Medford mail tribune. (Medford, Or.) 1909-1989, January 07, 1914, SECOND EDITION, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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anwFORn at ah, TmnuNR Mrcmroun, omwoN, wkd.vmsdav. .ianiwuy 7, inn.
.1 ,1. Courtney of Milestone, N. I).,
nnd lit wife mo In the city viewing
A mooting of tlio V. C. T. V. will
bo hold Thursday afternoon nt tho
jiitlilli: library nt :t o'clock. All motn
Iioib mo urged to intend.
Kodak finishing est In town nt
Chester Thornton of Uuch Is In the
illy today on business,
Mall from tlio east Is being slight
ly ilclnjed by storma In thu northwest
mul Montana. S. l trains Arc now
running on time.
Orders tnken for decorated china.
Latest 1914 designs, for sets, or
single pieces. Mrs. J. D. Bell, Hotel
Nash, 246
During the Inst wcok the police
hnvo driven a score of tramp out of
town, hut each freight brings In n
ninny more.
0 11. Young of Hilt. Cal is tran
sacting business In Mcdford today.
Moo's dry goods store is showing
unusual high grade values at their
January white goods sale. 24(3
Mrs. Nancy Uoollttlo of Eugene Is
visiting friends and relatives on
Griffin creek, t
J. 11. KlncHldo IZnglc .Point is In
thci city for a fowdayg on business.
12. D. NVcston, commercial photos
raplior, negatives mado any time or
placo by appointment. Phono M
M. M. Tuttle of, Phoenix ispent
Tuesday In ;Medforl attending to
K. 1). Toms of Kresno, Cal., Is in
the city for n few days.
Milk and cream nt DeVoo's.
Workmen have about completed
Court Hall's new Cadillac garago on
South Fir street.
Andrew Jeldness, Axel Lundgren,
lllll Fry and C, Frultt are in
the city this weok from the Blue
Ledge district. They -will all return
Advance showing of white goods,
laces, embroideries and muslin un
derwear at Moe's dry goods store.
Thcprosccutlng attorney's office Is
making preparations to enforco thu
state law'tagalust the posting of fake
medicine ads.
llnbert Barron of Barron was a
business visitor in Mcdford Tuesday.
Sec V. H. Storm about'.' Vuiiii.
Arizona, lands. Seven to nine cut
tings alfalfa. Under government
project. 117 S. Laurel street. 247
Claude Saylor and wlfo who left
Mcdford in November tor their old
home in Pennsylvania, aro headed
this way again, according to letters,
They are tired of the east.
Mrs. J. H. Kingly of Gold Hill vis
ited friends In Medford Monday.
Kodak finishing, glossy or dull fin
ish at J. O. Gcrklng's studio, 228 E.
Main St. Phono 320-.
County Commissioner Con Leover
Is over from Central Point for a few
Deputy Fruit Inspectors Myers and
Aitkin transacted business iu the
city Tuesday.
January white sale now on at
Moe's dry goods store. 24C
Arthur Glenn of Roseburg Is
spending a few days in the city.
Joo H. Wilson of Talent Is visiting
in tho city for a few days.
J. O. Gerklng, tho 'best all around
photographer In southern Oregon..
Alays reliable Negatives made any
where, time or placo. Studio 22S
Main St. Phono 320-J.
Dr. KlrchgetHiiur of Illverdale is
in the city on business.
Fresh lime. Medford Lbr. Co,
Sheriff Slngler and Deputy "Cur
ley" Wilson wen over from Jackson
ville Tuesday evening.
"Insurance your best asset." Have
tho est. Placo your Insurance with
Holmes, tlio Insurance Man, right If
ho writes it. tf
C. K. Kay of Wellcu Is In tho city
for a few days.
Walter MerilcH mado a business
trip to Jacksonville Tuesday and to
duy, (i T .McDonald of Glendale tran
baclml business In Medford Tuebduy.
The ltogiio River ,1'rult and Pro
duce association has about 75 half
boxes of Coiulco pears which are
ready for quick consumption, aud
which will bo told at a very nominal
Miss Francos Ncotel, principal of
thu lloguti river bchool, entertained
thu Rogue- ltlvor teachers and her
teacher friends Vrom Jacksonville at
dinner at the Medford on Now years
Day, Among those present were:
.Mrs. J. Porey Walls, the Misses Hurst.
Wondt. Fleming nnd Nasliund.
Thu Models nnd llnrniccn's basket
ball teams meet at the Nat tonight.
President Dtirch of the Portliuul
Itenver Cement company nt Gold lllll
Ik arranging for the shipment of BO
toils of fire brick Tor tho now plant
now being constructed.
AntomoMllsts of Ktumntli count)
are talking of forming a local nso
elation to act with the Jackson coun
ty association In fighting the tag li
cense law.
Sugar Pine shakos. Medford Lbr.
Welcome rain foil oer the valle.v
today In showers, Tho ground, ac
cording to growers Is In need of
moisture, and throe or four weeks
rain Is hoped for.
The council Tuesday night allowed
a big hatch of hills for December.
Arthur Dunlop of Trail is visiting
In the city for n few days.
.1. S. Long has returned from n
business trip to Kugcue.
H. D. Wnlther of tho California
Oregon Power company, with W. G.
Aldcphagen Is attending to business
In Klamath Falls this week.
U. E. Smith of Butte Falls is In the
city for a few das on business.
Miss Mnry Greeu of Ashland vis
ited friends In Medford Tuesday.
The city election has brought tho
campaigners in large numbers, tho
arguing place being nt Main and
Front" streets. Few spirited clashes
have resulted todato. Tho candi
dates still have their1 feet on the soft
pedajC1 x ii
Thctown nasjvcliance "o
"tangoed" two dcaubmy's Tor this
purpose Lelng' lu th'tf course of for
mation. - . .-v(j
Don Gibbons wasup from Gold
Hill on business his morning
U . I ,1 L.I I I I I ! . ' gV" " ' '
mam " ImHRMBPSB -..--V m
UNu .iDtmltii V VOMlNu
The mm eH'rt" Juotight t'u i i f Hour i .
A'fc.irw. t5i I 'ill a ill tl I'lonu.i rt' fi iij tl.i'ir u.i i
wfrn g' il '. 11 . :i ,N nv Yi-rl.
Thi t i; hi .i,i linl wvit''"" fir ' r 'i. im -i
j."i!i" Iil 'i i j(u '- r tl w ti'l Imow t tli. I v, i -ir i) -,
tit) , i - n tK iw ti .. 4, i, i ii-.'i 'it,
lieu tl.c fl.iirx.i jt .irritid hr fuu'iei we , ! .j hm;i it t ,,.
Ita.tK r I'ntn i
tin' Moillti .
i 1 1'
i t ,c
i i 'I
via .
.-jul I line oilier lil nf tl fl-t itliUl.-M -ll
' ttffk'orn mul iim-ii vii tlio hlv (lj.'litMi
' 'i Tin- t.. ii w .1
l M v 'I 11 I ML I 111
oril jltir.i W il.'l lil.f
i'.v b i U'ui u.i i n ii niv tin" liv the
rlln-l In tlu' Sun Hi II h4t
II i-liii lllll tin' i.iik fie mi liln I tilt t
A. siioeenbaumj'E;eneral iuanaKtr
of the 'llarrlman lines iu Mcdfor!,
has returned from a ten day's visit
to. California, lie reports real hard
times' In Southern California, crowds
of unemployed and few tourists. It
rained nearly all the time lie was
away. No where was the outlook
any brighter or prospects fairer than
TTne -county court'Ts holding It)
retfutar monthly meeting at Jackson
ville. Wednesday tho time was oc
cupied in passing upon bills, espe
cially those from doctors, aggregat
ing several hundred dollars, unau
thorized by the court.
Mr. Sweet's pleasant smiling count
enauce was seen In this district one
da thlsrweek; ,' ;
It. F. Dean celebrated his birthday
on January 2. by entertaining at din
ner the following guests: .Mr. Theodore-Glass
aud family, Mrs. S. If.
Glat-SiMr. Huston, J. 11. Howe, Miss
Asken nnd Miss McNnsser.
Paul Lake and family entertalpcd
a large dinner party on New Years
Merritt Hoagland returned to lilsH
home after enjoying a month's visit
with Clarence McFall of Klamath
Falls. Mr. McFall accompanied Mr.
Hoagland aud will remain .here In
definitely. W. A. Thompson left the valley for
New York on a short pleasure and
business trip. Jle will visit his
mother of Glen llldge and Mr. Jarvll,
a director of the S. P. railroad.
Sunday tho Dean family wore en
tertained at the A. T, Whitney home
.V. . .
onsisunset Drive. The dinner was
The Ke. V. 1). .Mitiill..inth. Ilni.
ti-t niiiij-tor. mul WiHimn t'lneli.
I pioneer iiiietiiiuoer, filed their onaili-
ilueie fur the rty i-imiiril Tuiiliiy
in the 'I'liinl mul Stn'mul wnnl-, if
iM'itively. The filineV lirotiglit n
.-tonii of pruteM. nipl llie ieicnlitv ot
the tilitijX- uiH'Mioni'd.
The pelilii.if of tin- lf. MoCul
Itiush wn hiiuluty'il liy Coimcilniim
Grorpe .Millar, tsnol muhhiu miior
by Ciiiiniliniiii ''.lnhn SmniiuTxillf.
mul tiled liy liiin-olf. Hill I'lru-li
likowi-e filed lii own tition. 'I'll-
njjui.-toc'B .wliilfium P0(Uii'- j'eiw-.
only, tuwif Mniirio- fnr Huiifiliiirii;
pruliiltition ami tin- inili'ittioii of nil
en ic mil IJi- t'linilKlHcy -pill- the
uiili-.Milliir vnte. a- lie i n enmHilato
for llieliort term.
.Mr.Tlrie)i i irrri6iMl r thtV"?
out I'oiiiicil ,unl one t it ffw uf)-lioMer-.
It1!? '.XtC"'!'! I.l.v Vhm'IiiIhI
the filiii'.'- tire an (ittaupt to r-plit
the vote of tiV Iiiwiii-v-' men'
ticket. lie i rimiliiliitf if.'MHi-t Col.
Tli- l .i .imini p.xcur-i" i if l-1
pi'iipn , on unite to t. iiniuiii, iit
riitil nt Mcdlniil ut I 1 1 tlii" ufler.
i. ion. Iiciiiw ilolnvoit nt Gold Hill U
u mpploil niiKino one hour. Seere
lurv Sttvi't- of the (.iHimi.'rrinl ohil
nnd n ilclrjiiition .! i it I40H-. met
tlirin nt the tk'Mil vMiid ili-liitnitcl
(nut mill lilorntuie of Hie Itoan
finer vnllt. Tlielr l?lne in limited
owin to dotiv. Tum'iHTi'iv the SfuL
Kiiiu'-w iilla iiii ei iii-mii Hif.ert
throuj;i at 1 'J : 1 ii oVlo k.
. C'lllt'NGO. Inn 7 pita In the
I'nltfil Slates ilruilt unlit ii (i;iioiilii
here to roere Its i omlitloii or link
Johnson, the negiro ixikIIIkI. on a
ivhltii Hlairy c)iarx, mado to
dii by Attoruo) Ilenjamlii. Ituctirtuh
"The Maim art iu not iHloudoit
to pre will l a man from trmellfM b"
twcrii Ktatix with a roiirublne.'' at
(died ,Havhrali "rim title and u"
jetiiiuttor uf the art ln.dli.ito it v,
fdeiilKiied.' to jinveiitjjlic Oii'Ihk mil
soiling, in noiuiMi iur promu moil
' Am el lull im i l'' ' ' nilii'il,
; nun MiHin hi li.ixt .Si, mil Uilii'ii
II II. riMiiiur.l nt4inliil"U a ii'HuMi'
liiiliioimgi nt tit, iWi-m TuK4i'
iif In. nnd imM Irt'omvn Mn,viir l'ti'
ilni lu'lil any nihlttiiil wottlil I
liNil m iniHI Hltef fln jty I'lrniliw.
Il ilieli-Mil. tlint (VhwimjI iliilMHil
niie m niiirn iihuV th lilfo, m Imi
i ilul Hit "-.idi inimm" llmt emi In
H i.iiiiii nioniln i' nf lio luifo.
I'm iiiiiiiiiit iiiil lihln in Niiim;t
li ii -. n;kiiiu np xiiutiiiii look,
iiii . tin- pnllii ireli iihont 'jn ii
I iiiuiitli in ti, .Millar miiiL TbU i
ilnnlnl Hiiiiiiiir the nifiiliu- mul tin
lint. Mi. Ciiimfiitit twin n "iw-
ml, i not in on the "out." Hili
! Millni nnd linif.'ir llniik he uHirht
1 1 he. Tli rwiiliini Iwlk m( glvlfiM
him it -Imrc until h In wmI imi tf
ihviH. Itnl Minor I'linUn IW nut
euro In npimini him nl rim iiw Hk
uf the new oonnfil mint I mi him.
I'lHiiiviliniin i'miiJj"II mM I he
mtmrv lor lacking ffi- lUrnv nlwk
nhoulil ho tuinril. .rr to tt fity
lrinuiy mul if ih4mm ihhm
miiiiUiI a liuhf lunN) hv, n elly om
ptiivo ihoie uniihl l? ui fee.
The iiBir kIiumIiwI ' fl1'
niliiiii, tlrMtr iinititntnl.
I III the rlniHjt cuHrt.
ttorm-y lHdl ptld no.
MiU'iitliiii In thu WNNimi frow Gov-
irmir Woi uidrlMii dim Iu elate up
tllminlt'il) tum In llwknr riiMMty,
ur (mo , .- outlon for hUmrcm.
If tluieruiir Woi rtiM find sihih
iiIiii im ho reforn in. mi Mill tlMitk
hi in We tlimoil np tli rMitrlriiwt
IIAKLIt Ore Ihh ; I am
risiil) to unit, it rotiiiMid tor niainl
ItiK fur tirdt-rli Uh i nfoii-vhietit.
riitbor ttiitu nulirul iiiniikiiroii. ' Mild
Jiidu Suiittivl Wlillo loilii) coiiiiuont-
iur mi his i mlMicate gnu illm'i'' novornl moHltm into "Hit hffA
oral of tho main itillltln In t'.uwriinr
Went. .Itnlo'Wliii.i 1 iiltotin In ii
raldoil it mlppwtiHl plllro lor."
.! iii.ilviin "
""S-fflliil. :
I . I
ASTOK1A. Dr. .Km. 7 'Hie
tonu uliioli im- J.U"il lieu- rir tin
hw-l ik Iiimim: ji''li'intiil, iiinofh-
enlly till of the vosulf linrliiniiiil
here lme smie tu enV Aiiniinf 'thorn
iik tlio tenimT Ituni Jic Sun J-'nui
:...:. ' '
Weeks & McGowan Co. ;
Jmiiy Assistant
Day l'lione !7
MkIK I'. W. Weeks 103-J2
PkiW A. IS. Orr 078-MJ,
nor or Jir. Whitney a son
whoUas Just retuniyd frpm a thea-
A picture of Willow Spring
school house appeared In the New
Year's Issue ot the Tribune.
gret not seeing some of the panoramic
vIj'wh that could be found at tho
Wostou studio, which show off to
great advautage this part of the val
ley. Next ear, however, we shall
see'-that vie aro not overlooked.
AJ ho Greater iMedford musical
held at the Page Thuater, Monday, the
biography of French composers was
presented by G. Talllaudler and tho
illume of each compoTef was lllufr
truUid by Mcdford and Willow
Sprjogs talent. Mrs. Jlubton durliiK
the jirogram beautifully lliistrnted
Trilby" by Godard. and Miss Mc
Nii'r presented "The .Slumber
Song" by Dembnr.
.MlsS.May Davfdbon ai .hostesH to
a ItoUbo fpll of guests our New Year
Day." There were :f s'na'tod at tin
HAKKIt. Ore.. Jan. 7. The eontro
versy between the civil courts anil
Governor West concerning the right
of tho latter to maintain mnrtlnl law
at Copperfleld will be argued In the
Haker county courts Saturday.
After several days of tense feeling,
the'Hituatfon cleared today at n con
ference between tho counsellor 1)1
the deposed Copperfleld city officials
and Frank Collier. Governor West's
legal representative who arrived hero
this Jiiornfriw,
.For sovoral hours thex argued aud.L
just wiien it scorned no ngrcenumi
would be 'reached, ouch yielded and
the two attorneys framed an agree
ment that tho lefondants In tho ensn,
Oswald West, Miss Fern Ilobbs, Col.
Lawhoii and all others who wore
served with copies of the reslraiuliiK
orders Issued earlier In the week by
Judge Anderson should nppear iu
court here .Saturday.
Governor West telegraphed today
to District Attorney Godwin, Sheriff
Hand und Circuit Judge Anderson
that they had no authority to arrest
any militiamen on civil proceedings
iiuotlng the Oregon luws an proof.
-- ixzzs a.-. ii --xrsjctf
-tirin uw
IW tlpVlHJ M Jill
(rurk tlii viriuiTv tor vornl
1 IM lltOS.l:, 7 -The
jstur) that tlio oi n IuomI file-
rtory Jfrtit (forced svoral trl em-
Jployes to partidM Heforw him In Iho
ilpde -wus told before thu TkiiwIhU i :
vice eommlMlun hare today by Father . 5
yunrfk lbipemcul twuru yilliMl
wiitor, ewir liloVkeii, ilri'ot-.
mt hhiI n iiuinlii'i- of ,!iiiM liiiniTi
iiiniiul over i rhe Hlnii'ti ti IiiikI-
lilies ' i
dinner table' and ainon't onjo.vabU- da'
u2iH spoilt by all present.
The parent-teachers club meet ,it
Mrs. und MIsh Taylor's home last
Saturday and a large number of lad
les attended Du !i. tin literary
hoiir'MIss follng of Mill -lis, gave a
voj;v liutrurtlv' i.4l; in ' Pl;v
Giouuds," the e'ibjec' l'-r illhcusslou.
Tho refreshiiK.its moid more than
oluborate. Indeed the occasion was
one Jong to bo remembered. .Mrs
McKee will entertain the club the
first Saturday In February, at which
meeting sl hopeu to have the pren
lduut of Ihd Orognu clubs and Mrs.
Dlnl of Medford Instruct us on up-to-date
plans for progression
During the year 1S12 Musbaihus.
etts factories turned out goods to
thu value of ?l,&tC 7I! 1.41D.
IP? Wjtj&jtjtft i -4 j
NIJW YOHK. Jan. 7. J. P. Mor
gan aligned hlmolt today with tho
Hloiatcs of a ! glottal hank of
commaudliig size Iu Now York, while
most of thu other witnesses 'whp np
peanuLat today's h-arlng of tlw fed
ural reservo organUatlon coinnilttec,
aliarcd Morgan's views, arguing for
tho establishment of a regional haul:
In this terrltoiy w'llrh would repre
sent -forty per. cent or moro ot tho
entire system's capital
Sccretnry McAdoo and Secrelarx
Houston who compose tho committee,
Intlmuted they dll not shara this
vlow. Many of tholr questions wero
upon the feasibility of makltig tho
regional districts more nearly cuiml
with perjiups thne banks In thu
uortliuest Instead of one.
. .1 .yi.i
I-f t-s- I'dinli W III I'ipur. t.
Men who chew mlucco dfjsllke'to
have to carry the !! -- Ujoft Iu tlulr
pocketH. Tho toluriu Is Jyiuiid to
plel; up odd hits of i loth' and dirt
This Is what mules tho 'pouch sj
popular with i lug . usersa. The
American Tobacco oiiipany, reulzl)ji
this ileiianll, .lias lecliledform fliw
days toKlvmuwa freo'wljlji evep
ten cent ptiicliaho of Piper lleldsleik
a leather punch n ado of 'fittmlHoiuu
tun leather. Tho flap fastens tglt
with a patent sna,i clasp thaWkeeps
tho pouch closi'd vhfii j oil want '
cloned, yet opens InstnnlygnV your
"This offer, siijs the Aliierluui
Tobafcco loinjiany, wIh iifpUela got
more men aciiualnted with t,!n wgu
derful iiualitles or Piper Heluslcu
No matter uhat lohauco )ou
thought was Iicmi. tr J'lper Held
sleek, tho chew wii the champagiio
f uvor That rich, wluq-llko flavin'
never full to mill i. u friend."
r .
'. ' a. ......
Ii l.lHiy I'll'.
OAK cut I'l-niii'i' limber.
.. t " 4 .. . . ' J
AiiiliriMMi jmrpny. ins eirsriHU f . i , i , v I Ml.' IMVI.' u'l'n'
. ljJllftljl.T.llf I" i i. iij k l l l
f il rt mi k -r . - - 11
s aixin aim mv siroowi. rnoiio yuu-u i
..l.l 1... .11.1 ..... . A... .. ...u.l... ...u .1
mil iiu nut iiiii i inn ii iwrauinuiy iur I -. .,,,,,.,!,, ... . , .. M' i i
ii. ir...i. .n,.,-i. . k. .i i...1 (MfllN M). Plitiiitj iii oiir ordcra Im Iut mki or
7" '. "" "- ". "" - ' a r, , . ' t
cuiMiiiiorwi H04HI authority, but heir; v.,yi tintum in
did know timt moral niiidlttons In
La Crosse fartorlm whore Ktrls wuru
vmployid Meie shorUlliK.
Frank H. Ray
.Mc.'lMII'lMlll'lll (llini'.'llliflMl
Tho mul or IM Win, iiIIhuoiI in
Iiiio, rndimltti'il a stutuinry olt'ou-i''
upi'ii I'lii'liiu Witlioinll. auo ti Mm--.
will be lii'lllil ill tin' iitii-o limit i.i
.liii'k-onvilli' iiiimiriiiw mm inn' .nt lit,
llYllICk 'I III' lll'li-l, it I -lll'l, i ill
( to -lum llim llio it l f I w i
pintnpliil In p-i ii i v I'l ii iii)
i- ' .' i i
W WTI.D- To bu, a lainora stale
make slzo. Ions, pge aiifl price
X Y '. taie .Mall Tribune.
WIIITI' MTU I Ut It lliliuiu
jiiiti,iiiii iuir, fniiorxiu.:
Shoes of Quality
Uo aim lilgli In nut hIiowIhk of hum's
hlmok. in our m-lniliiii of tlie nl lit, the
'i .idiom ami thu sliiiu umkliiK.
Wo Noll -tho aori of linos lluil iimko us
UP mis
Ui'vo the liiwl iiuiilurHle pilioil uliinw that
i.iii tie found mi) ulinre.
Pi lie- Hi,lHl TO )ll.llll
Do not JiiiIko of Him murit pf.nliiws. by
i'ir ailvortlNod pllio. Koe the ilinim fur
ruujw ivldi'luo of vnlliiw,
Sit' our Hploiidld hIioos!
Behlintf's ;,H",m
1 ST. sssiSS::0'rAHRnLL.l
J(tt located and inoit jiopufar
hoiel In the t'ityi circuUtiiig ice
water la ever)' worn.
Eipeclal nttontlon to Utiles
travellina olone.
I'xcclleut, reasonably priced grill.
Meet your frlendi ut the Manx,
Curopn Pln Hte JI.ISO up.
Management, P"tf WtKflkx
1 Wm
I )Ylf' ";
' " j".
sod iav VX on Bub,
I iiiltbFrtrpht, Mouli.
'all, itooiiuj etc.
Mideof clcir. Vlliiilrlcil riniKli IHr i,..iii.,i .!... d
(rrlntianclf. inthlnMnJtJ. IS im In nock, one V 'JH
price to cvabody-nyiuuitltr, ' JLCnch
Ill likt-lor'on'i .',.UUA,rta,U V,""l C"in ''' -'P MollUt.
only. 1' ut sU Aprea. 1'cr litt UC
Will . Ilfln.1 tilon, J'rtlnl HraJ. Out.
Vetxtscut,WterTbU 'o R
Wc Sill Aiiiunc toil .Shly Auywktro