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- Do you study your beat loter
cxta aud patronize thin paper. It
will be. appreciated by all- the best
farmers, from whom you get trade.
A Paper Of, By and For the People!
NO. 23.
K. of P. Talisman lodge No. 31, meets M m
day evening at 8 p. m. Visiting brothers al
ways welcome. C. I. Hutchison, C C.
J. A. Whitman, K. of R. S.
A. O. TJ. W. Lodge No. 98, meets every sec
ond and fourth Tuesday in the month at S p. m.
in their hall in the opera block. Visiting
oro thers invited to attend.
- L A. Webb, m: W.
B. S. Webb, Sec.
I. O. O. F. Lodge No. 83, meets in L O; O. F.
hall every Saturday at at 8 p. m. Visiting
brothers always Welcome.
Chas. Strang, N. G.
H. G. Nicholson', Rec. Sec.
I. Ol O. F. Rogue River Encampment. Lodge
No. 30, meets in I. O. O. F. hall the second and
fourth Wednesdays of each month at 8 p. m.
W. I. Vawtkr, C. P.
B. S. Webb, Scribe.
Olive Rebekah Lodge No. 28, meets in I. O.
O. F. hall first and third Tuesdays of each
month. Visiting sisters invited to attend.
Mrs. Chas Strang, N. G.
Mrs. Bessie Webb, Sec
A. F. & A. M. Meets first Friday on or be
fore full moon at 8 p. m., in A. O. U. W. hall.
N. L. Nakregas, w. M.
' J. S. Howard, Sec
O. A. R. Chester A. Arthur Post No. -7,
meets in G. A. R. hall every second and fourth
Thursdays in each month at 7:30 p. M.
G. C Noble, Com.
J. H. Faris, Adjt.
F. A. & I. TiL. L. polk lodge No. 2o3, meets
every Tuesday at S p. m.
- J. W. Millek, Pres.
G. S. Briggs, Sec
Epworth League meets each Sunday even
ing at 6:30. D. T. Lawton, president, Julia
Fulde, secretary.
Young People's Literary meets Frtdy even
ing of each week, under the auspices of the
Epworth League. '
W. C. T. U. Meets at Christian cbarch every
Monday evening at J p. m.
Mrs. A. a. Kellogg, Pres.
Mrs. E. P. Htvnosp, Sec y.
T. M. C. A. Meets every Sunday at 3 p m.
at M. E. church. W. 8. H-llv, Pres.
M. E. Rigby, Sec
Seeretariesof above lodges will please attend
to corrections. Any society wishing to have a
place in this directory will please hand in nec
essary data.
Methodist Episcopal Church E. E. Thorcp
son. pastor. Services the second and fourth
Sabbaths; morning. 11 a. m.. evening, 7:30 p. m
Prayer meeting at 3 p. m. Thursday. Sunday
school each Sunday as 10 a. m. A. E. Johnson,
Christian Church P. R. Burnett, pastor.
Preaching first and third Sundays in month,
morning and evening. Worship every Sunday
morning. Sunday school at 10 a.m. Prayer
meeting every Thursday evening.
Presbvterian Chnrcn F. J. Edmunds, pas
tor. Preaching at 11 a. m. and 7 il p. m. Sun
day school at 10 a. m. Y. P.S. C. E:15p.m.
Baptist Church is at present without a pas
tor. .Prayer meeting every Wednesday even
ing." Sunday school at K a. m Further notice
given as soon as pastor is secured.
The pastors of the different churches are re
quested to attend to corrections.
p W caps.
Physician and Surgeox
Medford, Oregon.
Office: Rooms 243. I.O.O.F. Bldg
B. WAIT, -
Physician and bCKGEON.
Medford, Oregon.
InChilders' Block.
p. geary;
Physician and Surgeon.
Medford, Oregon.
Office: Cor. C and 7th sts,
Physician and Surgeon.
Medford, Oregon.
Office: Hamlin block, up stairs.
Resident Dentist.
Makes a specialty of first-class
work at reasonable rates.
Office in opera house, Medford, Or
Att'y and Cowsbllor-at-law.
Jacksonville, Oregon.
Will practice in all courts of the
Abstractor and Attokxey-
- - At-Law.
. . Medford, Oregon.
Office in bank buildine. Have the
most complete and reliable ab
stracts of title in Jackson co unty
Attorney and Counseilor-
-At Law.
Medford, Oregon.
Office: In Opera block.
' Attorn ey-At-Law.
. Medford, Oregon.
' Q35ce: LQ.O.F, Building.
Colonel Sidney ' Harper, of Texas, Says
There Is No Difference Between the
Two Old Parties and Ho Wants to Be
In the Straggle for Liberty.
Patriots are quitting the old bulks and
joining the new party of the people. One
of the latest acquisitions is that of Colo
nel Sidney H'arper, of Texas, who has
heretofore occupied the prominent posi
tion of chairman of the Fourth congres
sional district committee. His letter,
resigning his chairmanship and declar
ing his purpose to "join the grand march
in the struggle for liberty," speaks ia no
uncertain language. It has the ring of
the true metal. It is as follows:
To the people of tho Fourth congressional dis
trict: I hereby tender my resignation as chairman
of the Democratic party for this congressional
district. My reasons for so doing are that I go
to a party more democratic in principle, more
patriotic in practice and less prescriptive in
management. Ut dcr the name Democracy the
great mass of common peoplonf the&onthhave
been lured step by step, each year being led
farther away from the old landmarks of its
founders, until today there is no perceptible
difference between the leaders and the vilest
Republicans. The age of corporations, trusts
and combines in which we live is debauching
our politics, corrupting our laws and destroy
ing our government, and making a wreck of
our liberties and paupers of our people.
During this era of corruption the people
hare been kept divided while the lenders of
the two parties have been in partnership.
amassing millions of' dollars out of the very
corporations and fraud which they by law
have foisted upon the people. The land, the
bank, the transportation, the miniugaml man
ufacturing monopolies aro jointly owned and
controlled by the leaders of tlie two old par
tics. The press, the greet political dailies
being largely under the great telegraph news
combine, must of necessity depend ou the
enemies of the people (the trusts and com
bines) for classification and transmission of
political news. By these methods the people
were kept deceived nntil they wero educated
.otherwise through their industrial organiza
Looking back for thirty years over this era
of corruption aud fraud coming out and per
petuating itself in the passions and prejudices
of tho late war. we find as the production of
modern Democracy and Republicanism over
l.uX) millionaires and GQ.0ft) paupers each year.
Over half the wealth of the Union is owned
and controlled by 73.HW people, whose corpora
tion managers have a power in the assessment
and collection of freights, tolls and tariffs un
rivaled by Lue royal blood of Russia. States'
rights, individual rights and the liberties of
our people have been usurped by corporate
What does the cry states rights signify when
half a dozen corporation managers in the state
of New York, by the stroke of a pen. can col
lect over $5,000,000 a year out of the people of
Texas on fictitious or watered stock in trans
portation cnmpan'cs or let the salary of a cor
poration officer at five times the highest paid
state officer, and make the people pay it. with
no power in the modern states rights to pre
vent it. Whatdocs thecryof individual rights
signify when a few chartered classes have a
monopoly of the governmental power to make,
coin, issue and control the money which prices
every individual's labor and product. and that,
too, withoat legal power or redress or preven
tion. The very men who have carried our pol
itics to a system of spoliation, pillage and
plunder are now and have been about equally
divided among the managers and leaders of
the two ol 1 parties, thus proving their joint re
sponsibility for the wrongs which exist.
In this condition of matters it is folly to ex
pect reform in either of the old parties, and
for the good of myself, my family, my poster
ity and my country 1 expect to take part in
the ratification which takes place at the court
house on Saturday, and join the grand march
and struggle for liberty. To those who know
me I have no explanation to offer, but to those
who do not, will state timt I am a farmer, was
born and raised in the south and havo taken
this step after due deliberation.
feinsEY Harpzs.
JL Solemn Hoar.
The wealth producers of the country
have solemnly declared for certain great
economic reforms, lney nave promul
gated their principles and will vote only
for such men and such party as will
use their best effort to enact these princi
ples into law, and they earnestly invoke
the aid of all good citizens in their patri
otic endeavor.
Impressed with the solemnity of the
situation and the magnitude and im
portance of tho stupendous issues in
volved, I pray God that my countrymen
may discard all selfish ambitions, all
sectional feeling, all partisan prejudice.
and will meet the demands of the hoar
in a spirit of exalted patriotism and pre
serve and perpetuate onr free institu
tions and the blessings of liberty. L. L.
"Evidences of Prosperity."
The following interesting statistics are
taken from the report of the special in
vestigation made by Mr. Robert PorterTj
census bureau:
In Kansas in 1880, of the whole nnm
ber of farmers, 13.13 per cent, lived on
rented farms. In 1890, of "the whole
number of farmers, 83.25 per cent, were
In Ohio in 1880, of the whole number
of farmers, 34.96 per cent, lived on rent
ed farms. In 1890, of the whole num
ber of farmers, 87.10 per cent, were ten
ants. ' ' .
The "evidences of prosperity" are in
creasing as the census reports come in.
And Crime Follows.
Never in the history of this nation
has there been more crimes committed,
more destitution and want, more drunk
enness and debauchery, more licentious
ness, more" corruption in high places,
more general cussedness, than today.
The devil finds work for idle hands to
do. The lack of a circulating medium
makes the idle hands crimes follow as
consequence, Tiffin (O.) Plow and
Down the Promlao Breakers.
If the people will defeat next Novem
ber all who have broken their promises
there is hope for the country. Promises
made to be broken, men elected to con
gress to betray their constituencies, will
hardly contribute to party success un
der the blazing light of Alliance educa
tion, Greer (Tex.) News.
A Commotion.
Georgia is in a terrible political com
motion as a result of the Democratic
party repudiating its pledge to pass a
free silver bill, and the people are organ
izing the People's party with energy and
determination. Montgomery (Ala.) Al;
liance Herald, .
To liaise I'uuds.
' General James B. Weaver writes to
The National Economist:
In thinking over the best plan for
raising money, now so sorely needed in
tho campaign, I have been impressed
with the following plan: Have our na
tional committee designate a week to be
styled "self denial week," during which
every person who wishes this movement
to be successful will deny himself or
herself some luxury or supposed neces
sity for which they are in the habit of
expending weekly a sum of money, and
at the end of tho week send the sum so
saved by self denial to tho treasurer of
the national committee. This will ex
tend to the use of tobacco in its various
forms, liquors or other articles of daily
consumption which the person or fam
ily may see fit to abstain from.
This ought to raise a very large sum
of money, and it would tend to impress
npon the whole country the serious char
acter of our movement and the reforms
which wo advocate. Tho idea is bor
rowed from tho Women's Christian Tem
perance union, which last year raised
a quarter of a million dollars in a single
week in that way. If this matter should
be promulgated by the committee and
is taken up with zeal by the reform
press everywhere, it will yield a large
snm. Then the Fourth of July collection
added ought to give us a very consider
able snm of money.
P. S. This plan also possesses tho
merit of being a practical levy upon the
- . Not for tho Rabble.
The review editor of the Chicago
Tribune, in commenting on "Money,
Silver and Finance," says:
It is unfortunate that tula information ia
not likely to reach thabo who need it most.
Unsound views in relation to the currency ore
notably rife among the middle classes, espe
cially the agricultural communities. But the
arguments here presented are beyoud Iht com
prehension of theso classes.
Oh, but ye are gods and wisdom will
die with you. You have this financial
question to perfection. You have reached
the point where panics recur as regular
as the equinox, and the trade of the
country plays seesaw oa the bridge of
Shylock's nose. Yes, your "trained in
telligencer iu this country understands
finance. Its Alpha is bonds and mort
gages and its Omega is per cent, and
taxes. It is an inverted pvramid with
idocy and theft and despotism -on top
and long suffering labor at the bottom.
To test the question of competency we
beg The Tribuno to trot out its speci
mens of "upper class men who will try
their power of comprehension npon the! sufflclent extent to damage our order, but it
platform alongside of a representative of i mars that perfect unity that should prevail,
these lower classes. Forvears this ar-' and always injures oil concern -I. and is eon-roo-inro
tliU lnn-htv niwriiirilr this! trory to the spirit vt brotherly love and for
rogance. tins uau0nty superiority, uiis , tlua fclipu! prevaii.
studied insult has been tho reliance of Anothcrcril.nUirta fortnoatc!)' prevails only
plutocracy, but it will sot in be pnnctu- In very few localities. i the deposition of
... - . . ..... 1 ... . . ... . , . .1 . i 1 .. m .1.- 1. .i
area witu a tun stop. 11 tne tanners
dont understand the money question
they are studying it. Junction City
(Kan.) Tribune.
Don't Scatter.
As before the St. Louts conference, so
now we have a word of suggestion to
committees on resolutions in state and
national conventions. It is this: Put
in nothing for buncombe; leave that to
the old parties. They have done it until
the people are disgusted with words,
swelling words, only this and nothing
more. Make a few clear, dtrong points
and put them in the words that have
been before the people and understood
by them.
Do not rewrite a plank because you
think you cau state it better than it has
been stated. Go slow on new planks.
They may be all right, but 110 party has
ever yet absorbed all the good things.
Concentrate rather than scatter. When
the responsibility of government is
placed upon us, theu we must meet and
act upon new questions as practical
questions of legislation. Any material
deviation from the grand principles al
ready stated to details of construction
L will do far more harm than good. Keep
on the solid ground in the middle of the
road. American Nonconformist.
Complaint and Action.
Throughout the agricultural states
south, west and northwest where, a few
decades ago, were the happiest, best con
tented, most prosperous nud most inde
pendent jieople on the habitable globe,
possessed of the most princely heritago
which God ever vouchsafed to man, now
.dejection, depression, suffering and pov
erty hang like a pall of night, and they
Bro practically no more than a respecta-
ble class or tenants wuose earning un
der iniquitous laws nre appropriated by
the money power of tho country. They
would be less than human if they did
not complain, they would be more than
human if they did nothing more than
complain. L. L. Polk.
Well, Why Not?
The Topcka Capital thinks tho Dcn-,ocrats
would save a good deal of bnrd work aud
money if they wero to move to make, tho elec
tion of Harrison unanimous. Kansas City
TUey could do this without any sncri
fice of principle, because the controlling
wing of their party is iu practical
accord with gold bug leadership. Wall
street will name the candidates of both
old parties. It is only a question of
time when they will double teams
against the people. Junction City Trib
une. .
Open Your Hearts.
The campaign is here. The time for
political action has come. Remember
that the People's party is tho party of
the people and has no weultby office seek
ers, national bankers or monopolists to
furnish the campaign funds, and the
people must contribute to their own
cause. Don't be' close, but open your
hearts and assist in pushing tho work of
reform. K0U01110 (Ind.) Populist.
Honesty and Ability.
The Alliance members of congress in
tho house are showing an ability in de
bate' and the possession of such a fund
of information on economic subjects as
are gaining them the respect of. their
fellow members. We beliove that Kan
sas was never more ably represented in
congress than now by her 'hayseeds."
Peninsula Farmer,
Address , of tho Katlonul Alliance
Industrial Uulou PrcNldcnla.
The capitalistic press, especial! in
tho south, is trying to distort the mean
ing of the action of tle recent confer
ence of Alliance officials at Binning-
ham, Ala., so as to create the belief that
it was in opposition to the People's
party. The conference did only what it
could do in that particular and conform
to the Alliance constitution aud obliga
tion. Following is the text of the ad
Aress issued by the conference, and the
"solid south" is welcome to all the com
fort it can obtain therefrom.
To tho Brotherhood of National Farmers
Alliance and Industrial union:
We, tho presidents and executive officers of
the states of Tennessee, Kentucky. Missouri,
Texas, tauieiana, Virginia. Mississippi, Ala
bama, licorgin. West Virginia nud Florida,
together with the members of our national
executive committee, naliuuai legislative com
mittee, national judiciary committee and
President having been called together
In council to consider the reported peculiar
conditions in the order in the southern states,
which It was believed seriously threatened
that harmony, brotherly love and unity of
action ro iieceasnry to tho surcexs of our cause,
and success of our order In these Motes, after
counseling together aud hearing detailed re
ports, rejoice to Niy to you that wo feel greatly
encouraged and inspired by the splendid spirit
of unity and determined adherence to princi
ple which pervade the order in nearly every
one of these states, notwithstanding the com
bined efforts of our enemies to sow seeds of
discord in our ranks, pending heated political
contests, and national.
We therefore feel it our duty as servants of
the people we represent, standing upon the
nntpiKtsand uatchlowers of this the greatest
iliticnl revolution ever known to the nation,
to say to you that wo have entered the crucial
period in the history of our great reform move
ment, iu which the greatest caution, earnest
deliberation and strict adherence to our prin
ciples are necessary to preserve Intact that or
ganixation which stands today as the sheet
anchor and hope of millions of wealth pro
ducers in the great battle for the God given
rights of humanity. Yon are congratulated
upon tho great harmony and nnity of senti
ment in rtvard to the Alliance principles
which prevail within your border, and upon
the fact that a careful canvass of the subject
at this meeting has shown that practically the
members of tho order In these state stand
squarely upon their demands, with the avowed
determination of holding devotion H them
above that to any method of action, and thru
today the number of those who no Indorsed the
principles of the Alliance Is muck greater than
ever before.
The sentiment alo prevails, strong and uni
form, that this great order as an orimnization
Is the greatest of all modern forces for the
spread of reform education, and that its work
must I perpetuated and encouraged in this
high sphere entirely free from any partisan
entanglement s. The only dangers which seem
in any way to threaten a lark if the fullest
development and praerity of the ordor are
those which attend the disposition of a few
men aud papers to publicly rritiebe and con
.1 ... 1 1 1. ..! . . 1 1 ri. i
members to tock political office at the hands
of their brethren, forgetting tfcat principle of
Alliance doctrino which declares that the
office should seek the man and not the man
the office. In consideration of these views as
to the situation, the following rules of action
aro suggested as well calculated to enable the
order to go through the coming ordeal of fierce
political contest and come out strengthened
and pnrificd:
1. IjcI a spirit of harmony prevail aud let
cnity of action be the rule. Let none con
demn a brother who stands squarely by prin
ciples of I he order or speak in any way dis
paragingly or disrespectfully of him because
they may differ as to the best methods of en
forcing our principles. Grant toevcry brothel
honesty of purpose.
S. Let fealty to the principles of the order
be the true and only test of membership, and
let Ihoeo who value partKon affiliations more
than, their Alliance obligations be informed
that their order demands strict and f ui1 devo
tion to its principles aud leaves each to h'r
own choice as to methods, but that method
con in no case control principle, and therefore
all who afuiinte should accept as supreme tne
principles of the order.
L Every member who takes the obligation
always atlmfnu-tcrcd to those who Join, is first
told nsacondittn.i precedent and upon which
all that is to fo'.low is predicated. "That it
shall in no way interfere with your political or
rellijiou liberty." Therefore this order as
such, or any of its branches, bus no right to
take any iartisnn. political or sectarian re
ligious action. We urge ujwn the biotlierhood
of all reform associations and ail uood citizens
who believe, ns we do, that llio enactment 01
laws bnscd upon our demands is for the pres
ervation of free Institutions of our govern-
nicnl and to rescue the ma-vica from degraded
servitude, that they use all honorable means
to seeuro the election of men to our national
legislative council who stand pledged to work
for the passnwc of such laws.
riiiully. brethren, remember that devotion
tonr.r principle Is only to be emphasized and
our Influence uaitle effective by voting for our
demands al the ballot box. We send greeting
to the brotherhood in the north and the great
northwest, and assure them thnt our hearts
bent In unison with them iu tiiclr efforts for
iiidustrlnl freedom, and we will stand by them
In all laudable efforts to redeem this country
from t ho clutches of orgniiizcd rapital and thzit
we will stanil with them at the ballot box for
the enforcement of our demands.
The address was signed by all tho
members of tho conference.
Insincere Antlallvcr Men.
The utter insincerity of tho antisilver
men is bevoud belief if they give the
pontile credit for any intelligence at all.
When they condomu iu such tlerco terms
tire silver dollar liecause it only costs
seventy cents to produce the silver in it,
one would suppose of course that it cost
100 cents to produce the gold in the gold
dollar. But what is tho fact? Accord
ing to some authorities it costs but 80.3
cents to produce the gold in a gold dol
lar. What right has the government to
give the gold men sixty-one cents on
every gold dollar coined? Cotton Plant.
Must Succeed,
In the telegraphic reports of tho Maiuo
People's party convention, which met at
Gardiner on May 8, there was evidence
of a spirit of devotion to principle which
must make tho people victors ere long
in tho battlo with tyranny and injustice.
The press reports contained these words:
"There is no fund to assist delegates to
attend the convention and they are here
at their own expense. Some walked
from ten to twelve miles iu order to bo
presont," ,
llo Is a Bobber.
When the farmer produces a bountiful
crop there is great rejoicing by the
speculators, who reap where they have
not sown and gather where they have
not strewn. The speculator first de
presses prices and takes the profit from
tho producer; then he raises the prices
of goods again and takes a profit from
the consumer. The speculator is a rob
ber. Beatrice (Neb.) Arbor State,
Ignatius Donnelly's Warning and Elo
quent Appeal to the People.
We are about to enter upon the great
est political conflict this country or this
j world has ever known. I have tried to
1 show in my book, "Caesar's Column,"
; the overwheming dangers which thrcat
' en civilization. The man who in such
a crisis will refuse to study the coudi
, tions aud think for himself is unworthy
of life. The men who aro small enough
to be hustled along and driven in a body
by outriding politicians as we see droves
of bewildered sheep driven throngli the
streets of a great city, bemused iu und
turned aside .it every pathway of inde
pendent thought, deserve themselves,
and at once, the hell which their ig
norance ami indifference are assuredly
preparing for posterity.
The newspaper editors who refuse to
tell the truth about public affairs, and
who try to occupy the minds of their
readers with whole pages devoted to
fist fights, ball games and horse races,
are worse than the emperors who of old
kept the masses of Borne from thinking
of their lost liberties by free feeds and
gladiutor murders. That man is in
deed blinder than -a bat iu the full glare
of noonday who does not perceive the
steady march of plutocratic selfishness
and greed over the privileges of the
people; who docs not know that that
march has been going on in the old
world forcetitnries nntil it lias squeezed
its wretched victims oat ia millions to
nil parts of the earth. That vast army
of cunning nod injustice crossed the
sea amid the uproar and confusion of
our civil war and has ever since moved
westward, nntil now its desolating pres
ence is felt in the remotest regions of
our country.
Combinations, rings, trusts, the dem
onetization of silver; the abridgment of
the volume of currency; the control of
the press: the interference of the money
power in popular elections: the manage
ment of legislative bodjafclry corpora
tions: the dtmiination of tbe two great
political parties by Wall street; the
ownership of even some of the conrts;
the United States senate chamber
turned into a clubroom of tueJuols of
the capitalists: the impossibility of any
poor man nowadays obtaining any high
office: the gradual rise of the sea of debt
until it is tip to tbe lips and ecrs of the
must laborious: the concentration of all
industries iu the hands of syndicates:
the decadence of farming and tho un
natural growth iu numbers of city popu
lation; the f.stautjy increasing strug
gles of the musses to live: the increased
taxation: the steadily swelling volume
of crime and the loosening of fauulj
ties Jul the things indicate that the
civilisation if the world is on the down
grade an J moving rajidly to dostrcc
tiox Vut is the remedy?
Is not a movement, rising up from the
body of the whole people, ueccssary to
save the republic and society? .Dues any
intelligent man doubt it? U there purity
enough and tense enough left in the
inuliitudo to redi-eni the nation? if uot.
then are we lost indeed.
The remedy must cuius from the peo
ple themselves. It must originate in
individual brains and hearts. It tnusM
be bona of suTcnng and of a great, pas
sionate love for right and virtue and
country. In the presence of the dread
daugers which encompass ns all petty
ambitions and differences should be for
gotten. Miner questions should be lost
sight of, and the whole peojde move for
ward together in the grandest effort
for human rights known since man ap
peared ou the piauet.
We should rejoice that this great task,
and responsibility is thrown npon ns
while wo have still enough of the results
of old batilcGelds for liberty left in
our institutions to ennble ns to tight
with some hope of success. Every man
should be glad that the opportunity is
given him yea. oven unto lain to do
something in this great day of trial and
tribulation for the unaccountable mil
lions that nre to come after us:
In the world's great field of battle.
In the bivouac of life. '
lie not like dumb driven cattle.
Be a hero in the strifc.
And so I close by sending out to every
heart that my words can reach, priest
and layman, rich nud poor, this appeal
to come up to the highest levels of their
better natures,, and to do all- that in
them lies for Cfod and (Jod's greatest
creation, humanity. All things pass
awav fame, glory, property, life,
friends, foes bnt the human race, the
iucxtinguishitblo, the glorious, the im
mortal, remains. Let us not stand idly
by and see this noble and splendid hu
manity trampled down, in blood aud
tuiro, under tho feet of an ignorant, bru
tal shortsighted, selfish plutocracy. Let
us rejuvenate the republic, Ltf us re
vive the spirit of the elder and better
days the spirit of Washington and Jef
ferson and Jackson and Lincoln. Let
ns crush down these gildedlnoukeys of
a false, shallow aud arrogant aristoc
racy. Let us once more make merit,
virtue, knowledge outweigh, hi the bal
ance of public judgment, a bank ac
count. Let us stop this worldwide and
degradiug worship of tho money chang
ers. Lot us blot out this picture of a
wholo nation down on its knees In the
wilderuess of desolation beforo tho
golden calf of successful rascality.
Ignatius Donnelly in St. Paul Globe.
ITnt and South United.
We want all tho ex-Coufoderato sol
diers to couio to Omaha; we want to
meet thorn, not as we used to meet them.
with fixed l-nyouets and eyes turned to
the right like enraged animals, but to
give them a hearty greeting: wo have
been separated by politicians and the
money power long enough. ivOiue,
brethren, let us be f rionds. Ingalls snys
tho south aud west would have to ally
themselves toirother for self protection,
He ought to know. Johu Johnson, of
Those who imagine that the third
party iu this stute has lost heart or hope
do uot understand the situation. The
danger is as great as it ever was. At-
lnnt (,'onstitutKm,
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