have Included C000 prisoners and
all tho supplies. Toward Cracow
the reteat is said to havo been made
In better order.
A&DAN'Y. N. Y., Nov. 2C Tho ap
pellate division today reversed the
ruling of Supreme Court Justice Ches
ter, which refused a change of venue
for the trial or tho $50,000 libel suit
brought by William Itarnes against
Colonel Theodore Hoosovelt. Colonel
Itoosuvelt sought tho change.
Tho court ordered tho Irlal to be
hold In Onondaga Instead of Albany.
'Tho Roosevelt attorneys claimed
that Mr. Uarnes, formor chairman of
tho republican state committee, dom
inated tho politics of Albany county
and that consequently a fair trial
could not bo had horo. Tho nppol
lanto court held that "nolther party
Bltould bo copelled to try tho action
In tho county In which tho other
nartv resides."
Statements attributed to Colonel
HooBflvcR to tho effect that Mr.
Homes' activities In politics rcaultod
from nn alliance botween crooked
polltfcs and crooked business," and
that "thoro was a bi-partisan combi
nation between Uarnes and Murphy,"
wero tho basis for tho llbol suit.
BERLIN, Nov. 25, via The Hague
and London, 10:55 n. m. Tho cor
respondent of it Murhurg lunvnpnper,
who rcceully united General von tier
floltr, governor of occupied territory
In Belgium, mis that while Iho gen
eral was visiting the trenches lately
he was wounded in the fare.
In iicciinhiiicii with npniil rii.
Hun, Hide will Im no lliii of Ihe
Mull Tubulin Iimiiiirow
yOVEMniSll 25, 3014
Britain and France Appeal to United
States to Use Good Offices to
Force Columbia and Ecuador to
Observe Requirements of Neutral
ityWireless Operated.
LONDON, Nov. 2r,, Great Britain
and France have appealed to tho
United States to exercise Its good of
fices to compel Colombia to observe
inoro strictly tho requirements of neu-
i rainy, utnerwiso tne antes. It was
announced in tho houso of commons
today, may be compelled In self de
fense to tuko whatever measures they
deem necessary for the protection of
their Interests.
Charles Roberts, under secretary of
the Colonial department, speaking on
behalf of the foreign office, made this
announcement In tho house of com
mons. Ho said that Information In
possession of the government ldlcatcd
that governments of Colombia and
Kcuador had fulled In certain respects
to observe an attitude of strict neu
trality, and that thejr failure to do
so was likely to bo detrimental to the
Interests of Kngland.
WTrclcsH Causes Trouble
Tho particular cause of complaint
against Colombia has reference to a
high power wireless stntlon.
The British charge d'affaires en
deavored repeatedly, said Mr. Roberts,
to Induce tho government to remove
the staff of Germans at tho wireless
station, and institute strict control in
order to prevent the transmission of
messages to . belligerent merchant
ships lying In Colombian portST'Fall
Ing In this, the charge sought to have
thn station closed. Tho report re
ceived from tho charge leaves it In
doubt whether steps taken by the Co
lombian government are of au ef
fective nature.
Mr. Roberts added that tho Brit
ish naval attache at Washington, who
was cent to Colombia to Investigate
conditions there, found that tho-wireless
station nominally was being oper
ated under censorship, but that In
reality it was ontlroly under German
influence. He considered it of 1m
IKjrtanco to suppress tho operation
of tho station. He also reported that
German steamers In ports of Colom
bia wero continuing to use their
wireless equipment, although ostensi
bly dismantled.
Ivcuador Also In Troublo
Mr. Roberts went on to say that a
similar communication had been sent
to Washington with respect to Kcua
dor, whoso foreign minister "had him
self informed tho British charge and
his French colleagues that German
warships had converted certain
Islands belonging to Ecuador Into
naval basos." Mr. Roberts said that
tho government of Ecuador had failed
to comply with tho request of Great
Britain and Franco to exerclso pro
per control of wireless apparatus
The British government being of tho
opinion that tho iurther diplomatic
protests to Ecuador would bo useless,
and not being prepared to disregard
Ecuador's obligations In respect to
neutrality Judged it oxpedleut to com
municate with tho government of tho
United States. Tho latter had con
sented to communicato with Colom
bia and Ecuador but Great Britain
was not yet awaro what result hod
been attained.
LONDON, Nov. 25, I p. m. Eng
land is preparing rapidly to repel any
possible invasion hy flermauy, Along
the east and south coasts of Kijglaiul
these preparations, begun some time
ngo, nro being pushed forwnnl as
speedily us possible. Tho work is
chiefly iu thu hands of civilians.
Emergency couuiiiltco, of promi
nent citleiis have been formed in
several of Iho large lowns. The piin
idpal mciisiircH already planned look
In Ihe safe withdrawal of women nml
cliildit'ii final Ihe iiiciu which may ho
lliicntcned, mid nUo llm removal of
livedock nml pmvwoii which would
lie useful In mi inviiding army, llm de
Hrni'Hoii of gniin mill olher coiu
IihmIiIIi'U which cmiiml Im irnuni'd
mid Ihi Mocking of iimN mn dn
slrucUwi of biHtffi
n ran
f-f-t- -ff-f-f4-ftf-f
CHICAGO, Nov. 2.V- Ma
chines to dig graves for Euro
pean war victims have been iwr-
" feeled hy n Chicago concern, it
" become known todnv. Work has
been started on thirteen of the
mechanical luirierx which hnvc
" been ordered by two of the nl-
lied nations. On days when
there hns been "no eontnet," the
mnchine, it wns said, may be
"" used for digging trenches.
NEW YORK, Nov. 23. The nssns
fiinntion of Unmet Ilaff, character
ized hy Coroner Fcinbcrg as tho cul
mination of tho greatest conspiracy
since the murder of Herman Rosen
thal, placed a real murder mystery in
central office today for solution.
The victim, n well-to-do independ
ent poultry dealer, was lured to his
(loath by a decoy message given him
at 0 o'clock Inst night hy n young
man who entered his place o busi
ness in Washington market. Two
shots fired in the pjreet killed him.
Two men darted to nn automobile
waiting nearby and mndo of.
Detectives learned thnt Raff had
been threatened several times with
violent death since he testified for the
state iu n trial that sent numbers of
New York City's poultry trust to
prison several years ago.
In the relentless campaign waged
by his enemies, fires had been lighted,
bombs exploded, his horses poisoned,
his son attacked mid his chain of
stores robbed. One of his neighbors
was killed by a gunman in mistake,
it wns believed, for Ilaff. Ilaff him
self had been scarred for life by an
assault made on him hy n thus armed
with a bottle.
Inspector Fnnrot announced today
that detectives wero working on the
theory that gunmen had been hired
to murder Raff as in the Rosenthal
BERLIN, Nov. 25, via Tho Hague
nnd London. Tho roiehstng has re
ceived a draft of tlio second supple
mentary imperial budget for tho year
This empowers tho imperial chan
cellor, for tho purpose of meeting ex
traordinary expenses, ngain to raise
5,000,000,000 marks ($1,150,000,
000). Furthermore, the chancellor is
empowered to issuo tho treasury
notes up to 400,000,000 murks
($100,000,000) above' tho amount
prescribed by tho budget for tho tern
pornry strengthening of tho ordinary
workiug capital of the imperial treas
ury. Riflo clubs arc being organized.
Tho war office lias decided to recog
nize these clubs, many of which are
now drilling, lheir badges will con
sist of a red nnulet bearing the let
ters "(1. II," Only those who lire in
eligible for service as regular soldiers
of territorials may belong to such or
ganisations. Members nro reipiircd to
furnish their own equipment.
Tho city of Hull, according to llm
Daily .Mail, luu hecn divided into six
districts. In each tlUlrlct H n cian
millee of 200 prominent men, which
will conpciali) with Ihe police, Nim
lnr I'umiiiiltee iuu been formed In
Deal, KiiiiiucIi, Folkestone mnl S'V
cnil oilier lownw, (hu inayoM inuully
lu'Huir i clmiiHii'fit Hiryi'lUU nm
niilimiobilisU win mhhMm'A ow
Hum vgii fvr iUtAr Jiit f H wwk
NO. 212
Conflicting Reports From Mexico City
Blanco Reported to Have Left
With His Army and Zapata to Have
Taken Possession Arrival ef VIHa
Awaited with Interest.
WASIIINOTON, Nov. 2.',.-Con-fltctinj;
atlviceg nnd uncertain com
munication with Mexico City caused
doubt nnd apprehension today over
what nclually wns occurring in tho
.Nfexicnn capital.
A first official dispatch dated
early yesterday said General Luico
Blanco hnd abandoned tho citv ami
that tho Zapata forces wero entering.
'lien a later dispatch dated 2 o'clock
yesterday afternoon snid that whilo
General Blanco was not to bo found,
ho still wns reported to bo somewhere
within tho capital, whero his troops,
however, wcro evacuating and taking
property as they left.
Tho Zapata forces wcro then re
ported on the outskirts of tho city,
nnd it wns understood that they wcro
in agreement with tho Villa forces not
to enter the capital until the latter
This, tho latest official dispatch
pointed out, was uncertain, however,
though the Brazilian minister had re
ceived nssurances from tho Zapatista
chiefs that they would preserve order
and give every protection to foreign
ers. Zapata In Possesion
WASHINGTON, Nov, 25. General
Blanco left Mexico City at 3 a. n.
yesterday and the forces of Zapata
Immediately took possession of the
Blanco, after repeated assurances
to the diplomatic corps that he would
not ovacuato tho city, withdrew and
immediately tho Zapata forces began
their entry.
Theso facts were reported today in
official telegrams received by tho
stato department.
Although communication with Mex
ico City Is difficult officials here
wero ablo to get In touch with their
representatives in the capital and no
disturbances havo officially been re
ported. Blanco took away with htm
all the rolling Btock that could bo
used In transporting troops. Mcst
of tho wires connecting tho capital
with tho outside world have been cut.
Villa Is Awaited
General Villa's troops aro reported
a few miles north of Mexico City and
officials here think a Joint occupa
tion of tho capital with tho Zapata
forces is likely as there Is a completo
understanding between the two
The forces of Villa, according to
official telegrams, aro closing In on
Tamplco from San Luis Potosl nn?
already havo reached tho oil fields In
tho vicinity of Tamplco. Tho Villa
advanco guard has given assurancea
that tho foreign oil Interests will be
Recent reports from stato depart
ment agents who havo been In touch
with Zapaia. led officials hero to be
lieve the southern chief would main
tain order in the city.
Tho dlspntchca which were tiled at
noon yesterday made no mention of
disturbances In the capital up to that
LONDON, Nov, 25, 10; 25 a. W.
Tho French steamer Amlral Qa
teaumo, which was sunk Ootobsr 20,
whllo on hor way from CalaU l&
Havre with u great throng of rfH
gees aboard, was tho vletlm of a Gor
man torpedo, ueeerdluK to an ad
miralty statement ImiuihI My, Ah
examination, It Is stated rvkM a
fragment of the IsrNs Ih a llf tout,
ThoiiKh crowded with 2090 rt:
uiuuy ef whew wr WIHfl h4 WI
dlH, (IHly 10 IIvm Wf4 !
Tlm tidwlrally lurUk4 pfft
of Hi trH4 frftMwi, imWIw tat
llila "Knt wM4f Mi UmV
y wN4 irH bf timm mk-
It w4 rUMMslr ifcMMtt UmM U
nPPI Irtl" aT Al lift O