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Medford Mail Tribune
1'nlr tonight and rtatwrtfcjr
Mux. 7I MIh. 40. ,
Knrly.ltilril Year.
Dully- KIkMIIi Vrnr.
Flat Chnriics That Four Members of
Ilio Lcijlslalurc Were Bouuht to
Vote lniicacliiiiciit Made by Gov
rnior Glynn Claims OfUcc.
ALBANY, N. Y Aiiir. I.i. Mnl
cluugc thai TiiiiinmiiN Dull, liy the
ilio nf moiHiy, Imbed I'ohr member
of lint New York Ipgishtlurp in onlor
In get tlm npi'iwNiirv voles to im
pelled (loviTiiur Willliiiti Sulor, win
iiiihIp Iipio today by James (inn-ismi,
llin gnvpriinr' ndilsrr, nflpr consul
tiitimi with Hulzcr tmlny.
"Wo now ohnrgp positively," snid
(litiiinon, "Hint Tiiinnuinv puid piinIi
for llin four voles It needed In mlnpt
lli'n iiuppuchmpiit resolution in the
tiMPinlily. 'I'lipy iiUn tiMi-il innnoy to
keep ulliiir wittering oon in litii'.
Wo will liu prepared to ptovo tin
boforo wii urp thiough. Thorp iitn
mine ci'iiIIpiiipii mixi'il up in thin mm
npintpy who lire lipudcd strnight for
Sppri'lnrv f Slain Mnys loduv
I'ulli'il on lilimti'iiHiit (lovornor tllwin
mill iiifotiucd him thnt lie would of
Homily rccoguirp linn ns goternor
of llin htntii.
(II.viiii mill hi nttnrnevN conferred
nt llin mIiiIp Iiuiimii today, mul it i
uiidenilnod decided In rink Hip Mule
mprouiP pniirt this nftpruoon In n
strain Kulxer fniui Hiding longer a
gotprnor. Sulrer unit J t it- iillnriio)H
Iiiivp piiiiiU'li'il n reply In a ilenmii'l
fnnn (ll.vnn whiuh in cxpeeleil Inter.
llynn's letter iIpiiiiiiiiIpiI posses
sion (if Ilio p.MM'iilivi offices mnl
wiih formiilly ilellveri'il to Suitor nt
12:'JI) o'clock this nftornnini.
(Ilvnii's letter ilerliiri'il Hint
wn "iuntiiiliuiillv diuhlcil mnl
i'iiiiIiI not net im governor." Sulrer
ilei'lineil lo rccngnixit Hi" merit of
(llynn'N claim. Up Hitbl lie iiitemleil
to pitntiiiiii) to "exercise mnl di
rliiirxp Hip poiiNlilntionnl duties of
gotcriior, first, lippiuihP Hip uhmciii
lily now in pxtrnordinnry sphMoii
duo not ihimphh eillier Hip power
nor Hip nnlbniitv to prefer article
of ililpeiieliineiil, mid, second, lie
piiiidp Hip lieutenant governor in not
mitborii'il to net iih governor in pim
of Hip inipoiielnnuiit of Hip gotornor
unliwM Hip iuipcnohinpiit in mm
tnini'il." Sulrer MiittKc-ded Hint Hip attor
ney for hntll Hilton ligroo to It
iiii'lbod of Niilnnillinu Hip tin'lini
to Hip court. Sulxor admitted (hi
nfli'riioon Hint bin wife's condition
in troubling him.
".lust wiiil until dip reeovcrH," Iip
Miid, "mnl lliou uo will hnp Hiniie
tbiiiK to Mty to tboHP ilntuni'il hpiiIIii
wiikh who mo ilriiKUini; her iiume
into Ihin ense.
KAN KRANCIKrO, Cal., Aiiir. Ifl.
Wbetlipr eitliu, ili'lihernlo detprinin
ulioii of I 'rank Kulloiii lo unit bint
M'lf mul return to thu mtiip of bm
wifp'rt tlihtirnop at Ilio bauds of
Kiuilio Do Vpueenr.i, Iburo lo nxenjjo
biuiHelf for iuHulU by tho lattor, wits
justiciable, will bu decided today by
it jury uhloh bun heard Hip Htory of
tbn HlnyiiiK of Do Venopuri.
AeeoidiiiK to tho' Htory told by Hip
defendant, Do Veiinenr.i bud tdnn
deied Mih. Snltoni. lie, helm,' hi"
1,'pr and HtroiiKnr, Kitltoiii wiih do
teiied from resortiiu; to bin fills lo
Klop Ilio HPumlul uioiiKPi'. Finally,
driven to dehporiiliiin aftur hnarinw;
Do Vpupon.i piiblioly iiiHiilt the
innlliPi' of bin nhildieu, Kulloui nhol
hint lo death.
During tlm trial Mr. Kulloni and
Hip thieo llltlu nbildipu of tlm eou
plo hat willt thu aoeusod iiuiit in
rAHItOIJ1'ON, Mo., Auk. 1R.-K.
L, FoiIiph mul wlfp of Kiutt'iinuuito,
C'nl,, mul thieo othor peibiuiH woro
killed two miles oast of hero today
when a Kaula I'ti Irnin Htrui'k nn
niiloinnhllu, Ouo oilier purson was
i'alally, Injurod.
Corn Crop Drylun Up Kansans Ask
Governor lo hsiic Proclatnntlon
Calllnn Upon All Citizens to Pray
(or Rnln to End Drouth.
OMAHA, Ntib., 'Aiik. ir.--Huvpml
ilpiitliH of bttliloH worn reiiortod horn
today no n ronult or tlm terrlfli; hunt,
tho thiiriiionictpr rp;liitrln: 104 do
Krunii thin nftornoon, All tnilldlnc
opurntlomi bnvo Iipoii (iiitipmidcd, on
nccotiut of tho bent.
IilNTOI.N. K.b Aiitf. 15. 'IVr.
rifio bent hpoipIipiI NVbriiMkn todiy
mnl torrid wind nut blowing. At
Oiunlin VPfleiilny Hip Hiprinoiiiptyr
reneheil Kill. Ileio it (oiipIipiI III
dprepH mnl Hid mpriiKi niiim Suii
Iny Iiiih been over Kill. In iiiniiy
HPi'tioim porn In priirlleaily dehlroy
ed. Tin dtoiilb mnl tho leiideuey of
fanner to noil toiil rntbpr tbmi beef
i uiM'ii brnv iih Hip renrnin foe the
liililier hoof inioPH whieb nro nlreiulv
ipinti'd here. Ilnmirtl beef today ih
helling nt fniiii 1 1 to l', cent per
pound to Hip piipkerH.
TOI'KKA, Knii.. Aiij,. in.-TliP
fiipnior' offiop luiro in rrrrivinj
huiidredn of lellern daily urcini; Hull
Im isMiiu n proplnintitioii imlliut; iikhi
nil eilieim to meet nt it hpreified
Hhip mid pray for ruin. Tlio Kovur
nor in out of Hip pity lodity. but it
expeelcd to rnpouil lo tho appenU
wluiii bu re I u rim.
TOIMIK'A, Kmi., Ah. 1.'.- Todnv
in Hip pooIpnI hero hiiieo July 'Jit. ul
IIioukIi the Hiprinoini'trr htiiudx at
117. Hull' nn inch of ruin felt today
mnl it in believed (but the, drouth is
broken. Tbn wntprwnrkrt compitnv
nt Mi'dioiup I.oifcp i-pportH Hint if ft
ntuiblp lo Mipply thu Imvn with wa
ter. At Ahili'tio tin bent wiih hi in
Ii'hko Hint a oar of ooul wiih hot
fuu by Hip rnvrt of Ilio hiiii.
WASIIINCiTON, AiiK. 15. -OfM-rlnl
WiiBhliiKtuii today expected
Henry l.nun Wllmin, United Htnten
nmliauKndor to .Mexico, to rcipiput tho
liniupilbtto ncceptanco of IiIh reiilRiia
Hon rnt a rpsult of I'realdeut WIIboii'h
rolmlio btHt nlKht. It was niithorl
titttvuly hinted hero thlrt nftornoon
Hint any micb reuueat would bo ro-
Tho president already hntt nc
repled AmbiiHH.idor WIIhoii'h renlKUit
tlnii to beconio tiffecllvo October H.
Tho proHldent feoU Hint If ho keopit
tho niubiiHHiiilor In tho diplomatic
mirvlco until October, It will bo tho
most effective, way to enforce sllouco
If ho la allowed to null now, Ambnsi
niliir WIIhoii would fool frco to 1Ih
riiNH tho Mexican Hltuntlon, ponalbly
piubnrravHluK tho ndiululittrntloii.
AMIANY, N. Y., Auk. Ifi. Mrs.
William Kulyor, wife of (lovernor
Kuljier of Now York, iiKuiiwt whom
iiupeuehiueut tmioocdiuKH have been
tu'Kiuii Hiifforctl iv relapse today and
her condition is now uumt HerioiiH.
Her temperature is 102, pulse IIH
mid bho is puHly delirious. This
was tho htiileiuent issued this after
noon from tho exeeutivo offices,
Despite the nlanninc couditioit of
Mrs. Kuler, tho Kvernor vemnined
nt his desk. Tho bullolin was siu'ii
ed by Dr, Alirams, allhoiiKh it wii
admitted thnt Abrums is in New
York City. This iidiuiHsioit adds te
tho myslory Biiri-oundini tho report
ed illness or Mrs. Kulzer. Tlio iov
rcfiihctt to givo out any state-
.'ment rcjiui'illiiK Mrs, Sulzor.
rfCs.. '
MUh JMnn Oouilrlrb, who an
nounced lit Now York and her return
from Curopo Hint nho would wck n
duko -proinnnbly an KnKlUb ilukn
- In doonivil to (llnippolntmpiiL
Tbeni nro no dtiken loft for Hip lat
KAN FKAN'CISCO, Oil., Auir. 1'..
t'lininpion Willie Itilchio left here
toduy for Vaneotiver, II, ('., whero
on .September 1 ho will defend Iih
litlo npiiiiNt Freddie Welsh, liuht
weight ehnmpioti of Knylnnd.
IIIebio mien iinareoinpnnied, but
in Portland or Scuttle ho experts' to
pick tip it couple of fpnrriiu; pari'
uers. Kay Caiupbell mid Percy Cove
nro in the north and may be citk'iif'd
to nKsit (bu champion. Hiteliie bus
bennl nethint: from Hurry Foley? his
trainer, xiuoe the bitter went to Van
comer, but nntieipntcs Hint een--thiuir
jW'ill bo MruJKhtcncd out with
out much trouble. Itilchio looks
Mmui; mul rugged, mid will be in us
good .hiiH' when ho meets Welsh,
burring nocidepls, ns when bu met
Wolgast and ltivrrs.
WJien Welh mid Itilchio faro each
other in ilrigiiouto arena Labor day
it will bo thr iirxt timo hinco Kid
Litvigno invaded I'uglnnd and fought
Dick Ibirgp, Hip champion of
l(itil, for tho world's title, thnt th
ehnmpiomdiip hns been fouubt fcr ou
HritUh soil, l.itvigne beht IlurgP on
that oei'iiHion, nllbough Itiirgoeniiio
in nl enteuwelgnis, aliout i-tO
pounds, llis victory brought to
America tho undisputed title of
lightweight champion of the world,
.which has descended through F.ruo,
(Inns, XcImiii and Wolgast to Ititeltie.
KAI-F.M, Or., Aug. IB. Willi n
parole praelienlly grunted him, J. It.
lossliu took French leave from tho
stuto penitentiary Into yesterday in
company with Louis Arslell, a des
perate hold-up mini. Tho pipole
hoard ul its lust fission passed fa
vorably on .InWiu'ri npplienlion mul
the neeohsiiry papers are now in the
governor's office awaiting his s'pr
iiuture. He wus serving from one lo
seven years iu prison for the erlino
of larceny committed In Tillamook
Arstell held up and phot at J. J.
McDonald, a Liberty "grocery man,
and was given a long ehasu before
en pt nro.
HOKF.HUItO, Pr., Aug. lfi. Ouo
of the largest real estuto truiiHfers
hero voeeutly is eonsumiunted toduy
in Ilio purehiiso for $2.r)0,000 of fiOU
acres of laud near North Head, in
Coos county, by Joseph Kreis, rep
resenting a syndicato of Chjeago
and Pittblnirg capitalists, from the
Coos Pay Townsilo conipauv -for
.f2.rO,O0O. Tho laud will,bo used for
I factory sites.
. -mtv M.'-iv - mt
OM'XiON, MR 1 DAY, AU0U8T 35, 1913.
ent of .Nut (', Coodwln'n cx-wlvyK. All
tUu iIiikok nro iiiitrrletl, k-'J, or
Ho (f loino KriRlliib duko oncaued
hlnuelf to .Mu (Joodrlch sbo was
NANAI.MO. It. C, Aug. 15. niot
lug was renewed .it Kxtoualnn yes
. . ....
icrnity atiornuon ta (tie troops woro
withdrawn from this city to that point
where ,forty-flvo strikebreakers bc
nulged In a mlno tunnel by itrlkori
weroj-cicuod. Four mlno foremen
nro mUsing nnd cannot bo located.
One strikebreaker was put tinder ar
rest by tho militia, charged with
shooting Alex Maxtor, a striker the
night before, lly tho time tho
troops reached Kxtenglon yesterday
afternoon tho llttlo mining vlllago
was llttlo but debris, rlotors having
applldd tlio torcb Indiscriminately to
hotels, stores nnd miners' homes,
Strikebreakers who woro not penned
lit tho mlno woro driven into tho
Foarlng n further outbreak at Ex
tension Inst night throe companies
of thu Scnforth Highlanders and two
companies of tbn Sixth company were
dispatched from Nnnnimo nnd occu
pied tho towu before daylight this
Tho Vnnconvor-Nnnttlmo Conl com
pany diorn,ttug n small mlno south of
tho city agreed to recognlzn ( tho
minors' union Inst night and tho
strike at this mlno was declnred off.
Everything Is (pilot both hero and
at Kxtcnslon today. Troops will bo
mint from hero to I.ndysmlth and
Cumberland to prevent rioting In
tboso camps.
SALKM. Ore., Ann. 15. A commit
tee consisting of floorgo Putnam of
Medford, Ooorgo W. Orton of Port
land and Carey Haytcr of Dallas, has
today boon appointed to appraise tho
printing plant usod mid owned by tbo
into Willis s, uuiiiwuy, statu priiyor,
with a vlow to Its purchaso by the
Btnto. Tbo flat salary law, passed at
tho mat session of legislature, ap
propriated s'-0.000 for tho pttrchas
of a plant. Should tho Dunlwny
pinut not bo purchnsod, an effort
will bo nwlo to loudo It until nnotbot
plant can bo provided, Wprk of ap
praisement will begin Monday,
CHIOAOO, Aug. 15, pleading tho
unwritten law, K, J. Duproy, a tail
or, who Bhot and klllod Henry Oronl-
mus, a photographer, aftor tho lat
tor was aciiulttod on a chargo .of
wronging Duproy'a . fourtoon-yoar-otdtdiuiehtnr.
was acquitted by a
coronor'a Jury horo today. '
Drouth in Middle West Hastens
Crisis Meats From Other Cattle
Countries Barred Because of In-
. fected Diseases by Government.
WAHHINOTON. Aug. 15. That
tho I'nlted .States not only faces a
famine of domestic ment but that tho
stringent rules against Importation
limy bar tho m6at and cattle of
other countries necessary to fill tho
rjeod, Is tho declaration hero today
of Dr. 1). A. Ramsey, chief of Inspec-
t on of the United States bureau of
animal Industry, who declared the
situation Is critical.
"Tho drouth in tho west and
soiitlrAest, I Jr. Ramsey said, has
hastened a crisis which has boon
npproacblng for years. At tho same
time, ho asserts, contagious diseases
In livestock havo developed In Ar
gentina, tho Indies, Australia and
New Zealand, tho only sources of
Dr. Ramsay said:
"Tho department of agriculture
has Inspcctprs In theso countries
studying conditions In order to for
mulate cntranco inspections regula
tions for dressed meat and livestock.
Much talk Is heard that frco meat
will rcllovo tho stringency. I do
jtot foresco that result. Dressed
beef now carries a ten point duty.
and oven If meat woro free. It must
rncot tho department's inspection
rules. Argentina, tho greatest
sourco of supply, docs not fulfill tho
department's regulations now.
"The' drouth In tho middle west
Is most sorlotis. It means that tho
Mexican grass fed cattlo of tho south
west, which heretofore havo been
driven tpttbo 'rolddlo western "fatten,
Ing corrals, will now havo no harcn.
Tho vlslblo supply of beef In tho
drouth stricken section Is being sold
In tho' open market now. Lntor tho
result will bo that prices will soar."
Dr. Ramsay estimated that tho
corn crop will not be moro than CO
per cent of normal, and officials gen
erally sco no remedy for tho coming
meat famine, as tho nunibor of
shcop, hogs and cattlo in tho coun
try already Is greatly decreased.
LONDON, Aug. 15. Tho llriti.dt
legislature, mill ijuit grinding todr.y
until next November, after having
been nlmotit continuously nt work
for a yeur and -n half. Owing o
the prolonged fight over tlio Irih
homo rule, bill, tho pnrliamcntnrv
session of 1012 run through, witii
brief, intermissions nt Christmas and
Knster nnd ft six weeks' summer va
cation, to March 7 of. this yenr, ami
tbo session toriuinnting todny, which
will bo known in official history ns
"session III. George V" (the third
of tho king's reign), opened only
three days later.
In hi-i speech closing parliament.
King fleorgo spoko regretfully of t'tc
Halkan wars nnd snid he hoped tho
pelico pact to bo signud in Buchar
est , would bo permanent. Kiupr
Ooorgo nlso expressed gratification
over tho co-operation of the powers
in dealing with the Balkan situation.
Tbo chief, legislation accomplished
by tho commons was tho second pas
sage of tho home rule bill and the
bill disestublishing nnd disendowing
tho Kngli&li church iu Wales, both of
which monsures woro promptly vo
toed for a second timo bv tho hou!3
of lords. Thov will ngaiti go to tho
commons culondnr next, yenr, and
ulioii their third passage -will auto-
miitieallv becfiino laws under tho
provisions of HiO'Veto act.
CALUMKT, Mich., Aug. 15. Ono
striking copper mfuer is doad todny
and two deputy sheriffs are womfiU
ed as tho result of rioting last night
,it Sixdiorvillo an Italian miner pot-
I tleuiont, near hero.
11,164 ACRES OF
Butte Creek Property Involved In
Biggest Timber Deal of Years-
Prospect oft Large Lumber Mill at
Medford to Employ Many Men.
PORTLAND, Ore., Aug. 15.
Portland inrestorj, whoso names will
not bo made public until titles have
been passed upon, havo today pur
chased 11,1G4 acres of timber land
In Jackson county for S 1.485.000.
Several parcels of Portland real cs
tato will bo Included in tho purchaso
price Tho tract contains CG, 000,000
feet of saw timber, comprising fir
and pine. This Is probably tbo
largest timber deal of the year.
Tho property referred to consists
of tho Dig Dutto creek timber hold
ings of tho Dig fiend Milling Co., ol
Hutchison nnd Lumsden, of V. I.
Vawter, Ocorgo F. King and others.
Tho deal has not been completed,
state thoso interested, though near-
ing consumatlon. It has been pend
ing for somo 'weeks, as havo several
othor largo timber transactions in
Jackson county.
Ono of tho stipulations mado oi
tho purchasers is the construction
of a largo lumber mill at Medford
that will furnish employment to a
largo forco of men, conditionally
upon n twenty aero slto being fur
nished by tho citizens and free
watcf for a log pond for tbo first
few years.
If tho deal is completed. It will
mean a great deal to tho city nnd tho
SAN FRANCISCO, Cal., Aug. lb.
Tlio purchiiho of tho Call by tho
Chronicle, both newspapers, is an
nounced hero todny. Tho owner of
tho Chronicle, M. II. Do Young, nu
nounced thnt tho Call will suspend
publication August 31, nnd thnt the
tatter's entire mechanical plant, with
office furniture nnd fixtures, will bo
sold, except several presses which
the Chronicle can use.
The Call is nearly fifty-seven
yenrs old nnd was owned by John
I). Spreokels. Do Young today gave
out tho following statement:
''For half a century tho Cnll has
been n contemporary nnd competit r
of tho Chronicle. It was n groat
newspaper when my brother Chnrles
mid I founded tho Chrouiclo in ISGj
I am grateful that tho steady prog-
ress and prosperity of tho Chrouiclo
lias been so great that I am able to
join tho Call nnd Chrouiclo iu n
greater Chronicle.
"I pledgo my unswerving and un
faltering devotion to tho interests of
tho Chrouiclo subscribers in tho fit
tare, the same ns in tho past, and
welcome the Call readers into tho
Chronicle family."
LOS ANGKLES, Cal., Aug. 15.
Dr. John Grant Lmuiiii held, in tho
county jail hero on n swindling
chnrge, has renewed today his de
mand that President Wilson person
ally guaranteo him dental attention.
Lyman claims bo is in danger of los
ing nil liis teeth and that his jnilors
refuse to permit a visit to a dentist.
In a 300-word telegram Lyman
appeals to tho president through n
mixed medium of mythological refor-
enco and bombastic phrases to como
to his uid. The message isi tlio sec
ond tho prisoner bus sent to the
president on tlio sumo subject.
CINCINNATI, 0., Aug. 15. For
mer President Tnft hns informed
tho tax assessors hero that ho is
lont to Cincinnati now as n citizen
nnd horenfter will do hia voting at
New Haven, Conn.
NO. 125.
Most Damarjfno Testimony Given by
Girl Victims Miss Morris Bares
All Details of Escapade Attempt
to Get Girls to Perjure Selves.
SAN FRANCISCO, Cal., Aug. 15.
"Tho government rests."
Tbo termination of tho prosecu
tion's sido of tbo Diggs white lavo
case camo.with startling suddennost
a few minutes before noon todny.
bpecin! Prosecutors Theodore
Roche and Mntt I. Sullivan nnd At
torney Robert T. Devlin for Hie de
fense, bad carried Miss Lola Norris,
Mils Nell Barton nnd Martin Bcns
ley, friend of the Warrington nnd
Norris families through tho final
chapters in the rpindruplo intriguo
which resulted in tho indiclmentu
against Diggs and Cnminctti.
Spared No Details
F.ven more composed nnd volubla
thai yesterday when sbo bared nvor
secret of her illicit entanglement
witii Drew nnd Cnminctti, Miss Nor
ris todny dottier tho bare, sordid
acts to which she admitted with tho
revealing relation of motives. Sho
seemed even more inrlish thnn yes
terday, frequently looking to her
fnthcr, who, with a kindly nod of tlio
bead, encouraged her to spare no
dctnil in ridding herself of her
shnmo by Dublin confession.
Mnrtin Bcnsley, who has,-throughout
tho trial acted as n srl of me
diator nnd protector of tho two girU
involved, told very simply nnd plain
ly how pathotically engcr they were
to bo assured that their parent
would forgive nnd receive them with
open arms, when he, with Chief of
Police Hillhousc, discovered tha
quartet nt the Reno bungalow."-'
Attempt at Perjury
Tiic fmslrntiou of tho alleged at
tempt of Mnury Diggs nnd his at
torney, Chnrles B. Harris of Sacra
mento, nt tho last moment to per
suade Miss Warrington to pcrjuro
her testimony in order to shield
Diggs nnd Cnminotti,nftcr their nr
rcst, was related by Miss Nell Bar
ton, close friend of Marsha War
rington. "It is too late," woro tho words
ascribed to Miss Warrington by MisV
Marlon when she carried the plead
ing message of Diggs nnd his nttor
uey. "It's too Into. I think moro o
my parents than I do of Maury."
(Continued on Paso C)
, SALEM, Ore, Aug. 15. In pre
paring tho now courso of study for
tho high schools of Oregon, State
School Superintendent J. A. Church
hill haa stvon pupils a greater free
dom In solcctlon oveu than was fore
casted In tho report of tho commit
tee of city school superintendents, ap
pointed at a mooting of tho depart
ment of superintendents at Portland,
last Juuo to outllno a tentatlvo courso
of study.
Two important Innovations havo
been mndo by Superintendent Church
hill. Ono is that a pupil who la both
mentally and physically strong may
comploto a htgbt school course In
throo years, Instead ot four, by tak
ing five subjects, tho maximum num
ber each yoar. Another is that a
pupil tuny study muslo outside of
school and bo given credit for It aa
a part of tbo courso.
Under tho proscribed courso, a
pupil may earn from ono to throo
credits for graduation, In either voc
al or Instrumental muslo taken out
sldo o( school, provided that tho
pupil has spent at least 80 mlnutea
in practice or Instruction each day,
and that tho principal of tho high
school shall bo satisfied as to tha
compotoncy of the teachor. .A total
ot 1G credits ts rcqulrod for gradua
tion. Tho teachers' training course
In tho high schools hag beon strength
ened In tho now courso by requiring
pupils taking It to havo deflnlta
teaching practlco and submit written
roporta ot each assignment, '
T I'