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Medford mail tribune
tNiiAr iir tub
Th Democratic Tlmen. The Mel ford
nan, -i no meurnm Triuune, tu tioutli
to OrRnntan, The AbIiIaihI Tribune.
Office Mall Tribune lliillillnK.
Korth Kir atreetj telephone 76.
Official Paper of the City of Mt.tford.
Official reper of Jackeou County.
OKOnQR PUTNAM, Kdltor and MnRer
Rntered rm cconi1-claa matter at
Medfonl, Oregon, under the aot of
March a, J7.
One. year, by "" !"
On month, br "' .SO
Per month, delivered by carrier In
Aiearero, Jacksonville and wn
trn.1 ""'"t .89
Paturdajr only, by mall, per ycar 8.00
Weekly, per year-
. -
DAtty average for eleven months end-In-
November JO, loll, J7M
The Mall Tribune la on eale at the
Ferry New Htaiul, Kan l-anclco.
rortland Hotel News Stand, Portland.
Portland News Co, Portland. Ore.
,W. O. Whitney. Heattle. Vih.
SEATTLK, Wash., Juno 27 Taiy
husbands ro getting powerful busy
hero today following tho first "laiy
husband's" Ecntenro Imposed under
tho now law by Justlco Frederick J
Drown, who nlso happens to bo tho
father ot tho measure.
Georco RlgRS, v chautrctir, drow
first flro undor tho now law, nnd
will hnro to scrro 1S2 days for Kin?
county, tho sheriff having received
orders to put him to work pulling
etunips, mending county fences,
mowing tho court houso lawn, or
whatever work thcro may bo around.
Mrs. lllggs is to receive $1 a day
during her husband's service.
niggs, It nppcars, was fnlrly In
dustrious as a chauffeur, but fell
flat when It camo to paying family
Tho July 4th committee announc
ed tho complcto program for tho big
celebration last night. At 9:30 a. m.
things will begin to happen. Boforc
this hour tho small boy will probably
be waking tho echoes with firecrack
ers, but at 9:30 tho celobratlon prop
er will commence. This hour marks
tho start ot a big automobile race
that Is going to bo ono of tho most
exciting features ever shown at Hert
ford. An hour later a ono-mllo mo
torcycle race will bo glrcn and tho
contenders aro planning to open up
their machines to tho greatest speed.
Tho courso will bo on Central avonuo
and tho finish at tho corner ot Cen
tral and Main.
At 11 a. m. a baseball game with
Jlontaguo will bo given at tho ball
park and novelty contests will bo
held on Main street. Moro novelty
contests will bo held on Main street
at 2 p. sn., and at tho samo hour
harness races and bucking contests
will bo staged at tho Fair grounds.
This last will bo given under tho
auspices ot tho Mcdford Matinee
Tho novelty contests will consist
of obstacle auto raco, automobile egg
race, automobllo slow raco (on high
pear, slowest car winning), automo
bllo balancing contest, tugs ot war,
ladies' C0-yard dash, sack raco, thrco
legged raco, mulo leading contest,
novelty boxing contest, boys' C0-yard
dash, pio eating contest, Ico contest,
greased pig contests, greased polo
climbing, potato raco on ponies, sus
pended bun eating contest on roller
skates, and othor sports of all kinds,
concluding with boys' looso chango
' Such things as tho automobllo egg
raco and balancing contest no ono
but tho Fourth of July coinmltteo
liavo ovor heard of before, but thoy
Joll tho public to como and tco for
At 5:00 p. m. will bo held a display
of daylight aerial fireworks. This
will bo a great feature and worth
Booing. At 7:30 a band concert will
occur at tho city park la which thrco
of tho bands will probably take part.
An hour later tho electric parado will
start for which wires havo already
been strung along Main street. This
will bo tho big show ot tho day. Then
from 9:30 to bed tlmo tho hours
will bo spout with a Grand Mardl
Oras colobratlon, Including dancing
nnd a general good tlmo. Thoro will
bo a baby Bhow In conjunction and
Andorson-Cross fight returns ju&t for
good measure
C00 will bo given In prizes for
floats, etc., and llboral merchandise
and cash prizes will bo awarded tho
winners of tho novelty contests. Pro
vision has boon mado for tho comfort
and pleasuro of everybody. Tho city
park will bo open to plcnlcors and
thousands of peoplo from all ovor
Itoguo nivor valley aro cxpocted to
como and bring their lunch. Excur
sion rates havo been arranged for
.oh all railroads and ft special train
will carry homo thoso who llvo north
of Medford.
PKOPIjK iiro short nionioriod uh regarding tho wonthor.
"Then? never was such a wot .luno," is a common ex
pression, just as a few months ago "there never was such a
dry winter and spring."
As a matter of fact there are numerous instances of
wet J unes, while official records only begun in 1889. Since
then the average has been ,J)S inches rainfall. In 1877 old
timers say it rained all summer. In 1S8T the unofficial rain
fall record for .Tune was 2.10 inches. .In 1SS8 the unofficial
record was 5.20 inches. In !tS!)l it was 2.1)15 inches. In
ISfU it was 3:15 inches. In 1S0S, 2.H0 inches. In 15)00,
3.7!) inches. Tn 1912, 2.19 inches. Up to date for 1913 it
has been 2.91 inches with prospects of going over the three
inch mark by night.
A closo comparison with .Tune of a year ago shows that
up to date, the month has been almost a duplicate, the wet
periods corresponding in date and length. The average
mean temperature for June in 1912 was (53.7. Up to date
this year it is (53. The heaviest vainfall in anv 21 hours a
year ago was 1.04 inches. This June it is .96 inches.
Tt will be noticed that record crops follow wet Junes.
The same result can bo expected this year. The good done
far outweighs the damage. Some of the hay is lost. Some
of the grain is falling, but fruit and produce of all kinds are
greatly benefited. Tho fruit buds for next season are set
ting and the abundant moisture insures a heavy set. Heavy
cuttings of alfalfa aro insured. Big yields of corn, pota
toes, grain and other staples are in prospect.
They are (lying of heat in Chicago and the middle west.
They arc sweltering under tho oppressive humidity along
tho Atlantic. President Wilson has flown from the heiir,
of the nation's capitol to the cool of the White mountain
hills. Drought is destroying the fruit and other crops
throughout the eastern states, as it has already ruined crop
prospects for California.
The rain may be disagreeable hut its better than the
heat and the drought of the rest of the nation.
There are worse things than rain.
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a w jphk. j . ijt. roanr
l i'MT vXm
V.W . S
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OAKIi.VNI), (!ul., Juno !J7. - Put
nam llrmlli'o Strong, mmi or ti for
mer mayor of Now York City and
oun tlmo nti officer In tint United
States army, who olopod with May
Yoht thou wlfo of Lord I'lnnoU
Hope, Movoutl yonrs ngu, Is now nUd
(o ho Ihlng tlio llfo of a btmrliioiiilini
In tho Orient, where ulth ecoron of
othcrn once promliuuit In tho nlKht
llfo ot tho worlil'n gay rapltuls, ho It.
striving to forget tho past.
Tourists arriving today from tho
Orient brought word of having neen
Strong lit tho street!) of Shanghai
Tho ono tlmo dandy of tho army and
WAHIIINUTON, Jillio 37. Con
gnHMt Im considering today a mmmign
from President WIIoii leroininenil
Ihiil n siilttthlo nipioiilntlou lo
iiuulo for the benefit of tho helrit of
Angelo Allinuo, n milijcri of Italy
who whs lynehi'd In Septenilior, IUI0,
at Tampa, l'lorlda. Tim niessngo fol
lowed u HiiKgcMtlou fioiu tho Italian
government tlmt $0,000 ho paid lo
Allmno's IioIih. TIiIh courso was on
dorseil hy Secretary llryiiu.
imvy set was dressed In n pair of
linen hieecheH mid uoro CiiIiicho sail
la Is
Uncle Sam to Aid Farmers Co-opertive
WASHINGTON", Juno 27. A more
thorough organization of fnrrainc;
nnd the establishment of credit nnd
marketing systems on a business ba
sis nro among tho objects of tho Ru
ral Organization Sen-ice tho latest
wrinkle to tho mnny sided Agricul
tural department. There is nlso Ihe
ever present question as lo what is
to be done tojeeep the farmers on the
farms, or in other words how follow
ing agricultural pursuits as a busi
ness may bo rando altractivo from a
monetary ns well as socinl stand
point nnd thus overcomo tho young
man's longing for the city.
Dr. Thomas N. Carver, who scr
cred his long connection with Har
vard university to becomo head of
Ihe new department sen-ice, paid to
day that ho took the job "becauso it
will solve for the farmers all tho re
maining age-old problems that ltesc
tofo'ro havo proved the great stum
bling block in tho perfection of
American fanning methods." The
plnn is a new one. It will be in an
experimental stage for somo years
to come. Professor Caner 6ays the
plan is tho right one, but admits
frankly thnt it will tako many
months of digging nnd effort lo get
Ihe system running truo to form.
Professor Cnner, therefore, has
been lonliie to make nny statement
regarding the plnns and workings of
tins new department. Hut todny ho
consented to explain somo erf tho ob
jects and purposes of his department
to the people of tho country through
tho United Press.
"Tho movement wo are launching
heie," wiid Professor Cnncr, "is, in
my opinion, ono of Ihe grcntest yet
undertaken by this government to im
provo tho miner's financial, physical
nnd social condition. Let mo say at
llio slajt thnt it is no detriment to
the American fanner that he hns not
solved hese problems for himself. He
hns had enough to do lo plant his
crops and then gamer them. Ho has
had no time for cxcriment. Ho hns
had but sennt timo to orgnnizo with
ins co-worKcrs io market tits crops
lo best advantage. Wo will do litis
for him by gathering all necessary
dala to which ho enn refer at n
glance. It has long been recognized
that disorganization hns been (ho
greatest weakness of ngriculturc.
Such a condition is natural because
of the vast number of fanns nnd bo
causo of the isolation of most fnrms.
The farmer hns learned to cooperate
better with nature than with men and
he hns not learned how to cooperate
along financial and social lines.
"Wo will organize suneys lo get
at tho basio facts regarding organ
ized rural ngencies. Wo will try to
bo Ihe medium between tho farmer
nnd the financier from whom Ihe
the fanner wnnts credit. In this ro
fcpect wo will perhaps uso a great
deal of the information being assured
today by tho American Agricultural
commission, which is studying rural
credit systems in Gcnunny nnd other
huropenn cities. Wo will Mudy lo
calities for tho best means nnd man
ner of transportation nnd wo will
gather data regarding the best mar
kets for certain surrounding fann
districts. We will gather information
concerning farmers' . organizations
nnd wo will study even tho rural edu
cntional systems in mi effort lo bel
ter them. All these facts and data
will be disseminated among the six
millions or more fanners of tho coun
try without any cost in money or lime
lo themselves, at different intervals
and in such a manner ns to appeal to
the fnrmcrs.
Ms-r ..'' 't
siF Jl v n jflk
'"'. a:.m.-a
i: -! !1
Never mas a sheriff more surprised
than was liltlo iTitlitis Hnrbitrger,
sheriff of Ihe most populous county
in tho Tuiled Slntes, when Mix. Kcg
innld Vniiderhill, wife of ihe young
est of the Vattdorbill heirs, slipped
into his office nud asked pel mission
lo "lole a gun."
Thnt is, Mrs. Vniideihill nokod Ihe
sheriff lo appoint her n deputy,
which in New York is one of Ihe ways
of gelling the legal right lo carry a
pistol. The sheriff hns appointed
hundreds of deputfes, who enrry large
gold Imdges and pistols. The sheriff
was so anxious (o neeommudale Mrs.
Vandcrhilt that ho utmost made her
a deputy sheriff despite tho law. Hut
warned by his counsel that a woman
cannot become a deputy sheriff, ac
cording lo the New York statute,
he refilled with letir in his eves.
m !'
Mluil With Sulphur It MnKcs Sulr tie for about TiO cents Somo dniK-
.sofc, Itcmitlfiil; Ones
The uso of Sjko nud Sulphur for
resturliiK faded, gray hair to Its nat
ural eotor dates tiark to grandmoth
er's time. She kept her hair beauti
fully darkened, glonay and abundant
with a brow of Sai?o Tea and Sul
phur. Whenever her hair fell out or
took on that dull, faded or streaked
appearance tills simple mixture was
applied with wonderful effect.
Hut the brew lug at home Ik mussy
nud out-of-date. Now adit) sklllsd
chemists do this better than our-
yohc. Hy asking at uy drug store
for tho reaib-to-imo product called
-W)eth's Shko nud Sulphur Hair
Hmcly" J ou will net u large hot-
Klti make their own, whlih usually
too Htltky, mi Insist upon Kettltut
Wjelh'H, which run be depended up
on to lostoro natural color and Ixmu
ty to the lutlr and Is splendid for
dandruff, dry, feerlili, Itchy neatp
and fulling hulr.
A w oil-known downtown driigKlst
says his customers Insist on W el It's
Sage and Sulphur, "iieenuse, thoy say
it darkens no naturally and evenly
that uotiod) eau toll It has been ap
piled It's so easy to lino too. You
simply dampen a spotip) or soft
bruih and draw It through )our
Imlr, taking ouo strand at a time
Do this at nlRht nud by mortlliiR the
Krn lutlr disappears; after another
application or two. It Is restored to
Its natural color and looks k1os,
soft ami ntitiiidanl
WASHINGTON, June 27 If Pres
ident Wilton turns up at tho White
Houso office ono of thoso mornings
with "his faco swelled up llko a
looa" blame It on tho Tumulty kids.
All eevon of that famous Juvenile,
aggregation have 'em. Papa Tumul
ty, who Is known to fame as tho
president's secretary, hasn't Kot 'em
yet, but ho s tnklng n big spoonful
of vinegar dally.'lt Is not known on
what does tho. president relics fiir
It is the mumps.
The Latest in Fans
J - .'...v..
NEW YOItK. Juno 27. Slnco tho
palmy days of Cleopatra, tho ran has
been a fad of fashion, and a weapon
or flirtatious woman's wiles. Of
courso thoro aro fans and fans.
Hanking first In popularity Is tho
baseball fano a la American, a typo
affected soloy for out door sports.
Kor tho ovonlng toilette howovor,
tho ran of tho moment is built or
natural colored ostrich plumes
mounted on tortlso shell or Ivory, it
Is of Gargantuan proportions and
serves to screen admirably tho too
gonerous display of snowy bosom ro-
vealed by tho next-to-nothlng even
ing bodices. Tho unblo plumes of
black ostrich, and alao tho snow
white nro lovely with either Ivory or
nmber sticks. Thoso ostrich feather
tuns pro regular lu shapo, but n
stunning ono of quills Is graduated
from ono sldo to tho other with an Ir
regularity or lino most bizarre.
Hand painted funs of gauzo aro be
ing revived along with thq crazo tor
all things quaint and old fashioned.
They remind ono of tho dainty patch
ed and powdered Marquises of Louis
XVI's court.
Most ot tho painted fanH aro tiny
toyllko things, scarco, largo enough
to veil my lady's furtive yawn. Ex
quisite old laco fans or Hrusael's and
Tlmo works quick ennngo in tho
growing girl. Plg-tnlls and short
skirts tiro soon forgotten lu tho ma
turor charms of the debutante.
Sometimes though, joti will -ache
for4a picture of hnr Just ns she
romped In from school or play.
Think how alio would llko one too,
In after years to show her frlomls
and possibly hor children. Mako the
appointment while tho thought s
fresh In your mind.
I am the photographer in your town.
ii. c.;i:v
j:. .Main and Central, Mcdford, On.
Special Frogrammo for Friday and Saturday
the: deerslayer
Vitagraph Special Feature in Two Parts
hrillinir tale of Hie Pioneers :md I lit) Indians
lip new and unset! led dins of America.
Matineo Daily
Admission C-10 Cents
Complete ('Imago Todny
Tim 101 IIIhou t'eaturu
Tremendous Civil War drama com
pleto lu two parts. This Is ono of tho
most sensational features oVer pro
duced. tin: whem: tiiuth
Tho adventuress louche Jimmy's
Heart nud Pocket Hook A cor kin.:
good comedy,
(im:n wiiiti: in r
Tin: kuci;ioat j
An entertaining comedy,
Continuous show from 7: 30 to to.
Prices S and ID cents any Heat
Pntitnges vaudeville nvery Wediioti
day and Thursday,
Muttuco 2:. 10; children 16c, ndutls
2.1c, nr.e and nuc.
Evening first show 7.30, second !.
Wo curry vry romiill tin f
OrMTli-, Un rurlsl'i. fliltirr. rlc,
slid (In nil clnotr ii r iiiilieliiirrltiir A
sprflftl limit In iok urirr Oils work
mrlimUrly ninl Mill uivn " Ki"l
arvlrt rn In imimIIiIo lu gl til nVou
(tin InriiPlt Utlrn.
Wook3 & McGowan Co.
Cut this out nnd tack hy our Telephone
Valley Fuel Co., Tel. 76
Successors to lfcicUslein
New Yard corner Mr and Weal Second Street
' Dry Wood hy the Tier, ford and far Lois
I). It. WOOD .V CO.
Offlxi Ppxtslrs.
M nil ford Mall Trllmiio llulldlug.
Phenes: Office, Oil Uesldeuro C3I.
Stoam and Hot Wator
. , .. ,, Boating .
All Work CninrntiJ
1'rlrra ItimtiinaliW
S3 Howard tlloekj Entranna oa ilh Ik
Soma rtiuna atk.
Rheumatic rJlood
is Whole Story
.t..t t i
Dradccl Artlcuuf
sunimor ovonlng gowns, and It Is only
a mnttor or taste or poeket-book
whether thoy bo weo or hugo.
Quito tho newest shapo tor tho
llttlo fans Is a thrco sided effect llko
tho hair of, a hoxagoa or two sides
shooting upon a piquant point in tho
mlddlo Instead of tho graceful rurv
el soml-clrclo of tho regular fan.
Floral runs or violets, lilies or thfl
volley, roso buds or forget-mo-nots
on stem green sticks aro scented with
their poper perfume and when closed
cunningly, simulate a corsage bou
quet. Curiously wrought and har
barbarlcally Jeweled fan chains p.s
well as strands or tiny ponrls aro In
voguo ror tho Lilliputian haublo
fan?, hut woro chains do rlgous ror
tho hugo teathor runs. Jog chains
must needs bo pressed Into service.
id PP Zs-h
PORTLAND, Ore., Juno L'7. Fore
cast for Oregon ami Washingten:
fihowers tonight or Saturday; var
iahlo winds, mostly westerly.
John A. Perl
Lady Assistant,
Phones 51. 47 and 47-J-3
Venotlan point .nro fnlry llko with ' Ambulance Service Deputy Coroner
Vou Will IVrl l.lkr nil Aflcr
Lalct; S. H. M.
There ts n li :t of p'n. powders,
tuMeln nud whut not for ill' uiuallsin,
but Oi'y all lack the II rat cnuutillul g
boltiK u ii a I u nil moillcltio, To begin
with, rhcuinuimm la utrnply a nurno
Klven to di-fKiiatft u vurloty of iialns,
biiii can uiuy im raucneil hy irrl
Kuiink mo enure iiiooi aupply with a
naturally aaalmllutlvo untlilolo. Truo,
the nalna may ho eimed with nar.
coUcm or tho iioMu may be noutrulUuil
for tho lime In-line, lint such methods
merely tcmporlza und do not evt-n load
in n corn. Tiiero is but ono standard
rheumatism rumlv. uml Ih anhi in nil
dru,' stores urnlor tho ttumo of H H H,
It contulns only puro VBKtali
elements and Is nhioltitely freo of mer
cury, loillile of iiotnah or ursenlc, and
hna proved a wonder for every form
of rheurnutlam.
The recoveries of all typoi of rhou.
mntlsm by tho iuq of H. H. H. la a nno
Irlhulo to the natural olllcacy of this
remarkable mmllclne, for It la aaalml
late.1 Juat uh nuturally, Jtmt un apoclll
rally, und Jtut uh wtll onlalncd na the
moat acceptable, moat palatable nnd
most reudlly digested food, Do not
fall to Ket a bottle or H 8. 8. to-day.
You will be astonished ot tho results.
If your rhouinutlam la of audi a nature
that you would like to consult a irreat
specialist ronflrtontlolly, write to Tho
Medical Dept., The flwlft Specllto Co.
137 HwUt )Mfi., Atlanta, Oi h '
Siskiyou Heights
Now is ilm Hiiip lo limlcp sclcclioii oT 1(fI and
IraclH in thin niagiiifiri'iiL rosidoiico iliulriut.
The oldest painting contractor in Mcdford has oponcd
Carrying a full lino of Paints, Oils, Varnishes and Wall
Paper at 32 South Contral St., ono-half block from Main.
E. D.Weston
Official Photographor of tho
Mcdford Commercial Club
(Amateur Finishing
Post Cards
Panoramic Work
Interior and exterior views
Flash lights
Negatives made anv timo
and any placo by appointment.
208 E. Main
Phono 1471
Leave Mcdford 8:00 a. in. Uracil Mcdford 0:1)0 p. m.
Good Fishing Excellent Hotel Accommodations
ByTkaaarjTv - J W a-'Waaaal
Bcift located
nnd most
f) o pu 1 nr
lotcl in the
City. Running ditftillcd
ice water in each room.
European Plan, u la Curtc
Tariff on Rooms
12 rooms,
60 rooms
BO roomi
CO rooma wild pilnl bilk
91,00 each
1.50 each
2.00 each
2.00 each
30 aultei,
xtla pi
, liecli
lor and bath
room, par
3.00 each
For more than ono pueit add $1.00
oxtra to tha above rates for
each additional gucit.
Reduction by week orf month,
fifannntmtnt Chtitir W, Klly
Lobboo of (Jrjll anil Dining Itnotn.
k JT
tf & i'tfl1tMjVUj ' ' "m-V
t0 W v 4tt h.h4 1