Medford mail tribune. (Medford, Or.) 1909-1989, December 26, 1912, SECOND EDITION, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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tt MirrMifi "'!
ixoic four.
Th nmflerlla Tlmfs, Thi Milforil
Mall. The Mejroril Tribune, Thn Houth
ra orfitnnlmi, The, Ashlsnit Tribune.
Offlen Mall Tribune lliilUtlnr. IttT-I9
Kordi Fir street phone. Main loll)
Hum IS.
ORenat: PUTNAM, KJItorani) Manager
Rntered a eeoonl-elA matter At
Mcdfortl. Oroiron, n.ter the act of
March S, 1STS.
OfflelAl Paper of the City of Medford.
Official I'aper of jAckMti County.
uncnirTio.v hati:.
On yenr, by mail......... ..IS, On
One month, tiy mull.... ........... .50
Per month, delivered by carrier In
Medford, Jackionvlllo anit Cen
trAl Point... .60
Pat unlay only, by trail. or year.. J.
Weekly, per year,., 1.S0
nwnnx cinrut.ATiov.
Dally average, or eleven monthi end
tnir November SO, 1911. 1551.
Tho Mall Trlbttna t on sale at the
Perry New Statu!. Pan Francisco.
Portland Hotel New Ftan.l. IHtrtUnd.
llnwmnn Newe Co.. Portland. Ore.
W. O. Whitney. ReattK Waeh.
I.eae1 Wire United rreee
iMKDKOiit), nitnnov.
Metropolis or Southern Oregon and
Northern California, nnd the faateit.
Browing city In Oregon.
Population V. S census 1S10 SMO:
estimated, 111 10.000.
Klve hundred thotmand dollar Gravity
Water Syatem completed, clvlnc finest
unply pure mountain water, and 17.3
mllee of meet pAved
Pontofflce receipt for year endlnu
November 30, 1911. ahovr Increate of 19
per cent.
Hanner fruit city In Oregon noRtio
Hirer Hpltaenbery npplea won sweep
takes prise an.t title of
"Apple Ktajr of the 'World"
at tho National Annie Show, Spokane.
10, and a car of Newtown won
First PrUe In 1410
at Canadian International Apple Show,
Vancouver, n. C.
Tint rrise la 111
at Bpokano National Apple Show won
by carload of Newtowna.
noxue Illver Prara brought highest
firlcea In all market of the world dur
nir tha past six yeara
Wrlta Commercial Club. Inclosing- I
cents for postage for the finest commu
nity pamphlet ever puMUhert.
PORTLAND, Dec 2. Johnny
McXfurrny, Multnomah club athlete,
is today holder of the world's record
for nrnntcure in tho 100 yard swim
ns the result of u Christmas race
npainst field of five in the chilly
waters of the Willamette river. Me
Murray' time was .Vi 1-5 seconds.
The water was just 12 decrees above
zero, hut the intense cold only seem
ed to put new life in the swimmers.
Then were entries from Ktiscnc and
other places.
The swim wn held under the direc
tion of the Multnomah club.
To the editer: Christmas is near nt
hand and the call "Peace on earth
nnd Reed will to men" which first
pounded on the hills of Judcn, has
ngain been sounded by the socialists
of the world who met ut the Interna
tional Peace congress ut Ituslc,
Switzerland, on Nov. 2-1, 25 and 20",
3012. At this congress over 518
delegates from nil principle Kuro
peun nations representing about 40,
000,01)0 socialists issued its mani
fests jigniust wur.
Throughout, tho deliberations of
the delegates wns against wnr, nnd
that the time was near nt hand when
working men of all nations must re
fuse to shed their blood for the bene
fit of capitalifcin.
Tho immediate measures decided
on, were to hold on tho 1-tth of Dec.
in nil important cities of Europe mass
meetings and protest ngninst war,
mid procluim the gospel of the Uni
versal Brotherhood of Mnu nnd
pence- on earth from thousands of
rostrums. No Hague tribunal peace
congress, no Carnegie and Nobel
peaco heroes will be in it, nnd will
tho followers of tic "men of pence"
bo absent also? Time, will toll, nnd
history will judge. If tho frenzied
wnr dog will not be chained by that
time, then on tho lClh of December,
two days later thero will he a. world
wide strike and for twenty-four
hours tho workers will stand aside
from tho wheels of industry and the
rulers will get an exhibition of the
power of labor, such us tho world
never suw before.
Of courso this splendid exhibiting
of class solidarity of labor chuinud
tho war dog. at once.
Wo read that nothing could prevent
n European war. The chancellories
wcro sure of it, and now, oh yes,
something happened and brought
back this reason. Tho subsidized
press is not making any effort to
explain the cause.
If tho Mail Tribune wishes to give
this news to its readers, it is ho
ciuiso tho working men refused to he
targets for other working men, nnd
wu know that tho fat gentlemen who
sit in their offices nnd listen to tho
ticker of the llourso nnd stock ex
change, uro not to he found stopping
bullets, I oldo sco by tho Mail Tri
bune that intervention in Mexico is
contemplated by President Tuft.
Well, lot him call on those capitalist
whp have investments in (lint country
and let that class of peoplo do their
own fighting. Wo working people will
stay nt homo and rniso provisions to
feed tho capitalist nrmy, nnd it will
not ho "embalmed beef" either.
Tllen.t, Oregon.
Kl'iKUHK to kill your father. I refuse lo slay your
mother's son. I refuse to nluniie it Imvoue! into the
hrenst of your sister's hrother. I refuse to slaughter your
sweetheart's lover. I ivfuse to murder your wife's hus
band. I to butcher your little child's father. 1
refuse to wet the earth with blood and blind kind eyes
with tears. I refuse to assassinate you and then hide my
stained fists in the folds of anv flag." 1'Yont Cleorge i.
KirkpiitriekV'Wnr What h'orf"
This is the literature that the Herman Kaiser, the Aus
trian emperor, the Italian king and the hYencli republic
are destroying. Authors of these sentiments tire being
imprisoned. .eYeedont of the press is being suspended. To
question the divine right of those in authority to ruth
lessly order the murder of millions of human beings is not
onlv ' treason" but "sacrilege" in the eves of these
relics of fuedal ages now sitting in the seats of the mighty.
Verv few wars have been justifiable .just as very few
murders can be justified.
,iust as wrong tor the nation to go into the murdering
business, as it is for the individual. Those wars that are
justifiable are blood-atonements for misgovernment and
The nation as we understand the word today, the
homogeneous blending of allied tribes or peoples into a
composite whole, speaking a common language, is really
n modern creation a development, save in a few excep
tions like Great Britain, of the nineteenth century. Out
of the chaos and anarchy of the dark ages following the
collapse of the Roman empire came the feudal system and
the reign of the barons, from which evolved the dynasties
which dominated continental Europe for centuries and
still dominate a large portion of it. The wars were strug
gles between dynasties, not between nations, for the na
tion as we understand it did not exist.
It took the French revolution to create the French
nation. To the Napoleonic war, to Napoleon's ruthless con
quests ami destruction of principalities, kingdoms and
small states, are due the creation of the Herman, Spanish,
Italian and other nations, forced to merge and unite, either
to gratify Ins dynastic ambition or m sell protection, in a
homogeneous whole.
Austro-Ilungary, an artificial political union of dis
similar races, with little in common, in which two of the
dominant races unite to suppress the third, is not a nation
in the modern sense, merely a survival of feudal dynastic
control, and only opportunity prevents the revolt of the
Slavs to unite with the Balkans in the formation of a great
Balkan nation and the long awaited opportunity is likely
to come with the war threatened to prevent another nation
from scouring a uceded seaport.
"With the irrisistible growth of democracy, as the peo
plc 'understand more and more the criminal folly of war
with its enormous burden upon the people, it is not unlike
ly that the twentieth century will see as its dominant po
litical idea, the growth of a homogeniety among nations
as the past century witnessed it among states, a federa
tion of the 'nntions'oE tho world to deal with international
problems, and the complete obliteration of the dynastic
principle, which has served its purpose and is fast becom
ing an anachronism.
It is a travesty on Christianity to call nations that
plunge into bloodshed for lust of power, that attack weak
er nations for the "glory of the flag" Christian, for war is
contrary to all that Christianity teaches. It is a poor pa
triotism that needlessly stains its flag with brothers' blood
at the behest ot a ruling dynasty. It is a sorry satire on
liberty when men are imprisoned for preaching the broth
erhood of man and protesting the needless slaughter of
peace-loving thousands. It
the dark ages and must pass
the world.
Two Citizens of .Meilfonl DIsciish it on Christmas morning.
.First Citizen: Good .morning,
.Merry Christmas to you!
Second Citizen: Samo to you!
How are you this morning?
Tlrst Citizen; How's yournelf .
Second Citizen: Good! What do
you think of tho mayoralty situation?
Second Citizen: Tho socialist can
didate In going to be elected.
Second Citizen. What! You cer
tainly do not mean it?
First Citizen: Moan It! Of
course I do; his election is almost a
foregone conclusion. The way mat
ters stand It is practically a certain
ty. Second Citizen. Surely not! Ex
plain yourself. How can you poss
ibly figure out such a result?
First Cltlzen: Well. I will tell
you. Thero aro In this town about
350 socialist men voters, and you can
count upon at loast 250 socialist wo
men voters who will all register,
making u total of 000. And thero
aro about 1G00 or 1700 hundred
other voters of whom probably not
more than 1000 will register, and of
tho other women voters probably not
more than COO will register, making
a total of 1000. Indeed, It is very
doubtful whether there will bo 1C0O
other voters; forji largo proportion
of tho other voters, both malo und
female, aro not registering; but the
socialists, both men and women, as
you doubtless know, uro all register
lug; and, moreover, they will all
stand together and cast almost a
solid vote. So you seo there will
bo aoout COO socialist voters and
1C00 or less other voters to dccldo
tho mayoralty. Now theso 1500 vot
es will bo distributed among the
four candidates: Watt, Mitchell, Ef
fort and Gates. And tho indications
point very strongly to tho fact that
each of them will poll a considerable
vote; probably the lowest of tho four
It is just as unnccessarv and
is a condition that belongs m
forever with the progress of
will poll 300 votes and tho highest
not over COO or CC0; which will bo
CO to 100 votes less than the social
ist will receive.
Second Citizen: Well I declare!
I had novor thought of tho mutter In
this light. Your reasoning Is con
vicing. It certainty looks us if tho
next mayor of Medford would bo a
First Citizen: it does Indeed; and
I am much worried about it; for I
believe tho election of a socialist will
greatly hurt the town.
Second Cltlzen: So do I, not only
In reputation, but things will most
probably be undertaken In Medford
that a great majority of tho voters
will bo radically opposed to.
First Citizen: Just so! UecaiiHo
tho mayor would represent only a
small minority of all tho voters.
Second Citizen: What Is tho re
medy? Can nothing bo done? Sure
ly the voters of Medford do not want
u socialist at tho head of this town.
First Cltlzon. I can sco only one
thing to do,
Second Citizen: What' that?
First Citizen: For tho four can
didates, Gates, Klfert, Mitchell and
Watt to get together and two of them
withdraw for tho good of tho town.
Second Citizen: Yes; but they
will not do that. Kuch one has am
bition, and each probably feols that
his own election Is almost certain.
First Citizen: I do not think so;
they uro all men of sense; surely
all can seo tho "handwriting on tho
wall" and realize that If they all re
main In tho race there Is little or no
chance, of any ouo of them, being
Second Citizen: Perhaps so; thoy
all seem to bo sensible men, but who
would withdraw? How would they
decide It?
First Citizen: Weill Thoy could
do It by lot; they could, for Instance,
Our Correspondents
Hy A. C. Ilontctt
Last Friday nn I wits nit tho car
on my uy to Medford In jconversa
Hon with it yniintr lady xtu remarked
that Mr. Ii. K. ltanU uhn owns n fine
farm Just nhovn f.ukIo l'olnt has n
skunk farm nnd that ho would not
allow ntty ouo to kill them, so I
sought an opportunity to Interview
hint on tho subject mtd burned his
Idea and motive for prototln what
Is generally looked ou as a nulsaurc.
Ilo said that It was true that ho did
n't allow thrin to1 be killed and that
ho also protected the quail ou his
place. I emiulrod for his reason for
protecting tho tsktilik and he said
that they were an excellent trap to
catch dlKKor squirrel, that they
would get In the squirrel hols nnd
as they attempted to pass either go
ing In or out they would catch und
kill them. Hut I enquired do thoy
not kill your chickens? No, he ssld
for the chickens 'roiwt In tho upper
floor and are atvsn shut up so as
to be nut ot their reach at night.
And as for tho quails lie said that he
was very fond df'blnU generally and
csHclalty of tho quail and that they
were so gentle' Umt many ot them
would coiuo up nnd eat with the
chickens. Mrs. Haak Is making a
specialty of tho poultry business, es
pecially of ducks utul chickens nnd
has n place set npnrt especially for
them. Mr. Haak at this writing,
Monday. Is In Portland on business,
expecting to return by Chrlslmas.
Frank Dllsuorth of l'eton was In
town the last of the week aud told
that his sister Ora, I think It was,
was taking tho teachers' examination
and that It she succeeded In passing
that she would bo the seventh of her
sisters that were, or had been, follow
ing that profession, surely Mr. nits
worth has done something toward
the betterment of the human family.
Miss Frauds Williams, a sister of
Mrs. Heath, wife of one of our mer
chants, of Indiana came out last Fri
day afternoon, she was met In Med
ford by her sister and niece, Miss
Francis Heath. Mrs Diamond, moth
er of the other member of the firm
of Heath & Diamond, nlso accom
panied them to Kagle Point.
Mrs. Hetty and her two daughters.
Misses .Marguerite and Ollvo also
came out Friday evening.
Horn, to Mr. and Mrs. Strong,
Dec. 'J I, a daughter.
Among the Kagleiolnters who vis
ited Medford the last of thn week,
not mentioned In my last, was Miss
Clara Young, Mrs. Chnrles llacon nnd
James Watklns. Mr. Watklns had
been to Jacksonville as one of the
jurors and was on his return trip.
Last Friday, the 20th. Mrs. Geo.
Von der llellen entertained the chil
dren In her room, tho primary de
partment, by having a Christmas tre.
and the little folks report having had
one of the most enjoyable times ot
their lives. Mrs. Von der llellen
knows just how to make an occasion
llko that pleasing to the children as
well as Interesting to the older one.
Miss Mablo Pruett one of our
promising young ladles living Just be
low town on the I. & K. railroad,
was a pleasant caller at the Sunny
Side Monday, she reports that her
mother has gone to Oakland, Cal., on
a visit to be gone several weeks,
Vorna Mathews of tho firm of
Mathews & Fisher, blacksmiths, had
tho misfortune to have his nose
broken. He was assisting In dehorn
ing cuttle on his father's farm, on the
old John lllack place, aud was just
finishing trying lo get tho last steer
In tho chute when ho turned on Mr.
Mathews and ho ran, and In running
tame In contact with u beam In the
barn that was jimt tho right helghth
to strike his none Dr. Holt was
summoiidcd aud reduced the fracture
and this, Tuesday morning, was
around town.
Miss Klla Grochony, who Is teach
ing school In the llecso creek district,
was doing buslne with our mer
chants Saturday
I'roffessor Suddath, tho principal of
our school, was called by (olograph,
to his father's bedsldo In Indiana.
Ilo Is said to be in a very critical con
dition. Mr. Hudtlath started Monday
J. II. Otter of Medford was a guest
at the Sunny Side .Saturday ulgh(. Ho
has been up on i:i; crock tho guest
of David Pence.
Win. Moore of Klk' crook, who has
been working In Klamath county for
sevoral months, spent tho night with
us on his way to visit his father In
throw dlco, ami tho two lowest drop
out; or, what perhaps would bo bet
ter, they could request tho county
judge recently elected to namo nine
(or uny other odd niimbor) of good
citizens of Medford; and these nlno
good citizens could climlnato two of
tho candidates; tho four candidates
agroolng, of courso, In advnnco to
ntildo by tho decision.
Hccond Citizen; Yes, something
of this kind ought certainly to be
dono; and I bluccroly hopo it will bo
dono. Good day.
First Citizen: Qood dny,
School closed lii Kitdav for Ihe
holiday Mieiition uilh n shott pin.
gmm nnd ('liiiMimw live til night,
which was very successful nnd plen
iuif to IhoAe present, Murlt eredll In
me our ineunv lor tno nmM sue
eessful term in Ihe history of- our
school, which Milder the direction id'
I'nif. Sweet hip become one of the
bent lii the enmity. While Pint".
Sweet hits tukeii much pride in the
hilt school work he lm not IWjpd
ten to (five attention to lower grade
directed by Miss Taylor und Miss
Ittfylor, lio lme Mieeeeded in itnttis
iiiK i interest thnt pervades the
"chool mid home. I.el us nil (ke
the spirit mid ttti the good wotk
ulonif. The hoy nnd jjirN of today
nre the men nnd women of tomorrow
und citixciw of but a dny mote.
The Kunidianship of thine is en
trusted to us, nnd their future is our
imiuedinte icr.Mtiisihility. I,ct us
ntottse ourselves lest we foil. The
proKmiu wits n follows;
l -Snni:, "ShiK We Now of Chtist-
inn Time" School
'J Ueeitallon Wqleomo Speech. .
Weldn Hen n
:i-lteoitulinn-"When I Ant llig".
Roland llcrkhollr.
I-".V Little Wmd of Kindness". . . .
Pearly llenn
f -Houc und Drill "Christmas
Slur'' The School
tl -ICeeltntlon- "ClnMnms Delein-
iu" Violn Cleveland
7 -Kivilnlinn "l.illle Fishes in the
Brook" F.lsii llcuit
8 Kecilution "Mow Wo Spoilt
Christ mint" Frank Dean
H-Soiik "Why Don't Parents Vis-
it the School" The School
10 Uecitntinn -"Christmns Time"
F.nicst Hnrris
ll -Uecitntinn "Thmiigh the Tele
phone" lumen Kotnn
I'J -Itocitntinn -"Cliiitiiiiiii Cnnd".
Herbert llnrri
HI Piano Solo Miss F.thel Dean
II Kccitntion "Two Utile Stock
ings" Itussell llnrris
l.'i Iteeitution "Sceiu' Things nt
Night" ,,y Kelly
lli-.Soiie-Mi.llv Old St. Nicholas"
The School
17j-Christmns Cnnd Seven Hny
18 Dialogue .ns on Xmns Night
111 Voenl Solo-"IIis Lullaby
.Mis McNnsser
20-Christmns Tree
Tho Willow Springs district duly
appreciates the .MedfOi'd mn'rjiet. Lust
Sutiiriluy u number of our residents
were Inmy sellint; their produce ut
said place.
The Willow Springs (5 range, Xo.
17", is tliu recipient of it fine new
cabinet, donated by .Mr. Hamilton,
one of our iititivr members.
Prof. Unriliior of Ihe O. A. C. nt
Corvnllis lectured Saturday, Dee. HI,
on "Distribution," to nn appreciative
audieiiee. Mr. Gardner uiih enter
tained by Mr. Yierger.
Those shopping in Medford Satur
day were Mr. nnd .Mrs. llonnic, Mrs.
Frnnk McKec, Mrs. John Sisty, Mrs.
II. J. Taylor und ninny others. It is
supposed they were doin their
Christmas shopping.
Friday nt the school house we will
hnvo a locnl good roads meeting. We
hope our cutliusiuslie boosters will ho
present und Miceced in their efforts.
What might hnvo been u serious
accident occurred Inst week. How
ever none were badly hurt. The mu
that held the single tree ou the shuits
broke mid let the horse plunge nhend,
drugging .Mrs. C. L uw over ihe dash
board nnln the ground nod leaving
Miss Taylor silling in , hngy. Mr.
Tlioinp-on nssistcil t Ik-mi Imiue.
Mr. Sweet will spend his ueutimi
with his fninily ut his much nenr
Hengle, und nt Snlem, where he will
visit (he stale department.
.Stock Is doing fine and the grass
Is better In tho mountains than It
has been for years.
IM Houston has gone to Medford
after his sister Ida, sho will sKind
tho holidays with hur purcnts.
Mr. Mark Walker Just returned
from nn extended visit nt Prospect,
Ilo will spend tho holidays with his
undo, John Walker, near Houston.
Klmer Hlmmons und Davo Walker
have just finished getting In their
winter supplies.
Charles Walker bus Just returned
from Medford with a fluo lot ot holi
day goods, Among them was a large
Jug of beautiful llpguo river water.
John 'Walker has routed his place
to Houston & Son, Ho nlso sold
them his cattle
Thero worn threo chicken thieves
camu to Jack Houston's tho other
night. Jack Houston mid fianford
Houston tracked them up tho next
morning aud found them In a largo
hollow oak tree. Sanford with n
John A. Perl
'hones M. 171 and 478
Aniliuliinco Service Deputy Otroncrl
quick eve and steady hand fired
three shuts nnd out tumbled three big
Aiillu (lieeit tins Just relumed
home from u long trip, Ihe people
feel glnd to hnvo him ittiionK them
onro more.
Wo have n prosperous .Inch W
He Is very Industrious here of Into
building fires nt four lu tho morut
tug. Ilo Is sitting n new pneo for
his young sou to follow, .luck sold
nil of his beef cows last week. Hays
ln don't llko so many ehnnges,
Kil Morgan and wife aro expected
homo for the holldavs.
Miss Jennie MM I by u living on her near Mr Houston's.
() (M'MIIKIt
PANAMA, Dee With Colonel
(ioethals and Major General Marry
added to his party, President Tuft
plnus to stmt from here nt tl o'clock
this evening on his return to the
Pulled States.
It Is probable Marry will bo tho
next chief of staff ir the army The
president auuonuci'd. today that he
was still itudecldeil whether to make
Colonel (Ioethals civil governor of the
canal zone. It Is understood that
(Ioethals hits been offered the posi
tion, and that he Is teturulug to
Waihluglon with tin. president in as
certain w bethel ho will be able to ac
cept A decision will not be renchi'd
until after tho return to Washington
of the presidential party.
President Tnft this morning In
spreted the Culebrn Cut, and this nf
teruoon returned here, where ho will
board a simclnl train for Colon, there
to take tho Il.xttleshlp Arkansas far
tho voyage home.
President Tnft' party today at
tempted to belittle the d)nniiiltliig
last night of a kiosk In Central ave
nue shortly after Ihe president bad
passed the spot en route to n Christ
mas ball given In his honor. They
Insist tho cxpUr-lon was In no way
connected with the president.
LONDON, Dec. '.'II, - KinK Ocorgc
is icM,t,', ludnv ns almost enlirelv
reeoveicd fiom the illness which pie
vented his participating in the Christ.
urns fiMliviticn nt Smidringhnm.
Sir Frederick Poiisouhv. the rnyiil
secretary, said: "The king had a
slight chill cstcrduy hut he i well
again this moniing."
NKW YORK, Dec. Jil.- Tug- here
today btought hem part of tho erevv
of the steamer Turrinlbn, which wen!
ashore at Kgt; llaihor, jiMt ninth of
Atlantic City, last Saturday. It i
expeftod the vcsc will he rcflosled
before night.
Tell what that apartment Is like -and
the description may bring you
tho kind of a tenant you'd like.
Tho kind your
Mother ysed
to make.
Quality Goods
Steam and Hot Water
All Work ouirsntM
Prices IteionstI
II Mowsrd Block, antrsno on Itb tH
om shs.
Clark 6c Wright
Publlo Land Matten: Final Proof,
Desort Lands, Conceit una lflnlni
tiaiu. Bcrlp.
C 1
I, inliis mid Vale in
Talking and (Irolonipiu Dancing
NONI! IU'T tin: mt.wi: mt.
Host, of .Muile
Hear our lplcro orchestra
Matlueo .Saturday ami timidity
Now is the time
to get your 1913
go at l2 off.
Luxury Without
I Von Dorn i
2-12 Turk Street
t "Finest popular prieed I
I Hotel in h?nu Krunpiaco J
J Modem ' Central I
Full lino of
Tncludiiu; toys, curios and
iiiercliiuidiHO of all kinds.
Ideal CliristnuiH presold
Prices to fit, any purso.
Next, foliolel Medford
422 W. MAIN
Wn curry very complete lint of
drain-rim. tarn curtslm, flvlure. eta.
ml iln all clneiei et utitioUterllitf, A
per I a I man to look flr this work
eicliihlvoly mill will ulve good
nrvlce mm la iimntble to uet In even
the Urcret ell Ire.
Weeks & McGowan Co.
Duift locttcd
nnd moat
f) o n u 1 n r
lotcl in the
City. Running drilled
ice water in each room.
European Plan, a la Guto
Tariff on Rooms
12 rooms
00 rooms
60 rooms
60 rooms with pilritt Ulh
$1,00 each
1.G0 ench
2.00 each
2.00 each
ou rooms with pilule litis
2.S0 each
30 tultci, bedroom, par.
lor and bath 3.00 each
For mora than one guest add $1,00
extra lo the abovo rates for
each additional gueit.
Reduction by week or month, i
Manaftmtnt Chttttr IV. Ktllty