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Korty.lhlnl Yimr.
Unity Idnlitli Yi-ir.
Two Democrats Will Oppose Measure
on Final Pnssnno mid Three More
Probably Will on Account of Free
Sunar, Mnklnrj Result Very Close.
Polndoxtcr Supports Dill Caucus
May Develope Votes Sufficient
Consideration Will Last a Week.
WASHINGTON, Jtino 20.--Strut
tor HiiiiiiiniiH, chairman uf tint sen
ate finance eiuumlllec, presented fo
llin dcnincrutlo senate caucus his
coiiiiiiilli'v'rt tlrilft of llin tariff hill.
Senators ItiniHilttll iiml Tlniriiliiii
i!l iiik)iu llio measure on final
Pumwcc, Tho attitude uf,
Shaft nth mill NcwIuiiiIm, wlm uro
ft en murnr imiiii'iiIh, U hcitijr most
cloudy watched, If they all oppose
tin lull on final pn-imiKn tlm result
ill lut rry cIimc. On llin contrary,
Senator Poiudelur in ready lo sup
jmrl frco MiiKiir mi t hrfloor if lie
i needed.
SiiniiuuiH today declared ho wits
confident Iiml tin caucus would de-
letup tin' vote necessary t pas-i the
hill anil plaim to of for a rotnlutinii
hhnlinu all democrats to It snptort
on final piiHujr. Tliu senate cau
cus on the. measure will ln-,1 week.
'IV tariff hill iin presented to the
drmncrutli caucus committee roll
taiiH many reduction. Wheat, sheep.
enltlr, wheat Hour. textbooks mill
beet anil KttKiir oiiiiQ machinery arc
added (n the frre lit. t otlon thread
mill yarn arc slluhtlv reduced. Cot
(on huiuUvrphinXk and muffler nr
reduced from thirty to twenty-five
tcr cent ml valorem ami Blockings
valued at not more than 7C centa u
dozen uro tint from forty to thirty
per rent.
All hiiiuN, licit1, cord, rihhoiiH
mid wehbiii of hemp, flax or ramie
am ri'ilnrnl fiotn .Ml to 10 per cent.
In the wool schrdulc I'loth, knit fa
hrit'N mid woolen piod urncratly am
riuisldvriihlv fill, flue blankets hcini;
reduced fiotn thirty-five to twenty
fio pi'r cent.
SAN FKANCIBCO, C'nl., June 20.
- Importers of AiiNtriilimi meals aro
lcloilnus today in hinini? rescinded
an object huiuhlo federal Inspection
oilier, which threatened to Mop fur
ther shipments of frozen moats from
tlm South Sous. Copies of news
pnper articles exposing tho difficul
ties bcliii placed in lliclr way weio
telegraphed to Washington hy the
Australian meat iiileioHtH with pro
tects (a the Oullfomln congressional
ili'U'Kiilion from proiniiieiit merchants
iiml butchers hero, with tlm result
that the inspector! here have re
ceived union from tho ngrioulturnl
ilepartineiil that they woro to make
"tuiniptu inspection" only, mid that
the previous order was due to a mis
understanding, Tho steamer Vcnliira, uliinli nr
rived jCHtorday with '-'- toiiH of
1'ror.uu inoitt from Sydney, din
rhaiKeil her onrgo today.
MADUII), June. 20, Tho condi
tion of Quoon Victoria of Bpuln wau
ruiortuil today au satisfactory, fnt
IowIiik the hlrth of her ulxth child.
l'Mvo of tho royal children uro living,
tho fourth IiuIiik utlltbont.
Fair Weather Predicted.
1'OHTIiANI), Ore,, Juno 20. Fore
eiint: Oii'Boiii Probably fair lo
nielli mid Saturday j eiiHtorly winds.
WumIiIiikIeii: Showera west to
nllil or Siiturdayj fair cast portion
tonight ilnd Saturday, south eiiHter
ly winds.
Roosevelt Supporter and Organizer
of Harvester Trust Says Govern
ment's Policy Is to Discourage En
terprise and Jail Men. Behind It.
Says Government Tried to Create a
Record for His Criminal Indictment
Which He Expects Is Forthcoming.
flllCAOO, .luiiu 2. ThoroiiKhly
an;iy at lilt treatment heru today
when he took the xlaiul an n witueHH
In the (overmiient'ri suit to iHhhoIvo
(ho linn enter Irimt, (leorj-u Perkiim
deelarrd to the United I'reNN after IiIm
hearing' Hint he predieled he would he
Indieled mid pmneitiilpd for eriuiiual
lidalion uf the, Sheiiiiati miti-tritht
"I finely believe I am on my way
to the penitentiary," Haiti 1'erkiiiH.
"That Ik the poliey of the American
n eminent toward corporations. It
dlxfoiiroKCH tndtirtlrv and enterprit
ami belie v en in Jailimr tho men who
create the hiu induntrieM.
"I orj-anired the International Mar
venter conipmiy and heeured for it
$111,(10(1,(1011 or IjiihIucxs annually in
the exHirt trade, inere-ed the
wich of it workmen thirty-two xr
cent, iuercuM'd liiti;vly the uuiuher
of tlionn employed nnd when I wan
culled nl thin hearing the pivenimeut
tried to take advantage of me, ipien-
tinned me in an inHltiuallii manner
nnd tried thii to create a record for
my criminal indictment mid trial."
I'rrkiux wn on tho htaud thin
innniiiij; mid lurinp lib ttimony he
cinched rciwiilcdly with AhNiKtaut At
torney (lonenil (Ironvenor. He do
fin red repeatedly that the In neu
ter eoriMiriiHoii wiih formed for the
piirpoP of enptnrin foreign trade,
not In monopolize the huinens in tho
t'nited StalcH.
Perkins Maid (ho cori'orntion wan
capitalized at .tl'JO.OOO.OOO, half of
which had been paid Tor merged pro
purlicH mid the rent wiih Hiihserihed
to be lined uhicfly to get the export
1 1 a do.
(IroHvenor iiHNerled that Perkins'
tchlinionv proved the go, eminent'.
axriertiou that tho hnr enter trunt
coutrolH 81) er cent of tho Americnn
busiuenH on tho haiveslin imichiii
LONDON', Juno lit). Dr. Chatlcd
V. Aked, of Sun Praueixeo, who In
declaring hi intention to become an
American citizen, mild hm notion wiih
prompted by n lonjj coneclved dis
like of kiii;H, in comiiiK u for mueh
Hiiri'iintu coiiunent tuiluy from Kiik
llrth uewHpaper writern. Tho Pall
Mull (luzette, owned by "Willie Will
ly" AhIoi, tho ex-piitriuled Ameri
can, Hiiyw:
"In (bene eirciunHtiiiieCrt ho could
not poHsihly luivo made a more mi
forlunato choice, for it in notorioim
that thoro Ih no nation under Hoaven
which hc(h n higher value on rnyulty
than tho United Slate."
BI.ATTI.!.,, Juno 20.
Wlillo comuiondlUK tho muny Reed
qunlltlea ot tho wKo "which oiifiht
not to lo obscured by tho censuro
morltod In certain conduct," JiuIro
lOvorott Smith today granted tho pe
tition for annulment of tho marriage
of bin six dnvH' brldo, nuked for by
l)r, Plillllp 11. Waughop.
Dr. WauKhop ami Mies Nolllu
Kloan, a nurse, aunorlutendent of tho
Quoon City tmnltarlum were mnrrlod
hero Fobruary 4 lutst. Six daya later
Dr, Wain-hop filed IiIh annulmont
Biilt, nllogliiR ho contracted tho mut
rlngo wlillo under tho Influence of
druuii mlmlnlHtoiod by hla wife.
TAt'OMA, Wash., June 'JO. - Pail
iiig In n dchpcrnte atlcmpl to hurl
Mrs, Ituth Krmiciri Allen, 11) yearn
old, from thu Kleventh street bridge,
in the downtown district, I'dward
Mpitt, '-'.( yearn old, of Portland,
jumped off tho lower xpaii of the
bridge early today, Huxfniniui; injur
Sen which rcHtilted in his death mi
hour later at the county hospital.
Mis body did not strike the water,
falling on tho dock beiieulh the
The young woman ih at the police
Million H'iidiiig au iiuchtigaiioii of
the tragedy by the police. Mm, Al
len, whose huhbaiid, George Allen, U
in New York, declares that Mygott
forced bis attentions upon her .until
she was driven nhuost to distraction.
Sho hajk she traveled from I.os An
geles to Tucoimi in nn effort to
uvoid him.
With her two months old linby Mn.
Allen left I.os Angeles nnd went to
San Francisco, where hho declares,
Mygott pursued her. Later she
went to Portland, where her mother
is visiting friends.
When Mm. Allen arrived at Ta
citurn she obtained n taxienb, plan
ning to lake n steamer to Seattle.
Suddenly Mjgolt appeared and
leaping into tho automobile, gave tho
driver order to go to the municipal
dock. Hero the machine wan stopped
and Mygott mm red Mrs. Allen and
attempted to throw her over tho
bridge. Two men nearby went to
her nssistaneo mid beat the frantic
man off. Foiled in his attempt to
destroy Mm. Allen, Mygott leaped
over the rail nnd lauded on tho
ground sixty feet below.
At tho ho.spital before ho died,
Mypitl declared that he was angry
at tho woman because hIio left her
baby in Portland, lie also said that
Mm. Allen vns his wifo and that ho
was tho father of tho baby, All this
Mm. Allen denies. Sho declares her
huhhaud is in Xow York.
On tho dead man's person was i
found a letter to his mother at Inde
pendence, Mo, It rends in part:
"For what I am about to do I want
to nsk your forgiveness. I expect
that I am going to Hell nnd I know
you will go to Heaven. I huvo been
driven utmost insane over Ituth nnd I
don't know what to do."
recommendation of Commissioner
General of Immigration A. Gaminot
ti, an amendment to thu regulations
is on filo in tho department or labor
today authorizing immigration offi
cials nt mainland ports "to rojeot
ulcus coming from tho insular pos
sessions, unless it bhould appear that
at tho time of entry thereto thoy
were not members of ttio excluded
elnbscs or likely to becomo public
Tho modification is against tho un
restrained admission of Hindus nnd
the Malay races of Asia, several
thousand of whom nvo in tho Philip
pines nnd Hawaii,
II. I. Wbllney. Cnptnln ifltMiii. lnrry Wnlfrliurjr.
Mail Tribune
OUISdON, FJUDAY, .7UNE ,20, .19J3.
SAN' FHANt'lSCO, Oil., June 'JO.
When the trial of Arthur MncPhee
ami Charles Taylor, (u-pended po
licemen licensed of complicity in
the .f').0,000 Italian bunco ring, nil
journed here nt noon today, Maurice
DcMnrtini, a convicted swindler, was
still on the stand. He told of his
career in Seattle, where ho said ho
had been buncoed out of his watch,
chain mid overcoat by n nc,ro attor
ney named Hawkins, who later caused
his sentence to Walla Wallu for a
term of one to five yearn.
Frunk Kolu, under sentence of
fic years in I'olsoui, Demartini said,
knew of his previona record when he
begun bunco operation here in 1910.
Preceding DoMartUl on the Bland
today, n witness " named Cordano
testified that a police official, whom
ho said ho could iKiint out, but whoso
name is not nmoug thoso already in
dicted, secured his release from jail
so that ho could finish n bunco job
ho had contracted before his nrest.
District Attorney Fickert said that
Police Captain Kugeno Willi, will bo
called as a Witness for the prosecu
tion. Michael Qnllo, tho convicted
bunco man, nnd Cordano both testi
fied that they were told by officers
that part of tho "protection mouoy"
demanded wus forAVnll.
The district attorney lias wired for
information us to thu route taken by
Cliito ltuvigo, about tho "boy bunco
agent," who is being brought bnck
from St. Louis in custody, to that
the party may bo met mid no timo
lost in getting Hnvigo's utory of hii
operations here.
FOUT 8TKVHNS, Oo.. Juno 20.
Although tho body of a man found
drowned at tho Jetty near Ahordeen,
Wash., has been practically Identi
fied as that uf Prlvato James raw
ford, star witness in tho court mar
tini uf Waldo A. Cotftmun, tho army
trial of tho soldier on charges ot
sodtttous utterances will nroeood, it
wau announced today. Another
witness, l'rlvato I.owo, nyso missing,
la known to bo 111 In California.
Kxcltomont wns caused at tho tort
hy tho dlsrovery that John Turner,
a wrltor who achieved noto -during
tho recent troubles In Moxlco by us
ing arrested by tho provisional gov
ernment after tho doath ot Madero.
had attempted to Interview Cofftuun,
but wna intercepted by guards.
Kxtra precautions aro liolng taken
to provont anyono gaining access ;u
Coftmnu's Quarters,
MF.I.P.OUKNK Juno 20. Tho cnbi
not headed by lAudrew Fisher, pro
uder of Australiu, resigned today be
cuiiso tho Liberals at tho last elec
tion obtained a majority of ono in tho
house of lepresenttitivcs over the
Lunar party.
1.08 ANOKLES, Cal . Juno 20.
Dlckk Donald, malinger for Uud An
demon, Medford , lightweight, car
ricd hla point In tho weight contro
versy hero today. Anderson and
Crons will make 133 pounds at noon
July t, for their battle. Tho weight
quontlon definitely settled In their
favor, Anderson and .his manager
went to Venlco this afternoon to
make final arrungemeuta for Bud's
training quarters.
Cross, with an eyo to buslnew,
asked Andorton to meet blm In an
exhibition bout at Doyle's camp Sun
day afternoon, saying that a good
prlco could bo charged for admission.
"I am Inclined to think wo can
tettlo our differences In one meet
ing," was Hud's only reply.
LOB ANGKLUS. Cal., Juno 20.
Flat denial that sho introduced Ma
rio Ilrown-Lovy to Millionaire George
11. Illxby, of Long Dcach. for Im
moral purposes on the witness stand
hero today by Mrs. Joslo Rosenberg,
awaiting trial on chnrco of pander
ing. rs. Itosenbcrg was called as n
defense witness In tho trial ot Mm.
Kllrnbeth Kspcy, accused of contrib
uting to tho dependency ot tho Levy
Mrs, Hoscnbcrg declared that tho
Jonquil apartment house, whoro sho
was tho proprietress, was not of bad
On cross examination, sho refused
to nnswor any of Prosecutor Mc
artney'a questions regarding her con
duct toward Miss Levy, sajing she
would answer thorn at her trial latir
TALLAHASSB. Fla Juno 20.
At least two negroes aro known to
bo dead today and elghtoen others
possibly woro killed In a cyclouo
which visited this section. Fishor
men report also that a tidal wave
swopt Marsh Island, on tho Florida
Koys, whero several -persons wcro
drowned, Most ot tho fatalities oc
curred in sections Inhabited 'by tho
Ill'DAPKST, Juno 20. Sun Fran
eisco ami Berlin aro rivals hero to
day for the next international suf
frage congress. Mrs. Sewell today
urged Sun Francisco's claims in a
speech, which wns loudly applauded.
The congress today formally eon
finned tho oleetion of Mrs. Carrie
Chnpiunim Cutt as president. To
night all the members of the gather
ing will he taken nn a moonlight ride
on tho Danube,
Jrnnnn HIstfwMenf
207 Second Street
25,000 to 30,000 Building Workers
Locked out in Windy City on $30,
000,000 New Bulldlnos Now Under
wayStarvation Plan Adopted.
Both Contractors and Unionists Pre
pared for Long Struwle Neither
Side Contcmplathe Concession.
CHICAOO, Junu 20. Twenty-five
thousand to thirty thousand build
ing workers wcru lucked out here to
day in pursuance of the expressed
determination of tho building trades
employers' association to break
unionism in Chicago nnd the city
faces the moht serious building strike
since 10(10.
When they reported for work this
morning more than 20,000 workmen
employed on .30,000,000 worth of
new buildings throughout tho city,
were told thut they were no longer
needed ami were paid off. Practic
al ly every bit of construction work in
the city is suspended and the thous
ands if idle men throng the union
headquarters where their leaders are
laying plans for whut promises to be
a fight to the death between unionism
and the "open shop."
IJIg ItuIMlngs Affected.
Construction of mnnv skvscrancrs
has been stopped by tho strike among
them the $300,000 Conway building,
the Continental and Commercial Na
tional Hunk, und two big additions
to the 'Marshall Field department
Heside the 20.000 workmen dis-
jniyed, Jronijg.OOQ . to 25,000 other
workmen will bo unectcd by the en
forced idlcuens in structural work.
The lockout affects more men than
any other strike or lockout in thu
city's history.
The employer' association today
declares freely that their plan is to
Starve out" tho union men. They
will not attemnt to euinlov non-union
men. but will allow iovcrty and hun
ger to fight for them in the strug
"We are iu n belter poMtiou to
wait than tho mou," said Secretary
Craig of tho employers' association,
todav. "If tlm buildinir trades coun
cil does not settle the trouble wo will
not allow n sinclc man to work. Our
members are under bond to keep
their contract with tho association
and if any locked out union men arc
emnloved. tho contractor employing
them will forfeit his Jjond."
Marblo Workers Start It.
Thu uetiou of tho marble workers
on tho Continental Commercial Na
tion Hank building in quitting becnuMj
tho Thomiteou-Sturrctt company, the
contractors ou tho building, per
mitted non-union men to work ou
another job precipitated tho big
Tho unions vestcrduy and today
made no attempt to stop tho look
out, and It. II. Haulon, becretary of
the Building Trades Council, says
that organisation is prepared for a
long fight. No extra police precau
tious aro being taken, us Chief Mo
Weeney expects no serious disorder.
Officers of the Carpenters anil
Buildom' usociation, tho Master
Plumber association and tho Musoiis
and Builders' association, all of
which urn indirectly offiliated with
tho employers' association, which
called the lockout, assured tho union
men today that they would not par
ticipate. Both sides to tho struggle will hold
meetings this nfternoou lo considur
the situation.
SKATTLE, Wnsli., Juno 20. An
invitation will be extended by the
Seattle poit commission to the fed
oral government to usu tho Senttlo
hnibor for any nnd all put poses free
of tolls, wharfage or dockugo charges
This was contained in a resolution
submitted to tho board by Commis
uioner Bridges and tho mntter will
bu acted upon next week.
, a
Probably Wr tottljeHi ini
Saturday. Miu. .M7. Mt. Ai
NO. 77.
Crimson's Husky Oarsmen Give Sans
of Eli Most Disgraceful Defeat in
Years Former Finishes Strong
and Fresh While Latter C&HapM.
Handicapped by Short English Strska
Yale Falls Further and Further ie
hlnd Losing by a Dozen Lettfth.
NBW LONDON, Conn.. Juno ,20.
Harvard's husky oarsmen Kara
Yalo ono of tho worst defeats of Ha
aquatic career hero this afternoon
when, before a groat throag which
lined tho Thames, the crimson var
slty eight, rowing strong and easy,
crossed tho finish, lino more than n
dozen lengths ahead ot the blue.
Tho timo was, Harvard 21:42; Yale,
Ynlo's Crew Collapses.
Harvard's' crow, models of rigor
and efficiency, crossed the tlnUh
lino absolutely fresh. They went
never extended. Yale eight, on
the contrary, had rowed their hearts
out and their stroke collapted In his
shell as It swept across the finish
line, so far behind tho Harvard shfcll
that defeat was almost disgrace.
From the very moment when the
opening gun, at 3:45 gave tee sig
nal. Harvard was not a moment tn
danger. With the first few strokes
the crimson forged to the front, aad
at the mile they were so far Is the ,.
lead that the thousands of watcWers
saw clearly that the raee,wH rap
tlcally oyer. Beading easily, .to' the
long smooth stroke.' which ,la tradi
tional at Harvard, the crimson gi
ants fairly lifted their long shlnlag
shell out ot the water t&eaiafe i JHH.Ve
and fast ar their pace waerte etP
servers on the bauk and the- tugs
which lined the course, saw they
wcro rowing well within th'emtelvia
and had plenty In reserve.
English Stroke Fatal.
As they came down the course,
Yale bent with true bulldog pluck
to the work. Her eight tugged ad
strained, but handicapped by a short
choppy stroke. Imposed bj their En
glish roaches, they tailed to gain
and simply tore out their strength
against the deadly effectiveness ot
the Boston men. Losing ground
with every Inch their shell traveled
the Yale men stuck grimly to their
stroko, working like demons, If they
could not win, to cut down the dis
tance ot their defeat put their lim
it had been reachod, and eyen In
the last few hundred yards, despite
the most desperate efforts, the crim
son pulled steadily away and crossed
tho lino fresh and strong, and vic
tors. v
The official time qI the freshman
eights rowing race today was:
Harvard 10:41; Yale. 10:45.
W. W. Crocker, ot Uurllngame,
Cal,, Yale's stroke," who collapsed,
and F. L, Stephenson, Yale's num
ber thrco, aro both la bad shape.
SAN FKANCISCO, Cal., Jutio 10.1
Edward Honey, in tho city prison,
admitted today that he killod Mary
Henoy, his wife, by hitting her oyer
tho head with u basobnll but and then
cutting her throat with a pioketknifo
in their homo, hero. Then ho slashed
his own throat and wrists with- a
kitclieuknife, but his injuries wore
slight. Ilcney said ho and bis wifo
wero in tho midst of u pleasant con
versation when be was suddonly
seized with an impulse to pick up
tho bat and smash her skull,' Ho
had been drinking.
111 -! -
CLEVELAND, Ohio. Juno 20.
Weldon B. Cook, an aviator of Oak
land, Cal., is fully recovered today
from tho bhock of a plunge into Lake
Erie with bis biplane. While flying
to Euclid Beach his machino became
i isah oil iiml n unifcii into mo water
and sank. Ho rose in a few min
utes, nearly exhausted hut uninjured,
und was rescued by jnotorbpaW.
9 i
' i
t4c-Vi -(- Ttwva-. ; -
k . V V'WMiiT.,VlMt,'W
i iwt v.