Medford mail tribune. (Medford, Or.) 1909-1989, November 29, 1913, SECOND EDITION, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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- .'.' ill,'",1'!,- "f r --
PP .JLN- V 3N,
I'or Hut pleasure of Mis Vorvn
Hmiiinnnil. ii luliltt of llin Now Yi'iir.
Mini Dura Hmoik gnvu u charming
IIikiii shutter ul luir lioino on North
Central, I'rldny evening. Miss
Himii'k iu gratefully iimmIhIimI hy
Miss Vera llmniiioiid. Tlio house
wn beautifully decorated with rod
hrurlH, evergreens nml ehrysanlhn
HiuiiiH. Music mill names filled tlio
evening. MIhh Hmmiioml wits seated
In nn archway, under it basket of
ferns mid flow urn mid when u rib
lion wits imllnd, Hut L'onfi'iitH, rlco,
flonnr putMlH und dulnty imilniKcH,
ftdl itioiind Imr.
A dnlnty thri'D con run mipiior tn
miru'il hy thrrti joiiiik htdlcii, .Mil
won U'llrlon, Hrrlu HluMnrt mid Murlo
llniniiiond. Tim fnvom worn tiny Im-o
trltiiiiiml Imnilln'tchlofn In rlhtion cov
tired hoxoit, diitorulfd ssllh lu.'iirtc.
Thomi prcm'iit wuro tlio MImik'H llulil
inoiiil. limnrM, Itmidnll, mnl Hmmtiii.
Oiml Dnlcy, Vtru limiinioml, Arm
ntroiiK. U'orliiinii, (loro, HolloMity,
Hmook, AllUon O'llrlnn, Mnrlo Ilnir.
inond und Krtlo .Stuwurl.
"Tlio Itimilori,' 'n cluli orr,nnlii)d
mnotiK tlio )ouiiKir Mudford aoclitt
ul, vslioio nrlfii of part lf Inat win
ter wan prolmlily u iicc'ful iu uiiy
over hold In thU city, lutvo roort'.nn
lied for tlio coinltiK uiiion and will
;ho tholr firm jmrty nt'Xl Wedm-i-day
uvonliiK, Ui'ionilior 3rd, ul tlio
I'ollenlni: I ho riutoin of lat your,
tlio flml part of tlio owiiiIiik will bo
Klvon ovtir to orlKlnal vntortalnmonU
and "atiinta" followtid hy duiicliik.
Kuril party of tlio M.'rk'n U to bo In
chnrKu of a inplaln nml a kocn rivalry
hnii duttdopod nineni: thoni a to
which shall conduct tho moil ori
ginal and oiitortalnltiK dUorsloii.
Don Hhiildon Is raptitltt for tho flr4l
party to ho i:lvn noxl WVulnvuday,
Ho proinlniHi a siirprlmt that will not
a paco for tho oth-r partlos. "Thoy
hati flriit hlotuU tlmt follow" ijuotli
Mr, lion and III coiiunlttto of aiUt
ants, and tlio club tnuinhor aro awnl:
ItiK with kion Intoruil tho duvclop
uiotits irotnUud tlioni.
Tho C, W. II. M, hold Its lasl WKif
lnr tmiotliiK at tlio homo of Mm,
llvorolt Hads on .South OruiiKo strrut,
thvro woro fourti-uu In attumlancu.
Tho JucutliiK was oponoil by scrip
turo roadliiK followed by prayer by
Jlrothvr lloylo.
Mrs, Krdmau avo a very Intoroat
Init piipcr on tho topic, "America for
Now Ainorlca," Ilrotlwr l'utiiniu ro-
spnmlod with a flno addrors. Mrs.
(juUoiibnrry cnvo u vocal solo which
was much appreciated by nil. Mrs.
llaiiky'Kavo ait Instructive! paper on
"CarliiK for Klrls who arrive from
forelKit Iniitls." This was well ro
upondiHl to hy llrotlmr lloylc.
Tho ineolliiK was thou turned over
to tho president for tho business ses
sion, Tlio next meotluK wilt bo held at
tho homo of Mrs. Will Wolssor on
Hon Ih Onkdnlo, Wednesday, Decem
ber 3rd. Mm, Kveretl Kiuls will
lend tho meeting.
Mr, nml Mrs. H. A, Nye woro do
llRhtful IiosIh ThmiksKlvliiK day. nt
their homo tin Knst Main where they
obsurvod an old tlmo celebration of
tho day. Tim house was prettily
decorated, suitable for tho occasion
Coverri were laid for '21.
TIioko euJoyliiK Mr. nml Mrs. Nye's
hospitality woro Mr, anil Mm, I, tike,
Mr, ami Mrs. Watt, Mr. mid Mrs.
Cliuoiiro Knight, Mr. mid Mm. Mer
rick, Misses Until Merrick, Mildred
Hiulth of l'ortlnud, Helen Watt, Nye,
Mildred Nye, I'ark of 1'lttnlHirR, l'a..
Dr. I'iiko, Messrs. W. II. Wntt, Wal
tor Merrick, H. A, Nye, Jr. nml Col.
l'oalio, of Valley City, North Dakota.
Tho members of tho llovolem cluh
will attend tho dituco at tho Hos
pital llitzaar this ovouIuk. There
will bo it kooiI orchestra lieKlniilnt; ut
8:30 I'clock nml all will endeavor
to Smtko tho Inst ovouIiir of tho
lliunur a Kront success. Mr. lion
Bholdon wil bo In cIiui'ko of tho dance,
MIbb Merrlum L. Doylo left for
Han Francisco mid Southern Califor
nia Haturday morulnt;, wlioro sho will
bo tho i;utmt of hur Blstor, Mrs. Clin
ton J, l'oyton,
Mlsa Inn Cochran, who la attond
liiK tho UnlvorHlty of Oregon la spoud-
Iiir tho ThanksKlvlug holidays with
lior pitronts,
Mrs. A, C. Alloa has roturuod from
a trip to Sau Francisco,
' .. y .KtfL
f n
r m i
-' ilS h " iT'' '- m''k' S 'jJu
aSfi m. Jp fir" -wijy
MIhh (HiiiI)ii Peart ami Mis Mar
gin el mill Mr. Ilniiry Soulier guvn 11
dancing putty lit ii largo number of
tliulr fi lends lit Kt. Mark's hull
Thmikeglvliig evening, I'or till '
ciihIoii Din luill wun nrllHllciill)' dec
untied with jullotv chrysanthemums
nud litiirel. Tlio host mid IiukIcsxijs
were assisted In tclvlur, by Mrs.
IMward Houltiir, Miss Kvlon Htiuttnr
and Mrs. A. I'. Hteuuutt. Miss Kvlon
Houtler also proslded over tli pnm.n
bowl during the tivtmliiK- The' In
tiled guests woro tint following'
.Misses Francis York, l.nrllu York,
(llndyn Wilson, l.uclle Messuer, Jean
Anderson, l.oulmi l)add)smau, Caro
lyn Andrews, Vera .Meitlmmi, Alleen
Irene Htnltli. Helen I'uruiker, Clrace
I'url, Hthet Oiithrle, I.enoto Value,
I'urkeyplle, llubo Cochran, Jo"pliliu
Hoot, Hiiro) Antlo, Jean lludite, Hutu
Warner, Htlher Warner, Vera Olm
stead. Mario (laten, Katherluo Hout
ler, Nellie Campbell, Aleuo Allen,
Francis Keiinoy, I'hllls Tlsdale, Ma
rie i:ifert, Klhel Klfert, Vivian Child
ern; Messrs. Nolo l.lmlley, Charles
Itay, Dun Hader, Francis llcnuett,
l.loyd Williamson, (leorgo (lutes,
llouiro llroinley, Itnlph l'l'rce, Wll
limn Vawter, Don Newberry. Frnnk
Itay, John Deinnier. Kohert Strang,
Karl Hubbard, James Vance, Hubert
I'elouie, Ward Harnett, Turner
Daws, 1, other Deuel, Italph llslcom,
Harold Cochran, Theodoru Fish,
Luther Tlsdnb-, Dolph I'hlpps, Her
bert Alforil, Carder Hrandou, Milton
Krhuchard, Italph Norrls, Clinton
I'urkeyplle, Jay (lore, Hobrrt Klnley-
Tim ladles of tlio Fresh) lerlan
church will hold their annual sale
Friday and Haturday, Dec G and .
In tlio store room formerly occupied
by Alireus, In Ht. Mnrk's block.
The Indies linvo ninny inoro beau
tiful things than they have ever had
boforo- tlio handicraft booth will
have roiiio unusually hitudsonio ar
ticles; there will be different booths
containing nrtlctes for 50 cents, 35
rents mid 25 cunts. In tho kitchen
booth boslden useful articles for the
kjtrhcit will bo found a variety of
home cooking. In the children's
booth will be found clothing for chil
dren up to six years of ngo.
Ten nml wafers will bo served freo
both afternoons mid there will bo a
musical program In tho evening, af
ter which coffee will ho served free.
Kvery one Is asked to attend.
A luncheon will bo given by tho
Junior class of the Domestic Hclenco
department of tho high school Tues
day of next week.
linked beans, brown bread, pump
kin de mid coffee will be served nud
tables will be set tor fifty guests.
Mr. and Mrs. J, A. I Audrows hni
as their dinner guests ThntiksglvluK
Day Mr. nml Mrs. U. I. Hutchison,
Mr. ami Mrs. l.ludsey of Central
I'olut, Miss Fern Hutchison and Mr.
Mr. nml Mm. H. D. Howard enter
Inlned Thanksgiving day ttt dinner
for Mr. and Mm. Win. Angle, Mr.
and Mrs. Caddis nud son, Mr. mid
Mrs. 1'latt and son, nud Mr. nml Mr J
H. I'. Howard and family.
Tho Ladles' Aid of tho I'rosbytor
lan church will meet Monday nfler
noon nt 1:30 o'clock nt tho chapol.
when they will finish tho work being
done for tho Fnlr. A full nUendanco
Is desired.
Mr. and Mm. II. C. (larnett en
tertained Thiirsdny at Thanksgiving
dinner for Mr, mid Mrs. Hon (larnett
and children and Mr. and Mrs. Drat
uey ami daughter.
Tho Missionary society of tho
Presbyterian church will meet Tups
day nfternnon ut the homo of Mrs. J,
13, Watt, on Jackson street, at 2:30
Mm. 13. V, Coffin left Wednesday
for Chicago whom sho will islt hor
children, Miss Inez and Hoswoll Cof
fin, who nro studying music thoro.
Hho will bo uwuy about hIx weeks,
Mr. nml Mrs. Qunylo outortajned
nt dinner Thursday. Their gueslB
wero Mr. and Mrs. Hrackoniied, Mm.
Ooff and Mr, Myron Hoot.
Dr. and Mrs, French had as their
Tliaiiks'glvliiK guests Mr, mid Mrs.
Delroy Ootcholl and Mr. Hlchnrd WIN
mm. g
Mlsa louo Orealinm of Hod IMuff,
On!,, Ih tho guest of Medford fiionda.
Mrs. Win, lliulgo outertuluod tlio
Tuesday luclioon ulub this wook,
Mr, 10, I), Ilanloy roturuod from
tho north Thursday morning.
Ittissoll II. Hwnnli ami KOnil May
Htnltli worn milled In marriage bylMr. Stanton (lilfflH winning tint first I
llnv. V. K. Shields ut Hut Presbyter-Und Mr. John Orth tin- Inst uvent
Inn mitiiso Tuesday, November 25, iunriQuri wan served nt tho club1
Mr. Hwmik Iiiih litught In tlio Hold
Hill school mid iiIno In tlio high
'school of AstorJn, nml IiIh brldn In
one of the beautiful young girls of
tlio Hogtio river valley. Hor par
ents, Mr. mid Mrs, It, I;. Smith, for
merly lived In Medford, but npw re
side near Tolo, Mr. mid Mm, Hwitnk
will live In tho valley.
About twenty neighbors gave Mr.
ami Mrs. W. F. Sullenger a surprise
last night In tho nature of a "house
wanning" party. Ml, Hullohger hns
just completed mid moved Into a
handsome bungalow on Vancouver
street mid the siirpi.'sn party was fot
tho purpose of winding them happi
ness and prosperity In their elegant
new home, Cards and refreshments
wero Indulged In until midnight,
Mr, nml Mrs, . II. Ilelllnger enter
tained on Thanksgiving day with an
elaboralo turkey dinner. Tho hotiso
was decorated with lavender chry
santhemums. Tho Invited guests
were: Mrs. Caroline Ilelllnger, Mr.
and Mrs. Will Welsser and duughter.
Frauds, Mr. Clarence Sutter, Master
l.olnnd Wlllllts of l.akevlew. Ore.,
Master Italph Ilelllnger.
Charles W. Austin and Mary K.
Wilson were united In marriage by
the How W. F. Shields at the I'res
byterlan manse, Saturday, November
21!, Mr. and Mrs. Austin are from
llutto Falls, where they will make
their home. Their many friends In
Medford, sii6ro (bey are well known,
wUh for them rich blessings In their
new llfo und home.
A box soclnl was held Tuesday
night by tho students of tho high
school to ralso funds for the girls'
basket ball team. Iloxes containing
supper wero auctioned off, one box
bringing 10.00. Over $00 was raised
from tho biddings. A musical pro
gram concluded the evening's enter
tainment. Mr. nml Mrs. Wilbur A. Jones of
Hoas Initio gate a dinner on Thanks
giving day when tho following were
pri'MMit: Mr. nud Mm. Arthur Hose,
Mm. 11, A. Jones, Misses Catherine
O'Connell, Maud Newbury, Sybil Fish,
Messrs. Donald Newbury mid Carl
Mr. and Mrs. II. L. Crlffln mid
family have returned to Medford and
living three years In tho Willamette
Mrs. Kdwiu S. Janiiey left Wednes
day for I.os Angeles, Cnl., where she
will spend tho winter with her sister
Mrs, Kiniua Illhlmrj has returned
to her home In Colfax, Cal., after a
visit with her son, Mr. Joo Hlbbard.
Mr. and Mm. 'J. 13. Hooth roturuod
this week to tholr homo In Washing
ton after a month's visit In Medford.
Mm, (lurdncr lltillls leaves Sunday
for l.os Angeles, lo nttend tho wed
ding of her brother. '
Mr, C. M. ICngllsli returned on
Wednesday from several months stay
lit North Dakota.
The Wednesday Study club will
hold their regular meeting Wednes
day of next week,
Mrs. l'atil Jaiinoy lenvea Saturday
for San Francisco, where sho will
Join her husband.'
Mr, nml Mrs. IlUsel entertained
Mr, nud Mm. Klmiucr nud family
Thanksgiving day.
Miss Vivian (Jreer of Ashland Is
spending tho week-end with Miss
Irono Smith,
Mm. W. 1-3. Merrill Ih spending n
fpw days ut hor ranch on Central
Point road.
Mlsa Alotha Kmorlck entortalned
tho Olrls' Ilrldgu club Tuesday af
ternoon. Miss Cnthcrlno King of Gold 11111
spent novoral days In Mudford this
Mm. John llutler la spending tho
week-end with her parents nt llnhu
Mrs, Helen flitlo and children will
rot urn next wook from a trip to
Tho Hon Hur lodgo guvo another
of tholr popular dances Friday evening.
Mr, anil Mm. Hliiwiirt Pnlturson
oiiliirlalnod nl dinner Thanksgiving
evening. Tholr guests worn Mr, and
Mm, l'hll Ilnmlll, Mr. and, Mrs. Pros
ton, Mr. hihI Mm, iltmiton (IrlffU,
Mr, mill .Mm. McCormack, Mr. nml
Mm. Conro Hero, Minn Harvey,
Sinter Johnson nml Don Clark,
Tim annual ThnnkiiKlvInK 'Koir
toiiriiatucnt anil Hhoot wan licit) a
'ii... .. i.i riu.i. tr,wu,nv
illMJ M'-'M OIIU vi'UllW ,IM.i lUHinKii;
hotis and n Thanksgiving dinner wan
served In the evening.
Mm. Merldlth llalley la expected lo
arrive Saturday for a visit In Med-1
ford. While here sbu will bo the
guest of Mm, McCormack, Mrs, Ploro
nud Mrs. Dunbar Citrpcntor.
Mrs, D. M. Pratt of Klmlra, N. Y.,
who has been the guest of her sls-j
ter, Mrs, Fred Hopkins, was called
homo Tuesday b) tho sudden death 1
of her husband.
Cora' HiihIoii, Huby Ahl and Jack
Slornh visited a few hours In Con
tral Poln on tliulr way to Hoguu
Hlver Thanksgiving.
Mm. V. J. O'Cara will return to
Medford uctx week from North Da
kota, where sho was called by tho
Illness of her mother.
Mrs. II. C, Moore has returned U j
her homo In Nebraska after a visit
with her daughter, Miss Mary Mooro.
The regular meeting of St Murk's
guild will take place next Thiirsdny
at 2:30 p. m. In tho Oulld hall.
Miss Harvey, who has boon tho
guest of her mint, Mrs. Phil Hamlll,
returned Friday to Chicago.
Mr. and Mm. 11. F. Mulkey spent
Thanksgiving with relatives In tho
Willamette volley.
Miss Nell Storm and Miss Fay Pan
key spent Thanksgiving with friends
at Hogtio Hlver.
Mr. Win. Alford and family loft
this week for-St. Iouls where they
wil reside.
Mr. Hnrry Coffeon of Yroka spent
Thanksgiving Day with his parents
In Mvdofrd.
Mrs, (1. Dennis U spending Thanks
giving with relatives at Klamath
Falls; '
Musical Department Mrs. K. M.
Andrews, chairman. Monday, Dec
ember 1, nt 3:00 p. m., Page Thea
ter, public Invited.
Social Hygiene Department Dr.
Myrtle I.ockwood, chairman. Tues
day, December 2, 3:00 p. m.. Li
brary llulldlng. Lecture by Prof.
Sweater. Public Invited.
Wednesday Study Club Mrs. K.
I). Picket, president. , Wednesday,
December 3, 2:30 p. in., Library
Tho regular mooting of tho Creat
or Medford club wits held on Mon
day last in tho club rooms at the
library building. During tho busi
ness session a motion was made and
curried that tlio club Join tho iFrst
District Federation of Southern Ore
gon Women's clubs. An amendmont
was proposed, to bo voted upon at
tho next general meeting of th cclub.
that article IV, section 1 of the by
laws, bo amended to read: "There
shall bo nn Initiation feo of ono dol
lar and nn annual feo of ono dollar
and twonty-flvo cents.'" This ad
dition feo of twonty-fvo cents Is to
cover the general, state and district
fodoratlon dues. It was decided to
sell tho Hod Crosa stamps this year
aa usual. They ltavo arrived nml
will bo put on snlo In n week or
Tho program for tlio aftornoon
wna In tho hands of the Civic depart
ment. Tho chairman. Mrs. J. F.
Hoddy, being tinablo to bo present.
Mrs. A. A. lllrd briefly outlined tho
work nml plans of tho department.
nftor which Mr. Porter J. Noff was
Introduced. Ho gave n most Inter
esting talk on what ho said was n
most stupid subject, "Tho City
Charter." Ho closed his talk with
u most tlmoly (timely becaiuo of tho
uppronching city elections) sugges
tion that city government doponds,
prlmnrly, neither upon tho charter,
lor form, but upon tho offlciei..-.
of thoso whom wo oloct to imtnngo
our municipal nffnlra for us, nud
that doiunntU Interest mid know
lodgo on tho iiart of tlio voters.
Lot us all get busy nml aid our
city council by giving It tho most
nblo mon our city has to offer.
Tlio Soclnl Hyglono dopnrtmont
of tlio Creator Medford club will
hold Its first public meeting on
Tuosday, Doconibor 2, nt 3 o'cIock,
In tho library building. Mr. A. U.
Swootzor, professor of botany at
tho university, will bo preseut nud
Tlio Annn He'd All 'Slnr V...e
Jubilee, wlicli couc- lo the !'
Tl... .1 . 11. I . l.n ...,.1 l.
John t'ort, it- I'mduoer, to lie tin
epitome nud climax of fine lijclit on -
tertuiiiment ns it in now
nntl demnnded of the Amerlonn stn?-.
He.'tuty visualized nud heard, n prime
oxtcutinl is supplied to the ulitniHte
limit; grout music, not prest with thchuninn voice in the latest nnd most
oppres-.ive tnulitions of other days I perfect eloquence of appeal those
and ruoes but great with the crowd-1 nro tho salient fonturc of the nd
iu needs of America, of here nd vnnccd Ameriunn vaudeville of which
now; ejreitt duiieinp, dunrinj: tlmt isiAuna Ileld's Variety Jubilee U of
tho dciiionstrated ntoinl eapresaion ! fercd ns the be.-t exaniJe.
will addross tho mooting, his sub
Jet being "Thu Mystory of Lire."
This mooting Is open to the gensrul
public and will bo of ospoclal in
terest to mothers.
Havo you finished It yet? Your
Christmas shopping? If not, get
busy! Do It early In tho month and
onrly In the day. The Christmas
season Is a time of Joy and happi
ness. Wo can add to the sum toiUi
of both of thooo by not overworking
ourselves or others by leaving ovary
thing till tlio Itat moment. So plan
your Clirlstnuts preparations that no
ouo will In anyway resrat this holy
day because of you.
Tho civics section of the Greater
Medford club hold its rogular meet
ing on Wednesday. Puro food, with
Inspection of groceries, butcher shops
und bakeries, was gone into thor
oughly nml a plan mapped out by
which It Is hoped to accomplish sys
tematic lu.pootlon. Sample scoro
cards wore shown giving per centagos
In tho scale of ono hundred, those io
bo bung In it prominent plnco In each
store, nnd tho score written by the
Inspector each week and published In
tho nowspuuers. A committee has
bceu mimed who will do this Inspect
ing, beginning probably tho last of
next week.
Tlio health officer, Dr. Thayer,
wits lutcniuwod und gave thu work
bU hearty Indorsement. Ho will as
hist In preparing tlio scoro cards nnd
with suggestions from tlmo to lime
as tlio work progresses.
As n direct rasult of tho published
account of the committee's Intuitions
tho chairman of tho otvies section Is
In rocept of tho following letter:
Grcator Medford Club Civics De
Ladles: Wo tako ploasuro In in
viting you to inspect our store una
assure you of our co-oporatlon to
supply the public with clean puro
food. Hoping for ait onrly visit from
you, wo are, yours respectfully,
Tho musical department of tho
Greater Medford club has been doing
soitio very splendid work, Soveral
musical critics from othor cities who
linvo hoard our programs havo been
enthusiastic) about tho excellence of
tnlont shown, At tho Novembor
nieetlug tho nssouibly room In tho
library building was found to bo too
small for tho uudlenco. Tho nc-
coustlcs nro nlso vory poor mid, re
alising that tho public aro becoming
Intensely Interested In tho musicals,
Mrs. Win. Isaacs, who lias cliargo of
tho program for Monday aftornoon,
Docouibor 1st, secured tho uso of tho
r voting A'. :rr.i, r w.l c ul in
the synccpnicil wasiirt t f the
T i.iff. lit. T ,L . Tr..l ,).., II,..i nl.l
ing Wnltz and the folk-tew of the
.younK staled; humor that is whole
1 some, clean, irresistible; mimicry
J that is dofinitelv gracious ; physical
effceicncl ns bestowed uon the
greatest norobots of the Orient; the
Page thoator for this nieetlug. This
will give everybody an opportunity to
hear tho excellent program that has J
been arrauged. The fee Is 25 cents,
for non-merabers, tho proceeds to bo
applied to the fund for the purchaio
of a piano by tho Greater Medford;
club. The goneral public Is Invited
and that moans mon as well as wou-
on. Monday's program consists sole
ly of Husslan and Polish music, tlio
numbors soleotod sotting forth the
national characteristics. "Poland's.
Dirge, sung t .miss iirown, contains
tho history and despair of a melan
choly, heartbroken and persecuted
Sixth Dance Suite Tchakopp
1 PolUh Dance.
2 Clrcasslon Dance.
3 Sevillana Dance.
Orccstrn Mr. Howell. Director.
Tho Orchostra....Talk by Mr. Howell
On tho mountains nnd In the Dale....
.. .. Urnlauft
Trio Mrs. Thloroff, Mrs. Lamar,
Miss Drown.
Husslan Folk Dance
Miss Grace Wilson
Pollchluollo op. 3 No. 4
Piano Solo Miss Trueblood.
Poland's JDlrge Ohopln
Volcal Solc Miss Grneo Drown.
Mermaids (trio) . Dvorak
Arrangement of llumorosqtiel
Mrs. Thleroff. Mrs. Lamar, Miss
Ktudo op. 10, No. 12 Chopin
Piano Solo Miss Truoblood.
Spring (trio) Saar
Mrs. Thloroff, Mrs. Lamar, Miss
Jean D'arc Tscharkowsky
Vocal Solo Mbw Urowu.
Two Slavouic D.tncos Dvorak
Tho great strlko of longshoromcn
In Now Zealand has collapsed.
$1.25, $1.50, $1.75, $2, $2.50, $3, $4.
The Wardrobe
"West Main Street
This ts Guaranteed to
Stop Vour Cough
.TTnkn till, lnnilly Ntipptr "'
Cough Syrup ut Home
mill Muva
ThU plan makes
a pint of btttjr
i could buy ri'ady
.ii(i ufrniiii flinll inn fnll
i.n.ln (..f .'.() A fnur ilniMil tuiiallv
cotupier nn ordinary cniiah ru lev?
run wliooplnjf rough nu'kly. Blinpla
ih it in, iu litter tcuttxly cutt bo bad
at any prirr.
Mix on" pint of ernnulittiM smrar with
ii pint r.f warm water, and stir for 2
mnmlM. Put'JVj otinoM of I'lncx (fifty
' worth) In a pint bnttlot then
n-lil the Kojmr Krmi. It hns a pica writ
t -to and l.i "U a family n long time.
'Iiiko a tfuxpiirinfiil every one, two or
t'.ne li.i'iM. ,
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In a wnv tl at rm-ans biiilnrs. Has a
t'oKl tout rlTect, braces up tho amwtltj',
ar I i sbtrlitlr laxative, too, which is
1 1 1 .'ul. A Imndv muiedy for hoarse
n -i. simiamlie rrotip, bronchitis, brou
c1 il nt' nm iim! whooping cough.
i iffwt of plno on tint membranes
U ell known. Plnex Is a most vain
n' lo ((.nfini utfd compound of Nortve
fiiAn w He pmo rxtrnct, and Is r'sli In
gitainfi and ntln-r natural healing
finn cIct ut Other preparations will
not work in t'll- coinbuiitilon.
Tills P.n . and Hutmr Syrup rcmeily
has often bcai Imitated, thoiieli never
s-rcoinf' 1I , U U tuivf tucil In more
homes than anv other cough remedy.
A sruarantr of abohito satisfaction, or
money promptly refunded, coes with this
preparation. Your tlrugiHst has Plnex,
or will eet It for you. Jf not, send to
Tho lincx Co., Ft. Wayne, Ind.
N. Florence Clark
First-class Music for all Occasions
lllrt W. Fourth su
I'hoiio 710-T
Tho Manhattan has boon opened
under now manngomont and lias
everything to bo found In a first class
restaurant and lunch counter.
If you cat here you will rollsh your
meals and will always got the cholc-
est and best In tho markot.
0,,CI1 from A iu io t A M
III Jlil It (1 1 I Jill XJikf Lt
North Front St.
If not, SCO
At once, or
Office Spnrtn Building
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