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Medford Mail Tribune
Fair, wanner Mat, W)j
Mln, 37 ltd. Hum. M.
1 i
Kurty-fourth Yvitr.
Dully Nlhlti Yrnr,
Captain Kendall, Skipper of IH-Fatcd
Steamer, First Wltness-Storstad
Owners State Captain Signalled by
Whistling That Vessel Was Golnij
qwr.iir.c, Juno in. iiiiiiiin Kin'
.lull, skipper f the Kmpr"n nf Ire
IiiihI, was llic first witness' called to
iluy n tin' opening of tin govrrn
im'tit'rt Investigation inlii III" vHW
Inn lii'hviTii his steamer unit tin1
Storstiid, in Hm' lower HI. Lawrence
rivi-r. mill lln loss of morn (hull n
ioiiihi. ch. Although Kendall
Mill IIiiiimmI rtum llii luiuriri Im re
eeived in lln disaster, hi refused n
sent iitnl fni'i'il llm court "'it liw feet.
Kcmlnll Trll of Wreck
(lplllill Kendall Htllil Oiril In wits
first notified tif tlm presence or an
other steamer she was about six
miles iiwny, lint Hint llm weather
wiim flue mid cli'iir nml there wuh
then tin danger T a collision. Wlii'it
ln noticed lilt; lunik of mist coin
lug off llit1 south shore nml Dim Ktor.
Mod's lights getting illm, In Haiti liu
Mopped ship nml run full speed
"Finally," he "aid, "I heard a pro
longed blast from I lie oIIiit ship lit
(lie midst nf my three bltiMs, from
nlioiil two tointH on my Mntboard
bow, I blew two lonir blast to let
llic utlirr chip know I tun! Mopped,
mnl In return I got mm long blast
rroin her. Thru 1 gave two more,
lint got no reply.
"I sighted his forward mnht nhenil
nml itreen nml rnl light only nlmiit
Hill feet nwn.T. Nh wan hearing fit
righl ancles to my course ntnl going
fnM, nM tlm fontit nl her how showed.
Her eiipliiln initHt httvo rut hrr helm
liiinl nporl."
The rxnmlnntion of witness's wn
pteeeilnl liv the introiliii'tioit of hrirf
"iiinuiiirieM of the fuels hv counsel
icpic-ciitiug the owners of the ei.
Ktorstad'i) Htnlrinrut
f'ntinsol for Ihr Storstud ileehtreil
lluil when she first sighted Hie Cut
pres the lot tec was off the Slor
stud's port. Two minutes Inter the
fog shut ilowu. The Storslud sig
nalled by whistling she wuh under
wnv mnl I. it pine her course, heading
west hy south. Thrlr Mutement
'"iVhen Hm captain got n ileek
Inter he saw tlm must lights of the
Empress Ihrco points lo purl. He
iiiiiiifiliuti'lv ordered full steam
astern. The vessels woio then nhout
HIKI feet npnrl, The grern light of
tint Empress appeared, Tlneo min
ute Inter tlm vessels onuie together.
The miiriter of tlm KlorHtml lieiml n
hull from I ho Ktiiprexn telling' him lo
keep jjolnj; nhentl. I lo Tiiul nnli'mil
thirt, hut lie I'iMilil not keep I he ml
liei'n iiotii in tLn Kinpri'-tn wouinl.
Hiomtnit Hwiiiik Aromttl
"Tlm Slorhtml nn nwuii nrouiul
tiulil hIii' wuh pnritllel with Iho liner,
nml (he Slorntnd'n mitHter wnx ufritlil
liin hhip wouhl ho Hi ruck on llin Htnr
lioiinl niile. He miiile it cmnptolo oir.
ek mnl in tint iiiemitiuiu KmprexH of
Irehiuil iliHiippenri'il. AIkiiiI ten
ininuU'rt nflerwniil lint iniihter if th
Hloinluil lifitril u ehortiH of urii'K mnl
pmeeedt'il towunl them with eitre, h
four IiouIh rrmly lo lituueh. The
SIoimIiiiI'h ImntH unveil Hiiverul linn
ilreil of tlm KnipreHs' survivurH mnl
inunneil entirely duo Hmpress hunt
on IIh trip Imok to tlm kitho of the
wreek mill ntiothor purtiiillv.
PlllhADKU'lllA, Juno 10. Tlm
hoily of Wiii'K'u MeCnrtick, huvoii
yniti'rt ohl, who iliriitppeitieil Mil cell I'.',
mnl for whoao reeou'i-" it ruwuiil of
.t.VIOl) wui ol'fuieil, wiim foiiinl loiluy
in Hm Ih'liuwuo ilver. An uiiele of
Hid hoy iiimlo Iho iili'iilifii'iiHini.
Whllu Hm pollen hold Hm hy umi
ili'iilh liy iiei'lilt'iil, It vviim Imllevi'il
ttlirii he illNiippi'iueil ho mt Hm Ui'
Hm ( lihliuiiviK. Them wuh niiow
on Hm uiuilhit nl Hit' Illm Hm ehlhl
uii)ht'il( mill liu vtnid hli hunU
ttlieii IiikI fc'i'il TIii'mi wtie iiiUOmh
.li. i liu lniil.i ,k,iki lililll litilllL'.
President Hopes lo Force Anti-Trust
Prouram Tlirounh by First of Au
gust, So Congress May Adjourn
Appropriation Bills Are Rushed
WAHIIINOTON, Juno Ifi. I'roitl-ili-nt
WIUoii was hopeful toiluy Hint
tlio nilmlnlNtratluit trtiKt IikIIuIIoii
priiRrnm will ln pni'tl i eoiu:roi
nmy itiljotiru by tlm mnl of July. Ho
wiu oilmUllo nit n remit or a rote
rercnrii Imlny wllli Keimlor Jnnion of
Ketittioky ntnl tlm ciiuforonco Iniit
ulKlit with other Bcuatorit nml tlm
clinlriiinu of workliiR coinmlttecn.
Tlm prriltlonl expoeu tlm rnllroml
iwciirltlox ami tlm ouiitlbiu nut l-t rum
IiIIIh to Imi reporteil out of rommltten
within tho next two woiikt.
Ix-nilern Ituili Work
Tho prenlilenl'a nttltudn or.nln
nny ndjournmenl wrtliout onortliiK
th (runt hllln had nn Imiiindlalo ef
fect nt tlm ruiiltol. Tho leadem hit
Kan hurnliii! work on tho appropria
tion IiIIIh and tunliiK "P tlm IcrUIo
tlvo mai'lilnery all alone Iho lino.
Mont of tho iM-natom nro eitKcr for a
iiild'iummer ndjotirnment. Doino.
emtio lettdor Kern unld ho thought
tho trtut progritui could lo dlpood
of no onKfPM could adjourn before
August I, jit'i' ho vxpecfod no oppoil
tlon from ttie'reiiutillcami.
Tho only mranuro on tho procram,
tho enactment of which will bo In
nlited upon, 'am tho antMruit bill
already pitiMul hy tho houiio or simi
lar uteaitiri'ii.
lYnjrram I rorrnl
It wan Reuorally OKrecd at tho con
fvronco that coiiKreit ahould bo kept
In lomilon until tho ontl-truu pro
urntu la put throiiHh. dopllo th'
nuxlrty In conRroiti for an early ad
journment, Tho president In otitlln
liiK hi poiiltlnn told tho lanator
Hint whllo ho alio wai anxious for
an early ndjotirnment, yet ho strong
ly felt that tho anti-trust program
should bo enacted during tho present
session. That rapid progress was
being nutdo on tho ami-trust bills
now under consideration by senate
committees was tho report ntado to
tho president by tho democratic
leaders and It was generally con
coded by tho conferorees that there
kIiouI.I he llttlo difficulty In getting
tlmso monniiroit reported to tho son
atu and passed by that body.
FltANKKOIIT, Ky., Juno 10.
(loveruor MeCreery toilny higned tlm
eoiumlrisiiiu of Johnson N Cittudeu
of Vei-rttiille.s ns United Htnlert hoiiii
tor from Kentueky, to fill Iho vn
eiini'y ciiuiPil by tho recent death of
Kenutor 0. Hnulley.
CniCAflO, Juno 10. The story of
Hm "dovil bnby" of Hull Houso wuh
told hy tho heml of Hint social cen
ter, Jauo Addiims, to tho convention
of tho (Icuerul Federation of Wont
cii'h Clulm hero today, Tho story
was told in commotion with n plea
that clubwomen extend tho hand of
fellowship to iimuiitrmit women, os
pcuially tho older women. Miss Ad
ilams said that tho origin of fairy
stories seems to liavo been with prim
itive women who invented them to in
fluniico to ip'iitlcr ways their brutal
lords mid masters,
"There wns, of course, no devil
bnby, hut such oiirrencv did Hm story
havo that for six weeks Hm oidluary
millvitins of Hull HoiiNO wuio utmost
suspciiilfil, while wo explained to
hundreds of iuuiirnut liupiiiers that
It was nil a fairy story," suld Miss
Aihlmus, "Finally wo placed ilclcc
lives u wmk ami wo found I wo ci
slims, Tho llallun version was Ilia!
a I'IiiInIIiiii nM iiiii 1 1 led nn iilhi'Mi
uliii, lit Hm ciiliiiliinlliiii of mt iissmilt
mi his wife, Into tliiwn it siii'ieil plc
line mid iIciIhiiiI HihI Iui winild
lulhvi- huf it uVWI lu lh huwn Hjuu
Western Federation Throws Down the
Gauntlet to Disaffected Miners
Says Contracts With Mine Owners
Will Be Lived Up To-I. W. W.
Blamed for Riots and Disorder.
IIIJTTI:, Mont.. Juno 1C Declar
ing that ho would liuvo nothing to
compromlHo and that tlm llutto mln
orn' union No. 1 of tlm Western
Federation of Minora was tho only
organization that would do uusliiosi
In llutto, John C. I.ownoy, meinour of
tho cxccutlto hoard of tlm Western
IVderatlou In u formal stateinont this
afternoon throw down tho gauntlet
lo tho disaffected faction and de
clared an unrelenting warfaro on the
part of tho federation against any
faction of minora Him attempted to
sol up an Independent organliatlou.
Me up to Agni-inentM
Lowney said tlm union, holding
the cnutraet with tho mining compa
nies, would Insist on a full carrying
out of their agreement. Ho Insisted
that a lawlesit element from tho out-
sldo wns primarily responsibly for
tho destruction of property and that
tho men who Joined with tho mob lost
Saturday was composed of minors
who for months had failed to pay
any dues Into tho union. Ha ststcd
that tho butchers, plumbers and scr
otal other unions In llutto had as
sessed themselves as much for tho
bopeflt of tho striking copper minors
In Michigan as had tho miners' union,
ho statement declares that theio was
no action on tho part of tho unlou
that' could not bo remedied from
within Its ranks.
Tho statement concluded with tho
declaration that the Western Federa
tion of Miners and tho Mlncworkcr
of America, are about to merge Into
one great miners' organization and
theso organliatlons would tolorato
union men hero voting in favor
of tho opon shop, lllamo for the In
flamed public sontlmcnt among tho
miners Is laid at tho door of tho In
dustrial Workers of tho World lead
ers hero, J i
CrMs r.xtrte Toulgtit
!owney's statement. It Is feared,
may preclpltato n tonight when tho
unlou will hold Its regular mooting
Largo nu inborn of men aro being
sworn In by Sheriff Drlscoll as do
putlcs for emergency duly. Mayor
Duncan who has returned, Is prepared
again to clone all imloona on a mo
nient'ii uotlco. Governor Stewart
dopartcd for Helena boforo tho Low
noy stntomont wn Issued, under tho
Impression that efforts were afoot to
reach a compromise.
I St
WAKHIKflTOK, Juno 10. Tho
htnlo uVpiirtmciit Iiiik decided to ad
mit nil fouoVliiffri free to Vera frur.
until Juno -r. Tho exemption will
itiuilv to foniUlnfl'rt Kent from I'll".
eign porU iih well nt from tho
milieu Mutes.
his wife. 'And when a child was
born,' ran tho story, 1I it was" a
dovil with horns and hoofs mid tail
complete ' "'
"Tho JowMi version differed lint
little," continued Miss Addams. "It
concerned a father whoso wife had
homo hint seven ilauuhters. and on
tho upprouch of tho eighth, ho swore
ho would rather have a devil In Iho
lmuso than another daughler. Tho
story, liko that of tho ItuliiiiH, con
eluded with Iho birth of tho dovil
huby. In both eases Iho frightened
parents had brought tho imp to Hull
Miss Adilams .explained thai tho
stories, like Iho old I a liy uloreis, or
Muutcil in Iho iirimilivo inliuls of wo
men who tlcolrcd to Influence their
men folk or their daughters, Tho
saciih'go ol Iho Italian version or
Iho biutallly of Hm JewUh, Iho
speaker skid, iiilaileil the rcltihulioij
nf it devil child, Tlm detectives
ftuiiul (hill Immigrant inollicrs were
trying lo iifisniulii I heir iluiighlcis
iiuuIiikI iiiiuilhiiiliuy. or doublfiil
Ciiiilijiit. iv ilia .ji I A.til ii.v lluiiii ullli
IwjtlIHK filugctiy,
JPjp' . 'tit, "
This photograph of the Shamrock IV. shows the Urlllih vbaltetiger In her
foil rlcglng. In a raec with the old Shamrock a few days ago the new yscht
made a splendid showing and slioweU her superiority ou all points.
WASHINGTON. June 111. John
H. San ford of I'kiah, Cal., was nom
iifaled today by President Wilon to
he register of the United Stale land
office in San FraneNeo, mnl Mri.
draco II. Caukin of Sonouin, was
nnmiuntetl receiver of public mon
eys, San Francisco.
SAN FKANTISrO, Cn., June 1G.
John It. Sauford, nominated by the
president to laud register office here,
is editor and proprietor of Hie L'kialt
Dispatch-Democrat. In point of
service he N the oldest mouilier of
Iho state legislature.
Mrs. Oraee H. Caukin, nominated
to ho receiver of public, moneys here,
will he, if .lio is confirmed by Ihe
senate, the firnt woman in Califor
nia to hold nn appointive offico un
der the Wilson administration. At
present she is secrelnry of the demo
cratio California central committee.
Mrs. Caukin is known us tho orig
iunl Wilson woman in northern Cali
fornia. She was organizer, secretary
mid general factotum of tho Wom
an's Wilson league.
WASHINGTON, Juno 1C Charges
that tho United States kept Ite ma
rines lu Nlcaraugua to Influence tho
recent presidential election and that
tho Bluto department has boon act
ing In tho Interests of American
bankers, coutulued lu a resolution In
troduced today by Senator Smith of
Michigan were referred to tho sou
uto foreign relullous committee,
Tlm resolution charges that the
state department through Its, control
of Nlriiraguan customs houses, bus
forced the republic to redeem at pur
10,860,000 of bunds issued by .elayu,
later repudiated mid brought In at
abou UD pur cent of their Tuca Vsll,
by llruwn Urolheis mid Mltsuiuu mid
company, Ahmilwu bunkers, lulir-
riwj lu Nrtfuiiu flHiuviuir.
TZXi' zr .77 1
SALEM, Or., Juno 10. Tho con
viction of J. K. HoMiicr, editor of the
Silverton Journal, in the Mute circuit
court hero several months ago for
criminally libelling tho prioress of the
Heiiedicliuo convent of Mount Angel,
was affirmed by the state supremo
court hero today. I locator's offense
consisted in the publication of nn ar
ticle in n pamphlet with relation to
an alleged escape from tho convent
of Miss Mary Laseuan. According to
the article, Miss lsenan came to the
Christ inn church of Silverton in June
lust, year nml told tho pastor and
four of his parishioners Hint filio had
been kidnaped in Portland and made
n prisoner in tho convent. During her
incarceration, it was stated, sho was
abused hy the priests and tho mother
Tho throngs began to Bttrgo In after
3 o'clock and by A o'clock few seats
wero vacant. Tho American players
began warming up shortly after 4
First porled: Tho Americana do
fendod tho north goal. Milburn got
tho ball and ran It down tho field un
til Cheapo cut In and carried It back
again. Cheapo lost tho sphere In
mldflold and Mllburn drovo for a goal
but missed. Tomkluson picked It
out from under La Montagn'o'a pouy
and scored.
Tho Kngllsh team scored a second
goal almost Immediately. This tlmo
Darrott drovo It over,
Up and down tlm field tho ball
passed. It was evident (but tho cup
defenders wore using all that was lu
them. Tho bell rang without either
sldu boliiK ublo to score ugalu,
Kcoro at end of tho first periods
Kiiulaiid, 3j America, 0,
Hecoud period! It was announced
that Larry Wutorbiiry, had fouled
Captain IUrrU by hookliiK bli imi.
let In (he first period. Th iliHlurlwl
hair h Mnl irttiii any rulUN u'uru
of lb AwsrJfsUi,
Buildings in Various Parts of City
Collapse Streets a Scene of Deso
latlon and Ruin Several Streets
Sink With Buildinns When Under
mined by Floods.
PAULS. June 10. Severn!" more
buildings pollniweil in various parts
of Pnris today, owing to subsidences
of the soil, cnused by yesterday's
terrific storm niul n number of per
sons were injured. The list of dead
known today wns officially staled to
be eight, but ns more person were
reMirted miinjr, the search of the
debris was continued.
Three bodies were recovered today
from it deep hole at the junction of
the Win' du Havre an.! the lloulevnr-1
Ilnu-Mimn near the Saint Lira re xfu
tioti. The courtyard of u hotel in
the Hue Pierre Ginier nt Motitmrntro
fell in today, but there was no disu
In another locality tho walls or ft
building under eoni-tnictiolt col
lap-til mid two workumu were injured
Scene of Devastation
Parts of Paris presented scene: of
devastation today with gaping notes
in home or tnc main moroMgtua
as tho result of vetcrdnvfaiLwrpuii
btorm. The population of.lm.oU
city was deprived of wnlefgm hml
electricity, cut off us a precaution
ary measure against Goods, cxplos
ions, and fires.
Several lives nro known to have
been Inst through vehicle fulling
into cavities, but the exact mimh'.'r
of deml was not known, ns sonio
bodies were believed to havo disap
peared into the sewers. Heavy rnins
toilny ndded to tho difficulties of
searching for bodies.
Stret Collnrwen ' '
A street collapsed early today in
the northern district of Montmurtro
behind tho great cemetery, not fnr
from tho other cave-in. People in
tho vicinity scurried nwny ns the
ground began to sink, nnd all man
aged to escape.
When communication with the sub
urbs had been partially restored to
day it wns learned taut fmit nnd
vegetable growers hod suffered enor
mous damage from the storm.
Knin ceased later in the day, hut
the weather continued threatening.
Attorney II. F. Mulkey mado a
runaway race of tho school election
for director, polling 509 ot the 513
votes cast. Dr. Kecne, Mrs. J. F
Itcddy, George K. Marshall and O. O
Uoggs each received one. Tho votn
was tho largest cast In a Medford
school election.
Mllburn drovo tho ball and La
Montagno passed It on almost for a
goal, but Lockctt blocked It a few
feet from tho posts, Tho Kngllsh'
team ran it up tho field where Har-
rett scored a goal.
Mllburn just saved another Kngllsh
goal by a brilliant backhand ctroko.
Tho Americans displayed better
teamwork than on Saturday and wura
surer with tho mallet, Mllburn, Do
ing on his regular posl'llou at back,
seemed to glvo tho four moro stam
ina. Total scoro at end second porled:
Kugland, 3; America, minus 4.
Third peried: After tho drlvo-ln
tho players milled arduud tho Amor
lean guul until Mllburr- hit tho ball to
mid-field, Ilarret lifted tho bull
over three American pluyora, Cheapo
uUo lofting, just misted a coal, Mil.
burn broke his mallet and left hi
tenia weakened while he rode to ike
hoards for a now one, Mlllmrii's d.
(eiue of the komI was Ihe feature or
Hm kuiihi, Neither uhle had mirwd
until Hie rhukber Hided
Toful score, end ot hnt iwrMt
KHKluud, 2 AwwUa, tuw ,
NO. 74
Association Concludes Annual Ses
sion by Election of Officers Re
ports of Prospects In Stale Opti
misticBumper Crops and Geetl
Prices in Prospect.
The Strife Hankers' association
doted its ninth annual session lit
the Page theater this morning with
the cleption of officefs ntnl Hie read
ing itC tho financial reports from six
districU of the stntc of Oregon. The
busineiH of Hie year wns closed nml
this uftenipou the viiliiifr delegates
ami southern Oregon bankers nro
basking in the shade mid cool nf
Cliautnmpin parky AhIiIiiiiiI, tho
giies fit of that city.
Optimism marked Hm report of
the bankers on crop and financial
conditiops for Hie year, Icavenctl
with' conHvrVni.m. One wnil of
pessimism was sounded from the dis
trict) comprising; Marion, llcntou,
Polk, Lincoln nnd Lfnn counties
the heart nf tho tiios-duiek belt.
There the farms had maintained the
hiirtiucss life, lumber wns in n bad
way, real estate wns wor, mercan
tile btiiueHS wits just fair, the de
mand for money was active nail the
banks wero holding Jowh jlke Joahs.
ThiVeport ninkos note iMlw:tlefeat
opviiutr goo rfmi8 'eefiwm hib
wk,of the fannerW'jbttlaxM.werv
i. ''.;..!.. i i. t.;"..'.2.. "' c it.l
llic iiigiirsi in me uiMurj- tit inc
state. j.
I'rosperkr PtHctl
Iteort4- from tho two sections of
eastern Oregon, where the principal
products are wheat, wool nnd
stock, show nit nctive condition,
with prospects for n buuier crop,
gooij prices and plenty of money
with which to move the crop. Tho
rcorti show Hint those sections
whcret lumber and dairying are the
principal pursuits, there is a down
ward tendency in business nnd tho
spirits of the community.
E V. Cnrter of Ashland reported
on the condition in southern Oregon
from the eastern boundary of Itko
county to tho Pacific, and north to
Douglas county. Crops and busi
ness prosH-ets wero good, with de
velopment moves under way, and
while conditions hud not been up to
expectations in some quarters there
had been a steady increase, nnd the
people wero working on progressive
ideas. The district embracing Hood
River, the second largest fruit dis
trict in the state, also showed an op
timistic tone for tho coming full.
Officers for Coining Year
The nominntiit; committee pre
sented tho following list for the slate
officers, nnd American Hankers' as
sociation officers, which was ap
proved without tt dissenting vote, W.
II. Qoro of tho Medford National
bank being named state vice-president-
of tho American Hunkers' as
sociation. President, A. ('. Shiito of Hills
boro. Vice-president, J. M. I'oormau ot
Secretary, J. L. Hartmau of Port
land, re-elected.
Treasurer, W. II. Ileuuelt of
Klamath Falls.
Executive council American Hank
ers' association, It. W. bchuntt ot
Executive commit too F. L. Mey
ers of La Grande, W. 0. Tail of Til
lamook, William Haiu of Albany,
Mux' Vogt of, Tho Dalles, mid W. Q.
Vassal of Dallas.
No convention city wns chosen for
next year, an iuvitut'mu being receive
cd from Klamntli Fnlbt. ' '
Tho morning session of the eoiir,
vention also passcif n resolution ask
(Continued on pax I.)
NOflALKH, Honors, Mmkw, Juse
ID -Colonel Juun Cabral, tk
slllutlauulUt army efflsr rrlJ Ut
fiulwral illspatckM Id HW Clly, W
have I-wih wtHwr4 MtU tutttlf4 hi
'Mri;iu I m(lHt wRf4 UfMMfl J&
fr OkjM l (NHt r MMssiPstsV'asv
HsUJLltl til udliiiLfy jtjiiLiyiiL
TT,jf 'W '''yp s P -A
' il
NUtfl lliv uvj Bm vim ivmwi i