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I- KtrtoUNAL
hortston Harper of the fedfora
baschali team sustained a broken rib
In ono of Hi" gnmes at (Srants Pass
last week liy biMiiR lilt by a pitched
Imlf. ' l
fytfa lt.11. Meanly for Aetna Fi-
Mvw and jjuroty Upnds.
tTrteHrnnnlc Ycporls.'fcll ot the
"lUitfwa'ot Btia Andersdn al hi A homo
In ynndouver.'and that an oncratlon
for plItone will probably bo neees-
BftVi-ii'Jl i'
J.,0 Corking, tho 6ct nil around
photographer In southern Oregon.
Always reliable. Negatives made any
where, time! or place. Studio 22S
Main St. Phono 3 20-J. -
!.. D. Mann of Sacramento. Is vis-
ItlnK friends In the city for n few
days. " i,
llolmos Insure homes. ?
, R. W.aslotf of .Montague. Cal., Is
ntfcndfng to business matters In this
city and Jacksonville this week.
Kodak finishing and supplies at
WYston'u Camera Shop. Over Isis
A sound of Yreka. Cal.. Chinamen
arrived' Tuesday nhornoon to make
their regular monthly visit with the-
Inmates of the Wall Lee laundry.
Carkln Taylor, lawyers. (John
II. Carklal Glenn O. Taylor), Has-
klns-Roydcn Illdg., Main street. '
RosWcll Coffin .'arrived this morn
log from Chicago to spend tho sum
mer rjsjting his parents, E. V. Cof
fin of tilts' city. Mr, Coffin Is enf
ployed In'the auditor's department of
thn Illinois Central railway.
Try"a "Splti" cigar, best Cc clear
on tho market.
Miss Ina Cochran has returned
from a short visit with friends at
llutto Falls.
Hay for sale. V. II. Evorhard.
A "King Spits" cigar la homo made.
Try ono, Cc, f
Tho concensus of opinion among
fight fans In this city was that Wil
lie Kltchto should have been given a
Sultriness marked today on ac
count of the high humidity, and this
ofcrnwn nt 1:QQ o'flcqck the. juor-
enrjr registered aegrccH,
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hopkins of the
flno'wy Hullo orchard near Centra1
Point an? visitors In the city today.
Screen doors nt Mcdford Co.
Fred Lewis and wlfo of Wollen nro
visitors In tho city for a few hour
Mrs, .lours has another big Inrd
sale Saturday, booth S, public
market. 3
Col. It. C. Washburn of Table
Hock spent Tuesday afternoon In tho
city attending the meeting of tiie di
rectors ot th ItoRtto lllver Fruit as
sociation. -Three or four color fruit labels,
your own design as ordered. Sled
ford Printing Co.
The Seventh company will hold a
practbe shoot on their range near
this city with tho Ashland company
rifle team next Sunday,
Order ydur fruit labels of the Mcd
ford Printing Co. and keep tho money
at home.
Police Judge Ray left Tuesday
night for Salem on official business
and as a consequence all police court
business has been postponed until to
morrow morning.
Fruit labels artistically printed In
any and all colors. Med ford Print
ing Co.
Oeorge Simmons of the Palmer
creek country Js spending a few days
in the city attending to business mat
ters. Walt till Saturday to buy your
lard, big sale on at booth 3, public
market, 95
Attorney Otis Newbury was a pro
fessional visitor In Jacksonville this
Until July 15 wc will receive onion
for special threo color apple and pear
stationery at cut prices reduced
front f S.GO to $4.00 with your busi
ness card thereon. Mcdford Printing
S. D. Holmes of Eagle Point is in
the city today attending to business
We havo a I3S00 press, recently
installed especially for printing fruit
The fir-t forest fire of (lie -emon
in this M'etioit .Monday oil
t'oormou creek, ' ponr Juc.konvillo,
when forty-three uml one-third oord-
nf woo) belonging In J'ieree llros,
was burned. The fire Marled when
brush burning go( ieyond contiol.
Fore.-t runner from the Apples:nlo
en-operaling with the Jack-on Coun
ty Patrol association. Imtlled the
flumes. Fifteen acres were burned
Another liru-li fire i raging nt
liosttc Hiver todny, which is outride
of ford service jnrisilielinu, mid is
being controlled liy the itulrol no
ciation nm) stale fire fighter. These
two fire. cause the smoky sky.
Telephone line- huilt hv the fnre-l
service this spring lire now in opera
tion, covering- twenty-two mile, n
follows Fifteen miles on creek
in the UmiHiin divide, two uml one
half miles from Unite Full- to Sun
tiom lookout, nnd four miles from
AVngncr'.s Hutle to Lous' onlim.
Knugvrs lor lookout Miliums, were
sent out the first of the mouth.
Forest Sukrvisor Kriok-on will
leave the first of the week for n I en
ilnyV trip of in-pection
Unite FnlU ditriet.
The F. W. Shaplelgh Hardware
company has the best and cheapest
hose In town. Prices on' everything
reduced. t
Lorenzo Hamilton, Freeborn Gar
ret'son, Farley Johnson, and Myrle
Oarnctt left' this morning for Crec
eent City, traveling by tandem
wheel. They will be Bono two weeks,
fishing and swimming in tho old Pa
cific. Only one kind of kodak finishing
at Weston's Camera Shop, that's tho
best. Over Jsls .Theater.
Mr. Fred Heed and little daugh
ter. Wave, have returned from a vis
It with friends and relatives in Klam
ath Falls.
The finest equipment In Oregon for
printing fruit labels. Mcdford Print
ing Co.
Miss Pes dough of Portland Is
visiting her aunt, Mrs. L. E. Enyearf.
She will sail July lStli from San
Francisco for a visit to the Philip
pine Islands.
Get It at DoVoe's.
A light shower fell over the valley
Tuesday afternoon. Just enough to
cool the air and lay the dust In the
country. ' "'tilt
Tho Daglcy Canning company at
-latent are paying 34 cents per
pound for loganberries delivered Jn
bulk, boxes and crates not required.
Clean, fresh ripe berries wanted. 93
Manager R.E. Hoko of tho can
nery reports loganberries to bo scarce
thin year. Ho hag made trips to Gold
Hill, Merlin and other points In the
valley to securo shipments and hopes
to be able to put in a full day's can
nlng by the first ot next weok.
Groceries at De Voo'b.
Tho St. Ann" Altar society of the
Catholic church will givo a dance in
the 'Natatorjura Friday night, July
lOikvfnus'lii hy Ilazolrigg,- and ad
n.lMjon CO rents.
J ds,: finishing. Jho host, at Wcs-
draw In ht fleht with Welsh Toes- labels. Medford Printing Co.
day. nnd the result was a disappoint- M' ,,c,cn Uahl h returned from
ment to many. n fortnight's visit with friends and
relatives at Kluuie, uregon.
Mcdford Conservatory reduced pri
ces for music Ktssons begin July 1st.
Advaaced students will bo taken at
the same low price as beginners.
Open all summer. 31 Grape street.
W. G. Knighton of Eagle Point,
left Wednesday on a visit to Hilt,
Arthur W. Clark of the Clark
Hcnery company, accompanied by En
gineer Ooao. arrived in Medford
Wednesday to bid on Pacific highway
Lance Brothers Tuesday made the
record steel head catch of the year,
bringing In 18 from 3 to 9 pounds In
weight; caught below Dybee bridge.
Clairvoyant, Mme. Dreyfus leaves
the 18tb Inst. Those desiring val
uable adyico, should consult her at
obco. Advice by mail $1.00. Colon
ial Flats, apartment 2. 92
County (,ommiK'.iiiner ('. t. Harlow
of Jo-ephiiie county, has tendered
bU resignation n n member of the
board, nnd the court wilt tnkc action
upon it nt the regular meeting in
'August. Mr. Hnrlow leaves for Ilell
inxhnm, Washington, where he' will
engage in lniine.
ton's Camera Shop,
Ovr Isis Ttiea-
Mr, and Mrs. J. L. Vance and fam
ily, Mr. and Mrs. John A. Pprl and
family and Mr. nnd Mr. Pug Isaacs
motored to Prospect last .Sunday, re
turning by way of Sams Valley.
If you want a lithographed fruit
label instead of a printed one, soo
us.'wo are agents for Schnijtz Litho
graph Co. Medford Prjntlng Co.
Ri'ft Calvert of (Irant Pass U at
tending to Ijiifclnesa matters In the
ii city today
f I)r. Jyrtlo Lokwopd will limit 1
atriesihaurs during July' nnd Aug
to' 4oiUy, Wednesday and Friday,
I to4 V'm. '"' 97
' J, 0. Itlio of IloHoburg sjient Mon
lUy aid Tuogduy In Medford return
Mff Mi tils' homo this morning.
Call Mitchell for lawn mower trou
Mo. Phone 26,
fWSgg?W1' ' II 1 11 I J I i I '1 n .1
W ' ; ' W ,",'i)i ir-rrt
' r,"wi w im-jk
4, U. tht tm-H
(ContlBB from .Page 1)
million dollars to pay expenses of the
national government exhibit at the
San Francisco exposition was today
voted in the sundry civil bill by the
senate. It provides for a building
and allows not more than I&0.000 for
the ubo of tho secretary of war In
entertaining foreign guests.
Senator Vardaman of Mississippi
made a fight on tho appropriation,
objecting particularly to tho enter
tainment fund.
"Tho world ha gone mad on the
question ot society," he said. "1
wish we could go back to tho digni
fied simplicity of the days when
Thomas Jefferson occupied tho white
IlKltMX, July 8. The neniinu
Lawn Tennis a-i)ciatiim today made
an official aiiiiououcemeut stntiug
that Germany would noto participate
in the international tournament for
Hie Davis cup, thus contradicting the
report current here yestenjay thai
a team was to be rent to tliu United
Slates to meet Ihe Australians,
support, ronj both the .old parties and
) jle;$ed. -
'jl 'JmYcn't got anyihlng to say
about tho governorship or anything
else concerning politics," said the
colonel when he came out of the
room. "If J have anyHiing to say
later to alter pay p'rcylous statement
you 'lll know about it."
Somebody handed to tho colonel a
newspaper despatch quoting Henry
Sayage Landor, of England, as re
newing bis attacx on Jtoosevejt's
claim to the discovery of a river in
South America,
"Landor,' the colonel exclaimed,
"Is perfectly prepperui absurd
ity. No serious scleni'st dreads of
accepting hlni as anycilog mora thai
a buffoon as an explorer."
Colonel Jtoosevelt agreed today to
mojfp Jils jip.eeei In IJtou prlgnaly
set for July 2i, on August 17. '
Notice Is hereby glveln that the
city council will receive sealed bids
for the construction pf an eight (H)
inch Lateral Hewer on Dakota ave
nue, ffffiu Peach street to Newtown
tst root.
All bids must bo filed with tho
undersigned ut tho recorder's office
nut later than-tWOC p. in. Tuesday,
July 21st 19H, uud must bo accom
panied by a certified cluck for flvo
tier rent !') of the bid.
Plans and spoclcflcatloris govoni-
jug the construction of this newer
may hv seen at ho cHy piigliieerV
Dated u- Kh, J9IL
llHOtdur or fho City of Medford, On'.
ly smoking Mt. Mil. tho btmt U
elttur "w 1 1'" muiku,
FOLKKSTONK, Knglnud, July 8
I'.ngiuiiil won loiluv the iouiie
nnti'ii against lk-lgium in the first
preliminary round of the competition
Jor the Dwight F. Davis interna
tional lawn tennis troliy, and this
with their two successes in the sin-
gle inatchert yt;stenlny gave Ificm
the victory iu (he round.
(Continued from t'age 1)
in'MUAUTOS' Scotland, uly S
.Militant suffriiKoUes made dospvrnto
efforts today to attract tho attention
of King norg and Queen Mary who
are making a tour through Scotland.
At Itnlloch lrldn at tin? fuel of Loeji
Lomond the women cut down nil the
decorations, mud nt D.ilmulr, ten
miles from Glnsgow. they aiminged
to break out ntlnigo banner lenrlmt
tho words, "Yi)tlr Majesty, stop .the
forcible fd-illnK. of and torturing o.'
women," across tho route as tho pro-
cession arrived. At the same tlino
one woman armed with a megaphone,
howled denunciations of forcible feed
ing. Nulther the .king nor the qucon
paid tho slightest attention, but tho
crowd displayed such a hostile atti
tude that thn militant suffragettes
beat a hasty retreat.
ST. PAl'L, Mum.. July S. The
child born out of wedlock is not ordi
narily a defective nor is it necessar
ily bad. according to Dr. M. I..
Orosicmunu of the N'utiounl Associa
tion for the Stndv and IMuealinii of
F.xccptimiiil t'hildreii, wlm spoke to
day before the' department of sp.
eial education at the convention o
the National Educational association.
A close study of thousands of cases,
he said, had .lisdocil the ttirtliu.'
fact thai less than 111 per cent ol
the children born to women leading
irregular lives were below normal.
Dr. (Irossciuaun further dcclaicd
there was no such thing as an aver
age child. "F.vcry child is mi ex
ceptional cliihl, a different child,"
he siud. "There is no standard liy
which to judge litem as 'average'."
Statistics have been compiled by
Dr. Uro-semuiiu nhowiiiu that the"
l'uile.1 States Spends $, 1)0,000.0011
nuiiiially for police courls of justji-c.
prisons, ciiarllics nnd corrections and
similar forms .of protection against
evils, nii;l ojlly .51111.1100,000 for
schools ami chprclies uud oilier con
structive agciiiif. .....
tnlllloii bushel of wheat wore added
to the piopec)n'of the crop diirluu
June b) tho e.w client weuthcr coudL
ttous. making thu forecast of the
crop, as announced today by tho de
partment of ngrlculturo P3,0iH,0i)
bushels, n new record.
The acreage planted to corn this
year, was only slightly less than that
of Inst ear, while the condition of
that crop was ono per rent bettor
than tho ten year July nxerago, mak
ing the prospects good for n crop es
timated by thu department ot ngrl
culturo at I'.SCS.OOO.OOO bushels.
That would bo better than for tho
last five ears.
Forecasts of the total production
of the nation's principal crops, Inter
preted from reports of tho crops on
July 1 wero announced by tho de
partment of agriculture as follows'
Winter wheat, inV.,000.U0i) bush
els; spring wheat, 000 bush
els; total wheat crop, 930,0011,000
bushels; corn, 3,SOS,000.000 bushels'
oats, 1. 'JIM. 000,000 bushels; barley
I'll, 000,000 bushels; white potatoes,
3&ti,000.000 bushels; sweet potatoes,
'0.000,0110 bushels; tobacco, 733
000.00 pounds; flax. IS.OOO.OOli
bushels; rice. ;3,0A0,000 bushels.
tjiiiPH whisM-red. Sie Iiout-lit two
additional Imttericg on IliU occas
ion. Daughter Contradicts
Elizabeth f'armnn, 1'J-ycar-pJil
daughter of Dr. and MY, ('iirmaii,
testified that directly after thu shot
wa fireo she yaij npsiairn and saw
her mother, hvr unfit and her irnnd
mother there. Her niolhcr, she said,
wiih in ii ki;jiima.
Kljuwood Jlardes, a new witness-,
testified just Jieforo the hearing
ejosedj (hat ho had e,cii u '.women lie
wiih nimble lo identify running nway
from the doctor' office shortl" at'
ter the shot wiicli kijcl .Mj-x. JJailoy
wiih fired. She wore a dark skirt
and white shirtwaist, WitiicrfhcH Ics-
tifyipg at previous sessions of the
impiest swore that Mr, r'armau was
thus garbed on Jlio pioht of the mur
der, Hho Iiiih iiiiiintained, however,
that fhe was ilrenscd in a l.iinoiia
npd in her beilriom ut the time of
the shooting.
In this contention Jim, faiiniui
wiih borne out on thu,Hlum (oiay v
lier young ilniigliler, Kliabetli,
The ilistricl atioiiun- Jiifoiiiicil Hie
coroner atler llm liupiesl that lui be.
Ilevi'd it ivomiui should ha Immeill
alely nicsie, uiol held for tin mur
der, Tim vnrviwr iki-ivciciI tiuit lie
tvpuM ii'ivw Ijie lestlmoiiy nl.ei a
(oday'w Iiioiiimi ami ulubl onler mi
iiiii'fcl bi'fiin' bll'l
KALFf, On;., July 8. Compljing
with a resolution piu-M'd by the t'oiiu
ly School Superintendents ot their
convention hero .last week, State Su
perintendent of l'jihlic Instruction
Churchill has announced that he v ill
prepare in Hie pear future n uniform
card record for the pupils of the
grades and high schools in district
of the second, and third class. The
teacher, in addition to recording on
these cards the standing of the pu
pil in each subject, will also recpid
an estimate, of thu pupil's application
lo his work, a pole of tip) subject in
which he excels', n physical record.
ami the lines of work in which In;
Ik esjK'cially interested. When the
child enters high m-IiooJ thin record,
it is believed, will be valuably lo (he
teacher and to the parent in planning
thu pupil's lir.'h school course, T.t
record, in short, will .bo u vocational
guide, and will be of aid to the I curli
er in assisting the boy or girl in as
cerlajuitijr what, kind of work lhe
arc bent fitteil for.
NEWPOUT, U. I . July S. -The
Tri-Clty Sloop Defiance dovoloKd
trouble with her peak haljanl blocks
and was forced to leave today's cup
yachts trial to her two rltal. A
fine heavy weather test of the yachts
was promised when the Kosotuto and
the Vnnltlo reached the starting lino,
four iiiIIch southeast of Predion'
licet lightship.
A snappy ir.-mllo southwester
swept ucrosi tho course and tho sou
was covered with whlteenps. TJie
courso fo today's race was a Ip
ntlle thrash to wlh'dward and 'return.
Vniittlii crossed tho lino ilrsl'ln
today's- race but Itoroluto won the
contest on tluio alloftauoo. The
j.iehts crowed the flnlsli luo iu ful
laws: Vaiiltlc, 3:43:215 esoluto 3.4 1:01.
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niK'AiIO, Jply H, -Kcprchirit'i-t'vt!n
of frcigjit Jiiijidlers, nrU, Unit'
gagemeii, wareliojisemeit and Iriiniiiien
of sixly-seven fiulnaid liyeH weai of
t'bicago were oc'ip;c( today u pre
paring an ultimatum to K seal in
the board of mnuugcrrf of tho oads.
Tiu c.xeciitno ciuiuiiltee of llie vii -pioyes
voted ycslerday to take a icf
ercndiiiii stril,i vole jn llicir org.iniz.t.
lions. A slrikii vote by llm cngjiic ih
and firemen of the ftMiilu.iilivnuV U
in progress. At the iueejii;g vgslef.
day it was decided Hint all thu rail
road cmploye.sjwjaild act clher Id
the inn I ter of iid)- dcmnnd-(.
i'miHAM; 'ViiuiiV niot"oi"o7iiiK
pigs; ulso ono loiirig sow. j'hniin
M7-H, 1)1
FO HAM; JIk Willi aiwjilbred
sows, one jiniliirml bouiofigiio I
brendJiiK jc, ;iHrWJiirg, jdtnl.
the new lines which are now rlearlj
Indicated for the future."
The president snld today ho earn
estly hoped Mr. Warburg would re
consider his decision not to accept
the nomlnatllii uud that ho was urg
ing hi Ml to do so. He expressed con
fidence that Mr. Jones wltild Ihi ton
firmed. The senate banking committee had
no meet iiM.' today, but an ojiport un
ity will be afforded tomorrow for a
formal motion to withdraw the ini
latioii that Mr. Warburg appear lo
be questioned. It wiih said jodav by
member the majority probably would
oppose ii. .vciin; i iininniin mien
cock said no suggestion hail reached
him from iidiniiiistratiou officials ior
wilhdrawal of thu invilatioii.
The nomiiiatioii of Tlionnis D, .lone
of Chicago nlso will he lalien mi to
morrow. It wiih not certilu today
that Mr. Jones would bo approved by
a majority.
it became known lodav that s-everal
COLliAR 'ziovzd
CiusitHnKpJyfrJCo.Inc. MtUcn
ford, It V
inn, u
WASW.l) W'iru'dT y,m iTtW
lienors hum tfll iiwji utr nur
ohiiis or iiffrnini; im
Tho most economical, plonnalnK uud
goruilddal of all antiseptic lit
A olubl Antbptlc Toyto to
Ana miidlcJnuI nstlaeytle tor douchtw
l)i treutlng culurrh, jnllawmutloii or
ulceration ol uou, throat, and that
cuusei) by fuinlnliio Ills Rhus no wiiml,
Vur ten yuan thu Lydlu y. l'l)iliiai;i
ModlelnoC.'o.hiu reooniiii(ii)(od I'axlliio
In their prlvalo oorresiioiidmieu vtllli
women, which pioyuu n HUsiloilty.
Woman who huvo bach ourod vy
H U "WfU l KWKhi in c,(,id," At
ilDiVKl) WQ. (M' bi, w by mull,
Via I'uiUiH 'MU Co., llo.don Mm,
memhcis of Die eounnillee are not so
niueli IiiIcicsUmI lii'lhe piuiii'iui etp
iieellopK i)' r, Wnilptru u)i wlli iin.v
jiileresl u iiuiy hint' in jii)eiu.n blink
ing liousn mid in jis foii;lgiiiivitst-
Ineiits. ' K
Cf.HVKIiAND, ()., July S. Th
estate, said to amount to millions, left
by Tinnitus II. White, founder of a
sowing, iimclilno rouipnnv, ho died
June 22, will iilllliintoly bn used for
I'lQVelaudurs In educatlomil mpl calitrr
liable work, scjontltln resenrcli, euro
of peedy, slfk and Red, apd i ll'i
provi) living CiSudltloiiM ot the poor,
according to nuiioiiiiceitient mndit to
night by F. II. Huff, president '.if n
trust rnlupnny which will huV chnrgo
of, tho carr) Initial of the piovlslun
of the wll. Tho c-Mnto s left to the
flvo children of the dot-eased niul at
thulr denth U to bo used Iu ph)lau
throplc Work, T)ie (inuiunt of the
estate was not inude known.
NKW YOltlC. July S. Now lluven
shares wero the featuio of today's
early market, by reason of thu an-
nouneemeiit (hat the iiovoriinimit pur-
noses carrying mil Its dissolution still
UBiilipU h ,nuil. Tim. tocl( full a
fraction over a point.
' llollld lA.eillllleil' wore, niislll Hllh-
Jeolotl to pieMHro. with projiplluced
weakness In'MlftVoiir? PaclYie fohirt
which sold at 41 St a In" nt 2 '4
imlnlM, while Denver Iniprouunent
fixes lost u point, - 't
' -"- -"fr
You (Jet the U"M
There Is whan .you nmolt (lor. John-
lOH'Clgars and pttrjinlio hopin Indus-
tries. i i ,
Wlint About that Vacation for Your Tool?
A pair of our low heeled, eiisv com
forts will glut tho rcipiticd ret
JcOchlmg ft,oo felora
Hotel Medford
Kill Itooius
The Hotel of
III Willi Pi Uate Haiti
t;tcnlor ,s!erli- ' '
Hot and robl running water, prlwtto phono, sHsini hisil and oiilMldoi
windows In all roop'is. ,
Kxipilslto l)bbynnd Meuanliip. (
K(duiil Cuisine, '
Hptniidld Hamplo Itooms.
Tjjc t'oiuinijrelal Traveler makes this his Jiomc, and tho Tourjsls
usually piolong their stay. , , . , ,
Tariff " ..,
Itoom without private bath, tier day, $1.00 and up. , ,A -.
itbom wllh'prhato bath, per ilny1. $2.00 aid up. "" "r-r"
hi'i:ci.i'L's ttv vi:i:k ok month
Hotel Holland
This rosy hotel luliow open again nnd oil will he At homo thn
moment you enter.
This hotul lu ptvrtlrularty noted for Its homelike surrounding,
nnd lis artistic furaihltijs. ' ,. v , 1ft 1 C i'R.'f
Hot and (.'old ruiJAhld'watdV nnd Ilea in hoot In nil room. '
Hates per day: ' '
ltoom without bath, 73c and $ 1 .(10.
Itoom with prlvalo shower bath, fl.'-O.
ltoom wlfh private bath, $ I. f0 and up.
Three rooms left al 1 0.00 per mouth. First come, (Irs..! snrved.
Come quick.
Hotel Moore
Clean rooms, clean beds and everything sanitary.
Hates per day COo and 75c.
I respectfully beg to announce that tho above hotels nro all oper
ated under my solo ownership mid management, ami I VIhto Ibuiik
)ou for your kind patroungn Iu the uiL mid I hope to,.dcservo suc
cess In thu future. .-,
Your obedient servant,
He you Plutocrat, Autocrat, Aristocrat or Depioprat makcp no dif
ference to us. You nro welcome.
"Tried and True" Im this old rellnblo outing resort, with u wealth
of natural scenery, healthful drives, a splendid luuich and mimoroua
near-by points of luloroAt; l,glilhou$o, DeVll'a l'iin'ciiow, Real
Hocks, etc.
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.8i0l) A.M.
I.cavo Albany, dully
I.euvo Albuny, dully oxiopt Huudiiy
l.euvo Corvallls, dally ..
Leave Corvallls, dully except Hiinday ...., A 1. 10 P, M,
Coniiecllous made al Alhnuy and CoivuIHh with H. I. trulns,
Hpeclcal Kxciirslon Tialii will Ipavu Newport oycry Huiidiiy oveiilui;
lit 1100 j.. in., nihil Coiwillln lOilfi ji, m AIDu;i- IU: Hi p, m,
Good Finhiu Htrmima Along tho 0, Si E.
At Kll( City. Morrison, Toledo and along llm Yiuiiilim ihor, also mi
Ibo Hioliiuihiish uml Haiiilum rivers, on Iho ?ui Knd.
Kor Kohlem ilet'rlliiii Newport im un oiiHnj! plucp mil on our
hrur Avpl.
John V, HidH, Oeiieidl PusM-pgir Agenl, 'oiiiiml, Di cuon,
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