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    lvmn 'two
aofnid Booysrnllh Vho 1ms boon
Buffering lron an attack of pluerlsy
tho, last week was roinoNcd to tlio
Sacrod Heart hospital Monday after
noon. His comlltlon la not serious.
Hoger Ilonnott mado a business Tnlcivt Monday afternoon.
&. f jfcjln flickson'.hUns
J berry, tmo.fllw most plcinrosqijo
1 flgnWJn NlfM jMlco nnnals.
bound uxor to the fedural grand Jury
. Monday by Justice of llic PoacoTay
lor on a Yhnrgawfj-falslfjlng-affidavit's
to secure a fcftvermnenl pension
M-fts taken to Vortland last night, af
ter failure to provide $2000 bonds.
Mrs. Jarksqn Is now landlady of u
Front street rooming house, nnd the
Hoynl lodging house when It was a
storrt center of Medford polltlcnl
strife. Conxlctlon for tbo offense
charged carries a prison sentence of
from flvo lo ten years, with $300 to
$1000 fine or bo f
Mr. Itobert Ea. expert ladle
tailor, Is now located with Mrs. E. a,
Mycr'a dressmaking establishment.
Your patronage solicited. Second
floor, Deuel nnd company; 163
Otto Jeldness spent Sunday hunt
Ing In tho Griffin creek district for
deer with no success.
D Oj Bitrkbardt; formerly malin
ger of tho Star Theater In this city Is
now owner of a moving picture thca
ei fii Alblna. n suburb of Portland.
ae$urfcvfn&' Insuranco upon your
rrnit wniip in a pacisiog nousc wu
rates. Sn'cctal short term policies.
Guaranteed Insurance with E. 'S
Tumy. 210 Garnctt-Coroy Bids.
Moro water Is now running In Hear
creek than at any time slnco tho nild
dlo of August. Last week only a
tiny rlvnlct was running nnder tho
Hear creek bridge, but; now It Is a
lirook', and the elastic stream Is ex
lectcd to assume Its regular propor
tions 'In a short time.
' Kodak finishing tho best, at Wei
ton's Camera Shop. Over Is!s Thea
ter. Adrian Itoso of tho Orlffln creok
district spent Sunday In Medford vis
iting friends.
Tho leaves nro beginning to fall on
tho trees along the streets nnd In the
city park, though tho coloring, which
adds charm to the landscape in au
tumn, has Just begun.
See It. II. McCurdy for Atna Fi
delity and Surety Bonds.
The Gold Hill delegation boosting
their Industrial fair returned homo
last night, after a six o'clock appear
ance In front of tho Nash Hotel, dur
ing which Joo Veeman executed a
skirt danco.
The regular mid month meeting of
tho city council will bo held this
J. O. Corking, the best all around
photographer In southern Oregon.
Always reliable. Negatives made any
where, time or place. Studio 228
Main St. Phone 3'JO-J.
Allison Jordan and wife left Mon
day for Portland whero they will
inako their futuro home.
(Jaino Warden A. S. Hubbard of
Ashland sient Tuesday in Med fori
ou official business.
Authentic war news received by
Mail Tribune leased wire will bo
posted during tbo day at Hotel Med
ford. Miss Frances Heath of Eaglo Poln(
visited friends In this city tho first
of the week.
Tlio funeral services of the late
James Q. Smith were held from tho
Perl Undertaking parlors this after
noon ut three o'clock. '
E. S. Tumy writes all forms of in
surance. Excellent companies, good
local service, 210 Garnett-Corey
Tho fall term of tho grand Jury
will open October 19th, and tho petit
Jury October 2Cth.
Coach Mooro of tbo high school
is lining up his mon for tho 1914
team. Three or four aro candidates
for tho honors of official punter,
Seldon Hill being tho most promis
ing. Automatic babe ball, that brand
new out door gamo, has arrived In
Medford, See It at DoVocs toulght,
Just west of Hotel Medford,
A, V. JlroWn of Salem In among
t'no out of town vUltors In tliu city
this week.
Senator II. on der Hellon of Well
en la spending tho day In tho city on
Got It at Do Voo's.
Tlio full distribution of Sears, Hoc
buck catalogues wjll soon bo on, two
carloads of tli6 matter punning
thiough tho city Motulaj night for
Itosoburg, which Is tlio distributing
center for the mall ordoi house for
wuslurn Ori'gou.
For good pictures every day In tho
wovl( uttoud llm It Thciitor
Weeks k McGowin Go.
JU4 AsitoUni
KJfl W, W, Wi iff
rtmtm A, K, orr vim
flames Hotelier of Itosoburg spent
tliVflrst'of the week In tho city mak
ing tlio trip by motorcycle.
A number of enthusiastic Gorman
supporters who wngertfil coin and
hnta thai the Kaiser's armies would
be In Paris by the fifteenth, are get
ting ready to pay the same. Med
ford Germnns generally credit the
retreat movement under wny as be
yond tho range of possibility.
Tho finest equipment in Oregon for
printing fruit labels. Medford Print
ing Co.
r Glenn. Thomas nnd wlfo of Klam
ath Kalla aro among the out of town
visitors Jri the city.
The European war has caused an
Increase In the demand for war and
historic books lit the public library,
works by iorman authors on the roc
ent progress of tho Kaiser's realm
being the most popular. The writ
ings of tho French philosophers are
also in demand.
Edison records for salo nt 23c each
as long as tbey last, at Palmer's Pi
ano" Place, Garnctt-Coroy Wdg., 24
South Grniio street.
Arthur Chase of Gold Hllf spent
Monday la Medford attending to bus
iness matters.
Miss Edith McNelly of Redding.
Cat., Is x Idling friends In this city
for a few days.
nen I.lndley of Talent spent Mon
day In Medford attending to busi
ness matters.
Kodak finishing and supplies at
Weston's Camera Shop. Over Isis
All the raro horses appearing at
the Jackson county fair lat week
were Shipped to Roscburg Monday,
for tho Douglas county fair, that
opens tomorrow.
noth tho wet and dry forces ari
distributing literature to tho country
districts, and prohibition leaders,
slate and county, aro making ener
getic efforts to arouse Interest. This
is proving n hard Job In tho face of
the wholesale butchering In Europe.
Tho only Interest notlcoablo lies In
thoso people perpetually enthused
over the downfall of John Barley
corn. J. M. Kllgoro of Roglo River spent
tho first of tho week In Medford on
imzcns or Asnianu win Hold an
"Enthusiasm Picnic" September 23th,
to arouse Interest In tho campaign
for tho ro-e8tablishincnt of the nor
mal school In that city.
Hair dressing, manicuring, scalp
treatment, facial and hairwork, hair
dyeing. 429 M.F.&H. Bldg. Phone 157
Stevo Martin, the S. P. brakeman,
mysteriously shot In tho Ashland
yards by two men, two weeks, ago.
denies tlio allegation of tho Ashland
police, and tho railroad detectives
that ha was Intoxicated at tho time
tho shooting occurred.
Tho' grand conclavo of tho Shrincrj
for the southern Oregon district will
bo held at Ashland, September 24,
with visitors from Jackson, oscph
Inc, Klamath and Lake counties.
Mrs. George H. Millar is visiting
friends and relatives In Canton, Ohio,
her old home "
Workmen arc working night nnd
day remodeling the storo room to bo
used by ohn C. Mann after October
1st, adjoining tho present quarters.
For good pictures every day In
the week attend the It Theater.
Intermittent rain fell over tho
Roguo river valley for the last 24
hours, glvlnff.promlso of a substan
tial full. ' Tho Hun-led barely settled
Ihe dnst,' and were typical' Oregon
mists. Heavy rain clouds bank the
horizons; This morning there was a
chango In temperaturo, a coid wind
springing up from the north.
Gus Poppas, a local Turk has re
ceived a letter from his father, who
lives In one of the villages near Con
stantinople, In which expectation of
the coming of a Russian Invading
army Is told. A Turk hates a Mus
covite bitterly, and tho letter sas tho
pcoplo aro anxious for tho fray.
C E. Davis left today on a hunting
and prospecting trip In the Apple
gate country.
Tho Southern Pacific section crow
Is now performing tho annual task of
tamping tho ties In the local yards.
O. J. JohnH and wife of Spokane
nro spending tho week In tho valloy
lulling friends and relatives.
Attornoy Porter J. Noff and wife,
and Prof. Rebec and wife havo re
turned from an auto trip to Crescent
City nnd Eureka.
County Clerk Gardner spent Mon
day evening In Medford on business.
Mrs. R. W, IIulil who hag boon
sending tho summer In the cast will
return to Medford about tho middle, of
Tho pollen records show1 no ar
tests tho last ten dilys foi drunken
ness, speeding or leaving dogs nn
niuwdod. the besetting sins with tho
lurgeMt percentage In the pollen court.
WAhlllNnro.N', St pt .'. Tim
eiiMoni nillvMiyi. fiiiuiiilly iulilliiniil
(lie intorMiilo coiiiiiiuM'h eiimiiildoii
lodn lor u nlii'iiiinK in lliu t-iili'rii
ll'lwHiru nil I'll-"', mill In mii
Uirni lo iiil Into j'll'iwl llin U our itiiI
ini-M'iikji uliii'li I lie roiiiiiiMoii it'
i ililly lUnii'il,
VI1WNA, Monday, Sept. H. l6 n.
in., vln Paris, Sept. IS, 1 n. in.- The
news of Russia's Increasingly victor
ious occupation of Eastern GnGllcln
Is exercising n deposing Influence In
Austro-llungary official circles and
among the more Intelligent cluises of
the monarchy, but up to tbo present
time the mass of the people seem
credously willing to accept as satis
factory the meager official bulletins
given out by the authorities. Tlioy
welcome eagerly any report which
seems half way encouraging.
Thnt anxiety Is felt In higher cir
cles, however, Is manifested by the
long audiences the ministers of the
dual monarchy are holdlug constant
ly nt Schoenbrunn with Emperor
Francis Joseph. Last Saturday the
emperor received Count Von Ilerch
told, the minister of foreign affairs,
both In the morning and afternoen:
there have been also a number of
conferences since last Friday with tho
minister of war and tho Austrian and
Hungarian premiers.
The newspapers of Vienna main
tain nn extrndnrdlnnry reserve con
cerning tho progress of tho cainpalgni
In Gnllcla nnd on the Servian front
ier. Papers of Sunday, September
13 barely mentioned tho bnttlo that
Is reported to lime been raging
around l.cmberg for tho last six days.
The only Journal offering any com
ment on tho l.cmberg sltunUon was
the Ncuo Frele Presso which said:
"Wo can say nothing moro than
that tho high moral quality of tho
Austrian and the Hungarian troops
must eventually prove, victorious."
A telegram received In Vienna
from Btida Pest quoted the Hungar
ian minister of national deTenso ns
"Wo stand well. Our position
everywhere Is good; moro than this,
I cannot say."
The frequent optimistic public ut
terances of Count Stephan Tlsza,
Hungarian premier, lately have
ceased and tho official bulletins given
out In Buda Pest arc silent regarding
tho campaign against Servta.
LONDON, SepL 13. 3:40 a. m. A
dispatch to tho Chronicle from I'c
trograd says:
"Tho fiercest fighting of all that
which preceded tho Russian victory
at Lublin was In a gorge near tho vll
lago of Mlkolaleff, which tho Russian
soldiers reverently named tho 'Valley
of Death.'
"Tho gorge was full of dead men,
lying In heaps, according to n soldlor
who reached here today. 'When wj
attacked, at 3 o'clock In tho morn
ing.' ho said, 'tho gorge contained
15,000 Austrlans. a largo proportion
of whom wero mowed down by tho
artillery flro which plowed throng'
tho valley In tho darkness. Tho Aus
trlans surrendered and wo entered
the gorgo to recoWo their arms', whllo
their genorul stood quietly on a hill
watching tho scene. Eight of his
standards being turned over to th
Russians was more than ho could
bear for ho drew a pistol und shot
himself.' "
(Continued from Page 1)
railroad. Tho train loft St. Louis
last night nt 8:32 p. m. for Galveston.
Texas nnd carried threo Pullman
sleepers, two coaches, baggago and
smoker and diner. All the equip
ment was of steel. An early report
sent by a physician who was on the
wrecked train, said at least 20 pass-
engors, Including Engineer O'Brien
and Fireman Stockstlll woro drowned.
A special relief train wffli Assistant
General Manager E. D. Levy and a
corps of physicians left horo Immed
iately for tho sceno of tho wreck.
Ovcitiiined In Gully
Four cars and tho locomotlvo wero
overturned Into the gully, swollen to
a temporary lako, which runs bsdo
tho track. Tho chnlr car and the
smoker wero submerged, Seven bod
ies havo boon taken from tho chnlr
car, but It Is bollavod that every por
ton In the two cars wasdrowned. This
entlinato Was IiuhoiI on statements of
trainmen as to tliu number of pass
engers In tlio two curs,
Ono of tbo prisoners In tub nub
merged (hair cur was Miss Monii
Campbell, a nurse of fit. Imls, Klio
liroku a window and climbed out t'l
thn slilu of tho iur.
HIuihIIiik In wnlor, slio foil iibniit
until liu touihuil the IiuiiiIh of drowii
lug I'Usxi'iiKDis, Ah wh" gniimml u
hum! Sim pulled wild nil bur clnniKlli.
In IIiIk uy nIhi rescued fvn jiimMiii.
I'AUIS. Kepi. I 'J til p. m.
The tiihiui "I Seinliii li ihe Son inn
luw eiiueil srrcrtt ninuifotutioin niul
rejoicing in ItulgiiuK', neiMtVjUtiif t n
iltiulolt to Ihe lliixiis nRenev from
NVIi. A To Devlin wiin "ling in nil tlio
oluiivliei trtilny.
On tlie nffoi imoii ol SepleiuliOi' 10
two Autrinn umiiiloiN nironolitl
the Scrvinit cn'i'ilnl niul fircil iilioiil
liltv -hot". The M-niiiu iiililleiy nt
Holgrmlo nnd ut Seinliii replied, tlriv
injr litem oflV
A nutjiiiily of ihe Seilm niul t'nmN
who live in Seinliii remniiieil in the
city. The lliiutttiriiiii, Ooiiiiiiih iiik)
,lew fleo!.
The tliuht ot ihe Aiitriuiw, the
iUp.iteli -, icm'IiiIm'iI ii p.iuie. The
detent ol Ihe Ati-tinui- on two m
loon lieenmo npt.iuut, iw tunny of
the wounded weie heint; truinported
to Scinlui. The u-tiinn look uwuy
-eveml prominent liodnset.
WASHINGTON. Sept. 1.. II. Von
Kckhurdft the iu'wl nppoiuted (ler
uititi mini-tor (n Mexico, u-ked Seere.
tnry Rr.vnii tlnlii .wlirii tlio Tinted
Stnte- would reeogiuro u new gov
ernment there niul learned thnt no
eonclti-ion hud been reached.
The miui-ter returned to New York,
where he will remain uw tilting u tie-ei-ioti
by the American coxcrnment
a- to the time for recognition, ii
Oerumny, wjlh other Kuropenn power-,
will not accredit her mini-tor
until the Tinted .States formalls rec
ognizee tlio new ndini tistfiltion their.
CHICAGO, Sopt 13 - Tho decllno
In wheat prices based on reported
successes of thn allies, was checked
thfs morning on tho Board of Trade.
May wheat, which closed at $1.1 Hi
yesterday, swjd to $1.1 In thp first
IS minutes ot. trading.
Another storm of selling began ho
foro tho session was hnlf over, and
prices broko to a lower loel than nt
tho worst of tho seml-panlc of tho
day previous. May wheat fell back
four cents to $1.11. Tho new de
cline was duo to roports of tho sur
render of a German army under tho
command of General Von Kluck.
LONDON, Sept. 15. In n dispatch
from Copenhagen tho correspondent
of tho Central Novva quotes tho Ber
lin Loknl Anzolgor as saying that tho
ruaHon tho Aitstro-German nrmlcH
were defeated In Gnllcla was Russla'ti
numerical superiority, thn Russians
exceeding tlio Austrlanil and tlio Ger
mans by SriO.OOO irion.
Tlio Austrian Iokh'cs' liai'o boon
enorinuus, sonld rbiidnentH losing all
their dfflccis. Tho Russians broko
In suddenly between tho armies of
General AuffenborB and Oenoral
DankI, making' retreat absolutely
NEW YORK, 8ot. 15. Word Was
received today at tlio lioudquartors
horo or tho National Railways of
.Mexico that tliu constitutionalist gov
ernment had expelled nil operating
and other officials of tlio road in
Mexlio from their positions mid sub
stituted IIh own employes. It was nil-
pouiicod hero Unit this would bu
niudo thn subject of uu offlclul com.
plaint to tliu Washington gowni
moiit as nn net of coiiflscullon on thn
purl Of llll) (OIIStltlltlOIMllUlM,
Uujt Tortr
llfisnlyH to MmuliO ttor, JuUmnn cl
mm, llm beet, mill Uwwvy pironlr
liumw luduslri U
WASIUXflTON'. Sept. II. Ties!
dent Wll-on ictitrhed to tlio ciilltnl
thi- iuoiiiiti ut II o'eloek mid diove
iiilinediiilelv to the while limwc,
wheie he hud n eonfeioneo with eon
gics lender, oxer Ihe nr levcuiio
Semite lopulilieniw nt n emifOi'-
eiiee lodny detenniiU'd to fight tiny
Vnr leveiuie iiien-itie m tinv lorm.
('hiiiiiiiiiu Tnderwood of Ihe wny
mid menu- eoiiiiuilliV yielded today
to proto'.tK of doinooniU ugiiinst the
tux on freight nnd uyieed o let to
niglit'H eiiueus decide. Tlie pre-l-dun.
Mr. Tnderwortd th wn not
committed to n fieight tiix'iiud would
)iot iu-i-t on it.
ome deiuoeiutn, like the rvpuhli
oiiiw, me oppiwcd to nnv war las.
The eoiifeienei f the repuhlieiili
senalorH nppoiuted Senator- Sluool,
.Mi'Tiiulier, Smith of Michiunn, Weeks
ami Steilint; to take charge of tlio
oppo-ilion und notify nheulees lo re.
tiiin ut onec, unless occupied will
political cnmpniuiis.
WASIIIN'OTON, Sipt. l.V l're-i
dent Wilson, Senator Simmons and
Representative Tuderwood decided
Into toilnv not to insist uu a freight
tnx for emeraenev rcvenuo in the
face of opposition within the demo
cratic rank-. A sule-tiltilc plan will
he submitted to the democratic house
caucus tonight.
LONDON, Sept. 15, 10:20 a. m. A
dispatch from Capetown to Router's
Telegram company say that tho
Fourth South African Mounted Rifles
commanded by Colonel Daetson, dfter
two night marches, surprised tho
German form which had ocunlcd n
drift CU in 1 1 ot from Stolnkopf In tho
Nnmaqualand. After n sharp skir
mish thn Germans were compelled to
Another Capetown dispatch reports
that the action look pluro nt Rnmnns
Drift, nn Important strategic position.
(Continued from Pax 1)
ed tlinl tin- KiuiinnU of the An-lro-lliiiiunrinii
foleo will ho kept within
its wiills until fhe end of the wnr.
Rtilan fiMiipalgti
Reports 'of operations on the east
Prussian frontier ore contradictory.
Ai iding to IVHogrud, fleiierul
Itcuticukiiinptf hn resKmed the or-fen-ivo
lifter winning mi ciigiigcuiciit
on the holder, while ihe pjiino Itiis-iiin
source report that the investment of
Kocnlgsheri; is eoiitiiiufno;. On the
other hiiiid, Rcrlin state that Ifi'n
neilkiimpff'M deleitt is ulmo-t km grent
iih the preceding RiisfJiui ilisusfur in
tliin region.
Interest in the naval phuso of the
wnr Iuik been soniewhnl htirred hy
the newH from Merlin of the d,H mo
tion of the (lenniiii light eruo-er Ilelu
hy ii joihiunriiii1 mid Ihe imofricial
htory from a Scotfish newspnper thnt
tho os of the Ilrilish eiuiser Path
nndur luu heeii nvenyed hv the wink
ing of Iter hiihmiiriue iiiitiigoiiist
which went down under a hail of
shots from llntish warships.
Forestalling Famine
Outside the zone of military oper
iilions, the chief inloli'sl centers in
tliu efforts or tliu (lermiii), Dutch and
French govcrnuieiilh to foiestnll the
possibility of famine wthong their
pooplcH h.V regidntliig tlie uo of eer
tuin staples. Tlio regulations mil
only foihid ihe ilso of mine lliiiu n
certain amoitiil of these staples for
purposes other than for food, hut in
hi met Ihe people in the most econom
ical way In uo llicm.
Tho story that Itimsiuii Hoops hud
heeu lauded on tho continent lifter
coming via England from Avcllanyel
Iiiih met with foimiil niul Hpecille do
uinl both fioiu the I'ulisli ollieial
piCHs huieitii niul fioin llelgiiiu of
ficinl hOitrccH.
You Get (lis nest
There Is whon you smok Gov, Joon
sun cigars and putronlxo homo Indus
With Mudfnril UniVi ts MnlfoiM nmilo
Offlru Ut fc(fonl Plinifliaiy, Phoiio
10. Nlrflit Phono 701, Medford Hotel
Antin 1II ThIU, Dy or Mhl
(Mil MO, Shantung Piovlnco, Chlnn
Hiiinhi), 8epl III ):in p in, ht Po
king, Hold. 15. Tho first encounter
between Gorniiin niul iipnuelui forces
on hind occurred thin moinltig when
thero wero ii number of idmfn klr
inlsbes between patrols of tho nu
testing (ones ut a point clone lo Chi
Previous to thoio engagements a
(lerntnn aeroplane flow over (ho ills
1 1 lit. Tho .Inpnncso fired on tho Hin
di I no. but wltbpUt success,
A cnuntdonthlo Jnpnnesu furco Is Sii
mllort to tbo north of horo.
A dispatch received horo from Wol
llsin (T.O miles northwest of Kino
Chow) su)fl 50 Japanese troops ar
lived tberti Suud.i,
PHUINO, Hept. K. A lepnrl re
celved hero from Tslng,Tau of tier
mini origin, derlnres that it vangunrl
of Japanese vnwilr Is at Kino Chow
Germany Ait-! Later
The sumo icpoit IAis been trans
mitted to the government. The Jup-iiue-e
Minguiird coiisUIh of thirty
men. Three hundred more onvnlry
men are eloso behind them.
The (lermnn chuigo il'iiffniron in
Peking, Huron Vou .Mallnn, has no
tified the foreign office thnt IiIh piv
eituiient reserves tho right to deal
with China, nt the present tituo nnd
in tho future, iim it see fit, hicimsc
of the alleged breach of neutrality on
the purt'of China, in permitting the
landing on ChineHii territory of Jap
anese (mops whoso destination was
Kino Chow. The Ocniiiin goctiiment
further reserves the light to exact
ooinpensntioii for the lo-cs which il
nnd Ocrnmn subjects uiiiv sustain n
n result of this action.
Hold Nations Protest
The (lermnn etui rye disputes (he
Chiiie-o conlenlion that the siintition
m nmiiogot's to thill v, .ii. It oMfcfcd
during the l(iisso-Jnpanee wnr. IU
declurcs that China should have
given notification of the extension of
the fighting nine before Ihe JHpun-c-c
hiudiil, Iherrh.v iiieime the Our
minis iipml oiMirtunity to muko use
or this territory. In h previous pro
test Huron von Miiltxuu deelHred that
the Chinese government should have
hiiudfil the JiipuuoM" mini-ler in
Peking his iMssHirl ulu'ii .liiHiuese
I mops landed at Lung Kove,
The Jtipnlieso leviitiou, on Its side,
has protested to tin' foiciiiii olfi '
against (Icnnaii and Antiiaii sol
diers, elnd us civ die us, travitnig
flom Tieiilsin lo Tsui Tltll h Ihe
Chinese railroad line.
Kliio Chow city Is about flvo miles
outside of lliu Klao t'lum' boiindiiry
to tbo northward,
Why Not
Get tnn best snioKe, Gov. Johnson,
nnd also patrntilrn homo
A visit to my of flro will ciitirn jo.i
to reallzo tbo dlfferiiuco between ono
who Ii n specialist In tliu fitting ot
glasses to tlio , ) and thoso who
merely fit glasses us a sldo II no to
their business.
When you need glasses havo mil fit
thorn for you, mid tlioy will bo right.
Ho Knows How
flulto 11! Over Doiial's
Light Housekeeping
Fully Modern. Prices Reasonable
217 KOtJTII ItlVF.ItHlDi: ,
Automobile Owners
We sell Mlclitlln untl Good
yew Tlrfii at tlio siime old
price, No Incrcaio on ao
ceunt ot tlie war,
U am
CASE of Mrs, HAM
Declnrcs Lytlia J. Pintclmtn'it
VcKctnblo Compound
Saved Her Life
und Smu'ty.
Shiunrwl!, Mo. "I foci It my duty
to loll tho public tho condition of my
iieniio iimoro iisuir
yoiiriiuxllHne. 1 hud
falling, tbtlnmiiiii'
tlnn mid congestion,
female Wuiil.uess,
imlus In both shleM,
linrKncheniliiil lieiie
laifdown jtiilns, win
short of nunnery,
ntmoiii, hnpntleiit,
lnuisiil nli'iwil turn
lilfrhts, and liiul
tiflttlliir fctrriivtli itni
cnfrfD'. inero was niwnysn tear nisi
dreiitl In my mind, I had cold, nervous,
weak sclls, hot lUshes over my Imh.j.
J had a place In my right sldo thnt win
no sore thnt J could hardly Uw tho
wflRhtof my clothes 1 tried ntnllrliti'i
nnd doctors, but tiny did me little h-hhI,
nnd I never expected to rot out ngitin.
I got l.ydla R rinshum's V-jfetuI lo
Compound nnd Hlootl I'urlller, nrsl I cer
tnlnly wutild have been lugrnvxarhisn
aslum If your medlcliii had not saved
mr. Hut now I can work nil tiny, sleep
well nt night, eatnnythlrtf I wnnt. h.vo
no hot llnshrs or wvik, in rvoun sjielk
All ntns, nrhes, fears and drnuU aro
gone, my houso, clilMrvix nnd hushaml
nro no longer neglected, ns I am almort
entirely free of tho bad Hymptmnn 1 Iwd
before tailing your remedies, awl n'l h
pleasure and happiness In my Ikuhh."
Mrs. Josns Ham, It. !'. I). 1, Him SI,
Mitunrock, Missouri.
If you w tint speeliil nilvleo , 'n
I.jilln i:. I'liildiiini .loillelni' Co.,
(ooiilUlciitlul) l.ynu, MhJjji,
Export CorsoUore
32G North Bartlett.
Phono 503 AI.
Southern Oregon
Electric Company
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Power "Wiring. 0l
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JJin S.' IJivci'sido.
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208 KnsL Alain Streot
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Phono 1-17-.J ,
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E. D. WE.STON, Prop.
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Farmers and
Fruit Growers
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