Medford mail tribune. (Medford, Or.) 1909-1989, August 27, 1914, SECOND EDITION, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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Over Uti
K. pnrttett,, tlio MotHonl taxtder
Mist aniU Nothcrland of Uutto Kalis
wM oqcup a park of Bwlng's Gun
Hre (Jhe Mining Mason with n first
e)M Hbb of tur.
j 'ihSt. primary election was heM
Ni.pel''Nrt county, pa)lfornla, yo
tSsrday, And- n tclciliono ncsagi
from Crescent City this morning an
nounces that Superior Judga Chllds,
"jw wa " candidate for rcnomtna
tt'ni ha been defeated by about JO
Y4. Tho campaign, aeatnst tlio
jdg was e4eclaly ulttenOranti
Pass Courier.
Tako the autocar to the frea banl
concert at Central Point this qven
Ing. 136'
Visit Uie mannracturcra sale of
ataples, corner Main and Kir streets,
Thursday, Friday. and Saturday by
the Presbyterian ladles.
itr.-amt Mrs. Dennis Stoyall and
two children arrived this morning
from Philomath and will spend a
week with old friends. Mr. and Mrs.
JMoTall were residents of Grants Pass
fer sonie years, during which time
ilr. StoTall was special correspondent
for a number of the eastern mining
publications, wroto a couple of books
and many short etortea. He now do
Totcs his entire tlma to writing.
Grants Pass Courier.
Mountain Meadow butter pleases
all. .Keut's grocery sells it. 136
Miss CarlotU Banks has returned
from San Francltco where she went
In the Interest of tho F. K. Deuel and
eompany store.
Cash register for salo at De Voo's.
The faithfulness ot'man to a dog
to shown in an Interesting condition
reported by the pollco in their canine
muxxlng campaign. Several ownora
of dogs tho last couplo of days hava
renounced owaersblp as soon as thi
dog catcher arrives, asserting the
dumb brutes came and stay in their
yard from habit, net affection. Dog
owners also know the hours the dog
catcher Is musl dogs, keeping tbeai
titd up during the day, and letting
them run leoose at nlghf.
Tho Southern Taciflc company will
run a special train, Ashland, to Med-1
ford and return vto aecoaffiodate
tlMMM deilrlap to attend Daraarn ft
Bail' circus August 29th. Spe
etal vU leave Ashland at. ;30 p. .
returahsR la Medfer 1:38 . an,
nklg jm ttt. ; . , . 1?
Mrs, JiMtia Bifert and little child
of Roaeburg are visiting friends and
relatives In, this city.,
The f Ineet qutyaaeat a Oregern fer
mrinting fruit labels. Medford Prlat-
toCB. "
The premium Jlsts for tho Jackson
county fair are being distributed, and
liberal prises are offered for exhibits
of fruit, vegetables, grains, etc.
Automatic base bat), that brand
new out door game, has arrived la
Medford. See It at DeVoes tonight.
Just west of Hotel Medford.
Mrs. Dick Antle will (ctc xne first
of the week on a two month's visit
in Ohio and. Illinois,
Notice. Two good barbers In this
hop now, your patronage respectful
ly solicited. Medford Hotel Barber
Msq Mary Grigsby of Pendleton,
Ore., Is visiting friends nnd relatives
In this city.
Authentic war sewa yecejred Vr
Mall Tribune leased wire will be
peeted during the day at Hotel Med
The body of John Krutzler, murd
ered by a highwayman near Itcno,
Ncv., Tuesday Is expected to reach
Medford Saturday.
Tree, props at the Medford Lumber
Com wy. , , t,
Ariel UVtsea of llollnp.d Jn tb-i
city for n few days on nuslncss.
All the new f till models. ln.Kabo
Uve.mooei corsets are nere. Anrens,
a A raialead of sheep ami cattle
jwaiiad, through, todojd .Wednesday
Coffee mill for salo at De Voo's.
8. V. Deck of Itoscburg attended to
bualnesa in thU city Wednesday,
pie fjlea onvthe Pennant, wrapped
pread. - We, are sot advertising it,
ju Jetting It have Its ay with the
peiuijo, Poeltvely contains no alum.
Made at Newtown Dakery. 142
' ' Miss Catherine Moara bus returned
frem a, six week's stay at Berkeley,
;Jf .W, Diamond returned Wednos-
day from a business (r)l' to Portland
r,Jbe McClaln of Roguo JJIyer tran
naat4 1uglnew in thin city Wcdnes-
Mountain Meadow bujtor pleases
alt, Kent's groeery le Jt, 13?
, (OJtjaerCf.awfbrd of the police force
Jertjal morning on a (rip io Crater
"Tho Knlth of Japan," by llnrada
Is the latest addition 6 thY nblc
library dealing with tho war sltua-
lien. ,
Kodak tinlshtijB and
Weeton's 'Camera Shop.
J. S. Howard, tho rather of Med
ford, la intensely Interested in tho
European war nnd Jins a mapx nnd n
packag. of pins, with which ho
marks tho ubb and flow of the great
armies. 4
l'otel, Medford. dining room .now
opens at six a. m, and Is o'poa all
Charloa Palm has returned, from
Pelican Day to attend o business.
J. O. Oerklng, the best ati around
photographer in southern Oregon.
Always reliable. Negatives made any
where, time or place. Studio 328
Main SI Phono 330-J.
Andreas Price, who wont on n
rampage In tho Oakg billiard hall
Wednesday afternoon was fined l
tn the pollco court this morning. A
payment of J3 was made, tho ro
malnd'cr to bo remitted when convenient.
I have leased the Wheeler Apart
ments, 24C South Itiverslde, to open
September 1. Mrs. Grace Burrls.
The S. P. will run spcclaf trains
from Grants Pass and Ashland and
Intermediate points for the clrcui
Best for every meal, Mountain
Meadow butter at Foul's. 135
Jt. N. Foster and wife, and W. F.
Qulsenbury and wife returned on
Wednesday night from an auto trip
to Crater Lake, Pelican Bay, and
Klamath Falls. They lost their way
between this city and Ashland, ow
ing to being forced to travel over aa
unknown road at night.
Call J. W. Mitchell for lawn mow
er troubles. Phone 36.
Thunder and lightning occurred
over tho vafley Wednesday evening.
and a few drops of, rain fell In this
city, but not enough to wet tho pavo
nient. The )ast heavy rain In this
city was July 13th.
Two counter show-cases for salo at
De Voe's.
Water Superintendent Tranna an 1
Councilman Hargrave left this morn
ing to Inspect conditions at tho city
On meat case for sale at De Voe's.
Frank Loder. et the electric light
company, arrested while speeding to
twra en , uw iigaw mown out, -uj-
ilghtaing, appeared before Police
Judge Gey; tab morning, and was dls-
Get It at De Voe's.
Eight, drunks appeared In tho
police court this morning, and were
given fines of from G to $10. As
most of the gents were out of funds.
they will repay tho city by working
on., the streets and sewers.
When in Ashlabd try the new Co
lumbia Cafeteria opposite Elks' tem
ple, for good cats. H. N. Lowo,
proprietor. 136
Miss Pearl Zacher of Kallspcll,
Mont, leaves today for California,
after a short visit with her sister,
Mrs. V. C. Jenkyn.
Best for every meal, Mountain
Meadow butter at Foul's, 135
Joe Wilson of Talent is in mo city
on business thls'afternoon.
Ladles desiring high sctjoql girts to
work for their board and high school
gins aesiring sneu piaccs win kiuuij
send their names to Mrs. o. i. uavia
son, 720 West Eleventh street or
phone 723-Y, chairman of committee
College Woman's club
Miss Gladys Armstrong left this
morning on a trip to Crater I,ako.
See Jt. H. MeCurdy for Aetna Fi
delity and Surety Bend.
"The monument of Win, Hartley,
the Coos BBy bachelor, 'built by F,
B. Waltc of this city, costing fSOO,
Is being hauled Into Marsh'field for
Installation this week,
Koaak finishing the best, at Wes
ton's Camera Shop. 6rer IsU Thea
The electric power company ?ai
out of commission for a few mlnutei
Wednesday night owing .to lightning.
See the new dancing model corset
In tho Kabo Live model corset.
e(Nii iiiihiiiiii '
. . nroutTAxwa
af W WsW JWvPsi
SBATTLB, Wash., Aug. 27.the
British cruiser, Italnbow, tho Japa
neso cruiser Idzumo and the swift
cruiser Prince (joorgo, are cruising
off Vancouver Ulund seeking tho Ger
man Mlpzlg. They thluk the IClp-
xlg kntl a' steam schooner whch loft
Seattle recently with coul, have n
rendexvous off tho northwest coait
of sneouver Inland, and tlmt tho
steam H'boouer and (lie llpxg aru
In cemmunicHtloii with h private
wireless station on l'ut Hound,
Ymi U. tbm Itasi
Tnf u when en twok (ir. J(Hju-
4r n4 vul4 Uom l4u
mm m not
The Jollowinir oxtrnetrt'from loi
ters written by a Connor MelfrlUc,
nv Sulcm residonl, t R 0. Uott
winkle, Snnthcrn Piielfio jjtinislMnnn,
explain Uie eonfusion rvlnllvc l '
11. Jlcsslcr nnd Nick .lorry lioiujr 'ow
fincil in tlio stnto nylum. The firt
letter of August 11 from Snlcnwulst
"J got your loiter tnnkiii: ituiuiry
nhout N Jorry nnO J. II. Messier,
and went right over and made in
quiry, nnd they tuld me both of tho
imrtiea were there, Slessler was in
bed nt thu time, but .lorry vna up in
the wnnl. It was lato tonight when
I was over and I did not see cither
of them."
The second letter, dnted August 23,
rends: ,
"1 received your second letter Inst
night that created a doubt n to the-
two people being there ut the nyluni,
nnd I vmndo nuothor trip over then
tiits morning- nnd reminded of a for
mer visit' nnd (.hawed them your last
night's letter. At first they wild they
wore there, but when they came tn
look up tho tinmen tlicv found they
were different.
"In tho case of Mei-lor, they say if
ho is there he i there under a dif
ferent inline, and what got them
balled up on Jerry was the fact of
their having a mini there who U nug
get crazy the came as Jorry. They
thought he wns the man I was in
Miiiring about. He was way down on
the nsylum farm, three mile away,
but Hie.v went mid got (lie committ
ment papers with picture .attached,
and he was not the man."
LONDON, Aug. 27, 3:22 p. iu.A
iliimtelt to the Havn Agency from
Kmguyevntz, bcrvm, declares that
the Austrian army lif evacuated the
Snnjnk of Xovipazur.
The Sanjak of Novlpazar is n strip
of territory lying between Montene
gro and Scrvla. Up to tho tlmo of
tho Balkan war In 1013 to belonged
to Turkey.
By tho Berlin treaty of 1ST? Aus
tria-Hungary was empowered to
garrison certain strategic points
within tho Sanjak, but theso troops
following tho annexation by Austria
of tho provinces of Bosnia and
Herzegovina, were withdrawn
During tho Balkan wars Austria
Hungary again seized on the occas
ion to occupy tho Sanjak and this
occupation In largo measure served
to neutralize tho Servian victories
In those wars.
niirv nAfCiiir CAir I
Tho I&psI salo over hold in AloiUoi'd. A sulo Unijc (u bo iiomoiitoi:mt. The Halo wiwitflon of n HIVUiih'.
1 think hv this tinio that most of ym know that wo do junl. an wo mlvprl too. , JL
1-4 '.ir- f'U JL.i ii-iL .Li Jul kuix nL:XJc iw toJlmVA
in Hiiiiiss inn ! sails in i-u Ba.aji ' v.
nc iiccu UK WMi aim nc jug uuhik w uisiu
. V 6M H 4 fcft
Amir nfr iff
mi imi mm mr mrnam m m rai mni mw s mi m imi an
Vwm li llv IWI IT v I ' Im fV I i llll I I
, LONDON, Aug. 27, 7:25 a. nv
A despatch to tho Iteutor Telegram
corapspy from Paris announces that
President Polncare has ulgaod n de
cree ermitting tho nomination of
officers to a superior grado for tho
duration of the war without any con
ditions as to seniority.
Under this docreo It will be pos
sible to, replace immediately on tho
'field officers killed or wounded, by
young officers, who by their bravery
and zeal, prove themselves worthy of
high commands.
The order will not. cause future
difficulties, as all such nominations
.will be subject to obligatory revl
ion after the war.
WASHINGTON, Aug. 27, Sam
uel M. Kostor of r'ot Wayne, lnd
was brought forward, jr ,oftJcal. cir
cles today as thp iirobubjo,ciolco. of
President Wilson as the first ambass
ador to Argentina. David It. Fran
cis of fi.t, Louis has declined tho pout.
AMtfTKKDAM, via London, Aiw.
27,. IIM IS iii.'J'Iip TWegwur today
hnx lliut i'rini'0 l,ui!)o(l, i'liut (.on
f L'rown J'rijic'i J(iimri'clit f M'
vwrin, U I mid ut l!jmiijiIJoii td lliii
lirnnl, J'rliu'ii Lulloli wuh huni
Jn mn,
Ih It Today
Hwrive U) swioke t)9Y, JfdiBWM M
tr, (h lm, una iwy Ht.rwl)M
Wo linw thvoo largo roouirf, but wo aro ovot'loadod. Wo aro 'i'aniu'd foi' rouni as woll m nwli.
W lint irnhiLr to hfild a ton dnvs' salo (hut will irlvo us moro room ami also moro cash.
n p " it . i .
B V MaVf '
rt v 1 m "i '
sale Mans saturaay mornine ai 5a.m.
The Big Store Will Be Closed All, Dy, Friday to Hammer Down the
Prices and Mark the Goods
I . ! . I 1 ' '
anuj,ii'it;i'S wtu-ij alroadv tho loAVost, jn the wivst lu olhor words, wo olniiulo have .CbioaKo.pi'loos, but;
in .oVttor to act tlio m) mid mako r.oom foi' now Wods oomiiif?. w1 will mil thorn .deep. o aro goiiiK
tjiiiakotliis"saloa. stdo long to bo ronioinborod. Tho following prices will bo gootl as long as tho goods
last (luring this sate:
AH YoK- 1 1 Ml is a Squint to Convince You that You Never
live Seen Their Equal
' iOiloEll'ui JiAVri6i.-v.,,.WY H papui'sirjNootllt.'s for 10
0 spools oL i). i'. uow uiroa(i,.jiv
" " a a a I i i 1 -
iiroa(i..JLUC a jo iiamiKoiviuois lor oniy
5 Oo Load Pencils ., 10
f lfic CcilVars for only lOt'
1 lot of Ladies' Now Shirt "Waists at 10
J bars of Fixiry Soap at 10
:j bara of Crystal 'White Soap at lj)
II boxes of Tatohcs at....' 1W
rolls of Toilet Paper tit oniy '. l'Oa
li 10c packages of "Uiiion Leader Tobacco 15
iS JOo packages oi! Velvet Tobacco at - 1
2 l()o packages of Prince Albert Tobacco at J f
li lOc.paekages of Lucky Strike Tobacco at 5?
2 lOo packagcssf Tuxedo Tobacco at 5j
;i fit! packages of Diirhain at Q$ t
A 5-lb. ball of Uiiiding Twine r, M, ' '
jSWmamaT I
mm I
Men's New Suits
The' Very Best in. Style, and Quality -Grays, Browns, Blue
Serges and Mixtures-$15, $18 and $20 Suits, and a Great
Marty of them All Wool $12.50, $9.98, $7.50 and $5.99
ljai- smA
Ladies' Skirts
arid Coats
We have just landed a job lot of
Ladies' New Coats, this year's
sf-yle; .well, .just come in ami see
t hem, $2.50 and ,up. Now, don't Ui
tho price scare you come and see
the coats.
Ladies Hose
Children's Black
Cat Jlpse, sold all
oyprai2J5c, while
they last, the iaU'
only lOliuft'JUAa WKri c.
- xaawiiAwu.
v-V-n. 7
One lot of Hoys' and Youths' l,ong I'ants Kuils,
some of tliein sold as high as $12.50, going at, choice,
only $1.08
Boys' Ivnco Pants Suits, the very latest, a lag iih
sortuient at, elioieo '. -. $1.1)8
Remember, we need the money, nothing, reserved.
")0e Suspenders, good ones, al '. Ifi
All 2;V and f0e Neckties at 15
Wool Sox, the kind wo always have... lOt)
A 2oc. box ol Writing Paper "?
One lot of Suspenders at, pair tK v...j57
One lot ol. Men's Work Shirks at.'. :,.,....n-
All now dollar Watches go at...., Six'BIJts
$1.75 and $2 Suit Cases go at 8
A 25cJcan of Tal
emu Powder for
'v . ;; ' i :. . '
A. 250 bottlU'of
Perfumo at ,.10t
'.) .buiiehes of iKu
velopes at ....10
I f
'A Lot of Good 25c Whisk Brooms, One to Customer at 10c each
i ii t i
Mi.. ' ) tt ! 1 " r-r r-l ." i i :
"Work Pants 75f Jumpora , 4fy Llttlp Poys' Ovorulls
$2.00 Corduroy A lot of $7.50 Itiyii ni 15s?
ants . f 1.48 Coats, sale price at Williams' Shaving
Overalls 4fM only $2.08 Soap 5t
All $2;5d,tlTats, sulb price
Any 1 Joys' Hat in the
A lot of Shaving, M
Prushos at 10t
A big assortment of
Men's Now JlutH.75
bouse for lour Pijs.
AVo have second-hand Tools, Pjirnlturo, Stoves and Wo have second-hand Hedding, Quills, Ulaiilcels anil
iMiiHical Iiistrumeiiis. Wo have Scoond-llimd Suits Pillows. . ......
for men up frpjJi Wity A, Cood JJ'i Immber W'gon, all tjomploto; aiitoiuo-
Ladios' Wuits uj from U87 bilo; Hecouu-Iland Coals at ! bits; nil kinds of Vests
Ladles' Long Coats up from.. 50f at U5f ,
120J134 Nori!
Front. Street
Cheapest Stores
In the West
t -i .....
bum luquHry, tit)
mtmmmm9 $ 1 4 i
fHfw3fWtii!wT0n!WmTWWir3iily, VfiW'vvJwTJWfl0v&rWtWfV 7W. rwmWfWW r w