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Do yon ntudy. your best 1olS
est sad patronize this paper. It
Hi be appreslswd by all the best
farmers, Utm wkctp yvu, get txiulo.
' -: .'- I." i C ' '. A. Paper Of, By and For the Tcoplel- . . ' . ' ' -. ." ' .
VOL. IV. - - ? ii- H MEDFORD: OREGON, FRIDAY, AUGUST !8!)2. : V " -'.v rV:;. ": : -NO,3i.
K. of P. T.Uisimn tnCIja No. 31. meets M in
day evening a 3 p. m. Visitirg bn.tbrrs al
ways welcome. .' . M. IV.TSkekl, U. C.
J. A. WKtTSAS. K. Of 1J. S.
A. O. U. W. Lod.RO No. 9. meets every "sec
ond and fourth Tuesday in the mouth at S p. m.
in rjie'r hail In tbo opera block. Visiting
orotaers invited to attend.
J. A. AVbiteside, YV. M.
. G. F. MKatiiMAX, Kecorder.
I. O. O. F. t-ixlce No. S3, meets In I. O. O. F.
hall every Suurd.y at at
rr3thrs ulirar4 W.livlm.
& p. m. Visiting j
IX S. Youngs, N. G.
A C NiCHOi-Sox. Kec. Sec.
. . .
I. O. O. F. Rogue River Encaimimcnt. Lode
No. 30. ne:ls ia 1. O. O. F. hull the second and
ourth Wednesdays of each month at S p. la.
W. 1. Vayiek, C. P.
B. S. Webb, Scribe.
Olive RehoJsaU Lod.w No. 2S. meets in I. ft,
O. F. hall tim and third Tuesdays of each
month. Visiting listers invited to attend.
Mks. D. S. Yocsgs, N.G.
A. CX Nicholson. Sec.
A. F. & A. M. Meets tlr -t Friday on or be
fore fall uioon at S p. m . in A. O. U. W. hall.
N. L. Nakkeuan, W. m.
J. S. HaffASo. Sec '.-.-!
G. A. II! Chester A. Arthur Post No. T
mits in tj. A. R. hall every second and fourth
Thursdays iu each month at T:Min. M.
C". C. XuBLE, Com.
J. K. Fakis, Adjt.- - j ; .
F. A. I. T7. I. L. Polk lodge No. KB. mcctf
evory T jesJay at S p. m.
G. R. Buiscs. Pres.
Enworth Le?.?aa moots each Sunday ever-t-i?"at
S:"Wl D. T. Lanog. prrsidect. Juliu
Falde, secretary
Younir Peoplo" Lit-rary meets- Friday vea
insr; of eaca weeJt. uader the auspices cf tin
HpTorlh League.
AV. C. T. U. Meets at Christian church cverj
Monday evening at 7 p. xa. .
Mxs A. A. Kellogg, Pres.
MBS. E. P. Hiimosn, Scc'y.
Y-M.C. A. Meets ererv Sunday at 3 p m
at M. K. caarch. W. S. Hau.v, Pres.
M. E. RlGsv, Sec. -
Secretaries of above lodges will please nttem
to corrections. Any st-ciety wishing to have :
place in this directory will please hand in nec
essary data.
Methodist KpLoeopal Church E. E. Thomp
son. u-i-t -r. s.-rriccs the second and fuunl
Sabbat:; sorains. II a. m.. evening. do p.m
Prayer mating at 5 p. m. Tharsday. !undaj
school ea:i Saaday as 111 a. d. A. K. Johnson,
superintendent. - - ' . v ...
Christina Church P. R. Burnett, pastor.
Preaching nrst and third Sundays in montt.
momia : and evening. Worship every Sunda;.
marniuir. Sanany school at 10 a. in. Prayc:
meeting every Thursday evening. .
' Presbyterian Churciv F. J. Edmunds, pas'
tor. ireaching at II a. ra. and 7:A) p. m. 5aa
day school at 10 a. m. Y. P.S. C. K.,6:!5 p.m
Baptist Clinrch is at present without a i as
tor. Prayer Meeting every Wednesday evea
iu?. SanUay school at Ka.m Farther aotio
given as saoa as pa.'wr is secured.
The pr.stors cf the dI3cr?nt churches are re
quested to attend to corrections.
Pkysiciax and Scrgeox -
- Medtbrd. Oregon."
OSce : Rooms 2S3. I O.O F. BIdj
Physician ami Surgeon.
Mcdford. Oregon.
OSSce: In Childera' Block.
. Physician and Surgeon.
" -. ; Medford, Oregon. . ' ; .
Office: Cor. C and 7th sts, "
Physician and Surgson.
- Meditird. Oregon. :
OlSce: Hamlin block, up stairs.
Resident Dentist.
Makes a specialty of first-class
; "" work at reasonable rates.
Office in opera house, Medford, Or
ROBT. A. MILLER- , . .
Att'y and
Jacksonville, Oregon.
Will practice in all courts of the
: - : ' State.
Abstractor and Attokney-
. Medford, Oregon.
Office in bauk buildintr. Have, the.
most complete and reliable ab'
str acts of title in Jackson county
Attorney and Cowsellor- ;
-At Law. .
Medford, Oregon.
OfiSce: In Opera block.
Medford,1 Oregon.
O0oe: I.O.O.F. Building.
"" IN T;
Tbr.t I V.luit Noah Allcu, President ,ot
tho National Citizen' Industrial Alli
ance.' Declares! I the Itnpurtnut Tact
for ThlnUcra to Realize.
Now that the conventions are over
pnJ tj10 t;,.ttet3 aM j:1 tho held marshal-
'in" the forces must begin. Tho hues
I , , -
i are drawn, aud the most :nomentovs po-
litical contest for a quarter of a century
is njxu ns. - Tho lovers of Khl au' t-!?
enennes of liberty, the monopoly fed
and trnst fattened cormorants, the par
tisan bigot and jiolidcal leeches are
united against the people. Success at
ail hazards is thoir tletermiuation.-
Tliere is no life too dear, no character
too sacred, uo iKillot too pure to esca-0
their seiiish, avaricious assaults. Vili
fication, slander, libel and personal, vio
lence if need bo will be resorted to.
Orsauisatioa, colonization, "blocks of
fcve, tens ai:u twenties, fraud, petjnry
and bribery will be their weapons ia tho
present campaign. . Homo workmen are
to be crowded out and back to make
W.-V for imported voters. Exorbitant i
freight rates are to be estorted from tho j
farmers, merchants and consumers to
swell tho campaign fund and despoil
and corrupt tho ballot bos. Complete
organisa ion. liberal donations and con- I
tribntious. and rcrfoct obedience lo
tlioiv nlntoreitic rcstlera their bono 1
ofsncces? j
We to tho necessity of
t V. t l,tIA 11 X Bl V tt.l UiA j
and work to cieet an unscrupulous and I
insiaiocs foe is defeat to onr principles
and danger to onr liberties. The need
fox close, conservative organisation was
never greater. Op;a political clubs arc,
i-csuQcicnt. " We cannot afford to drift
in fancied security whea the political
worms are destroyiitg the bulwarks of
American liberty. If we would throw
off tho corporation mcabu3 we must
thick, act and vote, and set) that our
votes are couuted.
If wc havo a free ballot and fairconut.
we must organize and stand together
liko men and patriots. Ko organ iialioi
for the education of the masses in tho
interests of justice and equality should
bo allowed to dissolve or lose its power.
Lach reform organization Las a legiti
mate mission and held cf labor. - j
Tu9 Farmers' Alliance, Knights cf.
Labor and kindred organisations :irej
nonpartisan and edr.catioar.1 in tte'i j
character, and aro composed of a mem j
birship limited to certain classes, and
are thcrclorc restricted ia their
work, i
ork to 1
Br.t each has a noblo and useful wo:
Tho l.'adoaal Citizens' Indrtrial Al
liance L, composed cf a membership
from all stations and callings in lifo wa
stand squarely uison the St. Locis plat
form, aud white not a partisan organi
.;r;oa iu li ixditical and will wcrl; fur .
tho party adopting its principles, and !
tho Peoples party having dono this we '
lake onr 'stand and pledgo onr s-.f prer; '
to Weaver and Field and tho Peot,l
party tickets in every state iu the Union :
Our membership is .composed of!
chantc farmers, laborers and busincia
or professional men of 11 callings, irre-
spective of whether they ere membrn
of other reform' organizations or not,
and va meet upon, a common level to
devise the safest aud best method to1
meet aad resist onr common ee:ny.
While working in perfect harmony wo
occupy a field unoccupied by any other
reform organization. The Nalieual Citi
zens Industrial ATiianco is a national
organization: its.. mission is a good one.
its cistenco a necessity. -
. Tho work of reform education in busi
ness circles, guarding aud protecting
the ballot against illegal voters, fraud
and bribery, is essential, cud must bo
dono by reliable, conservative, organized
effort. : Tho pluns for succesBf nl work
cancot bo laid in open view of tho
enemy. There is much to be done in an
important contest lilie this that must bo
well and carefully planned."
Our organization is well adapted for
that work it is for that purpose.- Po
litical clubs aud committees need all
of the assistance they ,can get, aud on
purpose is to assist them with well ma
tured and organized plans. Snrly wo
ninst fight if we would win in this
etrnggle, and to fight well the National
Citizens' Industrial Alliance- should bo
thoroughly organized in every city,
town and hamlet iu tho land. . .Let
every paino-.ic reiormer join us, put ma
shoulder to tho wheel and help cs on to
Washington. W ith united efforts, patri
otism aud the people will bo victorious.
Noah Alien in Topeka Advocate.
Mean 1us1mch la Georgia. ..
Tho plutocratic press cf Atlanta
fondly imagines that it is fooling some
body with its misrepresentations of the
relative strength of the two parties in
Georgia. If it had a greater love for
tho truth it would bo more respected
aud more infincntiaL Its bold misrep
resentations havo ceased to hurt tho
Pcoplo's party or to do its own nny
Everywhere that meetings aro held
those of tho People's party are from fonr
to twenty times larger than those' of tho
Democrats, aud the enthusiasm, if not
as noiily expressed, 13 deeper and more
earnest. The people are in dead earnest
and they can neither bo deceived, fright
ened uor coaled into again supporting the
old parties. Soolheru Alliance Farmer.
Tiie Silver I'robteni In u Nutsholl."
Free coinage of silver means $1.29 per
ptincc. This will inako Colorado mines
pay big wages and employ thousands of
idle men. These men will spend the
money; it goes into tho channels of
trade, and by stimulating trado employs
millions more idle men and f nroishes tho
medium for their payment. The rich
. ...... ....... t... i,n nam !
dollars made, for then the peoplo would
not havo to go-to those Tieli bandits and
pay them., for tho use of their supply. is tho silver proUoni in a liutahell.
Pneblo Colo.) pritsis. '
A Vote for Principle Is Not a Vote
.-.Thrown Away This Year.
Ve seo in tiie oast that, tho old party
organs are advising voters to uvoi.l
throwing away their votes on any new
party.. This hoary headed weapon of
monopolistic partisanship was uever so
stuffed with sophistry a3 this year.
- This is a great year to vote for princi
ple. Wo will not here discuss the
soundness and breadth of tho People's
party platform, but if any voter is con
vinced that the new party has trained
its gnus four square. to the solution of
the question of private monopolies and
still wittlioids hi:: vote, let him make a
careful snrvery of the situation. The
currency and corporation monopolies of
thss country have a grip upon both the
liepublican and Democratic parties.
President Harrison had to uitike a tour
of railroad a:td trnst attorney tor a
man to run his campaig i.
In half a dozen northwestern states
the result will bo determined by the
purchasable vote. It is a cold question
of money. Talto Indiana as an example.
Four years agoa private canvass a'iuwed
that there were S1.UU0 purchasable vote,
and tho Ilepnblicans required -3,0'-0 v!
them to carry the election. As thecvm::
showed, it too ySotl.UOO to swing l.iefo
29'CCJ 1I,to ,he Kcpuuliean column. If
tbo Democrats had been able to raire
$SC0. the Republicans would have
lost ,,lC Blat0- "
lt au cc!r believes that bis country
saor.w nc run by the people rather ttia.!
hy t ue corporations, the tuost
metnotl ot llirowmg awav ina vote is to :
Uoor j
ti:cre c:'a 1)0 signiGcaace ia the suc
cess cr t nuor cr iae oia itrtics. i.ivy
both str.nd for special privileges of a
few and against the interests of tUo
many. They work together whenever
there is any cangvr that a new party
will unhoric them both. --
In RogcrQ. iVJls" district afew woejiia
ago it became evident that t!o Peaybtr's
party was about to carry the cljcUou.
and in onlcr to prevent lliis Repahiiciu
baniers contributed mouey lo eK'ct n
Democratic candidate to congress.
Judge Anthony, Democrat, was ia con-
sctia,nce olccteJ l.y a s-.rH ttjority ,
tac purcnaye ci tae negro vote wua i;e-,
, f. . V. .I.-
publican inouev in two Republican conn-;
tici Doniocratic bankers and railroad
attorneys ia Kansas L-ave been piviri-4 ;
aid and comfort to the Kansas Uepuh- j
lirscs. j
And so it gees, especially through the '
wet and south. As tho combat deep- :
ens, it will appcarthat there aro but two
parties in this great repnblic fbc party
f monotwly and tho party of the pe.p!e. '
Tho November election is cot a hcrro
race uor a gamo of chance. It is tho
duty cf every citizen to vote his convic
tions. Wc s.r? npin tho eva of a revival
of principle, honor cn-t cqial justic?. j
And Bgaiu. looking at Uie contest '
from a tactical point of vijw, no man '
throws away his voto this year if he
supports U19 People s party. A very ,
conservative estimate of tho outcome in
Xovcmt-er is t hat ri con them and four .
western state;. six Deui'cra.ic a:id fonr
Republican will enter tho electarrd col
lege of the People's party. There will
in consequence be co elcc'.iotr and the
choice of president wiil Jj thrown into
the hon$e and tho choice of vice rrcsi-
.1..... i-tn r
Ut lib i.U t.It. O.Ubkb
.,, .labiotimo. It must lo setlie-j now. in
If you wi.l taso tao eomhem r.u-.tes 1 . ... . . ..
. . , ,., , . 1 next vote we cast will determine if we
which will iiot vote for Cleveland, tae 1 . , . . ... .
. . . ... ., ; aro true, state loving Coloradoitiis. or
Farmer s Aluanca states aud the n:ve." . .... .,. . . p , ...
states, tac rule prevailing accord-1
inft to taa terms ff
will be readilr s
take very much of a tidal wave to 1 isid
General James B. Weaver iu tho presi
dential chair. Tha house cannot voto
for any name that did uot Ttire ia the
electoral college. Thcs it wiil lie a
choice between " liarru-on, Cle veland
and Wciiver. It. is needless undir the
circnmstancca to remind any reformer
that his duty is to vote for lho parry cf
reform this year unless he retilly wishe
to throw bis vote awav. Xew Nation.
A Spcntmen from Cnlorutlo.
Tlio following rpccial dispatch from
Ouray, Colo., to The Cocky Monntain
News, of Denver, explains itself, and is
fairly representative cf the sentiments
of three-fourths of former Republicans
and Democrats ia tho state:
Lyman I. Iler.ry. chairman of the Re
publican county central committee, of
fered Ins resignation today as follows:
Ccntu.mes I hereby irndir my reniftna
linn cs a mcmiicr nntl of yucr rum
rnlllM, nn.l rfYtif(..t flint fliis nHtii-nri! inn tnki.
; effeel I mined lately. . I Urvb nlnrays Ijrn-lnfnr.
acted witli and buppost-d that I wasamuslst-
cat member of tho Itcimblican j arty. I can
not finl any rcavu trnt iinrtory to mrc!f n-by
I shodM uni.v act nhb tbe pnrly upon the lines
laid down in tbo national platform. I ran not
f prove, of tbe plunk coureruluit tbocoinaKvof
, I eatioot find any rcn&onablo interpretation
of that plank cornny acts or czprersion front
tbe candidate on that plat form 10 justify mo
ns an unqualified sappnrtvr of tbo free and un
limited coinagoof stiver untMo ratio or iu to 1.
Ccuticmcn, my peinonnl relalious with you
have keen at all liutex pleuMint; my only r
orct Is liittt Ibis action on my part nmy possi
bly ewer Ibu Intimate- relations and friendly
conditions tl:nt bovo brretofore c-.l-.tcd . b-
! mccn tu In Ibe work of politics. My only de-
biro in poiitieal action is tunt Ilie couimou
eood of onr country may be BUbserved.
gntlslled irltli Tliclr Own Way.
With duo respect to the opinions of
those who have iu other states chosen n
method different from ours, we innst
say that the South Carolina plan of get
ting reform in.sido tho white man's purty
commends itself to our jiulgmont as
well as oar taste. Tho reformers here
havo all. they could get bj-any possi
bility by independent nc'tiou, nntl besides
this there is comparative peac.o botwoou
us. Cotton Plant.
A ricasnnt Surprise.
' It will Y'e quite a pleasant surprise to
many farmers to learn that thoy are
prospering us .never before; somehow
there has been a lurking suspicion that
the GO per cent, depreciation in farm and
; produce values was not indicative of
r prosperity., 'lheirdonuta will liecnareiy
diupeUed by the soft, cooing of the tariff
ruspouscrs'in yoar mind. ChDSj.ning
(Midi.) Argos.
It Is Important for Every Thinking Man
to Coino Out Ittittlly.
Fntile, vain and foolish would be file
position of reformers of today if they
were uot honest in their convictions mid
determined to carry them- out. The
masses of this country cannot afford to
longer trust tUose who have been instrti-.
cieutal in blinding tho public with false
promises. Let him who declares ha has
violated nouo of the promises ho has
madu come out from among those who
No man can bo a true soldier of a
cause and wear t'.io uniform and serve
in the ranks of his enemies; a good
Christian and wear tho livery of the
devil: nor can he be true to reform mid
continue to wear tho collar and brand i
of plutocracy, placed upoii him by !
inexorable decrees of his parry caren
L'.y the brand you wear will yoa be ct;t
mid driven by tho herders of lefoim.
lie who persists in wearing tho braed
j of Mr. ('levelatid'a Wall street platform
must l:enl Willi plutocracy t-tlu'ii
and American and chould t!ie grazing
(vote) become short at:d dry ia their
pastures, our advice to those who bo-
come restive and uneasy is to first slip
the plnitK:ra!io brand pat oa you at Chi-
cago, and then if you becomu btvachy
t i... t
aim .r-nK t no rt-L,.,:, -.ares j.ra Ijt.,:ul0ri Oregon,
will be accorded a place among tuo re- I
form herd according to yot'.r merit. - I A. C, Taylor county, W. Va.: Il
Do uot bo deceivetl: the m.-ues nro! would seem at last that the coi:j
fully posted as to the political character I ,., people of the wst and south
li ' . . L." li'.V 111.' 'i UO 1 . L l4 Ug V . J I
cago ticket.
i hey witl uot forget tao i
, " 1 , , , .
J --M
mIu:: !
nro 0..KI and mammon, nutter can of Tennessee has indorsed Governor
he servo tae p,?ple ..d p.totcy. i--t,jiltl p. Buchannn ns an indcKn
tis wear our coiors hue bo.'.est men and . , ...
be readv to say boh'.ly o:. which sidj wo . 'ent canilwlte. and p'.cdj:ed him
j aro iu tl3 Cght. Soathern Mercury.
Colorado' Intarr!.
Texas produces cattle, horses, wool.
cotton and wheat. The livo prmlncts no more itr.portanttohcr.asa whole.
than is onr silver to ns. tiappose a u.t- i
tional policy were pending which wotthl '
isnncly cperate to render all r.f thee
products cf uo worth, ur to nearly i
aj;tol, g-iU. xvh;lt vvot",a iw
worthless as that khc would liave to
... . ,
Kud of her were sho to give any sort of
. ,
r.sseut to it: throw up her cap for it:
cpend her timo and CVrts in electing
the men pledged to carry it oat?
mis u not an ovcrsiateinent 01 tao
.. . -,- ,. 1 1.1 ,
con(u:ioit3 prevailing ia Colorado today. :
We are not I'.ka Texas iu thus Laving a!
1 . . ? 1 . 1 r -1 ,,'
QumixT tu i:ic suintc urvtis w iue worm
on onr list cf productions: we have bat
one, silver. If. under oil the circum
stances, we should vote for the candi
date cf cither of the great national ja.r
lies we would commit a graver fault
than would Texas if she went for the
policy wa have spoken of above.
inero is no getting away from the
ccnclaraoa it is Csed and inevitable.
Let ns not dcrvivoTcrsc!ves a moment
longer. The M'.uaiioa with all its dire-
fal and dreadful cousequetsoos is CjKn
us. Will wo then in biiud devotion t
the two old patties, or either one .f
them, vote to destroy this one tangio
interest upon which depends every cr.-
: 1 1 . . t . - ....
lUI'ltMJ ililU ito.w ui tut- ..t.e.
v.. r 1 1.- r-
cannot, if 'we would, push' the matter : dm v Cedar Rapids (Neb.) Re-ssi-.Io
for solution at soma fntaro favor- j publican. ,
. . a .
. , LUU t.UJill. tJllI.ll .1 L.. t .- I .t'..L
nf ,,lnt,u-r.M- -7.f privi. .tiir riS t.
.1 . tl ' 1 i' ' live and to work, to vote, from that ' standard hearer in this congrcs
'en i.i.vt l. woui.i liO. ; ,. . , ... ,,. ,' . ,
ciiqv.o vi otiu&ers in mail street vrno
are bent upon the tlesirucUcn of oar
only cha.:co .f present sulistence and
future hoi-e.-OwndJu.icf.ou (Colo.)
Frre Silver aad Korelrn Trade.
England ar.d all EuroTMt know that if
wa wero to oik'u our mines to tho free:cr.ilic papers in Colorado have re
and unlimited coinage of silver that notmced their aileeiance to and sup
Mexico and South Anu-rica and nil tho port cf the G. O. P.'s and have
silver producing countries would bring
their rilvcr to this country and have it
coined into full legal tender money, and
as it would not bo money in their coun
tries they would not take it back, but
would exchange it for such things as
they need and that we have to sell, and
if they bought goods of ns England
and Europe would lose tho trado of those
countries: nnd to retain tho trndo of
those countries they would have to pay
$l.?t). tho price it would bo worth ut onr
mint, nnd tho5e nations would no longer
tnako a profit of from forty-four to forty
eight cents on each ounco of our .silver
that we produce with so much hard
work. And us all those nations must
havo silver to keep up tho volume of
money, they would havo to pay our price
for it and pay for it in gold if they could
not pay for it in nny other way. (Jt. W.
King in Denver Coad.
The Need .of m New Tarty.
This country is ripe for a third party.
The occasion demands it. Never in the
history of politics was there such a cry
ing demand for political reformation
and revolution. It must como through
a now party. The lenders of tho old
parlies are corrupt ubovo all things and
pnsilluniinously wicked. They, are
owned and controlled, soul and body, by
tho money power. " Tho peoplo uinst
take their cause into their own hands,
organize aud fight for liberty. This is
the opportunity of their lives. It should
not be frittered away. It appeals to
tho noblest impulses of the human heart,
and must not bo cast aside. Wiuue
inncca (Nev.) Silver State.
The Purty Organs tu Colorado.
Tho few remaining old party journals
of tho state are putting iu their "strong
licks" now, and tho crack of tho party
lash is heard daily. An amusing featnru
is tho anxiety which Republican papers
betray to havo Democrats stick to thuir
ticket. Weaver, they declare, hxsn't a
ghost of a chance of carrying the stuto.
but nevertheless they hopo the Demo
crats will stick to Clovelan.L Never
wore tho Republican organs so solicitous
of the Democratic welfare. Thwy an
'playing mi for fouls," an a correspond
eut rejiiarks. -Fiurpltiy (Colo.) Flume,
Culled from Our ' Exchange! for" the
Eeaders of tha Kail.
The Plumed . Knight will enter
the tourey on the side of Protection
and Reciprocity. ,
Queen Victoria has no love Ire
land mid will not . assist Gladstone
in expcditiiif; home rule.
A. F. T., Vance county, N.C.: It
begins to look from the indicatona
that the People's ticket will carry
tliis Btate in Noveinher next. -
J. C Garrison, Hill county, Tex.:
Wc are booming In this county.
We put out a full county ticket
yesterday. Our state ticket can't
be beat. - -
K.' C. Gott,1 Butlor county, Ky.:
The old party leaders are c-tting
scared "here when they see their
men filing in rank with the Peo-
Of course everybody will vole for
People's Party electors in Oregon
this fall. Wc need those men in
Ur business, -which is to
elect the
nrxt' President. Wccklv
will make common cause for tin
common iorIe. nnol 1 think we
pbould be encouraged.
Th Ptrtl.' n-trttr r -invontinn
! support. The Omaha platform and
! nominations were indosed.
Hon. James Gaven Field, the
nouiintc t the 1 t-opie s partv lor
the high office of vice president
was born in Culpepper count v, ir-
pnda. February 24. JS'itf, and con
stHjtur.tly is in his 67th year..
Atlanta. G.i. Au;. 19. At the
state alliance convention today C.
, 11.
. ,
Ellington wns'clet t d prcs"nlcnl.
Atlanta will prol ablv Le the place
fur the nest alliance national con
venton. San Francisco is" also
. - 1
pronnnetitlv ., .
- -.
HotSE, Idaho, Atlff. 16. The p?o-
. ... .
tt. $ partv met t!i:s morniniT
and proceeded to tb.c nomination of
:vi-rnor. A.J. Croik, of Custer
( county, was nominated on the first
bcilh'U J. B. Wright, of Ada coun
' ty, was selected for lieutenant-gov-jernor.
and B. F. Chaney, of Latah,
; fur secretary of state.
llcrer.ftiT we will leave the work
of supporlir.t: the republican pirty
t:i others.- We arc no longer able
to tUfend it. We resign the task
to those inclined," and certainlv in)
coming to this "conclusion we" have
Itfii led bv no other motive than
... . , - . . - .
; to b'tlow mr convictions of
The People's party nominated J.
T. Jackson, a prominent farmer of
Livingston countv, at their conven
" 1 11111 IICTe ItlSt rDllnr.
es their
i siotutl Clflrlct. ile - wears SOCKS,
j ,,,! .c.;tan ones Bt that, and the
,e of ,j dijstrjtt wjH not Ced
a8,wmwl -of ,lhu if he
should b.ip;cn to be elected.
Forty six Republican and Dcmo-
come out sraight
for the People's
Party. In Texas more than half of
the voters of the State arc said to
be enrolled in- People's Party clubs,
ami from every quarter, east, west,
north, and south, tbe cry ia still
they coin's. . ' - . t
T. M. L., Adair county. Mo.:
This county is solid for justice in
tbe coming struggle, and we arc
going to fan them out ns we did
two years ago. The age has been
reached; after so long a time, that
the people's voice mutt be heeded.
Rings, combinations, trusts, mo
nopolies, trnitois nnd plutocracy
must bt! exterminated. Let jus
tice reign supreme. . " . ,
A Disptch from Omaha pays that
about fifty union printers yesterday
organized a Printer's People's Club-.
The primary object of tho club is to
secure the nomination ana election
of nien known to bo in hearty sym
pathy with trade unions. " Two
thirds of the members are Repub
licans who hnve bolted the nomina
tion .if Whitelnw Reid. It is claim
ed that two-thirds of the union prin
ters of Omaha will become mem
bers of the club. .
New York. Auz. 19 One of
the most movements in
the history of politics in this coun
try was brought to the surface
today in tho appearance in this city
of A". S. Houghton, of North Caro
lina, a national committeemen of
the neoti'e's partv. Houghton stnt
cd that he had come hero as the
result of a conference amoung the
leaders of the people's party, nnd
that the headquarters for that move
ment would bo opened in this city.
and further, that tho meeting of
national committeemen of tne party
would be held, in this city- next
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