Medford mail tribune. (Medford, Or.) 1909-1989, October 30, 1913, SECOND EDITION, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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Hoglnald It. Parsons oC tho Hill
crest orclinrda has gono to Senltlo
for n month's visit.
II. L. Irwin nnd Mrs. Irwin leavo
Friday to upend tho winter In Chi
cago. Hen Hur will glvo a Hallowe'en
danco Friday, October, 31st, masked
nccordlng to tho occasion. Home
niado pumpkin pie. Tickets DOc. At
tho Mooso Halt.
Chas. Ony, Sam Sandry, lllley Ham
tnorsley and Don Wilson ot Itoguo
lllver, havo returned from a hunt
ing trip up Kvans and Graves creek,
to Willows l'rnlrlo nnd beyond, bring
ing homo flvo bucks. Wilson will re
turn In tho wlntor to hunt and trap
cougar and bear, signs being so
plentiful. Sixty deer havo been killed
In this district this season.
Nate Illdeti secured n tlno buck
noar Drownsboro on a recent hunting
Homc-mndo bread at Do Yoo's.
John Darneburg has returned from
n hunting trip up Graves creek.
3. II. Holmes has been a patient at
tho Sacred Heart hospital for the last
flvo days.
Digester Tankago for topping off
hogs and for growing pigs. Korl-
nek Veterinary Homcdy Co., South
ern Oregon distributors. 19S
Col. A. P. 1'eake of Dalley City.
N. I)., Is In tho city a guest of S. A.
Carl L. Wlnbcrg of Auburn, Ind.,
Is a Mcdford visitor.
, Kodak finishing, best In town, t
(Vcston's. "
Atnasa P. Peako ot Valley City Is
visiting Mcdford.
G. G. Urndley of Thrall spent
Thursday In Medford.
Crater Lake pictures , book if
12 pictures, hand colorod, tho finest
ever mado ot tho lake, for salo at
Corking & Harmon's studio. Call
and sco them. 223 East Main street,
phono 320-J. tf
W. E. Johnson, formerly manager
of tho Hotel Nash, is in from bis
gold mine in tho Slsklyous.
W. A. Hansen ot Eureka Is a Mcd
ford visitor.
Don Hur will glvo a Hallowe'en
danco Friday, October, 31st, masked
according to tho occasion. Home
mado' pumpkin pic. Tickets COc. At
tho Mooso Hall. "
It. H. Neubcrgcr and wife ot Port
laud are Mcdford visitors.
II. E. Wiener of Eaglo Point was a
Thursday visitor In Medford.
E. D. Weston, commercial photog
rapher, negatives mado any time or
place by appointment. Phone M
1471. '
Judge G. W. Dunn of Ashland, who
is on tho Jury panel, spent Wednes
day evening in Medford.
II. E. Edlthoff ot Corvell, Cal., Is
a Mcdford visitor.
Den Hur will give a Haliowo'en
danco Friday, October, 31st, masked
according to tho occasion. Home
mado pumpkin pic. Tickets 50c. At
tho Mooso Hall.
J. Crocker and wife and Bert Shel
don and wife of Goldendalo, Wash.,
ure Mcdford arrivals.
R. X. Clarke and wlfo and Miss
Helen Clark ot Grants Pass visited
Medford Thursday.
Co mo to tho Presbyterian chapel
Friday 3 to 8 p. m. and get a good
dinner. Price 3 tic, children 25c.
J. D. Cunningham of San Fran
cisco, a pioneer of this section Is vis
iting friends here for a few days.
Frank Netherlands ot Dig Butts
Is visiting In Medford, and attending
court in Jacksonville this week.
Don't forget that tho Wonder
Store has a full lino ot Haliowo'en
Miles Cantrall ot tho Applcgato Is
In tho city today,
A. P. Helms of Talent was a recent
Medford visitor.
Don't forgot tho Halowo'en dinner
Friday, 5 to 8 p. m. at tho Presby
terian chapel. All you can cat for
Frank II. Madden ot Central Point
motored to Medford today.
Joseph Glnet of tho Sterling dis
trict Is hauling his crop of drlod
prunes to Medford for shipment tJ
Digester Tankago for topping off
hogs and for growing pigs. Korl-nelc-Vetorlnary
Remedy Co., South
ern Oregon distributors. 198
S. G, Van Dyko nnd wlfo of Phoe
nix are visiting in Medford today.
N. W. Kline of Griffin creek Is in
Mcdford today on business.
Money to loan. Ono fund ot
(JO0.0O and ono of f 1000.00, on im
proved country property. Carkln &
Weeks & McGowon Co
Lady Assistant
Day Phono 227
Night I W. Week 103-J-2
l'Jioues A. K. Orr 078-M
A. It. Curtis nnd llnrry Silver ot
Ashland nro In town today.
Tho high school footbnl team will
play Ashland at Ashland tomorrow
afternoon. A number ot students
will accompany the team.
Haliowo'en dinner Presbyterian
chapel Friday C to S p. in. Every
thing that's good for 35c.
K. E. White ot Trail Is visiting In
Mcdford this week.
Attorney Porter J. Noff nud wife
who have been visiting In Minneapolis
the last month, are duo homo this af
ternoon or In tho morning.
"Insurunco your beat asset." Have
the best. Placo your Insurnnco with
Holmes, tho Insuranco Man, right It
ho writes It. tf
Frank Keoley of Gold 11111 trans,
acted business in Medford Wednes
day. Henry Metx left today for Wash
ington on nn extended visit with
friends and relatives.
Don't forget that tho Wonder
Store has a full line of Hallowe'en
The diversity ot Rogue river crops
Is illustrated by a display ot local
grown English walnuts In the window
of tho Allen Grocery company. Thoy
havo not been polished up, but nro
good size, tho meat texture is firm,
and tho shell formation perfect. This
is rare outside ot tropical climes.
Major Chas. E. York, director In
chargo of tho Coast Artillery Corps
band, is In Medford making arrange
ments with tho Seventh company for
tho appearance ot this well known
organization ot 30 pieces In Medford
next February.
Milk and cream at DoVoe's. "
Capt. Collins, U. S. A., spent
Wcdnesdny Inspecting tho National
Guard company.
Jack Merrill has left for Klamath
Falls where ho will Join a duck hunt
ing party for a ten day's outing.
Wynne Scott, ono of tho most up-to-dato
portrait artists on tho Pa
cific coast Is taking charge ot tho
portrait department for tho Gcrkln
& Harmon Photo company, 22S East
Main street.
The ladles ot tho Catholic church
arc making arrangements for their
annual fair.
Gcorgo Hall ot Eugene Is spend
ing a few days In the city on business.
Fresh lump llnio In any quantity.
Medford Lumber Co.
At Garrcttson Is superintending the
construction of building Improve
ments at the Modoc orchard. The
work will take a month.
Tomorrow is tho last day ot tho
deer and quail open seasons.
Mrs. C. H. Ausslcker and son.
Richard left Wednesday afternoon
for a visit with relatives and friends
In Nebraska, South Dakota. Iowa and
Illinois. They do not expect to re
turn until spring.
Jack Merrill leaves for his Klamath
Falls ranch today whero he will Join
George Carpenter, Drooks Spencer
and Spraguo Rlegel for a week's
shooting. Later the party will bo
Joined by Slater Johnson and Austin
Charles Sutter of Anderson, Cal.,
Is visiting In Mcdford for a few dnya.
Homer Young of Rogue River,
spent Wednesday In Medford.
F. W. Carnahan Is getting ready
for a trip to his gold claim on Silver
Fork in Northern California.
Hubbard Bros, who planned to
erect a concreto structure on the slto
of tho Union Livery stublo havo re
jected all bids, and wll Issuo a now
call with changes In specifications.
Stops towards the building of tho
Elk's club rooms at Sixth and Cen
tral avenuo under way, Ray Toft pur
chasing tho dwelling thereon, and is
having it moved to a lot on Board
man street.
EVERY WOMAN wants and need
these books. At an expense of many
thousands of dollars and nearly two
years' time we havo completed and
ready for delivery, the Six Volume
International Cooking Library by 47
of tho World's Famous Chefs
United Stutcs, Canada and Europe.
Recipes new. Never before published.
Very complete aud easily understood.
Each book complete. Do Luxe Recipe
Books, Library consists of
CO Cents each, Prepaid
$2.50 Set, Six Books, I'ropuld
Beautifully Embossed Covers, three
and four colors In attractive Carton
Mailers. Money refunded it not de
lighted with theso books. MOST
Security Bldg., Los Angeles, Cal.
FOR SALE A good Ford car, now
tires and full equipment. Prlco
$350.00. Medford aGrago.
FOR SALE 1 1910, 40 h. p. Bulck,
good conditions. Cheap. Med
ford Garage.
LOST Bunch ot hoys, return to
Mall Tribune.
Orchard property In tho Rogue
river valley onjojod brisk sates this
week, tjvo sales being reported by
Woods and Mcsslngor.
Fred Pease bought 19 acres of
tho Hemlock orchard for $ 13,500,
and will build a modern home ou tho
J. 11. Patterson of Fort Benton,
.Montana, bought tho Jny Andrews
place of "0 acres on Griffin creek for
Otto Jacobs paid A. Horn GtiOCl
for n 40-ncre tract north of tho
Five acres of the Messenger placo
near Talent was sold to Jack Lent
of Chicago for ,2500.
All tho purchasers are on tho
KANSAS CITY, Mo., Oct. 30.
New Mat en, Conn., was selected to
day ns tho convention city In 1915,
by tho National Council of the Con
gregational church, meeting here.
Los Angeles was chosen for the 1917
In npproval of the recent closing of
San rFanclsco's barbary coast, tho na
tional council udopted the following
"Wo are informed of energetic ac
tion by tho officials ot San Francis
co In tho Interests ot moral Influence
at the exposition. We commend tho
foresight ot theso officials and lu
worse such action."
SAN FRANCISCO. Oct. .10. Wil-
lie Ritchie, lightweight champion,
nnd Harlem Tommy Murphy will lie
M'en in netio,n here on Tlmnkgiiu;
day in n twenty-round bout, neconl
in to the declaration today of Jimmy
Ilolmii, the Oakland promoter, who
lias taken over Kddie Grnney'n No
vember permit here. Rohan sn
Hiti'hie lias accepted his offer of
.flll,.")()0 to meet Murphy, nnd has
wired (lint lie will reach San I'raii-ci-co
in time to ntnrt tntiuin; No
vember 10.
Somo four weeks ago Foreman Wil
son of the Dod so orchards wrote a
check with a lead pencil payable to
Clm Cans for $5. Now It Is alleged
Gans ralbcd the check to $75, and
migrated to parts unknown. Tho loss
was discovered this morning. Gans
was a young mnn employed at tho
' Nat" rink nnd as a cigar clerk.
A strikingly
smart shape
which makes
it the first
choice of a
host of men
who want a
"classy" collar
Ide Stiver
2 for 25c
don't spread apart at the top
Ceo. P. Ide 8c. Co., Troy. N. Y,
bu&ii d Suit Sts a bii Mi Suit
AHE you looking for bargain coun
ter glasses? Are you willing to wear
cheap glasses Just because they are
cheap? Do you consent to having
eyes tampered with at tho risk of
their permanent Injury? Then this
message Is not for you. Dut It you
value tho precious gift ot sight; if
you wish to retain It; It you appro
slato skill, then It Is for you, and you
aro asked to como whero absolute
accurucy in correcting eye defects Ih
pluccd above every other considera
tion. Dr. Rickert
Over Deuel'Hi Medford
The coinmltteo having In ehnrg)
arrangements for the convention of
Southern Oregon Commercial clubs
and "boosters" at tiinuls Pass Nov.
Cth, Is perfecting plant lu make that
a notable gathering.
The MedfoVd members of tho coin
mltteu nud Secretary Streets of tho
Commercial club believe that this af
fair offers an oveeptlounl opportunity
for Medford to "make good" along
Hues upon which oiuc of tho neigh
boring towns and Portland have ac
cused us of repeated failures. Mr
Streets hns called a meeting of some
of tho active club workers for 7; 30
this (Thursday) evening at tho ex
hibit building to discuss this oppor
tunity. All Interested In Modford'n
progress are Invited; especially nro
tho merchants and business men
urged to bo present.
SALEM. Ore. Oct. 30. Oregon'
share from tho rental and sale of for
est reserve lands wlthlu Its borders
this year totals 153,930.7:!, accord
lug to a statemnnt prepared by Sec
rctasy of State Olcott. Under tho fed
oral law tho state Is entitled to "3
per cent of tho money derived by tho
government from .tho rental and salo
of Its forest reserve lands, and tho
statement. In addition to showing the
total, Bhowti the amount each county
will receive. Tho money Is divided
equally between the school nnd road
funds. Tho forest reserves In Ore
gon cover IC.01'3,220 acres. Tho ap
portionment went to tho Southern
Oregou counties as follows'
Curry i97;007 2, OS LOG
Douglas 1.H0.SSI 3. 903.79
Jackson 707 SS 2.171.70
Josephine G1S.213 2.13S.72
Klamath . . . 12IS.190 4.3'iS 50
Lake 1.252.3S7 4,373.15
Saw Your Ilalr! .Make It Soft,
(lossy, Fluffy, Itciiutlful Grown
Hair nud i Pnno It
Try na you will, nftor an applica
tion of Danderlne, you cannot find n
slnglo traco of dandruff or falling
hair and your scalp will not Itch, but
what will please you most, will bo
after a few weoks' use, when you seo
new hair, fine and downy at first
yes but really now hair growing
all over tho scalp.
A little Dnuderlno Immediately
doubles tho beauty of your hair. No
inference how dull, faded, brittle and
A Strong Display of
Women's Fall Foot
This storo hereafter will bo known for
Its oxtrn good valuo giving but wo will
tell you plainly wu have never excelled tho
values here offered
AT hii.oo, AM) ?l.oo
The big variety of styles from which you ran chooso Is tho thing
you will notice first when you como hero,
Also tho long range of sizes nud widths. to eo. Wo are
nftor tho Hard To Fit. Come und bu fitted if you have trouble
with your feet.
Scheffelin's Grocery
ST 0f M M
I Bgg. .IP. -l JIM-T- .!
OAKLAND. I'nl., Oct. .10. Little
credit witti given ltutl Andeiou, the
Mcilfiinl sernpper, today for Inn
knockout hero hint night in the fifth
round of n nelieduleil ten-round
limit of luiis ll con, the Lou Angelcn
lightweight. The Oregoniun out
neighed ReiM bv ut least fix wiind,
forfeitiuc $100 rntlicr limn weigh in.
Keen weighed exuetlv I'll miiiiiiN,
nnd it wns believed that the Medford
hoy weighed between ,1 10 nnd ll"
The police Mni'pcil the tinctcii
context in the fifth round after the
crowd luiil veiled to Referee .lurk
Ortieo to call u halt. Keen nhuwcd
mi fulrlv well ut lout? riinise work.
hut he appeared frightened thnuih
out the contest. Aiulotxui "tailed
Itees hlcedini; from the mouth in the
M'cond round nud then wore him
down, with liodv blown in the third
nnd fourth round.. Anilemon floor
ed Itees with a right to the chin in
the fifth. Keen Muggcred to hi feet
before the count of ten, hut nn he
was Mill groguv. the police mgunlled
firaee lit slop the content.
scrnggy, Just moisten n cloth with
Dauderiiio und carefully draw It
through oiir hair, taking one mail
strand nt a tluto. Tho effect is 1m
medlnto and amazing your hnlr
wilt bo light, fluffy and wavy, nnd
hnvo an apponrancu of abundant o;
nn Incomparablo Iimtur, soft nous und
luxuriance, tho bouuty and shimmer
of trim hair health.
Get a 25 cent bottle of Know Ron's
Danderlne from any drug store or
toilet counter, nud pravo that your
hnlr Is as pretty and soft as any
that It has boon neglected or Injured
by cureless treatment that's all.
fri I M
"" No Madamo Wo do not
glvo I'remluiiiH with our Coffee.
You can't make good Coffee
out ot poor Henna, You can't
expect to make good Cotfeo out
or tho kinds that aru half From
liuii, for remember, you can't
put tho Premium In tho Cup.
Have n Cup of our Mocu &
Juva Coffeo, known the world
over to bo tho host Coffeo
Eni I Potter of Ashland, charged
with despoiling his own slMter Is rac
ing n Jury lu the circuit court this
arteinoon. Tho witnesses, It Is said
will iiurold a deep dyed tale or sor
did depravity, and the caim U ut
liaetlng wide Interest lu Ashland. A
Jury In being drawn and the taking
or testimony will begin today.
Moses Lifer charged with burglary
was found guilty thin morning.
Tho cost or the ninlen of tho world
last year aggregated $725,000,000.
Sick llenitiiehe, Unit Htciilli, Sour
Stomach, Menu Liter nud Dowels
A iv Clogged I'lieer t'p!
(let n Hi-cent box.
SUk henilaehe, biliousness, dWtl
iiess, coated tongue, foul tnsto and
foul breath alwan trare them to
torpid liver; dela)ed, fenncntlnK
toud lu tho bowels or sour, gass)
I'oUonoun matter clogged In the
Intestine, Instead or being cast out
or tho ntsteiii In re-ubsorbed tutu thu
blood. When thin polmin reaches
the delicate brain tlwiuit It cause
convention aud that dull, throbbing
sickening headache.
Cascaretn Immediately cleanse the
stomach, remove tlio tour, undigested
food and foul gaiion, take the oxross
blfn from the liter and carry out all
the constipated wnste matter and
poisons lu the IkiwoIs.
A Canrarot tonight will surely
straighten )ou out by morning. Thoy
work while )oii sleep a 10-retit box
from jour drugKlot means your head
clear, stomach sweet and your liter
aud bowels regualr for mouths,
Office Spnrtit lliillillng
Offlie Hours III A. M. lo U I'. M.
Ul -
f ryt.1. I .. It M
JfMUKV t fUS unu tiy
for Coughs
TliU llniur-.TInilo llrtiirily linn
mi i:jiiul fur l'ruiiii
Mix one plat of gmtiulntcl mmr with
'v pint of wiirm water, nnd t ir for '.!
lllllilllcK. Put Ubl Ollliet't of I'lllfX (llltv
i'iiiIm' worth) III a pint Ixiltle; tli.n mlil
the Sllgnr Svtllp. 'lake ii tniaHMiliflll
evirv one, two or llireti hour.
'J lil nlinplc reiuedv taken hold of a
rinij-li mure ipilrklv tlmn nut thing elm
j on ever iiiil. I'mmlly coiuitiorn nil
ordinary cough Inmda of 'Ji hour.
Splendid, too, fur wliiiim- cough,
cpnm(lio croup und LrnnoliltU. It
stliuul.ti tlm umx'tlta nud I slightly
luxntlu1, which help md a rough,
TliU iimki more and hitter cough
syrup thun vmi could buy reinlv Hindu
for $2.iVI. It keeps perfectly and ttutrn
I'lliex In a mnsl vnluntiln conrctf
tinted compound of Norway white plno
extract, and I rich lu gimtncol iiml
other natural pluu clement which aro
so healing to the iiiciiihriiiii'. Oilier
preparation- will not work In tld plan.
Making cimuli syrup with l'lnex ami
Migur )rup (or trained limieyi Imn
proven ut popular throughout tint I'nltrd
State and Canada that It U often
mitated. Hut tlm old, Mirccmifnl mix
ture) liii never been niuulcd.
A guaranty of ulmolute nitUfuctlnn,
or money promptly refunded, uoc with
thU preparation. Your druggUt has
l'incx or will git it for 3011. If nut,
und to The l'incx Co., Ft, Wayne, Ind.
I St l.ilril, Ml
moti jMijtiifijr
the Mull
uulth lo
The Cruen "Wristlet" Watch
Martin J. Reddy
tiii: ji:vi:m:k
For ovory thing now nnd tip-to-date
In tho watch, Jowulury, cut glass
aud silverware lines,
Ncur Post Office
follow the
urc of
It rtitdlcntri dsndniff,
PrcvcnN frtlllnit hair. I
ItratorrM nnlnriil mil
I or to ijic y or (ailed Imlr not n
ji've, Aloncy back if Doli.tldird,
I A: (ml it tiliuneW fUmlaUii! I
f nlim H..J-4fl IUh-. ltl.f IMnif,
V dtii'o ynu lo find
liclttM' col'IVe (linn Schil
ling's Hcslj (If ns pxitl
nl Iho price.
Money luielc, nl, your
grocer's, is our cluil
lenc. lu t lb. 2 lb and ':i III
anuuii-llght caun; cleanly gran
ulated; Hie a Ih.
If you knew how much others nro
enjetliu: the services at the Christian
church 011 would como too,
tr you knew how different these
meeting are you would ho Interested.
If on know that wo havo lu Mr.
Putiuau, nut only nu urangelUt of
national reputation hut ono of the
great llllile preachers, you would
want to hear him.
If you roulit hear tho splendid
music you would fowl ninny ot
our troubles aud reel hotter In
ory way.
It you knew that ynu would bo
treated In a dignified and courteous
manner and nut bo ombnrraMud,
you would reel n freedom lu coming.
ir you como you will hear tho fol
lowing Hermans:
Thursday night, "Tho (lotoway Into
tho Kingdom."
Friday night, "The Oreat Certain
Sunday morning, "Winning a
I Hominy night, "Tho llaptlsm or
thu Holy Spirit."
j It you nro a soul winner you will
como regardless of your denomina
tional relation.
H you nro unsaved ynu will bo
most welcome.
ai m 3 1' I 1
the Dough
Mother's Friend
in Every Home
Comfort anil Safety Anured Btfore
the Arrivnl of the Stork.
Tlm M Myliiir vthut I homo without
a iiiuhr khoiilil mlil ''Mulder' I'rlftiit."
In Ihniitniiitn uf American lioim- tlicro
l a hoi lie l.f thU aplruillil niiil famuu ri'in
city Unit ha uliliil muiiy u woiuiiii Itimuuli
UK' lrlii nnlial, mvi'il her from sintering
nml piln. kept, her In ln-allh of inlol ami
li'ly In inhunci) of tuih fimnj SAil lunl
n nii)l wonderful liillneiirn In itevoloplnic A
lienllliy, luyely ilUpoi!on lu tlinclili.
Then. U mi n(lier rc(ncily n truly n. help
tij 1111 1 ure n Moiher' Krlriul, H relieve
lh jialn nml illirniiifnrt raiiteil hy h
slralii on lliu IIk"Iiii:iiI, luitke pliant thon
llhre nml miincle uhtt-li nnture I rip-uit.
Hitf mul koothe tho Inflammation of hrrait
Moiher'- Prion.! U mi eiternal remedy,
net unlay ami not only Imiitihei all ill
I rem in ailvHiire, Imt iii.ure a spiedy mil
riiiiiiiMn reenvery for thu iimtlier. 'Hum
s n hieiuiiiM n henllhy wniiinti with all h-r
Mrcnulh iiremrveil to tliorfni.hly vnj'.y thu
renrlnif t Imt ihlhl. Mother's rt-nil en
he hinl nt ny ilniK "lure nt f 1.1)0 a hntlle,
nml I really one. nf tlio grenlent lileitinr
ever illmuvereil fr eiprrlnnt iimther.
ttrllo to llrmlllehl IteKUlatiir Co,, I'.'H
,l.ainr lllflic.. Atlanta, (In., fur their freo
took, Wrlto tuasy, it ii must tuntrmUro.
' i,i'