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HHfle Newfoundland Dog Takes Tiger
Cub as Own Bulldog Is Trained
te Rob Hen Roosts for Master
Cat Adopts Five Mice.
NEW YORK, May 30. Taken
from lits mother, In the tear bIio
'would kill him, young Joff has found
a foster parom 01 a lar muuer d
Largest Class In History of Institu
tion Finishes College Work Stu
dents From All parts of the State
Mcdford Represented.
gene, May 30. Tho present senior
class of tho University of Oregon will
bo tho largest class that has yet been
turo. That sne should caro for him graduated from tho university. The
la as surprising as If a timid sheep ( class numbers SS members, not in
took a wolf to her heart, for Young i eluding tho departments of medicine
Jeff is a Bengal tiger cub, and his and law, whoso graduation oxercises
foster mother iu a Newfoundland dog. have already been held, und is inndo
RnJnh. a tlgresu, brought a pair t up of the following students' :
cubs, in to tho world and the Bostockl Adah Allen,. Eugene; Eva Allen,
arena at Coney Island two weeks
ago. , One cub died. Knowing Rajah
to bo a cruel mother, Captain Jack
Bonavltn looked for a substitute. Ho
found tho Newfoundland, who was
-willing, to forsako her own family
and adopt tho tiny son of tho big
Bengal. Tho cub accepted tho new
conditions without protect, and tho
iog has since given tendor caro to
Young Jeff. In fact, they havo be
come so closnly attached that Bona
Tlta belloves tho cub will grow up as
docllo as its proxy parent.
Bulldog Trained to Rob.
Tho polico department at Torro
Haute has solved partially tho mys
terious disappearance of many chick
ens lately. The ownors of poultry
bad not seen anyone hanging around
their hen roosts and they could not
account for tho thefts.
Tho polico laid a trap for the thief.
They finally saw a horso and buggy
driven up to a chicken roost. rThoy
were prepared to land their man. In-
tec, of a man, however, a fine look
lag bull terrier jumped out of tho
Baggy and made straight for tho hen-
He came out Immediately with a
plump pullet in his mouth. He hiked
straight for tho buggy with it and
then came back for another. The
way ho grabbed the chickens and car
ried them to his owner nhowed that
no was nq amateur thief.
The polico wero satisfied that the
siaa had trained his dog to go after
the chickens whllo he remained at a
aafo distance. Thoy mado a run for
aim, but he escaped In his rig wiJi
the do gfollowing.
Cat Adopts Five Mice.
RICHMOND, Va May 30. In the
Virginia bonded warehouse here "Jim
Crowt" a huge and heretofore fero
cious mouser, makes her home. About
a month ago "Jim's" litter of kittens
aad been takei away from l-er and,
Mke tho true mother sho was, the loss
nearly broko her heart. Shortly after
ward a nest of five mice, about four
weeks old, was found In a carload of
flour that was being unloaded at the
warehouse. Henry S. Hotchklss, sec-
retatry of the company, ordered the
Eugene; Leroy A. Arthur, AIcMinn
ville; lluth E. Bnldorrcc, Japan;
Ethel F. Barnard, Eugene; Harold
E. Bates, Portland; Edith L. Beebe,
Eugene; Annie Bergman, Astoria;
Livia Z. Bend, Irving; Glonu P.
Briedwell, Amity; W. Wilshiro Bris
tow, Eugene; William M. Cake, Port
land; William C. Campbell, JfcMinu
ville; Norwood R. Chnrmnn, Oregon
City; Dudley R. Clarke, Portland;
James Denu Collins, Dallas; Bertha
P. Comings, Derby, Vt.; Chauncey
Cunning, Baker City; Harold A. Dnl
zell, Eugene; Henry R. Davies, Duns
muir, Cal.; Pauline Davis, Eugene;
Ralph 1L Dodsiu, Baker City; Bertha
Dorris, Spokane, Wash.; Elsie M.
Dow, Washburn, Wis.; Chester A.
Downs, Portland; Ruth Duniway,
Portland; Carolyn Duuston, Port
land; Barry C. Ensthnin, Oswego;
Blanche E. Ferdine, Grants Pass;
Arthur JL Genry, Portland ; Irvin M.
Grodin, Oakland, Cal.; Essie M. Ha
ley, Tugene; Ruth Hnnscn, Portland;
Pearl V. Hawthorne, Eugene; Kath
leen E. Henderson, Eugene; Vera D.
Homer, Corvallis; Pearl Huff, La
Grande; Helena S. Hughes, Portlnud;
Oliver B. Huston, Portland; Hazel
Humphrey, Eugene; Ethel Jr. John
son, Eugene; Harper N. Jamison,
Portland; Hnnna JL Kenworthy,
Portland; William C. Kiltz, Vancou
ver, B. C; Mabel Kuykendall, Eu
gene; Grace La Brie, Roseburg; Ho
mer Lackes, Eugene; Jennie Lilly,
Portland; Roscoe C. Lyans, Eugene;
Earl A. Marshall, Portland; Walter
Mclnhre, Ashland; Lela T. McPher
son, Springfield; Arthur R. Moore,
Buffalo. N. Y.; Carl B. Nenl, Buenn
Vista; Oliver B. Needhnm, Eugene;
James K. Neill, La Grande; Ferdi
nand J. Newbnuer, Lents; Enrl A.
Nott, McMinnville; Sara F. Oberteuf
fer, Portland; Edwin Platts, Eugene;
Alfred Powers, El Dorado, Ark.;
George J. Poysky, Astoria; Ruby
Pratt, Eugene; Edith Prescott, Baker
City; Ormond Rankin, Portlnnd; Joel
H. Richardson, La Grande; George
X. Riddell, Portlnnd; Harold J.
Rounds, Hillsdale; Estclla Mae Snge
Eugene; Ethel E. Shnrpo, Portland;
Essie E. Sechrist, Portland; Clanton
P. Shangle, Milton; Isoleua Shaver,
Pertland: Loretta Showers, Port
land; Leland L. Steiwer, Fossil;
(My Dudley Moulton of tho Department of
Deciduous Fruit Insect Investigations.)
Agriculture, ongngod In
Tho small, fragile, Just exposed") aid of a strong Ioiib, n young thrlp ls
blossoms, stoms and lent petioles,
and later tho mtd-rlbs and tho volns
on the back sldo of tho dloavcs, and
still later over, tho leaf tlsauo Itself,
aro tho places preferred for ovlpo3
ttlng. A trip always places her okjsb
in the temlerest of tho plants tU-
8UO. Thoro is dangor of tho ovipos
itor gottlng cought If tho tissue Is
hard. Also, It Is necess'rv during
egg development that the surround
Ing tissue be Jcxiblo and moist, for
tho egg coverlug Is elastic and t'io
embryonic thrlps within Increases In
In size very noticeably befoto tho lar
vao Issues.
Thero Is spaco within tho adult
Insect's body for only a few oggs at
a time sovon or eight. A thrlp
probably places enly a few eggs dur
ing a slnglo day. Sho foods for a
time, deposits an egg, and then
moves to another placo, and later to
still other places, and thero may bo
oil on one o" scattored trees. Tho
adult thu3 spreads her ptcgeny from
tree to troo wherever sho goes.
Nothing seems to hinder thlps which
may bo sot on ovipositing. Thoy have
boon observed placing eggs n't all
hous of tho day and night undor all
conditions of weather. Tho period of
ovlposltlon lasts for sever?! wooks, or
during practically all of tho llfo of
tho adult insects. Injury from ovl
posltlon Is most conspicuous on
cherry trees. Oporatlng at the baao
of a clustor of fruits, a few thrlps
will cut several Incisions nnd place
many eggs In a slnglo tttom. This
so weakens tho stem that It falls to
perform Its usual function, and tho
rapidly developing cherry soon be
comes yellow and falls Thrlps seem
to prefer tho cherry to othor varie
ties of fruits as a placo for ovipos
iting during tho later season, nnd
this fruit s ffers sovoroly from ov
ipositing, though It may escape tho
suing from an egg. A tiny Incision
In tho end of a blossom or loot shows
whoro an org has boon placed, and
tho enlarging egg within, causing a
swelling in tho plant tissue at tho
Indlcats that tho Insect is nbout ready
to emerge. Tho first sign of llfo In
tho nppenrnnco, pushing out from tho
Incision, of tho head with lta bright,
red eyes. I.ltvlu by little, and sway
ing backward and forward, tho lnr
vao forces It-jolt out until about ono
hnlf of tho body Is oxposed, when
first tho antennae and then ono by
ono tho pairs of legs aro mado froo
from tholr resting position ngatti3t
tho body. Swaying backward and
forward, with logs and an'onnna wav
ing frantically about, tho Inset
pushes out of tho ogg cavity almost to
Its full longlli, whereupon, leaning
forward It eagorly a hold with Its
nowly formed feet, and. will' a final
effort, pulls itself free nnd walks
rapidly away. From four to ton min
utes nro required to froo ttsolf from
tho egg. Tho young Insoct Is almost
transparent and tho green chlorophyll
particles taken Into tho otomnch can
bo seen tho body wall.
Growth Is rarld from tho boglnnlng.
A very docldcd change takes placo
during tho second larvtl stage. In
about three wcoks tho insect roachos
a slzo often larger than that of tho
fully matured Insoct. It thon ceases
to feed falls to tho ground, nnd outers
tho ground by somo cracs, or worm
hole. It goon down from t'ireo to
ten Incl'es, according to tho Btruct
uro and condition of tho coll, tho us
ual depth boln about four Inches.
Upon reaching secure leptl', tho lar
vao hollows out for Itself a tiny,
spherical or oblong coll or It finds an
exceedingly small natural cavity and
shapes this for Its convenience. Tho
completed chamber, has a hard,
smooth Inner wall, nnd It Is about
''j,1,1 i
There's a Reason
Cnn You Guess the Rouson?
Complete House Furnishers
Temporary Quarters Next to Washington
School. W. Main &. Laurel Sts. Phone 1451
.i I
jtfUtoy fPjEWlty Jfljggl
Injury. The result Is a one-twolfth of an Inch long, or Just
first feedin
which In badly infested regions
means almost tho whole cop.
Numerous leaf and blossom stems
In which eggs had been placed wero
closely watched to determine, tho
length of tho ogg stage. In many
cases theso stems becamo dry dur
and almost invariably from theso no
thlps Issued. Eggs need molsturo
for their preservatlonn and devel
opment, and tho young thrlps must
havo tende and pliable tlssuo
though which to emerge. Tho ogg
stago lasts approximately .four days.
Tho Larvae
It Is Interesting to watch with tho
dropping of half rowu cher- a llttlo longer than tho Insect Itsolf.
i no insect nero spen is mo greater
portion of Its life. It remains for sev
eral months a qutcscont, non-food-taking
larva. Later tho pupal changes
aro undergone, and lastly tho adult
Insect appears boforo It Issues forth
" tho tree. Larvao collected from
tho ground on August 23 woro nctlvo,
and, strange to say, green chlodophyll
matter, undl-o.tcr food, uhlch had
been tnken Into tbo sovornl
months befcro, was Btlll present in
their bodies. Tho Insects nro scat
tered through tho soil from near tho
trunk to several feet from tho tree.
(To Bo Coptlnued.)
I sb
re ft
mk . A fa. m 0 w
In Just Five Months
Grew a Full Growth oS Hair on a Bald Head
Here's the Proof
For iwo or thr run my hair 1"1 Um
flllm out an uttlnc quit thin, untl tho
loj uf inr liMi nu vntirolr batJ. About
fiur manlht asa 1 to nmonwsl ulni
,3st anj Bulitiur. 7I tint botilo
rctroI t iln nmo sood att 1 le-t iu:n
It ri-culnrlr. until iiow'l ha mnj tJUr tot.
!. Tlo whole tjp of my ha.l U now
fatrlr i 'ir-l with hilr nnJ It krp cot
lie In ttilrkcr. ! tlinll kr; on mine It a
iMi nnsr, iu 1 notice a contlant im
lUchccU.-. X T.
37XTe or ::cw Tern: J ,.
Coumy ox llonioo J "
SU'l'h'n lucun. twine ilu:y sirom. r
that hv haa rMl lli ttatnint abuve hi
tite4 nni! Hut Ih iciuenti u( a-HJ !(
cuut on true.
Swota to tctor m Ul 31t diy of July. HK3.
ilcjiur W. HALU
Nuury lutille.
Tho blrthrlRht ot ovnry mnn, woman nnd child a hill,
henlthy hend ol hnlr. II your hnlr Is fnllliiK. H It l lull ol
dandrulf, or it It Is faded or turning rny. II la dlscattcd
nnd should bo looked alter without dolny.
Hnlr Tonic and Restorer, romovca dandrulf in n low dny,
sto:3 hnlr fnllinu In ono week, nnd starts n now growth In
a month.
Wycth's Sngo nnd Sulphur does not aoll tho skin nor
Injure the hnlr: but it Is nn Idenl hslr dressing Hint will rc
Ntorc faded and urny Itnlr to natural color and keep tho
hnlr solt nnd glossy.
50c. and $1.00 a Bottlo-
Or Sent Dlrtxjl. Kxprcxi Prspnld,
-At all Druggists
Upon Receipt of Price
Mrs. L. Hatfield was In Mod ford (Norcross and will at once begin tho
soveral days last week visiting with erection of a tomo thoroupon. Tho
rodents turned over to "Jim Crow." Clarence A. Steele, Portland; Frank
Tho order was compiled with, but Im
agine the surprise of tho helper who
carried them to her when, Instead of
pouncing upon them and making the
xabst of tbo feast spread there at her
feet, she looked them critically over
and decided to adopt t! em! Since
then she has fondled and fed them
and cared for them most zeealously,
and neither she nor the mice have
rer shown tbo least indication that
thoy aro supposed to be deadly one-Bales.
ALLENTOWN, Pa., May 30.
County Commissioner Henry W.
Bloss and M. Herbert Deary, depu
ty register of wills, aro planning to
establish an angora goat farm on the
Bluo mountain at tho arpor end of
Lehigh county.
Mr. Benry, who was born in Mis
souri nnd has frequently vlsdted there,
noticed that in that state farmers
woro maklnc a success of breeding
angora goats on territory similar to
that along tho mountain )ere, which
Is too lean for tilling or even grazing
sttlo, but on such grass and shrubs
as exist thero it Is figured the an
gora goats would thrive, being great
Commissioner Bloss ens upward
f 7000 acres ot these mountain lands
saving acquired them for their future
Talue as a timber supply and as pro
tection for Bprlngs supplying reser
Toira In which he is Interested. Tho
angora goats aro chiefly valuable on
account of their hides, which aro used
la make vici kid, and their meat and
nllk can also bo utilized.
H. Swift, Pleasant Hill; Roy K.
Terry, Portlnnd; Shannon Laurie
Van Vnlznh, Sprinpf ield ; Frederick
J. Whittlesey, Portland; Wilfred
Wattenbnrjj, Fossil ; Herman A. Wnt
terbortr, Portlnnd; Benjamin H. Wil
liams, Eucrenc; Willinm G. Willinms,
EuReno; Frances P. Younjr, Eugene;
Ella M". Deyoe, Eugene.
The master's degree will bo con
ferred upon Nellie McNeill, Hertford;
Elizabeth Woods, Cottage Grove.
My property which I had on the
Bsarket for sale I now withdraw un
til further notice.
12 It. J. COLE.
NOTICE OP SALE OP 850,000.00
Bids will be received up to June 1,
1910, at the hour of 2 o'clock p. m.
of said day, by Jas. M. Cronemlller,
treasurer of Jackson County, Oregon,
for tho purchase ot J50.000.00 (fifty
thousand dollars), coupon bonds, of
$1,000.00 denomination, to bo Issued
by School District No. 49, of Jack
son County, Oregon, payable in twen
ty years, ton years' optional, bearing
5 per cont Intrest per annum, Inter
est payable semi-annually. Bids to
bo accompanied by certified check, 5
per cont of the amount of the bid.
Tho board ot directors ot said school
district No. 49 reservo the right to
reject any and all bids.
Treasurer ot Jackson County, Oregon,
Dated this 5tU day of May, 1910.
Notice is hereby given that the
annual meeting of stockholders of the
Pacific and Eastern Railway will be
held at tho oftico of the company,
In Medford, Oregon, on Monday, June
C, 1910, at 10 o'clock a. m.
By order of the President.
Haskks for Health.
Eating cherries, canning cherries,
plo cherries.
'60 Farnors 700x2
Mrs. J. E. Watt.
Mrs. Leomelster Is getting some
fine views ot Central Point and its
surroundings which she Intends
mounting in the shape of post cards.
Miss Sarah Bebb was alarmingly
ill on Friday and tho report was cur
rent that s'nu was the victim ot ap
pendicitis. This proved to bo but
a rumor, though the young ladyl Is
still qulto 111.
Oil spread upon the wators does
not always havo tho quieting effect
attributed to It. Since tho Irrigat
ing ditches became full of crude oil
from the tank leakage at tho Hop
kins orchard, much murmuring has
been heard among tho people of Cen
tral Point who havo been In tho
habit of using the water upon their
gardens, as tho oil has made It unfit
for this purpose. A number of people
have lost their chickens, tho same
having died as tho result of drinking
tho water from tho ditches. Plain
water vithout any enriching is good
enough for Central Point.
Mr. and Mrs. R. W. demons had
a genuine family reunion last Sunday,
having with them three of their chil
dren from various parts of the state
with tholr families.
Mrs. J. N. Clemens, with her
daughter and two sons, camo from
Holland to Josephine County on Sat
urday, and Sunday morning J. E.
Clemens and family of Tr.iont ar
rived. Lator In tho day R. M. Clem
ens and wife from Dr. Gary's ranch
on Griffin Creok put In nn appearance
and a regular family Jollification was
tho order of tho day with plonty of
strawberry shortcake no doubt, Judg
ing from tho size ot Clemens' peres
strawborry patch.
At tho tabernacle services on Sat
urday evening tho music was fur
nished by about sixty children, led
by Mr. Groy. What was lacking in
porfect molody wpb more than made
up for in energy and onthuslasm,
and that tho largo audlonce enjoyed
tho Innovation was ovldencec? by tho
applauso that greeted sovoral of tho
Frank Weston, who last woel: sold
his orchard on Bear Crook to At
torney Beckwlth of Now York City,
has purchasod sovoral tots ot W, H.
lots cost him $1,100 and his house.
which will to Lullt in tho bungalow
style, will oit in tho neighborhood
of $3,000.
In this column last week tho prin
ter mado tho editor of tho Nowslots
say that Centrhl Point ban purchased
among other flro equlpmonts a 70
foot ladder. This was n mistake As
most of our buildings nro less than
five stories hist, wo decided that a
10-foot ladJO' would answer tho pur
po3o for a year or two and that Is
tho kind wo ordered.
Tho work of tho big ditcher Is
nearly done and nil that romalns la
to finish laying tho wnter mains and
our wnter system which has boon so
long desired will bo a reality. From
hero tho workmen will go to Tacoma,
Washington, where a similar work
Is to bo undor',' Iron.
Tho baby daightor of Professor
and Mrs, Gene Chllders went to
Grants Pnss ono day Inst week to
visit with Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Roper,
tho latter bolng a sister of Mrs. Chll
Frod Ponengcr and family loft on
Sunday for their now homo at Eu
gono. Tho rood wlshos ol a host of
frlonds go with thorn.
Quito n njinlicr of Central Point
peoplo wont down to Medford Fri
day to tako J' tho aviation moot and
camo homo disappointed, but with
n courago and determination only
matched by tho people who woro put
ting up tho show, thoy wont back an
Saturday and woro well ropald for
tholr trouble
Henry Fiirnum has bogun tho
oroctlon of . homo on tho lots recent
ly purchased by him of J. J. Grim.
Tho tabernacle was beautifully dec
orated with flags and bunting on
Sunday morning in honor of tho G.
A. R, and tho W. R. C, who woro
prosent In :t body. Rov. Johnson
spoko touchlngly of tho debt that tho
nation owes and will nlwayB owo to
tho woarora of tho "llttlo brown but
ton." Manager Grieve ot tho Control
Point baseball team lino courteously
announced that thoro will bo no moro
basoball plnyjd In tho city on Sun
day, whllo tho tabornnclo mootlngs
contlnuo. This kindly doforonco on
Wyeth Chemical Company, ?&"&?!&.
Leon B. Haskins, Drug Store
his part Is greatly approclatod by
thoco conuoctod with tho mamtgomout
of tho revival work.
Rov. M. E. Coon ot Woodvlllo was
In town on Sunday to attond tho
tabornaclo mootlngs.
E. E. Emerson, who with his family
aro spondlng tho summor on hlo
homestead noar Butto Falls, camo
down for a fow days' visit In town.
His family accompanied him.
Mr, Joo Murphy ot Seattle, n friend
of Harry Hall do .Goz, Is visiting tho
young orchardlst at his homo In tho
Snowy Butto orchard. Ho, too, is
contemplating tho purcbMO of or
chard land It Is rumored.
Notlco is hereby glvon that tho
nnnunl meeting of stockholders ot tho
Pacific and Eastern Railway will bo
hold at the offlco of tho company,
In Medford, Orogon, on Monday, Juno
C, 1910, at 10 o'clock a. m.
By order of tho President.
Real Cut Glass
The finest assortment of Hawko h
Cut GlnsB ovor nliown in Med
ford Glaus that is cut from
tho solid blank. Evory pteco
bears tho trade mark.
Jawsler, near P. O.
Siskiyou Natural Minora! Water,
bottled at tho spring by J. M.
Wagner a cloar, sparkling,
health-giving drink. Delivered to
your home by
B. C. BIGHAM, Agent.
will not puzzle you if you havo nn
account ut tho Funnon' & Fruit
growers' Hank. Your bnnk book
will tell you how much you had. Your
chocks will tell you what you havo
Hpoiit nnd what for. Tho Farmers'
& Fruitgroworfl' Hnnk nocoptH no
cmintH from women iih well an men.
Its inoroiiBiiig number of women do
positorH hIiowh thoy hnvo found such
nn ncoount an ndvnntngo.
For Sale
Land that will cut six crops of alfalfa a year. TJ.
S. Government irrigation. If you aro interested,
Wo mako any kind and stylo of Windows,
Wo carry Glass of any size on hand.
i MEDFORD SASH & DOOR GO., Medford, Oregon, I