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Medford Mail Tribune
Fair tonight mid 'Friday.
Mnt. nil, Mln. Itf.
rurirtlilrd Yxnr
Dully UkIiIIi Yr.
JT fcn J If P 'PS,HI
American Liner Hnvcrforil Willi 000
Pnssengers on Reef off Queens
town Crew Still Aboard hut Pas
topers aro Saved Vessel Doomed.
Deep Water Surrounds flocks and
Llttlo Hope Held out Loft Liver
pool for Philadelphia Yesterday,
qi'dknhtown, Mny 20. Tint
Amurlcitii liner Haver ford In reported
tn ham striu-k Daunt' Dock uff
burn today In n denim fog. Tugboat
uuvn left for tho ceuo. Tim lluvr
font loft Liverpool yesterday for
Tim llnvcrford In till nKronnd
with It crow nboitrd. At tin com
pany' offices hern It wn stated that
tlin vii1' 900 passengers liml broil
Ainri'iitly tin ship In doomed on
arroiint of tho deep water surround
Inn tlm rook. A heixvy (or ntlll pre
vail. Tlm vtmiiol strurk tho reef nil It
filtered tlm harbor preparatory to
taking on 80 piwieiiFer. Ailmlrul
Cokv. In charge of tlm llrllUh squad
ron hero, linn sent several vcinmln to
tlm Havcrford's assistance.
QUF.KNSTOWN, Mnv !!.--Tim
which located the Aumrii'iin liner
Ifnvrrfnril Into today wircleiMed here
tlmt tho vessel is ngruuiul nt Cork
Head. Knrlicr pipnrt hliitud tlmt
lli vcel grounded nfter strikSim
Dnimt's Itock, near tho entrance to
thin hurhor. . ..'. .
Uuth tug mill Hritish wnnditp nrr
tniulitiK liy while the llnvcrford'
iitno huiiiln'il NisengeM nro being
trnhitferrt'd In oilier vessels. Little
hope In entertained of inning Hut
LIVnitPOOL, Mny 29. Offloials
of tho American l.lim, owner of tlm
toamcr llnvorford. declared hero
tlinl limy hud received ho oltlvu
lufornmtlou roKurilhiK tlm vei'soi's
met condition. They admitted,
however, Hint everything Indicated
that It wm In bad shupo.
SF.ATTLK, WaMi., May 20. -Knrl
ttogors, chief attorney for Clarence
Harrow, nnd formerly ntlonmy for
Patrick Calhoun, In horn tmlny en
mute to Alaska for n long vncntlnn
nftor seven yenrs hi tlm forefront of
tlm biggest legal battles in Cnllfnr
iiin, Rogers will kill for tho north
tomorrow on tho Alameda.
"I nin going to hnvu n good time,"
said Roger. "Mm. Rogers nnd my
self nro going to wander nrouinl
tliroiiKli tho far north and kwj nil
that lx woi Hi while.
1,1 am jiimI out of tho lioiiliil nf
tor n four iiionlh'rt hIoko nnd I nm
CoinK to ho a kid nuiiiii and ei
WIioii imknl if ho would KI do
fi'inl Dnrrow. Hcirfirt nnid:
'I do not hcliovo that Darrow will
ovor ho broimlit tu trail n;aiii. 'lliu
,.l,,i .-,., ulill uliiiiilx ni'iiinst him hill it
I HM'h" ! ..,... n -
my opinion thai it will qoon ho
WASIIINdTON, May 'JO, -Con-(ii-sH,
tlm iiidli'o and tho women
innrclioi'H nro inolndcd in it mild ro
juoof today in a report hy tho bcnnto
I'oiiuniltoo which InvosliKiiled tho dia
mdurri thai ooeiuri'd during tho mif
fragottu mi ado horo March !). It
doolaiod that iioiikiohh blmuld have
uutliorixcd tho olonrliijj of 1'ununyU
vnniii aveiiuo unlU later in tho day
nnd hlnnmd tho miffriiKoUoa nnd po
llen for failure t wain eongreHi on
thiH point.
Cousin of Ex-President and Nuincr
ous Newspaper Men Deny noose
velt Was Tippler Troubles Have
Hit the Colonel Hard Last Year.
Roosevelt Out $10,000 In Trial
Wcddliiu and Campalpn Expenses
Add Din Total for Year.
MAIKll.T.TTi:, MInIi., May Ul. -"Hy
(leorKP. it'" (oimli hv """'
Ki'tN nhot lip. IiiIh il Mi'ddiliu in lliu
family mid tnrlw a llhel Mill, all in a
nIiikIp year," Haiti Colonel Uoonevelt
here today in reviewing hix reeeiit
espprieneeu KiilmiiiuliiiK in hi preenl
Hiiil for lihil imninl (leorxe Newett,
editor Nipi-minK Iron Ore.
"That .Milwaukee Imllut," tno
eolonel weal on, "rout me .tllOIMI.
The weddim; eot nliuiit the name nnd
thern'H no lellint; how iiiueli the null
will eott me define I'm through. Hat
lluit tmnor Hiiid alt mv iiiliuiatitN kuuw
almiit my InihilH. Well, I've pH 'em
here, hy (lenre.
Of fern of ii uiicit that he i im
IriinLiirit nre iHiiirimc in mi Koiwovelt
hy the ncore. The eolonel i porcon-
nlly miirkhalllut; Iiih own uiuirHei
nnd hiiyn who will tenlifv and when.
An iiiiiilxniw of the court a ileeiMon
of iHilvrdiiy Iuwm tlmt it opcni
hroml inenuiw for tlm defeime. It
miirilv kvcIiiiIcm ncWMMIIier clipping
im lititimoiiy to HooicxellV rcputn-
tmn hut otherwiM) the whole Held ot
hi gcncriil reputation U open to
N'owelt mill Idtt ultnchMiH. It n re
ported Hint NVwetl tiinifclf will lake
the Htnm!liP!ortjMlnv trial n nuicii.-
A no p1oh of tlm court will he
IikM tomorrow. Colonel Itoimevelt will
put in the day hy an nddroHH to old
holdiiTM here and In likely to witno
n hall gniim hy tlm iiiiimtcM of tho
N'oilhi-rn IVniteiiliary.
C. . Thompson, a lepoiter lor
tho New York Time wiih today'n
flrwi ilin.t. lie hwore that Hooe-
itll wiik nlway Holier and that ho
drunk only n Mtimlo kIh or oluim
lutgiiu nt ImiiquolH. Hit wan very
IMiMitivo tlmt tho colonel was ntMcr
drunk nnd Hint he "never heurd nnv
MijjKeHtion that he wiik,"
Andrew Ahelo of Ironlon, Ohio,
followed Thompxon. Ho testified
that ho a iiiMiniil Colonel House-
plt from 1 ronton to Chilieothe, Jack-
Min, AlhciiH mid other Ohio towim nt
Home of which, tho defeuso nssorteil,
HoiiHovelt wan drunk, lie nlmi a
si.rir.l Hint ltooneelt did not drink u
drop at any of tho townn mentioned.
Abel win cloM-lv oroHrt cxiinuneit
hut Muck flint to his testimony. He
wax fnllou-iM on Iho stand hy former
Judge V. Z. Hlnlr of PortMiiouth,
Ohio who haired half or Ailnim conn
tv from tho rialit to vote on uucoiuil
of election hrihery.
Illair tcHlified "there wan nothing
to indicate that Colonel HoOhovelt
wan drinking or had been intoxicated.
Ho win sober and in good phyim-al
Philip Hoofoelt, Iho coIouoI'h
uoiifiiu, then took (ho stand, lie
hiiid :
"I know Iho colonel ho well that 1
liiivn Iil'cii fiwiminiuir with him when
ho hod no clothes nt nil." Young
Itoosovclt Hiiid hu had known the
colonel alwuys nnd Hiiid: "Tho
foloncl hurdlv over drinkn anything
except nt night, teimpoouful of
brandy in milk,"
He admitted Hint liefnro tho trial
tho tcdliinony of Colonel Hoosovelt,
of IdinNcif and a number of other
witueHHCH had been written out us u
guldo to Attorney Pound.
CIHCAOO, May 21).-Peter Hooked
today Mutt and fatally wounded
(louovlovo Tlioinus, whom ho intended
to marry today, nnd then committed
suieido. Ho loft n nolo to tho giifB
futhor which reudt
"Tills is tlm kind of wedding yon
will ficon funeral instead.1'
Heokor was despondent over his
inability to got work,
Tho lmmli;rtlon niithorltleH at Hi
ll Inland, New York, throuch which
coino Into tlm Cnltud KtatoM nlnr
Irutlm of tlm foreigner neoklui;
honu here. Imve Jumtieil Into nn
olli.T en wi Ilka tlmt of MylliiH, the
limit ncriiiiicd of llhelllng King
Ceorge, nnd Cnntro, tho former dlc
tittor of Venoxueln. Tlmy tmvo
HtopiM'd Axot I'oihoi, u rich young
Danish engineer and Inventor, who
ciimu to tint fulled Ktnten to Htudy
automobile coniitriirtlnn with tlm
purpomi of returning nnd making uno
In C'opeuliiiKcn of American lilonn.
ing numoroiiH protests from foreign
nations, .Senators P. M. Simmons of
North Cnroliun, chairman of the sen
nlo fiuuueo committee, announced
hero today after n conference with
President Wilson Hint it had been de
cided to drop the five tier cent dif
ferential on imports in American
owned or controlled vcct from tho
Underwood tariff. Ho admitted that
protests from foreign nations were
rcpounihlo for this action.
Tho slate department, Simmons,
usxortcd, ruled that tho protests
wero justified, nlso Hint those
ugaiust tho provision which would
compel foreign nicrehnnts to subndt
thelr books to nn American ngent in
cases of disputed valuations.
Asked whether tho Iioiisq would
Mihscriho to this action if Iho bill
came hack to it so amended hy tho
senate, Iteprcsentativo Underwood,
leader of the Imuso majority, said:
"l'ersouully 1 fnvor tho ratifica
tion of tho tno jier cent differential
provision as ono of tho wnvs of build
ing a merclmut murine. Foreign na
tions diseriniinnlo in fnvor of their
own ships nnd I seo no reason wh
wo should not discriminate In favor
of our own."
lMJIUtlNAN. Franco, May 29.
Two tons of nitroglycerine exploded
hero today, demolishing i dynnmlto
plant and tearing a great holo In the
earth. Fho corpses already have
boon recovered anil many other por
tions nro luUBlng,
LONDON, May 20. Tho resigna
tion of .Solicitor Oonernl Isaacs,
which wiih tendered ns u result of
tho "Marconi scnndal" in which ho
and Chancellor Lloyd-Qeorgo was
named, was today flatly refused by
Premier Asquith, Tho proinior iu
slfilcd that ho would simply "keep tho
document on file for futuro notion if
occasion Mmuld arise."
Isaacs' notion was a result of a
eoitl mot entered into by tho Hritish
government for n Marconi wireless
system lo girdle tho globo. Under
Hritish law members of parliament
afo prohibited from holding interest
in any concern having govornmout
contracts and cnebiuet members au
tomatically become members of parliament,
Slides Reported on Railroads Oro
flno Wilhout Light and Mall-Railroad
under water for Five Hun
dred Feet River Subsiding.
Columbia River Reaches 19 Foot
Slaue at Vancouver and Is Rising
No Damage Yet.
OltOI'INO, Idaho, May 23. No
innll Iium been received lioru for three
duys on account of tho flood waters
of tho ClenrwHter river. Tho electric
HkIiI plunt here Is out of commUnlon
and tho town wna In darkness lad
nlnht Kevcrnl slides havo liven ro
tmrted on tho Clearwater short linn
between Orolltio and (Jrccr, nnd COO
feet of tlm railroad rli;hl of wuy is
under wnler.
The river Is subuldlng today.
VANCOUVKIl. Wnsh., Mny 29.
Tlm Columbln river reached tho 10
fool ntUKe hero today with tho pro
pods of Its being abore tho 21 foot
mnrk by Hominy. No damngo has
yot been done.
Under n new law that goes into
effect June li, banks desiring to net
as depositaries of county funds
must file applications with tho coun
tv treasurer hv tho first Moudav ill
June, with nworu statement of tho
tinnk'ri condition. A dctositary
bond, secured by n duly qualified
surety company guarauteoiug tho
amount of dctosits applied for or
hy other security. Two tcr cent in
terest is paid on balances.
The county court nt its next meet
ing will probably authorize tho us
of county warrants as security for
county funds deposited in hanks,
such action being contemplated by
members of tho court. Tho effect of
this will ho to create n demand for
county warrants hy tho banks, and
result in their bebig forced to par
through tlm market thus created.
Such result will completely restore
tho credit of tho county to its right
ful parity.
PORTLAND, Ore, May 20.
Milliliter Diok Donald, for Hud An
derson, today stnted that ho would
slnnd by tho promises mndo to Pro
molor MoCnrev for n bout with
Leach Cross in Los Angeles July 4.
Ho would not statu what guaranteo
had been made him but said it was
far in excess of $3300, Hint Promo
ter Coffroth offered Hivers for
fight with Frankio Hums.
TORONTO, Out., May 29. Tho
long threatened disruption ot tho en
tire building trnilo bids fairly well
to becomo reality on Momluy next,
whon 11000 carpenters will bo out on
strlko. Prolonged efforts havo been
mado by tho officials of tho unions
to offect a friendly settlement with
tho employers, Theso efforts havo
proved futllo as tho employers have
rofuseil to pay moro than -12 cents
por hour this Benson. Tho Joint oxoc
utlvo of tho Amalgamated Society
and nrothorhood of Carpenters last
night decided to go on Mrlko,
MAY 2f), IMS.
Kllcn Kvclyn James, a Texas girl,
tins becomo a goddcts tho Ooddcss
of I'lcnty and as such her face will
oruumont new bills to be liwucd by
tho United States government. Ken-
yon Coxx, the artltit. to whom was
Klxcn tho work of doilgntug the bill
had many candidates for tho God
dess ot Plenty, but ho rho&o tho llt
tlo Texns girl. Miss James Is an ar
tist herself, being a studenTof sculp
turo In tho Students' Art League of
Now York City.
"The Medford Commercial club of
Medford, Oregon, requests the pleas
ure of your presence nt nn informal
banquet nt tho Hotel Medford at 8:00
o'clock Friday ueniin;, Juno 0, 101 II,
to bo tendered the state highway en
gineer of California nnd the member
of the Si Liy on cououty highway com
mission on tho occasion of tho per
manent location of the new Pacific
Highway route over tho Siskiyou
mountains, to further tho cause of
good roads nnd to launch n onmpnign
for bonding Jackson county for the
construction of u system of perma
nent highways.
Please notify tho secretary of
your acceptance."
So reads the invitations being
sent out by Secretary Wuro of the
Medford Commercial club to Gover
nor West, members of the stato high
way commission, Slate Highway En
gineer Dow'lhy, Sam Hill nnd good
roads advocate throughout the
Delegations from nil the nearby
towns nro expected to bo present and
participate ,iu the rally, whioli it is
aimed to maku the biggest of tho
year. Tickets can be had nt tho
club. Plates will bo 75 cents for
local members.
.President Perry has appointed the
following committee to take charge of
the occasion, arrange a program and
look nfter details: O. Putnam, Dr.
C. 11. Hay, J. A. Westorlund, W. F.
Isaacs, A. C. Hubbard, K. C. Guddis
and S. S. Smith.
MAHQUETTr:, Mich., May 29.
Judgo Flannlgnn arrived at tho court
house today an hour betoro tho open
lug of tho Hoosovolt trial and Im
mediately shut himself up lu his
chamber while a bailiff shooed nil
visitors away. Hut ono enterprising
roporter broke In on tho judgo and
discovered his honor reading a blood
thirsty d I inu novel with tremendous
Interest. Caught lu tho act, tho judgo
"All I rend Is lnw books and ill mo
novels. I llko the wold west kind
but It scorns to mo that dime novols
havo degenerated lately. Maybo I'vo
got dlmo novol blood. In mo, I havo
wnntod an norqplano ovor since they
worn tuvoutod and I hnto to go alow
lu my automobile."
Nig Clarke, tho old Cleveland back
stop, battel for HI In his first ton
games with tho Iudlaunpalls club.
- . Kalis.
New York Board of Health Prohi
bits Further Treatment Until
Proven Good Fears "Cure"
Causes Patients to Relapse.
German Doctor Discredited and Firm
That Bought Rights Due to Lose
Large Sum Must Have Poof.
XKW YORK, May 20. Absolute
prohibition of any further inocula
tion of tuberculosis patients in Now
York with the Friedmunn scrum was
issued hen; this afternoon by tho
New York board of health "until nf
ter full and complete data regarding
tho use of u specimen culture and
other agents employed therewith nnd
full details of preparation mid ad
ministration have been submitted to
(he hoard of health and iiei-mission
has been granted in writing for the
use of the Mime.
The rcsitt of the board of health
snys :
"Kvideiicc already i nt hand show
ing Hint this so-called remedy not
only does not fulfill tho promises' of
efficacy whereon its us was first iter
mitted here, but thai, on the con
trary, during its administration,
many patients have suffered on un
duly rapid progress of their Uis
ease. '
PORTLAND. Ore., May 29. Tho
Portland Commercial club Is today
In receipt of a letter of warning from
tho Dayton, Ohio, chamber ot com
merce, against fakers who might try
to profit by tho recent disastrous
flood there.
The letter states that before long
"flood sales" will be advertised, lec
turers will tour the country aud
other schemes will bo resorted to to
collect money on the strength of tho
misfortune that bell their part ot tho
country, and asks that all such en
deavors bo Investigated for tho pro
tection ot tho public.
PORTLAND, Ore., May 29. Inti
mation wns given today by prominent
Portland attorneys Involved In the
present litigation ot the receivership
of tho orthwestern Long Distance
Telcphono company that tho govern
ment will start suit shortly to have
t,ho merger of that company with tho
Sunset Telepliono company, a ueu
subsidiary, dissolved. That such a
suit will bo filed In n few days, 't
is declared, Is a certainty.
Constuutino J. Smyth, special as
sistant to tho United States attorney
gonernl, arrived In Portlaud Tuesday
and since that time has been qulot'y
but extensively investigating tho sit
SEATTLE. Wash., May 29. J. R
Moore, formerly a wholesale jeweler
hero, up to noon today tailed to fur
nlsh ball to securo hla release from
tho county jail, where ho Is hold on
a warrant from Victoria, 11. O., charg
lug conspiracy to defraud. Tho con
spiracy la ullegod to havo beou con
cocted by Moore- aud four others In
promoting tho Hankers' Trust cor
poration, limited, bp which It Is said
sonio $250,000 wiui lost to Innocont
stockholders. Mooro owns a beauti
ful homo nt Laurelhurst, a suburb ot
Seattle. Ho was arrested last night
as ho nnd his wife were ullghtlag
from their nutomobllo nt one ot the
downtown corners.
NO. 58.
Grading Started on Riglit-of-Way
of Bullls Electric Line Teams nnd
Men at Work Today First Unit
Now Determined.
Road Will Leave East Main at Ceme
tery Road Will Follow Curb on
Main Street Smith Deeds Land.
Gmund was broken Thursday for
tho new trolley line, franchise for
which wni recently granted S. S.
Hullis, who is now 'in the cint pur
chasing rails nnd contracting for
equipment. Tea mi are (grnding tho
right-of-way between Main, street
nnd Siskiyou Heights.
Location of the first unit has de
finitely been determined. Tho line
will leave the business center, going
east on Fast Main to where tho mud
lenves the cemetery. Here a forty
foot strip hns been deeded by J. (K
Smith of Medford Heights, south
east to the cemetery, thence tho rout i '
nini cast through Siskiyou Heights.
The projectors stntc that tho
cm do is too steep on East Main milk
ing il necessary to swing to tho
fcouth nnd cast. Tho lino on Main
will probably hug the curb ' inMciid
of being in the center of the street,
thus leaving ample room for street
SAN FRANCISCO. Cal., May 29. '
To the cheering of several thousand
pcrtfons who had gathered at tho In
tersection of Kearney and Market
streets, in the heart ot tho city,
Mayor Rolnh hero today started the
work ot extending tho municipal rail
way to the forry building. Imme
diately nfter the mayor had Inserted
a crowbar and lifted a plank from
the old Geary street turntable, tho
work ot installing a special track to
connect with the present tracks In
lower Market street started. "The
city Is happy," Mayor itolph told the
crowd, "to see things moving In the
right direction."
XKW YORK, Mary 20. No import
ant changes figured in tho Mock
market today. Fractional advances
were made in smelling und Amalga
mated aud Heading, with slight de
clines in Pennsylvania, Steel and
Southern Pacific.
Distillers' securities five per cent
bonds declined two. St. Louis nnd
San Francisco five per cent bonds ijtl
vnnced a point. Later Canadian Fn
oifiu declined two points nnd tho
rest of the list weakened Mightly.
Krio iir&t preferred dropped mpro
than a point.
Honds wero irregular.
The market closed dull nnd weak.
OAKLAND, Cal., May 29 Mys
tery surrounds tho finding early to
day ot tho body ot Fonton MacLoau,
ono tlmo promluont and rich In thq
circus world, dead from asphyxiation
In his apartment at Twenty-sixth
street aud San Pablo uvenuo, and, tho
hurried flight of a pretty blonde
woman, 30 years his junior, who
joined hlpi In his apartments the
night before.
Evldonco gathered by detectives
pointed to a wild debauch that ended
either In suicide or foul play. The
police are searching for the woman,.
MncLeun Is said tohavo a 8lUr
living In Snu Diego,
: j
l J
t (I