Medford mail tribune. (Medford, Or.) 1909-1989, April 17, 1914, SECOND EDITION, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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puumriii:i Kvnirr aitkiinoon
excrpt hunoat iir tub
MRoronn i'mntinq co.
Ths DtmoctMlo Tlms, Th Mfdforit
MaII. Tho McUfonl Trlbun. Thn soutn
rn OrejronUn, The Ashland Trlbunf.
Officii MaII Tribune Hullalnc, it-lUit
North Ur atrect; telephtms 7S.
Official lrr of the City of Mdford.
Offlolal Iapr of Jackson county.
Entered sccond-clsss mutter At
fcUilfnrJ. Orrgon, under the Act of
.March 1, HT.
One yesr, by mall. ,'i.OO
One month, by mall. . . .SO
Vtr month, delivered by carrier In
Medrord, Jacksonville and Cen
tral I'olnt
Saturday only, by mall, per year
Weekly, per year .
Willi Mcdfonl Stop-Orer
- NO
TheA-hlnnd Tilling contain.-, the
followiiif; rcgurdiu;; the record cntvli
of Hurry Ho-der, Ashland's fnmou
enne-Hle bait fihcnnnii, vi was
en light oxer it jeur nso.
"Hne vou s-een the hie fi-hT All
record-, wen; Mini-died nnd hook anil
line ficheniien of the northwet xxho
haunt Ilogiie rixer threw tip the
poiijre when Harry llo-der of As-hlaml
landed the bigpc-t Meelhend trout
ever taken from the turhulent Hopue
or that will he taken from it in
all probability for years to Oome
with hook nnd line. Take n Miiint
nt the hi-: fi-h in Ho-der's window
titul hehold the fifnirc, all you jd
eatorinl urtiMs who pride yourself
on prime.-. Here they are:
Wcij-ht lSiHiuniU
Lentil HO inclii"
Girth ' - 18 inches
Landing the average Meelhend or
cutthroat or 'even the more bulky and
le.-K.netivu chinook -salmon from the
purging wutcr of the Itogtic i no
ehild'a piny. To hook, the liri.c .steel-
hend from n Mvayint. table footbridge
forty 'Tect librtVtfllio stream nnd come
off victorious i n man's job. A
look nt HoIer nnd his deei-ive jaw
in a convincing nnunicnt that there
wns n man on the job.
The dny ho caught the big fi-h he
had with hint Joe Hurt, old-timer in
the eominereiiil fi-hin.- industry of
the west, and Amos Nininger, who
wns reared in the valley of the Kogue
sometime after the Indians left.
Tho three nutoed to liny Clold vi
ciuity, twenty-three miles from Ash
land, nt early dawn, lly 4 in the
afternoon they had sixty-three steel
head and cutthroat nnd several lii
chinook Milmon. At -I Ho-ler started
across the cable footbridge for the
other shore. Here the rixer i- 300
feet wide. Midway he dropped his
lino over "ju-t for instance," he
nays. "JJiiiu,T' went his rod against
the bridge railing nnd "Whirr!" went
his reel. And from that on for ex
actly forty-six minutes there was the
prettiest fight ever seen in the
northwest between man ami trout.
Visitors to the Panama Pacific ex
position at San Francisco in 101.1
tdiould see the "Prize Sleelhead of
tho Itofjue." Jt is preserved in n
lass jar four feet high. Professor
Hugo Frohbuch of Ashland, noted up
and down the const as a processor
of fruits for display purposes, did
tho job.
If you care to know xvhat Hosier
did it with, here's the list: Eighteen
foot enno pole, Expert reel No. 17,
Otsclii) hurd braid silk line, size 1).
'-'0 Limerick hooks, bait fresh sal
iiion ccks IukIi tvntcr accounting for
ue of heavy tackle.
TMIERE can bo but little doubt that there Is much
method in the madness of lluerta, in his treatment of
the United States. ith his government tottering under
the repeated .successes of the insurgents, American inter
vention looms like the straw to a drowning man.
ITuerta believes that any armed invasion of Mexican
territory by this government will solidify his country
against the invaders.
In the event of an American invasion the situation
would be exactly analogous to that which prevailed in the
nnlippines when those islands were tnvaded tit the outset
of the Spanish-American war. The insurgents there, tis in
Mexico at the present time, had the Situation well in hand
and would have been successful without outside aid. In
the Philippines the American invasion was, at the outset.
welcomed by the insurgents. There is no reason why this
situation, in the event of American invasion, would not
also prevail in Mexico. Hut after that, would not the Mex
icans as a unit resent the American intrusion jus did the
Broken and crippled Mexico at this time would be a
most easy victim lor a great power tiKe tno united estates.
and it is easy for the strong to seize upon a slight pretext
to provoke a war with a weaker foe that can only end in
the complete subjugation of the latter, to no great credit
or advantage to the former.
-xiuxico is wasuing out us sins in moon, as did this coun
try in the 'GO's. The end of Jluertaism is at hand and needs
no American intervention to consummate it.
lluerta is simply exercising the cripple's license to
abuse the strong, and he should be left to his late, which
Carranza and Villa are better qualified to fittingly admin
ister according to their standards of civilization!
'TULE MAIL TRIBUNE, having vainly awaited a proc-
lamation from the local Drama league commending
the merits of most meritorious plays when Med ford is for
tunate enough to be offered the opportunity of seeing
them, takes this occasion to call public attention to the
fact that Margaret IlliiiL'ton, who plavs toniuht in "Within
the Law," is the best attraction yet booked at the Page,
not excepting the opening production of Maude Adams.
Another attraction of merit is Peggy 6 'Neil in " Peg o'
My Heart," scheduled for Wednesday night. In the mean
while University of Oregon students appear in "The Pro
fessor's Love Story" Saturday evening, said to be si charm
ing production and Evelyn Nesbit Thaw, who needs no
press notices, public curiosity being sufficient to pack the
house wherever she appeal's.
It fs unfortunate that the theater trust, or whoever it
is that books the theatrical atractions, sends them in
bunches, so that it is either a feast or a famine, instead of
uniform distribution. The theater will be dark for weeks,
then lit up for a continuous week. We get our musical
comedies packed into the first few weeks of the season.
three or lour a week sometimes and nothing musical the
balance of the year. The local theater managers arc not at
all to blame they have to take what is sent, and it is up
to ttie pumic to snow us appreciation ot good plavs when
we do get them so that more of the same class will" be sent.
plant Is cut open drop of an aromatic
oil are mm. TIiop-kIxo the root n
peculiar odor ami are popularly
thought to bo tjio source ot the pol
on. Tho poison I Indeed In tho
root, but Is tccrct,ed In tho form ot
a renin which It distinct rrom tho oil
There lmxv been relatively few
human beings poisoned liy thin weed
In America. Mont ot thorn ixrtllcted
lnxxe. been children who Intro been
poisoned In tho nprlni; wben the dan
ticrout clement In the plant kcciiin
most tu'tlw,
Cases of cattle imltuiucd In this
country luivo been noted In Wnh
liiRton, Ort'Kon, California, Arizona,
and North Dakota, ludlxtdunl own
ers of stock haxe occasionally losl
xery heavily. One man In Oregon
estimated tho Ions In his Imuicdlnto
neighborhood for olio )car at ten
per cent. Another cMlumtc the
nxernge annual o In Oregon nt onu
hundred bend.
The dnugcrg that itccomHiny Us
use may bo drawn from lliu follow.
Ing description of the roulU of
xxater hemlock poisoning. There 's
first a pain particularly In tho tttom
arh but It may bo general lu charac
ter, Nausea Is sometime, followed
by xlolent vomiting or pnuuullc at
tempt to xomlt without result- Dl
lntiM pupllx, dlnrrheoa. labored
hrcathliur, frothing nt tho month and
gnashing of tho teeth, nro other
HjmptoiiM. Convulsions may ho fol
lowed by unconsciousness or death
Tho Rxmptoma In the lower nnlmnU
are like thooe lu man cxreut that they
are lets marked. Only a small quan
tity of tho poison In nsovssary to
produce death with all Its attendant
As patients have usually recovered
when attempts to xomlt xvero success
ful, the logical remedy Is considered
by scientists to bo an emetic. If thin
Is given promptly with the first symp
toms n favorable recovery tuny be ex
peeled. Tho emetic Is logically fol
lowed by a carthartlc to rid the body
completely of tho dangerous prlucl
pie. When convulsions nro x Intent
'some form of opium may ho given
to control them but tho main reliance-
must be itlnccd upon the eme
tic. This has been tho treatment
used throughout the whole history of
poisoning from this plant.
How the GypsyMoth Was
mported Into United States
VAU.UJO, Cal., April 17. Order
were received nt .Maro Island today
to havo three hnudrod murine, ready
to Join tho cruiser South Dakota
next week. Tho South Dakota In
coming from llremorton, tho mon
will bo taken to San Diego and tho
crulsor will thon proceed to .Mexi
can watera.
Atwlstant Secretary of tho Navy
Itooiiovollt loft at 10 a. in. for n visit
to tho unlvonmy of Cullfornln. This
afternoon ho wan nchediiled to visit
Hunter's Point.
Ily a law- passed In 1905 the Im
portation of living Insects Into this
country Is forbidden and thcro nro
other laws which rcgnlato so strictly
tho importation of larger animals
that In many cases no discretion Is
left to the authorities.
Nevertheless tourists and amateur
scientists aro continually endeavoring
to Introduce additions to tho flora
and fauna of the United States which
tho United States is happy to bo with
out. It is estimated that fully one
half of tho pests that afflict farmers
and stock havo been imported from
abroad, many of tourtso by accident
In tho courso of commercial ship
ments but eomo brought in deliber
ately by misguided enthusiasm or
thoughtless travelers.
Tho clabslc lestanco ot misguided
enthusiasm Is tho introduction In
ISC!) of tho destructive gypsy moth
by u scientist named Trouvulot.
Trouvolot, a Frenchman by birth, nn
astronomer in Harvard; unfortunate
ly he was nls.Q an ardent entomolo
gist who had devoted much of his
leisure tlnio to tho consideration of
tho bilk worm Industry. In uu evil
hour bo conceived tho Idea of breed
ing a hardier worm which might
withstand tho diseases which were
then ravaging rearing establishments
In France, and In pursuit ot this pur
pose Imported some gipsy moths, In
tending to cross them with somo of
tho natlvo species found In tho U, S.
It Is so chanced, how over, thnt ho
loft tho window or his study In Med
ford, Mbbh,, open one day. When ho
returned a mass of eggs laid by the
gipsy visitors had disappeared a
parently It had blown out of tho open
window. At this point rouvelot's ex
periments stopped. 1 heir results
did not. Tlioy aro still with us and
havo cost tho country millions of dol
lars. For twenty years tho gipsy
moth attracted no attention. The
pcoplo of .Med ford may havo won
dered at tho destruction of their
trccB, but tho da m ago remained local
and tho outsldo world know nothing
of It. In 1889, however, tho pest
suddenly becamo prominent. Since
that time a bitter warfare has been
waged against it, but tho victory Is
not yet won.
Strangely enough, the automobile
has proved an ally of tho moth. Not
only does It stir up currents of air
which scatter the fallen and Infected
foliage but It actually carries insects
many miles Into districts which have
hitherto been Immune.
v rt H
ft H
H" ---H
K, " H
wl9v H
K l Z'3 1
Bk -JEL e ;
Water Hemlock One of the Most
Deadly Plants of Temperate Zone
l. I). TlmniN
President of tho firm of Tlmuis,
Crewo & Co , wholesale dealers In
paints and building materials in
Portland, will nddrens the Med ford
Merchants iihtoclatlou nt their
monthly meeting and reception in St
Mnrks hall on .Monday evening. May
.0, on tho subject of "Advertising "
Mr. Tim ins being a purchaiver of ad
vertising will present tho Mlhject
from thnt standpoint and has been
told to U8o his own pzoasuro lu han
dling tho subject.
Mr. Tlmms is director of tho Itotall
Merchants association and n director
nnd member of tho executive board of
tho Portland Ad club, an oragnlza
tlon "woll known for Its many nctlxi
ties along public and useful lines and
for Its good work lu purifying the
advertising ntmosphoro generally.
Ho Is n splendid talker and n live
wlro and every business man who bo
longs to tho oJUioclatlon should ar
range to attend. It will bo n treat
for you nnd you will loam something
to aid xou lu your business.
WASIIINlSTON', plil 17 Tho
follow lug statement was Issued nt I lei
whlto houco todii)
"President Wilson and Mrs. Wll.
son nunouure. the wedding of Miss
Kleauor Unndtilpli Wilson and Wil
liam tllhbs McAdoo to take place
Thursday, May 7. In lueordnueo wllh
the wishes of Miss Wilson nnd ,Mr
McAdoo the wedding will bo small,
only Vb'o President and Mrs. Marshall
tho cabinet and the Immediate mem
bers ot the two families are to be
present "
Eat less meat if you feel Backachy or
have bladder trouble Take
gbuj of Salt.
Expert Cortiotioro
:rj(i Nor III Marllett.
Phono fi:i I1.
Kuk and Carpet Cleauiiitf
ami Weaving
Thoue fiMII-lt
Baby Doll Pumps
1,'itu Melnl, Patent ami Velxet
v Well Sexxod Sole
Heo Them In Window
At tho HlKU of
""'Gooo Sttor.s"
No min or xvomin who im(s mrnt rtgxi
Urly run nuke a mlnUVo by thithlng liia
kldurys occulonally, says a xvtdl known
authority. Moat (urms urle ncld which
excites tho kidneys, tliry Ikhmiua over
xvorkrd from tho strntn, get sluggiih and
fail to lllter t tto want and poiMiri from
tho blood, then wo gvt sick. Nearly nil
rheumatism, hr.tdnches, lixer trouble.
nerxmimcM, dizziiiri, sleeph-nnesx mid
urinary diiurdrrs couto frvm sluggish
kid tie) a.
The moment you feel a dull acho In tho
kidney or your Kick hurts or If t tin
urine I cloudy, offeiulxc, full of se.ll. I
mrnt, irregular of passage or attended by
a sensation ot senhiing, stop rating meat
n 1 grt about four ounces of Jad '
Suits from any pharmacy) take a
tahlrMMMtiful in n glass of xater twforo
breakfast and In a fer days j-our kidneys
will act line. Till famous salt is made
from tho acid of grapes and lemon Jtller,
combined with lltliia, nnd has Uen uvil
for generations to Ihuli an 1 stimulate
the kidneys, nlv to ncutrnbro the acid
In urine so It no longer causes Irritation,
thus ending bladder xrcnkne.
.lad Salt I inexpensive and rnnnnl
Injuret make a delightful i-tfrrteernl i
litlila-water UrlnK wnicii everyone
should take now nnd then to keep tho
kidney clean and netixa nnd tho blood
pare, thereby avoiding serious kidney
lUforo speiidlug tho money for nee llcss luxuries and inn
xx III see It pnxs to save wherexcr xou tan An aicouiit wlt'i
the Jackson County llnuk will proxe of great nihlstnuco to
Pour per cent interest paid on saxltu's nuounts.
oven ss vcAno undcd onc manaccmcnt
. -
For Your
Children's Health
Free Deliver v.
mrU,Okla.,AlriNr. riwlimi
dfwl wwi, jiiHiiy of llu'iu omiii'm -if
rovworex, xteie i.(nilidii heio lo
4m- h4 h reoitll ot (lit) tiuiit-clliillim of
I(m mm nt iUa TuU IrHt'k, T'w
WASlllNGTONi, D, C, April 17.
Although the roots of tho plant
known uh tho "water hemlock" con
tain a deadly poison, Its tops and
beeds In buy will not harm cattle, ac
cording to tcluiitltt- of tho V. H, do
puitmont of agriculture. These
suleutlsts, whoso specialty It in to In
xeutlguto pluutH fioin which drugs
and polsomt aru tuknu, Imve been com
piling (lulu on this plant, which is
ono of tho most deadly known In
AimuiIiu. The department has just
Issued u bulletin (No, D'J) coiiIuIiiIiik
a loiiipnilienslvo slulmiinnl of thf
vnpufiuieiilH mid eiillllud Cltutu or
Water Hemlock ''
lleslde t (otiTlfl(i imiiiM "CI
tula" and u moru popgl-r ii-niii
' ttl IjniiI(nV Jll ()ll U'lOWJ
in varloiiH localities aa "cowbune, '
"wild pareley," "snakeroot," "spottol
liemlock," "ntiakow;ed," and "beav
er poison." In Now Mexico It luu
licou known us "pecon." Tho plant
bug also popular Oormuit iiuiiioh, iih
It Is found lu Germany.
Tho plants glow hi wet places such
uu swamps and Irrigating (Ultima lu
nearly all of our northern nun: west
ern Mute. When the root of tho
John A. Perl
I,.dy Assistant
1'ltOMM M, 47 u4 47-vli
HUtt HfiUv )hfnU (rMe.
cleaning Time
Is hero and you will xxunt some
now wall paper. Wo havo tho larg
est lino of tho choicest patterns ovui
showns In Mudford, Como ami so'j
Wo carry CuIkjI's Uroonoto HIiIiikIo
UN l.t Main I'liomi (J)il
Right Price
Right Terms
Right Now
"i-niTr upplc (ircliiilil on k'ilin'n
liiKliwny, jusl oiilniilt' of cit. lim
itn. Teii-yi'iii'-olil Iiych,
Hotel .Meill'onl
it rtjTnriilSi-7!rfSPan .
l Psflfli H . fttrv-'' VA'VliH
The ,Viw III III. t'lilini l.lxer y Ihtrii on Smilli Itlxeiklilo
Uxor) thing new nnd up-to-date l.ltery and nmbulnnco service.
Phono 150
Buy Your Seeds
Of llroitiller. xx ho baa had 30 jeur oxperluiiio
handling and gowlug seeds ami uiidonitniid tho
IiuhIihwih thoroUKhly. Ilo sells nil Minis ot garden,
field and flower seeds Including tho fnmoiiK ilur
peo seeds, no better urowii. I'ull stork awaH on
Broadiey the Florist and Seedsman
Is III the M l K- II llultdlliK
Store riiiuio H71!
(in eulioiie NO I.J
Oar Treat
m:. '"' AH Week!
,' f'U
mmrumzri on
Itocoiitly romodelud and oiilnrgm),
added new cameraa and apparatus
and Is now strictly up-to-date In
ovory way,
Coiniiiorlnil U'oik of all Kinds
Including copying and enlarging ol
pictures, legal documents, etc. Urn
mldo uuluritlnif, any situ, and koduk
flulshliiK nt every kind,
J'rofessloiiul and amutuur pholo
Kruphlu supplies,
h, l, IIhmiioii AssoiIhMmI Willi Me
Xhop firur full Tlieilnr( I'linnu I47-J
"Sunkisfc" Oranges
at Special Prices,
at Your Dealer's !
-"fl TIh lifsr n.'irl of lirfil;f:isr is n
jtiicy, thin-Jviiiiied, seedless 'SniiklstM
nrantje. 'bunlcist " Qranues arc the
finest, juiciest, most delicious oranges
grown in me worm.
Ihiy tlicm by tlio box or Imif-box tlioy urc inoat ccoiiumlcnl
nnd keep for wcuIch.
Carefully picked and packed by gloved linndii,
Thu clcnncHt of frultH. Trcc-riponcd.
l).4ii "SunklHt" lcnioil!! (ill tnenls. fish, lioulliv nnd imlndn.
.liiit'Hkiniieil. Tlio juiciesi, iinoHt lomoipi crown.
r c:i r : t
nugvrs kiuvuimiiu iuiinuiii- iui -..
"Sunkibl Irndcmnrka ZvT
. .. i , no... i., ... id'X
L.III II a iiiiiicni'iih iiiiiii run ii.i i.rniii'a f,-j.ii Vis ..,.
nnd lemon wmppsrs i.ud t.ond llu u lo m ciK-CJi rliiii
We nil or 27 illlferent Hllverxvaro pit'iinuiii i Oif-V,7 l"''' OrMiigu
-n Nog,, At MMHip.1 A,i, !gi.hteir,i!i.!rl.;,,,i,,K
mil sliver plate. l-xclialvu &ZZiF " iwih-hhisiihiii.. Kid
"KunkUt" fiS ".in riu(iiiiiiii-iii.iii wiuwi i4
.-; -. rs4r I'.lllll SUIIIJ BHUkl.i -
& jnYl
SS 2 I
ffi . I
f r - ?J
l( . .':
nt Your
limn! our liiiniii and full
us and Lsmuns
1 llund )our liiiniii and ni HlLs?
Fii'ldivi Ir "hi HiipKlu )JlviPW
fno pienil'Mii m .d r end JClli
1 U d . Hr.W
law nil onhr fir prtnulum'iwS'
A IiIii. m nil orih r I ir n
llvmwi'ui id ill t'Ji i;'Miilin- u iuJ
Cnliforiii Truit Grovcm Euclmngo
)3UN,CI-ikilrtl ,,lll.
4tin y W