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Medtord Mail Tribune
'Hlwwors (onlgttt anil Jair
Balitrilnr Mat. 77j .Mlti. 40.
Kurty'tliltil Trur
Onllv-Kliililh Vflur
NO. 185
Altrr Matters Go as Far ns Pos
sible Without War, Situation Im
proves Hucrta Modlllcs Defiance
hy Incluillnii All Powers.
Diaz Seeks Protection at United
States Consulate, While Stalf Is
Deported Upon Warship.
WAHIIINOTON, ()l. 21, Aflor
miller Imil mum about iiM inr nw thoy
puiwlbly com Il tin. nlmrt of uctunl
IlKhtlug, tun .Movlcitu situation Im
proved slightly till afternoon.
Tlml lit to say. Hocrotary of Hlnto
Jlrmn announced thnt llio ndinlnU
Irntliin had rtrlvml punitive nmiur
HiirtMi from lr'itliti'iit lluortn of tho
liitK'r'M tliMorinliiMtlon nut to ruunlii
In office, oou If elected Htitutn).
,iiruiim Nut Hum
Wimlilimloii officialdom took tlitn
nuiirnriro for whatever 'rli Individ
mil of flrlnl considered It worth. 'I'll')
majority roinnrkwd, In various wii.
thnt lliierla hint gUu nMiirunroH lm
funi which ll woiilil hnnlly hnvo paid
to rely on too luiillrltl.
Moroni or. officialdom wnntod to
l.jow what would happen If Hominy's
iiltx'lliin should prun iiultlos. lloiiallly to hi candidacy to mcci'iin
Tho Miulcun constitution provide himself ah president. Ilo trusts nb
thnt tho wlmiliiK candidate In a prosl- oluloly no one. ntul It was the, con
iImhiIaI nlo-tlun muni hnvo n major- nsun of opinion thnt ll would bo
Ity iim well a it jilurnllty. II pro- uonfo for him to ilo so. ,
ttds also that n curtain proportion j li-flc 1'iilinl sinu
of tlin couiitry'H entire volo mint ho ' Tho provlnlonnl prrtlilciit'it Hlnto
(nut. If nn rtimlliliito r.'t mnjor- uii'iit to tho forulRii illplomnl hnro
Ity- nml with four In tho floltl. this )itortliiy nrfotiioon cruntml n t re-
la vory llkoly or If tho totnl voto
fnlhi linlow tlin rniulrcil flKuro, tliuro
nnmt tin nnothor olia'tloii.
Ilui'ila ItniiiiliiH IMilnlor
If iilthnr of tlionu tlilliM hIioiiM
hiippnii, lluurln luu iitnmily ilcrlnri'il
thnt ho uonlil hno to liohl ovor un
til nflur niiothur oloctlon. Ilo mlr.lH
ili-lny nnothor 0110 lmtuflnltoty.
Still, tlii'rn n n Klontn of hopu In
SiK-rotiiry llrynn'H luiiioiiiiromi'iit.
Anil tlmro wnn nnothor Klonni
lluiirln MllKhtly moillflDil liU iloolnrn
tlou of yvnturdny thnt hu would not
purmll forulRii lutorrornuco In Moxl
rim iifuflm. Tim doclnrnllou, iih ho
iiimlii It orlKltmlly, plnlnly nii'iiul ho
would not pnrmll "Amurlcnu I nl it
frtnri)." Todny ho inidiaHUoi tho
fuel thul ho inoiiul IntiTfi'roiiro by
"nny powur."
(JllllllfjIlIK OffCllkhl'lH'fH
Tho iiini'inlmi'iit Hindu bin wordii
hotuiiwhnt loim offmiKlvo lit IoiihI to
AnnrlrniiH. A hwrt pU'iulm; dctnll
wiim Unit Jluortn a uudorxlnod to
l.nM) Diirrcrlrd hluiBidf nl tho ruk
lioMtlon of llrltlith Mlulhtur Kir l.loiml
Ciirdnu. (.'iiriluu'H ntlltudi), nlmoHl
of hoxllllty toward tin) Unltnd HtntcM,
and of complnciMiuy townrd llunrtn,
Ih loiiHldnnid boro Hnrloimly to hnvo
compllcntod rolnttoiiH liotwcim Wnali
ItiKton nml Mexico City and ri'Krot
wiiii full nt HiIh adilltlounl kU;ii of
It Ih liifluiiuco ovnr tho dictator, ovin
IhoiiKb. In IIiIh liiHtaiU'o, ll tiuomcd
lo hnvo bcun iihuiI In tho lutori'ntH
of ronclllntlon,
(luoral l'ollx Dliir.' pronoun! In llm
l'nlli'd HlaloH conaulali) nt Vorn Crux
(Conltnuod on pnRD 8.)
PIA'AIOIJTjr, JIiihH., Ool. 21.
Klroii ti'Hliiuony for tho iIoIViiho
V'uh ol'fered Imio Imlny by Dr. ln
ooli Drown In tho trial of .Mi'H. ,Ioii
tiiu JHiy J'Juton, oluuj;ml with tho
murilor of hor liiiHlmml, Ailmiral Jo
8oph 0. Katun.
Dr. Drown hwoio Hint ho solil Ait
liiiinl Kuloii 1(100 tulilotH, ouch eon
tnlniiur oiio-liiiiiilri'dlh of n wn of
lu-Hcnlii. Hu douluivil ho oiuilioiu'il
tho nilininil nliout uhIiij; iirsouio, hut
tho ndmlrnl iiimwrnod Hint ho did not
onto, Baying if 1'" t'uulil not ho ro
Hlorcd lo hirt former vljjor ho would
l'inluh llio job himself,
Dictator Trusts No One Diaz Stall
Arrcslrd and Deported to Havana
While Diaz Seeks Rcftjjje at Amer
ican Consulate.
American Steamer Held While Es
canton Lcylslators Arc Arrested
and Taken Off fcr Trial.
MHXICO OITV. Oct, 'i Tint
members of l'rotlidouitl President
lltiortii's personal hluff, every uinti of
whom was nrritttl Int evening, will
ho roiirlmnrtlnlluil, iitcurdliiK to In
formation frntii official sources to
day, ntul It unx IhuiiKht soiiiu of the in
inlKlit Ik) jihot.
Tim charge ngnluat thu prlsonerJ
worn not miulu public but tho lin
prnaslon was Hint thoy woro cniiKht
corresponding with General Follx
Thnt llmtrtn should lui In diuiRor,
or nt nny rutu consider himself In
danger, nt till hand of persons iih
elosu to him personally am tho mem
ber of hi own staff was generally
taken iih nil explanation of liU deter
inlnntloti not to resign oven for n dny
to gho nn nppearanco of constllu
mi'iidoiiii Mintuitlon nnd nppnroully
nroiuod much iiiurli ruthuiilnHin
amoiiK thono woll iiuoiiKh I'ducntcil to
iiiulorntand It, by Itn bold dtlnncu of
tho rnltod HlntoK.
Tho polutM lluurtn inndo woro In
lirlnf, an follewn: ,
Ilo ploilRod hliiiHidf to tho rout ora
tion of ponro nnd proiuUod fair elec
tion. Ho vnld ho wnii (Intermitted to pro
loot foreign IIvun and IntoroKU and
oiiunMy dotnriulnnd thnt MoxIciiiia
nhould Kottlo tholr own domontlc nf
fair without foreign Intorforonco.
Ilo ndmlltod It iiiIkIiI provo liu
poHnlhtu lo hold a valid election next
Hiiudny, and mild In that rami ho
would liavn to rontluuo In power un
til n valid uloitlou could bo held.
In) lie liilorenllon
He referred with renpect to I'ronl
dent WUhoii and with admiration to
thu American people, but declared
that If WuiililiiKloii refiiKod to reroR
nUo him, It would "rink proclpllnlliiK
wliat mlRht hrliiK WnflbltiRtnu fnco In
fnco with tho KovorumentR nt London,
Parla and Iterlln, and which mlKbt
lend either lo the nettliiK ahIiIo of tho
(Contlnueii on puro 2.)
VKKA Cltr., Del. 'Jl.-Arter
mnny hout-ri detention, tho Wind
Lino Ktoniuor Morro t'nstlo suilod
from hero today for llnvnua. The
Mexienn nuthoritioH Imil iveu their
pormiKKiou for llm vessel to leave.
United .Slates Consul Cnnadii had
previously issued oluiirnnco pnpors
to hor in defiiiueo of tlio Mexioiiu
Kovoriinu'iit'ri otileiH, hut Captain
Huff deoliuod to leuvo without thu
port official!.' eousoul.
ATTICA, 0 Out. a-l.-Yi'BBiiwn
looked mora tlinii u ilor.uu rosiilonts
in llieir homos hero today, nut thu
tc!ehoiiu and el ee trio light wires nnd
then il.vnamitod llio postoffieo safe.
Thoy oflonpoil with .f'JOOO, l'ossus
ui'o in purdiilt,
All Hope of Saving Burled Men In
Stan Canyon Coal Mine Given Up
Dead Estimated at 260, Includ
Inn Rescuers Who Perished.
Conditions in Mine Steadily Growlnrj
Worse Poisonous Air Fills All
Passages and Tunnels.
DAWSON, N. M., Oet. 'JI.-.SIiij;
Canyon rout mine No. 'J, iiiiuch-
lloiinllly uis on rue litis tiftentoou.
I lent nml wnoko were forcing the
rexi'tiers liaok from tho wool work-
itiKx, wheio it was believed u few
men miht still bo alive. A horond
explohioti ivun lielieveil iiiiuiilicut.
Nothing had boon hoard from Kit
pervisiiii; KiiKinoor Weilel, lust n-cn
fur iusido the mine. He was imie
tionlly given up for ileml.
DAW80N, N. M.. Oct. 21. Two
membem of a rescue party In the HtnR
Canyon conl inlno hero Rnvo their
own lives todny In tho effort to aavo
pmuilblo survivors of Wvdncday'ii
Alnnn lloxnnd nnd JnmoH Lntrd.
the two victims, were helmet men In
n rescue party. They entered tho
mine at 8 Inst nlRht and, disregard
ItiK orders Riven hours before, to
leave tho Rns-flllud tunnol, bnd stuck
continuously at tholr work until C a.
m. todny,
llnr.ind was tho first ono ovorcomo.
Laird tried to support him but him
self toppled over ns ho caught his
companion in his arms. Though car
ried to tho Hiirfnro as quickly ns pos
sible, It was too lato to savo them.
Conditions Woi-m)
KtiRlueer Woltzcl, who was In
chnrRO of tho rescue parly, who after
a trip to tho surface to fill his lungs
with fresh nlr during tho night and
returned, hnd not been heard from
for threo hours this morning and
somo anxiety was folt concerning
him, although as a thoroughly exper
ienced miner and an otd hand In tho
Htng Canyon collorlcs, his friends said
thoy believed bo would turn up safe
ly. Conditions In tho mlno wero grow
ing steadily worso today. Despltn
all efforts to vcntllnto tho tunnels,
tho nlr was almost unbelievably foul
nnd thick with coal dust, threatening
a fresh explosion nl any moment.
Tho majority of tho members of
tho rescue parties wero taken 111 na
often ns they cntno to tho surface, yet
(hero was n constant supply of volun
teers. About 12 men woro still at
tho work of rcscuu In tho mlno today.
Tliuro was soma uncertainty as to
tho exact number of men on tho var
ious lovels but according to tho
management's cslluiato tho death
roll will number -00, Including Iloza
und nnd Laird.
Tho number of rescued was still 2C
and of thrso ono or two mny dlo.
Practically nit hopo of saving any
moro of 'thoso still entombed bad
boon abandoned nt dawn, though tho
rescuers continued nt tholr task.
Forty-two corpses wero brought to
(ho surface with much difficulty this
SAN FHANCIRCO. Cnl., Out. 21.
-Worlhingtnii Ames, a well-known
(iluhnmn, was granted a fmuf deuree
of ilivnrco hero todny from Mrs.
Nnrimi Preston Ames, jirominent in
California Hociely blnco hor girl
hood. Mrs. Ames did not contest
tho suit. Amos alleged Mrs. Ames
vn guilty of desertion nnd willful
PORTLAND, Or., Out. 24.
Struuk on tho head hy u hriek whioli
fell from tho thirteenth story of tho
Northwestern bunk building, now un
der eoiistnietion, Kobert II, Wutkius,
u Inhorer, is dead todny from tho
injuriua hu received,
fcRf IrHvi
Declnrlnc Hint he ivould make no effort to defend ulnuclf at his trial
for Ihe tilling of IiIn wife, William a F.llli. of Chicago, III., who coufesed
In the uiuidrr before n Coroner's Jury, refused to see a lawyer.
"I nni RUllly." s.ild i: IIk, "ami 1 want to be sent to my punishment as soon
ss Kiplblo I have I bled nil (hat I had In the world, and the sooner 1 Join
Iht I ln iK-tlor I ulll I plrnsril"
WASHINOTON, Oct. 21. Tho
slate deparlinent pulilixhed the fol
lowing diipntch from Charge d'Af
fnircs O'Shaughnessy (hid nfternoon
ns a supplement to Secretary llry
nn'H announcement that Iluertii will
not ncccpt nn election to the presi
dency Sunday:
"At n meeting yesterday ILiortn
received tho diplomatic corps in the
presence of thu cabinet nnd issued
n statement saying ho had reason to
fenr somo of his friends would pro
pose him ns a cnudidnto for presi
dent nnd would voto for him. Ho
wished to make it known that such
n voto would bo null nnd void nnd
Hint, oven though ho received n ma
jority, his election would bo null nnd
void. Ho said that under no cir
cumstances would ho ueeept a inan
dnto from the iieople at tho lire.M'nt
titno and iusiotcntly rciiucxtcd tho
diplomntio corps to give their gov
ernment! the nhovo information."
Secretary llrynn snid ho had re
ceived no confinnntion of reports
that Huerta had dcclnred foreign
powers would support him ngaiust
tho United Slntcs. Ho ordered Con
sul Canada to protect flcneral Dinz
if his life wero endangered. Ad
miral Fletcher cabled from Vera
CniR thnt tho criiUer Taooma was
sent to Tupam beeauso rioting was
fenrod there.
CAIiUMKT, -Mich., Oct. 21.
Clmrged with violating llio injuuu
tion against picketing, 180 copper
mino striken! wero arrested hero to
day hy militiamen. Tho strikers wore
taken to Houghton, where they will
ho given a hearing before, Circuit
Judge O'llricn.
- SAN FRANCISCO, Cnl., Oct. 21.
Tho Row Snmttol Quiokmire, pastor
of tho Howard Street Methodist
church, was arrested during the
progress of tho Portola parade here
today on a charge of distutbiug the
ponce. Polieeninn Duffy nssertcd
that tho minister retained his posi
tion on tho curb when ordered to
move ou.
CHICAGO, Oct. 2L Addressing
tho American Steel and Iron Insti
tute hero today, Judgo K. II. Gary,
chairman of tho board of directors
of tho stcol trust, declared ho be
Moved tho business outlook to bo
"Tho rich nro becoming moro lib
oral and more charitable," ho said,
"nnd tho poor more grateful for
what they receive Itclatlons be
tween tho employer and the cmployo
nro bocomlng closer."
Gary said ho thought business at
presohf hesitates "largoly beeauso of
unnecessary agitation and ill-considered
criticism by thoso not having tho
best Interests of tho nation at heart."
Ho centinued: "Thcro is too
much demagogy and mudsllnglng. It
Is not uucommou for public discus
sions to treat success ns an offonso
and to consldor tho possession of
wealth, however honestly acquired,
ns wrong. Capital, always timid, is
sorlously nffectod by unreasonable
and uncalled tor agitation and nt-
tack, and It Is becoming frightened."
Its confldenco has boon shaken."
WASHINGTON, Oct. 24. Presi
dent Wilson today commuted tho
sentence of Frederick A. Hydo from
two years and of Joost Schneider
from fourtea .months to 3G6 days im
prisonment. Ho did not, howevor,
mlt tho fines of 1 10,000 and 11000
assessed respectively against Hydo
nnd Schneider. Tho two men woro
convicted of laud frauds in Orogou
and California.
WASHINGTON, Oct. 24. h, L.
Mulit oi Ashland nnd II. K. Alberts
of Salem nro today appointed na
tional bank examiners bv tho secre
tary of tho treasury. Mulit will bo
assigned to Oregon and southern
Washington nnd Alberts is iiimlo ex
aminer at large.
Senate Committee Favors Aldrlch
Plan of Central Bank Proposed by
Vandersllp of Standard Oil Bank
Wilson Firm for Regional Plan.
Government Proposed Central Insti
tution With Government Controlled
Branches Favored.
WASHINGTON, Oct. 21. Trouble
over the currency bill is ahead, if
I'niled Stntes Sonnlor Hnslow of!
Ivuusus knows what ho is tnlkimj
about, it was predicted todny among
nntionnl lawmakers.
The struggle, promised to develop
between ihe partisans of the regional
banking system provided for in tin
Glns-Owcn bill, nnd ihe supjmrtnrs
of tho central bnnking plan propos
ed by ex-Comptroller of the Cur
rency Frank A. Vnndor'in.
WINon Stands Pat
President Wilson notified Ihe
members of the scnnlc currency com-
mitteo today Hint he would not nc
ccpt under nny cm) mtances the
substitution nf the central form for
the regional plan. In fact, he said,
ho would not sanction nny funda
mental change in the present bill. It
was known positively thnt he consid
ers nnderlip's "Suggestion a all
street scheme to befog Ihe currency
Commenting on tho president's
notification, Senator Dristow inti
mated plainly thnt the senate com
mittee would, nevertheless, bnsc .ts
report on the bill next month on Vnn-
derlip's suggestion. Ho denied that
it was merely n slight variation from
tho Aldrich currency scheme.
Favor Central Hnnk
Resides Senator Hristow, it was
said Senators Reed of Missouri.
Hitchcock of Michigan, O'Gommn of
iew lork nnd Nelson of Minnesota,
members of tho currency committee,
favor a government-controlled cen
trnl bank with govcrqnicnt-coutroHi'd
It was predicted there will bo n
hard fight ou the senate floor un
less an amendment is provided.
A John Dee Indictment alleging
blackmail against Dan Cameron was
returned by tho grand Jury this af
ternoon. Tho alleged blackmailer
will bo arrested at onco by tho sher
iff's office. Tho indictment sots
forth that an attempt was nuulo to
extort $2000 from Camoron for se
crecy in an alleged Immoral esca
pade. Cameron fought tho oxtor
tloulst a not true bill bolug returned
upon a statutory charge.
Hoggs and Titus, alleged to hnvo
decoyed Myrtle Hnuscom and Uea
trlco Kavnnaugh, young girls to Ash
land fqr Immoral purposes woro In
dicted for contributing to tho delin
quency of minors. A John Dee in
dictment was also found lu tho satuo
case, ,
Indictments woro returned against
Richard Dee and John Dee for ex
ploding dynamlto In Dear creek for
tho purposo ot killing fish.
W. T. Green was Indicted for tho
alleged burning ot a church at
W. II, Mynatt was Indicted for
grand larceny and A. C. Urockmau
for Indoucy.
Tho Inquisitorial sessions will bo
concluded somo time Monday.
OAKLAND, Cnl., Out. 21. Hold
ing n dead pet cockatoo to his chest,
Anthony Delpolio, nn aged fortune
teller, was found dead of gas as
phyxiation in his room hero today,
It W
Ashland, Grants Pass and Hedford
Co-operate to Send Magnificent
Display From Orchard and Farm
to Chicago Land Show, Nov. IB.
Lowe of Ashland to Charge of Ex
hibit, .Will Give Moving Picture
When tho doors are thrown open
November 18 at tho great Chicago
land show, Hie Rogue River vnlley
will bo prepared to show tho multi
tudes nn exhibit second to none- of
her nnntirfl harvest of fruits and
Shu has collected samples of her
various products, packed them in
boxes, transports thcra 3000 miles
and places them on exhibition in tho
city of Chicago for a reason. Wo
send beautiful booklets nnd wriio
wonderful letters back cast; wo
sometimes, nftcr living here n few
weeks, write articles home for pub
lication telling of tho "promised
land" wo hnvo at lust found, tho
big red npplcs, jK'nrs (bat are served
in New York hotels on silver plates
at COo each; the size of the vege
tables, the perfect summer days (tho
nights nlways cool), and the glor
ious sunsets. And while, w.q at .this
lime regret thnt we nro unable to
send to tho land show a good sam
ple of our September and October
weather, we can back up somo of our
statements with proofs, something
for our enstern friends to see, to
feel, to Inste, which we hopo will
cause them to think seriously and
decide to sco for themselves this
land where the world's famous fruit
is grown.
Ashland, Medford and Grants
Pass hnvo delected with euro an
exhibit to represent tho Roguo River
valley. This will bo in chargo of
W. 1). I.owo of Ashland, who takes
about two tons of fruits mid vege
tables of his own. This valley is
exceedingly fortunnto in having a
man like Mr. Lowo with tho exhibit
in chargo at Chicago. Ilo will, with
tho aid of a moving picture machine,
show and explain our scenery, orch
ards, city buildings nnd attractive
spots, during a thirty-minute period
dnilv. besides talking Oregon to
thousands. 11. Klum's linud-illnm-iucd
signs will bo ir. evidence, giving
growerb' names.
Tho Commercial club of Medford
wishes lo state (hut an abundance of
our bot publicity litcruturo will bu
distributed at tho show.
Tho club also desires to thank tho
following citizens for their generous
(Continued on I'age 6.)
LOS ANGKLKS. Cnl., Oct. 21.
Spurred by grief ot a girl bride, oft-
clals of tho district attorney's offlco
horo nro combing tho city today for
K. linker, who Is said to hnvo disap
peared from Portland sovoral wouks
ago, Mcanwiiiio Mrs. Hnttto Iiauor,
his wife, has promised to make no
further atompt to end hor Ufa until
tho offlco has exhausted Its means of
finding tho man. ,
According to Doput yDlstrlct At
torney Joos, tho young woman at
tempted Into yesterday to leap from
a window in his offlco on tho elev
enth floor of. tho hall of records. 8ho
said uho had pawned her clothing to
follow Uakor to Los Angolas and had
beon unablo to find him.
J003 seized Mrs. Dakor as sho
leaped to tho window ledge. Steno
graphers in his offlco calmed hor,
and after hor promlso had been ex
acted, sho was takon to a hotel. Mrs.
Dakor declared that sho does not wish
to press charges against hor husband,
but morely seeks a reunion.
' 1