Medford mail tribune. (Medford, Or.) 1909-1989, April 03, 1914, SECOND EDITION, Page PAGE SIX, Image 6

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Washington, April a After
lurco months consltteration tno ro i
servo bank organization committee i
toilny announced It has divided con
tinental United States Into twelve
banking districts and selected twelve
elites where the federal resorvo banks
will bo located nndor the now eur
rcney law. This Is the first decisive
stop toward establishing the new sys
tem. Tho cities selected are: Uoston, the
reeervo Imnk will have capital of
9,9.11,000. Now York, capital $20,-
CS7.000. Philadelphia, capital J12,-
903,000. Cleveland, capital $11,021,
000, Richmond, Vn capital JC.313,
000. Atlanta, Ga capital $4,702,000.
Chicago, capital $13,151,000. St
Louis, capital $0,219,000. Minnea
polis, capital $4,702,000. Kansas
Cltr. capital $5,594,000. Dallas, Tex.,
capital $5,634,000. San Kranclsco,
capital $8,115,000.
1'lvo hundred nnd fourteen nation
al banks and sonic, state banks nnd
trust companies are members. The
San Francisco district consists of
California, Oregon, Washington, Ida
ho, Nevada, I'tnh nnd part of Arlioua.
Tho organization commlttco has
authorized to provide branch banks
but this will bo done by tho federal
reserve board yc( to be appointed by
the president.
Tho organization commlttco in Its
announcement called attention to the
fact that under the net's requirements
it could not find grounds for the
establishment of over ono bank on
tho Pacific coast but held hopo that
in tho near futuro anotner bank Mill
bo authorized by congress for this
It Is said tho committee was Im
pressed with tho Idea of tho growth
nnd development of lflalio, Wash
ington nnd Oregon, but on tho basU
of six per cent of tho capital stock
and surplus of the member banks of
that section could not provido the
minimum capital.
With the continued growth of that
region it Is reasonable to expect that
In a few years tho capital and surplus
of tho member banks will bo suffic
ient to Justify the creation of an ad
ditional rcscrrc district.
The intinngcmcnl f Ihc Slur
Tlientro offer for today nnd tomor
row n big double program, Lnurn
Snwvcr of the famous Player Com
jinny, in "A Daughter of the Hills"
in theree parts nnd "The Doom of
The Ocenn" it beautifully colored
photoplay, nl-o in three putt-. Itny.
inotiil & Temple eloe the bill willi
n clever vaudeville net.
"The Daughter of The Hills" is
mi extraordinary picture, and it is
n pleasure to record n picture that
while speetiteulur in its staging nlso
contains n real story, one of liunan
interest, nnd simple nnd convincing,
From it pictorial viewpoint there lire
ninny hceitc tiiut will charm. They
nic of tho open country, or mltiii;
in the glow of the firelight in their
The program opens with "The
Dnoiii of The Sea" n powerful nnd
gripping story of intrigue on loud
uud sen, showing u mo.-l cxtruonli
iiury rescue i-cene.
Iinprisoneil and left (o die in ti
deserted mid desolate lighthouse by
mi unscrupulous illiau, who plots
to gain u largo fortune, mi heirexs
nnd her hoy vscnpo by a terrifying
slide fur life from the iop of the
truturu to u ship.
WASHINGTON, April 3. Con
fronted with tno most serious nom
ination contokt blnco Prefcldant WIN
Bon took offico, the senate ml
throughout today's session Lohlnd
closed doors dlscueiiug tho confirms
tlon of Wluthrop Danlots of New J or
scy aa a member of tho Interstate
commerce, commission. Thou a ro-
cecs was taken to resume tho debate
tomorrow, it Is tho third day of
continuous consideration of tho case.
Konators LuFolletto nnd Cummins
led tho fight against confirmation.
Senator Martfno, of Daniels' own
etato was reported to have told the
senate he had come to tho conclusion
the confirmation would bo n mistake.
He added that personally ho had tho
highest regurd for Danlols,
Daniels' view on tho valuation of
public Bonico corporation property as
expressed In the Possnle gas rato case
are tho basis of tho opposition.
In this ciuo, the first to come up
under Governor WIUoii'h public util
ities art, Daniels, the critics say that
as president of tho public service
ooMitiUsloii lie was too llbuial In the
valuation of tho pan company' prop-
Washington society on April lit will lme the opportunity (if wing two
more plays at the fashionable linyhmiio. The actor, in usual, will all U
soclal loader. The dramatic committee of the l'ln.vlioue announces the
piny will be given for the benefit of the IHutilnlcan Slter.
The flr-t piny, Suicide?," Is n comedy In one n t by Mr. Pret n GIIkoii
adapted from n story by Leonard Merrick. The - '. "L'Amre Motif," Is n
French comedy. In ntikh Countess de Hortlcr de S-. ny, wife of the French
military nttneliC'. and Vlsctuuiles UcuoUt dAz., wlr of the Trench nS
atta. In', win a t
Encouraging Signs
Solving Fruit
lly W. F. Owin. General Manager,
.Nortuwestcrn Fruit Exchange change was organized ns a service
Ono of tho most encouraging slgn3 clearing-house, through which tlu
of tho times, as they concern tho orthw vstcrn and tho associations
fruit Industry of tho Northwest, is and shippers In other parts of the
the great Impetus that has been gl en country could co-operato In supply
to the Important matters of co-opera-, '"K a tonnage sufficiently great, and
tlon amongst the fruit growers and w'at Is equally Important, sufflclen'
organization of tho growers. In ," continuous, to keep a great sales
theo Important works, new co-opera- toTCO ulie' fr twelvo months In the
live agencies which have come lnto''onr- Speakers on co-operalivo or
existence within a year, have acconv
pushed much, nnd arc to be com
It Is with much relief that the
Northwestern Fruit Kxclinngo viewed
and continues to view the creation
nnd progress of these new agencies,
for the field to bo covered and the
burden of education nnd organiza
tion to be borno is so great that It Is
doubtful If any one concern could ar
compllsh tho task efficiently. Fe:
nearly threo years tho exchange bor
the heat and burden of tho battle for
organization nnd order, alone. Kn-
tcring tho field In 1910, it round It In
complete possession of commission
merchants from eastern cities, nnd
tho marketing of the crop largely on
the old-lino consignment basis.
Tho Kxchange was the very first
to urge the advantage nnd Import
ance of divorcing the business from
the consignment basis and placing It
on a merchandising basis of f. o. b.
sale. From tho very start. It an
nounced its policy, and has not onlj
stuck to It persistently Itself, but has
been gratified to sec its policy. lit
principles, and much of Its practice
and argument adopted by others. In
cluding tho co-opcrattvo marketing
agency that came Into clxstcnco last
season, and hag bteomo a largo and
important factor in the situation.
From tho foregoing, It will be soon
that most decidedly the Kxchange Is
not only not an opponent of co-operation,
but Is the first organization to
urgo tho advantage-u of It, and Its
whole record Is one of consistent ef
fort and achievement In the direc
tion of practical co-oporatlon. It has.
at its own expense, been instrumental
in organizing now associations nt
many points throughout the north
west, and fostering and nursing them
until tlioy were strong enough to
stand alone; h .t talked co-operation,
ami practiced co-operation, to an ex
tent, especially In tho practlco, that
has never been equaled in this part
of tho country.
For Illustration, Instead of confin
ing tho practice of co-operation to
tho growers of tho northwest, which
Is as far as evou the boldest ro-opcr-ators,
outsldo tho Kxchango. have
thought of going, tho Northwestern
Fruit Kxchango, away back In l'Jlo
figured out tho truth, now ovldont
to nearly everybody thut npplo grott
o's In tho northwest must tiecosKarllv
co-oporato with fruit and vegetal)
growors In other parts of tho toiin-
try In Florida, In Toxas. In New
i:m;land. in Michigan, In California,
i overcome tho hoasonal lmmlleatw
, ...- . .
on the operation of perinauont and ef
ficient, as well as economical sales
Have you over figured out how a
sales feervlco could be efficiently and
economically maintained by fruit
groweis of the northwest, alonn,
when tho fruit is harvested within
about 100 days and marketed In a
period of about six months. What
will become of tho sales machinery
tho other six months? Will It ho al
lowed to Ho Idlo and rust, or must It
ho abnuoiiod and renewed annually.
Doesn't either nlternntlve offer
service olfactions to the mind of niiv
rational IjiihIiioi men? What about
It. then? Well the KmIiuiiho met
that prohlom by n pure co-operative
principle, without any rounding of
lira or tinkling of cymbals, but
be iilmiidoiicd uud ruuenud iiiuiuiilly
of the Times in
Marketing Problems
Tho North American Fruit Kx-
ganlzntlon recently have admitted
their problem In this regard, nnd
have expressed the hopo that sooner
or later, increasing tonnage will en
able them to employ more salesmen.
Hut Increasing tonnage of only
northwestern fruit will never enable
the work to be done with maximum
efficiency, for the reason stated.
The Northwestern and Its asso
ciates In the North American, handled
during tho year ending December
31st, 1913. over 11,000 cars of fruits
and cgctablcs, maintain over 100
direct agencies in as many different
cities, and represent. In Its operations,
(estimated ( over 15.000 growers, In
all parts of tho country, all of whoso
tonnago combines to support service
of a kind not parallelled elsewhere.
at a cost jcr unit lower than produced
under any other conditions. It will
bo seen then, that the Kxchange has
been practicing, slnco 1910, practical
co-operation In a positive, effective
way. Proven performance Is always
more convincing than theories and
promises for tho futuro.
Now, tho whole question rcsoltc
Itself Into this: What Is our object
In growing fruit? If you nre In the
buslnofs primarily to mako money
for yoursolf, you owe It to oursoir
and to your family to got right down
to braes tacks and romparo tho re
sults of tho various marketing agen
cies. Thero are bound to bo several
of them. Never doubt that.
Kvon In California, so often men
tioned as tho homo of co-oporatlvn
marketing, there are several large,
strong factors In tho deal, nnd the
successful growers nro not by ar
means to be found In any one of
thorn. Mr. C C. Chapman, the most
successful individual orange grower
In California, and the owner of the
famous "Mission Ilrand" Ik not u
member of tho Cullfornla Fruit Grow
er Kxchange, for example. Ho, hero
In the northwest, tho Industry Is nl
roady settling down on similar Unci.
and no ono concern, co-oporntlvu or
otherwibo. will over control all or
even nearly all of tho fruit. Fur
thermore, It would bo trenmondously
against your interests If any one con
cern, co-operative or otherwise, wore
to control it all, or nearly all.
Human nature, you know, Is hu
man nature, whethor found in tho
ranks of pure co-oporatlon or outside
thoni. And monopoly tends to
abuses, to Inertia, to extravagance to
corruption. This Is true when one
political party controls the govern
ment machinery for too long, nnd It
Is truo of any other human Institu
tion. Competition is needed by overj
man to sharpen his faculties; to
bring tho best out of him, Theso
things being fundamentally true, It
Ik up to you to study the whole ques
tion and decide for yourself In which
method of marketing you can rely
most advantageously to yourself, If
oii want money, jou would bettor
study the Kxchangos record for four
I wnut to warn you ugalust the
sophistry of supposing that co-operation
and organization Is a pannten
for all market Ills. Wo liuvo noticed
of Into the growing use of tho expres
sion "Itemember 1912," much ns the
expression "Itoiiuniiher tho Mitliio"
was used In ISUK. u Is nil very well
to teiueinber I HI-', uud take what
step we inn lo gunid iimiiIii a re
petition of IhOHe conditions. If fit (
is eipmlly well not tt fool ournolenf
In tho belief that co-operation ulnne
will prevent thorn. As a tuntter of
fact, there will be lean ears - en
loan years -as well ui fnl years, In
tho futuro ns In tho past Co-operation
Is not responsible for this .eiirV
Reed prices, nor will It prexeut some
future year's very bad price. Fit
te you realize tho truth of this and
build jour business nccordlngly, yon
will be greatly etnbnrrassed later on.
The California Fruit Growers' Kx
change to often quoted ns the ne
phi ultra of co-operation, has not
been nhlo to avert this ear's mar
ket disaster: many scores of cars ol
oranges from California have re
turned red Ink to the growers and
many more linvo sold for les than
cost of production, despite the fact
that huge sums of money have been
sent and are being being spent In
newspaper and magnztnn space to ad
vertise the fruit.
Kcportcd by Jackson County Ab
tract Co., Sixth nnd Fir Sts.
Circuit CVutrt
ltcuer-Portland Cement I'o. t
W. S. Fitzuctald et til., action to
quiet title.
Heaver-I'oillnud Cement Co. -Wm.
S. Fitzgerald, uelion to quiet
O. C. (larrett et nl. s. Surah .1.
Krdinan, timling and decree.
John A. Perl V-. Rudolph Seholol
et nl., order su-tiiiuing demurrer.
The 101 Orchard & I.nnd Co. v-
Anna Kvnus et nl., default nnd tie
ClinrlOM Nickel v. Jin. .Inne Oil
bert, iiffiiluvit nnd order for publi
cation of summon.
Mabel Strum! v. Arnold Stntnd
Then. Itnudle- vs. H. 0. Mctlce el
al., affidavit mid order of publica
tion of summons.
Knie-t Cole vs. F. .1. Cnttcrliu, de
cree. Mabel II. Taylor et nl. s. K. A.
Hefler, order overruling demurrer.
I.eo Piipp- v-. Muliudu Jane
.Mile- mill Win. Miles, to foreclose
mortgage. .
K-tnte of Anna Ctircntcr, deceits
ed. I. Tliomns Carienter, minimis
trator. Ilond filed; order appointing
Kstute of F. I.. Crniifill, deceased;
inventory recited.
KMnte of D. (i. Klirne, dcceiited,
inventory recited.
Ivditte of John T. I.a.vtuu, deceas
ed: fifteenth scmi-nnuual account
Ileal INlnto Transfers
Phoebe J. Wells et nl. to H. K.
Appltgiite, land in 'u. -7-;is--jf:.
It. (I. Jeffrey to A. I. fro-,
luiid in sec. Illt-III-VJf;.
Henry Winner et ux to Wiiy
innii Wniiier, hind in Cen
trnl Point
W. A. Wright to .I. A. Walker
mid Charles W. Marsne, land
in st.t'. 'ill. lU-.iK. T . .
LouiMi J. Wright to ,l. A. Wal
ker mid C. W. Marsne, laud
in sec. ''0-IO-:iK ..--. .
II. J. Aydlott to J. II. Lyons
uud .. William-, luiid in,
see. l!).;if!-:iW. . - -
J. Williams to 0. II. Harris,
same properly . .. . ..
II. L. Whitcd et ux to (I. W.
I, 'JO I
Ktuvcus et ux, ll. Ill a eras in
sec. ,i-:iu-ii-:
T. K. I'lynu to Hen .!. Trow
bridge, land in sec l-l-tl.'i-liW.
. .
N. Welter et nl. to (I. W. Ted
rick, lot HI, 1 1 ami Hi, Ml;.
I, Till tin's Second Addition
to .Medford - . -.. -.
S. . Starr it ux to J. H. Her
sey et ux, lot in Downing
tract, Aslilnnd .. .
A. X. Hulbeit et ux to Isu
bellu lliitsoii, lot-. .), (I, 7,
uud 8, lilk. l.'l. Hold Hill
V. M. While el ux lo H. K.
Itovv rriiui, (I neres in see. '-'0-
C. Hurgens et ux to K, I..
(Jiigsby, lot I, hlk. ti, Itruni
oke mlflilioii to Medford.
Flora A. Kelsoy et vir lo ,J.
K. .Miuiliiin', lots l, ti, ,'i mid
I, blk. til), Hold IIIH. .. ...
J. C. Drown el ux to W. !'. Is
lines, lot ,'i, Oakluiwi uddition
lo Alcdford v......
A. S. Arhoust c( ux lo It,
il. Toft land in soc. li;-;il-
1 x -t ) -
Kail DrirToe lo K, II. Adam
sou, puit of lilecl: (, Talent
J. F. Davis el ux lo .I. T. Ila
gen, laud in see, .'IIMKI-tiW
Isuhcflii (I, Unison e vir lo
W. et ux, lo's 7 mill H,
Ml;, III, Hold Hill .
.folin Van Nutlii et nv to I).
T, MnKeridinr, lots - mid f,
Ml;. D, Hoiilevniil Pail; Ad
diliou lo Ashliiinl
II. C. Kilev el uv lo ,l. Huiiis,
laud in .'IH-IK
I' S. S'nlioiiiil II. ml. of Ash
land o (Inutile (ny HiiiiiujM
Hunk of Ashlnud, purl f
blk. 1, Ashluiid
t). C, Hogg el u lo O. It.
CliuriVe, laud in Tuft Addi
tion to Medfoul
.Mui'N .1, l.uui'ciicc to I). It,
Hutoii, laud in see. MIT-lSW
IMollu ,!. .Muee.v el nl lo KM
Oieluud Co., laud ill see. I-
:ir-iw. 1
Minnie (liider et ie to mime,
same piopeily I
Kale Whitley el vir lo hiiiuc,
siune piopertv I
Cnllie .Inyeov et ir to mine,
same ptupoity I
Addle C. Kvnus lo wiine,
lime ptoperly 1
Waller S. K.i.iu et n lo sumo,
same property I
Henry C. Klhci to smne,
same piopeitv I
Alum Kwitis et nl to siune,
Htiine ptopeity I
Atlhtin I eel to Mime,
saute propel ty 1
A. l Hvnns et u. to sninc,
uiuH propei ty 1
I. C. Donowiu et u. to I'm-
deutinl .Mining Co. of North
America, undivided two-
thids iuteiet in land in see,
ji-;iii.:iw. :m,otio
Fruitgrowers Title ; Tru! Co,
to N. !'. Lneey, parts lots I
nut' ", Crenthtuok (JrchnnN 10
Legal blanks tot sato at thtt
rlhun offlc
With Medford trute W Meilford mndo
r i9is
From San Francuco, Feb. 22, 1915
Viiiling fninotn c!t!f and cniuiltira on it
fUlUi lrmtli!p which (Civi'i at our
toteL Cveiy lutury and comfoit Aituinl.
135 days $900 and up
(Deluding Sliete Tttp and tl nrrry o ipn w.
AtoCmItnt!i Wf.1 fiidUt, Pan
Ciu CaaaI and Mdjtrrkit Uiu
SnJ ft m tit, ttUnj tut H
200 Sloclto Stf ! Sin ri4ncba
Or tcml mt0t9
North Pacific (leueral AKenta
4 11-tit White Hldg.
Phono Dlllott 1.17C nnd .'.Gjy
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I'wJ'J r IiiiIMhx. Tlmt
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7 W
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California Fruit Growers Exchange
1J3 ;(. Clifl Strtit,
otswerioKHHRn !
I l "HP" - ,wEtefli3!T-" ' , T '"u
F & II. Ilulldlng
ti'rceuliiiiiNo HIK i
All the pickers
i c. .. i-., l
lemons wear
in tlio wmli!
I I... !... !...
milll uy un- imia
is cheaper tlistn liny-
Tliev keen (or weeks.
,, .m j2 sunbUt" Oranga or
CkKiia, IIL (i)
, ,..,...