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?n7 Second RLSoely
jCC0'" Srcfif
Medford Mail Tribune
ltnln tonight anil Wcdnes
tiny, Max, -Id; -llti. m.
NO. 275
roriy.tMnl rr
rnllv KlKlilh Yr
l . i i
Damauc Slight In Metropolis, Out
Buffalo Dailly Shaken Selsmo
fjrnphs Out of Whack Clocks Are
Stopped Along Railroads.
At Syracuse and Other Cities, Office
Dtilldlmis Are Shaken and Hun
dreds Fire Into Streets In Panic.
NEW YORK, Fob. 10. -Oim jst
miii met death tmliiy in mi caith.
quake which rooked hnlf of Miiumh
i'IiiixiiUn, nil of Now Vnrk mid (lint
section of Canada lying along tin
St. Lawrence rixcr from Toronto In
Moot real. Tim heaviest shocks were
in ilm southern counties of Ncxv
Tin' mm fntnhly occurred in Ming
liniiiluii, N. Y., where Rueeo Axes,
a liilinrrr, wns killed while working
mi n building excavation. Tito tro
iiuir caused a landslide nml Axes
WHS crilttlll'll In death.
1'nllii r Tomilnf of Georgetown
uuixorsity, m'lir Wiif.l.ington, said hi
M-Uiuocrapli recorded two npparit'
nml distinct shocks. The firnt, In
said, stnitod nl 11!! nml lasted un
til 11:17, nml tlir second began ut
") riM o'clock nml continued to 1 .Il.'i
NEW YORK, Kid. in. Central,
Krlli nnilKulrni Now York wa
rooked ly mi earthquake this morn
ing'. Wlillo Ilm damage was slight,
il was of sufficient Hinority to stop
clocks nml put several seismograph
out of commission.
The ritxllimiililor was felt nt Iliif
fiilo nlioul ' 1 :.'in o'clock. Houses
xvcro rooked nml men, women Mid
children, panic stricken, run nut into
Ilm Iri'i-t". flnlv one shook was
fiilt in Huffnlo, lint il xx looked the
M'iNiuoKiiiiili ut CminNtiH collide.
ItuportH lo tin' mmii ofrii'i' here
of Ilm New York Central stated urn
Miration slopped nil station dorks
along itrt lino from Little Full lo
this oily. So serious damage, now
ox or, was reported.
At Svriteuso office building xvoro
shaken mill IiuiuIii'iIh of porsoiiH fled
lo Ilm streets in n panic Tim tem
blor wiih of brief ilurntion, how ever,
nml no damage wiih caused.
Tim seismograph nt Hronklyn col
lege wiih mil oul of commission nml
ii uumlier of ilnxvnlown buihlingH in
Itrooklvn were roekeil. No other
damage wiih reported.
Roooo Axes;. '.VI yours of ago, u hi
borer, wiih killed hy mi earthquake
wliieh rooked lliimlinniton linn uttcr-
iiooii. lie wiih crushed lo dentil when
Ilm tremor canned u IhimIkIuIo in mi
excavation for u new building.
ANN' ARHOR, Mieh., Feb. 10,
An enilhiiuiiko whieh started lit
li!:3l o'eloek wiih reKiHtered by Ilm
l-'niviirHilv of Jlichiu'iiu'rt Heinmo
Kniph thin nfternoon. Tim ui'itnuo
;rupliHlinweil llmMJiu renter of tlm
(Continued on nana a.)
RAN FIIANOI6CO, Cnl., Feb. 10.
Muury I. DIkbh nml Walter flilll
pin, eliuwd Hh niUtrciithijj Ida
l'enirinui wcro warned luilny lluil
niileHH they eouhl rIvo hail In Urn
meantime ihey would b tniiwforrcd
Into in the. allernoou from tlm city
ptiHon lo Urn county jH.
Di(H, who, uvor hinen hiH nriebt,
Iiiih ileehired he. expected to ho ImIN
ed out "Home Hum thin uiternoon,"
piofeHHed to expect the hiiiuo Ihing
MuihIiiiII Wondworth, one. of tlm
priHonnrrt InwyoiTi, who it n IdH
opinion Hint the. .20,000 liomlf m'
cHHiiry for both iucii'h icIciiho would
Im nriauKed "within a low days, hut
jirobubly tiot lOilUy."
Fearful of Frevh Plots, Dictator Sur
rounds Himself With Troops
Mlilnlylit Cahlnet Meetlno Called
Rebel Auents Active Within City.
Assassins Sent After Felix Diaz
Embassy Gets Photooraphs of
Land Plats Owned hy Carden.
MF.XIOO CITY, Feb. 10. Fearful
of freli plottui); n;miiHt him, 1'rehi
dent lluertu wnn couiplrlely bedded
iiround by hnyonetH today.
Two lliotinilil HtddiiTH Htirroilllded
bin rciiilfiicf, tlm national pahice
and the nrweiml. They were picked
men, devoted lo the dielntnr and to
bin caiiiie. Hiierta wax aid lo be
lirve they would die to a mini fiht
iii) for him.
All tlm private bonne in tbe vicin
ity of Ilm prcHidnit'H homo bad been
eleared of their occupant and M'ii
tries were on cuard oxer them. On
their roofn machino kuiih were
mounted. No one wiih allow rd in the
neighborhood except on bifincfu.
Tlm niemiletit unexpeetedlv called
a cabinet ineetiuj,' ut midnight anil
rrmalueil In conhiillalion with IiIh
iiiiiiiHierK until iluyliKht. They xvould
not miv what the diHuusiioii eon-
Itebel Aitontk OrKanUo
Officials admitted that tlmv knew
rebel iiKentH were hi Ilm city, on;nn
UiUK biiuilH amoiii; 'He police, urn
clerks, tlm mechanics nml ex en
i.ftiiiif ti .irL'im. WfMil.ttl. I'll!! U'flU 111'.t ili'iniit), ..'. .. ...... --
casionally urrested, hut with a large
clement of tlm population in sym
pathy with them ami tlm police help
niK I hem nliiiost openly, il xviih dif
ficult to put a stop to their uctiv
ilicx. lluertu, it xvoh known, considered
himself in constant danger of attack.
lie released from prison today nml
exiled In Kuiopo (ieueral ltudolfo
Kc.xch, compellini; him to leave his
wife ami four children behind ns
IiohIiikch iiKaiiiHt possible plotting an
bin part abroad.
At tlm American einbnsHy il had
been heard unofficially that two men
had Rone to Vera Cm, to iiHsnHsinate
Felix Diaz, but na Diaz xviih in Hn
vanu at latest iiccoiintH, this report
xviih not regarded very Hcriously.
Canton nil i:ploller
The cmbuHHy, it wai learned, pos
hcssch a photograph of government
maps showing the Mexican laud
huhliiigH of Sir Lionel Cnrden, Hrit
ish miiiihter here, im n member of
the company in whieli he, Lord Cow.
ilmv nml i'1'rlnin rlcb MexicaiiK arc
intercHled. Tlm company used the
miii lo oxnlolt ilH rcaltx.
Sir Lionel in Hinted to leave for
Loudon, February 15, mid nt tlm cm
hiiHsy it wan not believed ho xvould
reditu, despite HtiitemenlH to tlm ef
fect Ibat tlm foieiLMi ol'fiuo xvas not
recalling him. This being the case,
it xvas Hiiid the. laud incident xvould
ho considered closed.
Tlm entire foreign colony has con
sidered Sir Lionel and Admiral Sir
ChriHtopher Craddoek, tho Hritish
naval commander in Mexican wnt
era, ardent HuertistiiH and both wore
said to have Bcir.od every opportun
ity to impede, American efforts in
URIIINOTON, Feb. 10. The
nameH of fourteen Americans recov
ered thus fur from Ilm ruins of the
Cumbvc, Mux., tunnel wore received
by telegrnph at tlm Htato departmout
today us follows s M. J. Clilmnrlin,
Nunmrd Sehofield, John Webster, K.
J. jroCutchoon, J. I, MoiWh, Lee
Williams, II. V. Murtovifl, TIioiiiiih
Kelly, A. HurgeHs and Mrs. Cnrrujh
and her four children.
Tlm bodloH of thtitv MexlcmiH hud
iilso been l'uuud. '
A 10 BE
All Officers of Defunct Memphis
Dank to Be Prosecuted Editor
Drothcr of Guilty President Recon
ciled and Offers Private Fortune.
Believed Speculation Official Will
Appear Before Grand Jury This
Afternoon and Be Indicted.
MF.Ml'IIIS, Term., Feb. 10. After
an oMtrniigcincnt of 3 earn, during
which they did not ex en speak to
one another when they met, Presi
dent C. Hunter Itaine of the defunct
Mercantile bank, mid bin brother Oil
berl, owner of tho New Heimitnr,
were reconciled lotluy.
Tlm editor was out of town when
his brother xvas arroMod, but as soon
ah Im returned lm called on him at
the jail, shook bauds xvith him mid
pledged him all tlm iiKsihtanco he
could gixe. It xvas rcorted he exen
offered lo nell his entire property lo
help tlm imprisoned banker meet his
Accountants said today Ihey be
licxed Ilm hitter's shortage would
reach $l,r00,0()0.
Prosecutor F.tes of Shelby county
xvas prepnring today to accuse Cash
ier Claude Anderson of accepting do.
ponits when he kuexv the Mercantile
bank whh Insolvent.
lisle bun reevtxed score oC ru
quests for loo prosecution ot all the
bank officials and directors. At
first Im refused, but later decided to
bring criminal proceedings against
Ilaiim xvas c.pcetcd to appear be
fore tlm grand jury Into this after
noon. It xvas believed he would re
lont his confession and be indicted
immediately. He occupies n fine
room in tho county jail and plays
solitaire constantly.
An audit of the hank's books xvas
being pushed ns rapidly as ossiblo,
and it xvas thought it might ho com
pleted tonight.
It xvas understood the bank xvould
pay iihout .10 cents 011 tho dollar.
Speculators xverc offering deposit,
ors 'Jfi per cent for their claims.
RAN FHANCISCO. Cul.. Feb. 10.
Tho Pullman company today sued
Stale Treasurer Huberts for tho dif
ference between $8U,l! IH.tlll nud
JUDGE J. C. PMTf UAltl).
Governor Craig of Notth Caroliim
and United States Judge J. C.
Prltclmrd, ns trustees for tho fitalo
university, havo no Use for tho
money of John D. Roukefeller, and
they have spurned mi offer of $50,
000 from Ilm llockei'eller Foundation
for tho Young Men's Christian asso
ciation of tho institution.
Tho governor und jttdjjo took this
llkkkkkK 'KtkkkkkV I It .aA tfP .kkkkkkkkW
kkkkkkK iv skkkW W jf r kkkkkkkkkkka
ikkkkkkkkHkV .kkakkkkkkkkkkkkkkHi
kkkkkkkkkkkkkkakkkkkl kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkHI
XkkkkkkkEkkrVcWh.'kkkkkr mI ifKl'r ikkkkkkkkkkl
VrkkkkkkkErlkkHi w Mfk r utttttSKStr kkkkkB
x 3 -3 yilkkkkkkkkkkkkV r " - n
Ten $5,000 tmtM tui.U',1 latojlie safe
lu Ibc Slierlff off lie iiiiMiltieil tbi
xvrlukle out of tbe forelieml of Octavlo
Gultile, xvi-nlttiy Druilllan, living In
New Vurk, Ttio Li ucd for JW.000 for
nltegeil brcncli of iroinlic by MUs
Monica T. Itorden, bUo of Manhnttan.
Tliero hnd been twenty-four busy
hour for Mr. Gulule, but tbe cloud
elenred o much a ttic order for tbe
money flnnbeU off tbe .South American
cable tlint lie emphatically declared
that Mli Ilonlen' action Is tbe leait
of M trouble.
vote of St: to 32 the houno pasted
the Hlmckleford Reed roads bill It
authorizes tho secretary of ngric'tl.
luro to spend $25,000,000 annually In
maintaining rural post roads. Tho ap
propriation Is'tn be distributed anion,;
states according to tho ratio of popu
lation and road mileage to that of tho
entire country.
Tho senato has not yet considered
tho bill.
$1005.11. It paid tho larger bum in
taxes under protect, declaring it xvas
over-assessed on its 101'.! corporate
inoomo in California. A similar suit
for $1011, decided against tho com
pany by Judge Stm levant, is pend
action nt a meeting "f the trustees
nt Raleigh. Thoy said tho university
wiih a stnto institution and should
not seek aid outside the state, It
was urged hy sonio trustees that
other institutions wcro getting Rock
efeller foundation money, and that
tho university here had been prom
ised $50,000 if Ilm tilumut raised
HANCOCK. Mich , Feb. 10. The
congressional Investigation ot tho
Michigan copper strlko xvas resumed
today with William Itickard, presi
dent or tho Calumet local ot tho
Western Federation of Miners, on tho
stand. Ho went Into detail concern,
lap xvages and working conditions.
"The strlko was called." said Hick
ard. against tho acxico ot local offi
cials of tho federation. No power on
earth could havo prevented tho men
from quitting work. A referendum
vote showed tho men overwhelmingly
favored a strlko.
"The real complaint was that new
persons coming Into the inannKomcat
of the mines demanded bigger pro.
fits. They ordered trammers wlio
had been loading sixteen cars ot
rock and pushing them up along
drifts dally, to load twenty cars or
bo docked at the end of tho week."
Illcknrd sworo letters sent before,
tlm strlko xvas called were Ignorad
by tho officials of the various compa
nies. Tho witness was Questioned at
length by Representative Casey re
garding tho companies' system' of
conducting stores,
"Tho miners purchased goods from
tho stores." Bald Itickard, "nud tho
amounts of their purchases wore do
ducted from their xvages at tho end
of tho month. Tho prices at tho
company stores xvoro doublo thoso
charged by morchants elsoxvhero but
miners who bought from outsiders
xvero discharged. It xvould bo hard,
hoxvovor, to provo this assertion, as
tho xvorkors aro Invariably given
sonio other oxcuso xvhon thoy aro
lot out. nut tho fact remains that
thoso who persist lit trading else
xvhero don't lust vory long."
WASHINGTON, Feb. 10. Headed
by Robert Noxvtou Lynch of tho San
Francisco chamber of conimorco, a
group of Los Angeles and San Fran
cisco business men today appealed
to Attorney General MoReyuolds to
delav indefinitely tho proposed suit
divorcing tho Central Paeifio from
Ilm Southern Pacific. MoReyuolds
intimated that lm had made up his
mind thut tho uuit would ho pushed.
vralTf r3'0
DENVER. Colo.. Feb. 10. Sensn-
tional testimony xxis offered by Sam
Valentt, n Sicilian strikebreaker, at
today's se.-ion .of the congressional
probe into tho Colorado emu strike.
He sxvorq that Pittsburg labor
agent employed him at $8 daily.
I ''I xvas taken to tho Delagun mine
in southern Colorado. After xvorkiug
;i fcxv days, 1 demanded the promised
.money, hut I never got it. Then 1
xx'as ordered lo resume xvork nt
greatly reduced vnges.
1 "A fcxv days Inter" I snxv nn Ital
inn strikebreaker shot and killed in
tho Dclngim mine. Four militiamen
carried the body out and I never saw
it afterward. 1 told nn Italian judge
at Delagun about tho soldiers killing
tho mini, but he told me to go buck
lo xvork, as 15,000 soldiers xverc
watching me."
i Vnleuti also declared that he xvit-
,nessed a Sunday riot in 'which cav-
'alrynien rode down xomen marchers.
"I saw soldiers repeatedly strike
xvomen on the legs," Ko said, "and I
heard General Chase Cell tho troops
to go ahead mid kill both xvomen' and
' men.
"I saw soldiers rido at xvomen and
stick them xvith bayonets," added
Vnleuti. "I saw three or four get
stuck nml heard them crv out in
pain. One woman xvas stuck in tho
leg and tho thrust gave her 11 hnd
Asked if lm xvas sure it xvas Gen
eral Chaso who gave the order to
"kill the xvomen," Valentt nuswered:
"Suro, I am. There he sits now,"
pointing at Chase, who occupied a
seat in the courtroom.
WASHINGTON, Feb. 10. With
tho arrival hero today of C. E, Wilis-
lor of Medford. president of tho Or
egon State Horticultural association,
n campaign for 11 standard apple
box xvas inaugurated hero A stand
ard barrel bus already been provid
ed hy congress and noxv 11 standard
box, to bo known as the nortnwesi
orn special box, is proposed. Whis
ler came hero at the request, of Con
gressuiuu llnxvley.
Lawmakers Chased From Buildings
by Irate Mob, After Whltewashlrif
Government When a Vote of Cen
sure Is Asked Over Scandal.
Anti-Government Display Unprece
dented and Heralds Revolution
Caused by High Taxation.
TOKIO, Feb. 10. Pursued by tn
Infuriated mob, Japan's lawmakers
wero chased poll tr.ell from parlia
ment houso today and driren into
biding after whitewashing tho gov
ernment when an attempt was mada
to censure it for tho grafting It was
accused ot having permitted to go on
for a long tlmq past In tho navy.
Tho announcement having beon
made that the anti-administration
party would move a resolution of
lock of confidence in the government,
a crowd ot fifty thousand gathered
In Mlblya Park to demand tbe meas
ure's adoption. Fiery speeches were
being made and tho assemblage al
ready was worked up to a high pitch
ot excitement when news arrived that
the resolution had beon defeated,
205 to 164.
Hush on Parliament
Instantly tbe rush on parliament
houso began. A strong force tot
police was on duty but tbe throng
was so great that the cordon jwas -be.
Ing quickly thrust aside or trampled
Underfoot when troops reached the
Massed around tho building with
fixed bayonets, tho soldiers suc
ceeded In stopping tho crowd's
chargo and the legislative halls wero
not actually invaded. The member
of parliament had taken tho alarm
and, hastily adjourning, iwero
smuggled out, each under a heavy
guard. Sentries wcro posted over
the homes ot thoso living in Tqklo.
Many took rofugo with friends, that
It might not bo too easy for the
crowd to find them. Others left tor
tho country.
Fierce Iliotlng la Progress .
In the menntimo florco rioting waa
In progress. Tho elaborate polico
precautions taken saved public build
ings but streetcars wore stoned n
many parts ot tho city and a deter
mined effort xvas mado by a throng
of several thousand to sack the of
fices of a pro-govemmont nowspaper.
Hero tho polico drew their swords
and repulsed repeated charges,
wounding a number.
Tho attempt on tho newspaper of
fices was finally abandoned but nt
10 p. in. tho mob still rilled tho
streets and further trouble seomel
Great anxiety was felt In govern
ment circles. Under the surface 11
strong radical sentiment has beon
simmering in Japan tor some time
and many saw In today's demonstra
tion a gonulnely revolutionary out
break. fContlnuea on pane S.I
HOME, Feb, 10. A consultation
of physicians here today decided to
mako an X-ray examination ot Presi
dent Charles A, Comlskoy of the Chi
cago Whito Sox, who wua stricken
seriously 111 yesterday whllo travel
ing by rail from Naples to Rome with
mombor of tho Chicago and New
York baseball teams.
Comlskey had been fcoljng slightly
indisposed in Naples but little was
thought ot it until tbe train had
passod Casorta, when he became
worse so rapidly that Dr. John V.
Jones, American consul general at
Genoa, a passenger was called on. Ho
diagnosed tho caso as indigestion
wtth symptoms of heart trouble.
At Rome Professor Glusseppe Has
tianolll xvas summoned, Iletwen
thorn the X-ray1 examination wag
agreed on.