Medford mail tribune. (Medford, Or.) 1909-1989, February 17, 1913, SECOND EDITION, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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THJtmwMlle, TtWHMi, IM MMI
Mntl. TTW MMfifi( Tillmiw. tin; Hoi
rrWMTtrS AWMrttW TMMlll,
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.jMI-. i .,.. ,.-. k. ....,. --; --
HflH Fir sirwl HMfiXnln 3911
OMOKOfS I'UTNAM, Hrtllwr sml Msnmtir
Hnlrrfd nn second-dim mutter Ml
Mrdford, Oregon, under ths net of
Marcli 3, 18TP.
OfflHM I'srr of llm City of Medrord.
DfflcUl Paper of Jackson Countr.
Onn yer, by mail ....-S.OO
Ono monili, by. mull . .-. .10
Vtr month, delivered tir csrtler In
wmirarn, jncKBimviiin mm ven
tre! 1'olnt -.-. -,,. . -. -SO
fttturdny only, liy mall, per ymr S.oo
weekly, per year. .. - . V5
Tfr- ,.n-i.-rTr rr
SRwbcl & Day continue their dole
fnl talc of pessimism eencernim: apple
market in the following tinted New
York, February 8:
Wo are, sorry tlint wo cannot write
nny encotimi;ui now about box op
pirn, but ni our circulars always re
port truthfully the exact situation.
po we give it to yon ami In thU world
wc certainly have to take the bitter
with the sweet.
Liverpool -Ii. Connolly & Co. cable
us nfter each sale, their market un
changed which means that freh nr
rivals of Yat8onville Newluwns are
Kellini: nt C to 03d for 4 tiers and 5
to osCd on 4'i tiers, with lower quo
tations on fruit Mored in Uvcrpool,
partly on account of the increasing
decay in it and some of their cata
logues show five to eight rotten apples
per box.
!oudon 31. Isaacs & Sons also
cable their market unchanged, dull
mid slow with ame quotations, i.e.:
iiso'd to UGd on the best of them
and As to 5s on those showing up
with a little decay.
Total cxM)rts last week were 72.200
boxes. Certain parties here have
started dripping heavily, but they arc
mostly ml apples from the northwest.
LivcrXHl boats Wednesday and
Thursday of this week had 21400,
the Hamburg boat Thun-day 10,900
and to Itrcnicn 3200. Wc have not
tho figures of todnyV London steam
ers but undoubtedly they nrc heavy.
Our own reports on Wutonville New
towns bltow it would have been better
to have sold on arrival rather than
ludd for n better market, remember
ing the charges and decay coming on.
You will note that arrivals over
there are celling around 0 which is
(fcrinuily nothing to brag of; hoecr,
that is the market.
This market on red apples from
the northwest continues depressed
and all good stock is 'selling i? 1.2.1,
$1.50, $1.7.1 nitb some off color for
miu reason or another, $1.00 to $.'2J
and home even lower. The daily of
fering nt auction lime been of apples
from tho vicinity of.SX)kauu which
linvo been of Kior quality and man)'
of them quite ripe gelling from 75c to
$1.15. The 1st hist, there were nearly
400,000 boxes in cold storage here.
By Ad Brown
Todav w contributors day. Almost
everything here is bent in by our ad
miring friends.
Why is everyone always so very
epger to enlarge uoii the faulU of
a profemed Christian 1 For the same
reason that typographical errors at
tract so much attention the love of
i'ault-fiudiug rather than the mantle
of charity. M. O. C.
There are some women who need
biead with their gloves on. This may
sound u little fishy but nevertheless
it i" true, but thecr nrc others who
need bread with their shoes on and
some need bread with their shirts on.
If some people don't pay me what
they owe I may need bread without a
darned thing on. Subscriber.
Hero It Is
Tho spring poem senson is opened
tpriuy by a well known Med ford man
who bunds us this. He gets a license
and it membership card to the Ilym
ors' Club:
Tho songbirds twitter on leafless
Jiright gleums the sun o'erhead,
The little Fishes are nestled close, ()
Asleep in their riverbed.
Today wo busk in warmth und shine
Forgotten is toil and hurry
Let it rain, let it snow, let the rude
winds blow
Tomorrow I should worry 1
F. F.
Actors iiarao in this line.
A fellow who has sworn off smok
ing says he never noticed before what
Htitisfatcioii other men take in a good
The Mexican revolutionists . havu
discovered perpetual motions,
Aro you paying Ion cents or did
yen swear off j , u, .
fllDI JWHik
imi(1ii'ii J-yif)i'ir"' I 'is -"" "-tfc-iH
Hxcsrr MtnrDir ur t m
Til 10 Oregon legislature has piiaHpil a niindlluHoiiiil
airioiiilnienl, Increasing Hit" ItMiglli T Mt'KMlon from '10 In
'A) iln.VH, mid Mil piiy riDiu -tit u tiny to ". II will Ito .sub
niiHcd (ti (ho people In 101'i.
Tho IfL'i.slatui'e nliould tlo HoitielliliiK lo hIiow lluil
ft Is world I lie $11 a day each of Us iiioiiiIhtm draws. The
pay Is already loo hljjh for the
it, who are taken .seriously only by themselves, and the
Session by far too lonjr for results accomplished.
Tho more money the members draw, the more they
61)end. The longer the session, I ho more the bills. There
would be the same haste, the salne rush in the closing days,
while tho bulk of the session would be spent as it is now in
playing peanut politics, wire pulling and log-rolling.
In a resolution offered by Representative Wcsterluntl,
it is proposed to remain in session until March 1, without
pny for the extra time. Tho
tailuro and incompetence on the part of the legislature.
Tho members have only themselves to blame. They were
so busy trying to put the governor in a hole, that they all
got in one themselves.
There is no necessity for more pay or longer sessions.
Those who serve for the money in it, had better be left at
home. Common sense rules, limiting the number of bills
for each member, and limiting time for report by commit
tees, would enable the transaction of all needed business
with time to spare in the specified forty days.
More pay and longer sessions will not remedy the situa
tion only aggravate it. Neither will the people sanction
the change because they have lost faith in the legislature,
which has done nothing (o justify confidence.
THE bill creating a state horticultural commission under
the auspices and control of the Oregon Agricultural
college, died a 'horning in the senate as it should have.
Admirable as the O. A. C. may be as an educational
institution, it is assuming too much when it attempts to
dictate to the horticultural interests of the state and cen
tralize fruit inspection and control in itself.
It is respectfully suggested to the O. A. C. authorities
that it has au admirable field for horticultural work right
at home and that it may prove its efficiency in the orchards
arbund Corvallis, which apparently need attention.
At the request of the Benton Growers Exchange, Jack
son county has recently sent a hundred lOltt spray calen
dars the Benton growers had never seen a spray calendar
before. Pamphlets by O'Oara upon orchard heating as
protection from frost were also requested and scut
despite the fact that the O. A. 0. had heating experiments
conducted here. Five hundred smudge pots were shipped
by the Rogue River Fruit and Produce association for use
around Corvallis where orchard heating is tin entirely
new proposition and tin effort to save cherries and poaches
will be made.
All this suggests that the O. A. ('. had better prove its
efficiency at home before taking si contract Tor the entire
Iy F. II.
(Continued from Wednesday)
In southern California the duty of
a second foot "f wnter is coiisidcre.l
to "be from 100 to U00 acres.
From tho above data which aro
taken from actual practice upon
thousands of acres of laud most
scientifically cared for, we see that
from one-sixth to one-half of a min
ers inch of water is n great plenty
for one aero of giound under ordin
ary conditions.
An "acre foot of water U an ex
pression meaning mi amount of wnter
sufficient to cmer over one acre of
ground one foot in depth, or an
amount equul to 435G0 cubic feet.
A second foot of water will cover
two acre.-, of ground one foot deep
with water in 24 hours.
Diiriuir a period of three months u
continuous tlow of one second foot
of water would cover 180 acres of
ground one foot deep.
One miner inch of water during
the same period would cover 4l
acres of grouud o:io foot deep,
or would cover one acre to a depth of
42 feet.
The amount of water required in
most sections of the ltogue Icivef val
ley during the irrigation season varies
with the crop and tho soil, between
the ranges of u total depth of 0
iuchcu, or ' ucre foot to 18 inches,
or 1' acre feet.
Water in these later days when
purchased from some irrigation pro
ject, is generally furulthed on the
basis of so muny acre feet in depth,
per aero of land, for each season.
It has becu found that the amount
of water required for any field
moru the first season it is irrigated,
and less for each succeeding season.
This is cuuscd by tho rio of the
ground water lcol, below which the
ground is practically always wet or
Tho natural ground water level may
bo jnauy feet below tho surface be
fore irrigation is practiced on the
laiwl; from that time on it wil) grad
ually riso until jt is but a few feet
below tho surface, and the amount of
water required thereafter to propeil.
mature crops will be considerably less
than it, was at the start.
Three acre feet of water per sea
son is considered to be about the
inaximum required in any locality for
any crop.
The cost of water rights per aero
of. irritable hiud varies in government
Mfttorrmtf tocm Tiiromrw,
class of statesmen seenriiu;
resolution is a confession of
and Instructive Facts
Walker. C. K.
projects from 'M dollars to ncarlv
100 dollar.
The Umatilla project costs from 00
to 70 dollars; the Klamath project
from HO to 40 dollars, and the Tictou
project in Valiingtoi cents 93 dol
lars jcr acre.
A general average of about 55 dol
lars per acre is maintained.
In southern California, however,
tluj water supply U scarce enough so
that a miners inch of uatcr is valued
at from $1000 to 2000; this is it
the rate of from -5150 to .fllOl) per
acre for a water right. The upkeep
or maintenance charge from year io
year is nl n variable quantity ac
cordiuir to the local conditions uliich
affect the methods Used and the cost
of oernting.
Died, at Kagle Point, Jackson coun
ty, Oregon, Agues Iive llowlett, be
loved daughter of Itcv. A. C. and S.
K. llowlett, departed this life on the
Kith of February, 1013, at the ac of
22 years, ,'l mouths and 7 days. After
a lingering illness she passed peace
fully away, being the eighth child
called by death.
Deceased was bom at Haglo I'oint,
Oregon, and resided with her par
ents. She leaves to mourn her loss
father und mother, four sister, viz:
Urs. S. .M. Lewis, Pilot Itock, Ore.,
jrrs. Jr. K. Hoyt,; Klumath Falls
Jh-s. 0 G. (Tavia) Shaw, Falrviow,
Ore.; Jliss Hattie llowlett, Eaglo
Point, und a largo retinue or
young peoplo with whom she had
grown up and was loved and adored
by all, as was manifcbtcd by the
great amount of floral tributes. Tho
funeral services wero conducted at
tho homo by Ilov. JI. C. Davis, assist
ed by Ilov. L. L. Simmons, and inter
ment took place at Antelope cemetery
on February 15, 1013. Tho remains
were followed to their resting place
by ii large number of sorrowing
friends. Tho pall bearers consisted
of six young ladies and six young
Piles Cured In O To 11 Day.
Your drugRlst will refund money
If PA5CO OINTMKNT falls to euro
any case of Itching, niltitl, Bleeding
or Protruding Piles In C to M dayn.
SO cents.
Micnironi). oinwotf.Momw. iwuiiTAHV 17. mm.
Land Values
Wlial itc lo innki up lh' uiliin of
Inlid Wlui I it will st'tl for. or tthut
It will produce In the riciidnpliiK
section like tin- Ituxtii' Uwr ull.
both cnler lulu II miIiic Locution
til'tni make n ncIHiik miIiic, which
ulhcruW would nut obtain. In the
ultimate, lanuner, It i the pmduc
lle implicit v which lic tabic. Our
bct orchards hac a tnlue bncd
largvlv on pnH'ollc production.
Measured hi dollars and cent, wc
have every rcnsuiu to believe that the
tight character of Homio riser utllcy
orchards will In the future if anv
thing exceed the productive capacity
of our best older ittvhnuW. Hut the
rcmihuitv f ivp production, hcuy
crops of choice fruit, irrespective f
seasonal rlmuciw, N n inv-requliltc
of permanent high value for thli
kind of property. It W u rccojjulxed
fact that during the growing senon
of llll'J. the five late spring and milli
liter month, the precipitation wa
more than the combined precipitation
of the growing scnon of 11I0!I. IHIA
und mil. Here Is food for reflec
tion. Permanent, stable nines arc
what wc have lo injure prosperity.
Itegulnrity r crop production wc
must have. How can it bet be se
cured? About eight or nine war no, it
will be reiui'tnbered, Ktl Andrews, act
ing in cn-npcrution with n number of
local realtv men, did ouie inix-Uui-ary
work back in .Minnesota and the
Dakota", rcsultim; in a carload oT
personally conducted prospective
ltpinesecker front those wheat state
who were piloted over thi valley by
the realty men, ami Uietvby hang a
tale. Out about Cokcr Hutto wit a
(Hinder section of laud with some ten
ucre of beariui: Kewtowns mid oth
er fruit, and quite a large young or
chard. The owner was askinir $1-'.-000
for the procrty. Coining into.
.1.:.. ..I.... i ., . il. .... ..I
nut itu'iciim -.(tiiiuivi nrmiiri, mniiii-,
lite nrt or .Mnreii wiieii iue tinned,
from their inclement climate, those
Dakolatis should have been dead cuv
to fall for that place at that price.
It did took awfully koimI to them, ami
in one hack were three men who each
expressed the determination to liuv,
the owner not being at home tit the
time of their visit. The prcwous scu
son had been a dry one. and the
"iwrsonal attendant" agent was not
(Misled to beware of tho bam. until
all three prospective purchasers en
tered that bam, and that simple fuet
not only "queered" that Mile but also
queered all sales of orchards on hiuh
ground for that bunch of Dakotuus,
iiotwithstamlini; tho (act that mnuy
genuine bargains were then offering
in hill lauds. Why! (
In that barn, stored in bias, were
about two carloads of .Xcwtowii ap
ples, too small to ship, and wort tiles-,
for the home uiurkcl, which would,
with it very little wnter applied at
tho right time, have sold thai season
in tho London market for a figure
that would have netted in Jlcdford
about thice dollars per box. A tnlle
of water that dry season would hae
matured those worthless little apple,
into something for which the world
across the ocean wa hungry, and for
which they were more lliuii willing t'
pay n fanov price.
The angry iigcnU did not spare the
owner, who alter the interview with
them, say the light and closed up t
contract for water for that season
with the ditch comp.tuy, with the re
stilt that he raised the price of his
place to $18,000 and sold for that
figure. Tim singular feature of the
mutter was that the owner, the
agents, even all the neighbors knew
for years what wa the matter with
the apples in their annual deprecia
tion from the excellence which dii
tiuguihcd them wlu-u the trees In -t
begnn to bear fruit. And yet, becaiwe
somo wise guy, fcitile in excuses to
defer doing what he knew was good
business to do at oacc, had expressed
his opinion that he "didn't like the
contract" of the canal compauv.
And that little fake excuse proliablv
prevented many ordinary sensible
men from lending aid to what is tie
most enHcutial thing ever put up to
the fanners of this valley.
Wo cannot expect a repetition of
the growing season of 101 '.J the pres
ent year. It looks now as if it might
by a dry year, the average precipita
tion being far in excess, of the ritiu
full to , date this jcar,.lt may be
that many a iiiUlit oiuhurdmnn of
this valley will mourn n- lust oppor
tunity bctWo another year goes bv,
with the great acreage now in bear
ing. Water under such circumstance
is only a form of crop iiwiiritnco. Vint
can grow fruit without water; but n
few morn crops of such fruit will not
only queer the sale of tho orchards
which produce it, but also queer the
reputation of this alloy as the best
fruit section in tho known world.
Whv defer action Iungcr7 The mod
ified contract now meets with tho
approval of nil, und there is only ono
thjjig lo do; get busy, higli up for tho I
John A. Perl
28 8. UAWlhEip
IMinues M. 171 and 47R
Anibulanco Service Deputy Ocruner
and Irrigation
liiinl which oii know might In Iiimc
nnlur to make It pioiliien nun I ual
iiral ciiiulilinuM nun nut vou In ei
peeling II o produce, und llierc will
lie no iiiiuc icitteli uer loM uppor-
ItiiiltlcM, Ymt tin not wiiut oiii' html
In decline in Millie. Tlicj muely will
decline In wilito If oii do not inula
tain the Mich slumlord of pmilucthc-
iii'vi which dlnllUKiiishcH llm .Mmug
orchard, Tic's is us sum as fate
Whv not net qiiicklv and enable the
ditch compauv lo animuuce that Ihcv
hne enough laud lgucd up for water
to enable them to hiiuiuiiiii a horde of
men und teams and punh construction
of the ItU'hllue ditch within shtv daw
from date. They arc euner to gel to
work, Its up to mui owners of land
to sluil this work. Sign up! Sign up!
The fact that the cost of coimtruc
tlou will be money thrown loose in
this vitllcv. rijjltt among us, at n lime
when alt that is holding the alley
back from a uivatcr forward move
ment than was ever known before, is
a temporary money stringency, should
determine men to act qttlcktv in litis
matter. It is along the line of public
works; and vast sums epcudeil in
public works lime freqiieullv brought
about conditions of great proMicritv,
where otherwise depies.inu would
lutM' continued dunug'utnuv mouths
This fact nlone is worlhx of set mils
consideration by the bind bidder.
in i i - in r i im
VALUE IS $36,062,121
The total atmessed valuation of
Jacknon county property, realty, per
toaul and rorporutlM', Is f 36,002.
UM.OO, ncrordliiB to tho tax rolls
for l!)12, Jimr completed by County
Clerk Uardaor. Of this amount,
3'.,.0U,C!tr,.0t In assented to per
gonal and realty property, uml $L
(i20.I39 to holdings of corporation.
The value as aimcmd wnn $30. 736,
0TI, nnd cqualUcd by tlio comity
board of cquallxor at $30,R2,i:4.
The total tax levied In J70C.01L ill,
with n total apportionment of 29 9
mills for tho different department
Tito levies, tho rati and tho
amounta are:
State ami county tax tit S.5 mllln,
School tux at 10 mllU, 1170,
0SS.47. Itoad lax at !. mllU. $73.1X0.30.
Cities and towns at D.'J mill.
According to tho tax rolls, tho levy
on real estate la JacUoa county It
$GIS,70G.43; porwotml properly,
$109.23 1. ti3. Tho operative prop
erty of corporations is umomI ai
In t'Jll tho total tax In round
numbers was $70.0ou, about J.v;,.
000 greater than the present Imy.
For all tat payments paid up to
March 1. a rebate of 3 wr rent will
he made. After April I a delinquent
penalty will ho added for all unpaid
Blood Bath
Remarkable Effects of a Rem
edy That Actuully Irri
gates the Entiro
Blood Supply.
It loundn nurrr to take lilwxt bath
but tint l rcclily llm erfeet f n. int
rrmnrltnble rrmtily known on H 8. 8. It
hn Iho cullur nctlim of vonklnit
IhrfiUKh th Inlenttnet illreclly Into Ihn
Mood. In Dvo mlnutoa IU Inlliiimca 1 nt
work In every nrlery, vein nnd tiny caplb
lary livery membrane, every nraa of
lite body, every emunclory leonie In
effect u flltr lo Mrnlri tho blissl of 1m
liurltlen. The (lliniilutlnu mtcrtle.i of
II. H H. compel Iho nktn, liver, bowel .
hlilnoyx. bliiiblcr In oil work lo llm ono
end of cnitlnK out every Irritating, every
lln Infllcllnir Mom of iolion. It dltloilwea
by IrrlKatlou ull arcumuliitlons In the
Joliitu, ilUvolves ncbl nccretlon. renders
Idem neutrul und callers Ihono pcoiillar
formatlone In tho nurro cenlera Ihat
csuxe audi mysUfylnsf and ofte'.i buffllnx
rhcumutlo ilni.
And bnst of ntl, this reinarkublo rem
edy la wolcomo to tho weiikrut atoma'-hi
becnuae It la a paro vegetable Infusion,
la taken nuturully lulu your blood junt uit
pure ulr In Inhnlqd nuturally Into your
lumen. ,
The vrcut Hwlft Ilxirnlnry lina uncnt
millions of dollura la pcrfeollnif, prodac
ln und plurlnK la lha hauda of tho pule
lie IhU wonderful remedy. Ho xlvo your
blixd a l(0(i.l bulh Willi H. H. H-, for It
knock the wornt forms of ihcmnjtlam
every time.
You can cot It nt any druir nlnro nt
Jl.ou a ImjUIc. It la a utiiadurd loinody,
recotnlxol overywhero iih Iho en-Aleut
blood mxclllo qvor dUcoyorcil. If yours
Ih u peculiar cuo nnd you doalrn nxpert
oilvc. write to The Hwlft Hpeclllo Co.,
1)7 Hwlft Illdtf., Atlanta, Ua.
Wc carry u very complete line of
1 rupr I i'N, men ciirlulnH, flxturon, etc.,
mill do ull cIuhhch of uiiliolBlerlntf. A
apeclul mini to look aftor thin work
cxoluelvcly und will Klvo UN Kood
ncivlco n m la noHalblo lo et In even
thu luritent ctllea.
Wooka & McGowan Co,
Physicians Endorse Vlnol
Tu ricale rttrrnu.Hi ami fur I'ulino.
imiy TniiiblcH
Itiiii-duivii. ilclillltiitcd people
IIiokc who need Mroitrttli, ur wtm mif
for (ruin I'hroule loiiulm, colli ur
liroueliltU imiy (lint help In llienu let
Dr. ('. U DieiHMi, (IohIicii. N. V .
wdh: "In en noil wlmic thu cuialUc
liitliienio of cod liver oil l needed
I prencrllio Vlutil. which I flint to he
far moru pnlatuhlo and cfflonrluiiH
thiin other cod liver preparation!!. It
In n worthy cod liver piopitrnlluu In
which n pliyidi'liui may liavo mor
Dr. I.. U. Uoiicltollu of TliuimiHvlllc,
(In . imyif "I have lined Vlitol In iu
family and In my tumoral practice
with the moat nntlHfai'tory ronultH.
It tit oxoeoillnly boneflclnl to tliom
uffllricd with tnouehlal or piiliuuuary
IroublcK, and tu create attniiKth "
Ur. V. N. Hand of Kvuim Mllln, N,
V., Hityir "I want to nay that t have
tiaoil ami pieiicrlbeil Vlnol lit no
practice and It will do till )ou claim
for It and more."
Wo return jour money If Vlnol
folia to help you. Medford I'liar
inuey, Medford, Ore.
Auction Sale of Acreage
Tho ttmlirsli; linn (Icrltlptt to
mnL.i nitillnr nnntllin trt!n it 1( tO
5 aero tract In the I'lcrco Huuitlvt
ilou between the loth day ut April
ami tho ir.tlt of March.
Uli.,... ,,iv nl. Inal Mnrrll much lilt-
prnvcmcnl Iirh lieon done. In tbla lo
callty, punitive evidence, thnt tills l
tho preferahVi location for bulldluK
suburban hoiucn.
Two nice hoiiiea and u number of
llimller ouch linvo been titillt this
pant nuiumer and fall. iiuiiuiUR
n...i. wnlun on III Mll lint L-llllOrtlOOd 1
n now freo rural delivery now passes
(hroiiKlt tho rierco muuuiiioii. ah
electric imwer and IIkIH llao hits ro-
xntlif li.u.n eiinRtroetuil. Willi liOOll
roads, frco soil ami city water, a
homo hero la a iittiu runcit in me
l-'or particulars ami terms write
HUM i:. .Main Hlrift. Mrdforil
Haight Music Studio
I HI S. Ijiurcl SI., .Mcilfortl, On'.
Mil. I'ltl'll A l.'l IIAKJ1IT
Now York
riaiio and llariuouy
Mh. Plorrino iillil.iy.nlt;lil
London ami Now Vork
Vol io (,'ullurii
Phono 71103
Till: liuHliiiw miu who win
Mjniro a few iiilatitcrt of bU
urn., in the nbotoisraiihcr of
today will pluuso bis eatlro family.
Ills norlralt t.roduccd by present
iliiv mvthoilH of nhotoitraphy will bo
an nitroonulo surprise It's doiiu so
quickly and elovoriy.
Make tho appointment today.
.Main and (Vulral, .Medford, On".
Schubert Symphony
Club and Lady
Aiodntcd liy
Thomas Valontino Furcoll
Blanch Fox
Francos Rhinehart
Will uppcar at tho
Febi 20th
I'lider tho aiiHplcei, of thu
i. o. o. r.
Wc have several up-
to-date, modern 5 and
6 room Bungalows
M. F. & n. Co. Bldg.
.M-v-l--f '
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t iVattiiliiK ItusKiau tlliiitlui; und ',
Ihiuiliw and .MiinIc ;;
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I'llli I.AMT I'lIltrett.MANCi: ;;
III Two Iteols !!
l'ATiiiw wi:i:uiiV no. i ;;
The Hafest tilnro to rii I'lrciiroof,
modem and up-to-date In overy re
spect. TOO.VV AM 'niMOItltOW ONLY
Tbc .M)li'ilnu and Powerfully Out-
tlniliiK IViilitn
tiii: vi:mii:.nci: ok ixivit
PortraylUK a diabolism demoniac
opcrntltiK thnuiKh a mortality mani
fold. Death and disaster that oxer
take tho Inheritors of Iho curso. The
maloudout no of a iIuiuiiIuk dolly
which upon lis iiirecr uf cruelty
closes ueer.
In 'Ihn'c IteoN 'Ihrc 'lltoinnliil IVrt
Itrvldcx 10(10 feci of ItUltllliK hhI,
Itlli.fraiMuK I'uiiiiy KHm
Wc are moIiik t brlitK II to Med
ford Will lot you In uu It soon.
It's a poach.
Matinees Dnlly, 3 to C p. m.
I'lider civ .MniiMKcincnt
A ItOK.II ItlOK WITH MlllOtll.V.
A story of oil fluids and explosives.
Oao of the most dramatic and really
lutorortlitK films iiiado.
A MO lllltlt'K STIlATItOV
tin: nt!..MNJ awav ok nonm
lloros u liranm Willi a "Puiiolt"
Till! l'IUKI OI'I'llltlNO
Coined) Kllm wlih a Pimchy llusoball
Music Kndor the Dlrcotlun of
Mm. Woolworth,
AK.MISHION' .1 ntiil !.
E. D. Weston
Official Photographor of tho
Medford Commercial Club
Amateur Finishing
Post Cards
Pnnornniiu AVorlc
Interior and oxturior viowa
Plash lights
Negatives made anv timo
and any place l)y appoint
ment. 208 E. Main Phono 1471
Stoam and Hot Wator
All Work (limninKod
l'rlvi'S Ittimuniililu
as Howard nioolr. Uiitrinicn on 0th HI.
Home I'lion 310,
Clark & Wright
Public I.niul Mutteru: Final Proof.
Denort Lands, Content ami Mining
1 Uftiv. Strip.
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