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    oreiton MUMcM Setli
City HaH
Medtord Mail Tribune
Fair tonight. Cooler. Mas.
12, ihIb. m, ptVfip. .w
Kortynoond Ycr.
Dully Hflvnnlll Trr,
NO. 306.
F. 0. Wnltc nnd S. S. Quills to Con.
struct Intcrurunn, Franchises for
Which Were Granted by Mcdford
mill Aslilnnt! to M. T. Mlnncy Co.
W. I. Vnwter Now Preparlnu Incor
poration Papers New Company In
Shape to Go Ahead.
Tin) frnnuhiso for uu iiilorurhnii
trolley Hue granted hiM Jnmiiiry by
Him city of Mcilforil In I In- M. T.
Minney company of Oakland, Cn.,
Imm been transferred liy Hint com
pany If F. II. Wnlta of Hosrburg ttntl
tu-'Ji'inlr. Wotk of cnuitriiotjun U
!' do Mm (eil within the Hunt limit
iwrir'i I liy Itit franchise which e.x
n Alny JO and rindied to couiplc
linn. Associated with Mr. Wnlta In
S. S. llullU of Now York, owner of
the Horllng mine, who niiuiiunccd hi
iiiti'Mliun of applying for n frnuehisn
before tin- Minney company iips'nroil
hi tlu scone only lo ilrop it when
tlii'ir iippliciilioii whs made
W. I. Viiwli-r is now nt wotk drnvv
lift irrorMinill(in papers for Iho now
('mpHiiy nnd its soon hh these nro
filed ftith tho secretary of state it tnnihfrr of tho fiiiiitiliiit) will
bo iiinde. .Mr. Yttutar slnlis that tho
new- I'oiiipnny it in ssillou to go
nhond imtuedintaly nml Hint there will
! no Iniilirr iinnooessnry delay.
Fred N. I'liiiiinhicx U in chnrgo of
lln nirxcy for Hie new toad nml Is
now at work. ,
It i understood Hint tlio M. T.
Mlnncy company will pioeccd at nueo
with tho development of Iho Davis
I riir I wliii'h llu'y piirchiisod some
iiioiiIIih ng'. Tlo'V aic Mthl to huvo
ynoii tlu now onipuny a bonus to
iihhixI in lln construction o' the road.
Mr. Wnito has Uccti interested with
thu Minney mimpany from tho lime
till) fltlllilhlM' XvllK u mill I'd 114 till'
proponed iiitariiihmi lino will run
through a lingo trnot of hind owned
by liim near Ashland, lie in well
kuow'i in this uity.
".Mutters have now hern mi ail'
justed," Muted W. I. Vawti-r, this
morning, "that further delay will not
It' experienced Utiles something uu
fontieeti comes up. Mr. Hullls will
he linn1 from New York shortly while
Mr. Waili' is now arranging details.
A fi'i nml tratisfur of the franchise
will Im made its soon as I eau eom
plele the Incorporation pnpers ami
have them filed with the secretary of
i nt i'. Actual construction wilt he
miner way hefoni tho liimi specified
in ;ht IrauelilHe p.xpircs."
am in n position to prove that the
hilt) President Francisco 1. Mudcrn
of Mexico was slabbed to death mid
that Vieu President .InsoPiuo Sunrex
was striiDglotl to death in tho palace
011 Hid night of I'Vhruary 'J!l and their
dead bodies taken lo the piisou in an
This iiurpinlifioil decision was vole,
ed here lotlay by Colonel Manuel
llanelin Alealde, publisher of tho New
i:ni, a Mudorislu publication tie
Ktroyed during the battlu which to
'Hulled iu Hie ovoi throw of Mudcrn
government. Ahmldo and his family
anived 011 the steamur Aeapuleo from
Kiiliua ('111, Mexico.
"Tim reported assiuilt on the juiml
"cout iiiued Colonel Alealde, "was
merely u l'arelal niho and a part of
Iho plot. If the automobile wiih fired
upon lint kiiiihIh were, only pouring
lead into the dead bodies of Madero
anil Suare. who wote murdered in
the piilacu liuillK be fore at I lie in
hlunee of Huertu ami other conhpira-tors."
Scenes Parallel to Those In Judea In
Christ's Time Witnessed In Metrop
olisStates He Is Powerless to
Act Until Authorities Permit.
Crippled Little Ones bared by Moth
ers Who Tearfully Plead for Help
to Save Little Ones.
HV.W VOtlK. March 10 Dr. II.t-
man Prauiiellial, threclor tif tho Now
York Hospital for DcroruillorlcN, tlr
claretl ttnliiy that Uniletl btnlci. Mir
K'iiim Aiiderstm nnd SHiummi who are
fiipfriiitfiulliiK the administration of
Hie Frinliiwuin tiibcrriilnsls cure, mo
couxiueeil that the trentiiii'iit is the
"Kreatcst inlieri'iiluslM diseocry in
the history of taedieiiie."
Dr. I'muiii'thiil said Hie L'ovrrnmi'iit
experts bad confided to him their !'
lief that the r'rirtlinaii e urn, is epoch
liiiikiuj;. Heeues paralleling Hiokd in Juden.
when CIniM healed the sick nnd prob
ably uunarallclcil since Ills duv. wit-
euaetcil ben) totlay abutit Hie percon
of Dr. Frederick Franr. Friidiiiiiiin,
diseoercr of a turtle, herum which is
tleolareil to bo 11 cure for tuberculosis.
Crow ils l"lmk for Cniv.
Crnwiliuj; befom the hospitals
where Dr. Friedmitnu treated selected
patients today were h 00 res f women
holding in ihcir nnini ho Nwollen,
rniaciaieil utul missineu lioilies of
their children who wen) victims of Hie
white pbiKiie. I'liheediinr the eltiii;
rain, the sorrow stricken ennuis
awaited Hie iirrivnl-of the Merlin sn.
Mint despite all published warnings
that only the enses already in the
hospitals and selected by the govern
ment's pbsieiniiH could be. treated at
this tune.
Hut bone for themselves mid their
little ones would not die on the
breasts of mothers and when Fried-
inniin's automobilu arrived hcenes as
pathi'lle as Now York witnessed won'
eiiaoted. Itiishiiiir uu to Hid ear, the
women iileadeil witli Iho itlivMniun
aitil held up their children to him as
ho passed. One woman snatched the
rni;s fnim her iiil'iinl'h body and,
sis'iikitiL- ill (Ii'niuiii. iiiiiilori'il tin)
doctor to heat the twisted and swol
len limbs hlio bared to III view, A
score of women followed her example,
trill in;; tho clothing and bnnilnm's
from Hie bodies of their children.
The spectacle of the mother's woe
unmiiniicit the German physician.
With tears htrciimiui; from bis eyes,
the physician forced Ids wttv throii;li
the crowd of women, explaining to
them that at present ho was power
less to I rent their babes, but that if
they would only liuvti patience he
would try to euro them all. Later,
-.till stirred by Hie pleas of Hie moth
ers, hit Untied a statement to all suf
ferers, promising that before long
ex cry xiclim of the plague would
hiixo a chance for lifit.
DKN'YKK, Col., Mareb 'JO. Tho
biggest, blondest nnd longest grin
Hint Denver has seen in yearn totlny
s smenred nil over the. fueu of Hut
I ling Nelson, former lightweight
champion of tho xvorld. Hat nays it'n
going lo "stay put", too, and for tho
best reason In thu world. Hero it is:
Mrs. Nelson, formerly Fay King, n
Portlnnd newspaper artist, sued Nel
son for divorce, within iv week after
her murringe, Sho olnimed she "wns
llleritlly kltlnnppett" by tho fiuhter
mid "two houiH after Iho ceremony
knew a horrible iniBtuke had been
Yesterday Mm. Nelson suffered it
nervous collupsn and wired Hat at
Pueblo to "como ut once," mid, to
use tho foiniur diiinip'ion'H expression
"ho (mint! ittttuiilti ", Thou, in the
prcHonoo of wituoRseti mid while Hut's
face expanded, Mra, Nelson sitid:
"Hat is tho sipuircst and biggest
Huntingdon Wilson, Assistant Secre
tary of State Resigns Mather Than
Carry Out President Wilson's Or
ders In Regarding Chinese Loan.
Huffed lecaute He Was Not Con
sulted by New Admlnlstratlon
Prtsldent Himself at Helm.
WAHIIINfJTON, Muroh 120.-- Hunt.
iugtou Wilson, assistant seeietary of
slnte, resigned hern today because
of the new ndiniuislration's Chinese
Htlicy. President Wilion immediate
ly ni'ccplrd his ii'sigiintiou.
Assistant Secretary Wilson's let
ter said his resiguntioii must take
effect today. lie flatly declined to
issue order regarding the promised
Chinese lonn as decreed by Presi
dent Wilson bnsing this action on Hie
ground Hint to so do would repudiate
bis own conduct during the Taft ml
ministration. IVrls Out of llnritiotijr.
Wilson said he felt out of hnnimnv
with the new ndministrntiou's radical
clinuge in policy, asserting Hint xxben
bo consented to hold office under
Secretary of State llrynn Hint he
"had no ronton to believe that the
officials of tho state department
xnnild leant first from tho ews"pn
pern of tho declaration of n policy,
which, I think, shows on its face in
ntle.pinoy of consideration of given
I'tielN nnd theories imohed and fail
ure to clenrly comprelientl the motive
lending to and tho purpose of the
pohex ;t superseded."
"I bad no renson to supisisc," con
tinued Wilson, "Hint the state of no-
gotintious which so long unit 1110 stu
dious attention of the foreign otfi-
ecrs of six great towers xvould be so
abruptly determined with nuitc such
unnecessary hnste mid in so unusual
Iheslilent tit Clinrge.
)'rHilenl Wilson bn prnolicnlly
nsiiiimed personal chnr.1 of the Mate
department iluriii1; the nbseiieo of
Secretnry of Slnle Krymi. Third
Assistnnt Keetetury Addee attends to
the nuiHiie matters, while Hie inomeit
tuoiis affairs are attended to by Wil
mn hiiUM If.
HF.I.FAST, Irelanil. Maieh 20.--
IteiinestH to reconsider its net ion it.
regard to Sir TIioiiiuh Upton's chal
lenge to tin iiitenuitiomil yacht nice
wero eubled to the New York Yneht
ibib todnv hj the Hoynl Ulster Yacht
club of HiU plaetu The action of the
lot al club is taken to mean Hint I.ip
tuu will mitt ml bis challenge mid try
nguiti if 'ii original challenge is not
innn 1 bnvo ever known. He loves me
and hits proved it. I love him nnd I
am going to prove it regnrdless of
what hits been dopu in eoutt here."
Hero Hat broke iu:
"Well, fellows, I guess I should
worry nnd get another oauliflowor
"All this rubbish nnd litis," con
tinued Mrs. Nelson, "nbout my brenk
ing vvillt Hat just for n press ngeivt
story when my heart was broken; the
refusal of even my business friends
to believe Hint 1 suffered, and the
tragedy of failing it all alono mid un
aided, unused my eollnpso. yostordny.
"When the last hhred of resistance.
In mo gave xvuy I knew the' truth. 1
loved lintunil 1 wanted him. I tele
phoned bun to Pueblo, whom ho was
playing mid ho eiinio instantly. Ho
stayed mul soothed 1110 mid for thu
first time since our 11111 rriuye I was
perfectly uttppy,"
I.. vMHMMaMH: WKK P." t V aatr-HHHKmr jht) I
L Ayr? w; - .wv - J
t 1 I - ! I . , J
Tlic mt Interes'lng thing nlsuit Jn.irnlt V Tn.i ., , nc-tmry to tho Pre-ldeut. I til family of six little
ruNiiiu AiinnuBii iir. 'iiimuiir m
iinuT i ii-iirriiir. .n 1.1 .uu. i .ini,
itny Mm Tumulty wj Mum Mar
SACI1AMF.STO, (VI., Match 20.-I AT1IKNS, Mnreh 'JO. -King Colt
"Tbnt'rt a typical .Inpnnce bluff," jstnntino arrived hero today from Sn
doelnred Senator !. H. Snutonl. dem-1 lonien nnd toinotTow will tnko the
nerat. nutlior of one of the alien laud
bills now before the legislature, com-
mentiiig todnv 011 n dispatch from
Tokio to Hie effect that if bills of this
nature nto passed Jnpnn will refuse
lo exhibit nt San Francisco's cxtosi-,
, "Flit Japanese is not only a bluf
fer, but he's shrewd," continued Smt
ford. "His only object in coming to
litis country is money. Ills only ob
ject iu exhibiting nt Hid fair is mon
ey. He wants to advertise bis wnres
before the world. That is his only
object, mid ho won't change his pur
pot e by lensuu of sonm legislation
Hint innv be passed at this session.
Some of 11s who believe that xvo bnve
n nht to govern our-ojvos are going
to find out whether it has eoino to n
iis where this legislature bus got to
ask the pennisitiou of Jtipntt or China
or some other nation before, we can
logisluft' for our own good.
Thut Mrs. Kitt.x Pope, his nlleged ne
compliee, is guilly of no wn)iig-doing
nnd Hint lfcv. Ne-tor K. Clurksou,
tho cliurcb preneher whoso wife be
eloped with, U a "missionary for what
ho turn get out of it," statements
made to (bo police hero todnv by
Owen 1). Conn, Hie sensational .f 100,
000 jiurglar who was captured here.
Conn nlso declines that the Irving
Park missionary colony in Chicago,
in which Chukson is a leading light,
is due for it probo that will startle
tho city.
QUANTS PASS, Mnreh 20. A big
gunii) bunting patty is now being or
gmtixed to follow the noted bear pnek
belonging to Jacob Fry i nto the ltoguo
river bills, The party will iiicliulo
State Trcnsuter Kay, W. 1). DeYar
poy of Portland nnd William Dursiu
nnd Ij. Gamble of Stanford university
and xvlll bo untler Iho giiitlmieo of Leo
Knierson, well known as a huceesful
hunter of bear ami cougar, mid au
thority on all mutters pertaining to
toll Hoguo hills. Tho party leave
West Fork on the 27th,
omr ttiirtj ft.ur trs o Us n Mrce fnnljr. Tho cMWrwi arc Mary. Joe.
.nary i nooui judo 'ctrs mil auu luniin
A. IJrne, of Jftx-y C.ty, N J.
, onlh ns king of Oreece before the
chamber of deputies. The formal
coronation will not take place for six
months when the mourning period for
the late King George, shot down by
nn nssassin Tue-xlny on the btreets
of Snlouiea, will hae ended.
The hope was expressed here to
day that the new king will bo pro
claimed Constantino XII. tho last Hy
santino emperor having been Con
Htnntiuo XI.
SALONICA, March 'JO. Guarded
by soldiers of the Uicck light infan
try, the body of the lute King George
of Greece today lies in state at the
pnhtcu here. Stationed nroutul the
body nlso nro priests who will con
tinue to chant pravers until thu body
is removed to the pnlnce,
SAN FUANCISCO. Oil. March 20.
Cnllforulit, Idaho, eustern Oregon
iiikI eastern Washington nro In the
griti of a cold wave which U elowlr
moving eastward, according to an
nouncement mndu by Weather Fom-
ca-ter McAdoo here loduy. Ho h uu
ublo to suy how long the cold sriifi
will romulu or If It wilt lunvj a
wnko of frost bUghteil fields und
Hrehnrds. lnUlratlous for ruin ht
tho Immedlttto future aro not gooO.ihtilf for overtime, SumUs and io5i
necordiiig to MAdoo. ' Aay"'
WASHINGTON, crutch 20. Six of
Undo Sam's expert bacteriologists
today nro putting the "ueid test" to
Dr. Frederick Franr. Friedmuim'a nl
leged tuberculosis cure. Under their
obscrvntion millions of the bacilli nro
Just outsido tho govetumenlV big
laboratory heto pcores of monkeys,
suffering from tuberculosis iu its
various stages, nro blinking iu tho sun
nnd every conceivable test will bo
miido on these. Then, if it is success
ful tiiberoular patients in Unelo Sam's
various hospitals will be inoctilnled,
Surgeon General Hluo is personally
wntehing tho tests.
Dr. Friodmnun gave tho govern
Sl-III.VUPIKI.Ii, HI., Maivli 20.
Touched by tho vnlinnt fight the
Araericun working girl is making to
maintain her purity in the face of
grinding poverty, Lietttennnt Gover
nor O'Hani and the other members of
the state senate "starvation wngc"
probe committee will move 011 Wash
ington this afternoon to consult with
iTosiueui vviison regarding a con
ference of governors to discuss niitt
imum xvage legislation for women.
"Give our working girls a bo,unro
deal," and "starvation wage is the
feeder of the white shivo tntffic" is
the plcn mid the fact by whielt O'llarn
nnd his assistants hope to reach
President Wilson.
CHICAGO. March 20 - Vice Pres
ident Whitney of tho llrotherhood of
Hallway Trainmen today declined to
accept conditions wheruundcr offi
cials of 19 railroads, running out of
Chicago, nald they would ronttuuo
negotiations with their yard j Pitch
men. "It tho railroads break negotia
tions," said Whltnoy. "flvo thoim.tiid
Bvvltchmeit will strike Immedl.tUly '
The railroads insist that tin men
drop, their deiuaud for pay nn.'t n
ment exports about n gill of the cul
ture. Jt was brought hero from Now
York in ii heivmetienlly sealed tube.
Tho culture constituted u dnrkish
fluid. From it million:, of now bacilli
nro being propagated and their effect
noted on various chemical media
like beef boiillioit nnd gelatine, Tho
experts are studying whether the bac
teria will attack or rofttso to attack
Assistant Suigcon General Huekor
explained tho cultures should show
relictions similar lo tuberculosis ba
cilli. IIo says it is posiblo from the
cultures furni-hetl the government by
Dr, Friedmunn lo propagitto enough
bacteria to supply the world. I
l wa bum on the eve of last election
Mrs. Eaten Arrested en Charg of
Poisoning Husband Who Died Frwn
Mysterious Causes Recently Ex
amination hows Cause.
Harvard Chemist Declares Stemch
of Dead Man Shews Strong Trace
Arsenic Wife HeW WithetK laH.
SINGHAJr, Mas Murclt 20.
Charged with the murder of her hus
band, Hear Admiral Jo.stph G. Katon,
Jrra. Katon wns arrested here today..
It is declared Admiral Katon xvus
The liiquebt into the mysterious
death, of Henr Admiral Joxepli G.
Katon nt his homo in Nortccll, near
here was resumed hcrf today. '
The police nre seeking tho Katon
will, xirltich leaves everything to Dor
otby Ainsworth- the admtrars stcp
danghtcr. Mrs. Katon wns arraigned before
Judge Kdwnrd Prntt nnd pleaded not
guilty. The ease was continued un
til March . She is being held with
out boil.
The district attorney announced to
day that the examination of Admiral
Katqn'H stomach., made by Profwsor
WiWiam Whitney, the Harvard chem
ist, showed strong trace of arsenic.
The district a Homey' 'announced
that poison wan tho cattie of Admiral
KntonV death, but he has not learned
where the poison was Vecurcd.
Accompanied by two officers, Mm.
Katon was bronght to the court house
here iu n closed antomobile.
companied by his nevf trainer, Karl
Mohan, Hud Anderson wilt go to
Wheeler Springs tomorrow for twelvo
days in the mountain. After his
outing he will retuni to Los Angeles
to prepare himself for his second
meeting with Knockout Drown of
New York on April 1- or 15. Ander
son will gw to Medford immediately
after tho battle. Malinger Dick Don
ald and Freddie Anderson will com
plete the little fighter's party. A
camp will be established und Hud will
be compelled to live close to nature
every day of tho stay.
"We know what to do for Hud
now," Donald said today. "Ho got
down to weight too quickly for his
lirst meeting with Ilroun. He van do
the weight easily, nnd this Unto wo
won't bo iu Mich a hurry to tnko off
the meat. Hud will enter the ring in
perfect condition and I look for vic
tory inside of it dozen rounds."
SAN FUANCISCO, Muroh 1!0. Iu
order that it may bo turned into it
federal prison to contain both civil
and military offenders. Alcutm
Island in Sun Francisco Hay is to be
abandoned ns a strictly military pris
on, according to reports heru today.
Tho island nt present contains one of
tho biggest and best equipped sol
diers' peuitentinriei iu the country.
The move is made necessary by tho
fact that McNeill's Island fuerul
penitentiary on tho Washington const
ib badly overcrowded. Ticro are but
-1(10 prisoners ou Aleulriu, mid ihvru
is room for six hundred. The pris
oners, now there will bo imprifcoimd,
tit their vnrioiw posts.
No prisoner over- escaped front
Aleutraz despite many attempt,