Medford mail tribune. (Medford, Or.) 1909-1989, July 21, 1914, SECOND EDITION, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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Knrl Hubbnrd and eoiinin ltolnhd
lio'vb returned from qn extended visit
Mil 'cKslerri Oregon. Tlicy inn do tho
trlp,by attto, Kolnnd will leave Uii
.lubriilnK for Kltuinrth county Inj
Tearcii ror n norso wnicn no iosi some
tlkiSVRb. !
'Aft loso, It. C.'Kentnor, Jr., Wil
liam Cnnton, Lloyd Wilton nntl Hnr
vory,EliiK employed oh tlio Slsktyoa
road' sp-onl Siintfay In Mcdford.
Sco R. II 'McCurdy for Aetna Pl
ilollty and 'Surcljr "Bonds.
'iieardsloy '& Cray of Phoenix, liavo
i old tllclrtrtock of general merchan
dise tb I'lrlch & Ryan of this city.
Kvorybody Invited to Moose picnic.
'qol&Uu, July 2(1. 103
, The nombers of tlio Christian
Jcfiiirch Mil rIvc a reception In the
cliurch Wednesday evening, July
to Harry K. Tucker, the new minister
nnd his family. All members and
Ihelr families arc urgently Tcqlicstcd
to bo present. A program will be
1 havo a little freight for Crater
l.aVc .Park, on which there ts a small
nllotment, which I will pay somo one
going that way with a team and no
load. Apply room 302, Rnrnctt
Corey building. Will a. Steel. 103
Demonstration Manager Balrd of
tlio American Tobacco company an.l
four "assistants arc in Mcdford giving
demonstrations how to use Bull Dur
ham tobacco. The four assistants are
expert cigarette rollers and they ex
pect to show tobacco users of tliU
city how to becomo proficient at cigarette-
For sale, confectionery, old estab
lished, best location in Medford,
rooming house In connection If de
sired, low runt. Will H. Wilson.
12C X. Front. 103
Tito steep slope of tlio Slsklyous
has proved disastrous to several au
tomobile parties on their descent Into
Rogue Titer valley. In two cases In
the last few days auto smash-ups re
sulted when brakes refused to hold,
ami .tlio drivers were forced to turn
their cars Into the hill side. In one
case the wheels were broken and In
the other the car was broken up and
left br the roadside. No otic was
Tho "now" meat market at tha
pnbllc market Is giving the people
iohic "cheap prices. 10
Albert. Wiescndanger. who came
down from the Portland forest serr
ice offices to superintendent the ship
ment of mules to the Crater Lake na
tional forest, is In Mcdford again on
his return trip. He spent a day fish
ing at the Lake and caught the llmltj
He was highly pleased at tho recent
development work done In the Cra
ter national forest. He reports that
the Crater Lake hotels are crowded
to nearly full capacity, and the fish
ing at the lake is tho very best.
Hay for salo. W. H. Everhnrd.
Alex J. Rosloroiigh was up from
Oakland, Cal Tuesday on tho Inter-'
csts of business.
Kodak finishing and supplies at
Weston's Camera Shop. Over Isis
Robert Tolfcr, manager of the
Clark-Hcnery Construction company,
is hero to establish tho paving plant,
for Pacific highway work.
Try a "Spits" cigar, best Be cigar
on tho market.
A. Stranahan of Portland was
among Mcdford business acquaint
ances Tuesday.
Don't forget to pntronlso .Jones
meat market. Every Tuesday, Thurs
day and Saturday. 103
J, K. Wilson of Sacramento tran
sacted business in Mcdford Tuesday.
A "King Spits" cigar Is homo made
Try one. Sc,
Paul II. Soulo of San Francisco
was a business visitor In Medford
tills week.
Tho F. W. Shaplelgh Hardware
company has the best and cheapest
hose In town. Prices on everything
Andrew Reardon of San Francisco
left for Ashland Tuesday after n
short stay In Medford on business.
Only ono kind of kodak finishing
at Weston's Camera Shop, that's the
bofct. Over Isis Theater,
L. Allen was down from Eugene
Monday In tho Interests of business.
Tho finest equipment In Oregon for
printing fruit labels. Medford Print
lng Co.
M. Blgelow, a Portland business
man, spent Tuesday In thlB city.
Jones' linvo veal, muttou, beef nnd
pork. They are bound to cut tho
cost of llyi'ug, ior.
K. Alien b'f Hilt wn's a buslncM
vtejtorJln Medford Tuasijay,
oieflfn, fluty -SO. 10a
J. Scott was umong those up from
Shh Francisco Tuesday on uusiiies
& -vt&m
i4 I I I I I H I fr
The caso ngnln George Hilton, who
wagchargod with driving n wagon'
ovc'rfn rond t before It was, ready for
ibcims boon dismissed. Jolm. Perl,
whb jvRg up onlheVamo charge will
bo Mard fit a few days.' It Is re-,
ported that he will plead guilty.
For sale, confectionery, old estab
lished, best location In Mcdford,
rooming hOuo In connection If de
sired, low rent. Will 11. Wilson,
120 N. Front. ' lOa)
J. .McXultv of this city will bo
brought up before Justice Taj lor td
marrow on the charge of falling to
provide for his little daughter, r-oven
or eight years of age.
Carkln & Taylor, lawyers. (John
H. Carkln, Glenn O. Taylor), Hat-klns-Boydcn
Bldg., Main street.
George Waddcll was down from
Prospect Tuesday attending to busi
ness Interests.
Order your fruit labels of tho Mcd
ford Printing Co. and keep tho money
at home. '
"Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Leas and Mr.
nnd Mrs. Fred Thomas of The Dalle
woro Medford visitors Tuesday morn
lng. Ever body Invited to Moose picnic.
Colestln. July 26. 10.1
Mr. nnd Mrs. R. E. Smith. Mr. nnd
Mrs. A. S. Mack of Klahinth Falls,,
visited with Mcdford friends Satur
day and Sunday returning by way of
Crater take.
For sale, confectionery, old estab
lished, best location In Bedford,
rooming hom-e in connection if de
sired, low rent. Will II.. Wilson.'
12(5 N. Front. 103
Miss Harrlngtoi of Los Anreles In
a recent arrival Iu this city.
Groceries nt Do Voo's.
George Brock of Hilt was nmom;
those lu Mcdford this week on busi
ness. Kodak finishing tho best, at Wes
ton's Camera Shop. Over Isis Thca
tor. '
II. M. Plckham was down from
Portland Tuesday attending to busi
ness interests.
Fruit labels artistically printed in
any and all colors. Mcdford Print
ing Co.
Sonhla Schmidt of San Francisco
was the guest of Mcdford friends tbc
early part of the week.
Medford Conservatory reduced pri
ces for music lessons begin July 1st.
Advanced students will be taken at
tho samo low prlca as beginners.
Open all summer. 31 Grape street. "
E. C. Daggett of Portland arrived
In Medford Tuesday for a short stay.
Leona Moore of Weed, Cal., vis
ited friends in this city Tuesday.
If you want a lithographed fruit
label Instead of a printed one, sen
us, wo aro agents 'for Scbmltx Litho
graph Co. Medford Printing Co.
J. Forsytue, a Portland business
man, spent Tuesday Iu this city.
We have a $3500 press, recently
Installed especially for printing fruit
labels. Mcdford Printing Co.
O. O. Steele ofYreka, of the California-Oregon
"Power company, tran
sacted business in this city Tuesday.
Screen doors at Medford Lbr. Co.
Mr. and Mrs. C L. Hawlcy of Mc
Coy are Medford visitors today. ,
J. O. (Jerking, the- btii all around
photographer in southern Oregon.,
Always reliable. Negatives 'made- any
where, tirao or place. Studio 228'
Main St. Phono 320-J.
J K. WeathcrfoTd was down from'
Albany Tuesday on business.
X, Hill, a Portland business man,
spent tho early part of the week In
this city.
For salo, confectionery, old estab
lished, best location In Medfort,
rooming 'houso in connection If de
sired, low rent. Will II. Wilson,
12C N. Pront. 103
Hamlll and Patterson defeated
Rbthermel and 'Kbbcrts In one of the
fastest games of tho tennis tourna
ment yesterday. This eliminates
Rothcrmcl and Roberts. Clark fprung
a surpriso by defeating Kgnn In tho
singles C-3, 0-3. Tho championship
lies apparently botween Connor,
Adams, Clark and Blnglmm.
(Contluued from Page 1)
n plot to put W. C. Dannenberg, in
spector of morals In Chicago, and the
men on bis staff, out of the way so
that tho vice district In .Chicago
would not bo Interfered with.
Eight years ao, according to the
Information obtained by tho "tale's
attorney, Venllle, who Is a cousin '
John Torrlo, business manager for
James CoJIslmo, levee district cafe
owner, shot and killed a man Iu
Billings, Mont. The victim, the
state's attorney suld, wan named
Bastlsstlck. Venllle fled to Butte,
was arrested, tried and sentenced to
00 years. After solving less than
eight years he was released.
(Continued -from p 1.)
distinguished position ho holds, nrid
added that "his training and asaocla
tlous hove not given hjm the ethical
perceptions and iitaiidards relative to
public office that usually characterise
public mon,"
Tlio caso was to come before ho
house, for a vole Tliuhhlay,
The forvi Uw nt lltimhmr creek,
in the Applesiute section, reported o
lie 'under con t nil e-teiln.v. W Mill
nigini; mill i belli fouuht liv u Itirge
grtiijr of fire'fiitliteVs under tin iliiee
Hon of the Jueksim t'onnty Kiro Pa
trol nssoeiiuion ntiil the loivtrv ser
vice. It nlivmly m burned out six
sinuirv mite- of territory, iletroius
vnlttmile timber. I nle u limit wind
starts, the association hope to have
tho fire under control, today.
The fire ill Koor i-'rctfk is iil-o
proving lmril to control. It U tliuuglit
that it will be under control late this
afternoon. A new fire ha- been, re
ported at Tulnw Box moitiitaiii (hut
has already burned a tract over three
miles hut;, and one at Wellington
To make the fti-o-fiplitinjx sn
more efficient, n trail is beinj; con
structed nlom; the I'miniuu divide to
shorten the di-lance to ranger sta
tions in ease fire should break out in
that district.
This trail will also lirins the I'mp
qua national forests and the liopic
luittoual forests In more close union,
so they can work together in case of
(Continued from Page 1)
result in lite joy of pence and tin
honorable settlement."
LONDON. July 31. While the
leaders of the Liberals, Conservatives,
Nationalists and Ulster Unionists
were In conference today at Bucking
ham Palace endeavoring to find a
solution of the home rutc pftblcm
preparations were being mado by the
chief Unionist organizer fiu a genera,
election. He sent orders to nil the
constituencies to prepare for an elcc-
tlon three weeks after tho conference .
as the leaders aro convinced that nniliuls Latsarus, who gave, a vivid de
matter what may b done at Bucking- jfcrlptlon of tho. scene whou Mui".
bam Palace, the House of Commons iCalttauic shot Catmctte.
soon niusCbc dissolved.
During tho tlmo the conferees snt
around the tabic In Buckingham Pal
ace, they found an opportunity to dis
cuss many points of difference and
before adjourning touched on the
question of the exclusion of tho coun
ty of Tyrone from the operations of
tho Irish homo rulo bill, a point whlcii
everybody recognizes ns the most
thorny one of the whole Subject.
Conference to Decide
The general Impression prevallr
that the conferenco will settlo thU
matter, since nobody believes thai
the question of tho exclusion of one
connty will be allowed by 'eight poli
ticians, possessing the ability of tho
conferees, to turn t"ho Scales foi
civil war, ,
At the same tlmo it Is not thought
that parliament will accept any com
p'romlso going beyond the offers nt
ready mado and refused and If the
House of Commons did so, Ireland
Itself would not fall Into line.
T.lltfral Itark up IrciniHl
A Liberal caucus summoned, ns one
of the leaders put it, to "buck up"
the British government, was attended
by upwards of 10b Liberal member
of tho house of commons.
A resolution Was passed fo the ef
tect that tho members iinHwcrVlugl)
supported tlio claims of Irclnnd ns pin
forward by tho Nationalist and em
bodied In th6 Irish home rulo bill
arid the gathering showed 'a determi
nation to sco the cause finally won.
Tho meeting further expressed tile
opinion that It was tlio duty of the
government to complete Its wliolo pro
gruml-ofbro making an appeal (o the
King George with Huron Stamford
limn, his private scerctnry, received
the statesmen in the chamber where
the privy council always meets-, mui
he shook hands cordially with all oV
tlient. ,
1-Vleinlly, Not Cordial
Probably this was the first time
that John II. Itedmnuil ami John Dil
lon, the liibh national!! leaders, had
,nir .ej..;)M-J-g-'.-). greeting-,, .w;h .tjiejr
FOR SALE Heavy teum workliorsea
cheap. Jas. Campbell, ICfng'a
Highway. 105
FOR BALE--Cheap for cash, six
room dwelling house, modern, fur
nislietl and on fino lot 'with largo
shade trees. See this proposition
before you buy elsewhere. En
quire 518 King itreet.
FOR 11ENT Modern, six roOni bun
galow, cast front, fine shade, range
connected. Phono MO-X. IQft
FOR SALE My rendering business
with equipment, two 400 galjou
tanks, 20 h. p. boiler and engine,
und all other necessaries; also
good general purpose horse, one
horsa wagon, hack, cooking range,
chlckons. Medford Reduction Co ,
Wobt Ma(a Bl., phono 2S7. 105
KOIl sALEFJne 'range with' Water
connections, 'used "but little, C, V
PWer, Hi N. Ohktlnle, 107
- . . . ,- , -
sovereign, as It hail been (liV'inu'-
lice or llioiinlutiinlwf mfibhbrs ol
inrllniiien( 1o tvmain away.l'Hun all
funotlons -where iiteiiihcw of the
house of i'oi.TiiTons w?ie likely, to he
lirmt:lit ihto ejutittiel Witlrro.Vi'llv.
Tho ineeliiii;' of- the conservative
and liberal leaders on such inliuiate
foot Ini; was aiijhhvutlv friendly, llul
eould not hnu been eoiili, as Pre
mier .sfiultli alnl Amliew IHuui'fil
l.liv tunc liedlf liiifclv on suontfnb.
teim. as Mh Law luaciicullv accus
ed the )iivuiler fii the lurtiso of com
mons of I.vIuk a'hmit icc'i'iit g(iveru
meiil plans tovs'iipprrss the I'Ut'er
The Maripiis of l.uiisdowuc, leader
of the unionists in the house of
lords, mu! David l.loyd-dcorjjo,
chancellor of the evcheqiicr, two of
the other conferees, rcprocVut the
most etretne nrlstocititii' and doiiio.
cratic schools of Uriti-h Hilil!os, and
are vreiemlly believed to he bittei
personal enemies.
. Atinosplicic I'bllly
Since tersoual feelings niiionir pot -
..:. :.. .1... ift....i i.-: i...
Itleiaiis in the United Kingdom uccr
run so liigh as t pu-seut, the ntiiiw
plietv of the gntlienne could not hne
been otherwise Hum extremely chilly
nnd formal.
After a brief eotneis-ation. King
Oeorge withdrew from the meeting.
The conference." after being in s.
sioii for only ulmut mm Injur niul n
half, adjourned until tomorrow.
(Continued from Pam- 1.1
Maitre taliuri xm- n-gardc.l liv .!-1
serving lawyers as u muster stroke.
Mail re l.nliori's voice musienl
mid full of dm mat ic feeling. When
he hnd concluded. Paul llourget te
am rked:
'Literature is not lire."
He agreed, however, that private
letters ought not to he published and
said he did not believe Calmetle had
intended to publish the Cuillnux let
ters. Other members of the staff of thi
Figaro then testified, .among them
(.atzarus said ho heard shots nid
rail to Calmette'a room where Cal
mette had sunk iu a stnto of collapse
lu a chair. M. Slrac. he said, was
holding u woman u? tho wrists. She
cried: "Let me. go. 1 am not going
to escape."
Slrac then let.Jicr go, raid the wit
ness, and sho stood near the door.
clenr-cyed and with lier face neither
pale nor flushed. Sho semed l'nt
The East Side Dairy
lias puivluiHi'd W. Mull it's .Jfi'.spy herd and route
and has added it to the dairy. They have also made
iniproveiildiits in the dairy ham, added a new pooling
and airator-niaehiiie, put in a Kewauee water system
and are now Hot lor prepared than ever to handle
their increasing husiness.
Auto and wagon delivery to all parts of oily,
Morning jjnd evening.
Reynolds & Stevens Props.
Uairvat Ros's Lane.
(or Evertii Moior Nge4
nic'totidard Oil for Motor 'Car?,
I"or ue yncf 9 ji heavy oil is desirdd.
lor Iror4 Cats. t
ZEROLENE Trsmsloh Lubncant "A" ,
Ah Qjl-hwvy hodicM.
ZEROLEjE Transmmibii Lubricant "BB"
A, Qieaic si'ini-fluid.
ZEROLEfE tranomissibn lutjr'Iciiht "BBD"
A Greaseheavier than "JJB"
ZEROLENE Cup Grca'so
For Grease Cups, etc,
ZEROLENE Fibre Grease
lor use wjierc a fibrous urease 'is 'desired.
Standard Oil Company
' wafora
troubled by tho in editors who qtlluli-
ly gnthevo'd nrmtfttt her, '
XI Jitstlco hi IVhiicu'' ,
"She bgnn to s'lieak,1' snhl the
wltiicss, "snylhg; ,''HlhV"o there Is 'no,
Justlcu lh Frnutfoi - ' . ' i
" 'Shut your mouth,' snld one of
tho editors. 'After what you have
done, keep unlet.'
" 'I w'iir Hot upehklliK Jo you,' unlrt
Mu'ie.' Ctillhmx." ' ! '
l.atjt'arus diVlaiWI tllal Male. Hill
laiiv Was (ierfccl mislrcss of herscll
when he saV her after the erlille, lie
tulmfttcd thai he hud IblKVd hhdiit the
Cnillnux ease many times with I'al
mette, tiiblhig:
''My chief said lie had iliplouultu
iloeiiineulH iinportnht I'liouglt ahs'o
lulvly ii ehMi Calllnux:"
After (.'nlmotte hntl. itiiiicd the
'Thy Joy" letter, nccouliiiK In
sards, he rcinnrkvM: ''.Mypoekets aie
i'lnpty. I have nothing more."'
Why She Was IWni
.liiilge Albaii'el then nfketl Mine
Cnilliiuv if she htiil niixtlilni; to sny
1 about the Victor I'ahro dociuAcnt, and
1 m i..!n..... ......H...I .
.Mllll. 'llllllll IVHirn
"I had no fear of llutt, because I
knew the part itiv husband hud taken
iu the lloohetto affftir."
Then, alluding to her calmness nf
tcr the shooting, Mine, t'nllliiiiv snid
'All the world knew that night the
condition of Calmctte except myself.
nnd 1 did not Know until Hie next da
(hat my action was irrepanilile."
Mnitre l.abori remarked lo the
court that two of the"" documents
found on the tvioit of (IiihIoii Cal
mctte had been sent lo President
I'oineaie mid that all the otheis hud
'- wt to dcorqes Pi,-stat, the
president ofthe board of directors ol
ihe Figaro,
"I see t Ins t M.' I'ri'stnt i mining the
sieclutnrs," continued Muitiv l.a-
bori. "Perhaps he can tell Ihe court
what wus done with tho-e paprr."
Burned (he Lelteis
"The in pert. I received," said M.
I'restat mi arising, "wure onlv cop
ies iu the haudwtilitur of M. Cal
mctte. One was the l-'nhrc doeummit,
then nlready published; tho norouil
was the 'Thy Joey' letter, from which
tho intimate nines hnd been ex
purgated. I considered I had (lie
right to destroy tlne papers, and I
binned them."
Then, tiintius toward, the jury, M.
Preslat uiil: "Thev had ot the life
of my rvlativc"
AL half past four o'clock the court
took a recess.
.Mine. Caillau.v took frequent note
of the te.-tinion dunng the da.
writing on n pad placed on her
knees, mid sl, itcciimuhiled unite a
large nort'olio. . ..
Is Coming
isaMfeo.v t 'a '. - iBMii.
Put tho difference ill the ImnU. The
saving helweeu I'Vird etsl and heavy
car cost is "velvet" for tho prudent
huyor. lie knows the Kurd not only
saves him dollars hut .servos him
host. It's a hotter car sold al a lower
price and liaolcod wtlh Kord sOrVio:'
and gtmrantoo.
Mir Is tho price- nf lint 1'ord runnbou't; th'o
tourltiK rur Is --f. o h. Medlord, romplnin
with oijutpmeiit. (let i-iitaliu: und pnrtlculur
n i? ratRS
Xa JL- V -
siwuT.i urii.uiNo.
rmszsamrwr :&t v
-- v " f
1:1ft i(ir Sei t bv
Hot imd cold ruuiiliii: tvator, private phone, stouni bout ami outside
ftlhdon-s In nil roem:
Kxitilslto Lohliy and Mexzanluo,
Kxcellsnt Uiilstuv-
Splendid H-iinplo Itooms.
Tlio Commercial Traveler mtiUea this his hotilo iiuil the Tourlots
usnnlly'proloni; their stay.
Itm.'iii ttlthout prlvnto bath, per tiny, f 1. 00 and up.
Itoutu with private bnth, per day, $2,011 nnd up.
This (uy hotel Is now open iirsIii and ou lll bo a home, tho
moment uu enter. ,
This hotel Is particularly noted for Its homelike surroundings,
and Its nrtJstlr furnlshines.
Hot hnd rold riiniiliiK water nnd ileum hent In nil rooms.
Itntcs wr day:
Itoutu without lintli, 73o nnd $1.00. (
Ito'o'fn with prlvnto shower bnth, $1.25,
Itoom with prlvnto bnth, $t.fU mid up.
One room loft at ten dollars for mouth.
si-ix'iAii i.ow it.vrirs nv wi:i:k tut .month
Clean rooms, clean bedx and ovorythlni; kiiullnry,
Itu'tpd por il'iy f'Uc and 7re.
I respectfully Uvr, to nniiouiiro Hint tho nboto hntiils are all npur
ated under my nolo ownnrnhlp and mnuticoiuent, luid I ttlih fo thank
)ou for your hind patrouuKo In the past and I hope to doservu utiu
cess In tliu flituiu,
Your obedient servant,
ltd you I'lutoernt, Aulocrnt, Arlstorrnt or Democrat malien no dlf
fureiiro to us. You are welcome.
Sunday Excursions
$13 Rbund Trip
llexInul'iK next Sunday tho Hall Taxi company will run Sunday
auto uxciirsloiiH to Crater I-alto with Crater l.alio auto Htnu. No, 'A.
Tlio conditions nru wo uimtt hnVo flvp or moru piiHuunKurs buforu
inuliliit; iIioeo trips,
l'liHsenKors can return Monday or at Inter ilii(en on Crutor, Luho
auto stnuo No, 1, whan not flllud with piisseiiKurs pnyltiK renuliir faro,
Tim Iittll Taxi company has nlxo
Four pusBotiBor ears $3.00 for first holr, $3, 50 for ench hour..
thereafter. f , ',
Six and Won passoniter cars $:i.li0 por hour,
To Jaihsonvlllo ono, two or threo phsHoriKurs, $1.75 each, mlill
tlonal pussoii(irH, 50 conls, ' '
To other towns nnd points, prices In proportion.
J 1 0,00 pur day oltjlit hourn for four pnssoiiKur cur a.
tir oxcurslons to Horiio river (Ilybeo's brldRo), Icuvn overy
Sunday at 0 n. ni return. ubout 8 p. in. $1.00 round trip, rosurvu'
seat order, y i ,
Hall Taxi Co.
Phone 100,
F A Jk. A M-r k
Mian tutu, out:.
vwm tfMHwmwauww atU
. 'risrxac:T05'anETi
rwn , mmrm mmwvh)H'm
The Hotel of
siaivin: uiuurrv
10 Willi filiate Hutti
Sooly and Cuiirl !llall, Mgrs,
l ll'l IBHW r,.,i.-