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Medford Mail Tribune
I'nlr tonight nml Tuesday
Mux. 72, mlii. -17.
Korty.thlr.t Ymr,
Dully MImIHIi Yrnr.
MEDFORD, 0KI3CJ0N, MONDAY, Jl'NK 1(5, J91.1.
NO. 7J).
JJ ... iw.-
OR M 0
Maximum Frclnht flatc nnd Passen
ger Rate Law Decided to Oe not
Confiscatory Railroads Soiinjit tu
Enjoin Reduced Class Rates.
Freltilit Rate Ovcrchnrflcs Must Be
Rebated Railroad Contentions
Test Cases Droiifilit hy Railroads
Qiicstloiilnu State Rlhts Decided
by Supreme Court Two Cent Law
and FrclQlit Distance Tariff Upheld
Federal Circuit Courts Overruled
Five Thousand Dollar Penalties of
Violations Sustained.
WAHIIINHTON, J ii in) lit. Ur.
Mini's inux.'mum freight ruin nml
pnssnngor rnin law nn decided i.y
IIiii United Kliilim supremo imirt tec
ilii' tu lut nut confiscatory Tho de
cision was roiidtf-ed In an action
known a k the "Oregon into rnwi,"
tirotiKliI by tlio Houthern Pacific rail.
mail, tint Oregon A California rail
iiiniI ami (ho Oregon Itallrouil &
Navigation company.
In IU derision, however, Hi" court
reaffirmed It "stales' rlKlitit" do
rioo In tlio .Mliiuimotn rati- cam'.
Tim Koiithorn Pacific, O. It K. N
nml OroKou & California railroad
attacked tlio Oregon lawn In two
Tim ilotithorn Pacific sued to en
Join reduced rltinfl rates fixed by (bo
Oregon railroad coiiiinlindon south
from Portland, alleging nn nnniial
1 1 nut of 1 1 00,000 tiioreby. Tim mil
road; ?IIckm1 tbo Oregon law cront
liiK tbo railroad commission wns In
vntlil because It order affected In.
tcntato commerce, (irovlilcil nxros
nlv piMultlm, win not uniform, nml
conferred Jndlclnl and legislative
powers upon tbo rummUslou In vlu
Intlon of congress' rlKbt to regulate
Intomlnto commerce. An Injunction
was retimed nml the rnltronila ap
pealed, In tbo other Oregon toil raion tbo
O. It. A N. railroad of tho lltirrlman
lom r.pponloil from n Judgment of
tbo Oregon federal roiirt, kIvIiik
Judgment to shippers for freight rato
overcharges on shipment of grocer
ies from I'ortlnml to Oregon cltl
It was contended by tbo railroad tluit
llm groceries, In original parkngns.
woro flmt shipped from California
nml ri'iiialncil "Inlorctato" freight,
making tbo railroad property with
In tbo state plus I ',4 per rout for
Hiirplutt wan confiscatory. Tbo rail
road declared It wan doing business
in ii lot on un liiM'itmont of Sir..-
Contentions of State Sustained by.
Supreme Court In Decision Rend-1
cred Today Rate Laws not Con
fiscatory to Six of Lnruer Roads.
Decision Follows Lines of Minnesota
Case--Lower Court Reversed
State Rights to Regulate Sustained.
WAHIIINUTON, .lillio 10. Tlio
Arkumu two. cent rato for piimoii
kit wan today dotlnrod by tlio Unit-
oil Mate supremo coiii not to tin
(ouflMcatury In two tort canes
brought l tbo tit. l,otil A Mouth
WTNtorn rulltoNil.
Tbo Mlarourl Pacific railroad con
tested tbo law git lug tlio italo till
rlitbt ami liupoiOug ponnltlo of
$60(11) flno for nib Infracllon, pay-
nblo to tbo aggrieved uhlppors. Tbo
Kansas Mtiproino court uplicld tbo
inimlltullomillty of tbo law. This
en no nn not ono of tliono Involved
In tbo Minnesota rato case.
Arkansas wan iiuotbor state at
tacked In tbo general railroad tight
against regulation of Intra-statc
rato by tlio etntv railway cnminlr
alon or legislature.
In July, 130S, tbo .St. I.oiiIm &
Koutliwoiiloru railroad nurd tbo Ar
kansas mllwu.v rommUlon to oiijulu
oiiforcfiuont of tbo twoTont imimoii
Kor rato law nnd tbo "ntnndatd
frolKbt dlnianro tariff law pamoil by
tbo Arbnnnn IcpUlntup In 1907 It
wan ulig nlloKod tbo law rrrnttiiR
tlio coininlimlon In lSIy wn Invalid
a nn Intcrforonio with Intoraialo
commorrn and nn Invasion of fed
ornl authority.
Tho federal circuit court of Ar
knnn enjoined both iimmiii;ir nnd
frolKbt law nml tho comiuhtMon np-
penled. Tho court declared tho law
conflhcntory bpcauno tbo rallrimd'
Incomo wn Iimw thiiti 7 per cent.
It wn bold (bat any law rcduclui;
tbo Income Iihm Ibun fi per cent nn
niially on tbo value or railroad coin
iiiImiIoii' rato reduction order, ru
Intorfereuco with Intemtalo com-inurctf.
(lUIND.U.K, Oio., Juno HI. Willi
bulleU uliixziui- uroiiml Ii!h liciul un
tin ran, Raymond Diatnoml, u well
Known rosiilcut of Olomlnlc, fled into
tlio iiioiinluiiiH tliln morning nl'ler do
lilieialely liolilinc up AKhUtiiut Casli
inr Smith if (ho nicmluln Stiilo Hunk
ti'nl KcoiniiiK' W.'DO in imtih.
Diuuioiiil, wlio wiih porHotiully no
fiiaiuteil uilli Smith lelnurely will;eil
into Ilia bunk with bis riflu ueronn
hi mm nml iiHkcil Kmilh to oMtmiuo
it now nIIiI just Ml upon (ho
rjinilii icnchuit to (nko (ho wonpnn,
ulicn Diniuoml tinned it upon him nnd
ilnniiiiilcii lliu inmioy. Huforo nnyono
could inlciTorc, Jim hud nvcpt (ho
ciihIi into u Ihik nnd iloiled out (lie
door. Hniilh fired Hovcrnl hIioIu lint
miiio took cITcot, no fur iih h known.
Tim H'Kion lu'ionliout in tonsil nml
tiiulioi'cil and tlio officers tiro work.
ill,' tll.'OUti'l tllU pilKHCH.
Kheiiff Qnlno of DnugluB county
luitricil hero willi hlomlhoiimlri inriv
iuy; oiiily tli'm afternoon nml prepared"
(o (nko (ho trail of llio fugitive
Diamond Iiiih heen known us a ho
uiahht nljtitor liuru for about u ycur.
II, 'Immormuti of tho Cubu him a
rlvnl In tliu wny of IioIiik tho "only
Kuy of tho Dronx," Dick Umlolph
of tao ItruvoH. kIho ronio from be
yond tho Iliiiloiii rivor,
MINN'KAPOI.IS, Minn., .Imio 3fi.
- Deuuucinliiiu of tho piuulico of
pli.Vkicunih in "Kplilliuj; i'coh," am of
ooiiM'iiicnt bnrcaiim between iliji
ciu'H mill MiiKcoiis wliicli luiw led In
u count rywiilo epidemic of opeiatioiiH,
a in Miieed today, in a locomniomln
liou lioin the judicial council of tlio
American Mcilioiut society to (ho
liottto of dclcntcH of (lio bocicty,
i.ow in hCHhiou lieie. It uracil (lint
.t rcKolulioii ho adopted expelling
fri in tho oianinalion any member
p'itliiiK fees or giving or receiving
A committee of (ho society icporled
Hint tlio pructico of Nplilting fees in
piovulcul in tbo states of California,
NVhriibku, Kuiikiih, Iowa, Illinois, In
diana, t-nio, (he Dakota and in Now
rlc City. Tlio nsscrtion is inmlo
tlmt thin piiclieo eventually leads to
u grout deal of needless hit i gory.
'I ho imlicinl council ultr ntrougly
colidcjiied tho pruolicu of bospitalb
lmyiug M commiusloii tor patients
hcut litem.
WASMINdTU.V, .luno 1(1. I photd
iug, in tbo inuiii. the coulcntioii of (he
Mute of .Mb.-ouri, the United Stulc
Niipniuo court in u ioiiuii ri'mlercl
today, held (hut the two cunt pnhcu
gcr rule ami (ho maximum freight
rntc law weio not t'oofixcuiorv. m
to bit tit lilt Inroitr riiilr.tfi.ld .. I. ... I . I
.....r, ..,,,1.,,
Iiruiiglit ii ten! cae ngniiiht 'tho coti
blKutioiiiility of (ho Miitutc. The
law were declared coufiscatorv us
to it iiuiiilier of Miinllnr miids. The
court in today's division followed
tlio ruling laid down in tho .Minnototn
rate i:ac, decided rccendy.
Tho ileuii-ion on the iiiieal Mil
iums the stale as (o tlio Hurliugtou,
Kaiita IV, Kiiiimim (,'ity 'Sontheni,
Mixviuri, Kansn ami Texas, Hock
Island and Fri too mads, rcrersing
tiio decree of the lower court. Jiih
lice Hughes, in a memorandum of (he
court's ilroiiiou, said: ''These hiiiU
wpio hropght lo restrain tho cn
foivpiiiotit pf the freight rate and
passengers-fare act of Missouri
passed hi 1UU7. The ipieslion of in-
Icrfereneo with inter-state ooiinnerca
i tlio samo us thut presented in the
Minnchotn case nnd the decision is (ho
snine. Under a stipulation of the
court below the decision sustaining
the rale n to tho six cotnpnnic
above mentioned also applies to six
oilier companies;
The St. I.OUI8 am South Western;
Missouri Pacific, Iron Mountain, Wa
bash ; Milwaukee ami Alton.
Tho court held that (he rates were
coufiscutorv in the case of the St.
Louis nml Hannibal, Kansns City nml
Clinton, Springfield nml Chicago und
(he Qrenl Vo(eru roads.
Itc-nffiriuiug the right of stales to
regulate rate within (heir borders,
us decreed in tlio Minnesota rato
i use, (lit C'liiiti Sillies supreme court
today declared valid (ho (wo cent
passenger rate law of Went Virginia.
I'liii decision of tho lower court is a
tctt ciiso brought by tlio Chcnr-cuke
ami I 'I. io rail load (hat Went Virginia
rales me pot con fin on lory U af-
kHMM mtmmm MaaBaananMHaMnMaiMiMiM
r TIT" . &t .spZim'M
HUHH wJraf il
?fHur rciaWlWPEHBHKSfitr-5'fBBW
" .
Detectives Indicted in Connection
With Bunco Scandal, Charged With
Conspiracy io Defeat Justice,
Change Pleas.
Two Stand Trial No Deal Made With
Men but Light Sentences Because
of Saving to State.
I'nilil In-ft to Might, lletcelite; Dr.
Paiikhiirst MwnI While III; Mt.
Kthcl Kinytli, In Wlioc Home .Ir.
Piinkliut-Ht ami the .Nun-e.
Tlio rule decisions wcto tiiiaui
umus. The couit adjourucil until
An unidentified nailing vohhoI to
night nit-nek a HiibmorKOd inluo In
tbo harbor of Smyrna and waa de
stroyed, It lu feared, with nil on
board. Tho vessel sunk liumodl
ntoly, No Information so far bus.
boon available iih (o tho number uf
killed or Injured,
FHKSN'O, Cab, June 111. Staler
Alocmpie, dl yearn old, Mother Su
perior of (ho St. Augiistiuo GhV
Academy here, is dead today and
three sister of tho invitation ate
seriously injured through an nutoiuo
bilo turning Initio twice in (he state
highway near hero.
Tlio accident was caused hy (ho
Japanese chauffeur, who also was
fatally injured, hwcrviug (lie ma
chine huddenly to ono sido of tho road.
Sister Aloooiiun'rt peck wiih broken.
Sister Aguoliu'H arm has been am
putated, and Sistor Margaret, a
blood sister of tho Mother Superior,
nml Sister Columbo arc. suffering
from broken anus.
Tlio ntncliino belonged lo Father
McCarthy, of St. John's church here.
Ho is in J (OS Angeles.
CHICAGO, Juno HI. Between 1500
nnd WOO head of hogs ami cattlu
liuvo died in tho Union Stock Yards
hero lodny from tho heat.
LOXUO.V, Juno ler Mra. Kmine
II no Pankliurat, the. militant suf-
fruKctto whone ticket of leuvo was
revoked last Saturday, tho day of
tbo funeral of Mis Kiully Davison,
waa again released today from Hol
lowuy Jail. From tho moment alio
wua returned to Jail Mr. Pankhurst
refused to eat anything and main
tained her hunger strlko until slio
became so weak that alio could not
stand. It was decided that It would
bo dangerous to confine her longer,
.Mr. Pankliurat I now llttlo mure
than a shadow of hor former self
and tboho closo (o her nro convinced
that alio will not bo nblo to survive
nnother period of Imprisonment and
aeii-impoeit starvation. Slio waa
extremely weak when taken back to
Holloway Jail Mny 2C, after her first
release on ticket of lonvo; in fact,
she fainted a alio was bolng led out
of court nt How street and grow
steadily worse during tho following
four days of hunger striking. Hut
It was only wbou tbo prison surgeon
made an official report to tho homo
office that another day without food
probably would mean her death tbnt
her release was ordered. Slnco then
until last Saturday when slio was
recommitted sho has been under tho
constant euro of a physician and re
lay of nurses In tho homo ot a
friend In London.
LONDON. Juno 10.. Suffragtt
loaders In the court of klug's bench
hero today agreed to tho nronoal
Hon Hint they are to bo held respon
sible for damages wrought by their
followers when Mr. and Mrs. Petu-
rick Lawrence accepted without con
tent tho Judgment of tho court
awarding to nlucty-tbrce Wcat Knd
merchants damages uf $7000 for
suffragette raids In PIcadllly, tbo
Hnymarkct, Hond street. Oxford
street and other fashionable thor
oughfares of tho west end In No
vember, 1911, nnd March, 1312.
Immediately after the opening
statements of Counsel Justice Cole
ridge ordered judgment for tho full
amount claimed. Luwreuco agreod
and no testimony wua taken.
Mrs. Kmmellno P.uikhurst and
her daughter, Christobol. who woro
Jointly accused with the Lawrences,
with being responsible for Inciting
tho suffragettes to window amash
lug, will bo freed from monetary re
sponsibility by tho action ot Law
rence In accepting tbo Judgment of
tho court nnd agreeing to pay.
' Five of tho jiollco officers Indicted
hero In connection with tho 1350,-
000 bunco scandal, Louis Droulctte,
William Mclliigh, Charles Joseph,
Jnmcs McCowan and Jack Sullivan,
charged with conspiracy to defeat
Justice, in connection with tho bunco
scandal, withdrew tliclr pleas of not
guilty before Superior Judge Lawlor
j hero nnd wcro sentenced to the
i couuty Jail for nine months each.
Louis Drouletto was the first to
1 enter his pica. In passing sentence
on him Judge Lawlor stated that
considering tho character of the of
fense, which was very heinous, tho
men desorved a heavy sentence, but
that ns they had saved the state
great expense ho would exercise len
iency. Charles Taylor and Arthur Mc
Phee. Indicted with tho other fTvo,
elected to be tried on the conspiracy
Assistant District Attorney Hren
nan dcclatqd that no deal waa made
with tho men and that they must
face the possibility of future prose
cution. All five have felony charces
against them.
Frank Ksola. convicted and sen.
fenced on a felony charge, also add
ed hit ple.i of guilty to the consplr
acy cnarge. He was sentenced to
nine months In prison.
It was announced that Ksola will
bo taken to Folsom penitentiary to
morrow morning. Tho other five
will go to tho county Jail to begin
their terms this aftornoou.
Arthur MacPhee and Charles Tay
lor, tho remaining two of tho eight
policemen originally indicted, de
manded Immedlato trial nnd select
ing a Jury wns nt onco begun.
Message on New Legislation Ready
and Drawn but It Will not Be Strict
Party Measure Expects Assist
ance From Other Parties.
President Denies Rumors of Friction
With Bryan Over Currency Peace
able Outcome of Japanese Quarrel.
WASHINGTON', June HI. -In a de
cision handed down hero today tho
United Stules. supremo court declared
void (lie federal "civil rights not" of
1875, which imposed criminal poiml-
tics lor dihcrmimutioii against ne
groes. The couit held that hecnitsu
the aot was pot applicable uniform
ly throughout tho whole country, it
was invalid.
County Judge- Ton Vollo Monday
approved tho following widows' pen
sions; Catherine Kllzabuth Silver, Ash
land, Or., $17.50,
Tllllo J. Crosby, Ashland, Or.,
OAKLAND, Cal., June 1C Two
oung men wcro lustautly killed and
a girl Is dead of her Injuries today
us a result ot a head-on motorcycle
collision on "death cutve" of tho
Foothill boulevard, near here. Jos
oph Suza, 21, and Miss Natalie Sut-
llff, IU, riding tandem, wore return
ing to Oakland from Hay ward when
their machine crushed full tilt Into
another iuotorcelo. rlddon by Vo3t
loy Hoffolt. '20, from tho oppuslto
direction, lloth machines were run
ning 75 miles an hour. Tho riders
were thrown thirty feet In tho air,
Miss Butllff landing a scoro of feet
from tho roadway. Doth men woro
dead when picked up, and tho girl
died without regaining conscious
ness. GATUNliTlED
PANAMA, Juno 0. Tho machin
ery ot tho Untun locks iu tho Pan
ama canal locks Is declared satisfac
tory today following tbo first tost
by lotting water Into tbo great fn
closure. Tho valves of tho gigantic
locks worked perfectly.
POrotllCKBPSIK, N. Y., Juno 10.
The four-oared varsity crow of the
University of Pennsylvania barely
escaped drowning here todny while
pructlclug for tho Intercollegiate re
gatta to he rowed on tho Hudson
river next Saturday, Far out In tho
river In tho Pennsylvania shell drovo
Into the Wisconsin vnrslty boat,
which also waa out for a practice
spin. Tho Pennsylvanlans shell
wns wrecked and tho Wisconsin boat
was so badly damnged that Its crow
could render no asslstauco to tho
struggling oarsmen.
Tho Syracuse crew rowed out from
shore, rescued tho Pennsylvania men
and aided tho Wisconsin crow to
right their craft and came ashore.
Tho Wisconsin shell will bo ropnlred
and used lu Saturday's race, but tho
Pennsylvania boat was damagod to
thut tbo crow must uso a borrowed
shell for tho event.
WASHINGTON', Juno 10. Presc
ient Wilson todny announced that
currency legislation will he lnunchecl
(his week in congress, probably oil
The announcement was mndc by
(ho chief executive today at his Hcmi.
weekly conference wiih newspaper
men nfter ho hml conferred with
Secretary MeAdoo nnd Senator Owen.
The president paid that the parly
lenders were united on (ho currency
lefotm program nnd that his mes
sage on it in nlrcndy written. Ho cx-
pectft Hint nfter this week the cur
rency legislation will replace (ho tar
iff bill in the limelight.
Hrynn Humor Denied
President Wilson also took ad
vantage of the occasion to deny that
Sccretnry Drynn disagrees with him
on the currency question. and also
denied that Ilrynn had dominated the
cturency conferences, saying that
the Bccretary had manifested "merely
n general interest." No denied tlmt
the currency bill would bo a '"strict
party measure," saying he hued for
and ci pec ted aid from tho other sjdo.
The president said tho currency
hill will be introduced simultaneously
in both house?. Ho is uncertain
whether he will send his message to
congress before or after the bill is
The president expects n wide dif
ference of opinion on the measure
among tho democratic leaden) but as
serted that tho bill covers a broad
principle and has hopes that it will
receive geueral support. Ho refused
( disclose the principlo of tho mcas
me nnd asserts that bo does not pre
tend to be n currency expert and that
ho does not want tho measure called
"the Wilson bill." Ho declared he U
receiving letters from many manufac
turers urging un early passage of tlio
tariff law on tho ground that busi
ness will bo unsettled until it U
No Itupturo With Japan
Turning to oilier subjects, tha
president said he had cabled William
McCombs ut Paris urging thut ho re
consider his declination of tho am
bassadorship to France.
President Wilsou denied that
Juimn's rejoinder to American notes
on the California alien land question
hud caused irritation in official cir
cles here. He indicated that America
would reply to tho Japanese represen
tations this week.
ni'DAl'KST Hungary Juno 1C
Resolutions expressing sympathy
with (ho fule of Miss Emily Davison,
(ho English suffragetto killed when
sho grasped tho bridlo of King
Georgc'h hro, Aiitner, ns it ran iu
the dei by, were passed hero today by
the Miffrago congress despito tho op
position of Junu Addums and the
American delegates.
Mis Addams contended that Mist
Davison's net was detrimental to tho
bbl'friigo cause,
WASIllNiJTOX, Juno lU.-Somo
idea of tho cost of keeping sugar off
tho free list wns given today nt tho
testimony of Henry Oxnnrd before tho
sub-committeo of tho scnuto judiciary
committee, which is investigating tho
chargj of Piosident Wilson that "nil
insidious lobby" is nt work hero in
opposition to tho Underwood tariff
Oxnnrd sworo that tho hiigar in
terests hud spent $70,000 fighting,
free sugar during tho Inst twenty
years;. Ho said the books if tho
American licet Sugar association luu
been destroyed, but that even it
theso records were available they1
'Showed nothing." Ho admitted that
tliu man who disbursed these funds
(Continued on paga 2.)
J '
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