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Medford Mail Tribune
Hliouet MIh H( May. H
I'rrclplUtten, .fil.
'nrtjr.eonil Tfr.
bally Hevrttlh rr.
NO. 281.
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Strict Crnscrslili Keeps News From
Dclnn Received Americans Flee
(or Reluiie Diaz Rebels Capture
Monterey, Nctivo Laredo, etc.
VF.UA mV'A, Mexico, Feb. 17.
Fighting wan resumed in Mexico City
nt iiintii today nnd preparations lire
being pushed hem to cam for bun
itn'ilri of Americans who nn fleeing
for (vfiiuc
As a ictull if llio Miict c'tMirship
lin details are being received. Prief
dlspiilehea indicate t lint iln iNi-niiti:"
of tin1 rtiinbnliiiil iiic in i'Iiiiim'. il, unit
Iliiil I tin r Iimm resumed hi buniliiird
Hii'iit nf the palace.
WASHINGTON. IVIi. 17.- Presi
dent Titft'H formal noli in reply In
MihIito'm protrHt uguiint Intervention
whs published hern lodnv.
"Fresh tiMMiniiK'iwt," il wild, "of
llio frtotiU1iIi of tht United Slate
fur Mexico are not necessary after
two vrnini of iiitiiif, patience nuil !
Tim pole dill not mention Inter
iMilirni nml illil not Hnv Hint Him
United Stale gnwrninenl wu roil
dderlng such a Mep,
Later dispatches from Ambassador
Wllwui I'liuriniiril ri'tHirlM tlmt Ilia
Mln. rebel captured Mnnlercv ami
Xiwvn teredo, and Hint tliov conlnti
the l.nrcdo linn of the Xntlnnnl rail
way. '
Consul Holland nt Snllilln rrtnrl
Hint l-l bridges between Haltillo and
Monterey haw Icon hunted, and Hint
all wire between these two points nrt
Consul Fdtvnrds at .lnntrr say
llint border ncwspniier are exciting
Mfiicnit hv claiming tlmt American
inlxni'iitiioi in rrilnm. Other eon
mil rrport (he enuntrv quiet with tin
unlive fulfill v nwaltlnir Ho oi."in
of the struggle lictwrcn Mudcro and
Feeling against Anient an I snid
to ln troiigc'it nt Acnpnlrn and Mint
WASHINGTON. Feb. 17. Secrc
tnrv Knox Issued thin nftcrnnoii a
Mutcmcnt to the effect that telegrams
from various cniiNiihito indicate the
circulation from Mexico Cilv of stnr
iiH which hnvn resulted "in iiinwtr
runted iiitiinntioiiH to the Mexican
public that mililiirv ititcncutinii al
irmly Inn! begun." He added that the
Male department lum tolcginphed all
American consuls in Mexico to mnke
it clear that tin' policy of Hid United
SIiiIch Ik unchanged.
Proof that Madero falsely re ported
that Dinx violated tho lernm of yes
lonlay'ij nnnislico was furnished lli
Hindi dcpartniPiil thin afti'moon hv
AiiihnKsndor Wilnon. WIIhoii iiR4crltd
Hint Madcro violated tho Irnco hv
I'MtnldlHlitni; fpilornl troops In new
pn-dlioiiH, londini; sewer npproaehes
In tho nrnpnnli whero Dinr,' forces nro
hlationed, with dynamite nnd hv
inonntitiK onnnon on the tops of
IniildiiiKH. Wilxon Knid Dinz mnde
three chiirueH naiiiHt Mitdero, and
that InvpiiliRnllon proved they were
WASHINGTON, l-'eh. 17.-Tho ar
rival of (ho United Stolen lmttlt'Hliin
Nehranlcu and Vunnont at Vera Cniu,
Jfexioo, wuh reported In a wireless
dibpateli received this afternoon at
the navy depnrlmont, Tho two dread
nniiKhlg carry nn expeditionary force
of neaily 'J,000 men, minmi'iitinK the
inimher of hlnejaekulH and umrlncH at
Vera CniR to nearly 11,01)0.
i. iii ii i -1 i - i -
WASHINGTON, Feh. 17. Koeom
mondalion of the fodural incorpora
tion of u $100,000,000 Kockofulter
foundation wuh iniido hy a Kennte
comtnilU'o today, Tho recommenda
tion wmh ideiitieiil with one made hy
(i t'ommittoe of tho house. --
Enver Dey Said to Have Been Slain
by Dl.ortinlleil Soldier Boundary
Dispute Breaks Out Anew Between
Roumanla nnd Buluarla,
IM.IIMS', IVh. 17. Tho death of
I'.iiver Hey h ieiorled in an iineon
firined illHpateh reerived here tonight
fiom Ciiimtaiilinople. '.ner Hay wii
Htahhed late liihl nlylit by a ill"Knin
lli'il Kolilier uhllo lcaini; the lilllliili'M
fONSTANTINOI'l.i:. I'eh. 17.- It
wan said liere today that Knver Hey
wan MaMied hy a diMKrnnlled Mihlier
ax he mm It'll vine the Imnin.
It wnx li'iirnril lodav that Grand
Virier Hhefl;et 1'anlin i romlneed
that TU Unv ni"Nt end the war, ern
if it ha to he done on hnniiliatinK
teiiioi. The lintlou'i. In-iiHiiry in emp
ty. llDiinilarjr lU-pnltt Ann In
PARIS, IVh. 17. Government of
ficials and diplomat hrre today weiv
ailmiltedlv alartiiPi! oer the Mmined
relations hetneen Ittiumania and Hid
l!ii nil resulting fiom their honntlary
ilUpnle and Itomaania's demand for a
imrtition of Silislrla.
Dnrinir the progress of the confer
enees at londou jictucen the Turkish
and llnlknii iveaee enoys it was re
srled that the differeneen hcturcn
llio two nations hnd heen ndjiisted.
hut the hitnatiou todny is said to he
more crave than at anv time since
Roumania first oieed her demands.
Itutftln vs. Autlrlii
HKIII.IN', Fell. 17. Serious inter
national complications, ixissihly en
dmiKerini; the jtenee of F.uroe, are
helhrl hem lodaV to he almost eer
tain to follow KiWkiu's stiff reply to
n conciliatory note seat hy F.inwror
Fran .lonef f Austin.
In its reply, llnssla cnHly declared
that Austria's actions toward the
slavs in neiKhhorinc states had forced
llnssia to maintain her reservists on
a war footing. It was also indicnted
that so lum; as Austria menaced her
iieii;hlnirs, Russia would feel required
to he prepairtl for anv emergency.
WASHINGTON, Feh. 17.-Direct
int tint president to transmit to cou
Kresn nil the information in his pot
session rcnnrdlii the Mexican nitun
lion "which is not incompatible with
the pnblio interests," a desolution de
signed In inform conj-ress fully re
(nrdliij: the Mexican crisis, was Intro
duced today in both houses by Senn
tor Ashurst of Arir.ona nnd CoitRresfi
man Aycw of New York.
i - r I
VIKNNA, JVh. 17.- Dispalches lo
niKlit from Sofia and llucharest it
port that representatives of (lie pow
eni ant doinc ovcrylhiiu possihlo to
prevent n lireak between Roiimauin
nml HulKaiia. It was slated that
both countries are on tho verso of
severing relnllons.
RAMiM, Or., Feb. 17.Compltto
Indorsement of Governor West's pri
koii policy In every important respect
will bo contained in the report now
in preparation of tho joint house and
senate committee appointed early in
tho sossioii to investigate tho peniten
tiary. Tills report probably will he
luudo tomorrow.
Tho reixirt will say thai tho parole
syslom carried out hy tho governor
linn proved thoroughly satisfactory.
Tho report may oven go further nnd
recommend Hint tho parole policy In)
prnoliecd to oven greater extent.
In lis visit o tho ponilenlinry, tho
eommitteo investigated with great
thoroughness. Two meals were eaten
witli Hit) prisoners, Hint tho kind of
food Horvcd might bo tried. Then
n monitor of ho committee roso nnd
announced Hint any prisoner who hud
a omnplnlut might fool himself free
to oowo before tho committee,
yyBjBTWyV111" ' - - w iiiiii.M i wJ
" Sn.urm
s-. Vjirnno rriA nAtmt.Ai njxt a urnr ""itv
Tin; nlsire pliolojcrsph showp Hie .Siilluiial Taloee. Mexico City, wli.cli I l-ii ecil j Itie triwp audrr
(inral t'lur Hmnr Ism fralirlnco lr Iji I'.arrn nnd Kinlllaiin Zapata tin- wn of the most pruiulufiit men run
urcteil willi the fettiliillon llulb art) blin: tnlktd of a a tsiH-ltde Pruvlilnnal I'rrsldrtit
SAN FUANC'IKf'O, Fib. 17. -A
complete new administrative staff in
San Frnneiscu for the Southern Pa-
.... .,.v """' ..
eiHc and new officials from president
down, together with actual competi
Hon between the Southern Pacifi-
and the Union Pacific and Central,
PaeiGo combined. '
These are some of the results which .
...:n ...i.ii I. .r.
n rH"Hr tl"ft r lUllliniiih iiiv nn
rit of the Hartimau lines in the wet
in pursuance with tho recent United
Stales supremo court decision, nc
rnrdiiti to Robert S. Ltnett, chair
man of the Union Paellic board of
directors who nrrhed here today with
William Sproule, president of the
Southern Pacific.
The object of the isil U In apjear
before the railmad eomn.ission for
examination rrunnlinir tho plan of
dissolution which has been evolved hy
the corporation.
tratliiK a plot by University of Penn
sylvania students to kldnnp a 'chick
en suffragette" from tho band
marchlpK from New York to Wash
ington whllo tho "army" Is In this
city, tho potlco saw to It that tho
baud departed Intact today. It was
necessary, however, for a platoon of
police to accompany tho "hikers" to
tho outskirts.
Twelve "regulars'' made up the
army arriving hero, and It was
Joined by six Philadelphia recruits.
A drum corps accompanied tho
marchers out of Philadelphia,
Tho army will "capture" Chester.
Pa., tonight.
IIOUI.TON, Or., Feb. 17 Herman
HcitHcl was probably fatally burned
today in ntlemptinc to remove the
ensh register from his burning hak
ery. Tho building was destroyed with
n loss of $:i,ooo.
Nearly sixty prisoners responded.
For tho most part, the complaints
were over minor matters.
A pathetic feature, however, was
that almost every ono of these men
pleaded wilji tho eommitteo to tako
some notion to mako it possible- for
them to got hoeka and underwear.
Some wear only old rags for un
derclothes that they had not changed
for months except to wash, whilo
others had more remnanlH of worn
out Hooks on their feet and they
begged for relief. Only those whoso
friends helped them, tlioy snid, wow
provided in this respect.
Tho oommitton will recommend an
nppropvinilon to provide Iho convicts
with noeded socks nnd underwear.
Tho joint eommitteo consists of"
T.owelliug, chairman; Smith nnd
l.niighliu of tho house, nml Senators
JIolia and (tngiidalv.
comtnunlratlon between Mexlro City
and Washington la kevered or for-
I ..I....... ... I,l .1,..-.. .....). ..
'"- -- ':"..,, . a. .
"" ' ' ""' . 8t
w coi.Ubuj to m.lntnln lu 'hand,
JW ,"Mcx,; , ,, ,
wu th,e , ' 1,"WB
Ta nn'cr oy to the apiil of
i rresmeni jiaoero wiai una Rorcrn
meat do not lutvrfere. Madero
IHilntcd out Hint the landing of nn
expeditionary force nt Vera Cruz
would he purpoiely mUconBtrued by
Mexicans nnd probably would In
(tamo the poputore to n general up
rlfllnr; aKatnjt'tAmerlcana aud othorT
Tho Vermont nnd Nebraika are
up ni "n ,-rui "" " ni
moriinuveiy iiaica louay inai uuui
Preiluent Madero a appeal was re
ceived, President Taft Intended to
laud marines at the Mexican sea
VA8IIINOTON. Feb. 17 An ul
timatum carrying n veiled threat Is
tho construction placed by diplomats
here today on President Taft'a au
swer to the appeal of President Ma
dero of Mexico that the United States
maintain Its policy of "hands off
with regard to tho southern republic.
Tho last sentenco practically com
mands Madero Immediately to ame
liorate conditions in Iho Medcan
cnpltal and the fact that tho note con
talus no promise not to send troops
across tho border Is regarded hero
as highly significant.
"Your excellency Is somewhat nils
Informed as to tho policy of the
United States toward Mexico, which
has been uniform for tw.o years, and
as to naval movements and other
measures thus far taken, which are
measures of natural precaution,"
EI PASO, Feb. 17. Cavalry from
the federal garrison at Juarcx was
sent to the hills early today to op
pose tho progress of General Salazar,
tho rebel commander.
All cattle owned In Chihuahua by
the Madcro family, nearly a million
head, aro being driven to tho bor
der today. This Is considered sig
nificant, and Is believed to mean
that President Madero has sont word
to his relatives to prepare for tho
Alberto Madoro, the presldcdnt's
brother and his family are prepared
to leave on a moment's uotlco.
WASHINGTON, Feb. 17.. Indicat
ing further fleet movements the navy
department today ordered nil passed
assistant surgeons of tho uavitl med
ical corps to return to duty.
S A I.I'M, Or., Feb. 17. lust to 'ally dismissed Kdgeter after It had
show that it means husiuees and does! already sentenced him to three
not intend io rveche bills from the'
house passed after la.t Saturday un
less they are of real importance, the
senate today adopted a motion re
affirming its stand and notifying the
house members that the senate will
stand by its units.
With about -00 house hills yet tin
considered in the hou.e, the orguni ra
tion lenders have been proceeding nn
the theory of staying over one more
week and forcing the senate to con
sider all Hi tie bills by holding back
some of the more imiortnnt matters
lo thelnst. "" -- ' -
All Hie M'linte did aside from read
ing a pile of house bilk the first and
second time was to debate nnd finally
adopt the motion notifying the house
that it intends to adhere to its resolu
tion of Inst Satnrdnv.
NKW YOllK. Teh. 17 Dr.
Frederick Kranx Prledmann of Mer
lin, discovered of nn alleged cure for
tuberculosis, started for Mremen to
night and will sail tomorrow for New
York. Frledmann Is coming to New
York to accept tho offer mado by
Charles K. Klnley, a millionaire bank
er of $1,000,000 It his cure proves
efficient In 95 cases out of 100 tub
erculosis Buff srers who are to submit
themselves to treatment.
.MEXICO CITY. Feb. 17. Although
scores of corpses were incinerated
during yesterday's armistice in the
civil war, tho streets about tho nat
ional italace still aro littered with
dead bodies. No estimate of the
number 6lnin in yesterday's fighting
was obtainable.
WASHINGTON, Feb. 17. Five
years of guerilla warfare, extending
into the mountain fastnesses of Mex
ico with an American army of up
wards of 250,000 necessary, is what
intervention in Mexico means to the
United States, according to n state,
went of Frederick h. Huidekopor,
noted military export, in an interview
with the United Press correspondent.
Declaring Hint tho United States, to
maintain tho Monroe doctrine, is nn
swernblo for all violations of tho code
of iuteriiatioiial Inw in Mexico, Huide
koper ""leclnred ho foresees iir inter
vention n condition nualagous to that
which faced this county in Iho Phil
ippines, only ho would ho "in
finitely worso."
"Tho hatred of the Latin for tho
Anglo-Saxon is intense in Mexico,"
ho said, "And intervention by this
country in any form would mean tho
welding of all antngonistia forces
ngniust quo common enemy. Tho
Penitentiary and Heavy Fines for
Patterson and Associates for Con
spiracy In Restraint of Trade
Business Methods Grilled by Court
CINCINNATI. Ohio, Feb. J 7 One
fear In tlio penitentiary and a f S000
flno was the ient'nce Impoted hero
today on John II. Patterson, presi
dent of tho National Cash Ileglatcr
company convicted vlth other off!
clal- of tho company of bavins; vio
lated tho Sherman natl-tritst law.
Iteforo'ientenclaK Patterson, Judge
llolllater scathingly arraigned the
buslnesa methods of the National
Cash Register company.
Patterson wa sentenced to serve
one year In the Troy, Ohio, Jail, and
correspondingly heavy sentences were
given twenty-seven other defendants.
Only one of the defendants, Geo.
j JJdgeter. the company's secretary, es
caped, lie pleaded thai tils only
connection with the concern was to
look after Its Insurance and taxes,
and that he had nothing to do with
the actual manufacture or salo of Its
stock. On this tilea. the court fin
months In the Troy Jail.
Patterson's bond was flted at J10,
000. and the bonds of the other
twenty-seven convicted men were
fixed at 5000 ech pending an ap
FJ. PASO, Feb. 37. Official dis
patches from President Madero to
loyal governors were sent out from
Mexico City today. The governor of
Chihuahua was informed that the
federal troops arc holding their own
nnd that the end of the Diaz revolt
seems near.
Less than 100 soldiers arc support
ing General F.milio Vastpiez Gomer,
who declared himself Saturday pro
visionnl president of Mexico. Ho i
enennied nt Pnlous, Chihuahua.
Anti-American sentiment through
out the interior of Mexico is rciorted
intensified today and hundreds of
Americans nre flocking to the border.
That things will open up with re
nowed energy and that there will bo
a marked Improvement In real es
tate dealings and in all lines In Jack
son county this spring U tho predic
tion of II. O. Dun & Co. In their
trado review for February. For tho
past three months, tho review states
conditions havo been improving af
ter a quiet year. Tho review states
that there are 65,000 ncres devoted
to apples, pears, peaches and small
fruits and that 1500 acres are in
bearing, with 3000 acres additional
being In tho Initial state.
United Stnlos would tnko on her
bhouhlers a 11 enormous task, that of
subduing n country whero tho lines
of communication exist only in tlto
settled parts.
Uttidekoper says the United States
has at present barely ammunition for
ono great battle.
"In effect," ho snid, "the rather
nebulous provisions of tho Monroe
doctrine establish a protectorate by
this country over all American repub
lics. Foreign nations seeking redreas
for violence against their subjects
must look to this country becnuso in
the Monroe doctrino wo havo said
Hint no foreign nation shall laud
troops upon American soil or acquire
any hold on this continent.
"Should the state of anarchy in
Mexico continue, we must tuko somo
deoisivo notion but whether it should
ho by a show of power or by aotunl
nrmod intervention I am not, of
course, prepared to state,."
Special City Council Comnlilee
Praises flttnyard ami SaysHe Fol
lowed Market Committee Instructions.
Unless the onlinnnee creating Hie
public market nnd outlining its func
tion is unconstitutional or routrndirj
lory to the cily charter. Mayor F.iferl
wotihf be exceeding his authority in
removing Market Master Itiiiiynrd,
necording to a finding of the commit
tee which rfns been studying the onl
innnee nml the record of the market
for the past year. The ordinance de
clares that the city council shall ap
point the market master nnd taken
the appointive power, in Him instance
away from the chief executive.
Afler exhaustively examining the
work of Market Master E. J. Runynrd
for the past year, the eommitteo nt
three appointed somo time ago by
Mayor FJfert has reached tho conclu
sion that Mr. Runynrd should he re
tained. The committee hna found
that some nf the rules of tho onlin
nnee have not been strictly lived lip to
hut it also found that the deviations
from the letter of the law have been
made by tho sanction of the market
The first year of the public market
has been found to be an unqualified
8iicces. It was a year of experimen
tation and a time to tet out the ord
inance nnd to improve upon it where
cver necessary for the betterment of
the institution. To blame the market
master for, following change sug
gested by lite mnrkct committee, tho
committee finds, is not fair lo Mr.
The commitlee'n report will he pre
sented to the council Tuedny even
ing. Cnnneilmen Millar, Campbell,
nnd Summen-illWrip- the com
SALKM. Feb. 17. Governor
West's uniform salary bill has passed
the bouse 3t to 13. Among thoso
speaking In favor of tho bill and
urging its passago were Latourctto ot
Multnomah and Carkln ot Jackson.
All ot tho Jackson county membora
voted for It.
Tho county attorney bill also
passed tho house by a decisive vote.
It provides the same salary for Judge
Kelly that ho Is now getting, and
gives practically tho samo salary to
tho county attorney In Josephluo
county that Is now received by tho
deputy under Mr. Kelly, The bill as
first proposed provided that the pres
ent Incumbents should only hold of
fice until tho next genoral electien:
this would legislate Judge Kelly out
of offlco before tho end of his term
and was strenuously opposed by Car
kln and Mcamcs ot Jackson.
NEW YORK, Feb. 17. Reading,
Union Pacific and Steel broke two
points In the stock market today,
following reports of J, P. Morgan's
illness. Several other standard
dropped a point. The reports caused
a deluge ot selling but the market
later recovered somewhat, Foreign
houses were the most active sellers,
especially of Stool, Canadian Pacific,
Reading and Union Pacific. The
threatened flromon's strike caused
somo short selling by the boars. Tho
market closed strong. Bonds were
University Appropriations Pass.
SALEM, Ore., Feb. 17. With not
more than 13 dissenting voices
against auy ot them, flye appropria
tion, bills providing a total of $317,
S33.75 for tho maintenance of the
University ot Oregon and the con
struction ot noeded new buildings
were paSBod by the house today,
Theso wore the first appropriation
bills for tho maintenance ot state In
stitutions that have been considered
by the house and the first appropria
tion bills ot any kind to be tukn up,
with tho exception of the $50,000
Uea Chutes survey and the $806,000
appropriation for th Columbia
Southern project.
r. 'l