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    Hltlrrrisal iHttfe
Clfv Hull
Medford Mail Tribune
I'ntr mill cooler. M., (lit
Mlii., :h.
I'nrly.llilril Ymr.
DnllX KIkIUIi Yr.
NO. 22.
111, W
Hyiiotlcrnilc Used Hourly to Sustain
Heart Action Impossible to Ac
curately Forecast What Next Day
Will Brlnii Forth Pope Cheerful
Vatican Prepared for Death Out Un
expected Rally Follows King Re
ceiving Hourly Bulletins
KOMI:, I April 17. Qutr-
Innl nntl Vatican aro secretly
ctitmptrltiK lo coiiciml tho nml 4
condition of I'opn Plus and
nro KtiiirilliiK ngulust tho dec-
tlmi of a furotKii cardinal to
tliu initial-) In tlm tivont of tho
pope's ilcn tli, It Ih rumored
hero liiilny. Hot ti church uml
stale fear an outsider will ho
elected In the event that
thorn U n deadlock In tlia
coIIcko of cardinals, accord-
Iiik to tin report.
Tli nro nro .lU Italian mid
27 cardinal of other nation-
nlltlct In tliu sacred rolli-Ko.
ICOMi:, April 17. 1'liyi.lrlmiH to
Pope I'iiiH this afternoon Misf( tho
following liitlli'tln:
"Mix Holiness passed n cnlin day
without fetor. 1 tin liiiiporntiirv wns
UH.'J. Improvement In lii- hroitclnul
trouble i'iiiiIIiuic.."
UOMK, April 17. Flat demand
for a true qtutrmctit f IVpo l'iun
XV condition was mnila on (he ati
'nn In-to today by I ho Itnlimi gov
ernment. Tho physicians immed
iately nnswered, inlying It wttH im
poihlhlo In iirrurnti'ly forecast jusl
ulnit the next twenty-four bourn
tvtuilil tiling fotlli.
Hourly iyfidi'unio injections vcre
given tliu Pope today to sustain
liciiit notion. Ho slept much, his
t'iiiHratiirt standing practically sta
tlonnry nt It". Tho Pope uwh in n
cheerful frame of mind loilny, as
sorting thin was tho first dnv since
his first niipNo Hint ho hint full io
limnl. lilt vitality Is astonishing
the papal physicians,
Uiieipectiil lUlly,
Tho night Marled alarmingly for
tlio physicians of Pope PiiiH X but
gradually developed into one of
hopes nml this morning it was be
lieved Hint If tho pontiff survives
SOWTuI dlljh longer III) llllH IX chllllCC
to rerover. At midnight ho was rest
less nml tormented by n cough. Ho
wan permitted to nit up, thiH partial
ly lo alleviate tliu discomfort. Tho
Popo Insisted on talking, however,
uml bin tiiiniHirntiir- rose.
At mi early hour this imiritliisr Iho
pouliff suffered nnolher coughing
lit ami then slept until tliiwu uiuliH
turlicil. Tho vutiiMin pvi'paml last iiIkIiI
for tlm PopoV doiilli. MnimRor
Doininlci uolilifil CnriUuul OitkIIu
that lliu ciiil wn nenr nml tho liitlor
wim in foiiHttmt roatliuoHH to untiiHt
in ii(luiiiiiHtfrln tho hint hiuTaiunntH.
I'lvpiutit for IK'iitli.
It wnH roporU'tl thai Canllnal
Morry Dol Vul liiul ri'ipu'.sloil nil
iipohlolio ilt'lt'KiUort to notify tho
I'liidiiialM nbi'oail to bo toady for a
roiii'lnvo of Iho Sacroil Collc-jo.
Nl'WHlllM)l' COnCHpolllll'lllK ih
In-ant a rumor that tho uovornnu'iit
hail nurui'il to hold up all loh'Kraplito
uml cnblo oomnuuiii'iitiouN in tho
ovuiit of tho pontiffs death, in or
ilrr to plvo picfcdoiu'o nicRrtai;oa to
church illKiilturles.
Anuolo Karto. tho pontlff'rt broth
er, Iiiih not loft tho hiolc room slnco
ho arrived in tho oily, lliu slslorn
i.Ur. wmn Hiiiniiionrd to tho vatioau
last night and told to nrcpnro for the
worrtt. Tho Popo'H innvricd slalom,
living outHldo of Italy, nUo hnvo
Tho KIiik of Italy is rcoeiviiiR
hourly hullclliiH cuncornlUK tno on
IUTh ooudiliou.
linffnlo idunH tho orottloit of
BtatucH of Orovor Clovolund and Mil
lard I'Mlmoro.
Early Conclusion of Bills Considera
tion Predicted, With Smooth Sail
Inn Thereafter Schedule K First
Acted Upon
Republican Members Meet In Caucus
Tonluht to Approve Minority Re
port Excoriation Measure
WASIIINdTON, April 17.- When
tho hoiihu iloiiinonilii' unticiiH icunincil
Kk coiiKidcrntioii of tliu tariff bill
(his iiflvriiouti mi early I'oiicln-ioii
wiin pri'diclcd, with smooth hiiiHiik
luToafter iiNNiirvd. It Hocuicd cer
tain that hchcdiilo K would be con
nidi-mi firM mid that effortn of the
miiiorily to iiicrcai) the pmpoM-il
dntieh on iiiaiiiifnetiircd nu'oI pro
iliietN would fail.
it was oxM-('i-d that the tariff
will lie in the Hatne xhupe mh when
it wim Mhaped bv tliu vaH and iiiemiK
eoiiitiiitlee. The lepublieau ini'Milit-r
of the Iioiiho nro to ini-i-t ill i-mii-iw
loiii-jbt and it U cerlaiu I hey will np
pnio of the imiiority teport or tlm
waM mid uieaiiM coiiiinittro wbieh
excoiiales the bill
KPOKAXK. Wiodi.. April 17.
Itobeit J. William, u student n(;ed
111. died in n loenl himpitnl today nx
tliu icniilt of A hentimr ndininUtcreil
by n blchWiiyiiiau Into bt"t IiIkIiI. Tl
iiotiiilmit used a piece of pi pipe and
Willlanih head wiih beaten nlinoht to
n pulp.
WillimiiH bad jiiht eft the home or
ltuth ("niu, iiKed 10, whom ho bad es
corted homo from tho lluptUt church,
when uttneked.
The liold-uit took iiIhco at u lone-
ly nHit under n railroad viaduct.
Tho highwayman took n wnleh mid
fifty cents In Tho police hnvo
no elite to tho identity ot tlio usniih-
NKW YOHK, April 17. Wetoru
railroad lur wero In ncllvo de
uinud throughout toduy' ntock nmr
ket. Tho Improvod financial ami
polltlral nltuatlon abroad toned up
by tho reduction In tlio Dank of
KiiKland'tt dUcount rates, rofloctod
Itmdf In tho Now York nmrkut. Tlio
tpoculatlvo fcaturoH rouo from one to
ono and a half points aliovo yetiter-
day's rloio, duo to an abrupt rally.
Tho market cloned reactionary.
IIoiiiIb wero IrrcRiilar,
CIIKWOO, April 17, Tlio Inves
tlKatlou Into tho uiurdur ot (leorRo
Dlt.'U, a wealthy ladloa' tailor, took
a now turn at tho eoronor'H liuiuPHt
horu toduy, Tlio flrdt witness to o
oxamluod wns Mrn. Dlotz, tho lioautl
fill widow of tlio crippled tailor. Hho
wiih nHltcd rcKardliiK reports that slio
was very frlondly with (looro Nunn
lierg, who uho will ho oxamlnod,
WASHINGTON, April 1 7. Itlslt.
Inspection of conditions along tho
Mexican border Is planned by Gen
eral Leonard Wood, chief ot staff of
tho United Stutou army, who loft this
afternoon for Texas, A Kouoral In
vcstlitatlon of tho situation will bo
With nearly oury variety of bji
idea and pears, as well as poaches,
plums and almonds, In full bloom at
Ifln lamo time, tliu orchards of the
lloKUc Hlver alloy are running riot
with wonderful colorliiRs and aro at
tractliiK tho ottutitluu of ninny of tliu
city folks who nro making spsclal
elforti to vlow thm. , .
For the first time In suvor'af years
tho fruit trees of various varieties
nrn comlnit Into bloom at tho inuio
tlmq. Cold weather with n sudden
rlM In tenipernturo Is responsible
Ordinarily tlm dlfforeiit varieties of
fruit como Into bloom at different
times through tho spring, but this
year a deficiency In temperature held
tlm htoisoinliiK period back.
Tho condition Is entirely normal,
ahserts Professor O'Oara. and uoth
Iiik Is to bo feu rod by reason of this
Apples aro fairly well In bloom
now, but will not reach full bloom
until Saturday or Sunday.
HKNO, Xo., April J7.- Uecnusc
of the NhortiiKO of iaturuKo in tho
emit nil California alleys, 8000 head
of cattle wero to tho rmr
around Wiuuemiicea, Nov., today mid
thousands moro mo to bo iuntallod
on other Xevmhi rmiKos.
Tho viMtiui; cattlemen say (bat
lack of water has practically de
pleted (be feed supply on tho uui th
em mid central California ranges.
WASHINGTON', April 17,-Ap-provnl
of Iho court martial sentence
diinis.iii) Midshipman James Cook
from the iiuval uoademy ut Annapolis
Maryland for luiziiiK wan voioed liero
today by Secretary of tho Navy
Daniels. This wn aeconipanled by
tho announcement that bo intends to
sitpress liiiKiiiK at tho naval nuadc
my. E
VIMilKUS-Sl'lt-MAHN'H, France,
April 17, Threo officers of tho
Krouuh army wero killed and two
others seriously injured this after
noon iion n balloon exploded in
mid-nlr over this town.
('oiirti'sy Journal I '"MB&rffi Sv
run riot wiih lfmHSaM(frrA
Itoguo lllvor orchards In blossom.
LONDON', April 17. The powers
have decided to raise tho blockade
of .Moucucxriu irls, according to a
despatch received hero todny from
Vienna. ,
LONDON', April 17.Pcape in I lie
Ilalkaus is as fur off as over, no
cording to a despatch received here
today from Sofia. It said tho re
IMirted armistice between Turkey and
llnlc,ariii was merulv n verbal one
between the oppotiut; KouornU nt the
Tehatalja forts am was only made
to permit of tho burial of the dead.
WASHINGTON', April 17.- In line
with tho attempt now beiujj inado to
"busl" tho money trust, ltepreseutn
livo Neely of Kansas today intro
duced in Iho lower house ti bill resu
latiiiK block eehanues. Tho measure
bars Mich concerns from the uso of
the mails or telegraph unless they nro
incorporated, and provides fines and
imprisonment for offenders,
WASHINGTON, April 17. -Aimed
to piotcot tho Hull liuu water shed
site where $110,000,000 in reservoirs
for tlio oity of Portland, Oregon, will
bo eoustruoleil, ti bill for bidding tho
construction of roads through the
forest reservation surrouudine; this
site, was introduced into tho somite
today by Senator Lane of Oregon.
HOCKV1LLK, Mil., April 17.
That imliecmeu Rallied as the ghosts
of murderers who bad been hanged
in tho state, tortured him by letting
dozens of lizards into his ccjl and
bathing tho cell in ghastly bluclights
until bo admitted that he murdered
his sweetheart's mothor. Mrs. Auuio
Henry, was the statement mado by
Norman McClenry in bis trial hero
today. MeCleary repudiated to the
smallest detail the confession
drugged from him by the police.
Tlio witness swore that while he
was held in the county jail ho was re
pent cd ly haunted by whito garbed
nocturnal visitors, who moaned and
groaned that they were tho spirits
of men who had died by the rope. Ho
stated that the apparitions wore
driving hint crnxy until bo learned
that tho eerie forms were thobo of
regnlnr blueeoats.
It wns then that lizards were
turned loose to crawl about him and
waken him from sleep, he said, and
he finnlly made tho pseudo coufes
hion to rid himself of torture.
17. Woodrow Munch ot Wopato,
ICth child of I'otor Manch, au Indian
reservation rancher, la to have a
proBldent of tlio L'ulteU States as
Kodfatlier. The IGth Manch was born
tho day President Wilson was In
augurated. Tho fathor wroto at onco
in German to Washington, tolling tho
president that both ho and Mrs.
Manch and all tho sons nnd daugh
ters of voting il?o had done their
duty by tho domocrntlo ticket last
Novoiuucr. President Wilson tele
graphed that under tho circumstances
ho would consent to bo godfather to
this reservation baby,
Golden State to he White Man's
County Declares Connmsman
Social Reasons Make the Japs
More Objectionable than Chinese
Race Problem Involved. Which is
Vital Element in Whole Contention
Japs Cannot be Taken Care of
WASHINGTON, April 17. That
California u absolutely determined
upon exclusion of the JapanpsT, that
Culifoniiaus are xrt like steel for u
white iiinu'n state and why they nro
o set, wns explained here today by
William Kent, congressman of Cali
fornia, in a lengthy statement deal
ing with conditions now agitating
the golden stnte. He said:
"Chinese exclusion was baseiT" on
economic and social reasons. The
economic rcn-om were fallacious.
If the Chinese did our work without
demoralizing our democracy, there
was no rcnoii why be should not do
it. Hut in working be kept out white
labor and thus demoralized our so
cial stntu.
J1h Mure Offensive.
"The same reasons were cited ns
objection to the Japniier-e. Ha wns
found to have a much less valuable
economic (piantitv than the Chinn
ninn. He did not have the came
ideaU of commercial integrity nnd hi
social attitude wn more offensive.
"Tho exclusion laws, undoubtedly
would linvu becH'tiasieir'ngaiiiRt the
.Tnpnuexe if their government lind not
entered into a treaty to provide
against issuing p:issrts to ito lab
oring classes corning to America.
"The practical effect of Japanese
land tennre is shown by Japanese
settlements in some of the most fer
tile jmrtions of California. The
while people slum these sections.
This may and may not be due to the
prejudice of white neighbors, but
California, this far. has been a white
man's country nnd it i tho inten
tion of the iwople of California to
keep it so.
Unco Problem InvohcO.
"It is n curious fact that the
Japanese persistently deny that, in
their ense. a race problem is in
volved and refuse to recognize this ns
a vital element in tho whole conten
tion. To n thoughtful student of tho
situation there can bo no assumption
of siicriority as lying bnek of the
racial question. We may admit, if
we choose, that tho Japanese are, in
some particulars, our suiteriors. We
cannot deny, however, that, taken
rncinlly, they are different from the
white race. They cannot bo as
similated into our population. In
troduction of permanently defined
groups of non-assimilable population
must neeesasrily oreato bitterness
and misunderstanding mid liamK?r
the development of democrnrcy.
"The privileged classes in Califor
niathe land-owners nnd grent em
ployers of labor may clamor for
this cheaper labor, but tho vnst ma
jority of Califoniinns look forward
lo a great state wherein similarity of
population will make nu enligbtencil
democracy possible."
AUGUSTA, Ga., April 17. Organ
ized labor may staad back of Ty
Cobb, the star holdout outfielder, In
his controversy with President Navln
of tho Detroit Tigers. A resolution
assorting that Cobb Is being "re
strained In tho freedom ot his In
alienable right to work for whom ho
pleases" was Introduced before tho
Georgia l'edoratlou ot Labor, lu con
ventlon horo. It was referred to a
committee on resolutions and prob
ably will bo reported to tho conven
tion tomorrow.
It tho resolution Is adopted by the
convention tho federation's oxecutlvo
board will require Georgia's repre
sentatives lu congress to lmmedluto
ly Investigate tho laws governing or
ganized baseball,
Medford Man Appointed Federal At
torney for Oregon Jennlnrj Judqe
For Alaska Wooley Auditor In
tcrlor Department
Wm. Harris of Georgia Director of
of Census Tammany Demands
Collectorship Post of New York
WASHINGTON, April 17. presi
dent Wilson today scut tho folloifing
nominations to the senate:
United States attorney for tho dis
trict of Oregon, Clareuco L. Itenmcs,
Medford; judge of the court of
Alaska, Hobcrt Jennings of Alaska;
general appraisers of merchandise,
Jerry Sullivan; auditor of the in
terior department, Itobert Wooley of
Virginia; assistant secretary of war,
Henry Hreckcnridgen of Kentucky;
diector of census, William Harris of
Georgia; special fiscal agent, of tlio
navy department nt London, Seyer
IJrothors; register of the 'nd office
nt KnlisM..; Mont., Frank O. Wil
liams. Notice that he must secure the o
sition of collector of the port of New
York for a Tammany man, in order
that the democratic lien upon Jim
mayoralty of New York will not(le
jeopardized next fall, was1 'sVrycd
iijwn Senator O'Gormnn of New Yorl?
today by Tammany leaden). O'Gor
man was advised that the position
itself was far moro important than
the salary attached thereto.
As u result of the activity of tlio
Tummanyites O'Gorman today asked
President Wilson lb villiliotd lioVfiiirrr KSUVTj
decision in regard to the collector- I
BUUSSELS. April 17. Tho strlko
ot Belgian workers to enforce equal
ity In voting continued to extend
slowly today In every part of tho
country. Dining halls providing free
meals to tho needy workers woro
opened hero today by socialist or
ganizations. Reports from Seralng say that
rowdies there, early today passed
through tho workmen's residential
district ou a window smashing cam
SKATTLK, Wiish., April 17.
Charles L. Gnnt and A. I Lewis,
editor and manager of tho Guemes
Island Tilikum of Anucortcs nro
out ou $"UU bail ou n federal indict
ment charging them with having
scut through the mails improper mat
ter, written in connection with u
"dry" and "wet" campaign.
Charles Gant will be remembered
us former city editor of tho Central
Point Herald three years ago and
also as Central Point coriespoiideut
for iho Mail Tribune. Ho was gon
ial nnd good uutured, with n pcu
chant for puns uml nincbiuo poetry.
SAN FItANClSCO, Cub, April 17.
In an endeuvor to provido employ
ment for tho idle men and women
of San Francisco, tho San Francisco
Church Federal today sent a coin
muuicatiou to tho board of super
visors asking thai body to tnko steps
to properly care for tho unemployed.
According to Itov. Jos, Slovens,
president of tlio federation, tho num
ber of unemployed hero is increas
ing daily.
- f