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    207 Second street ' '
Medford Mail Tribune
Itnln Mat. riflj Slln. ai.
Itnlnfnll .00.
'tiny. third Yfr.
Dnlly Klutitli Vtmr
NO. 202
SA 01
Flood, Rain ntnl Snow Prevail
Throuuhoiit State Gnlo Blowing
nt Sen a ml Another Storm Duo tor
Tonl!it Rivers Overrun Banks.
Sacramento and San Joaquin Mvcrs
at Tops of Levees Many Towns
Submerged Deep Snow In Hills.
HAN lTtANOIHCO. Cnl , Jnn 2fi -I'looil
nml inln wpt California
nuothcr storm thU afternoon. A(tr
prcillntltiK utmettleil wcntlicr for to
night, (luvernmout rirccntur Will
nun hero toilny nt noon declared
another utorin, which prevailed nt
sea wits iluo to roach t ho California
conat beforo morning. Jutl how
cro tho approaching 1lturtmnro
would lie ho wan iinnhto to iwi)'.
"II tuny ho light," unlit WllUon,
"or ll tuny ho na nuveru nit Hint which
nwept tho conat ycalonlny."
Thn only rnyof hojio of rollnf
rnnio from Puttier Jerome H. Itlninl,
Knntn Clnrn Uiilruralty'it "Padre of
thu Itnln. " Ho declared tho vtorni
would boitln to break away Into to.
ilny, nml thnt thu iirovnllliiK lotith
cnit wind would change to aouth
wont, nml thou no or nroutid to tho
north. Jlo uw no further ftorm'ln
W'omt In no Vcw
Honoris from renter of population
Indicated thnt jcatnrdny'M atorm wan
tho uorat Cnllforuln tins Buffered i'l
fii) jeiim. Cities nnd towns wore
partially Inundated from (tin Oregon
lino to Kotithcru California' lower
IIiiiIIk. Tho property loan will run
Into thu hundreds of thouanndi
llrlilnia worn aw opt nwny ut a acoro
of plncca, tulcgrnph nnd leluphoiM
rommuulcAtlon a aerloualy Inter
rupted nud railroad truffle out of n
niimliKr of towiin nnd cltlen was nt n
Nory atntlon north of l.oa AukcIci
reported thr.t tho totnl rnlnfnll for tho
ni'itaoii nearly douhlo thnt of Inat
Tho altuntlon nt nit points along
tho Htirrnniento mid Han Joniiuln
rivers wnM reported critical. Tho
Hiii'iniiieiilo wnH reported hrlmmlnif
full nt noon hut tho lovooa woro hold.
Itnln for Tomorrow
"Wo nro not out of tho wood
(Contlnuon on pago 3.)
HTOCKTON, Cnl., Jnn. ail.- Tho
Knu .lomiuln river ut l.nthroi this
.morning hnd rent-hod 17 0 feet nnd
wiih Htlll rising Hlowly, It In ex
pected to rench IS foot, tho dniiKor
murk hy night. Tho highest point
liiiown hero In 32:5 feet which wna
attained In February tutl,
Alt lovceu In thu deltu district nro
being pntrolled. All reoliilmed tractn
uro Hnfo today hut In tho lower ick
Ioiih trouhlo Ih expected within tho
niixt three days. Mmulovlllo mid
liaeon IhIiiiiiIh, now being reclaimed
have luum flooded,
Tho Tuoloinuo river nt Wntorford
nnd tho Htiinlaluus ut Knight's Perry
have been falling hIiico early thl
moruliiK. Tho Orange IIIohuoiii bridKO
nhovo Onkdaln on tho Stanislaus wan
, Hwupt nwny Inat night.
Tho CiiliiveniH river renehed IIh
crest, IU.U feet ut S o'clock Inat
it Ik It t ut llullola and had fallen i
IK feet.
Thu dlvuilliiK canal iikuIii lro
Incloil Htocklnn ftoin overflow luJt
IIOSTO.V, Jnn 20. Pour
II von wero lont today In n
henvy atorm which In ratlin;
off thn New KiikIiiiiiI conat
nud Nova Hcollii conat. Tho
achoonvrii Pontine nud Jo
seph Million each IohI u mint.
mid tho suhooiinr Allcu two
men. Thoy wero swept over
honrd by honvy sens.
Tho flaultit: achooiior Zolmn
was wrecked off llnllfnx. ttn
rrow wna anved hy tho steam
cr l.ndy l.atirler.
VKUA ("III V .Mox.. .Inn. 'Jtl.
.Iimnn Hon Milton, who, tm the
peooinil ri'irf iintalix c of 1'iohiilent
llueitii, eoul'errctl hero with .lolui
l.iml, I'n'Miili'iit WilidnV cinUiir.v,
left for Mexico City toilny. It wm
niari'iit tlui't lie liml failed to ob
tain Wuhlunmoii'n upproinl of llu
utliiV plan to lnkfthrtiulil-ttrtiul
(ho nbclh nml iiiiuie Franuisco do l'i
llnrrn ux liti Kucccnaor.
llcfure Icuxini; hero Milton hitter
ly iteiiouucci! the newspaper.
'Tho plan wiih t.poilei1," he unid,
"hy iri'iiiuturo puhlirutioii of l'roi4
nleiit Huorlu'H intentioiiH."
WIIITTir.ll, Cnl, Jan. 20. Thirty
two jrexieaiiK weie leM'ueil from
trees nml lioiiM'lops at .limtown,
near here, in IioiiIh ut !u break to
ilny. The Sim (laliricl river over
flowed it t lintikt nnd portions of the
low-liui; M'ttlcmeut soon wiih under
from three to cii;lit feet of water.
I wnter In tho Sncrnmonto river nnd
NKW YOltIC, .lun. 211. Seeretnry ' lt trluuttirlos hnvo reached a critical
of Statu Hrvim visited .Muyor Mitelt- 1'olnt and all lovwa nro beliiR pn
ell here. It wiih understood they dis- . trolled. In Biicrnmonto tho water hn
eiisM'd Milehell'rt offer of tho Niv ! reached tho 2S foot iimrk, tho hlfih
York police eommissiouership to Col. 'cut In suvornl yenre, but Wcathor
(loelhnl, hut neither tho mnyor nor i Forccnster Tnylor snya tho city Is In
Mm seerelnrv would lmvu out nnv "o pnrtlculnr dniiKor. UnllroaJ
John II. NVrlKht, flmt an.UUnt c"l.cer of tho Now York Htnto IllBhwy CommU.lon, took the photograph
rcp.-odi.ced aboiu on Noie.uber ... HUM, to county, when ho recom.nondeil that nil payment, on tho road bo
nuieiiil..l, in f. of thU repo.l fil,S.i5.0a wV paid to the contractor lumber 4, 10(3. The rond b la practlclly
pie Ktiine condition today,
Secretary of Interior Declares Issue
Is One of Human Welfare Versus
Human Greed Is Battle to Pro
tect Race Against Cancer.
America Produclnq Most of Radium,
Sending It to Europe and Buying
It Back at Fancy Prices.
WASHINGTON. .Inn. 'Jll.-Secrc-Inry
of the Interior l.nue came out
MroiiL'lv today before the home
i -
comuiittee on mining in favor of the
wilhdniWHl from public entry of nil
the Kowruiuont'ff radium beuritiK
"The fithl for the i"0rcf;n(ion o(
: theo IiiiiiIh," he faid "in mi Htrongly
, tinned with litiman interest that it
willy Rccinn n linttle to i)ri!cct our
father, mother, brothers nud hi.
tcrw nuiiiht the ravnues of cancer,
"Of thin curative ucnt milium
it in tiuiueitiouiililv our duty to se
cure iin much tiH tHWuible, since it i-
ktiown (hut it in u cure for suierrie-
iul unncer.
"1 wai nlanned when investitjii-
t Km showed that iilthotiKli seventy
five por cent of the world' milium
supply lit produced in America, we
have only two urn ma here. We
found wo hud been Hemline radium
to Kunipe nnd then buying it hack.
"A second danger was that there
would ho a monopoly of radium
bearing lamlti. nud it seemed iniiui
festlv our ilutv to prevent (hit.
''Tim plan before vou meaurt the
withdrawal of such lundw from ex
ploitutiou by nrisnle interests nud
nihtircH that they would bo hdd
nguiiiiH tho people.
It wuh generully ireilieteil that th
withdraw nl proposition would pus
congress overwhelmingly. Tho only
remaining matter, it was cuntidercd,
uns tho w oi king out of detail."
flACKAMKNTO, Cul.. Jnn. 2(5.
rollowlng tho honvy rnlnfnll of Snt
urdny nl(;ht mid Sunday niornliiK tho
traffic Is badly hnmporod.
J. , i r
Kuoiil Mndcroj, jounger brother of J
Hie muriiurvil president t .Mexico, I
now the chief nt!vicr of (leuenil
I'litieho Yillu, compicror of Chihua
hua City, ono of the wealthiest
towns in the whole country. The
young man knew that he could not
ho friend with JJresidftiit lluertn,
whoe iirM-o scemrd to be to ex-
SACKAMICNTO. Cnl., Jnn. 20.
It's up to the municipalities of .the
state to take care of their own prob
lems of the uuepinloycd; tho stnte
will take no baud in relief under the
present condition!-, recording to the
report on the "unemployed," made to
Governor Johnson toilny by Commis
sioner .Mol.augliliu in this city of the
bureau of labor stulitici.
McLaughlin states that conditions
uro utmost identical with thoso of
two years ago. lie says tiio problem
is mainly ono of Culifolnia being 'a
fino winter resort," nml Inbor flock
ing hero nuticipating work under ex
cellent oliinntie conditions. He pre
dicts nonnul conditions throughout
tho Mnto by Apnl and snys conili
tions hnvo nlreiulv heen greatly re
Moved in Los Angeles, and with the
let-up of tho riiiuv weather mnnv will
find work on the farms of the state.
teniiinate the Mudcro family, sev
eral members of which cenpcd to
New York City.
Hut Knoul Mudcro remained, in hit
native country. He has been with
Villa since the taking of Juarez,
acro! the Itio Grande from HI 1'afco,
Tex. It is possible that much of the
success of Villa, the. jex-Jjnudit .hn
been due to young .Miulerii".'
SAN FHAKCISCO. Cnl., Jan. 20.
The state sunreme court, nt u spe
ciul sesiou today, Nued a ereiup
tory writ of niiiudiito to Secretary of
State Jordan to submit to Governor
Johnson tho recoil petition iij;niust
State Senator Owens of Hichmnnd.
It was htiid tho governor would issuo
the call for the recall election ns boon
up Jordan had notified him thnt the
properly certified lits coutniuiuK
suftieieut number of niimeo had been
When cited lo explain why he did
not forward tho petition to tho gov
ernor, Jordan presented n writ of
prohibition issued by tho Coutrn
Coxtu county superior court, which
he said hud. thus far prevented him
from doim; so. Tho supreme eouit
held this writ void upon its fnco.
The stnte labor federation, which
launched tho etitious iiKiiinst Ow
ens, accused him of iolatin his
pro-election pledges to Inbor. The
senator' was elected on the demo
cratic ticket.
MEXICO CITY. Jnn. 20. Officer
iiud murines from tho Jnpancse crui
ser ldzumo wero tho most lionized
individuuls in Moxico City today.
J ho party arrived yesteitluy and
was received with u tremeiulous ova
tion. Hrass bauds nlavcil. cannon
siiluted and tho crowds cheered en
thusiastically. A big escort of
Mexicans, currying Japanese Hugs,
neeonipnnied tho visitors to their lo
cution. H wus understood lVsitlcut
lluertn intended to receive Couuua.i
iler Mori Yainii and his stuff.
Minister Adcchi, the Mikado's rep
icbcntutivo here, denied, however.
(hut tho mm. lies camo to guard thu
cgiitio.i, they would iclilin n the
Idttiino I'liiluy, ho bind.
y vs
mon or
! President Wilson Says New Bills Will
Not Bar Any Business Not In (it
self Monopolistic, But Will Be An
Aid to Legitimate Business.
No One But Gocthals Ever Consider
ed for Post of Governor of Pan
ama Canal Zone.
WASHINGTON, Jnn. 'JO. I'rcsi-
I dent Wilson made it plniu to callers
on him today thnt his anti-trust il-
I icy is aimed only at such business
methods ns partake, in their nature,
of the spirit of monopoly.
He held groundless the nlann ex
pressed in some (piurters thnt the
proposed legislation prohibiting hold
ing companies will affect companies
which desire to organize subsidiaries
to meet legal conditions.
His trust bills he explained, will bo
no bar to any business not in itself
An Aid to ltuslncss
Nor will the industrial trade com
mission, he 'assured hi 'visitor, bo
u "dragoon," as it was pointed out
to him, mnnv business men fear. It
will prepare orders for the courts oil
the strength of its findings, but, the
president .nnnlcd out, the courts can
I amend them ns they wish.
i lie commission iiscii win ucief
inine, the president said, whether to
publish information it secures. He
did not expect it to bu ns secretive
us is the treasury department con
cerning the corporation tux, ho con
ceded, hut he did nssiire his cullers
that one thing was certain business
men might feel confident that rivals
would not be permitted to leant trade
secrets as u result of investigations
under the proKised new law.
Gocthuls for Governor
Keferring to affairs connected with
thu I'uiiiituii canal, tho chief execu
tive uiuilo it plain that he hud never
considered anyone but Colonel Gocth
uls for the post of governor of the
zone. Secretary of War Gnrr.soii,
ho said, hud already assured tho col
onel of this. Tho order creating n
civil government of tho zone, he lidd
ed, whs ready for signing. Ho did
not discuss, however, the suggestion
thnt if Gocthals should express ,
wish to letiro for u year it might
enuse hi into deluy signing the order.
Untitle importance, tho president
concluded, had been attached to to
night's dinner, at which tho members
of tho senate foreign relations com
mittee are to bo present, tlenyiug
that the administration confronts n
critical situation, and that for thnt
reason ho wants to get closer to the
members of tho committee, and ex
plaining thnt those to attend the din
ner wish merely to discuss unfinish
ed business before the committee
t.kes up pending arbitration treaties.
NKW YOKK, Jim. 20. After somo
hesitation at tho start, slocks moved
upward today with few exceptions.
National Hiscuit was tho feature with
u three-point rise. There wus some
heavy selling ut tho outset, hut the
losses were limited to frnetions, Hal
timoro & Ohio being about tho henv
iest loser with a :Ki-point drop. Sen
hoard Air Line roso 1. As trading
progicsscd tho market became
stronger. Tho good iiuirterly report
of tho United States Steel coiporn
tiou hiul a J'a vol able effect on nil the
industrials, Mexican Petroleum was
again very strong.
KomU wero Unit.
Tho iuiirL'1 clocd bloody.
California Orchardisls Victorious In
Contentions Against Railroads, Se
curing Reduced Charges for Re
frigerating Fruit Cars.
A Reduction to $7.50 Per Car Or
dered From the $30 Rate Estab
llshed by Traffic Lines.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 20. Califor
nia fruit shippers won an important
victory in the supremo court today
here ngninst the Santa Ye, Southern
Pacific and Sail I'edro & Salt Lake
railroads in the so-called icing case.
The court sustained the order of til's
interstate commerce commission
grently reducing the charges for re
frigerating fmit curs nnd denied thnt
the railroads have the exclusive
privilege of icing- cars or that they
can prevent shipper's from pro-cooling
or prc-ieing their own enrs.
Whether the railroads carrying tho
bulk of oranges nnd other citrus
fruits from California have the ex
clusive right to refrigerate cars and
may prevent shippers from pre-eool-ing
nnd pre-iciug cars nt a lower
rate was the prime ipiestiou in tho
iping' oasTT Hoth tho I. C. t. nnd
commerce court decided in favor of
the shippers. On July ."5, 1000, the
Santa Fe, Southern Pacific and Salt
I.nke railroads amended thcic refrig
eration rules to provide a reduction
to $30 for tho use of refrigemtcd
enr pre-iccd and pre-coolcd nt the
shippers' warehouse, tho car being
sealed and not rc-icctl in trnnsit. Tho
rate for "stantliinl'' icing (refriger
ution ufter cars are loaded, with re
plenishing of ice en route) w
$02.f0 from thu coast io Chicago.
The 30 rate wns deeltired unrciisou
able by tho I. C. C. and ordered cut
to $7.50 per car. On May 4 the rail
roads attempted to withdraw the en
tire pro-icing privilege. They filed
mi injunction suit to set usidu thu
commission's order, lly pro-ieiug tho
shippers would stive ubout 4'iO0,ODO
u year.
Tho fotiiCn opinion wns rend by
Justice Lumttr. It held that tho rail
road's contention would result in nn
increase of ."i t per ear for shipping
fmit neross the country. Tho opin
ion held thnt until the railroads can
provide tho same pro-cooling uucom
modiitious us tire now enjoyed by thu
shippers as n result of their own fu
cilitics, tho railroads cannot deprive
the shippers of tho advantages of
their own procooling system.
NKW YOKK, Jim. 20. District
Attorney Whitman hud in his hands
today, in connection with his graft
investigation, the bunk hooks of six
teen importiint Now Yurk Hlitioinn"j,
iueluiling thoso of Charles 1 Mur
phy, Tammany lender, uud John
Guffiiey, to whom United States
Senutor O'Goriuuii wus sniil to have
referred, in u conversation with ox
Governor Sulzer, ns Mtirphy'a "chiet
With these books Whltmuii was on
tho trail of whut ho stispcutcd was
u plot to loot the state. Ho. wns of
tho opinion, it was understood, that
alleged graft money was bunkwl, not
in New York alone, bit hInu in Nw
Jersey, Pennsylvania! Cui.iuW Htl'
possibly in KurMtw,
Jaiiies W. Osborne, GorHf
Glynn's speulnl luvethtMlor, Jh(U
muled that if Wkilinu mwdwl iufuiv
inatio.i, from tour) ohMiIm hi tw
juiMielloii, hn wmthl I4 iU pwlHh
isqiUm in xUiK It.
1 1